Four yuan per kilogram, one hundred yuan per car, thousand yuan per ton
Pirates of black soil “mining area” discovered in Phoenix Valley
Harbin Natural Resources Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Public Security Bureau and other departments have been involved in the investigation

Aerial photography storage field

Aerial photography of the excavation site. Photographed by Zhang Yuchi

On the 20th, relevant departments in Harbin carried out joint patrol activities and discovered the problem of pirating and selling black soil. A “mining-type” pirate excavation site was also found in the Phoenix Mountain area. Under the background that Wuchang rice is well-known throughout the country, some criminals from the south have also focused on the black soil that can grow high-quality rice. Under the banner of renting land, they robbed a large number of black soil from woodland, black soil from wetland and black soil from farmland, selling flowers and vegetables to urban residents in the near future, and selling them to the south to breed and raise flowers.

“The deepest part was dug to 2 meters, and the soil layer can only settle 2 mm per year.” On the 22nd, Mr. Song, an environmental protection volunteer from the public security system, provided clues to the Heilongjiang Daily: Near Futai Village, Shahezi Town, Wuchang City, Harbin City, It was found that large areas of wetlands and rice fields were destroyed by humans, including the black surface soil and subsurface peat were destructively excavated.

On the 23rd, the reporter and his party drove more than 300 kilometers to this valley surrounded by the Phoenix Mountain Reserve, and saw hundreds of acres of rice fields and ditch ponds being robbed by “scraping land”. The “rafts” (another name for the locals) that have not been transported away are piled up like hills in the fields beside several natural villages.

1 Southern merchants actually rented land to dig black soil

This is a huge valley surrounded by Phoenix Mountain and other mountains, and the aerial photographs are endless rice fields. Liangdianzitun is located in the frontier of the valley, and some farmers who have returned from the land are walking in the village. I heard that someone was going to buy a raft. Everyone gathered and revealed that there were also some piles here. They were all outside the rows of houses and it was not easy to see them. “It was dug last winter, and I heard that it will be sold to southerners. This stuff is expensive and sells for thousands of yuan per ton. The village was dug up the previous year and it was piled up in the ground, hundreds of thousands of land because it was not planted.”

A “black dragon” with a length of two to three hundred meters and a height of more than ten meters was piled on the rice field. The villagers did not shy away from it, and bluntly said that the soil was taken from three locations: one is the middle of the woodland and at the foot of the mountain; the other is the meadow by the ditch, pond, and the river; and the third is the surface layer of the rice field. “It takes a lot of trouble to deal with the stalks in the fields every year, so the digging of flour becomes a rare thing, and it makes more money than growing rice.” “We don’t have the ability to do it. It is all made by southern merchants after renting the land.” The reporter got it. Gave such information.

Outside Futaitun, there are two such “black dragons”, occupying a large amount of arable land, 500 meters to the west of the village, there are still large areas of wetland and rice fields that have been destroyed by people. According to some villagers, after some outsiders bought local farmland, it was not used for farming, but aimed at the black soil resources here. The peat in this wetland and rice field has just been mined for less than a month. “All the merchants who come to contract the land are southern merchants. After a brief processing here, the peat will be sold to the south at a price of about 4 yuan per kilogram for use as flower fertilizer, organic soil, etc.” This year the price of chemical fertilizers has risen, this behavior It is even more rampant. After the peat soil and peat soil dug around are sold, it will be calculated at ten million yuan.

2 Occupy more than a dozen rice fields to store and sell “raft soil”

A villager in Wangjiajie’ertun told the reporter that the several black soil mountains that were seen along the way were small, and there was a large storage yard nearby in Sansanban Village, where a large amount of “raft soil” was piled up, occupying at least more than 10 areas.垧地. The reporter and several villagers repeatedly confirmed whether the land area was more than 10 square meters or more than 10 acres. The villagers said that more than 10 square meters were small, and at most it was like a hill: “At that time, I was shocked by the old and the boss is a piece of land. If you look at it, you will know that there are rice stubbles in the normal farming area, and the ground they occupy is bare, which is especially easy to find.”

The reporter learned from more people that this storage site belongs to Hong, the “Brigade Secretary” of the three-person class. All these “raft soil” belong to Hong to contact and build bridges. The southern boss brought a large trailer, one truck and one truck. Car pull. There is basically nothing left now, and basically everything is taken away. A villager also provided reporters with a mobile phone number, saying that he could call Hong’s mobile phone directly when he bought “Raft Soil”. Obviously he was already familiar with this matter.

When the reporter came to this storage yard, he saw four or five black hills tens of meters high, and deserted rice fields below. “The land has been abandoned for two years. The soil has been dug out from the rice fields. Now the rice fields are flat, and there is no trace of it. This year I said it was planting rice, but if you look at such a high mountain, why don’t you go away? What about planting?” A villager said that the excavation was so vigorous in the past two years that he even forgot about the business of farming. This soil belongs to the state, so when an individual says he sells it, he sells it?

The reporter has visited the black soil and wetlands in our province with Professor Ma Yongsheng, a water conservancy expert from the Northeast Agricultural University. According to him, rice fields also belong to the category of wetlands. Peat is an organic mineral resource formed by the transformation and accumulation of dead plant residues in wetlands. It has the characteristics of light weight, water retention, and fertilizer retention, which is beneficial to microbial activities, enhances biological performance, and is rich in nutrients. It is not only a cultivation substrate, but also a good soil conditioner, and contains high organic matter, humic acid and nutrients. However, peat is a non-renewable resource, and its exploitation is very harmful to the environment.

According to environmental protection volunteers, the stolen wetlands and rice fields in Futaitun alone amounted to 5 hectares, exposing a layer of white gypsum soil, with an average depth of more than two meters. “The geological structure here is very special. From top to bottom, it is cinnamon soil, black soil, peat, white gypsum soil, red gypsum soil, and loess layer. This structure is very conducive to the growth of rice and has very good water storage. A wetland About 2 mm thick peat is formed every year, and the mining depth is about 2 meters. How many years does it take to form?”

3 Crazy demand for e-commerce has led to frequent black hands on the black soil

The reporter understands that very few locals are engaged in black soil trading, and there are outsiders operating behind the scenes. Even locals who follow the trend dare not speak up. In Wuchang City, the reporter visited many markets and asked many flower and soil sellers who said they wanted to buy turf soil or black soil, but were told that they did not.

After several setbacks, an insider was contacted. According to him, in some markets, in addition to the “raft soil” used by farmers to grow their own seedlings, there are also peat soil and peat soil that can grow flowers and vegetables, but it is illegal to dig the soil. Everyone knows that, so now most of them are stealing. Picking. The soil and reeds are stirred together and fermented, and then sold as organic fertilizer.

The insider said that black soil and turf soil fermented from reeds are very popular in the south, and locals have made them three or four years ago. If a stranger directly says to buy black soil or peat soil at the local flower market, he will definitely not be able to buy it. You have to rely on acquaintances to talk about buying “raft soil” and then what kind of black soil and what proportion are needed. Pure black soil can also be bought The price is different.


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6 months ago

Do they know that it is illegal to dig black soil and resell it? of course I know. Just like the group of capitalists above 996, they knew that 996 was illegal, but they still did it. Because businessmen only have interests in their eyes. Unscrupulous merchants dig out the black soil and resell them, which is irritating! Xiaoxiao Yilin’er’s video 302 plays when the profit reaches 10%, they will be ready to move; when the profit reaches 50%, they will take the risk; when the profit reaches 100%, they dare to trample on all the laws of the world; When the profit reaches 300%, they dare to risk hanging. Their purpose in doing so is to take a fancy to the commercial value of the black land. After being briefly processed here, the peat will be sold to the south at a price of about 4 yuan per kilogram for use as flower fertilizer, organic soil, etc. It has the characteristics of light weight, water retention and fertilizer retention, is conducive to microbial activities, enhances biological performance, and is rich in nutrients. It is not only a cultivation substrate, but also a good soil regulator, and contains high organic matter, humic acid and nutrients. To sum up: Black soil is equivalent to the Rolls-Royce in the car and the Michelin in the catering industry. It is deeply loved by workers in the plantation industry. But when they are doing things, they only think about things that are in line with their own interests, and they don’t care about the feelings of other people, and they don’t care about the impact of doing so on the surroundings. According to reports, the stolen wetland and rice fields in Futaitun alone amounted to 5 hectares, exposing a layer of white gypsum soil, with an average depth of more than two meters. A piece of wetland forms about 2 mm thick peat every year. With a mining depth of about 2 meters, how many years does it take to form? This is not only an illegal crime, waste of land resources that should have been used for planting, and even a certain impact on the local ecological environment. This is the nature of the businessman. But after reading the whole news, there is one doubt I want to say. According to local villagers, the black soil storage site occupies at least more than 10 square meters. The reporter repeatedly asked whether it was more than 10 square meters or more than 10 acres. As a result, the villagers gave a surprising answer: more than 10 square meters. Less…. I looked through the information and found that 1 square land is equivalent to 15 acres of land in the Northeast region, which translates to 150 acres… 150 acres of land is about 100,000 square meters. Such a huge venue was picked up by volunteers at the beginning. Moreover, according to locals, this storage site belongs to Hong, the “brigade secretary” of the three-person class, and Hong is responsible for contacting and building bridges. A villager also skillfully provided reporters with a mobile phone number, saying that he could call Hong’s mobile phone directly when he bought land. I feel that this matter is by no means as simple as a businessman’s digging. Relevant departments then proceeded to investigate, and they may be able to find out the umbrella of corruption and a complete black industrial chain behind this.

6 months ago

In the 1980s and 1990s, many resources were left in the hands of the state and collectives to make no money, but as soon as they were given to private individuals, they made money. This is the principle. Private capitalists will really be wiped out for immediate benefits. How much money can food be sold now? What’s more, aren’t pesticides, fertilizers, and machinery all costs? If the black land is so valuable, why grow food? What does food security have to do with my capitalists? Earn more if you can earn more, earn faster if you can earn more quickly. The reduction in grain production is a national problem, and it is my problem to pay close attention to making money. Shanxi coal mining has also been privatized frantically, and private capital has indeed been digging quickly and making more money. But that’s because in the past, state-owned enterprises had to sacrifice efficiency in mining coal, while taking into account the environment, safety and sustainable development. Small private coal mines have not only ruined the environment, but also have no guarantee for workers’ income and safety. The most important thing is that they only dig the best bonanza. The remaining tailings that are not easy to dig, the capitalist throws away the total cost. A leader of Shanxi Province once summarized the four deadly sins of “small coal mines”: wasting resources, polluting the environment, insulting human lives, and corroding cadres. This is the secret of making money from privatization. People back then were superstitious about the American model, thinking that privatization and a free market like the United States could solve all problems. In addition, they were even more enthusiastic about getting money in the short term. Today’s people should be sober, some things really can’t be given to capitalists, they will not hesitate to cut off the business of their children and grandchildren when they get them.

6 months ago

The Northeast dedicate everything, and the Northeast has nothing. For the Northeast, I have a lot of memories-I still remember how the assets of the workers fell into private pockets, the factories built with the blood and sweat of many generations, and then I don’t know how many “overseas Chinese” have been supported. I still remember that after the layoffs, the last guarantee for laid-off workers was to feed an unknown number of Qu Wanting. Until now, Qu Wanting still feels aggrieved overseas. They didn’t mention at all that they had twisted the screws, and they looked up to the shining proletariat. Later, how humiliated they were riding bicycles, with their pretending daughter-in-law behind them, and walked into the homes of those opportunistic upstarts in exchange for a meal. Full meal. In the last hunger and cold of winter, in the glory of the past, how to take the whole family to the cold reins. I still remember the original Workers’ Cultural Palace, from “How the Steel Is Made” to “The Trilogy of Torrents”, there are paintings created by people in their work, some playing the “steel piano” and dancing operas. Dancing working women-this kind of dance has long disappeared when I was born, and everything has long been a dream of the golden age. When my uncle came back from Foxconn in 10 years, he quietly pulled me aside and turned on the phone to show me the videos circulated in his factory-packed with dense beds and clothes, the factory girls were sluggish in the dormitory. To the frantic music, they dance wildly, undressing as they dance, and in the end only a thin body is left. That dance is different from pornographic performances in the information age. The gray screen is full of seductions and temptations that are not in the postmodern sense; it is not even the relaxed and happy people in the Workers’ Cultural Palace at that time, because people were like people at that time, not machines. Along with the collapse of clothes is a laborer-the dignity and soul of laborers-my young soul is deeply shocked. It is a unique dance in the capitalist era, and it is a spiritual art where people have been alienated to the extreme. expression. It is said that all the female workers in their factory are on the verge of losing control in the wild dance. Many years later, I understood what my uncle meant, because in that year, 13 Foxconn workers chose to end their lives in a tall building. The culture was destroyed. In the few years I can remember, the Northeast is no longer a “steel piano”, but a social shake, a taste of earth, “Shenyang Avenue has no good fruit to eat”, and “the past of the Northeast”. I watched “The Piano of Steel” by myself more than once, and when I saw that the chimney that had been modified was blown up, I felt an emotion flooding my throat, making it difficult for me to be under this innocent sky. Keep breathing. There is a sentence in “Kafka by the Sea” that says, “Everything is a metaphor.” When I turned to this question, I seemed to understand this sentence. The Northeast was hollowed out of everything, resources, economy, population, and culture. Now even the land has to be hollowed out. In other words, it is not “land” that is hollowed out, but a kind of “metaphor”, a metaphor for forty years, a metaphor for ideals, for modern times, and for contemporary times. I am a thorough Southerner. Why should Southerners care about this metaphor? Because I am a proletarian, and this is not just a metaphor about the region. This metaphor is about the proletariat, about the human world, about what we have lost, and about what we must gain in the future. But now we can put aside this metaphor and just look at it with our eyes, we can still see something, some intuitive feelings, and a sentence that needs to be said separately. There is nothing in the northeast, and the north is vast.

6 months ago

Someone must say: Isn’t it just digging some soil? What are you eager for? After the black soil disappears, it doesn’t matter what else can be planted. After all, individuals cannot solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and that is a matter for the country to worry about. Those outstanding companies in the Northeast don’t count as violent, and now even the black soil is worried about it. Will the mineral springs that return to the mineral water be over-exploited? Living creatures don’t attract decay, dead creatures who don’t care about decay. Now the northeast is a giant beast. Some of it is rotten, but it is still staggering forward. Some things come smelling like a beast. The flesh was torn down from the body, the giant beast ate pain, and shook its body. The scavengers flew up and down unhappily, screaming: I am cleaning up the rotten meat for you! You are honestly lying on your stomach, shaking something, I don’t know what to do! However, everyone knows that debridement and disinfection is not this process. What they hope is that the giant beast will die slowly, and there will always be rotten meat on its body until it completely collapses, enjoying the “gluttonous feast”, and then facing the dead bones. Quenching his mouth, calling out to deserve it, and then go and see if there is a similar behemoth. 1 First of all, we have a big internal problem. In addition to the Northeast people’s nature, there are also higher-level problems. Decades have passed. Everyone knows it and it can be considered as “shock therapy.” , I won’t say more. 2 It is also not possible to kill the “Southern” with a stick. Just as the media is mainly targeting the Beijing News and The Paper, we have to look at the problem calmly while being angry, and solve the problem of “Who is our enemy and who is it?” “Our friends”, unite as much as possible to fight against these bone-sucking bastards. 3 This kind of problem does not only happen in our northeast, nor only in the “backward” provinces, but this kind of probability is higher. This kind of thief will not let go of the grass. This is a human problem. A bad guy is a bad guy, no matter where he is. 4 How to solve the problems of Northeast China is basically incomprehensible to us. After all, there are few people who have access to the policy level, but we can spread it to let more people know about this matter and cause more The discussion in this field allows more people to “empathize” and work hard at the level of public opinion to do their best to spread information. 5 The issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers is a very important issue. Anyone who has dealt with farmers knows the plight of farmers and rural areas. This behavior is completely at odds with the national policy. It is necessary to make full use of all tools and methods to discuss and disseminate. . Still those points, no matter where the rural issues are, they can be used to introduce discussions. This is by no means a problem that only arises in our northeast. This kind of breach cannot be blocked, and what will happen in the future, I dare not even think about it. In addition, this kind of behavior should be reported to the natural resources department. The third adjustment has just ended, and the country cannot explain such serious damage after it is investigated. Especially now that the requirements for the area and quality of arable land are becoming more and more stringent, it is easily impossible. It requires high-level instructions, and private approval is tantamount to digging one’s own grave. That’s Wuchang!

6 months ago

But for this kind of thing, there are indeed many precedents. For special reasons, during a period of shock therapy similar to the Northeast and even the whole country, some people who “made money” brought their capital to the Northeast for many reasons. The hostile takeover of state-owned high-quality assets, although some people have made a lot of money as a result, more people still cannot even get reasonable compensation. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that after the hostile takeover, those factories that could produce high-quality goods completely disappeared, and some old brands have been directly changed, and their brilliance has since disappeared, which directly led to the deterioration of the already problematic employment situation. I think you are very curious about this kind of thing. I want to give someone an example. OK, the mud from a winery in Dehui was detained by the southern capitalists. This is true. Since then, a generation of famous wines has disappeared. It’s that simple. So to say that there can be no waves without wind, although it is a good factual example from the judgment, it is overcorrected to think that these people did this and it is easy to fall further into the wrong direction of the opposition. This is just you giving me an example. I gave you a kick, and a large group of people quarreled because of eating melons, meaningless. Why did we all pay attention to where there are special products and customs in all parts of the country in the early days, but now we only look at the shortcomings or “shortcomings” of others? Who is behind this, and what is their purpose? This is a question that everyone should consider, not just find a reason to cut bricks directly. I was hammered cruelly! I was wrong, I confessed my mistake, I was ignorant, short-sighted, and provoked contradictions between the North and the South. The ranks said that I am treating me as a person, or I can report directly. After all, there are crowds of judges, right? I also just came out of the little dark room. Things are evolving, so why don’t people understand it?

6 months ago

One more sentence. I used to vowed to say before that people from the Northeast don’t like 996 from the bottom of their hearts, and they don’t adapt to the modern life of private companies working overtime. Thinking about it now, it’s actually a fallacy! When I was a child, I saw many banners with the slogan “Do a great job for xx days, give xx to the people of the whole country”. At that time, it was not unusual to work overtime and regard the factory as his home. The following original answer means dedication to the Northeast. Fully develop heavy industry, and transport raw materials, semi-finished products and production equipment to various places is a dedication material. After training a mature construction team, and then spreading branches across the country, it is a dedication of talents. Reserving the most fertile arable land and forest farms, transporting grain to the south, or storing it as the cornerstone of people’s livelihood, is to dedicate land. This is all dedication. That’s right, since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Northeast has been insensitive to profitability from the root. Now it is learning slowly and lagging behind. But this does not mean that devotees deserve to be looted! The young people in the Northeast are gone, and what follows is the stigmatization of Northeastern people that has risen across the entire network. The Northeast grain has been shipped out, and the next step is to dig three feet to dig the soil and transport it home? After all, this is the same country, the old brother who once helped everyone, not a colony that can take blood sucking for granted.

6 months ago

Update: A friend from the south said that the rumor was refuted. It was dug by the people of the three provinces of the East. I want to say that there is no killing if there is no sale. You can just not buy it yourself. Build up the consciousness of protecting the black land. Thank you
While saying that Shanhaiguan can’t invest in other companies, it’s not allowing other companies to invest, and at the same time, it’s okay to take the land away. Everyone’s IQ is low, so I can’t do this kind of work

6 months ago

1: Extract oil from Daqing Songyuan first 2: Cut the trees in Xing’an Mountains and Changbai Mountains 3: Then dig coal from Fushun, Hegang, and Benxi 4: Then dig the soil in the northeast 5: Finally, wash the land by public relations “Oil extraction is the spirit of Wang Jinxi Daqing , What do you Dongbai people know?” “Cutting trees and coal mining is to support the country’s third-line construction. Dongbai people don’t even have this awareness? No wonder the economy is not good.” “The Northeast People’s Congress is laid off, isn’t it a compensation for revitalizing the northeast old industrial base? It’s the people from the Northeast who can’t do it on their own and can’t help Adou. No wonder the housing prices in Hainan will rise once when the Northeast is rejuvenated.” “Digging the soil in the Northeast, isn’t it allowed by the Northeast people? It has nothing to do with our Guan.” “My roommate.” I’m from the Northeast. To tell the truth, the Northeast is really not good. I didn’t say that the Northeast is embarrassing.

6 months ago

This kind of thing is the same as the last time in the shelterbelt. The place is informed and long-term informed, condoned and jointly condoned. In fact, I also said in the last incident that behind this behavior is that the local people and grassroots cadres have the need to get rich and enjoy modern society. The middle-level cadres have the need for performance appraisal and promotion, and the upper-level ld has the need for management and teamwork. What kind of situation does our current cadres have? That is, Liu Guan came to the local area from other places, making fools and creating unsustainable short-term GDP. Squeeze out local credit loans and make a mess of bad debts. A typical example is Dushan. Local cadres must cater to the needs of the masses and be in harmony with the locals. I often engage in things that are blinded and deceived. Take the shelter forest incident and this incident. The difference between this incident and Dushan is that Dushan was carried out by a small number of external leadership teams in order to achieve rapid performance and good promotion. This incident was done by local people and basic cadres who needed to get rich quickly. These two incidents respectively proved that there are problems with our current assessment system and distribution system. The assessment problem has existed for more than ten years. Around 2005, there have been loud voices suggesting that heroes cannot be judged only by gdp, but it has not been solved well until now. This matter has been discussed very clearly and need not be elaborated. As far as the distribution of reactions to this incident is concerned. Local people have very reasonable basic needs to enjoy modern social life. At present, they cannot do this by relying on legal channels. It just so happens that there is such a resource locally, just as our developed areas have advanced educational resources, capital resources and infrastructure construction that can be used as local advantages. They also want to quickly convert such assets into their own assets. This matter is of course reasonable. But what is reasonable is not necessarily legal. But just as illegal things will be regulated by the law, reasonable things always happen. Because behind reasonable events, there are very realistic needs and a solid mass foundation. Before solving the problems behind the scenes. This kind of thing must be impossible to prevent. The problem behind it is actually very obvious, and that is the result of the neglect of the masses’ demand for a normal modern society and the demand on the distribution side. Farmers can’t make money from farming, local governments lack tax revenue, and officials have no political achievements. The need to do this kind of thing is obvious, and if you tell them not to do it, it is obviously impossible to prevent it. Even if violent agencies are used to stop it, the locals are always the ones who govern the place for a long time. Even if you complete the protection forest and the black soil, there will be more places in the country that are poorer. Regardless of distribution, this result is bound to happen.

6 months ago

Every time Northeast people encounter injustice and anger, as long as there is a slight dissatisfaction, a large number of people talk about foreign conspiracies and so on. Before the epidemic situation in Northeast China was serious, a bunch of southerners ridiculed that Jilin Songyuan didn’t have enough supplies to ask for help online. Southerners commented, “Is what you want is so fragrant?” “You can start a live broadcast to let the audience brush the supplies”… At this time, those who maintain national unity People disappeared. Now these people with lofty ideals who maintain national unity are alive and well under this problem. Your insults and hatred towards the Northeast people, I don’t know if there is any memory on the Internet, but people do have memories. The Southerner’s phrase “You can broadcast live broadcasts for supplies” is so harsh and vicious, you really can’t forget it.

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