It is more terrible for me to marry the wrong person. I would rather not marry without the right person, but for some people, not marrying is even more terrible. I think most people don’t have the courage to be single to old age. The one I mentioned repeatedly in my answer was “29 years old, 18-tier clerk in a small county, with a monthly salary of 3,500, ordinary family background and ordinary appearance. I have not met a suitable blind date dozens of times.” She finally told me a few days ago. Say, “Ready to get married”. It was originally something to be happy about, but I couldn’t be happy for her. Because of this boy, she didn’t like it at the beginning, but she couldn’t tell where it was bad, because objectively it was difficult for her to find someone more suitable than him. As for the boy, the conditions are not good, but she is a good match for her, and she is pretty good in all aspects, and she is kind to her. It can be seen that she really likes her. In addition, when the introducer introduced her to her, she had just lost love and agreed to date. Later, I was afraid that if I missed this one, I couldn’t find it. So there was a match and no match. Until half a year later, both parents, including the man, thought it was 100% settled, so they began to discuss the marriage, including the date of marriage. , How much dowry was received, things got more and more out of control here, she wanted to go back, but she didn’t have the courage anymore. According to her words, “it’s all to this point, it won’t work anymore.” At the end, I added the sentence “Marriage is two people living together”, and then sent me three sighing expressions. Hearing what she said, I was inexplicably depressed. Because of my childhood, she has always been a sentimental person, full of fantasies about love, and a person who dares to love and hate. I still remember that in her freshman year, she liked a boy just because she heard him sing a song, she was out of control. In the early hours of Christmas that year, she confessed to the boy and I provided assistance. After the news was sent, the other party There was silence, and she cried directly. After half an hour, the boy replied, “I think you are also good, should we try?” She was full of joy when she saw this reply, and jumped and jumped happily. Only I was there. Silently worried for her, the boy obviously didn’t like her yet, and as expected, the boy rejected her within half a month. She locked herself in the dormitory for three days, and I took the train to accompany her. Later, she finally got out of her love injury, and met a boy who fell in love at first sight, and the man liked her, and they were together the next day. I was envious of being single at that time. Who knew that after a month, a boy wanted to have a relationship with her. She was afraid and felt it was not the time. When she arrived at the hotel where the room was opened, she refused to go in. The boy asked to break up without patience, and she refused. , Said “You give me some more time”, and finally waited until she made up her mind to give herself to him, who knew that the boy had already slept with another girl at this time (this time has broken up). But the girl didn’t give up, she still wanted to forgive him, so she had to become a spare tire and silently liked him for more than a year. I don’t know the details of the latter, and I probably experienced a few relationships, but they were all far-fetched, because I broke up for various reasons. As soon as I was 29 years old, it became the current situation. As her best friend, I only hope she can live well, I hope love never fails her.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Not getting married is a person’s loneliness, marrying the wrong person is a “chaotic war” between two people, loneliness is not terrible, the terrible thing is that the person next to your pillow makes you lonely. I would rather feel sorry for myself than marry the wrong person and become a zombie. Which is more difficult to marry the wrong person or not to marry? Heathcliff’s video 4696 It’s hard not to get married. Outsiders make irresponsible remarks. Family members lament that they stay away. One person is lonely. There is a picture of loneliness on the Internet. If you don’t get married, you will slowly go through all levels. , The highest level of loneliness is to perform surgery alone. Yes, that kind of loneliness and helplessness is heartbreaking. I have seen a clip of Qi Wei hanging drips with drips in one hand. She wants to go to the toilet and can’t untie it with one hand. She can only ask for help. The picture of her crying at that time was A person can feel loneliness most when he is alive. It is more difficult to marry the wrong person. Why? Because this mistake may last a lifetime. It depends on your tolerance. Simply talk about the feeling of marrying the wrong person. You will feel uncomfortable and depressed. You don’t like the person lying next to you. This is undoubtedly every day. It is to find pain for myself, and this kind of wrong marriage is reflected in all aspects, the disagreement in the three views, and the communication disorder. Compared with the hope of not finding the person you like, this kind of disappointment in finding the wrong person is too much and too tormented. May lovers finally get married! The one who loves also loves you! As long as the one you love can come, it doesn’t matter how long you wait! This is the best love I can imagine, finally waiting for you, but fortunately did not give up. “I am old. One day, in the lobby of a public place, a man came to me. He took the initiative to introduce himself, and he said to me: “I know you and will always remember you.” At that time, you were very young and everyone said you were beautiful. Now, I am here to tell you that, to me, I think you are more beautiful now than when you were young. At that time, you were a young woman. Compared to your face back then, I love your face that has been devastated now. “”lover”

6 months ago

Regarding toxicity aside from the dose, it actually doesn’t make much sense. Just like gambling, when you ask, it is more terrible to lose all your savings and slowly spend your money. . . Normal people can give an answer. So, does this make sense? ? ? Let’s take gambling as an example. In a casino, there are not only losses, but also wins, and there is enough money. . So someone asked, ten bets and nine loses,,, even if there is a win, the probability is so small,,, coincidence, I will talk about the problem of probability next. . . For the god of gambling, ten gambling and nine losses are a false concept. Let’s get married and it’s like going to a casino. Your gambling skills are based on your eyes. As long as your gambling skills are high enough, you can win a lot of money. Your vision is good enough that there is no such thing as marrying the wrong person. . . Of course, if the opponent’s rank is higher than you, or cheating, you are unlucky. . There are people who start with a good deck of cards, and they play sparsely. . This counts as marrying the wrong person, no, it’s because he married the wrong person. . . You are married right. . Let’s talk about the lonely one. According to the probability distribution, happiness may be the highest around the age of 30, then gradually decline, and finally stabilize after 50. . It’s also pretty good. . And the most important point, if you want to win, you also have to look at your own capital. .

6 months ago

The benefit is directly proportional to the risk. Which one do you think is more profitable if you don’t get married or get married for a lifetime, then the greater the risk of failure for you. The high risk of failure not only means a higher failure rate, but also a heavier loss, which is more catastrophic and more terrifying to your life. Therefore, the best strategy should be this: if you think that the benefits of getting married are greater, then you should choose not to marry for the rest of your life. In this way, although your benefits are small, your risk is also small, and there will be no catastrophic result. If you think that the benefits of not getting married for a lifetime are great, then you should choose to get married as soon as possible. In this way, although your gains are small, your risks are also small. Even if you marry the wrong person, your losses will be irrelevant.

6 months ago

I will never get married or marry the wrong person for a lifetime. If it is me, I would choose not to get married. If I say that I don’t get married, I may sometimes feel lonely, but at least I am free, do whatever I want, or gossip, when you don’t care about it. , What are rumors? And if you marry the wrong person, you don’t quarrel all day, and you’re absolutely unhappy, and gossip will follow. Since no matter how you choose, there will be rumors, so why not choose your own comfortable life? Of course, there are no absolutes in the world. No one knows that when you get married in the future, you will live such a life. You can only say, choose carefully, stay sensible, and don’t get married because you want to get married~ Start with the value of the face, get caught up in talent, and be loyal to others. Good product, I hope everyone can live this kind of life, and each other is good for each other~

6 months ago

For anyone, a wrong marriage is far more terrible than unmarried. A story adapted from a real case is just like the sadomasochism of Bai Ye Xing. A female and B male are campus lovers, A is the budding thought of material worship, and B is a scumbag with good family background and handsome appearance but often cheats. During college, B cheated and was caught by girl A and asked for a gift for a breakup. B was very guilty and blamed because girl A was good at acting, although the miserable drama of underage sadness came in handy, on the one hand, she liked male B. The pleasure of revenge referred to by the public opinion, more importantly, she was originally indifferent to love and only believed in interests in her heart. She was pure and lovely in appearance, sometimes pretending to be innocent, and also pretending to deliberately reveal her dream of love to people around her. In fact, she just played herself as The role of the victim. The reason for the real breakup was because I learned that the backer (an official) behind B’s house had fallen, and we got along for three years and broke up for reasons of disagreement and derailment. A few years later, after the frustration of school feelings, B married the right choice. Later, the relationship broke down due to economic reasons. At that time, he still missed A in his heart. At this time, A woman and C man are married, and C man is a small boss. Although he does not have much cash, he has a piece of land in his hand, which is rumored to be of great value. C man is often domestic violence and vulgar words, but even so, A woman claims to be true love and disagrees with the divorce, but secretly plans to retaliate. Man C’s weakness is that he did not hide his parents’ drug use, which led to A’s two miscarriage of fetuses. A private investigation discovered the secret of C man’s drug use. He pretended to leave the test sheet at the home of C man’s parents, and staged a bitter drama to win C man. The sympathy of the parents shows that they have suffered great grievances and injuries, but they will never leave the love of C male. They have obtained the authority to manage family finances from the C male parents. In order to use the entire land for his own gain, he deliberately shared his injuries and painful past after having a one-night stand with B man, and said that C man would not let her divorce her if he did not die, and Revealed the psychological hint that “I really hope that C man will die from drug overdose, anyway, sooner or later it must be the end”. B really got the trick. In order for C to die quickly and reunite with A, B began to devise a plan to sneak into C man’s home and poison him under the guise of a drug dealer. In the end, woman A used the hands of man B to get rid of man C and obtained the family property. By the way, she also revealed her suspicions to the police and sent man B into the classroom. The whole story is bizarre and comparable to a wonderful movie, but this is indeed a true story. Not everyone’s tragic marriage will end in such a tragic way, but the game and use of the two parties in a similar spy war does make ordinary people feel tired. With an inappropriate person, the worst result is like putting a mine around that may trigger uneasiness, pain, danger, and other unfavorable factors at any time. The most extreme price of such disadvantages is the cost of life, which may be money, emotional disappointment, or limitless effort. It is more likely to become the source of pain and anxiety for middle-aged people outside the workplace. If the status of not getting married is 0, then your status with the “wrong person” may even remain negative for a long time.

6 months ago

The person who asked this question looked very young and didn’t understand anything. But anyone who has some life experience will not ask this question. If you are not married, don’t come to nonsense or sex. Those romance novels and chicken soup you read are useless. There are some things that you cannot understand without experiencing or experiencing in person. The answer to this question is simple. I would rather stay single for a lifetime than find a wrong partner. I am a fast runner and I have seen too many bad marriages. There are countless cases around close relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Two people choose to marry because of their immaturity. After a long time, they find that the three views of the two are inconsistent, or the two families cannot be harmonious. The end result is that two people, two families, and even two families are caught in endless internal friction. Two people or families spend most of their time on one word: “fight”. The end result is that everyone suffers and none of them live comfortably. The most terrible thing is not divorce. Divorce is good, but it is also a relief. The most terrifying thing is that I won’t divorce, just spend my whole life with you. You don’t make me feel better, and I also make you feel bad for a lifetime. Don’t be surprised, there are not a few people who have this idea. These people have completely lost the original intention of life. The theme of the day is to figure out how to engage the other party. If the other party is engaged, you will be satisfied. Actually? My own life is also very painful. There are too many examples of this kind, more than the dog blood series you watched. If I want to write two, there must be another bargainer who jumped out to tell me the story-telling meeting, and I am too lazy to write. If you don’t get married for the rest of your life, it’s your own business. You just need to be strong enough inside, and the other thing is to convince your parents. Don’t pay too much attention to the eyes of other people, they won’t lose a hair if you don’t get married. There are such people around me, although very few. I’m not getting married when I’m almost forty. I travel all by myself and do what I like. It’s very free and easy. But this is not a realm that ordinary people can reach, because it is against human nature and difficult. For individuals, if you don’t get married for a lifetime, you only need to exercise your strong heart and get used to living alone. At best, it will have an impact on your small family. Marrying the wrong person is tortured and painful for two families or even two families, and sometimes harms society. Which one do you say is more terrible?

6 months ago

After a busy day, I saw such a simple and rude question before going to bed, and some memories came to my mind. It’s not a suggestion, and it’s not a point of view. I am also worried that my suggestion is misleading the children, so the following content is just a short story before going to bed. There are roughly two stories, both of them happened in the rural areas of the Great Northwest, this backward and barren land. One is a story about never getting married for a lifetime, and the other is a story about marrying the wrong person. The protagonist in the first story is named deer. He was less than 40 years old and said that he would never get married. Then he is an example. His three brothers and sisters, an older brother settled and married in Beijing, a younger sister had some intellectual problems, his mother was disabled, and his father died of illness when he was about 20 years old. Deer’s family is in a bad family situation. He lives in a cave and looks mediocre. When he reaches the age of marriage, he can’t marry a daughter-in-law. Rural children who don’t go to school start looking for a daughter-in-law in their early 20s. But he still couldn’t talk about a marriage after thirty. Later, seeing that hope was slim, he gave up. He also decided to be an old bachelor. He didn’t get married all his life, not because he didn’t want to get married, but because reality and strength really did not allow it. One day a few years ago, he went to help other people’s home with farm work. I didn’t see anyone in the next two days. When the villagers found him, he fell on the edge of a cornfield, and the people had already gone. Regarding his death, it has been an unsolved mystery until now. The villagers say everything. But with the passage of time, he has almost faded out of people’s sight and is no longer mentioned. The second is the story of marrying the wrong person or marrying the wrong person. The hero of the story is a classmate of my elementary school, so he must be named Bing. He dropped out of school after graduating from elementary school and went to the construction site afterwards. A few years ago, the family helped find a relative and got married. When we got married, our elementary school classmates also wrapped red envelopes and went to his house for a party. One year later I have a child, and the child is very cute. But for some unknown reason, the two of them were stupid. One day the child passed away for no reason. After various investigations, the woman finally admitted that she was the murderer herself. Tiger poison does not eat seeds, and people’s hearts are deep as the sea. In the end, the two divorced and settled in private. It is said that they did not go to court. The woman returned the betrothal gift, and the man let it go. Both stories are tragedies. Therefore, sometimes not getting married for a lifetime is as scary as getting married by mistake. But love and marriage both pay attention to a fate. When the fate arrives, if you have a good trip, if you have no fate, you can only go forward and go to the other side.

6 months ago

People are contradictory. In fact, most people are lonely and can endure hardships, but very few people can endure a life without love for ten years.
It’s more terrible to say that you will never get married or marry the wrong person? These are two extreme issues. The key lies in how one chooses, and there will be regrets when choosing which one.

6 months ago

Which of these two situations is terrible depends on what kind of person you are. Normal people’s love relationship will slowly change from couple to partner. Love will gradually incorporate more and more family responsibilities, and finally reach a balance. If your marriage does not have big storms, generally speaking, the proportion of love will increase. This is why people always feel that the other person does not love themselves as much as they did when they recalled their relationship. However, there is a kind of love supremacy in romantic relationships. They emphasize that the marriage relationship must be dominated by love and even require 100% personal love, otherwise the love relationship will not stay together and torment. For such friends, I think marrying the wrong person is more terrible, not only because few people can maintain their love for a person like they just got married, it is almost doomed to meet the wrong person and pay the wrong person for life, but also because there are friends with such a view of marriage. The higher the probability of derailment, and the pursuit of “true love”, it is not as good as not getting married for a lifetime.

6 months ago

The terrible thing is not “marrying the wrong person”, but thinking that I am “not wrong”, and if I don’t have “knowing people and discerning eyes”, I still go up. It is true that “being unfair to others” meets really bad people, but from a more objective standpoint, most of “marrying the wrong person, marrying the wrong person” and “I’m not good enough” are done at the same time. of. It’s just that most people look at the problem from their own perspective, and they naturally come up with the “wrong” answer of the other party, such as “wrong marrying, wrong marrying”.

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