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After waiting for almost two days, I decided to come out and speak from my own field. Before talking about the boycott of Nike, it’s best to understand the background of these events: After the Alaska summit, Foreign Minister Wang Yi returned to Congress to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, while US Secretary of State Blinken went to Europe non-stop. It was during Brinken’s visit to Europe that the EU took measures to sanction XUAR officials and entities and cancelled the review meeting of the China-EU Investment Agreement. This is why, half a year after H&M issued an improper statement, this issue suddenly began to ferment in China. H&M is the chicken that was killed for Europeans. And why not a US company headed by Nike? After signing the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020, the Trump administration once again took action before the transfer of power to prohibit the import of cotton and tomatoes from XUAR, as well as all products made with these raw materials. The Biden administration also inherited the Trump administration’s tough attitude on the XUAR issue, and did not cancel the bill after taking office. Therefore, for American companies headed by Nike, the introduction of the ban at the beginning of this year has completely cut the way forward, making companies forced to choose between the American and Chinese markets, and pushing companies to the forefront of confrontation. This operation, in a sense, is also a continuation of the Trump administration’s trade war strategy of extreme pressure. As for Nike itself, sweatshops exploded in Southeast Asia and Latin America in the past have had a serious impact on the brand’s image, and it still bears a lot of negative comments. Therefore, even though Nike has always been conservative on issues involving the Chinese market (especially after the 2004 “Fear Chamber” advertising incident), on this so-called human rights issue, Nike has been given little room for detours. It’s pitiful. From a macro perspective, the overall pattern of Sino-US confrontation has been unchangeable. After the Trump administration preemptively issued a prohibition order, it is no longer possible or meaningful to win over U.S. companies on the issue of XUAR; while European companies, and the entire European continent, must compete with all their strength in this context. Allies. Whether it is the Belt and Road Initiative or the China-Europe Investment Agreement, they all hope to use their huge market advantages to achieve as much as possible binding with Europe and weaken the United States on economic issues that are more realistic and more attractive to Europe, which is eager to restore the economy. In the past, through ideological issues and European alliances. Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference on the H&M incident, in which the wording has already given a clear answer to the fundamental purpose of the current action: “I hope relevant companies will respect market laws, correct wrong practices, and avoid politicization of business issues.” It is said that the speech of the Ministry of Commerce has prepared a step for the enterprise, and the next step depends on the true position of the enterprise. Regarding boycotts, I personally always think that pure boycotts are not the most appropriate method. Before, I have pointed out that for American companies, what really dominates their actions and decisions is the strong legal pressure from the US government. Therefore, only adopting the method of non-governmental resistance to express the attitude towards wrong speech obviously has little effect. In this regard, it is the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that should set a positive example in conducting a level-of-level confrontation from the government level. As for European companies headed by H&M, they have not issued relevant laws in the European Union, and they have expressed their positive attitudes after only receiving pressure from a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a think tank in Australia. These companies are actually not without room for detours. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to express strong indignation in this incident. But again, mere boycott will not have much effect. If China ten years ago still needed to prove its market potential and strength by boycotting Japanese cars, then China has already passed this stage. Piecemeal resistance cannot solve the problem fundamentally, and even as a counterattack, it is inefficient. On this issue, what China needs to learn most is precisely the operation of the European Union on Internet antitrust issues: relying on its own market size, it has formulated detailed legal provisions to substantially increase the cost of corporate violations, and respond to typical cases. Take strong measures. These actions require not only the initiative of government departments, but also the active response of public opinion. Perhaps the current events can just provide an opportunity for this. The construction of such a system can also replace large-scale political mobilizations such as national boycotts in the future. Because political mobilization is never cost-free, it requires high costs in terms of administrative costs, human resources, social mobilization, and government attention. This means that in most cases, strong and effective political mobilization can only be selective, partial, and temporary [1]. In fact, considering that China and the United States will be confronted for a long time in the future, the promulgation of a trade bill to solve similar problems is already imperative.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Don’t forget that 3515 has just released a single pair of 09 training shoes for summer use, as long as the 188 is really too cheap. In order to avoid advertising suspicion, even the copy is not written this time. Just a reminder, don’t forget that there is 3515. As for whether Li Ning will increase prices or not, it has nothing to do with me. My 3515 candidate brand is Anta, and then back to back. There are so many brands, really, so many. my country is a big country of light industrial products and a world-class manufacturing place for clothing, shoes and hats. Are you afraid that you can’t buy a pair of shoes that don’t take advantage of the opportunity to increase the price… worry too much. (If you insist that Vietnam is the number one shoe manufacturer, then I won’t refute it. No one can argue right or wrong.) In fact, whether to resist Nike depends on the individual and how the country responds is important. Don’t worry, everyone, let professional people do professional things, as long as we keep this heart is enough.

8 months ago

Even if Nike is boycotted by all the people, I believe the Chinese market is still very large. From my point of view, even if Nike does not have China, it will still “occupy” many countries, and it will become richer in many neighboring countries that can send goods to China. China really has no shortage of buyers who are willing to spend a lot of money. If it is possible to achieve a nationwide boycott of Nike, will there be a similar impact on the sentiment of domestic brands? It is even more difficult for domestic brands to break out of foreign countries, and all the hard work to break into foreign countries for so many years is gone. Many people have been affected by this incident, but they feel uncomfortable in their eyes. (I don’t mention the cotton incident here, just talking about the sudden impact of friends who have interests in Nike.) China is the country least affected by the epidemic. Last year was so rough, I really don’t want to have it again this year. Waves. Finally, the price increase does not increase the price. I hope that the price increase is caused by the cost factor, then it can be accepted, instead of increasing their profits because the market has begun to have an advantage. This is a bit unreasonable.

8 months ago

will not. But, first of all, I am pessimistic about the nation’s boycott of Nike. I think “all the people” is an impossible thing. In terms of product strength, Nike’s clothing and hats do have alternatives, but basketball shoes still have a huge advantage. The zoom GT, which was exposed by many people a few days ago, once again proved what configuration Nike can come up with when it is serious. The current domestic brands, apart from Li Ning’s three, whether it is Li Ningyun, Anta’s various cushioning technologies, or Peak’s attitude, they cannot compete with zoom. Tri is amazing, but the durability of Yushuai 13 Tri that has burst out one after another is also worrying. Judging from past habits, it seems that the boycott of xx has never lasted a long time. What’s more, the goal this time is Nike, which has penetrated into the so-called “sneaker culture” in some people’s hearts, making it difficult for them to give up AJ. As for Li Ning, Anta, Peak, 361 and other domestic companies, their brand strategies are different. It is possible for Li Ning to further increase the price for the brand image, but accordingly, Li Ning will also increase the power of his products. As for the value, it is up to you to judge. The possibility of price hikes by other domestic enterprises is not very high. Anta has always adhered to a cost-leading strategy, and Peak and 361 are making low-key efforts. Previously, the peak state was extremely flashing, and it was possible to start as low as 100+ in the first generation, and Anta’s Frenzy 2 was extremely cost-effective. I don’t agree with compromise with Nike, at least I will not buy any of Nike’s products when I don’t bow my head. However, in my opinion, the goal of “all people” is completely impossible. To put it ugly, the reality is that “the righteousness of the country” is a false void for some people. I can’t force anyone, but I can only give one suggestion: zoom and boost are indeed the culmination of today’s basketball cushioning technology, but domestic brands also have relatively excellent basketball shoes (I hope Li Ning can reduce the price of three, Anta can come up with Shocked cushioning technology). Moreover, cushioning technology is not the whole of a pair of sneakers. Don’t fall into the obsession of mechanical materialism. Because of some people’s weakness and compromise or high-hanging attitude, Nike may not lose too much because of this, but I still hope that domestic brands will continue to increase their efforts to narrow the original huge gap.

8 months ago

This requires a distinction between political order and merchant order. Political order tends to consider the overall situation and coordinate the interests, so we see that the incident has fermented, but the government will not restrict normal commercial activities, but rely on the voice of the official media to guide the people to resist spontaneously, and let the stars terminate the contract on their own consciousness. Why not directly restrict Nike and other big companies? The factors behind it are too complicated. The employment rate, the related industrial chain, etc., as well as the forced retreat of foreign businessmen, will make more foreign investment vigilant and cause the withdrawal of foreign investment and foreign businessmen. At that time, the decoupling between China and the United States that the United States was looking forward to was easily achieved. It will also cause large fluctuations in foreign exchange reserves, which will greatly affect our imports and exports. The order of the merchant is more direct, that is, he says no, he is very honest. It’s like Trump’s ban on Huawei last year, but it doesn’t affect individual chip manufacturers to apply for open supply. After all, Huawei’s list is really big. Similarly, Nike was boycotted this time, but many domestic businessmen will not be easy to be tough, especially some foundry factories, at most they choose to be silent. The final result should be a game of state power. The US imperialism mainly hopes to mess up the normal life of Xinjiang Uyghur compatriots, making them not full or warm, and then creating divisions. If we can ensure the normal life of the Uighurs, the U.S. emperor will at best just talk about human rights in the Western media. What should we do? As for Li Ning and Anta, I think that as long as the hips are not crooked, the products are good, and Xinjiang Cotton is supported, even if other marketing strategies remain the same, good returns will be obtained. In short, this time the country will definitely take action. As ordinary people, we will have a little more awareness, support the country more, and support Xinjiang cotton. This incident will slowly subside. If Nike and other brands stop being used as guns, you are still welcome to continue to make money in China. China is the advocate of economic globalization and the biggest beneficiary. As long as the food looks good, there is nothing wrong with it. Only Anta Li Ning is the only country in China. , It’s not good. Without competition, product innovation lacks motivation, and prices will definitely increase. Look at the search only on Baidu back then, what does Baidu’s search look like?

8 months ago

The price has increased, the price has increased. Many people have left messages after the Nike incident: Li Ning has increased the price. I took a serious look at the increase in the price of the “China Li Ning” sub-brand. There are also basketball shoes, and then take a closer look at the main price increase. The official is a trafficker. After all, the more people quarrel, the more people buy, the more expensive things are. There are people who ask me not to talk about the super light. 18 I am worried that the price will continue to increase. Last week, there were people who started with 300 and started 4-5 days ago. In the past two days, it recovered to 500. I saw the comments of netizens and found out that those who were in their early 300s were Li Ning membership cards with a 40% discount. It is estimated that many dealers bought directly and reselled them, but the purchase was limited and sold out. After they were sold out, the original price was restored and the official price was cut off. Do you still plan to buy the 599 ultralight 18?

8 months ago

The price has increased. Pinduoduo’s same-origin stores have raised prices. And it doesn’t feel cheap! Domestic ≠ cheaper, I hope everyone knows. I don’t know why, I am not used to wearing Anta shoes. I have been fascinated by Anta’s design, but I am not used to wearing it, except for the Fila it bought. 320 bought a pair of sports shoes and kept them idle because they were near their feet! That’s right, it’s the bone on the side of the foot. Everyone has grown this bone, just grinding that piece. This is a sneaker… Hey, what’s even more sad is that after wearing it a few times, the feet are worn out, and then I hang a fish. It can’t be sold for 100 yuan… It’s down to 65 yuan… I want 50 free shipping… I won’t sell it in a huff I’m not wearing it anymore. Fila is quite good to wear, 280 pairs of sneakers, the usage rate is every day~~happy~Li Ning…I might as well choose 361. I bought three pairs at the university and the average price was 200. I wore them for six years. Xtep has a narrow toe cap, which is not suitable for me. Their clothes are okay. Canvas shoes, when I was in college, Vancl Eslite, a pair of 40 yuan, one worn for two years. Pull back…I’m really, maybe my feet are not good enough. I bought a pair and left a pair unused, and the number is generally inaccurate. Leap can. Think about it, the best thing to wear is a pair of dance shoes from elementary school 15. Why don’t you continue to do it? This is the light of domestic products. If you want to talk about retro fashion, shouldn’t we also dance shoes?

8 months ago

Isn’t it going to increase the price? The price has already increased. Doesn’t anyone really think that they can buy their favorite shoes at the original price? Unless it’s the kind of unpopular shoes, Li Ning’s limited edition play is even harder than Nike. It is true that Li Ning basketball shoes are black technology. Needless to say, I like to buy one or two thousand, but what about ordinary sneakers? More than one thousand yuan is a crazy premium. To say that in the current situation of Xinjiang cotton, what is unpleasant is that it is not good to buy a double dunk? Uncomfortable to buy a double yeezy? After all, it’s a capitalist’s game. Without foreign brand suppression, domestic capitalists don’t know how to make their own money. Take a look at China’s Li Ning. I’m very patriotic, but look at it. Sup fog and even Apple sell it to their own people. It is cheap and expensive to enter the country because of taxes and manpower and material resources. What about China’s Li Ning? Is the price a normal national tide price? Shouldn’t you take care of yourself first under the Chinese flag? If it is a trafficker who speculates on high prices, it is not to blame you. The selling price is so high, you really don’t doubt whether you are waiting for foreign brands to slaughter yourself. Just for this pricing marketing, I can’t buy these products. I support domestically produced products, but if you are a capitalist, I’m a Chinese, I’ll be black to the end. Extremely patriotic, don’t scold me, just treat me as farting.

8 months ago

I couldn’t laugh or cry when I saw this topic, and many people answered it in a serious manner. This has no answer at all, because the question itself has subtext. How about the price increase of domestic brands? What if the price is not increased? What does it have to do with Nike trying to kill us? What point of view do you want to express? This question is to mix up the water at this time and divert your attention! Combining with the chaos after the turmoil on the Internet in the past two days, let me talk about it on this topic. Someone on the Internet connects Nike’s incident with D&G. In fact, these two things are not comparable at all. The D&G incident is cultural arrogance, while the Nike incident is a direct attempt to kill you. One is humiliation, and the other is the end of a fight. Someone on the Internet connected Nike’s incident with the Japanese car smashing. These two things are not comparable at all. Problems in the relations between the two countries are political issues. The business did nothing wrong. And smashing a car is illegal. Nike’s matter is a political issue, and it is also a political issue that extends to enterprises. Enterprises have become the pawns of national politics. Of course, boycotts should be made. And there is no news to see any violent incidents. If there is, the same should be condemned. Some people on the Internet say that boycotting Nike will affect domestic employment. First of all, Nike’s approach has affected Xinjiang’s employment, especially the employment of Uyghurs. Nike’s approach has affected the export of China’s textile industry and the employment of the entire textile industry. Secondly, Nike’s manufacturers are foundries. Whether Nike is there or not, the demand for shoes will not change. China’s production capacity is still valid, but it has been changed from left to right. In recent years, due to labor costs, many foundries have gone to Southeast Asia, Vietnam. , The words may indeed affect employment there. I think the most employment-affecting part is actually Nike dealers, promoters, and those who fry shoes and those who suck blood on Nike. Some people on the Internet say that it is wrong to go to the customer service lady to protest by insulting and promoting the lady. Let’s not talk about the fact that platforms and distributors are still broadcasting live broadcasts after such a big event, right? Regardless of the promotion or the customer service, they are not represented here, they represent Nike, so we asked Nike to protest. There is nothing wrong with it. Of course, cursing is wrong. Some people on the Internet say that Nike’s price cuts are just as some people buy. Yes, someone will buy it if the price is reduced. Nike is more expensive than others because of its brand value. Now the brand value is gone, it has become negative, the premium is gone, and it is cheaper than others. Aren’t these costs? Are these losses? Someone on the Internet asked on Zhihu if Nike really boycotted it, how do you think Li Ning, Anta and other brands will respond? Will they increase prices? This is simply that the donkey’s lips are not right. What are you trying to say? What are these “people on the Internet” doing now? They came out to mess around, splatter and beat ghosts, and muddled the water. In order to dispel the justice of resisting Nike. Just as “someone on the Internet” would go everywhere saying “Japanese massacres and ancient massacres are both massacres”, “Lu Xun and public knowledge are both cursing people”, “Liberation War is also a civil war”, this is deliberately ignoring the fundamental difference between the two and bludgeoning. , To mix up the water and dispel justice. Why would “someone on the Internet” do this? The answer is obvious.

8 months ago

To be honest, I haven’t passed through domestic brands for many years, but I never think that Adidas is better than domestic brands. It is pure vanity. I just ordered an Anta quick-drying T-shirt today. I know this is not very useful, but it is better than licking my face to give money to such a company. Share a familiar joke from school. At that time, I could really feel the superiority between the lines. I don’t know when I was given more face by foreign brands. Encourage a student to be caught over the wall. The principal asked: Why did you overrun the wall? The student pointed to his shirt and said: Metersbonwe took the unusual road. The principal asked again: Why did such a high wall get over? The student pointed to his pants and said: Li Ning, everything is possible! The principal asked the students how they felt about going over the wall: Xtep; I feel like flying. The next day, the principal saw the students walking out from the front door; he asked why he didn’t overturn the wall today? Student: Anta, I choose what I like. Principal: I want to remember that you are a big offense. Student: I did not make a mistake, why do you remember that I am a big offense? Principal: My site, listen to me.

8 months ago

Probably not. If I am a business, this is the best time to fight back. Maybe many times we just have a fixed mindset, and more often we haven’t tried domestic brands. I bought back sports shoes and wore them. I found that the experience is not as bad as I thought. There may be some gaps in some running shoes and some racing shoes. These gaps cannot be caught up soon. After all, they are the precipitation of the years. The light of domestic products has also experienced a blowout in recent years. Some brands such as DJI, outdoor power EcoFlow, sports watch Gao Chi and other brands are also constantly rising. What we have to do is to give domestic products a buffer opportunity. In the near future, all domestic products will be used. This is the trend…We admit that we have gaps and keep catching up. These are enough…At this time, companies must seize the opportunity to fight back. I believe that in the near future, these brands will be able to come into the hearts of every customer. Come on!

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