Family friends, the other party knew that I was only a sophomore. I also said that I was at the same level as I had just learned how to use a knife to cut vegetables when I first went to New Oriental. He repeatedly said that it didn’t matter, so I did it as an internship. Then he has made it very clear that he wants the kind of European-style self-built house, and he wants that look if there is a specific picture; he also drew a draft of the layout of each floor. I said that I would draw facades and planes at best, and the level was limited. He said that it’s okay to practice hands. But I don’t know if this experience is necessary for me

Structural calculations are not possible. If the beam span is too large, you will cry to death if something happens, and how thick the floor is, you will cry to death if something happens. No water, heating or electricity, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, silly and unclear, the minimum slope of the drain pipe, where is the drain riser inspection port, whether the outdoor sewage pipe is made of cast iron, or the sewage is not smooth, you cry to death. How to do the floor heating, how much space between the floor heating pipes, whether or not the manifold is not hot in winter, you cry to death. Not to mention electrical, classmates you definitely don’t. Can’t waterproof, how to do roof waterproofing, how to do bathroom waterproofing, how to do kitchen waterproofing, how to do waterproofing with holes in the floor, what materials to use, the price of materials, and the price of labor are unknown. I don’t know the concrete label, the steel bar model, the masonry mortar label, the cement label, the number of formwork, and the number of scaffolding. Suppose you finish drawing one grass, two grasses and three grasses according to what you learn every day, what you read on magazine websites, and what your teacher teaches. You think it’s over. Relatives ask you, what is the approximate cost? how to answer? Let’s also suppose that whether you study by yourself or hire someone, you have completed the structure, plumbing, electricity, waterproofing, and decoration drawings, and the budget is also set. According to the assumption in your mind, there is no two million, it will not come. Let’s also suppose that the drawings are done and the money is done. Can the construction team in the countryside understand your pile of drawings? In fact, a construction team is basically hired in the village to exchange ideas, and the construction team can do it based on experience. So don’t pick it up. Folks in the village, after the province, everyone is in a bad mood.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Relatives are very ignorant, are you ignorant of this… This year, my hometown has just built a new house, and all the troublesome things, the whole family and the design company and construction company I found, have been busy for a year or two. The design alone has been polished for several months. You can do it, you are free, you try? My major is a little bit related to animation production, and some relatives want me to make a series of short animations for her for free… “It’s okay, you can do whatever you want.” Everyone will say this. I can do whatever you want, uncle… When I was building a house at home, my profession was somewhat related to the design, so I asked me how the design was and how was the design, and then? I didn’t accept any of my suggestions. I just said a few more words and poured a bunch of his thoughts. I wondered if he asked me or I asked him… In the end, he just listened to those county designers. A broken design that is neither Europe nor China. And this is still a family member, at most it is a waste of time and ineffective communication. If it is just a “relative” relationship, I think it is very likely that you will lead a show. Now he is embarrassed to let you design for free, and if something goes wrong in the future, he will be embarrassed to come to you to lose money. You said that the environment in China’s rural areas and county towns, even if you design it, can it look good? Unless your hometown is in some xx towns blown by various self-media. In Xiaopo, there is a lot of outright prostitution, so I stayed home when I returned to my hometown, and my relatives didn’t want to see me. You’d better not give a single word of advice. Whether he accepts it or not, it won’t be good for you. You may be scolded by him behind his back: Is this what you can do for college?

9 months ago

Learn to avoid such pits. Know the boundaries of your own strength. Under the concept of human relations, one should spend money to find a professional company, hoping to find a relative to do it, thinking that if you study a certain major, you should be able to do something. This is a kind of disease and it can be cured. 1. The subject has no practical experience to do this design well, it is likely that there are still various problems after a lot of effort. 2. Even if you can do a good job in design, the construction team is beyond your control. If you can’t understand the drawings or do not follow the design requirements, the effect or quality is not good. Does your relative know who is responsible? 3. Design-related work. If you encounter an incomprehensible party, you may make countless changes. You are a free design + school student. If this happens, your relatives keep asking you to make changes. Can you bear it? 4. If due to construction, materials or other reasons, the villa you design has various major quality problems, relatives who do not know how to do it may complain about you for a lifetime. Can you settle it?

9 months ago

I did it for my relatives at home and also invited me to dinner. I asked my colleague to make a picture of the hydropower results and gave it to him. A few days later, I called and said that the construction team didn’t understand, and I didn’t know the meaning of the reinforcement. I asked me how it was drained or even concrete. The label is ignored, and it is not the commodity concrete that you bought. They just estimate and don’t look at their roads, but don’t cover the load in the house indefinitely. The probability is not that it’s just that there are two things that can be used and easy to use. The concept you learn is standardized construction. The money you earn is knowledge and efficiency, but the construction team you find may not be standardized. People earn money from experience and can’t get a piece of it. Really help. If you get a plan, you don’t need to think about it. The structure, water, electricity, and waterproofing are a lot of things that are saved and not constructed according to the drawings. When the time comes, the wiring will be arranged randomly and the water seepage will be on your head

9 months ago

If energy is limited, it is not recommended. Before you work, if there is no one to lead, even if your design ability passes the test, you will most likely be fooled in front of the construction team. Your relatives and friends are also unprofessional. They are not your support, more are for you The layman who raises demand. It is recommended that you change your role and let others do it. You become a design consultant for your relatives and friends and are not responsible for implementation. Or work as a free labor under the construction team of your relatives and friends, which may be more valuable to gain field experience early.

9 months ago

Speaking of things related to my major, my master suddenly became interested. First of all, what you have to consider is not a shit European style. It’s whether the building will collapse… At first I joked with studying civil engineering and engineering: once the building collapsed, I would sit in prison! This line is not the kind of building blocks that I used to play when I was a child, my mind flashed, and I was done with casual design. Starting from the foundation, the design, structure, materials, and construction of the foundation are not something everyone can do. Is 30C or 45C used for concrete? How deep should the steel bar be inserted into the concrete, how much should the hook be bent, and how long should it be?

9 months ago

Secondly, the stress analysis of the entire floor is particularly troublesome. Because you have to consider the load, will there be heavy loads in the future? You can’t get all the best steel and concrete. Once the cost is calculated, your relatives can’t scold you to death? (Unless your relatives are not short of money, but if your relatives are really rich, you won’t think of having sex with you.) Well, when it comes to steel bars, the problem comes again. The more steel bars, the better, you pay The reinforcement ratio must be considered, and it cannot be too high or too low. Secondly, you have to consider the local climatic conditions, whether the environment is acidic or alkaline, which will affect the corrosion degree of the steel bars, and the protection thickness of the concrete must be considered. and many more……

9 months ago

Don’t do this kind of thankless work, it’s so troublesome! Not to mention that you are a sophomore, can you learn a ball? What I learn now is still some of the most simple basic knowledge. Even the kind of graduates who have been in the construction unit for a year or two dare not take over the job easily. Because on the construction site, people only need to do one thing. And your relatives have to come alone. Who can stand this? Knowing is knowing, not knowing is knowing, knowing too! You can make a trick to blame others and ask him to talk to that kind of experienced teacher. It’s not that I’m too idle, I can’t take this risk.

9 months ago

There are two key words in this question, which need to be split to see. Since “free” is said to be “free” at the beginning, it means that there is no payment. You have to think about it clearly. The worst result of doing it well in advance is: people don’t pay a penny, and you may not even do it well. Prepare to complain privately. According to my personal experience, most of my friends and relatives who are not in the same profession know that most of the designs are worthless, or are incidental. Think clearly and are willing to help let’s talk about the next one. In the question of “self-built villa”, you are a sophomore. According to my meeting on university courses, at this stage, I have just started to have a certain understanding of architectural design, and architectural construction practices have a preliminary knowledge framework. It is actually difficult to objectively judge from your ability to build your own villa.

9 months ago

Relatives of the subject should just want a plan layout, elevation design, and renderings. The premise is that you must have a certain degree of professionalism, the height of the floor, the modulus of the stairs, the basic knowledge of the column spacing of self-built houses, and the basic spatial scale, otherwise your plane will not be seen. The simplest solution is to build a su and practice your hands. And if you want to report and build drawings, you won’t, he must have to look for other units to draw drawings. The real construction is that he finds the construction team himself, and it is none of your business.

9 months ago

I have also encountered similar things. I usually buy a set of pictures from Taobao to my relatives and leave an after-sales call. Of course, I have to see for myself. After all, there are not many opportunities to build a house by myself. The downside of this thing is that I am busy building a house and have no scholarships. The good thing about this is that I went directly to Beijing Urban Construction after graduation. ps, when most graduates are struggling to read the steel bar diagram, I already have experience in building a villa by myself, and the project secretary personally decided to accept me.

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