In 1988, the Pascal program written by Lei Jun during his freshman year at Wuhan University was incorporated into the freshman textbook during his sophomore year. In 1989, during the second semester of the sophomore year, Lei Jun wrote an RI (RAMinit, a small tool for clearing memory), which was used by people for more than ten years. Later, Lei Jun made this tool software completely free, and opened the source code, which is also regarded as the first batch of open source free software in China. In the same year, Lei Jun and Wang Quanguo cooperated to write the encryption software BITLOK. This software has been upgraded many times in the following years, and users include the well-known software companies UFIDA, Chaoxiang, Jinshan and so on. According to Lei Jun’s own estimation, the software encrypted with BITLOK has been used on more than one million computers, and Lei Jun also earned his first pot of gold with this software. In 1990, Lei Jun and Feng Zhihong (a well-known shareware author in China, known as the “father of Chinese tool software development”) jointly developed the Immune 90 antivirus software, one of the earliest domestic antivirus software. Lei Jun won the first prize of scientific and technological achievements in Wuhan University with his own anti-virus software of “Immunity 90”, and was specially invited by the Public Security Department of Hubei Province to give lectures and teach anti-virus technology. Around 1990, Lei Jun spent about two weeks deciphering the popular Chinese word processing software WPS1.0 at the time, and made some enhancements and improvements on the original basis. Soon after, the WPS version decrypted by him became the most popular in China. The WPS version. In early 1992, Lei Jun entered the Zhuhai R&D department of Kingsoft as an intern. In July, he formally joined Kingsoft. On August 15th, the Beijing Development Department of Kingsoft led by Lei Jun was established. He was mainly responsible for the technical support of WPS Hancard and participated in the planning of Kingsoft Future 3. Products from 1 to 5 years. In the same year, Lei Jun and Jinshan boss Qiu Bojun (the ancient god of the Chinese software industry, who developed the first version of WPS by himself) jointly wrote the book “Deep DOS Programming” officially published. In May 1993, Lei Jun participated in the research and development of Jinshan VI Hanka and WPS-NT, which are widely used in the industry, greatly improving office efficiency and work quality, and the market share is as high as 90%. From 1993 to 1995, Lei Jun participated in Jinshan “Pangu Project” (the predecessor of WPS Office) and was responsible for the development of Shuangcheng electronic watches (benchmarking excel). In 1995, Lei Jun used his vacation time (about 2-3 months) to completely rewrite BITLOK 3.0 (about 30,000 lines of code before the revision). Based on the original experience, he used some breakthrough technologies to completely solve the past Various questions raised by users. From 1995 to 1997, Lei Jun led the team to complete the development of WPS97. This software finally sold 30,000 sets of genuine copies. After 1997, Lei Jun began to transform into the field of enterprise management more comprehensively. In 1998, 28-year-old Lei Jun became the general manager of Jinshan. At that time, Lei Jun was the general manager during the day and continued to write programs at night to improve his technical level. Immediately after that, the accident of “A new colleague from Jinshan formatted Lei Jun’s computer” happened, Lei Jun had to focus all his energy on management. In 2000, the book “In-depth Windows Programming” written by Lei Jun was officially published. In 2002, under the leadership of Lei Jun, more than 100 engineers lasted for 3 years, abandoned the program architecture accumulated for more than ten years, and overturned and rewritten more than 5 million lines of code, in order to reduce user learning costs and respect user habits. A product that is fully compatible with Microsoft WPS 2005. If Lei Jun at that time continued to write code, perhaps China would lose one of the world’s top 500 entrepreneurs and one more industry’s top programmer god.


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6 months ago

At that time, Lei Jun was the founder of Yellow Rose Studio. Around the 90s, the pirated tool software CDs all over the streets contained the decryption software developed by their software studio. Many of the genuine software we used at the time were decrypted by them. The software is broken. In fact, many IT celebrities now seem to be only in charge of management and do not understand technology. In fact, many of them are also master programmers. In addition to Lei Jun, there is also his old rival Zhou Hongyi, who was the first Windows platform in China that year. The developer of the e-mail client, farther away, the founder of Sina Wang Zhidong was also the developer of the Chinese platform and Chinese Star, which was well-known for Windows 3.1. So, don’t think that they are just famous for being in charge of people and affairs. They themselves are also super-powerful technical masters, so they can see the trend of technology.

6 months ago

I remember it was 13 years? A Li organized a seminar on Xiaomi. The main idea is that the various departments put out what they thought was good and bad in the past year. For example, in design, Master Liang made two pictures, comparing the good and the bad and criticizing it. When it comes to the code, I remember it seems to be Haizhou. The bad thing is the entire Xiaomi network, because he feels that he is still not satisfied with the code of Xiaomi network, so he still needs to repair the car while driving. Okay, it’s a piece of code from Boss Lei, which is said to be 20 years ago. That piece of code was projected directly onto the big screen, and the programmers were silent for a while, and then nodded one after another. Haizhou spoke to the effect: I don’t expect you to have this level, but you have to work hard in this direction! Afterwards, I asked a programmer old iron: Are you flattering or really convinced? I only know Hello world, but I can’t understand it. This future boss, who later became the CTO of a listed company, dismissed me as a liberal arts student: I can’t explain it to you. In short, Mr. Lei’s writing is very concise, clear, and straightforward. This is awesome, and it’s a high-level awesome. So I think it should be really awesome.

6 months ago

I taught myself some c, read the textbook written by Lei Jun, graduated from Wuhan University majoring in computer science for two years. I got full marks in programming and wrote computer tutorials directly. Before graduating from university, directly write programs and sell them to other companies to make money. Enter Jinshan to become the president of Jinshan with technology. I dare not say anything else, he is definitely a big brother-level figure in the computer field, and it is definitely not an exaggeration to hit 99%. There are at least hundreds of thousands of computer practitioners and related companies in my country, right? There are thousands of people in 1%. With Lei Jun’s strength, can’t enter the top thousands?

6 months ago

Lei Jun’s technology is still very good. When he was in college, he had read books about viruses in school. If the technology is not slippery, it is estimated that he will not be attracted by big guys like Qiu Bojun. Not only Lei Jun, Zhang Xiaolong also wrote code before becoming a product manager. Foxmail was first developed by him alone. There is also Robin Li, a well-known search engine expert in Silicon Valley before starting his own business. At that time, Brinpage and the brothers were still juniors, who knows that the world is unpredictable.

6 months ago

Qiu Bojun, Lei Jun, and Zhang Xiaolong should be regarded as the top masters among the first generation of programmers in China. Qiu Bojun once wrote the first version of WPS alone, Zhang Xiaolong wrote Foxmail alone, and Lei Jun is a newcomer. The soul of the WPS version can be said to be the absolute god of the software industry. My friend said: Lei Jun’s code is as beautiful as a poem. The code written by Lei Jun in his freshman year was later compiled by the teacher into the textbook, and used as a sample code to be used as a reference for later students. In just two years, Lei Jun completed the four-year university course and graduated early. At the beginning of 1990, Lei Jun used a WPS Hanka with a friend and was shocked at that time. The interface is easy to use and beautiful. What’s more, the printed result can be simulated and displayed first. The developer is Qiu Bojun from Hong Kong Jinshan Company. Lei Jun thinks this Hong Kong software is really well written. Due to the lack of computer storage and computing power at the time, the wps software needs a valuable Han card to support. Lei Jun especially wanted to buy a set for his own use, but it cost 2,200 yuan to buy a set, which was an astronomical figure at the time. Lei Jun became a disgraceful “hacker”. He decrypted the WPS and transplanted it to an ordinary computer for direct use. Lei Jun made the decrypted WPS version the most popular WPS version in China. Because of this origin, Lei Jun later met Qiu Bojun, the developer of WPS. After entering Kingsoft, Lei Jun became Qiu Bojun’s most effective assistant, and eventually succeeded Qiu Bojun. Lei Jun attaches great importance and rare to the code he wrote. Even after he has taken a management position, he still has the opportunity to write code.

6 months ago

Why didn’t Lei Jun write code? In 2018, at the 30th anniversary of the founding of Kingsoft Software, Lei Jun recalled this experience: when I was 28 years old, I was a general manager of Kingsoft during the day and a programmer at night. At that time, I wanted to be able to do two jobs well, but it happened. By accident, a colleague accidentally formatted my computer and even formatted the backup hard drive. Since then, it has cut off my back and embarked on the “no return” of being a CEO. The code he wrote in the past ten years was ruined. After a broken heart, he decided not to write code. Lei Jun resolved his happy knot, put aside the idea of programming for life, and devoted himself to the management of the company. Since then, there has been one less great programmer in the arena, and one more Are you ok internet celebrity!

6 months ago

Aliyun P10 Chu Ba, his real name is Yu Feng, and he is dominated by people from the rivers and lakes. Now the head of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing, once brought the database team to the top level of domestic cloud databases. Chu Ba has many labels, China’s first-generation technology influencer, both soft and hard, is a technical master of Alibaba Cloud that has attracted much attention from the outside world. Zhihu netizens have a classic comment on him: they understand the computer to the extent that Pao Ding can solve the cow. Tape drives and self-built laboratories In the early 1980s, Chinese society began to pay more attention to the development of science and technology. Occasionally, Chu Ba, who was about 7 years old at the time, took apart the tape drive at home, but couldn’t put it back in. He simply began to think about why this thing made noise. From then on, he was out of control and started stealing money from his family to buy a multimeter and electric welding machine, and set up a small laboratory. “I found that connecting AC power to a DC motor wouldn’t turn, but it turned when four diodes were installed in it. Later, I learned the circuit principle in college and understood why.” The young Chu Ba became a fashionable radio at the time. Lovers, this has a profound impact on his future. “Later, when you faced the unknown, you had some past experiences, but in fact you were not afraid of it. If you explore the rules, you will naturally understand the truth.” Chu Ba said. The story of college and the virus Chu Ba in college was a trendy man with long hair and a beard. He even went to the beauty salon to wash his face and make a facial mask. Chu Ba’s theory is that to become a celebrity on campus requires a “combination of software and hardware.” His image is hardware and his ability is software. One day, he had a whim, to be a virus to show his ability. It was 1994, and the Internet was not popularized. Apart from the 286 computers in the school, there were no other resources. Chu Ba took a long train to the provincial capital, searched all major bookstores and bought a few books on computer antivirus, and began to push back on how to write viruses. During the apprenticeship stage, Chu Ba often crashed the computer, restarting hundreds of times a day at the most exaggerated time. Near the crash, he found a tool called RAMInit, which can be used to clear the resident program of the memory. Twenty-four years later, Chu Ba still clearly remembered this gadget, which was 4156 bytes long, and left the author’s signature in its binary file: Lei Jun , yes, it was the founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun. Affected by this, later Chu Ba also used to leave a signature in the binary file he compiled: “YuFeng is a good boy”.

6 months ago

Programs have changed the world for decades. In the Internet circle, many of the bigwigs we know are programmers. Mr. Lei was born in Xiantao, Hubei in 1969. In 1987, Lei Jun was admitted to the Department of Computer Science of Wuhan University. After entering the university, he began to take a lot of senior-level courses, and in only two years, Lei Jun completed all the credits. In 1992, Lei Jun and his colleagues co-authored the book “Deep DOS Programming”. In the next two years, Lei Jun covered extensively, writing encryption software, anti-virus software, financial software, CAD software, Chinese systems, and various practical gadgets. After two years, Lei Jun and the bosses of various computer companies had a good relationship with each other. Become an acquaintance, a very famous person in Wuhan Electronics Street. The code written by Mr. Lei more than 20 years ago, the picture comes from the Internet. When I was a junior, I made my first 1 million in writing programs for others.

6 months ago

Computers and programming are Lei Jun’s greatest interests in life. Regarding computers and programming, Lei Jun said this: Programmers live in the kingdom of their imagination! I discovered the beauty of computers when I first came into contact with computers. Computers are far less complicated than people. If your program is well written, you can have a good relationship with the computer, and you can direct the computer to do what you want. At this time you are the absolute master. Whenever you sit in front of the computer, you are cruising in your kingdom. Such days are simply heavenly days. The world in the computer is huge, and programmers live in the realm of their imagination. You can imagine everything in the computer down to every byte and every bit. I love the job of programming, and I can be sure that I will do it for the rest of my life because of love, so Lei Jun has been working for more than 10 years. Programming is a technique and an art. Lei Jun believes that the work of programming is similar to the work of a stonemason. It is a technical job as well as a manual job, and it is difficult to write good software. Programming is not only technology, but also art. Only with the pursuit of art can more excellent products be produced.

6 months ago

I completely underestimated the abilities of my martial arts god. They took full credits in two years. During the reign of President Liu Daoyu in the 1980s, Wuhan University was one of the best universities in the country. Those who can enter are very powerful people, not now. Like this, it’s mid-stream at best. Including Li Yanhong, Yu Minhong, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, etc. are all technology streams. It seems that all the bigwigs except Jack Ma are technology streams (pls: just came from Jack Ma and Musk’s talk).

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