I don’t think much about this matter. Everyone’s birth background and growth experience are different. How to choose is my own business, and it’s okay to live up to myself. However, when I personally read Weibo, I saw some comments from other viewpoints: “Are you worthy of your parents like this?” “What if the country’s men are mothered?” “Is it psychopathic?”…………
Seeing these can’t help but plunge me into contemplation. Is nymphomaniac a good or bad thing for society or is it irrelevant? If many men become feminine and feminine in the future, will they really affect national power? How to deal with the relationship with parents if you have gender cognitive impairment

First of all, from the perspective of the transgender group, Abbily is lucky. As a transgender woman, Abbily became famous when she was young. At the same time, she has a completely feminine voice and appearance with her hard work and good talent. Overcome all kinds of difficulties, gender anxiety and depression commonly faced by transgender groups. At the same time, having parents who are not so staid and conservative, they persuaded them to help them complete the gender reassignment surgery early and get the life they are looking for. But from the perspective of an ordinary girl, abbily is undoubtedly unfortunate. There is a very obvious one. The fact is: If Abbily is not a transgender woman, but just an ordinary girl, she will have a bright and sunny life with brilliant talents, a beautiful face, and various hobbies and specialties of her own, so she can dress herself with makeup Being a well-known beauty blogger, you can no longer suffer so many criticisms, be famous, have wealth, and live a prosperous standard of living like countless young and famous online celebrities on the Internet today, surpassing the lives of most people Abbily is still the case. The living conditions of about 100,000 (typical) transgender women and about 21,000 (typical) transgender men in China are not optimistic. The vast majority of transgender people are far from reaching abbily’s living material. Level, struggling in discrimination, gender dysphoria, depression, and poverty, this is a huge shadow, curse; fate invisibly made a vicious joke with all transgender people, and put them on their own. In her body, she is always enduring the curse of great anxiety and pain, which can make girls like Abbily who can shine under the spotlight suffer countless criticism, malice and abuse, and will make most of them happy. Transgender people living in a stable life fall into the abyss of death. Until Abbily has completed the last step, they can still see countless sarcasm, hostility, and contemptuous eyes and comments. They are holding a feast of online carnival. It’s everyone here. Some people’s comments 1. According to the data of China’s 2020 edition of “Mental Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment Regulations”, the proportion of (typical) transgender women in the population is between 0.05‰ and 0.14‰, and the proportion of (typical) transgender men in the population is 0.02‰ Criterion between ~0.03‰: The patient desires to live like the opposite sex and is accepted as a member of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by a sense of distress and disproportion to his anatomical sex, and hopes to make him feel better through hormone therapy and surgery. The body is as consistent as possible with the preferred gender. Patients dislike their sexual organs, and their desire for castration surgery is continuous. When they are helpless or even castrate themselves, they have serious consequences. Some transsexual desires cannot be satisfied and they attempt suicide, often accompanied by depressive symptoms and changing gender status. The diagnosis must be established for at least 2 years. 2. According to a sociological research survey that lasted for several years in 2020, in a sample of more than 3,000 transgender women, the annual suicide mortality rate reached approximately 12.8‰. It is more than 1,500 times the suicide mortality rate (0.085‰) in China in 2016. The survey cannot exclude the factor of survivor bias. 3. According to the data of gender reassignment surgery and ID card change completed every year in China, transgender in China is then converted The annual average number of the group, the transgender group who can eventually successfully complete the operation is less than 2% of the total number of the group. The vast majority of transgender people will face various life difficulties and extremely high mortality due to various reasons throughout their lives. 4. Most transgender groups in China still face huge family pressure, discrimination in employment, discrimination in going to higher education, school violence, financial difficulties and other external pressures. Most gender dysphoria and depression are not treated well, leading to high suicide rates all year round, and the probability of major physiological diseases such as cancer far exceeds that of the general population. 5. In abbily’s Weibo comment area and forwarding area, more than a quarter are Are offensive and insulting comments


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I don’t want this kind of preferential treatment to become the privilege of a small number of elites. I have seen many so-called supporters of lgbt, who are usually discussed, and pictures of handsome men and beautiful women, middle-aged and ugly LGBT people are posted in groups It was automatically ignored by them. If you wish this internet celebrity today, then when you meet an ordinary man or woman around you who has undergone a sex change operation, I hope you can also bless her/him. Rather than show disgust and say ugly and learn to play transgender.

8 months ago

Since Abbily entered the public eye, I didn’t like her very much. The reason is that I have always felt a bit of “straight girl” breath from her videos, but it gave me a kind of catering to straight (to be precise, gynosexual) Male illusion (maybe not an illusion). Of course, this is just my personal feeling. Although I don’t like it, it is just a passerby. Congratulations anyway. At present, Gua said that the net map she was looking for did not meet the transgender age requirement (20 years old, I don’t know if there is such a requirement), so it is false news. I don’t know if the melon is true or false.

8 months ago

“Are you worthy of your parents like this?” If you are born transgender like Abby, if you don’t, the result will be tortured to death by gender dysphoria. The person who had the chance to live has died. Are you worthy of your parents? “What if the country’s men are mothered?” Transgender is born and very rare. There is no such thing as transgender people who follow the trend. “Are you psychopathic?” The traditional gender concept does not consider the happiness of people in reality, it is the real psychopathy

8 months ago

Seeing that I might be numb before the operation, I guess she wants to avoid controversy or something, but is this really appropriate? I don’t know this person well, and I’m not interested in women’s clothing. From the perspective of the transgender community, I personally don’t really like this kind of influencer. Maybe the main problem is not with them, such as “women’s big boss” and “pseudo mother”. This kind of tag may not be used by some transgenders themselves, but the public loves to watch it, and it is popular, and continue to tag it for the sake of life. They can’t be blamed. But I personally think that this is not good for transgender groups. The public will constantly confuse cross-dressing and transgender psychology. They are popular among people’s curiosity and advocacy. They are popular in science and in the group. People? They have not been well represented, nor have they been stigmatized, and even without the good conditions of Internet celebrities, they will at least get a good life. All they have is a place of chicken feathers and still so many misunderstandings. Another thing I have an opinion about this kind of influencer is that they are really just to please the cisgender people, eat or eat for enthusiasm, and have no value to the group. They are more serious than any other in this group in doing popular science and doing public welfare. People who do real things even earnestly live more and more influential. They represent a big part of this community in the eyes of the public, but what better influence do they bring? They have nothing to blame for their own lives, but in the face of their audience, do they really have to think about the great harm that their messy behavior will do to the minority groups. Including Abby’s use of web maps, this kind of behavior is wrong. The public connects this to the entire transgender group, and other transgender people will suffer attacks that they don’t need to bear, as bloggers with great influence. Don’t you really need to consider these. Even Venus has been criticized, thinking dross or something. I imagine like Abby, it’s understandable to be an Internet celebrity for her own life. Isn’t that the case for cisgender? Although the development of many things may not be her intention, it is really impossible to ignore her own influence. She may want to get rid of the label of transgender, not to mention whether the surgery has been changed or not. She has been so heated up, how can she get rid of it at present? In addition, I am ftm, and I look pretty good. There is no such thing as I am jealous of other people’s beauty or someone who likes to be sour. I just borrow her to talk about my thoughts on the “big names” in minority groups. ps also went to a foreign mtf internet celebrity with the same millions of followers yesterday. He is a conservative rightist who supports Trump and his fans are mainly cisgender. I just think it’s too fucking, it’s too disgusting, I really can’t accept this, no matter what “for life” or “for ideals,” they are just destroying this group. PPS is enough to earn enough money to be a small Internet celebrity. Hype and marketing are not life and ideals at all. It is greed. It is to want the fame and profit that she does not deserve. I really hope that she will get rid of it. This is really enough. .

8 months ago

Let’s talk about the position first, and those who don’t agree can be drawn straight away: the sexually suggestive movements of the Korean star girl group dance should always be nonchalant. This is just a trivial thing that has happened in the nonchalant entertainment circle. Huo’s attitude towards her has always been a passerby in the past few years, and her repeated use of her “transgender” label for hype has undoubtedly strengthened people’s stereotypes of transgender groups. In addition, the malicious hype in the toilet in the past few years has also brought various bad reviews to the transgender community (this does not discuss whether the transgender has the right to use the public facilities of the target gender). It is true that transgender needs social recognition, and it is inevitable that they will “excessively” in their daily habits, making themselves more like a traditional female/male. However, she was not the first to go to the extreme and put the label of “desperate for dancing” on her body. She was not the first, and it is probably not the last. On the positive side, the existence of ab is enough to make some people realize that the difference between people is far greater than the difference between male and female groups, and statistical results should not be applicable to every individual. Another thing is that according to the “Gender Replacing Technical Management Regulations” (2017 Edition) published by the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration, the age of the surgical target should be more than 20 years old. How does the newly adult ab complete the operation? ab claimed that the completion of the operation was signed by her mother. Obviously, she did not go abroad to complete the operation, and it is not so easy to go abroad during the epidemic.

8 months ago

After reading some answers, let me clarify the “shemale” thing again. You can turn to the next dividing line when you don’t want to look at it. Whenever you check Baidu Encyclopedia, you can also know that “shemale” is actually a profession (or a combination of many professions). the first. Shemales are men who have been taking estrogen since childhood for acting. Attention, for performance. Most of them are shemales because of their livelihood, which is different from people who really have gender identity disorder (or you may want to call it heterosexual or even psychosis, it’s up to you). Obviously, most of these people will not have enough medical conditions. So if you think that shemales seem to be very short-lived, that makes sense. (And shemales are not just engaged in sex work or acting work.) Second. Shemales are not necessarily transgender. Many shemales (I don’t know the specific ratio, but Baidu Encyclopedia says that they are most of them) do not have their genitals removed, which is why some of them are obviously “male and female” after they are old. Because after they stopped taking estrogen, androgens continued to be secreted. (Of course it is very likely to be unable to bear children). and so. To sum up: Transgender people, or transgender people, cannot be confused with shemales at all. I think if you really read these two paragraphs of mine, and even look up some information carefully (not an eye-catching exaggeration such as “Baijiahao”), you will definitely understand this. If you insist on using a ladyboy to see transgender or transgender people, in essence, it is no different from seeing ancient Chinese women as prostitutes (including those who only act and not sell themselves). The following is the original answer. I won’t talk about anything else, there must be many people. However, it is nonsense to say that this will cause men to “feminize” (including “if everyone is like you, the country will be over”). It is nonsense. It is also nonsense to claim that watching martial arts novels/animations will make people violent. Shooting games will affect three. View, watching r18 art works will lead to sexual crimes almost. If someone says that there is nothing wrong, but because of these reasons they become “abnormal”, then I don’t believe it. Of course, if you say that there is one in a million people, you still can barely believe it. Of course, some people are convinced that watching r18 works will lead to sexual crimes, so this kind of people should not try to reason with him. Furthermore, “If everyone is like you, then the country will have no future” is completely impossible to use to blame. Obviously if everyone is a soldier, the country is over (because there are always people engaged in various jobs). Why is no one to blame the soldiers? Because we all know that it is impossible for everyone to become a soldier. Obviously, as long as reasonable people do not think that (at least in the present and the foreseeable future) there will be no “transsexuality” or similar (or even their demonization concept), so I can only talk about this. The person who talks has no brains. Of course, another point is that after doing this kind of thing, it does not affect people’s contribution to the country. I am not sure (it is unfounded, I can’t say it to death) if it’s really “male motherhood” (in various aspects). All kinds of people think in their hearts, whether it is reasonable to call it motherhood or not), will there be any problems in the country; there is actually no reason to say that this will not make society better. But since many people have talked about these things, I won’t be ugly. I hope everyone will live well and be less affected by all kinds of words. I also hope that more people will make fewer personal attacks and less logical fallacies when they disagree with one thing. In that case, although you vent your anger, you will be treated as a joke. I don’t think anyone would like to be treated as a joke.

8 months ago

I am an extremely conservative person. I don’t see homosexuality (a bit homophobic), I don’t see all LGBT people. I even have some extreme ideas, such as forcing them to undergo psychotherapy and become normal people. But then I gradually learned that many celebrities and celebrities are members of LGBT. I watched Mr. Jin Xing’s program and learned what this person thinks and how it is different from my “old and decadent”. What’s the difference? She is also an excellent dancer and mother of several children. I also know that Teacher Leslie Cheung and Teacher Cai Kangyong are also gay. There are so many Chinese, how many people belong to this special group? I went to Thailand to play and saw a lot of LADYBOY, gay, transgender people forced to sell their butts for their livelihoods. They take drugs, get sick, and are neither male nor female, which completely fits the dark definition of these people in my mind. But in fact, the problem with Thailand is not that their personal moral character is corrupt or their psychology is abnormal. Homosexuals, transgender people, are these mental problems? I do not know. In fact, I still don’t want to contact them in life because I feel embarrassed. Of course, I am not so extreme now, wanting to drive them to death. They are there, thanks to the Internet, allowing me to get to know these people. They are all builders of socialism. Although I do not want to associate with them, there is no need to kill them. We want to be grateful that special people in China will not be like Thailand. They can have decent jobs and contribute to society in different positions. Regarding Abbily, I also wish this brother and realize his wish. I hope my future career will become better, and I can take good care of my body after the operation and find my love. But there is another problem. The so-called acceptance of these special people, is it that we really think that this is no problem, or is it only the privilege of a small number of elites, handsome men and beautiful women to be accepted by everyone? You can mean Leslie Cheung is gay, handsome and beautiful. But what if I tell you that some greasy middle-aged uncle next to you is also gay? You have seen Mr. Jin Xing’s successful career and a happy family. Bless her. But do you see transgender people who are unsuccessful in transgendering, have abnormal bodies, and are destitute? Whether it is my conservative so-called rightist or the so-called “progressive, open, leftist” children, can they really accept all homosexuality in their hearts and accept that the people around them are this special group of people? I once chatted with a classmate who claimed to be an equal rights fighter. She talked to me about how Teacher Leslie Cheung is true love, how great, and how great, and then I told her, if I tell you that our doorman is GAY, what should I do? She immediately said, “Oh, it’s disgusting!” Is this a problem? When this problem is solved, it will be considered that our society has progressed.

8 months ago

Congratulations. I hope that one day, even if someone who is not so good-looking like her wants to change sex just because she likes it, she will be able to gain the tolerance and understanding of the society and the people around her. The body that is born with it is not satisfactory after all. The facial features and body are essentially the same as hairstyles and manicures. If the cost of changing is very low, who wouldn’t want to replace them with new ones? Why do so many games provide the function of pinching face/body pinching/selecting gender? Because this is the final form of the ideal world. I hope that one day, with the development of technology, gender and every part of the body can be changed at will like changing clothes, and social productivity can be greatly liberated. For example, a 60-year-old professor who watches an idol drama can go to the hospital to spend some money on a whim, and turn himself into Liu Yifei the next day. A 12-year-old junior high school girl who was a little tired from studying on the weekend, she would set up a two-day Peng Yuyan package to change herself into Peng Yuyan’s appearance, and then change back on Monday. If there is only one correct gender in this world, it is the one you want without hurting others. If there is only one correct way of living in the world, it is to live as you please without hurting others.

8 months ago

After looking at the question, “Is masculine femininity a beneficial or insignificant thing for society? If many men become feminine in the future, will it really affect national power? If there is a gender cognition disorder, how should we deal with it and how to deal with it? What about the relationship between parents?” “Men’s motherhood” ≠ the so-called “male body and female heart” MTF transgender people, if many men become feminine in the future, will it really affect national power? “Men become feminine”? Transgender The existence of this kind of sexual minorities itself is destined not to be big (even if someone is following the trend). Besides, the existence of transgender is inherently inconsistent with the national conditions of our country. Baidu except for one or two encyclopedias that can be blocked, it is basically your own person. Communicating with your own people, let alone what influences the national power. It is basically impossible. How should gender cognition disorders deal with the relationship with their parents? I don’t know the so-called “female body male mind” FTM transgender people, but some of the so-called “male body female mind” MTF transgender people are often driven out or run away from home because their parents cannot accept/violently interfere with “gender cognitive impairment”. Of course, this does not mean that all parents who understand their children’s psychological changes will choose to take their children to related mental health care. The center appraised whether it belongs to “transsexualism”. Congratulations on Abby becoming a real girl, choosing the way she likes to live is the meaning of living

8 months ago

Judging from the route she has taken all the time and the “evidence” released now, it is not certain that she had the operation. 1) The “Transgender Application” released now is a net map, and the “Hospitalization Photo” is just a hand with an indwelling needle. 2) Domestic sex reassignment surgery needs to be 20 years old and undergo a long period of sex hormone adjustment before the operation, during which there is still a certain period of psychological evaluation. She became an adult last year, and this year is only 19, so it is unlikely in China (in private) Do it for money, she is a small well-known Internet celebrity, famous early, it is illegal to do it for her, gender reassignment surgery can not be done in general hospitals, doing so will undoubtedly blew up). If you go abroad to do it, it is difficult to apply for a visa under the epidemic situation, surgery + recovery period, it takes a long time, and her dy has been updated frequently, and the content is changeable, there is no information showing that the country is abroad, and the face is stable. “Kui “Hua” is unlikely. In essence, she is an “Internet celebrity” who eats LGBT dividends. Nowadays, when the domestic social platform talks about LGBT, there will be various voices controversial, and the enthusiasm is relatively high. From the beginning of “women’s gangster looks out of the circle” to “women’s gangster with plastic surgery and face change” to the current “women’s gangster is completely transgender”, she has walked a path of no return. In short, until there is reliable evidence, I don’t believe that she has completed the gender reset. When she first became famous, she was stereotyped about being a male. It is really unfavorable. Of course, if you really do, I sincerely wish her the life she wants. Addition: The incident is reversed. Abby said that she was preparing but had not done so yet. She can only say that this situation is the most unwilling to see. She is more like testing the reaction of the masses. Does she care too much about the eyes of the crowd, or is she “too shrewd”, self-positioning accurately, and a deep understanding of the right way, hoping to get answers in the future.

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