My needs: I can take my baby and take the elderly out to play when the space is larger. The power should not be too small. 1.4T is not considered, and some driving pleasure is needed. It is best to save money on fuel consumption and maintenance, because in the future, you have to pay the mortgage and raise the baby. Coordinates in Chengdu, you can have the opportunity to drive in western Sichuan by yourself in the future, or even travel to the province. The best answer can be more detailed, such as analysis from the parameter level.

First of all, Honda CR-V is recommended as a very important car in the joint venture compact SUV. Regardless of the sales data, comfort, word-of-mouth, and even the value retention rate, the performance is good. CR-V has two power systems to choose from, the 2.0L Sharp Hybrid and the 1.5T fuel engine 240TURBO. According to your budget, you can consider Honda CR-V Hybrid. Secondly, Toyota RAV4 is relatively balanced in all aspects. In the exterior design, the tough design style is the main, but it does not abandon the young and personalized elements. Although the interior is relatively backward in terms of multimedia systems, the overall materials are generous enough and the space is spacious enough; the power system is Buddha It’s fast and fuel-efficient. As a family car, this feature couldn’t be more suitable. Finally, Nissan X-Trail, as it is in the final stage of product upgrades, has more terminal discounts. In addition, the Nissan Connect super-intelligence system, as a key configuration of Qijun, is also Nissan’s weapon in the competition of models of the same level. The whole system has a total of 6 major functional sections, 21 upgrades, and a total of 59 functions, which are enough to satisfy consumers for daily use of cars. In addition, its rear compartment space is commendable, and it has won praise from competitors at the same level. The larger space plays a vital role in family cars. Finally, there is the four-wheel drive system, which has been well received for so many years. Although it is a compact family SUV, many people still drive the Qijun to the wilder places for self-driving tours.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Hongqi, let’s be honest, it’s quite satisfactory. It’s not a small car. Its engine is Volkswagen’s technology, and the transmission is Aisin’s. This set of things is more reliable, with gearboxes and multi-connectors. It’s pretty good, so there’s no problem with large items. The appearance is dignified and generous, the interior is luxurious, the configuration is unambiguous, and the pricing is relatively close to the people. Generally speaking, it is the red flag of this generation. A friend bought it and commented on it. It’s still pretty good, but it’s more modest. Why would I choose the red flag? At least it is a very kind car. Look at this configuration of 2.0T and the configuration inside the gearbox engine. If the red flag is replaced with a Volkswagen label, how much should it sell? At least it can’t sell for 400,000 yuan, so from this point of view, just buy a Hongqi SUV. I hope the answer can help you.

8 months ago

Recommend Skoda Kodiak, the three same platforms as Volkswagen Tiguan, and the same price configuration is higher than Tiguan, 240,000 landing can buy 2.0T high power and high configuration. The Kodiak car is stable, the 2.0T plus dual-clutch power is very fast, and the German car is highly practical, and it is most suitable for high-speed and long-distance travel. However, the Skoda’s maintenance is cheaper than the Volkswagen, and the relative quality is also more stable than the Volkswagen.

8 months ago

For home use, crv1.5T fashion is fine, or Tiguan L330 Zhixiang, others are not recommended. Because the home mainly considers space, cost, power, and value preservation rate, it is not wrong to find a moderate. In addition, why not recommend Rongfang, the power of 2.0 is really not enough, and the 2.5 is over budget, and above.

8 months ago

Coordinates in Wuhan, the Honda CRV hybrid that I mentioned with my friend, it looks like the mid-range distribution is 240,000. Wuhan City has subsidies for Dongfeng. All foreign countries may not be able to purchase the land at this price. The calcium version is not a problem! Space has always been the advantage of CRV, basically invincible at the same level! 2.0L self-priming and motor, so the power is also very good. Let’s not talk about fuel consumption, about 5 fuel! The last key point is the high preservation rate! Car dealers all over the world like it!

8 months ago

There is a car that perfectly fits your needs-the new Peugeot 4008. My profession is a designer, the owner of the 2017 logo 4008, 1.6T four-cylinder BMW engine of the same type, one foot on the floor oil push back feeling is still quite strong, and an Audi A4 sedan, the accelerator hit the end and hit it directly. There is no repair for 4W kilometers, and there is no problem with driving home about 1000KM for long distances. There is a lot of space, and it’s easy to bring four colleagues in the back row. After the rear seats are down, I use them to move house and lie down to rest. The appearance is a bit simple and cute, and more important is the appearance of the interior. Now the appearance of the 2021 model is also great after the facelift. With the addition of two lion fangs, the appearance value instantly rises to a higher level. I want to replace the latest 4008, I will post the picture after the article. The chassis control is unexpectedly good, and the foundation of the French car chassis is still good. Once it snowed on a high speed, the car in front braked suddenly and was forced to do an elk test. The chassis was very stable and there was no slippage, which was very reliable. The 2021 model has been replaced with an Ericsson 8-speed gearbox, and the shift will be smoother. Wuxi is on the card, 22W landing, and the fuel consumption is about 6.5 per 100 kilometers. I am a 4S shop for maintenance, 200-300 for small maintenance, 800 for large maintenance, 4S shop is still slightly more expensive, you can find it in other officially recognized stores for the pursuit of cost-effectiveness Great. Buying a car is for your own use. Drive the car by yourself. The most important thing is to look comfortable and worry-free. Don’t be impatient. Take a look and test drive. You can definitely find the car you want. The following picture is a souvenir photo after I picked up the car on the first day. In order to encourage myself to finish my driving license, I bought the car and put it in the 4s shop. I went to the store and drove the car home on the day I got the driver’s license. My palms were sweating all the way.

8 months ago

The price is actually a joint-venture compact SUV with a mid-to-high profile, and a domestically made mid-size and above SUV. Just talk about good power and fuel economy, you can try RAV4, and it must be a 2.5L dual engine version, 2.0L self-priming is not as good as 1.4T. In addition, a group of SUVs of Volkswagen 330 can try to see if you can accept the interior and dual-clutch transmission. The dual-clutch transmission is highly efficient. It is only possible to take both power and fuel economy into consideration. The power of American cars is okay, and fuel consumption can’t be guaranteed. The requirements are too high, it needs to have good power and fuel economy, it needs to run long distances without backing the battery, it has a lot of space, and it has to land 24 hours… Qijun doesn’t say how good the quality is, and it doesn’t say that the new model will be launched, in terms of power. You have to pass, 2.0L self-priming + CVT, you can manually downshift but only roar without accelerating, and the power is a thousand miles worse than the 1.4T speed faction. Replaced with 2.5L, it is estimated to be equal to 1.4T, but there is an additional four-wheel drive system. Qijun’s four-wheel drive is very bad in the same level, but let’s forget it if it is like this. The CRV voice is also high, 1.5T is 0.1L more than 1.4T. The small displacement and large turbine depends on whether the subject will accept it. I suggest going for a test drive; the 2L hybrid is not as fast as the RAV4’s 2.5L acceleration, and it is meaty. In fact, I think if I want to start, 200,000 yuan to buy a reliable domestic production, the remaining 40,000, even if the fuel consumption is more than 5 per 100 kilometers, and the fuel is 10 yuan 1L, it will be 50 yuan more than 100 kilometers, and 40,000 yuan. It takes 80,000 kilometers to earn it back, and there may be advantages in configuration. If the domestic products are sold directly to 240,000, there are not many choices. You can wait for Tang’s DMI and try Lynk & Co. In short, it must be a relatively reliable domestic brand, and maintenance is also money. Power and handling experience, test drive more. Finally, let’s talk about self-driving in western Sichuan. I have been to Seda and my roommate has been to Daocheng with Cruze. In the past few years, the roads in West Sichuan have been very good. If you see the scenery and drive slowly, you will be flashed by the local 0.8L three-cylinder Suzuki Alto Happy Prince. Di overtake (it seems that many of the Alto eliminated in Chengdu are sold there). In short, off-road performance is not required, compared to a low center of gravity; in addition, you must pay attention to the weather this season, and you can prepare snow chains.

8 months ago

I drove 18 2.0T Explorers in Wuhan, the second best match, 20.39W bare car, landing nearly 23W. 260 horsepower is more fun to drive than CRV, but the new horsepower has been castrated, but the price of the naked car is 1W lower than when I bought it, and some additional equipment, such as electric tailgate, etc. I think the driving sense is good, and climbing and overtaking will not appear hoarse. I am 186cm, 230 kg, the front row is adjusted, and I can lift my legs in the back row. I don’t need to help to lift the leg, which shows that the back row has enough space. The floor of the back row is almost flat. The wife changing the baby’s diapers is when she is most satisfied with this car. The rear discharge is basically flat. With the wife and baby on a self-driving tour, the back row can fall down to be a bed. I have to buy a car. To be able to lay flat in the back row. Fuel consumption, less than three years of driving 4.8W kilometers, the average fuel consumption is 8.5L/100km, mainly because the Wuhan Third Ring Road ran a lot and the road conditions were good enough. My friend also mentioned that the fuel consumption is low. It runs purely in the city, and the fuel consumption is 11L/100km. But he can accept it even if it is 11L, after all, this car weighs 2 tons. Small maintenance, 4S shop quotes 1050 yuan/time. Fortunately, you can buy insurance at 4s shop and sometimes soft and hard foam can be sent once (it will be easier to send in 2020). Fortunately, recommend a friend to buy a car and give me two coupons, once The maintenance cost is 390 yuan, and the maintenance is basically 1.2-1.4W kilometers. You need 5.5L of engine oil at a time. Buy the engine oil online. Find a store for basic 80 yuan (including machine filter) labor cost to help you change it. The most criticized is the interior and the preservation rate, except for these three really not black, really. The value-holding rate is real tiles, the interior, it doesn’t matter whether you are entangled or used by your own home. If you often pick up individuals or occasionally engage in business reception, it may be regarded as a car. Let me talk about some of my surprises about this car: 1. The car is good, and the R gear reversing image reacts very quickly. Go to the car to pick up things, forget to bring the key to have OnStar to open the door remotely is great. 2. Abundant power. At present, the accelerator is only stepped on when overtaking at high speed for 120 yards. I usually don’t need floor oil at all, so I dare not step on it. 3. The space is really big. This year’s New Year, there will always be 6-7 people in the car, up to 8 at a time (5 large and 3 small). Everyone who gets in the car asks how much the car is. Don’t ask me if it’s overloaded. No traffic police. Believe me, I am a big man, saying that there is a lot of space, which is definitely not a big space for car critics. 4. I have seen Keleao, CRV, Tiguan. I stood in the store for 15 minutes, and the people in the Volkswagen 4S store didn’t respond to me; Honda also looked like it was not worried about selling, asking and answering questions, chatting with colleagues from time to time, I thought I would spend 20W to buy one. Things, you don’t even think of me as if you are pulling urine in your asshole and turning it upside down; Renault is positive, but thinks the car is a bit cheaper. 5. Don’t buy 1.5T Explorers, tires are not good, 9AT becomes 6AT is real watts. In addition, try hard and add some money. Take a look at Higashimoto’s URV and Guangben’s Crown Road 2.0T. The back row space is the leverage. When I bought Discovery in 18 years, URV and Guandao were not at a discount, so it seemed a bit more expensive. I was not willing to think about it. I regret it now. If you buy more than 200,000 SUVs, if you don’t buy luxury brands, they are basically the main models, and the quality will not be too bad.

8 months ago

The key question is how many old people and several babies. If the elderly+baby+wife adults are enough for 5 seats, and occasionally use the third row, then Tang dm, Star Road Lanyue, Highlander, etc. are all OK, and you can go to Angke if you add more money. Qi and Tuang. If there are many elderly people, the 2+3+2 layout is not suitable. It is very difficult for the elderly to enter the third row. There are few SUVs with 2+2+3 layout, such as the SAIC Maxus d60. There are too few choices and it is not recommended to choose. This is suitable for MPV, the most cost-effective is Roewe imax8 for 240,000 landing, the configuration of 220,000 is very suitable for home use, the second row has ventilation and heating massage, and it also comes with a small refrigerator, which is cost-effective.

8 months ago

I also recommend Chery Xingluo. The best is the 2.0t four-wheel drive. Don’t worry, you can wait for the hybrid dht, which has lower fuel consumption and stronger horsepower. Advantages: 1. Large space, really 7-seater SUV, the third row 183 is comfortable to sit in, and there is enough space in the trunk for luggage. 2. The strongest Chinese heart, there are not many 2.0t engines in mass production that are stronger than him in the world. For specific data, please refer to the auto review and the horsepower machine is up. The fuel consumption is also one of the best, and only the Lexus Hybrid has a lower fuel consumption in the same class. 3. The Mars architecture, born out of the Qoros m3x site, can be said to be very good, but the domestic public’s requirements for the chassis are soft and soft, so this thing can only be said to have different opinions. Chery’s car will still be harder, and its relative support and elk test will be better. 4. Sturdy, heavy use of high-strength steel, the torsion resistance of the body-in-white reaches 28,000 (this is the figure of Starway, not sure which car) The easiest way to test is to tilt up a rear wheel to see if the trunk can be closed normally. For example, Changan’s new car has not been closed recently. Chery has gone from the low-end Jietu to the mid-range Tiggo 8, and then to the hardest Xingtu. The biggest benefit of this for users is crash resistance, which exceeds the crash test standard and increases the survival rate in extreme car accidents.

8 months ago

It seems that the landlord is very concerned about the driving experience of the car, so first of all these cars can pass: RAv4 (Wilanda), CRV (Haoying), Qijun, and several SUVs of Volkswagen will not be explained in detail. From the perspective of power, space, control, and reliability, the host can look at Buick’s Envision S, Chevrolet Trailblazers, and Ford’s sharp world. If you want to buy luxury, you can also consider Cadillac XT4. Generally speaking, these cars have the highest price-performance ratio in their class, and they are also superior in many aspects such as power and space. You can go to the station and have a look. Personally, I recommend the Blazers.

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