On March 12, the incident of a woman following a dog carrier to rescue more than 600 dogs in 3 days caused widespread concern. Ms. Wang stopped the dog carrier and received more than 600 dogs after she was praised by the whole network. However, the person in charge of the Lao Crazy Yang Rescue Base Said that Ms. Wang did not properly arrange these dogs, and other rescue bases not only did not help “diversion”, but only “shooted videos” on the spot. In addition, there were chaos on the love platform, and even payments were only settled on social platforms such as WeChat…March On the 12th, the incident of a woman following a dog carrier to rescue more than 600 dogs in 3 days caused widespread concern. Ms. Wang stopped the dog carrier and received more than 600 dogs and was praised by the whole network. However, the person in charge of the Lao Feng Yang rescue base said, Ms. Wang did not properly arrange these dogs. Other rescue bases not only did not help “diversion”, but only “shooted videos” on the spot. In addition, the love platform was full of chaos, and even the payment was only settled on social platforms such as WeChat…

If you think less, it’s the donation that you took, the dog robbed it, and the good-looking took it and found someone to adopt it at a high price, and sick dogs and the like were included in the video. In short, the benefits are exhausted, and there is nothing to pay for. ​Why should a kind person pay for what a hypocritical person does! The volunteers who stayed up for three days and three nights to take care of the dogs were volunteers. Ms. Wang just went to record a video for herself and left without even going in the door. She did not allow the volunteer sisters to speak. She promised to the leader that she would arrange the dog’s follow-up. After earning a wave of praise and fundraising, she threw the dog to Lao Yang. The accounts were unclear, and there was no diversion. Have been lying and perfunctory. By the way, she admitted that the hot search was bought by her, and the reporter was also called by her. The follow-up reports are all due to her alone, without mentioning Lao Yang and the volunteers. It is suspected that buying hot search is also to raise more donations. ​Yes, as soon as Trump was about to buy a dog, this group of guys started, yes, yes, both inside and outside​


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6 months ago

Friends who often watch the news about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival should be familiar with this face, Cheng Mark, a former dog warrior. According to his statement, after seeing the cruelty of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, he felt very painful and made up his mind to save this group of innocent lives in “purgatory”. So alone “deep into the tiger’s den”, fighting with the dog dealers, successfully rescued 1,000 dogs through a nine-death life, and through fundraising, the aftermath was done and they were handed over to the western dog lovers for adoption. From the perspective of saving the dog, Cheng Mark is undoubtedly the knight who saved the princess. No amount of positive reports and praise would be excessive. Cheng Markming later went to the United States to open a pet shop. With that heroic experience of saving dogs, the pet shop’s monthly income can reach 20w pounds. Suddenly a piece of news broke away the “history” of Cheng Ma’s self-directed and acted “History” who speculated on dogs in Western countries. He used Yulin to save the dog as a gimmick and made his own reputation in the form of a “dog-saving documentary”. In fact, it has received very good results: Many dog ​​lovers, including Mark Damon, have expressed their anger at Yulin dog dealers’ abuse of dogs through this “documentary”, and they also donated money to support Cheng Mark. But the problem lies in the authenticity of the documentary and the ultimate true destination of the 1,000 dogs. It was revealed that the Yulin dog dealer’s dog abuse scene in Cheng Mark’s documentary was a posing, and the content of Cheng Mark’s “documentary” was just a script. More importantly, what happened to the 1,000 dogs. After deep picking, Cheng Mark rescued so many dogs, and after saving, it needs to be dealt with, but the aftermath requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. These are very troublesome, what should I do? No matter what. Therefore, a large number of dogs are locked up in cages to fend for themselves. Many of them died after being tortured after illness. Even more shocking is that Cheng Mark is the protagonist of the dog abuse. In order to deal with these dogs as soon as possible, then artificially remove them. According to the news: Cheng used a flamethrower to kill those who were thought to have escaped from hell. During this process, Cheng didn’t feel any pain or guilt when he heard those miserable calls, but was very excited. what? Those who love dogs are blinded, those who donate and support Cheng Mark are blinded. A piece of news about Cheng Mark’s headline “Cheng Mark: I rescued countless dogs from dog dealers just to push them into a greater abyss”, the pain that was supposed to be resolved with a single blow, turned into chronic torture. There is no shortage of good people in the world, but the wicked are never absent. I can’t imagine what kind of money traction is behind those so-called dog lovers, and it is becoming increasingly unclear what is true and what is false. Kind people must always keep a clear head, and don’t be used by others, and become accomplices of the wicked for gaining benefits. As for how to distinguish, this method is left for everyone to think about. I really can’t think of any effective way. (The information written is all from news search, why do you want to bracket it, because I don’t know whether these are true or not. I just want to take this as an example and be a reminder)

6 months ago

This is nothing new. The so-called dog lovers stop the carriage of dog carts because it is profitable. It’s like now that the United States doesn’t even look for excuses, it just wants to kill China. These dog lovers who stopped the dog carts weren’t for loving dogs. Their original purpose was to make money. These people should be closely investigated. These people cannot always be allowed to obtain dogs illegally at low cost and make profits.

6 months ago

Let me list the crimes of this so-called dog lover: 1. The crime of snatch The crime of snatch refers to the act of publicly seizing a large amount of public and private property for the purpose of illegal possession. Here is the difference between the crime of robbery and the crime of robbery: 1. The object requirements are different. The crime of robbery infringes on complex objects, that is, the ownership of public and private property and the personal rights of citizens; the crime of robbery infringes on a single object, that is, the ownership of public and private property. 2. The objective aspect of crime is different. The crime of robbery is objectively manifested as the act of using violent coercion or other methods to rob public and private property, and the amount of public and private property robbed is not limited; the crime of robbery is objectively manifested as the blatant seizure of public and private property. the behavior of. 600 dogs, obviously a huge amount! You may ask, a dog, 50 yuan, is a huge amount? Okay, let’s take a look at the official definition of the “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in the Trial of Criminal Cases of Snatching” implemented by the Supreme People’s Court on July 20, 2002:   1. Article 1 stipulates that the amount of public and private property snatched is relatively large. The criteria for huge and extremely large amounts are as follows:    (1) The amount of snatching public and private properties worth RMB 500 to 2,000 or more is a larger amount;    (2) The amount of snatching public and private properties worth RMB 5,000 to 20,000 or more is a huge amount   (3) The amount of robbing public and private property worth 30,000 to 100,000 yuan or more is particularly huge. “   Legal basis:   “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in the Trial of Snatching Criminal Cases” Article 1 The standards for snatching public and private property “large amount”, “large amount”, “extraordinarily huge amount” are as follows: Those with a value of between RMB 500 and RMB 2,000 are considered “larger amounts”;  (2) For snatching public and private properties with a value of RMB 5,000 to RMB 20,000 or more is considered as “a huge amount”;  (3) Snatching the value of public and private properties Those who are between 30,000 yuan and more than 100,000 yuan are considered “extraordinarily large amounts.” 2. Stalking behavior. Anyone who commits one of the following acts in Article 42 of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments shall be detained for less than five days or less than 500 yuan Fines; if the circumstances are more serious, detention for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, and a fine of not more than 500 yuan may be concurrently imposed: Among them is this (6) peeping, secretly taking pictures, eavesdropping, and spreading the privacy of others.Three days and three nights! It is estimated that peeping, taking pictures, eavesdropping, and walking other people’s privacy are all accounted for. 3. Illegal fundraising is only eligible for public fundraising according to the Charity Law. Only charitable organizations that are eligible for public fundraising can carry out public fundraising-for charitable purposes, public fundraising to the unspecified public. But what should an organization or individual that is not qualified for public fundraising conduct public fundraising? Charitable organizations that are qualified for public fundraising have not What should I do to carry out public fundraising in accordance with the regulations? On November 13, the Ministry of Civil Affairs website announced the “Regulations on the Jurisdiction of Public Fundraising Illegal Cases (Trial)”. The “Jurisdiction Regulations” clarified that public fundraising cases shall be under the jurisdiction of the Civil Affairs Department. According to relevant laws According to the regulations, for illegal public fundraising, not only can the illegally raised property be ordered to return to the donor, but also a fine of 200,000 yuan can be imposed. Indeed, I hate dog robbing and illegal dog trafficking, but I hate this Acts of falsehood are even more disgusting! Saving a dog is a good thing, but Don’t just show off, okay? ! In addition, I have actually been watching Lao Crazy Yang’s video, I want to say that the sound is pretty good (hehe)

6 months ago

In fact, the label under this question is a good answer. (This time) Rescue pets and dogs. (Yes) Love shows. This is a show that uses public sympathy to cheat money. Hey, in fact, most of the dogs snatched off will die, and if there are too many, it is difficult to get proper placement. Because this kind of charity assistance costs a lot, not many people would be willing to help raise these dogs without benefit. There are very few people who have the ability, financial resources and energy to do such things simply because of love. The end result is that these dogs either die of illness or are euthanized. So the dog will die, either by the knife, or by the poison. Finally, please think about it carefully, are these dog rescuers really doing it to save the dog or what. Come, let me make a hypothesis. These “loving people” robbed the dog cart and rescued (robbed) the dog at a relatively low price that would not cause the other party to lose money. I took a video to let the sympathetic public see a satisfactory “result”, and then said that I would properly arrange these dogs and raise some money. Then, before the public could not see it, he sold the dog to the dog meat dealer and made another wave… four wins! (Caring public/dog seller/”caring person”/dog buyer) The above content is purely fictitious. If there is any similarity, please don’t hesitate. My answer is in response to this incident, and I did not beat everyone to death. What I am talking about is that the vast majority of people will not go to rescue and raise because there is no profit. I hope that everyone will give priority to their own pets. Only when they have the ability and energy to give their love, don’t give people with bad intentions the opportunity to deceive sympathy.

6 months ago

The dog lovers who Zhihu suddenly disappeared. Trouble dog lovers come out to adopt a few. Know that there are so many dog lovers on Weibo, and tens of thousands are not enough. It is recommended that dog lovers establish a National Dog Association and appoint each city. The person in charge of the region is officially certified, and no one other than the person in charge of the dog lover is allowed to raise donations through the dog. Of course, the person in charge of the area needs to adopt and accept abandoned pet dogs, and volunteers can be recruited. No one will make a loss-making business, and some will rob the decapitated business. When you see how many people can be the regional leader.

6 months ago

Uninvited. I have raised cats, dogs, and many small animals in my house. I am still adopting cats. Because there are too many stray cats nearby and my ability is limited, I added a local adoption group, hoping to find a home for them. The population can be regarded as a kind of love platform, there are public accounts or something, but later I feel that the atmosphere in the group is not right. The owners who expose their own cats and dogs are still normal, mainly the so-called volunteers in the group, and the so-called cooperative partners. Pet hospital doctors should know what everyone likes to say “cat lover” and “dog lover” also initiated donations, what to give to a local x sister love base, someone asked if they could donate food, they said they only accept donations, what do you say? Many times it’s the feeling that they speak that makes people uncomfortable. My language is not good and I can’t express it. Basically, once in a few days, people in the group quarreled and dropped out or were kicked because I joined the group. Just to find a home for the stray cats, so I rarely speak, and rarely take care of these things. But once I was nosy. One day, a volunteer sent a message to the group @ all, probably the content is now The country has stipulated that if you find a dog meat restaurant, you can call the drug administration bureau to report first to express your position. I also hate those stealing pet dogs as meat dogs, but as long as the channels of food ingredients are legal, I will not interfere with other people’s dietary choices. The dog meat thing was very noisy, but I didn’t hear of the state’s regulations saying that it cannot be eaten, so I copied and searched the content of his message, and the news came out to refute the rumors, so I said weakly, “It seems that It’s a rumor.” Then I posted a screenshot. Unsurprisingly, the volunteer was anxious and stood on the moral high ground for a while and output. I also lined up with him for a few words. Later I found it boring. I advised the loving group of friends for a few words, such as not I was used as a gunman by someone else, and then I left the group by myself. I don’t know if there are other groups on this platform. Does anyone in the other groups believe in this volunteer? Has anyone organized someone to intercept the dog cart? Is there any news like this? I don’t know what the mode of operation of these love platforms is, but there are too many hundreds of people in a group or even several groups that can make money and exploit loopholes. Recommend hospitals and recommend pet supplies to eat rebates. Identity information, the platform I encountered even requires a copy of your ID. As long as these so-called volunteers who are doing power generation for love are a little bit bad, it’s too easy to do something bad with your identity information. Now I find that I’m even in It’s better to raise stray cats on Xianyu than in this kind of love group

6 months ago

As far as I am concerned, I have never donated money to the stray dog ​​base. The reason is simple. I am poor and have no money. The matter of giving love depends on my ability. A long time ago, I had a WeChat for the local person in charge of the stray dog ​​base in my WeChat, but he sent me messages every three and a half times, and the content of the message was who and who, how much money was donated, and who and who watched how much money, so I deleted it if I felt annoying. . The people at the rescue station are always in contact with them, and they bring stray dogs to see the doctor, but the number of times they see the doctor is more, and the money is less. The boss is also kind, and with a stroke of his pen, he is showing love. Before the epidemic, this rescue station received a foreigner’s sponsorship. The foreigner’s sponsorship was all real money. With some money, the confidence was enough. The way of transporting the dog was different. It was directly pulled by a truck. Many dogs, even with mites and canine plague, were directly hospitalized. During that period of time, the three little nurses were busy working on these dogs, and they were hardly idle all day long, putting needles, infusions, and feeding medicines. Nearly resigned a nurse. Do you say they make videos for money? It must be for the money. So in the end, the money was spent on the dog. This, I think it is a high probability. A medium-sized dog has about the same amount of food in a day as a human. If you bring some meaty meals, I guess the minimum cost is five yuan a day. According to the amount in the video, a day’s meal may cost two thousand six, a discount, one thousand yuan a day, 30,000 yuan a month. Excluding other expenses, a stable expenditure of 30,000 yuan per month. Not counting water, electricity, gas and labor. How many donations are donated on a monthly basis? Most of them don’t just watch the video and donate as soon as they feel weak. More than five hundred dogs, if they are separated by cages, they need to be cleaned and fed every day, and the activities require too many labors that I can’t think of. If you are kept in captivity, it is also difficult for you to find out which dog is sick. Even if a cat is kept in a cattery, if one person looks at more than 20 cats, there are always times when the disease is not found. Whether you are really sick is one aspect, enough energy is another aspect. Manpower is always limited. Don’t underestimate our professional capabilities that have been clinically for more than ten years. The simplest, you found a dog on the ground vomiting, who vomited? Impossible to discover. I get an injection if I’m sick, hehe, can this disease be cured with medicine? As far as the medical condition for rescue is concerned, 50% of them can live a lot. Moreover, even if the needle is injected and five hundred dogs are pierced one by one, it is basically impossible for two or three people to complete it in one day. Besides, we have to separate people to clean and cook. A dog uses medicine, no matter how you save it, only use the most basic medicine, it will cost five dollars, five hundred and twenty, 2,600 a day, not even labor. The matter of bookkeeping still depends on the level of education. It is not a question of whether or not to do it, but whether it will be, whether it is realized or not. In the final analysis, offering love and assistance is to find a way to make money, and then feed the money to the dog. If the money is not enough, the dog will starve to death, so why not divert? Hehe, why don’t I donate money? Limited ability. What this person said in the video made me disgusting. This is the model who really made the video to step on the peers for money, ha ha. I feel that some people say that the cost of needle sticking and medication is only five yuan, and the hospital is unscrupulous. How do you say this stuff? After World War II, Okinawa, Japan, because the Japanese were poor but greedy, they invented machine-fried tempura. Although there is a strange smell, it is fried food at any rate and cheap, and the joy of fat is still satisfying, but it is harmful to the body and can be poisonous. It is said that the hospital is black-hearted, do you like to eat machine-fried chicken drumsticks? Or canola fried chicken drumsticks?

6 months ago

Recently, I have a tight hand, and I’m going to make a vote. Everyone will help me see if it’s reliable. First, I look for “pets” related topics on various platforms, specifically to criticize the topic of carnivorous dogs, accumulate popularity, and then create various This is a kind of “Pet Alliance” group, let’s call it group A. Call on pet lovers to join the group and create a “Pet Alliance”. This is a screening process to create contradictions through some low-level tricks, leaving those who are easy to be rhythmic and have extreme thoughts. People, that is, the secondary screening replacement identity, continue to criticize the previous remarks of “I” on the platform as a “lizhongke” to establish the “True Pet Alliance”, which is called Group B after two to three months of training , I lead two groups of people in two identities. Then look for an opportunity, hire two people, and look up a local dog dealer organization that does not have standard procedures, the kind that sells meat dogs. Fabricate a fake identity, such as the “China Association for the Protection of People’s Association”. Don’t care about the truth. Anyway, they don’t know where the dog dealers come from, and they don’t dare to make mistakes. Just stop and grab them, preferably around 600. The next step is to sell this batch of dogs to Merchant B intact, and to collect the money, just sell it for 6W and hire a car for delivery. Then I stopped again. This time I remember to make a video and act in a play. I said that I bought this dog out of my pocket. If there is a 6W merchant B who comes to look for it, I just run away. Remember that it is best to find the one that you like to buy. Merchants with unknown doggies, if they are so easy to sell, or they ran on Weibo, they called for publicity in group A, and collected donations by the way. After all, I stopped other people’s dogs. Million. Waiting for the event to ferment, it is really impossible to buy a hot search. When the popularity is almost the same, 80 from this batch of dogs are taken out, and what is left directly to the rescue station? There are too many dogs, don’t you want the rescue station? Even if the dog doesn’t accept it, dare to say that he opened the rescue station? ? Okay, after disposing of these 520 dogs, rent a yard and settle the remaining 80 dogs. In group A, he claimed to help the rescue station to find the owner. There were 80 dogs in his hand and 500 dogs. Strive to sell out within three months. Do math, it will take about half a year before and after this ticket is dry. According to the donation given by group B and the popularity on Weibo, the income ranges from about 20W to hundreds of W. From the lowest point of view, the income in the second half of this year is almost enough for a Mercedes-Benz C. Breaking the law? If it doesn’t exist, no one in the whole chain will sue me. I think I’m getting rich, what do you think? what? ? Recently, there was a news that a lady named Wang rescued 600 dogs and sent them directly to the rescue station? ? Also raised donations? ? Damn it. . Peer? ? Slipped away. .

6 months ago

First of all, make a conclusion for this group of people: no profit can not be early. The people who rescue dogs that we often see active in front of the public are all profitable. I have seen genuine caring people. They are generally not high-profile, and the starting point of their behavior is only to save one or a few lives. Some of them have formed organizations. One of my relatives is a member of such a small organization. I won’t repeat their behavior, just say one point. They have to put in a lot of manpower and financial resources every year. I have also seen those dog lovers who can make trouble, rob a car of dogs and sell them with good quality. There are not a few who don’t care about the difference, and starve to death. If there are infectious diseases between dogs, they will not go. Regardless, sometimes they even reached some kind of cooperation in private with the dog meat restaurant that they seem to hate on the surface. There are also some who are engaged in the so-called adoption instead of purchase… Zhihu already has many related problems. The so-called caring people who work in this area are also very interesting. Investigate the family status first, which is more stringent than a political trial. Next, just say what I have seen. There is a genre that collects deposits. How long after the cats and dogs are still alive, the deposit is refunded. The difficulty of this refund is comparable to that of the Chinese-public education agreement class. This genre “rescues” and “adopts” small animals, and there are not many healthy ones. If the owner is It is really not easy to live until the day the deposit is refunded without slamming the money hard. Another genre is to designate branded cat and dog food and supplies for cats and dogs. They are not to be violated. The messy agreement is more complicated than those in the rice circle. Even if the new owner gives cats and dogs better things, this one is more than the previous one. Blatantly, this is a blatant mention. There are also many integrating the above two genres, a good “caring career”, and a lively business. I dare not say that I told them all the bad things, I just said what I have seen, and there are so many disgusting things that I haven’t seen. Quoting a sentence that has forgotten the source to evaluate those dog lovers who are active in the public’s field of vision: All are doctrines in their mouths, and business in their hearts. Finally, a quote from my relative who saved the dog: “Stupid boy, there is no organization in this matter, that is, some of our old ladies have retired and have nothing to do, just want to save a few lives.”

6 months ago

There is a common saying: “If you don’t see, you are clean”. The original text is: “Anyone who sells dried shrimps and sugar cane will be delicious and lovely when they use alcohol. The so-called blindness is pure.” The original said It was some unsanitary phenomena at the time: when vendors were selling sugarcane and dried shrimps, they often used human urine to pickle them to make the goods more attractive. Why do merchants use human urine to preserve goods? Don’t they know that this is unsanitary? Of course they know, but what do buyers want? What can buyers see? And, in the vegetable market, if other people’s goods are bright and lovely, your goods are dull and colorless. Can your stall survive? Therefore, under the choice of the market, what is left is those goods that are glamorous on the surface, but are actually intoxicated by people. The truly clean and sanitary goods have long been eliminated by the market because no one cares about them. For customers, when they spend money, they see nothing more than these appearances. As for the things themselves? What are the hidden inside stories? Seeing is clear. Charity that involves money or traffic is essentially a commercial activity. Buyers spend money or pay attention, and buy “the pleasure of helping others” from sellers. Sellers sell these feelings. Therefore, under market competition, those charities that use more resources for packaging can naturally get better attention. Those who really put their resources into charity will only be obscured under this system. If things go on like this, a stall that can survive in a market is only one step away from “people drowning”. This is the “blindness” in the charity market

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