Latest development: Communication University of China responds to inequality in enrollment between men and women

[Unequal admissions between men and women? Communication University of China responds: The gender ratio has never been limited] #中国通信大学responsive admissions gender questioning# Recently, there has been a widespread online rumors that “the communication university of China animation major enrollment is not equal between men and women.” The School of Animation and Digital Art of Communication University responded on March 29 through the official Weibo of Communication University of China.

According to the School of Animation and Digital Art of Communication University of China, in accordance with relevant national requirements and the education laws of animation majors, all candidates applying for the animation major of the college must take the provincial art examination and obtain qualified qualifications. On the basis of the candidates possessing certain drawing skills, The college has set up links such as literature, history and philosophy examinations, sketches, storytelling, comic creation, and interviews to comprehensively examine candidates’ innovative ability, narrative ability, cultural literacy, and artistic feelings, and select the best candidates through the examination methods and procedures published in the enrollment guide. Drawing skills is only one of the indicators, and the gender ratio has never been restricted in the admissions examination.
The School of Animation and Digital Arts stated that in its years of school-running practice, the school has formed a unique art enrollment selection model and talent training system, which has cultivated a large number of outstanding professionals in the animation field for the country, and created a group of extensive influences. Li’s outstanding works have made important contributions to the development of China’s animation industry. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all sectors of the society for their attention to the college. The college will, as always, welcome young students with background, creativity, and dreams to apply for the exam and devote themselves to the animation industry of the motherland.

What is the level of the candidates who passed the examination from a professional point of view? Enrollment is not equal between men and women? Communication University of China response: The gender ratio has never been limited | Interface News · What is the level of the candidates who passed the Chinese examination from a professional point of view?
Student posts:
Presumably everyone wants to know why everyone is so dissatisfied with the results of the three tests this year. This depends on how much the difference between the level inside the small circle and the level outside the circle is.
Personal level is limited, not many can be found, but there will only be more people treated unfairly, not less [cute][cute]
(I’ll explain to everyone who doesn’t understand that the small circle is in the top 90, and the big circle is 200+. Not entering the circle means that these students even have a ranking of more than 100 with them. Even the stories of the boys in the small circle No matter how exciting, do you think this is possible?)
The first two are the works of two small circle boys, and the latter are the works of other students who have not even obtained the certificate.

I only counted the animation professionals. I was shocked by the data to have a hassle screenshot. Let’s take a look.

p1 is the comparison of male and female students in the top 90 (media animation admissions is 90) this year and last year
p2 is the comparison of boys and girls in the top 120 (approximately the number of small circle)
p3 is a comparison of male and female students of freshman animation students in school
p4 p5 is the data of the previous year
In short, the most reasonable explanation can only be that the Y chromosome mutation of all animation candidates this year has become awesome.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

With a ratio of several hundred to one, whether or not it can enter is a matter of integration of many probabilities. My teacher’s classmates took the exam for Chinese opera for seven years. My classmate passed the exam for three years. You say you work hard, but the people in front can’t. Who doesn’t work hard, who doesn’t work hard. But having said that, I dare not say more about the blogger’s artistic skills. But if you have to say that the people in front are not as good as you, and that you are strong and capable, the experts in the expert group may not be strong enough or good enough. Can’t recognize you, that is their loss, not yours. You do not need to recognize you or deny you because of a certificate. And if you are really that good, besides the middle pass, there are so many art colleges and universities you can choose from. The Chinese transmission painting is very good, but other art colleges are not bad. Must create momentum and antagonize. Inexplicably thinking of the Tsinghua girl’s head shaving, you came and went with the punches, as if the whole world was sorry, but in the end it was because of the strength mismatch. So is it inequality or is it a power mismatch? Come on. One more thing, if the works to be compared were photographed in the art test, then this matter itself is not allowed. Whether it is a face-to-face test or an online test. As for the opposition, it’s really boring.

6 months ago

Let me talk about it from another angle. First of all, the normal pass test requires the test paper to be sealed against the camera. No photography allowed. The brief clearly states that it is forbidden to divulge exam questions, otherwise it will be treated as cheating. How do some so-called test papers on the Internet come out? If it’s really an exam paper, then he’s just normal, because it’s cheating. In other words, most of those paintings are not the original exam papers, and it is normal that the images in the exam room differ greatly in peacetime. After all, everyone will be nervous. Second, the animation test includes three subjects: creation, sketching, and interview. One subject will not work. I put a lot of creative examination papers, saying that I have good ability, who knows how your sketching and interview are. Third, to create Kaoduoge comics, it’s not necessary to draw that thing well. Doge comics must have a mastery in shooting. The picture is not handled well, and the painting is useless no matter how good it is. Fourth, there are far more girls than boys. This is true for most majors, and so is animation. Even this year. We don’t know how many boys refer to the total candidates, but there are still more girls than boys. Someone commented that you can take a screenshot. I just checked Weibo again. The works of the two boys were drawn under high pressure in a short period of time during the exam. The pictures to be compared later are either works in the direction of animation (game art) or their usual works. . Compare the professional works of other majors and compare your usual works with examination papers. What is the comparison? The works of boys are big pictures, while girls are all small pictures and it is hard to see what they are. Many people think that the small pictures of girls’ works look bright and well-matched are good works. This is not objective at all.

6 months ago

1. Well, in fact, 8,000 people choose one hundred, and those who go to Weibo to fight without being in the circle are not unjustified. Second, I don’t know where the pictures are put together. The ones that are poorly painted are those of men, and the ones that are well painted are those of girls. Then the conclusion is drawn that the school recruits students based on gender ratio. Rhythm. This kind of wise high school student logic has stopped. Third, are you not sure about the so-called high degree of completion of the work by many people? Now there are several training classes that are specifically aimed at Zhongchuan Beiying, and the students who come out have a higher degree of completion than each. When it comes to the interview, it will be exposed, and the creative ideas are not rounded. Did the teacher in the advanced training class change the picture for you? Do you know how the interviewer feels when he sees that the portfolio is seven or eight consecutively in one style, and even the folders look the same? There is also the kind of people who think they are looking for a small group of painters to directly trace the pictures as a portfolio. The interview teachers are basically alumni who have been in the business for many years. People can see this at a glance. Fourth, even if you create by yourself, you really don’t need to go to university to learn a style of painting to the point of bluffing laymen. All kinds of crash courses on the Internet include three-month teaching and meeting, and you are still looking for employment. What animation department do you want to test? Do you have a passion and spirituality for animation? How did you play on the spot? Go punch with the interview teacher. Fifth, Zhongchuan is not the only school in China that has an animation major. Only a few people can be accepted every year, and the mentality is calm. People with that talent can’t hide. Sixth, the art test is not a college entrance examination, there is no fixed score and there is no universal standard. Basic exams may be missed. The creation is more true but the performance is not good every year. It is normal to be nervous or blindly self-confident during the interview. The function of the art test is basically to screen out a few talents, a lot of them are good, and a lot of them are just lucky. Basically, every year, there are always three, five, seven or eight talents with extraordinary talents, with a good wave of ordinary, and lucky audiences to graduate in four years. You are unbalanced. There are still 10,000 people who are similar to yours. They are even more unbalanced. That said, the mentality is flat, and there is still a gap between the best. Seven, at the end of the end, the China Transmission Painting Department has never adopted the rules of income according to the ratio of male to female, and basically there are more girls. There are a few inexplicable pie charts that show that there is no rigid requirement for male and female requirements in China Transmission, or last year. Why is 1:9 suddenly 4:6 this year? The principal was transgendered by lightning? The wise behavior of no-brain buttoning hats is really…not to comment. A boxing ring with a rhythm. A group of high school students who did not pass the exam were quarrelsome. It is understandable that they did not get upset. After all, 7880 people did not pass the exam. , You are not special for any reason. However, it is a real act to spread rumors and smear on the Internet. It should not be done by prospective college students. Don’t be used by shady adults.

6 months ago

This kind of thing, as long as Weibo sells miserably, it will be over after the reversal.
I hope that the legal affairs of Zhongchuan will stand up, so those who slander the school’s reputation should meet in court instead of on Weibo.
The cost of spreading rumors is too low, which is really a major drawback at present.
However, it is estimated that it has been fulfilled. Asking these courts to confront each other, it is the ending of deleting the number and running away.

6 months ago

This behavior of feminist rushing to Media University seems to me like swiping a credit card, relying on overdrafting the future of some women to satisfy the current feminist greed. Everyone knows that credit cards have to be repaid when they are consumed. When that happens, another group of women will pay back for women’s rights. Women’s rights make the cost of choosing women in all walks of life far higher than men’s. As a result, they respect you and cut you off from interests. With reference to the () people group in the United States, no one dares to say that they are not. Everyone is against discrimination. But they are almost cut off from modern civilization, at the bottom of society, living in the worst social environment, and have formed a vicious circle that can never get rid of poverty. Today, your feminist fighting power is amazing, and you use public opinion to oppress others. Some people see that they can use feminist rights to profit from the same evil as feminist rights. I admit that your operations can bring short-term benefits to individual women, just like Americans who take advantage of this opportunity to engage in zero-dollar purchases. But everything you get now needs other women to pay for you. For example, () people who obey the law and live in peace have to bear all kinds of notoriety for their compatriots. Of course you don’t care, because you have never thought about the interests of other women. You are just taking advantage of the misfortunes of other women to make money for yourself. It’s like some people who shout () Your life is expensive just want to go to the supermarket to grab more goods. Suppose I am a college tutor, and I am forced to admit you because of fear of public opinion. What about in the future? In the future, everyone will know that whether they are recruiting or enrolling, as long as the other party is a female, there will be public opinion blessings. If you are self-willed, have a little temper, a little emotion, and hang me on the Internet, my career will collapse. How to do it? I had to rack my brains to avoid recruiting women. If you really want to make up the number, just recruit a few to come in and sunbathe. Do whatever you like to do with me. It doesn’t matter if you go to class or not, it doesn’t matter if you take an exam or not, anyway, I will guarantee your graduation. Can’t afford to provoke me and hide? So the question is, is this hurting you or is it good for you? The joy is naturally those women who are not educated and inexperienced with diplomas, while the victims are women who want to study hard. So in the final analysis, if there is masculinity, women’s rights are the true supporters of masculinity, and the essence of feminism is patriarchy. It’s just that countless delicious, lazy, insatiable people hold a group and use public opinion to force others to give them preferential treatment and care, and they enjoy their achievements. The last thing they want is for women to learn the true ability to become independent, that is, to allow women to perish in comfort with them forever. If women are all relying on their true abilities to feed themselves, how can they survive without these abilities? People with poor math scores like to call for the cancellation of mathematics in the college entrance examination.

6 months ago

The middle pass is also boring, and respond to everything. It seems that the administrative posts of colleges and universities are really free to go to work.
Under the news of this year’s recruits entering Tibet posted on a Weibo (not to mention the specific unit), there are still people who questioned why there are no female soldiers but male soldiers. Simple and straightforward. You see how good this is, if he takes care of it, he will lose. This is a model of streamlining administration.

6 months ago

It is strongly recommended that women apply for mechanical engineering and civil engineering. The benefits are as follows: 1. If you are a rotten girl, you can form dozens of pairs of CPs with different tastes in the class; 2. If you want to see handsome guys, out of forty boys The proportion of handsome guys is much higher than four; 3. As long as you dare to come, you are the class flower; 4. The only trouble is that if you fall in love with the boys in your class, your boyfriend may suddenly lose popularity in the class. Great. If you find a boy who majors in liberal arts, he doesn’t dare to enter your campus…what, if you say you don’t have enough scores, then it’s okay. As for the Zhong Chuan, it is clear in one sentence: Why does Zhong Chuan discriminate against you, do you have the key? How many do you go with?

6 months ago

Dangdang ~ Weibo Feminist Open Class ~ Class! Everyone knows that the core of feminist speech is double standards. The specific implementation in the operation is reflected in the direction of attribution. Today we will learn boxing through specific cases. First review the basic logic: what’s unfavorable to one’s side are all attributed to external causes (the oppression of the patriarchal society, the decline of women’s rights)-sisters, not enough punches; what’s beneficial to one’s side is attributed to internal causes (the patriarchal society The disintegration of women’s rights and the rise of women’s rights)-sisters, punching is useful! Do you remember it? Let’s practice. Example 1 Before this century, the enrollment rate of Chinese girls was lower than that of boys. Obviously, this is because the patriarchal society prevents women from going to school (external reasons). In recent years, the proportion of girls in elementary, middle and high schools, and universities has been significantly higher than that of boys. Obviously, this is because girls will not be overly playful and actively choose to drop out of school in the compulsory education stage like boys (internal factors). Example 2 If a female applicant fails the election, it must not be because her labor costs and benefits do not match, but because HR and the boss engage in sex discrimination (external reasons). Another female applicant was hired because she still proved her strength (internal cause) despite the resistance of gender discrimination. Example 3 The divorce is mainly filed by men, which shows that men are indifferent to the new and dislike the old (external reasons). The divorce is mainly filed by women, indicating that they can’t stand the pressure to vote with their feet (internal cause). In Example 4, it is said that 90% of the animation enrollment in previous years were girls, because they were competitive and fair (internal factors). The proportion of girls recruited this year is significantly lower than 90%, which is definitely due to the fact that Zhongchuan is engaging in sex discrimination (external reasons). Example 5 There are few women in the management of a company, indicating that its leadership is a sexist (external cause). The heavy manual workers under the company are basically men, indicating that this is a reasonable care (internal cause) for women’s physical disadvantages. In addition, the receptionists of the company are basically women and they are very tired at work, indicating that this is using them as vases and objectifying women (external factors). What Jianfeng pointed out was invincible when he heard the wind; fists moved everywhere, and grief was everywhere. If you learn, just punch with me!

6 months ago

What about the evidence? Even if the male to female ratio was 1:99 last year, what is the direct relationship with this year’s 1:1 male to female ratio? ? ? Are these women punching and punching crazy? If you ask them for evidence, they will definitely not find it. What exactly does the mid-pass plan to adjust the ratio of men to women? Is it a hot search on the map? ? ? Strange, I admit that this is a reasonable question, but this is not evidence. It’s like I see you come out from Ximen’s official residence and call you Pan Jinlian. It’s definitely not enough. Maybe you gave Pan Jinlian shoes. Didn’t I wrong you? Finally, if 1:9 is true, does the ratio of recruiting 1 in previous years also discriminate against our gay men? Old boy? Obviously, we won’t teach our fellow men! Outright discrimination! ! ! If you get the benefits, you should be justified, shouting that you want to bet, you can afford to let it go, and if you don’t get the benefits, you start to curse sexism, blame this and that, the snake is sick.

6 months ago

The official has issued a statement that there is no such thing. But I’m afraid there are still people who want to tear up the school. Let me talk about it. For students who take the art test, Communication University is not saying that the school will want you for how high your professional level is. Every year the art department recruits a lot of “white paper”, because art is about talent and feeling. So, do everything you want and devote yourself to your enthusiasm. Teachers can see it. The rhythm of this wave is fascinating. Art test is originally a metaphysical test, which itself is a test with strong subjective will + interview. It’s almost the same as looking for a job, it depends on fate. Besides, it’s not too good for you to paint well, this is only part of it. There are many things to be asked in the interview, such as what is the creative idea, what is the creative intention and so on. (Identify whether you are the product of a duck-filling training course) What’s more, how many school art exams can use money, this is called unfair. The middle pass is still very deadly in this area. In addition, the number of female toilets in our school is three times that of male toilets.

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