The so-called big event, either retire or debut. There are no surprises in the final night elimination. I think it is impossible to retire if it is not a major event. Just by the way, will the goose let him go on his debut? Before the hairstyle, I thought it was impossible, but after the bangs seal was lifted, he could be as handsome as that, and the hard shots were so good at hitting. It is indeed surprising that many people accidentally changed his hair color. His appearance is comparable to that of Gan Wangxing. The half of the ceiling that can afford the appearance of this men’s team depends on the face, the figure, and the popularity. In fact, he can already make a debut. The nationality is good, and he loves Chinese culture sincerely. What’s more rare is that his sense of variety is bursting, and that This kind of unknowingly joyful feeling, so that a small derivative program, people can pull his clips over and over for an hour or two, and the variety of other foreign friends has a great sense of variety, such as Qing Lian, but separated The language barrier, it’s okay in the camp. If you make a debut and enter the Chinese entertainment circle completely, it’s actually not very friendly to ordinary audiences (I really love this kid to death, but it’s Ai Hui’s, and there are all great gods in front of it), Li Lu Xiu does not need simultaneous interpretation during the whole process of playing Werewolf. He can even understand the killing heart. If you don’t pretend, Mandarin is more standard than Ganwangxing. Communication is not a problem at all, and looks have no choice. Gentle personality, good to coax and deceive, no one A little baggage of idols, if the goose can really get him, just drop it in any variety show, don’t worry about the game system is fixed, it’s not just a sentence to change it, even under the guise of nationality. Even if he got him in, even if the game system doesn’t change, his current passerby, although most of the bamboo shoots are taking part in the fun, he has no intention of staying up late to do statistics for him, a few dollars per capita, but by now, half of the fans have really felt the debut. It’s a matter of his word, but whenever he personally said that I changed my mind and want to debut, even if the bamboo shoots run halfway, the remaining half can push him out with a small amount of money, not to mention entering and leaving the road, and then squeeze forward. It’s not impossible. It’s not impossible. It’s not that simple. If he doesn’t make his debut, he will go back to be an amateur. It’s hard to see anymore. The other members are still in the entertainment industry. Are the mediocre people of the company in the top circle? I retired with horses and Lai Yaoxiang took a round trip. Don’t mention fairness to me. Since I have to fight for fans, popularity, and real money, I don’t have to talk about bamboo shoots and Buddha. It’s because he wants to go home, not because his feelings are not deep enough and his ability is not enough. In some people’s eyes, this is a time bomb. Whether he is making his debut or saying goodbye, I hope that Goose can see that he has paid almost all the privacy in his life and attracted a lot of passersby for the show. Give me a gentle script.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It should be in the observation period, because Goose’s several trials with him were too successful, so he had to consider letting him make his debut, and Mr. Li, a small Far Eastern worker who only likes to make blockbuster films, how long can he survive the temptation of Goose ( I feel pessimistic that if you persuade him to make a blockbuster on his debut, he will agree with the brand cooperation. It doesn’t cost much). When the house collapsed hot search, Teacher Li was still working as a pure drainage tool, but he didn’t expect that the house did not collapse, and the passersby’s favor increased. The subsequent three successful trials strengthened Goose’s confidence. The first time the magazine went out of the circle, the photographer + station sister forwarded both to break 5000, which made Goose realize that Mr. Li has another role besides the role of drainage. , And is responsible for the magazine’s hard photos, which can enhance the team’s fashion ability and assist follow-up endorsements. The second test was the ranking speech period. I watched it on that day. Goose bought hot searches for many reserve players, and the locations were similar, but only Teacher Li rushed up to stabilize and achieved the effect of breaking a million likes. This is a further confirmation of Goose’s recognition of Teacher Li. The third time was to change the hairstyle and go out of the circle again. This time, Goose’s attitude was much clearer. For the first time, he even bought a hot search with a positive Amway effect. Under the impact of a huge incident like Xinjiang Cotton, Mr. Li stayed for a few hours. Prove once again the effectiveness of being responsible for appearance. Current teacher Li: There is passer-by awareness (you don’t need to like it if you know it), the appearance can effectively get out of the circle, the relationship between the country is very friendly, there is no passerby rebellion, you don’t have to worry about the subsequent collapse of the house, the language pass, the patriotism pass, the company No help, but a little Wang Youliang definitely can’t cause trouble. As for fan fundraising? There is enough fundraising in this group. Every member of the group has its own responsibilities. Some sing, some show faces, some sell passers-by, and can sell two other things that are not obvious. Everyone sells their own products and does not repeat each other. If there is a unique selling point, it’s ok, understand?

6 months ago

I predict Lelouch’s debut. (I thought about it from the perspective of a goose, and the unguessed script is far more exciting than the guessed one.) The topic of Mr. Li’s debut has increased exponentially than the follow-up of his debut. Speaking of people, which script is more exciting for Mr. Li to make his debut or not? Which one will make a big mark in draft history? This influence is not only in the country. Goose is going to be an international boy group, using a foreigner who strayed into the Chinese talent show and finally debuted as a hot spot for publicity. At least it is very storytelling. After so many years of drafting, including Chaoyue (actor) can find a corresponding in the previous show, but Lelouch is the first character at home and abroad, and it is important to goose. Let him go? That is absolutely impossible. Goose is not stupid. I can think of it. Goose must think ten times farther than me. 3.28th update sisters I am here again, I was shocked! Oh my god! How does Lilo repair his Chinese so good! I knew that he was good in Chinese, but I didn’t expect it to be so good. Wei Junhao! You hide too deep! He subverted my perception again… I don’t know what everyone thinks. The goose really found a treasure! I don’t know how harsh the vision of the director who fancyed him at the time was able to pick him up. An idol with a sense of subversion will make the persona more full and vivid. He can also attract fans. This passerby is even bigger! (I used to think that his promotion speech was written by the team, but now I believe it. Teacher Li has both high EQ and IQ.) Let me sigh the last sentence. Mr. Li, you are so amazing. You set a precedent by yourself, a large-scale reality show with a fan strategy. Good guy, fans chasing him is the same as playing a strategy game. What to do if Li Fei is upset. Give a set of fashion blockbusters, Li Fei smiles to his father. If Mr. Li becomes a team, it is recommended that the game manufacturer use Mr. Li as the prototype to make a game. It’s called-“Raiders that idol who doesn’t want to be in a group” Update on 3.27, Teacher Li is stable, let’s watch tomorrow’s stage. It must be a bit sad to update bamboo shoots on March 26 in the past two days. First, the contradiction between career fans and passersby fans, and then the end of the game brought the rhythm of the wave. I was thinking about a question. If the bamboo shoots rushed to the live broadcast, the support club decided to go all out and send Mr. Li to make his debut. Will the happy hometown of the bamboo shoots become an ordinary idiot. But looking at it now, there is no way. The show is coming to an end, and bamboo shoots must make a choice. There is no doubt that Sun Si and Li teacher are only spring season. As the army of bamboo shoots grows stronger, the contradictions become sharper. No vote = insufficient manpower to vote = support club can not organize the fight = Mr. Lee will definitely go to the island = spring day limited finish vote = career fan career black end = super word rectification, career fan job black = rectification success, super talk and change taste; rectification Unsuccessful over-talking can also change the taste → Ending 1: Mr. Li continues to attract fans without new materials, a large amount of bamboo shoots are lost, the geese abandoned children, the finals are eliminated at night, and the spring is limited → Ending 2: Mr. Li continues to output new materials, absorb Fans are solid at the same time. Fans of the two factions of Super Talk are happy and unanimous. They made a successful debut. The spring limit may not be over. → Ending 3: Mr. Lee’s follow-up output has a mediocre response, but after eating the previous bonus, the bamboo shoots are lost but enough. Attributable to peace, the spring limit does not need to exist (because the spring limit is based on Mr. Li’s outing, there is response and appeal.) I must make it clear that the popularity of Mr. Li is tied to the program. Teacher Li is also popular because of this show. Looking back at the past drafts, how many Xiufen immediately took off after the final night, and how many idols were still popular on stage. The idol is always tied to the work, and if it is separated from the work, there are no idols. If Teacher Li leaves the island, how many 200,000 bamboo shoots are left is still unknown. Worrying about his future collapse, there is no need at all. You may lose a lot of bamboo shoots when you debut, but you will lose a lot of fans when you go home. Now the happiness of bamboo shoots lies in the following points: Teacher Li wants to go home but can’t go home; the civilian guy strayed into Hollywood but went out of the circle; the first player in the draft to work backwards; I 996 you still want to go home ; The huge contrast between the show and the social network; the moving beauty. The logic is: I don’t want to open business → Forcing him to change his career, the logic does not hold true. If you don’t change your mind and go home, make your own brand and eat fan benefits, you must open business, and the logic is not true. If you don’t change your mind and go home, make your own brand, and don’t eat fan benefits, this is simply not true. Why does Mr. Li pay attention to a thousand beautiful women? Therefore, it can be concluded that the personality of Mr. Lee “does not want to open business” will collapse regardless of whether he chooses to make his debut or does not choose to make his debut. Having said so much, I actually want to talk about one thing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make a debut or change your personality. When the road is over, you always have to take a new path. There are several more choices in life. The important thing is Who is this path for? Who will be with me in my life in the future? I’m more inclined to Mr. Li’s personal wishes. He doesn’t think he has a chance to debut. He even feels that he has no fans at all. Whatever debut, why waste time doing things that are impossible? Anyway, he still has to go home and continue his original life, but he still strives to do every stage well and does not live up to other people’s dreams. If the goose gave him this opportunity, he might make a choice. I hope that the majority of bamboo shoots will support him a lot after he makes a choice. After all, the cruelest thing in the world is that people who have no dreams will fall into the quagmire after having more expectations. What a cruel ending to the twelve eliminations.

6 months ago

It’s a good road, but not a bamboo shoot. I have been paying attention to Mr. Li’s dynamics. In fact, the previous answer has made it very clear. Now it is the choice of capital. It depends on whether the goose should keep him or not. The oranges of bamboo shoots may not be the decisive factor, because he is too special. I don’t watch many drafts. I only paid attention to Tuchuang and Jing before (none of the picks made an debut, as I am worthy of me). I basically don’t watch men’s drafts (I am not interested in doge for men). This time, Genesis 4 is my special case. Up. Why look at Genesis 4? At the beginning, I got the cut of Mr. Li on station b, and pulled my casual Xiufen into the pit. So why do you say that the oranges of fans are not so important: At least half of the passerbys of Create 4 were pulled by Mr. Li. In terms of out-of-circle influence, there are 90 people here, except for Han Meijuan and “Candy Junxian” who have a little resistance, few of them can play (oh, plus Zeng Hanjiang, he is really stubborn). Note that I’m talking about “out of the circle”. I can even say that only Lelouch is really out of the circle. Some people say that the passerby is not important, the draft is based on the ability of krypton gold, either the company’s krypton gold, or the fans change their lives, and the other is the goose selection. Is Mrs. Li the goose pick? Obviously not, he was pushed by a goose, and was pushed up by public opinion. He was originally a small character who stayed in the observation area of ​​the goose. In the early stage, there was more than one such role (remember the other lonely man), behind the goose side Looking at the feedback, I usually slowly modify the script, and then I have the current teacher Li. The game has entered the middle and late stages. Today, if there are no accidents, I will release the second man. The recent business, combined with the recent Wang Youliang’s show operation, the commercial value of Mr. Li has been self-evident. Therefore, everyone is now waiting for Goose’s choice: whether to let him continue to stir up his popularity, save it until the finals or even debut, or throw it away when he runs out. Sun Si may be more concerned about Li’s choice. The current trend is that as long as Li says he wants to make a debut, Sun Si will definitely help him make his debut. The bamboo shoots may run a little during the debut, but the number of fans left behind and subsequent fans is still considerable. After all, he is a handsome guy!

6 months ago

Not to mention that the bamboo shoots don’t care about Teacher Li’s feelings. In the past few days, they are filming and styling. The intention of the goose is already Sima Zhao’s heart, and it is gradually transforming the original bamboo shoots into loyalty; even if it is not loyal. The degree of beauty is worth a try again. I personally feel a little sincere about Sunsi and Teacher Li. In my opinion, the best ending for Teacher Li is to make his debut. I hope everyone can think clearly that he will not be able to fully return to the amateur life afterwards. The marketing spree and the return of 800 beauties all illustrate the changes in his life track. Starting from personal emotions, I hope he can make more money and live a better life. At this point, “he doesn’t want to make a debut” can change. You can guess the ending of his no debut, the word “net celebrity” is firmly established. Earn more money, and only then will he have a chance to live the life he wants, so that he can raise cats and see the scenery everywhere. Alas, I only hope that he can adapt to these changes. If the goose raises him for 2 years, it is good to give him a stable meal. Just watch the changes.

6 months ago

To be reasonable, more than 20 social accounts have been picked up, and I have followed more than 1,000 amateur beauties. There are no nasty remarks or swear words. I know that I am handsome and have to work hard to buy and support my own gentleman (at least so far. Yes) What will happen? ? ? If you want to talk about the big event, it’s because he shampooed his hair. Okay… I hope Goose will let him make his debut! I want to give money to Teacher Li! The following is a statement from fans. Teacher Liluxiu has a good looks, a figure, a good character, and a fan with Chinese proficiency. Why can’t he make a debut? Singing and dancing can be practiced…I think he is talented in singing and dancing, but he just doesn’t want to work hard…Mr. Li’s NetEase cloud song list is mostly niche hip-hop… The music taste is really good, although I like it. The type of music is completely opposite, but his cover can also let me get the charm of niche hip-hop, right. He was the first man to arouse my interest in watching domestic entertainment shows and variety shows, the first man to turn my Weibo into a star chaser, and the first person to regain my confidence in domestic entertainment… Brother Luo Yunxi He did what he couldn’t do! Teacher Li’s privacy has been stripped, and it’s hard to go back to the amateur life of the past (a wave of distress)… Even if the goose doesn’t let him make his debut, he has to give him a better script! Now that Sino-Russian relations are so good, Teacher Li is a Russian again, and a script for a Far Eastern Russian who became a star in the Celestial dynasty and realized the freedom of wealth should also be an official favorite!

6 months ago

Big things will happen, and Mr. Li will become a new landscape in the spring of 2021. It will become the first popularly-elected son born in the important turning point of the internal entertainment bidding farewell to sticks, truly owning its own idol aesthetic system, and getting rid of the unhealthy trend of the fan circle. Teacher Li is too clean, the person is too kind, and the appearance is too good. It was a coincidence that the international group hit the epidemic this time. When the weather, the geographical advantage is exhausted. Half of Renhe is due to the fact that Mr. Li’s 20 accounts were picked up and everyone suffered from the humorous beginning of 996. Now I will send people and the last half, Teacher Li’s own will to form a group. Li Fei nodded, and Goose immediately offered her debut position. What about 11 people? As long as Li Fei appears in the camera, no matter how small the frame is, the pixels are blurry, and the posture is loose, it is absolutely impossible for people to ignore the existence. So what’s the problem of Lilu Xiu? One is that he doesn’t like high-load singing and dancing every day. In fact, he doesn’t do it in the dark, which is acceptable. He is willing to try a new life. The problem of practicing too much does not exist after his debut. The second is that he feels that he is occupying someone else’s seat. In fact, he did not know that he was actually voted by everyone with one vote. After Mr. Li went through two public three public meetings, live broadcasts, and meetups, he would naturally understand. In addition, the ruthless hala Shaowuno played very well, has strong learning ability, has the desire to learn actively (does he speak Korean), and is a privately narcissistic two-stab ape (listen to others calling himself Lulu Xiu every day) Don’t be ashamed), I know how I look good at the camera (you see Tik Tok is mostly profiled, handcuffed abdominal muscles, not to mention, shooting the magazine this large-scale bamboo shoot spoiling scene), the games of the spin-off show are all Quite eager to try (many short videos only cut the negative part of him, and you can see that he likes to play games by watching the whole film carefully). Everyone likes to see him look so natural, whether he is in a daze, licking his lips or smirking, as long as he doesn’t resist forming a group, there is really nothing to stop him. The heat is overwhelming 3, the character is excellent, the appearance is good, and the history is clean. These are all absolute. It is really good to be a wooden beauty facade in the group. Therefore, as long as Goose tells him that after his debut, he will have a mobile phone every day, gourmet food, blockbuster filming every week, and a lot of fashion resources every month. No worries about work and money, I think Mr. Li is a smart person who will make the right choice. Teacher Li really likes fashion and beauty, and doesn’t refuse fans who keep a reasonable distance, but the work intensity cannot be arranged too much. People are really easy to talk, there is no risk of collapse, three views are upright, and this face and figure, tusk tusk, really love beans by nature.

6 months ago

This year’s C foreigner will be judged by passers-by to die. Many passers-by do not watch the show or look at their strength. All they see are nationality. They will be judged by Chinese, and by fans, they will also be judged by passers-by because of their strength. It’s really not as good as foreigners. Make good roads and follow public opinion! The C of the day is chosen. This kind of C wins without C, and it is a hot spot, and does not attract too much scolding (compare the above two situations). In the future, the debut combination can round C! Lilu Xiu has good looks! Chinese is there! Shenyang Maozi has it! Be funny! There are passers-by! The most important thing is-there is no more peaceful solution than to make C! As long as other people become C debut, it will be a bloody storm, and fans keep pinching! And, didn’t you find that Mr. Li has already started business? (Or the 2-11 fans in the upper circle can connect to make Mr. Li’s dream come true. Anyway, the current one will not recruit the upper circle to see you)

6 months ago

It’s not just the off-site audience. Everyone in the camp has gradually grown from bamboo shoots. Zhou You, Wanghua, and Andy tried to make teacher Li laugh. Boyuan commissioned Lin Mo to make teacher Xiaoli. Yesterday, Zhou Shen’s last few words in Russian and Ukrainian, Li Next to the teacher, Zhang Teng is also trying to make him laugh. There are signs of X and X. Teacher Li can have a personal charm to make a group of wicked fans gather in a crowd, and he can also have personal charisma. This will end up as a good-for-nothing in the camp, unless he I retired categorically, otherwise the goose would not let him go. He has been getting better and better recently.

6 months ago

Regarding the feasibility analysis of Lee Roxiu’s debut, first of all, countless netizens have cited data to prove how big the passerby of Mr. Lee is, so I simply came to a conclusion: that is, if the draft is really determined by the number of fans, Lee The teacher’s debut is almost guaranteed. Secondly, I would like to analyze from him personally. If he said that “becoming a boy group is not my dream” is the truth, then he is undoubtedly a clear stream in modern society. Don’t forget, there were previous surveys. 80% of the dream careers after 00 are It’s a celebrity internet celebrity. It’s like someone saying “I don’t like money”. The key is that he is telling the truth. Although we have always felt that people must have “worldly desires”, the premise of this question is I just said it too, and what Mr. Li said is the truth. Therefore, everyone is willing to support him. To put it simply: Although I may not be able to sacrifice myself and be a layman, but some people want to pursue something different and good, I will definitely support, encourage, and honor him. If he said that “becoming a boy group is not my dream” is a lie, then his performance has a lot of deliberate settings, that is, person settings. We are no strangers to this approach. There are “foodies design” and “fairies” in the entertainment industry. “Personal design”, “personal design for veteran cadres”, etc., in short, the premise of not overturning for a long time must be that the person has a certain degree of this characteristic, and the establishment of the personality only enlarges these characteristics. We can understand that Mr. Li set up such a personality to pursue his debut or accumulate traffic, so from the current situation, he undoubtedly succeeded. There are no legal issues or even moral issues to a large extent (for example, if a good man has a higher risk), even if a car overturns one day, the risk is controllable. If so, at the very least, he or the team behind him have a deep understanding of fan culture and empathy of modern people, and use this understanding to guide their starmaking actions. In this case, his success is unavoidable. of. Finally, I want to talk about my views from the cultural collision or the national level. Everyone knows that the relationship between China and Russia is “at the best level in history.” During the epidemic, they donated materials in accordance with the naive approach of aircraft capacity. , When we were discredited by Western countries, our country sent Russian giant pandas, returned a large amount of anti-epidemic supplies, dispatched medical experts, etc. Our exchanges with Russia have always been in full swing at the national level, and non-governmental exchanges have not seen much. Splash (I myself bought it several times in Russia), now, teacher Li has appeared, at least it seems that others are good, looks good (his original words), and the sense of humor of “being yourself” is liked by everyone, if His debut can be regarded as a milestone in the integration of Chinese and Russian cultures in a sense. Many people on the Internet say that there will be 4 or 5 debut positions for foreigners in the creation camp in 2021. As a simple audience like me, although it is impossible to judge the truth of this statement, there is no doubt that Zando, Riki, and Mika The stats are good-looking, and the fan base is also very large. It may not be fair for me to say this, but I still hope that my younger brother in China will cheer up and grab a few debut spots. If the above three really make their debut, then the problem they can hardly avoid is “China-Japan relations.” If one day they want to go to Nanjing for publicity, then I am afraid they will have to face it directly. Some people may say that we choose ability, we have to tolerate, the Nanjing Massacre has nothing to do with them, and their current performance and behavior did not touch on politically sensitive topics, but I still say that if there are ten of their fans One of them raised this question. It will be a very important and sensitive issue. Are they really prepared for this? Besides, as far as I am concerned, if Japan and Russia have to choose one, I will choose Russia. I don’t know what everyone thinks. Finally, as far as Teacher Li is concerned, he said before that he is envious of other people’s dreams, and he feels very tired to sing and dance, but I still want to say that the opportunity is in front of me, and I highly recommend him to try it, even if he works hard. Even if in the end I still feel that I want to go back to be a purchasing agent or a clothing brand, everyone will definitely support him.

6 months ago

Teacher Li is very likely to make a debut. Two days ago, I discussed with my friends several groups selected by Goose and Tao. Which song is really out of the circle? We both thought about “calories”. The reason why calories went out was because of Yang Chaoyue’s phrase “burn my calories.” “. I suddenly understood why the goose would make a debut with Yang Chaoyue, who is not capable but has an excellent passerby. This limited group only has a two-year activity period. Many people are the peak when they debut. Even if they have been with the group for two years, there may not be any splashes. After the group is over, there are more people who are not found, and the speed of cutting leeks is getting faster and faster. There are very few people who can be remembered, so how can we make this group at least a little out of the circle in two years? Either the house collapsed, or there was a member with a lot of passersby. So who is the person with the biggest goose passerby this time? The answer is Lelouch. Like Yang Chaoyue, he is a masterpiece of unintentionally cutting willows. He is standing there. He does nothing to make people unable to look away. This kind of natural audience fate cannot be created by editing. Therefore, the goose will definitely leave Liluxiu for the end. If the bamboo shoots really deteriorate into iron bamboo, Teacher Nali is likely to be stuffed into the 11th debut. Coupled with this year’s Sino-Russian relations, if Goose considers the two countries, he would also think of a Russian to enter. Teacher Nali is simply a natural choice. But the problem now is that Mrs. Li really really doesn’t want to, and his boss doesn’t want to either. At the moment his boss’s behavior is very unclear to me. If he really wants Mrs. Li to go home as a brother, it’s all right. I was afraid if he was negotiating with Goose, then only Teacher Li would sacrifice like this. It’s not easy for capital to win someone, but it’s too easy to destroy someone.

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