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On March 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced sanctions on relevant personnel and entities in the United States and Canada: China decided to impose unilateral sanctions on relevant personnel and entities in Xinjiang, China on March 22 by the United States and Canada based on lies and false information. The Chairman of the International Committee on Religious Freedom of the United States Manchin, Vice Chairman Perkins, Canadian Representative Zhuang Wenhao, and the International Human Rights Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee imposed sanctions to prohibit the above-mentioned persons from entering the Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, and banned Chinese citizens and The institution deals with the above-mentioned persons or interacts with the above-mentioned entities. At the same time, China’s previous sanctions on U.S. personnel who seriously harmed China’s sovereignty and interests on Xinjiang-related issues remain effective.
The Chinese government is unwavering in its determination to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests. China urges relevant parties to understand the situation, correct mistakes, stop political manipulation on Xinjiang-related issues, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs in any way, and refrain from going further and further down the wrong path, otherwise they will inevitably set themselves on fire.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I think many people do not understand the essence of transnational sanctions. China’s current sanctions are definitely not just a gesture, but a real price for the Tugendhats. The main purpose of these Chinese sanctions is to prevent any company that wants to enter the Chinese market, or want to export products to China, and want to become a supplier of parts and components that export goods to China. These companies had to give up any cooperation with Manchins. If a company wants to export goods to China, such as Boeing, Intel, etc., it cannot cooperate with Manchins. Even if it cooperates, it cannot allow its products to enter the Chinese market. If a company does not directly export goods to China, it is a supplier of a company that exports goods to China. Then they can’t cooperate with Manchins. Because companies that export goods to China, such as Boeing, cannot cooperate with these companies. The same is true for the United States’ sanctions against Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Because of the U.S. sanctions, no bank in Hong Kong can accept Carrie Lam’s account opening and deposits unless the company does not engage in US dollar transfers. The example of China’s sanctions against Pompeo in the United States some time ago has actually led to some major American companies not cooperating with him. Therefore, Pompeo finally had to stay in a public relations company that did not do overseas business. Because, any American company that wants to enter the Chinese market, or cooperation with American companies that want to enter the Chinese market, is not allowed to cooperate with Pompeo. At the same time, everyone should know that China is the world’s largest consumer market.

8 months ago

I want to talk about why European and American countries always like to discredit China, such as the Xinjiang issue this time. Because China has broken the balance of the world. Take the iPhone as an example. The manufacturing cost of the iPhone 12 Pro is about US$406, and the most expensive component is Qualcomm’s 5G modem. At the top is the American IT giant Apple, which does design work and gets the most profits. Apple focuses on the overall design of mobile phones, as well as some specific components and then US suppliers, which get the second largest piece of this cake, such as Qualcomm. The first two tiers get the most profit from the product. Below this, there are suppliers of American allies, such as Sony’s CMOS. They got the development in a specific field and got part of the profit. At the bottom is the assembly plant. For each iPhone, they can get 2% of the final price as a profit, which is about $10. This is the so-called international division of labor, where each country contributes its share from the assigned tasks. The United States leads and acquires core technologies and industries. U.S. allies deploy themselves around the U.S. and develop surrounding technologies/industry. Developing countries provide natural resources and labor. What a perfect design. However, there is a higher level than the control of core technology, that is, control of finance. In order to achieve this goal, the United States (and the United Kingdom) began a process of deindustrialization. In 2017, the contribution rate of agriculture to the US GDP was about 0.9%, 18.2% came from industry, and 77.4% came from the service industry. In the UK, the service industry accounts for a higher proportion of the economy. The service industry includes retail, financial, public sector, business management, leisure and cultural activities. In 2019, the service industry accounted for 80% of the total output (total value added) of the UK economy. From July to September 2020, the service industry accounted for 82% of employment. The Rust Belt (Rust Belt) originally referred to the area in the northeastern United States-near the Great Lakes, where the traditional industry was declining, and now can generally refer to the area where the industry is declining) is a typical example of deindustrialization, because not only production companies cannot produce Enough profit, and it creates pollution. Their internal design is based on financial business. They make the most profits from all over the world, and others provide services around them. This, together with the highly profitable production business, and everything the West admires, creates a balance in the world. Let’s take a look at what a typical developing country will get from such a world balance? If developing countries have nothing in their hands, they need some industrial transfers from developed countries. All help and transfer are not free. There will be some additional requirements, such as the establishment of a multi-party system, or at least the establishment of an open market with low tax barriers. The West claims that this is creating a free trade environment. Once developing countries lower their tax barriers, low-priced and high-quality products will flood their markets and completely destroy local businesses. Local enterprises have no scale, cannot reduce costs, and lose competitiveness. After local companies go bankrupt, local governments have to turn to the West for help to establish OEM factories. Western companies will not pay to build factories and surrounding infrastructure. In addition, due to the low tax policy, the local government does not have enough government revenue to support it. We can only seek support from Western financial companies. In terms of funds, the establishment of foundry factories to provide jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. Then, the factory needs to buy parts from a foreign company. The foreign company holds all the intellectual property rights. If local people want to copy, they will sue you. For every product produced, the worker earns $10 a day, and the local government charges some value-added tax. However, the money borrowed from Western financial companies must be repaid, and of course there is interest. Even less is left for the locals. What’s more, sooner or later Western countries will accuse local governments of running sweatshops and polluting the environment, and local governments will have to pay for related technologies and equipment. The local government has no way to change this situation, because this is a multi-party democratic country, and the government has very little control over the operation of the country. In addition, the West can easily manipulate public opinion through social networking sites and Western media. Any policeman who acts disloyally will be eliminated in the next election. If Western countries’ trade deficits look bad, they will be accused and sanctioned as currency manipulating countries from time to time. The local government cannot change this situation because it is a multi-party democracy and the government has almost no control over the operation of the country. In addition, the West can easily manipulate public opinion on social networking sites and Western media through a free press policy. During the next general election, any unfaithful politicians will be eliminated. If Western countries’ trade deficits look bad, they will accuse these countries of manipulating live ratios and then sanction it. This is basically a new form of colonization. In the end, what hypothetical developing countries get is a broken environment, an uncontrolled government, and an economy manipulated by foreigners. Mexico is a typical example. It is too close to the United States and too far from heaven. It used to have a decent production industry, but now it is just a huge foundry for American companies. The figures on paper look good, but the most profits are left in the hands of American capitalists. For many years, Western countries have been saying that there is only one correct development path, and that is to adopt a multi-party system and neoliberalism. However, China has proved that there can be other routes, and we have established a new standard by launching the “One Belt One Road” initiative. Once the existing world order is broken or changed, not only capitalists will face a sharp decline in wealth, but Western politicians will also face tremendous pressure from ordinary people for various reasons. The Western political and economic views of China are surprisingly consistent: China is not allowed to prove the possibility of ways that people have never thought of. They keep telling their people terrible things about China in order to restrict access to China, so that people do not know what China is like. The goal is to conceal China’s achievements as much as possible, and at the same time they find ways to eliminate China. In all anti-China countries, the Indian prime minister is at least doing things. Modi’s recent policies regarding farmers have caused huge protests. However, from a Chinese perspective, this does have long-term benefits for India. Just because of the obvious democracy, Modi cannot go too far. Anti-Muslim has given him some negative reputation, but as long as India is anti-China, the West will not use it to hype it. As for the United States, their politicians have almost no interest in ordinary jobs out of the box. 1% of Americans are accumulating wealth faster and faster, while the bottom 50% of Americans simply cannot see a better future. Propagating anti-China hype can increase the patriotism of the Western people and make them less consider the reality. To this day, exactly one year after the closure of Wuhan, China, some Americans are still accusing China of being responsible for what happened in the United States. In fact, any normal person can see the problem, that is, although the United States has superior medical technology, it is clearly worse than many other countries. In addition, during the H1N1 pandemic, the United States did not perform well.

8 months ago

I’m good at garbage sorting. This is the third time I have answered this kind of question. Friends who like garbage sorting can follow me @格罗斯特公爵Kings; Canadian Representative Zhuang Wenhao, and the International Human Rights Subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. First, let’s introduce the American International Religious Freedom Committee. The committee was established in 1998 to monitor and observe the current status of religious freedom in countries around the world and whether there are violations of religious freedom. A screenshot of the committee’s purpose. Every July, the committee releases the “Annual Report on International Religious Freedom” to make policy recommendations to the US President, Secretary of State and Congress. All committee members are US federal employees. In 2019, the committee issued a report that identified China’s “religious persecution, ethnic oppression, concentration camps” and other “violations of religious freedom” in Xinjiang. Some screenshots of the “2019 Religious Freedom Report”. The committee also recommended that the U.S. government protect religious freedom in Xinjiang and increase sanctions against China, including but not limited to “providing political asylum for Chinese religious refugees”, “uniting allies to impose targeted sanctions”, “Weaken China’s influence”, “Legislation restricts the import of China’s advanced technology” and so on. (Obviously, the affiliated institutions are all “Made in the United States”, and it is necessary to put up an “international” and “free” brand to supervise other countries. What does this mean by not interfering in internal affairs?) Then came Zhuang Wenhao. This name undoubtedly means that he has Chinese descent. In fact, his father is a Hong Kong immigrant and his mother is Dutch. As a Chinese politician, he can be described as smooth sailing in Canadian politics. Not long ago, he participated in the election for the leader of the Conservative Party. However, in February 2021, Zhuang Wenhao initiated a bill against China’s Xinjiang and was passed by the parliament. The resolution determined that there was “genocide” in China’s Xinjiang. Therefore, rather than “smooth wind and water”, I think “family misfortune” is more suitable to describe him. Finally, the International Human Rights Subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of Canada. It now appears that any foreign organization with the word “human rights” is not a good bird. In October 2020, the committee issued a statement accusing Xinjiang of “genocide, religious oppression, and human rights violations.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China severely refuted it at that time. In addition, even Canada has such a foreign committee, isn’t the United States not? That must be! On February 25, 2021, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill and resolution declaring a boycott of the Beijing Olympics and paying attention to democracy in Hong Kong. I hope that the next sanctions list can be longer. There is no doubt that many individuals and organizations are rushing to make the list. At least, first add a stopper to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives. After all, the world’s largest power, this privilege is not too much, right?

8 months ago

I wrote this article on March 1, systematically expounding why strategically, China and the United States have shifted between offense and defense. After half a month of the Sino-US talks, China took the initiative to attack, which became a turning point in our foreign strategy and confirmed this judgment. Understand this premise to understand that the United States is just bluffing. The core of the Biden administration is to reap the world after the US dollar is released. This is the key point they want to cover. We must keep an eye on the US dollar and other aspects. It is to take the initiative to test the bottom line of the US strategy. The following is the original text: In 2021, it is our turn to play the cards, where to test the bottom line of the United States. Bi has been on stage for more than a month. Why does it always feel that the United States is not as exciting as before? In addition to the different personalities between the two presidents, a big reason is that the United States has now entered a strategic turning point from offensive to defensive. The difference between the two presidents is explained in detail. Trump is the United States first, and Biden is the dollar first. Between the United States and the US dollar, most of the interests overlap, but the part that does not overlap is the key to the problem. . Biden wants to return to the priority of the U.S. dollar and maintain the core interests of the U.S. dollar. Then the U.S. strategically needs to fight against populism and maintain political correctness, maintain confidence in the U.S., and abandon the U.S. priority and continue to maintain the current international situation. Rules and order. Only in this way can the core of the dollar’s foothold be maintained. Why is it that the United States may now face a turning point in its strategy from offensive to defensive? This is closely related to the strategy pursued by the United States in the past few years. Through the implementation of the four-year American priority strategy, the United States finally discovered a fundamental problem, which is that the current strength of the United States does not allow the United States to prioritize and contain its opponents at the same time. . So now the United States has chosen to abandon the United States first and choose to unite with its allies. Then, the problem will arise. The U.S. and the world have changed their shape between offense and defense. In the past four years, the U.S. has embodied two characteristics in its U.S. priority strategy. On the one hand, in politics, it has always insisted on making the U.S. first and constantly shrinking its international obligations. On the other hand, economically, there is constant external pressure, not only with us, but also with Europe, and with its neighbors, Canada and Mexico. At one end, it threatens to withdraw from globalization, and the other end is desperate. Under the situation of suppressing foreign attacks, the whole world is worried. If the United States withdraws from globalization, what will happen to the current international rules and order? Kissinger, the American national teacher, also made harsh remarks. If the United States fails, no one in the world will have a better life. In doing so, everyone has to start all kinds of preparations, and use the worst plan to deal with this kind of result. Especially we have made a lot of preparations. It is worried that if the United States withdraws from globalization, at least regionalization must first be implemented to stabilize demand. We are almost working on both eastward and westward aspects. Xiangdong is to integrate RCEP, East Asia’s “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership”. The Relationship Agreement was signed, and Xiangxi signed the China-Europe Investment Agreement, and the timing was particularly coincidental. They were signed after the U.S. election and when the country was engaged in infighting. This should actually be There is a tacit understanding in all aspects. After four years of constant pressure from the United States, we are prepared for the worst. Many of the agreements signed with us are traditional allies of the United States. This can be regarded as arranging a way out for ourselves, and we can’t just let it go. Go all the way in the U.S. As a result, I never thought that the U.S. could not bear such a result, and it would get Trump down. Now that’s all right, the whole world sees the U.S. trump card clearly, that is, the U.S. cannot do without the current world rule system. In the past, it wanted to prioritize the U.S. and engage in competition among major powers, but its own strength could not do it. Therefore, the new president of the United States repeatedly emphasized that instead of prioritizing the United States, priority should be given to competition among major powers. This requires the cooperation of allies again. Then in 2021, the problem will come. In the past few years, you have tossed the big guys for a while, and now you come back when you say it. It’s okay to come back, but just like everything comes at a price, the truth is the same when you come to the United States. Yes, what price are you going to pay to pay for the attempts to leave for the past four years? After all, everyone is ready to disband, and the agreement has been signed. Now that you say you want to come back, it is tantamount to reoccupying a position that has already been allocated, so you have to show some sincerity. The current situation is that Biden has been on stage for more than a month, and he has never expressed his position. He just shouted that the United States is back again. We use our old saying that this is a lip service but not true. In fact, everyone is whispering in their hearts. It’s not a single sentence, and the United States certainly understands it, but the landlord’s surplus is not much. There is really not much benefit that can be shared with everyone. It is against this background that the world facing the United States will change from the crazy offensive of the past to the strategic defense of the United States. His allies may want to watch the excitement and wait for him to show actual benefits, while traditional competition Opponents may take advantage of the situation and start to put pressure on them to test the bottom line of the US under Biden’s dollar-first strategy? How can you see it?

8 months ago

There are three pressures for the United States to have a large framework for world geo-security. Whether this framework is stable or not determines whether the global security order dominated by the United States in the past can be maintained. Specifically, this framework has three points. The core point in the east is Japan under the “U.S.-Japan Security Treaty”, the west is the European and American military alliance led by NATO, and the middle is Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Obviously, the east is against us, the west is against Russia, and the Middle East is against Iran. When the United States attacks, this is his front line, but when the offensive and defensive changes, it will be the other way around. These places will become the main focus of everyone’s pressure on the United States. In the east, it is aimed at Japan. After the U.S. election last year, the controversy over the results of the election attracted the attention of the world. At this time, in addition to the signing of RCEP and the China-Europe Investment Agreement, in our neighboring North Korea, An important meeting was held, which was their “Eighth National Congress”, the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea. At this meeting, one particular point was emphasized: the achievements made in the struggle to strengthen the country’s deterrence in nuclear war and self-defense and national defense forces, and pointed out that completing the building of a national nuclear force is a “strategy” that must be captured first in the process of building a strong socialist country. To maintain the country’s survival and independent development, it is necessary to “non-stop and vigorously advance the nuclear power building that has already been initiated” in order to maintain the country’s survival and independent development. Since the United States was busy fighting internally at the time, no important person came out to express its views on this matter. In fact, the words about promoting nuclear power building were tactically directed at Japan, and strategically directed at the United States. In the past, when the United States was aggressive, It has not been able to deal with North Korea. Now that the United States is unable to do what it wants to do, it naturally has to backhand it. Maybe the United States can relax its sanctions. Why do you say that, because the United States has no actual benefits to convey. The current tricks are to send favors. For example, by relaxing sanctions in exchange for not causing trouble, then there is bound to be a bargaining process at this time. For example, do you cancel all sanctions or cancel. Part, this time we need to test the bottom line of the United States. Will North Korea make trouble in exchange for the United States to loosen it? Just look at Iran and just wait to copy Iran’s answer. This is the case in Iran this time. The United States wants to return to the “Iranian Nuclear Agreement” because this agreement can benefit European parties, Britain, France, and Germany. For the United States, it is a small profit for the United States to transfer benefits to European allies in exchange for their support. So who is most dissatisfied? It must be Israel and Saudi Arabia that are the most upset. If the “Iran Nuclear Agreement” is re-signed, it will be equivalent to returning blood to Iran. For them, they are facing the most realistic threat. So we see that the United States is also dealing with Saudi Arabia. I hope that he will not be emotional. While the United States launched an attack in Syria, bombed militia organizations related to Iran, and put pressure on Iran, it also decrypted the files of the Saudi prince who personally directed the killing of Khashoggi, and put pressure on Saudi Arabia. On February 28, local time, the White House defended its decision not to impose sanctions on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. On the 26th, the US intelligence agency reported that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was connected with the murder of the Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Together, these two things are still one thing, that is, by relaxing the sanctions on Iran, and showing some sincerity, to win over Britain, France and Germany, which have separated from Germany. But can things be that simple? Now the problem is coming. Iran is not happy. Iran, who had no temper, suddenly no longer anxious. On February 28, local time, the Iranian government refused to participate in the informal talks on the Iranian nuclear agreement proposed by the European Union. According to the Associated Press report on the 28th, the Biden administration responded on the same day, saying that although the United States was disappointed with Iran’s statement, it was open to talks with Iran on the Iran nuclear agreement. Since you are in a hurry, then Iran should not be in a hurry. The purpose is to test how far the United States can go. In the past, when the United States put pressure on everyone, every step forward, everyone now has to test it. The United States When I can’t bear it and want to look back, I am willing to give in a few steps. One step is definitely not enough. I want to go back wherever I came from, thinking that when nothing has happened, there is no such cheap thing in the world. For such a thing, the US allies are naturally happy to see it happen. Anyway, there is no need to be a wicked person to get more benefits, so why not do it. In addition to the current hot spot Iran, Russia and Europe have also joined forces to put pressure on the United States. This is the energy pipeline project “Beixi II” between Russia and Europe. The Beixi No. 2 natural gas pipeline project is mainly co-led by Russia and Germany. It bypasses Ukraine and goes directly to the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Germany. Then the German pipeline will sell Russian natural gas to European countries. In this way, Russia and Germany will control the European energy market and reduce Europe’s dependence on the United States. Therefore, the United States has been very dissatisfied with this project and imposed two rounds of sanctions last year. But now the situation has also changed: According to US media reports, several people familiar with the matter have revealed that the US government will not include individuals or companies involved in the construction of the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline in Germany on the sanctions list. According to reports, people familiar with the matter revealed that the Biden administration may submit a report on the “Beixi-2” project to Congress as early as February 19. The proposed sanctions list is expected to include only a few entities associated with Russia. As a result, the United States has attacked everywhere in the past four years, and now it has contracted on all sides. This is the same as a war. Retreat always has a price. Now everyone can see that the United States wants to retreat, so take this opportunity to retreat. Take a bite, or the United States will be hanging like this, who knows who is uncomfortable. This is also during this period of time. The United States has changed people for more than a month. It is still the reason why they are unable to do anything. If no helper is found, they have to pay in advance. This is a trouble. At this time, the opportunity before us is naturally also an opportunity that cannot be missed. The United States has been challenged by the United States in the past few years. Now it is our turn to play the cards. We also have to see where the bottom line of the United States is. The predicament of the world’s three major systems If the countries mentioned above are striving for tactical small favors, then we must not be too low-sighted. We must use a strategic vision to face the issue of strategic contraction in the United States. What is strategy? The vision is to target the current strategic core of the United States: the dollar first. Since the U.S. wants to give priority to the U.S. dollar again, it must focus on the basics of the U.S. dollar and put pressure on it to see how it reacts. As an international currency, the US dollar relies on three major systems at the actual circulation level: the international trade system, the industrial chain division system, and the monetary and financial system. Talked about in this article. So what the United States has been doing in the past few years is to kick us out of the international trade system and the industrial chain division of labor. After the epidemic last year, the world discovered a problem. After the United States, the operation was fierce. Like a tiger, most countries’ trade with us has not decreased, but increased. The most embarrassing one is probably the United States. In 2020, the total value of bilateral trade in goods between China and the United States was 4.06 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.8%, accounting for 12.6% of my country’s total import and export value during the same period. Among them, exports to the United States were 3.13 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.4%, and imports from the United States were 931.87 billion yuan, an increase of 10.1%. So now, we may have to reverse it and see who has the greater say in this globally integrated supply chain system? Then of course, persimmons must start from the soft, if you want to rank the most disgusting follower before, then it should be no controversy when it comes to Australia and Taiwan. Since the end of last year, we have taken a bit of action against Australia. We heard that they said it didn’t hurt while they kept their mouths open. We may continue to increase the amount this year. On the other hand, we sent a notice last week that the import of pineapples from Taiwan to the mainland will be suspended from March 1. The amount of pineapples accounts for a negligible proportion of cross-strait trade, but it seems to have stabbed a hornet’s nest on the island. We are still a little uncomfortable. Is it necessary to shout so painful for such a thing? I just wiped off the alcohol and haven’t started the injection yet. In fact, they are not to blame for making a fuss. Their feelings may be really right, because when the time shifts to 2021, new changes have taken place in the situation. It is very likely that as the United States faces the world, it is strategically attacked and defended. Yi Xing, the first thing that will be hit, is the little follower who rushed to the forefront as a gun to the United States. The so-called Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet, some people may know that they are going to be on the list. According to Taiwan media reports, the Kaohsiung Liugui District Farmers’ Association was about to sell a batch of lotus mist to the mainland. However, they received a notice from mainland traders on the 28th to suspend shipments and “wait and see the situation of the pineapple before deciding the next step.” The pineapple and lotus mist should not be over, but just beginning. The reason is that when the U.S. bluffs rush forward, those little followers who rush faster than the U.S. are even more ruthless than the U.S. Because they don’t have strategic determination. I have not seen the strength of the strategic posture clearly. When the US strategy shrinks, no one can take care of them. Therefore, the beatings in the future will inevitably be doubled back. And all of this is necessary, only in this way, next time they will understand why Abe is always sick at the right time, instead of blindly standing in line to follow suit. In the end, the United States has now chosen the dollar-first strategy, and a new 1.9 trillion stimulus is being arranged. During the water release period, to be flooded, the current situation needs to be stable, so that every corner of the world will not be forgotten and asset bubbles will be blown up. When the dollar contraction cycle comes, more wealth will be taken away. But the world is not American, and it has been powerless in the past. This is a kind of powerlessness, not a strategic choice error. To let the whole world see this reality clearly, you might as well try to make trouble with the United States counter-cyclically. To release the water loosely and moderately tighten, if he wants peace, the world must give him a fist, if he wants a fist, the world can give him a smile, and see who can make it to the end. After all, the United States should know best that time is on our side.

8 months ago

Not surprising, it was basically as expected. The long list of names in Europe has been knocked out, and the two places in North America are missing? There is a lot of fun to watch in 2021. This is just the beginning. Don’t worry. But to be honest, it is better to play the human rights and ethnic cards than to play the 996 cards. I even doubt that they have actually done fieldwork. Or, like social animals in some companies, writing plans depends on data reports, even without Internet access?

8 months ago

Pay attention to the last paragraph to recognize the four words clearly. What does recognizing the situation mean? The articles published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are very rigorous, and they are very particular about the wording. When it comes to recognizing the situation, at least it shows that in our view, this kind of slander is basically a mayfly shaking the tree. When our side is fighting back, By the way, I also remind you: stop doing it, you do it useless. Really, if you look at this thing too much, you will find that our country has always been like a master, and also roaring like a stand-up comedy shot by a black man! what! After a fist, I said sincerely: Well, what do we learn today? It is completely confident. Western countries have always falsely overestimated their own influence and seriously underestimated China’s anti-brainwashing capabilities. We have freedom of religious belief, but not freedom to believe in cults. The so-called religious freedom in the United States and Canada is It’s nothing more than engaging in a cult. You came to China to promote this cult, with the intention of inciting ethnic minorities to act in the correct way that you think is correct. Isn’t this naive to think? This is the first one. Second, recognize the situation clearly. In other words, Western countries want to replicate the color revolution in this way, and they don’t want to think about their opponents. This is not a small country in the Middle East. In fact, the United States has now begun to feel like a hot war. There is very little time in the history of the United States that there is no foreign war. Trump has not launched a foreign war during his tenure, but there is no guarantee that Biden does not have such an idea. Looking for excuses to provoke things, quite the intention of wanting to provoke war. But they haven’t come to this point yet. They just rely on our country to use sanctions. What are the current sanctions? I was asking Liuzi how many bowls of noodles he had eaten. Liuzi’s answer was not a bowl of noodles or two bowls of noodles, and he would not cut his belly apart. He would only put on sunglasses, and said coldly in a Western way: “If You can’t speak, what is the use of inciting ethnic minorities?” Now there is serious path dependence in the United States. I don’t have a clear understanding of the situation. I find that I am using my previous tactics, and the more I use them, the worse I use them in China. Going down, I have a sentence: Why do you still use this outdated technique? Too backward, right? If things like the color revolution cannot be exported to the outside world, they will surely bite themselves back. The transfer contradiction in the United States is time-sensitive. After you have been able to transfer for a period of time, can you continue to transfer? Especially when the economy is uncertain, the American people can’t see the effect. They see that the US government has been engaged for so long, but they are still so unemployed, unable to make money, and the economic crisis cannot be transferred out, so they will be in chaos within themselves. This is getting more and more interesting. I believe everyone would like to see it too. After playing the Xinjiang card, what other cards can the United States play?

8 months ago

Director Yang Jiechi’s talk a few days ago has conveyed China’s attitude towards the world to the world. This is a talk that needs to be written into history. It is past tense to hide our capacities and bide our time. We must take the initiative to attack. China must have an international status that matches its own strength. It is not the time for any clown to bully us. The sanctions against the United States and Canada are a response to their previous coordination of pressure on China. In other words, several “big brothers” in the West have all been sanctioned, can Australia and New Zealand still be far away? In addition, as China takes the initiative to attack, follow-up Western countries’ counterattacks against China may become more violent. Foreign anti-China propaganda and sanctions will be stronger. At this time, we need to have confidence in the country, and we need to listen to D’s command and be united.

8 months ago

Engaged in the European Union, the United States, Britain, and Canada, and Australia, which has been beaten and disabled. I suddenly discovered that New Zealand had told me through practical actions why the dinosaurs were extinct and the crocodiles are still alive. At this time, the handsome Peng in the little black room sang MJ’s another day has gone, I’m not alone welcoming the little brothers from these countries, “Yeah, are you here too?” While attacking the anti-China forces in the West, To win over Iranian bears, they signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with Iran yesterday. Beidou has used Iranian missiles. This is military cooperation. Bilateral trade does not rely on the US dollar. This is because the economy does not rely on the US dollar as much as possible, and then it plans for the worst. Proposed SWIFT and established an organization in Hong Kong. come on!

8 months ago

In recent years, although there have been more unkind voices in the world, China has been opening the door wider to the outside world, especially to promote the free flow of all factors. Because we know: 1. A certain big ship is sinking, and the guests in the first-class cabin knew even earlier than the rats in the lower cabin, and they would not sit and wait for death. 2. China is currently the only major economy in the world that can provide stable capital with an annualized rate of return on capital stably above 4%. 3. At present, China is still a country with scarce capital per capita. It needs to attract production factors from all over the world and allocate them to the fields we hope to make our modernization process a little easier. However, there are some Kuo masters who want to use the Chinese people to continue their family career, and they also use the habitual thinking of exploiters to instigate the Chinese people. If you want to come to these kuo masters, you will not willingly participate in the economic construction and social development of the Chinese people. Although our tradition is that “all visitors come,” we also need to educate some people to understand the rules of being a guest.

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