In this Internet era of information explosion, the new media operation industry is increasingly valued by various companies. Coupled with its inherent low-threshold industry requirements, new media operation has gradually become the target of fresh graduates or those seeking career opportunities. Then the question arises: What kind of learning method is appropriate if you want to successfully switch to new media? In fact, many people will consider whether to learn the basic knowledge of new media operations by self-study or paid learning when they are preparing to change careers. Today, I will briefly introduce to you a little bit of my experience on the road to change. For self-study in the early stage of switching to new media operations, I chose to study by myself for a period of time. I searched a lot of relevant information on the Internet and shared the experience of those who have successfully switched careers. At the beginning, I felt that I was rewarded and I was more confident about my career change, but when I started to organize some information, I realized that something was wrong. The materials and information searched on the Internet are relatively diverse, and there are many successful people’s experiences, but because I was a noob at the time and didn’t understand anything, the collected materials were messy and there was no way to connect a complete learning system. It seems that I have some knowledge reserves, but I am always dissatisfied with a bottle, and half of the bottle is swayed. It does not seem to be very helpful to my job search. Self-study really relieved my financial pressure, and it also allowed me to get a lot of experience and recommended practical tools from successful people in the process of searching information, but it did not allow me to establish a complete understanding of new media operations, and Self-study has relatively high requirements for self-control and does not need to pay some costs, so the motivation for learning will be much smaller. Therefore, I personally think that the way of self-study is more recommended for friends who have strong self-control and have a certain understanding of new media operations. Having a corresponding understanding of new media operations and knowing which area to study for, this kind of self-study method will be better than just starting self-study after contact. As for class registration, the self-study is really not a system, so when I found that the effect was not obvious, I chose to register for classes. Because I was still working at the time and it was not convenient offline, I chose online learning, just follow Let me talk about my online learning experience. Enrolling in classes is indeed faster than my self-study efficiency, because there will be a complete teaching system to help you build a learning system from zero. From the most basic industry understanding to the follow-up knowledge base and skill preparation, learning is better than myself. The clue search information is more efficient. And in the learning process, there will be teachers who will give full guidance and answer questions. Especially in the actual combat process, someone will urge you to carry out actual combat operations every day. It is really good news for someone like me who has a little less self-control. I properly cured my laziness and procrastination. (Ps: In fact, it’s also because of the money spent, and I’m not willing to waste it.) In the case of online teaching, choosing a good organization can help us switch careers successfully. Some courses will arrange practical parts, which is also the process of helping us accumulate job search portfolios. With the accumulation of works, you will not come up with an empty resume when you switch to an interview, and the chance of rejection will be smaller. So based on my own experience, online paid learning is more appropriate. There are teachers who will carry out systematic learning, and later there will be teachers to help you organize your homework during the learning process, provide practical guidance, and help you organize these into the interview portfolio. This is very important for us who are changing careers. But the disadvantage is that you need to have money to pay, and you must have time to invest every day, there is indeed a little pressure for people who are on the job. In fact, the learning method of new media operations still depends on personal learning habits. People with good summarizing ability and self-control can choose to study on their own when they have learning ideas and clues. If the self-control is average, people who don’t know anything about relevant knowledge can choose to pay for learning to better establish a learning system. I have collected some information about new media in the process of system learning and self-study. I can poke v Sweet Orange’s operation nest, and I can share the information I collected before with everyone~


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The advantage of paid courses is that the course structure is more systematic, supplemented by the teacher’s guidance after class, which helps the novice Xiaobai to get started quickly. For students with financial ability, buying a course is actually a better choice. In the previous note, I recommended some platforms for learning new media operations. You can refer to [shy R]. But for students, they want to The desire to learn system knowledge without spending too much may be difficult to satisfy for a while. So how to choose the course that suits you? For online learning products, we need to look at at least two indicators: 1. Is there an after-school service? Some platforms are only responsible for the online course cash on delivery and will not be a science staff. If you buy such a course, you will step on the thunder️️2. Is there a work to build If you want to enter the new media operation, you need a portfolio during the interview process to help the interviewer understand your ability and strength in this industry. The semi-private private school I chose before is very helpful to me. It can be said to be a very careful platform. The teacher’s correction and reply are very serious, and I am interested in the internal promotion opportunities of the [Full Stack New Media People Seven-day Growth Plan] Friends of you can comment!

6 months ago

Thanks invite. 1. Think about your career goals and learning goals first. Only when you find your own goals and levels, can you better practice them and achieve them. 2. Find a learning method that suits you. Everyone’s learning is different. Some people want to watch the course teachers teach hand-in-hand, but some people like to learn and explore in practice. I prefer to do it in practice. I explored and found my own way of learning, such as the one I am currently participating in | New Media Self-study Room-Semi-Private Private School| is a practice and learning project. It is to complete some new media by myself under the guidance and explanation of the teacher Operation-related tasks are different from other practical projects. The advantage of this project is that it is more friendly to people with zero foundation. He does not ask you to do an independent operation document as soon as he comes up, but first leads you to the introduction. You can find the right direction and explore by yourself later. 3. Understand what the new media operation does and the core work skills required. Of course, I can learn these things systematically and concretely in the practical project I recommended in the previous article. The rest is to practice and consolidate by myself, and learn more. Think, learn more and see, there is always something to gain. 4. Still the old saying, learn more, practice more, and be able to show your own excellent works is naturally the most convincing proof, and then you can get your favorite offer.

6 months ago

My suggestion is to learn new media courses systematically. Many people think that the threshold for new media operations is low, and it is easy to learn by themselves. After watching some big cows share cases and dry goods, they feel that they are full of gains. After taking a few large pages of notes, they only realize that they can’t start at all. Imagine the math problems in school. After the teacher finished speaking, there is always a class of students who show a sudden realization, but they still have no way to start when they encounter them in the exam. Even if a teacher has a series of courses specifically for Xiaobai, after registering an account, he still doesn’t know how to start. Therefore, I suggest that you still have to buy lessons and follow a professional teacher to study systematically. When you encounter something you don’t understand, the teacher can also teach one-on-one. Of course, after all, new media operation is different from the classroom when you are studying. It focuses on practice. It is best to practice an account by yourself with a theoretical basis, keep summarizing the failure experience, and discuss with the course teacher more. Can cultivate what we commonly call the “sense of the net.”

6 months ago

When I was preparing to change careers, I also considered whether to study by myself or apply for courses. Finally, I chose to apply for courses based on various factors. The following are my considerations for reference only. In terms of time, the time for self-study is relatively free, and you can make full use of your free time. If you register for a class, you need to arrange time, which is a little bit limited, but the current courses are basically online and more flexible. The biggest advantage of self-study in terms of money is obviously that it is free, but if you are switching to new media operations with zero basis, it is recommended to study systematically. The information on the Internet is too trivial, and it is easy for a zero-based Xiaobai to find the point. If you have a basic study, choose according to your own needs and financial aspects. Urgency If you want to switch careers successfully in a short period of time, it is recommended to study systematically. Self-study is easy to step on pits and lose direction. Self-discipline is the kind of self-consciousness that requires someone to supervise and supervise the study, so I chose to enroll in the class after a comprehensive consideration. If you are self-disciplined enough and have a certain foundation, self-study is also possible.

6 months ago

First of all, I learned through the online class registration. In order to avoid suspicion of advertising, I won’t say which institution it is. In fact, at the time, like the subject and many small partners who wanted to switch to new media operations, I encountered this problem. Should I teach myself or find an organization online. It took me a week to finally make this decision. Next, I will write down my experience of this decision. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! When I made this decision, I considered three reasons! First: Examine yourself, how self-discipline you are? How about self-study ability? First of all, you have to look at yourself. Are you a self-disciplined person? You will set a goal for yourself without being supervised, such as when is the deadline for completing your studies, and when will you find a new job? The most important thing is that you will complete it on time according to your planned schedule. Self-study is something that requires extreme self-discipline. And secondly, you have to ask, what is your self-study ability, because once you start self-study, all the problems you encounter need to be solved by yourself. There is no teacher or senior to help you, and you can solve it by yourself. Then if your self-study ability is not If it is strong, I suggest not to waste time. I think I am a three-minute passionate person. If there is no one to urge me to follow up on my study progress, I will probably spend three days fishing and two days surfing the net, and then I won’t study. So in this step, I chose to register for a class to study. Second: How much time can you invest? After thinking about the first step, you have to analyze. If you start to learn new media operations, how much time are you willing to spend every day and invest in it? Of course, this also has something to do with whether you are working or not. When I was studying, there were a lot of working classmates (after all, no one is a rich second-generation, so it’s nice to resign naked). They don’t have time to go to work every day, and they basically study after work. Have to learn late at night. You have to see how much time you can study. If you register for a class, are you really willing to spend time every day to keep up with the progress of your studies? Because if you register for the class, your learning progress will basically be synchronized with everyone in the later stage, so the learning efficiency will be higher, and you can really enjoy the social services and other benefits that you will bring to you after you register for the class (otherwise Do you register for a class, or do you sullen yourself, what is the difference?). Since I was resigning naked at the time, I wanted to devote myself to studying, and I would guarantee at least 5 hours a day, so in the second step, I also chose to register for the class. Third: Your financial situation and stress resistance. If you choose to register for a class, then you have to spend money, which is inevitable. Moreover, the cost of general learning is not low, basically around 4000, then you have to consider whether your economy can support your learning. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I was speaking naked, so this involves a problem-stress resistance! Naked resignation is different from your employment. Can’t your social security be cut off? Do you spend more or less miscellaneous money? Still have to eat or pay rent? All these need money. Then, as you study, with the passage of time, the pressure that money will bring to you will definitely become heavier (the rich second-generation students, please detour), you must ensure the quality of your study, Also find a new job as soon as possible. The above is my mental journey when I decided to study on my own or apply for a class. I suggest you ask yourself if you have made the above preparations before making a decision. After all, the adult world does not allow hasty decisions. I wish all friends who want to change careers can find their own way~ If my answer helped you, remember to like it~

6 months ago

Advantages of self-study: no money, free learning time. Disadvantages of self-study: learning is fragmented, online materials are complex and diverse, and a certain degree of discrimination is required. Finding materials will take a lot of time. There is no way to solve problems personally, and no one learns from each other. Suitable for the crowd: Xiaobai who is price-sensitive, does not rush to change jobs, has a lot of fragmentation time, and has high discipline. Advantages of class registration: learning is systematic, and the learning atmosphere is relatively strong. There will be students in the same class to learn to check in together. The teacher will supervise and answer questions. Disadvantages of class registration: The price is high, and there are many leek-cutting courses on the market. Suitable for the crowd: Xiaobai who wants to change careers quickly. If the topic is to quickly get started with new media operations, or someone who is less self-disciplined like me. The suggestion is to register for a class and learn from someone more systematically. I was also self-study at the beginning, but the learning effect was very poor. I was completely working behind closed doors. After more than 2 months of thinking about it, I couldn’t write an official account. There are many courses you can listen to before you register. Look at the design of the course and whether you like the teacher’s teaching method. It is most important to choose the course that suits you.

6 months ago

Say the point of view: self-study is fine, but I recommend applying for classes. New media operates this industry, and works are more important than theoretical knowledge. The so-called works are the personal self-media accounts you operate, such as personal WeChat official accounts, station B accounts, Zhihu accounts, and so on. When the reading volume or fan data of your accounts is good, it naturally proves your operational ability. Of course, if you have some accounts of the schools in the operating country, you can also take them out. Your own account also reflects your comprehensive ability in editing, copywriting, image production and so on. Some HRs will directly ask you if you have any related works. If you want to learn by yourself, you should first accumulate some theoretical knowledge of marketing and copywriting, and then try to run your own account. Now the online new media courses on the Internet are divided into compulsory classes and practical classes. The compulsory classes prepare all the theoretical knowledge for the students. The practical classes establish their own account with the help of the teacher. Finally, there will be resume guidance and interview skills teaching. The service is very systematic. You can switch careers successfully in two or three months. If you study by yourself, the cost of time invested will be high, and you may go wrong. I am also studying in class registration, so I suggest to register.

6 months ago

I’m trying to make a short video by myself. At first, I was a little confused, but I got started slowly. If I want to get started as soon as possible, the fastest way to learn is to make one myself. If you want to do copywriting, you can make your own official account, and then post soft texts in various places. Of course, you may run into a wall in the process and you can’t find a suitable promotion method. At this time, it may be easier for an experienced person to take you away. If you want to make a short video, you still need to look at the content in essence, but it is presented in the form of editing video, so you may also write a script to study the movement of the mirror and cut a video. This is station b. You can watch a lot of videos of great gods. There are a lot of things to learn about new media operations, except for some serious skills. In terms of content promotion, if you haven’t learned it systematically, it takes a certain amount of energy and time to learn by yourself. Speaking of my short video account, besides self-learning some skills, the content is actually learned by me systematically, so I can’t say that it is blind, at least there is a direction. In general, I myself use a self-study + class registration method to learn new media. I also want to say that it’s not easy to register for classes, you can’t finish learning things, and you can’t get away with self-study.

6 months ago

These two should not contradict each other, and should complement each other. I suggest not pure self-study, it will waste time and take many detours. Hear that other people have been in this industry for many years, and the experience they have summed up is faster than learning from the beginning. But don’t deify the training institution, and don’t put all your expectations on the curriculum. What the teacher talks about is all the outlines, the purpose is to help you sum up a logical and systematic thing. Then you can supplement it by yourself. There are also new media, which is a large area, with many subdivided positions, and each position has a different function. After you enter the industry as a “new media operation” position, you must quickly determine your own direction, whether you are good at writing, community, or event planning. Therefore, it is very important to be able to think clearly about these things while studying, and to study them in a targeted and purposeful manner. Generally speaking, new media is a position that assesses comprehensive ability, and it is also the position closest to a leader. Use the mind of the boss to think about the problem. So this is definitely not just about learning a few skills.

6 months ago

I think it is better to enroll in class and study. It will be faster if someone brings them into the trade, which can improve your efficiency and avoid you wasting time due to detours. Don’t waste your precious time just to save money. Of course, it depends on which of the two is better in your eyes, and you choose which one you choose. In addition, there are many training institutions about operation on the market, you can go to listen to their trial lessons, which can help you make better choices. what? You ask me what should I do if the institution does not have a trial class? Then consider what it is doing, training courses without trial classes are all hooligans! !

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