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Does it count as a killer? My sister-in-law is the same age as me. I am getting married and have a second child. My sister-in-law has no match yet. To be precise, there are many people. Every day some people give flowers and clothes and presents, but none of them get married. The in-laws were very anxious, so they looked for matchmakers everywhere to introduce them to their girls. Someone introduced one who was a security guard, and my sister-in-law was married. Before marrying, the three-gold diamond ring mobile phone was the most expensive. The man also paid for the sister-in-law to open a clothing store. Before the sister-in-law wanted to open her natal family, she always said that she would wait for the wife to open it. Before getting married, he asked the man to buy a house. The man said he would wait for a year for his father to have a half-price house in his house, and then buy it when that time comes. The woman agreed, and then let her in-laws go out to rent a house. The two of them lived in the old house. Just married, the father-in-law brought breakfast every morning, and the mother-in-law came over to cook at noon every day. The sister-in-law didn’t want to disturb her to rest, and told the man not to come over to drive his parents away. All kinds of dislikes in-laws. After getting married, all kinds of conflicts started to be adjusted by the father of the woman, which could last for two or three days. In the end, the man’s father found out that the woman was smoking and called the woman’s father. The woman’s father said that you should not slander our child. I will ask her, if you don’t have to, then I will be held accountable. The woman happily admitted that she smoked, and the woman’s father said no Smoking a cigarette, it’s not taking drugs anymore, what’s the big deal. There was another time when the man found a condom in a drawer in a woman’s clothing store or at home, and he also quarreled. The woman understated that it was a friend. The woman feels that she is the owner of a clothing store, so all kinds of people who look down on men are just conflicts. Even the relatives sitting together for dinner, the woman told others that they were on both sides of the bed after marriage, and she didn’t let the man touch her and felt sick. On the fortieth day after the marriage, the man’s house came to our house. He said that for forty days after the marriage, the woman had stayed at his house for ten nights, and the woman had not been back to her natal house all night. Where did she go these days? When I get to this city, I will go to that county. The wife can’t control her at home before she gets married. It’s fine if she thinks about getting married. However, after getting married, she still stays out at night. They can’t take care of it and don’t dare to control it. If you say something, you will die. To live. The woman did not go home. The house was stolen twice. The woman resolutely did not want children. She often went out and did not return. The drawer found someone else’s condom. These were not the biggest points of disagreement. The most serious was the last time the woman’s father ran away from home. At that time, the man was required to transfer the house to his daughter and son-in-law. Originally under the name of the man’s father, the man said that the transfer fee would cost more than 10,000 yuan. This son, we must be yours. In the end, we made a fuss for a name. Bye. During the period, the man came to ask for reconciliation several times, and the woman was always above her head, and the man was completely discouraged after you left your posture of chasing the old lady with a lot of people. Before the divorce, the woman said that the man did not ejaculate. After the divorce, the woman’s parents told people that the man was not a thing, that the man did not ejaculate, and the man was infertile. The man’s family bullied their precious girl. All relatives felt that the woman was so pitiful. It has been three years since the divorce, and the woman has not been found. Last year, she stepped on a few boats and finally decided to go with a Hui guy. The Hui guy was actually with the wife before getting married. Because of ethnic reasons, the man got a Hui woman to marry and give birth to a child. Then the woman got married, and then the Hui man divorced and the woman left. The woman said that she went to the photo studio to put on makeup on the day of her wedding. The Hui man drove her there. She wanted to escape the marriage at the time. She cried for a long time. Now they are finally together, and they are ready to get married when the man comes back. In fact, there are too many strange things, and my description is not good. As a sister-in-law, my family can’t say anything, but I was stunned. Let me tell you a few things about the woman before we got married, because we lived separately, but we lived together when we gave birth, so I know everything about her just married. The first thing is, there was a quarrel between the brothers and sisters before the marriage. My husband said go away. With this one word, my sister-in-law ran away crying. After running for a few weeks, I didn’t go home. My family complained about my husband. I had a big belly with me. Husband looked for sister-in-law everywhere, begging others to go home. So I have never had a conflict with my sister-in-law for more than five years. The second thing, before my sister-in-law got married, many people gave gifts, flowers, clothes, and watches. My mother-in-law said that none of them could get married. They all spent money to coax you. Then she said a bitch. My sister-in-law was like crazy again. Crying and making trouble, she named her mother by name in front of his dad, then broke the watch, cut the down jacket given by others, and threw away the flowers. My mother-in-law was so scared that she carried five or six scissors and went to work. The third thing, the man came to our house for the first time, because the woman did not go home and condoms, my in-laws called my husband to go home, my husband and I went home, the sister-in-law rushed to say me like crazy It’s not your turn to take care of it. What kind of thing are you, and you just stop my husband from talking. It’s just being used at home, and there are so many suitors who feel that their daughters are beautiful in the family, and they have been ignoring the fundamental problem, so they ended up killing them. At the beginning, I also persuaded them. I said that our two suites are under the names of my parents. I now have two children. Would you like to let you transfer us over? My mother-in-law said that sooner or later it will not be yours. I am right, so I don’t ask for it, but you have to think about whether other people are willing to do it. If you don’t come home the night before you get married, can it be the same if you run around after you get married? The family who had just divorced let them come back to live, and they had been renting a house with others. They stayed at home for a year or two before returning. They slept until two or three at noon, and went out to the evening bar in the afternoon. There is no truth in the mouth, but the family members are completely willing to believe her lies, because it is their baby girl. Take the living expenses we gave to raise her baby girl. In fact, in marriage, the woman is sometimes unsure of what she should do. When she does a lot of work, the family will add another fire, which basically means she is dead. Originally, it is normal to have conflicts in the family, and ordinary families will persuade them instead of blindly making things serious. Now she’s almost running three times, the woman has gained a lot of weight and her appearance is no longer good, and she doesn’t know what will happen in the future, she is still lazy. Now I want to get married and have a child of my own, and I am waiting for the Hui man to come back and marry her. As for the man who was divorced, he found a married child who was two years old behind him. It was really worthless to get in with bad people.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

On an auspicious day in December 2019, the bride and groom did not hold each other’s hands, one after another, stepping on the red carpet, following the spotlight, passing through the crowds of relatives and friends, step by step towards the main wedding stage, accompanied by the wedding host along the way Skilled interactive speech: men and handsome women are good-looking, right? Correct! A match made in heaven, right? Correct! Okay, now I will show you the growth videos of the two newcomers. Please watch the big screen! With the host’s prolonged ending, the bride and groom slowly turned to look at the big screen, and relatives and friends excitedly turned the phone lens to the big screen, looking forward to recording this beautiful moment, and then the big screen began to play the video. But the video content is a 5 minutes and 35 second bedroom adult video, and the protagonists of the video are the bride and brother-in-law! The moment the video was played, the groom switched from the black face state to the angry state, pushed the bride away with his right hand, and pointed his left hand at the brother-in-law in the audience. At the same time, he shouted to them: Don’t think I don’t know! The bride froze for a while and slammed the flower ball in her hand at the groom in anger. The scene began to fall into chaos. The groomsmen and bridesmaids standing on the edge of the stage hurriedly ran up to the main wedding stage to stop and persuade. The parents, brother-in-law and others sitting in the first row of the stage also changed from shock to verbal abuse. The other guests had been petrified on the spot. The camera of the person holding the mobile phone had begun to tremble, and the person who was applauding had forgotten. With his dangling hands, the person drinking the red wine has opened his mouth…At that moment, there may be another guest who continued to watch the adult video on the big screen silently. He thought it was another similar and boring one. The wedding, but I never thought that there would be such an exciting performance. The gift money was worth it… This is the smash hit “Fujian Brother-in-law’s Gate” wedding event after it was revealed on December 26, 2019. The groom did not choose to die. , But I chose to burn both jade and stone.

8 months ago

My husband’s parents asked our husband and grandson to get the certificate again. From an ordinary family in his family, my husband and I met on a blind date purely to pinch me. My husband and I had a wedding ceremony first. His ID card age is 2 years younger than his actual age. After his ID card age is 22 years old, we arranged to collect the ID card on February 14. During the New Year, he went to his house to get the household registration book. His parents did not agree to obtain the certificate and asked us to have children, and they must be boys. If they were girls, we would get rid of them. My husband did not agree to postpone obtaining the certificate. They said that the hukou was not at home and they could not give it to us. All kinds of reasons, do not agree with us to get the certificate. At that time, I wanted to turn my face, but it was New Year’s Eve after all, so I endured it and prepared to talk about it after the New Year. As a result, after my husband returned to the room that night, his mother stopped me and refused to let me go back to the room. Two people wanted to surround me and talk to me alone. I directly called my husband out, and my husband pulled me back to the room. I was wearing pajamas, and his parents were talking to us around our bed, saying a lot of incomprehensible things. I didn’t make a big quarrel, just told my husband, is this what you promised me to have a good Chinese New Year? He put on his clothes and took me out of the house on New Year’s Eve. On February 14th, we went to his hometown to get the household registration certificate and got the certificate. It has been three years since that day. I never met his dad again, I met his mother once. My husband blocked all their contact information on my phone. They changed their numbers several times, and my husband blocked all of them for me. This year, he and I bought a small house by ourselves. It’s temporarily settled. Because he said he wanted to give me a home.

8 months ago

A friend around me has a good family condition. He arranged a wedding room in the second-tier provincial capital a long time ago. His job is a low-end job, and he makes a lot of money, that is, he is not so decent when he goes out. This buddy is also very satisfied. When I was in love, he said how good my partner is. I work in a state-owned enterprise and work steadily. I usually learn some musical instruments. Besides cooking myself, I also learn how to make baked cakes and so on. . Moments of friends are also often showing the dynamics of affection, and I can’t wait to see it every day. After getting married, he maintained his affection, said he was a good man, and handed in his salary card. The bad thing is that you handed in your salary card. This girl didn’t know what she was thinking. After getting her husband’s salary card, she spent it all by herself. The key point was that she became a poverty alleviation ambassador and gave the money to her natal family. In the beginning, it was only a few thousand and a few thousand flowers, and later it was tens of thousands and tens of thousands of flowers. I bought a car for her brother, redecorated her parents’ house, and then relatives and friends directly borrowed money if they needed help. . This buddy has been married for two years and nearly one million in income has been lost to her! When he learned of this situation, he had a big quarrel with her, and then she ran back to her mother’s house angrily. Then the most irritating was her mother’s family. Her parents and brothers came together to scold him, saying that he didn’t know how to cherish and disrespect others, and her brother was the one who scolded the most. He said that he had to go back and beg her back! The more he thought about it, the more angry he wanted to get a divorce at the time, but it was impossible to make a decision on such a big matter, so he talked to his parents first. His parents are the masters of no shortage of money, so they said that there is any enmity between the husband and wife. If the money is gone, it can be earned, and the family is not short of that money. He was very entangled when he thought about it, and then he discussed with us old friends, the majority of us persuaded, after all, this is a bit too much. In the end he decided to give her a chance and get along for a while. As for her, her natal family couldn’t stay there all the time, so when he called to find her, she went down the stairs along the way, but she didn’t mention spending all her money. And he still has to manage the money, so he must not be easy. After a few quarrels, the two compromised with each other and managed the money together. But the brother-in-law took the money from the brother-in-law’s house and went off. He didn’t go to class anymore, fooling around every day, and finally got hooked on gambling. Gambling was just killing a stupid pig like him. After all the money was lost, I first asked my family to ask for it, and when my family couldn’t get it, I asked my sister to ask for it. The key is that this woman really gave him the money. This time it really touched the bottom line of my friend. His parents knew about it and supported his divorce. Later, the divorce was a big trouble, and the woman went to his unit to make trouble, but she was treated as a joke. Even going to the in-laws’ house to make trouble, the disadvantage is that the community where the in-laws live is very strict. After being put in to make trouble at the beginning, they can’t enter directly behind. After tossing like this, he began to beg for mercy, saying that he would not get divorced and would definitely change. But he didn’t believe it anymore. In the end, she was forcibly driven away. The house was the man’s pre-marital property. If she didn’t leave, she cut off the water and electricity, called the police to chase her, and finally got her away after a month. Now he is arrogantly dealing with a new object, and she has a bad reputation because of being too loud, and she is treated as a joke in the unit, and then left the job, so she doesn’t have the face to stay here. In a word, people who are unclear should never get married and harm others and themselves!

8 months ago

I’m a cousin, a girlfriend who has been in love for three or four years, got engaged last year, and originally negotiated a bride price of 80,000. The woman’s dowry brought back 60,000 plus furniture for the new house, and then married a car. Then the gods came, and the cousin’s family felt that they were in love for so long and they definitely couldn’t break up. Since the bride price is 80,000, the woman brings back 60,000, which is equivalent to paying 20,000. The cousin’s family said. The bride price is 20,000. The woman married the furniture of the new house and bought a car worth more than 100,000 yuan. The family is so smart, Wolong and Phoenix are not comparable. It is a pity that the woman said that Gao couldn’t afford this high IQ talent. I don’t order anymore. This year the girl heard that she got married. Cousin is 30. Still looking for a girl who will marry 200,000 cars,

8 months ago

I know this question. As a bride and makeup artist, I have met many happy newcomers, and occasionally there will be weird ones. The most deadly one I have ever seen is to give the bride a predicament when preparing for the wedding, but the bride got burned. To protect the privacy of our guests, we won’t talk about specific information. The bride is around Sichuan, marrying other provinces. In fact, the slightly larger cities in Sichuan now have no strange customs, let alone Xia Mawei and the like, but this brother’s family didn’t want to open it. Before putting on bridal makeup, she will try her makeup. This young lady and I have an appointment to try it on a weekend morning. By the way, I checked the wedding process. This lady bride is super powerful. I didn’t invite the wedding company to form a team by myself. I hired the four King Kong, and the wedding process was all planned by myself. I woke up early that day. The bride was a girl with very good facial features and a little dark skin. She was shocked by sticking false eyelashes to prop up her double eyelids. After painting the thief, she felt a sense of accomplishment. The mother-in-law and the groom were there to see the effect of the makeup. Because it is a distant marriage, this wedding is hosted by the bride’s family, and the main venue is the bride’s uncle’s hotel. It is a simple and exquisite lawn wedding. After the bride finished her outfit, she went to look in the mirror. Her mother-in-law said that she was pretty and beautiful, but this model was not as good as a wedding photo. The young lady likes to wear hair, and the wedding photos are all made up. I was embarrassed to talk back, and then the young lady said it was okay, as long as she liked it. Going out is relatively simple, so the bride sister changed her clothes and walked through the process after she was ready. I didn’t expect Yaozi to come out. Both the groom and the mother-in-law expressed dissatisfaction. The mother-in-law said that the gauze was too long when going out, how to cross the brazier when going out. Me: Brazier? …Bride: No, it’s not suitable for a hot day. Sichuan does not have this particular kind of groom: this is a custom. Mother-in-law: this is for your own good. The days were booming, and the young lady’s face was obviously unable to hang on her face. She quietly complained to me: When choosing the wedding dress, she said that it was all very good. Now we are here. Me: How can anyone wear a wedding dress over the brazier? Don’t you be afraid to burn it… Maybe it’s a prop, how can you really let you go. At that time, I really didn’t expect that my mouth was opened…the brazier was really prepared at the scene…the real brazier is still charcoal fire. Because it was a grass wedding, the home court was in the hotel’s garden, and the charcoal fire was crackling with the wind. Then the mother-in-law said, wear Xiuhe clothes and cross it. This is auspicious, and marriage is a good luck. The young lady refused, but in order not to embarrass her husband, she reluctantly agreed. Then Miss Sister told me to do it slowly. I don’t think the face of Miss Sister is very good, so I chatted with her to ease the atmosphere. Then the young lady asked me: why the red Chinese wedding dress is called Xiuhe. Me: Xiuhe is the name of the heroine of the TV series “Orange is Red”. Because this kind of dress in the TV series has exploded, so later this kind of red wedding dress is called Xiuhefu. The heroine is Zhou Xun, maybe Brother Xun has a strong ability to carry goods.
The young lady took out her mobile phone and took a look at Baidu, and said with emotion: Brother Xun is really good. The fate of this heroine is too miserable. I really don’t know why such a festive dress has such an unlucky name, so my mother-in-law must be forced to know her. After getting the shape, I think that the red skirt is also quite big, and I feel a little worried. Tell the young lady, if you really don’t want to cross, you can say that you are afraid of fire. I feel a little dangerous. It really doesn’t work. You ask your uncle’s person to say hello to the back chef, and on the wedding day you say there is no charcoal fire. The young lady said bravely: It’s okay. Think of it as my husband on the day of rejoicing. I was really worried. I took out the watering can and sprayed water under the skirt, which made the skirt wet. The bride’s uncle didn’t worry about it, and persuaded the young lady to forget it. But the bride didn’t want to save the face of her mother-in-law’s family, and no one was embarrassed. No way, the bride’s uncle had to arrange two younger brothers with fire extinguishers and wet towels to be on standby at any time. As a result, I didn’t expect that as soon as Miss Sister stepped up, the chemical fiber tassels would still curl up when exposed to high temperatures, and then it would be visible to the naked eye. The whole process was just a moment away, and Miss Sister’s skirt was worn. Fortunately, Miss Sister’s uncle rushed over with someone holding a fire extinguisher, and the two younger brothers quickly put out the brazier. The groom immediately tore off the skirt, and then hurriedly covered the young lady with the coat. Fortunately, the skirt was wet by me, and it was not burned with meat. The young lady’s legs were just scorched a few times. The whole process was short, but everyone was frightened. The bride’s uncle was very angry and scolded the groom on the spot. The first time I saw this kind of scene, I was even more stunned. Although the injury of the bride’s sister was not serious, the uncle insisted on sending her to the hospital, and then called. We told us that it’s fine for today. Everyone sent a shocking red envelope, and the wedding was temporarily stopped. . This is probably the most deadly one I have ever seen to get married

8 months ago

A friend of mine. It’s been two times, betrothed and broken up, of course she doesn’t think so. There are too many Douyin brushes, and the chicken soup is poisoned. The first one had an urban school district room, but there was only one suite at home, so they had to buy another one and drove the old couple to live there. The second is also a large house with a size of 150 square meters in the urban area, which is very close to the business district and has complete living facilities. The negotiation was done before the engagement, and the decoration was completed for them to live in, because she refused to be a wedding room in the house where the husband’s parents now live, because she felt shameless. The man’s parents have already given in and do not live with them. Live in an old house. Her father also said ok. Thinking that it was all calm, but after dinner on the day of the engagement, she played with her relatives in the afternoon. Her cousin said that the school district is not good enough, and she still wants to sell the school district house. It started again. The boy said that the house was something that could be solved, and he didn’t have to rush to change it all in one hour or three, and he refused to buy a second-hand house. She didn’t follow her and gave others cold and violence. The man came to the door and said to take her to buy three golds. She shook his face and said that there was no time. Coupled with the previous series of show operations, she was cold and she couldn’t be served. I myself have just got married, and I don’t have a sister-in-law who likes living with my mother-in-law. But now how many young people can buy a house before they get married, all with the help of their parents. But gnawing the old requires the consciousness of gnawing the old, don’t do this kind of messy things like picking up the bowl and eating meat and putting down the bowl to scold your mother. Thinking that the dove occupying the magpie’s nest is even more undesirable. Before entering, you must establish your own strong position and drive your parents-in-law away. In my dad’s words, the mother-in-law’s money is spent, and the mother-in-law doesn’t need it. You are What a good thing. Because I was so troublesome to introduce me, every day after that, I cried and cried, washed myself clean, said that the boy Mabao told his mother everything, then you two went out to play and eat two skewers and talk to your father. What about Dadbao? Double standard play flying. I asked her if she said she was going to buy three golds, but she said no one mentioned it. I also gave a sentence, I told my dad in advance, as long as he comes to explain the difficulties, he won’t be embarrassed. To be honest, I have followed the door to talk about the difficulties several times. You have to pinch the difficulties and make demands, waiting for others to come to the door to admit that you are poor and incompetent. Hello, although you are poor, you are incompetent and I am magnanimous and don’t care about it? Why are all good things taken up by you? People don’t want to throw face on the ground for you to trample on, just because they have no sincerity and their attitude is not good. Old pua. For this trick, I will wait to see 3234 and do it again.

8 months ago

I met a 27-year-old woman with a very thin lumbar fracture. Her pre-marital experience is really the same as in a TV series. A few days before she was hospitalized, she called every day in the ward. If she didn’t call, she cried loudly. The decibels overcame the TV sound of the old grandma’s Dream of Red Mansions in the nearby ward. The old grandma asked us to persuade the girl in the next ward. One come and two, coupled with the consolation of the patient’s parents and girlfriends, we thought it was another story of an affectionate woman who could not jump off the building after chasing love. Unexpectedly, it reversed a few days later. One afternoon, a tall boy knelt in front of the girl’s bed, slapped himself and told the girl that the marriage was divorced. The girl’s parents wiped their tears on one side. The girl also cried sobbing loudly and said, I really didn’t do anything to open the room with him. I’m just in a bad mood. Let’s open a room to talk. . . Nothing really happened. If you don’t believe me, I will call him to explain to you. Don’t leave me, okay. . . . Okay, oh my god, I’m a little indigestion with this amount of information. Later, someone in the know popularized science. It turned out that the girl and her boyfriend had already obtained the certificate and were preparing for the wedding. It seems that the invitations have been written. One day the girl and a male friend were said to be in a bad mood and opened a room for a chat, and it happened to be known by her boyfriend. The boy did not agree to get married, and the girl jumped down from the stairs to prove her innocence. . . But the sober boy insisted on getting a divorce. There was a girl from the back who called every male friend who was talking with him and asked him to explain to her boyfriend. This brain circuit is also extremely fascinating.

8 months ago

My predecessor has already talked about marriage. He has a wedding house in his family, and it is not under his name. The wedding house is rented out. I said that he would wait until the lease period is up and then get the certificate for the ceremony. He disagreed and asked to get the certificate immediately. I said, if you get the permit, you can rent a house first. It is too inconvenient to live under the same roof with my parents. I take a bath and go to the toilet to dry my underwear. It is inconvenient for two people to get in touch with each other. He disagrees. Then he backhanded me a hat that I don’t want to live with my parents is not filial to my parents, and said that I broke up, and then waited for me to save him. Then he became my predecessor, and repeatedly came to me to reconcile, saying “this result is not what he wanted”, and promised that the absolute small family will live alone, no parents will interfere, and if you can move less, you can move less, and the salary after marriage is all cross. I’m surprised, you don’t want this result. What you did was aimed at this result. Then what result did your old man want at that time? I go to ask for peace and save me and say that I am willing to live in your parents’ house and serve you and your parents? Now I know I regret it, it’s too late. Go ahead.

8 months ago

I have experienced it myself. The pre-marriage gifts, dowry, car house, etc. were all arranged and negotiated for those who had planned to get married with their predecessors. Basically, everyone had a happy ending. I thought it was stable. But because I have no unmarried sisters and no bridesmaids, I originally planned to rent them, but the predecessor said that they would be handed over to him. He came to find the bridesmaids, that’s okay, and I think he is very considerate. We have been in love for three or four years. We are in free love and our relationship foundation is pretty good. When we naturally get married, both parents know each other’s existence, and there is no conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. His parents are all well-knowing and normal people, neither It’s a weird thing that you have to get pregnant and then get married, or you have to be a boy. There is no such thing as going over the brazier, or getting off the horse, everything is smooth, and we are all beaming and very happy. The day of marriage is also a good day to find someone. Except for the gentleman who showed the horoscope that we are not a positive relationship, we may not be successful. If there is a third party to destroy this, everything will go smoothly without any trouble, everyone. All of them are happy, and all kinds of disturbances mentioned on the Internet have not appeared. Even on the wedding day, the weather was very sunny and not too hot. The so-called breeze was just right. We took the wedding photos in advance, but we haven’t got the certificate yet, because I’m from a foreign country and get married at his house. My parents said that they will get the certificate when the time comes. It’s fortunate to find a good day to pick it up at my house. Otherwise, I have to get a divorce. I will be the second married girl. That day, we went through the process normally, and then I found his ex-girlfriend in the bridesmaid group. She was dressed very beautifully. Although she was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress, her makeup could make others see her. At that time, my heart began to respond, but I didn’t say, he thought I didn’t know his ex-girlfriend, but in fact, I not only knew, but also knew that there were many photos of his ex-girlfriend in his space, as well as the chats between the two The record, but everyone has youth, the right to be invisible. I never expected that his EQ could be so low that he would still have feelings when he hired his ex-girlfriend as a bridesmaid! So after I walked through the wedding process, I kept my eyes on it. Aren’t there still toasts and other processes afterwards? We were tired after drinking too much. We both had a rest. Our relatives were eating and drinking. He didn’t come with me because I was going to touch up makeup. Then at this moment, he had a shot with his ex-girlfriend, and it was seen by others. It was not seen by my relatives, but a justice waiter sister. Because this floor holds a wedding, she is the waiter on this floor, knowing that I am the bride. Because she accidentally smashed a bottle of red wine before, I came forward and said forget it, she just took care of the nosy. I originally thought that he was just low in EQ and he was stupid. So I took someone to catch the rape, and the two of them were still holding tenderly after their work. They treated me as a dead person, and there was really a green cloud above their heads. The kind of green home. I thought this was over, but another bridesmaid came to watch the fun, and gave him a slap. I was dumbfounded on the spot. I haven’t started yet. I looked at the bridesmaid gratefully. It was a good thing to do. Girl! Then the three of them quarreled, good guy, this is also his ex-girlfriend, just the kind that has no feelings, but this ex-girlfriend still has feelings for him, so he came to be a bridesmaid. Bridesmaid A shrank in the quilt, and bridesmaid B cursed there. I didn’t know that she thought today’s bride was her. She was green. Then I was shooting a video on the side. It’s so lively. Immediately after that, I always thought that the “mother-in-law” of Zhishu Dali also joined the battle, saying that the two “bitches” seduce her son and ruin his son’s wedding. At this time, everyone turned to me from watching the excitement. My parents were dragged by me and didn’t go up to hit someone, then I put away my phone and watched their family perform. Immediately afterwards, his dad might feel that this can’t solve the hatred in my heart. He wanted to keep my daughter-in-law, so he didn’t know where he got a weapon and went to beat him. Because the man didn’t dare to come out under the quilt, his father accidentally hit his sensitive spot. He sweated in pain and was sent to the hospital behind. His mother was too anxious and kept apologizing to me, saying that she would discipline her son well. Seeing that they were busy, my parents said that there was no need to apologize. The wedding ceremony was sent back as it was, and the marriage would not be accepted. I believe your son will also have a suitable marriage partner. Then they took me home. They thought I would be sad, but I couldn’t help but laugh. It was really funny. His expression at the time was then torn by two ex-girlfriends on the spot, and the current girlfriend was watching by the side. That Shura Field is funny when you think about it. Later, I heard that he hurt his life and left a serious psychological shadow. His parents did not want to give up my mouth-to-mouth duck. They said it was to make me vent their anger. He said that he would definitely not dare to hurt them. If you cheated, ask me for peace. I said that I cheated on the wedding day and brought two exes for excitement. I didn’t dare to ask. If you want to blame, my uncle and aunt will blame him and his ex-girlfriend. I didn’t force him to cheat and give me a cuckold. , Now I have become a joke among relatives, and the wedding also cost money. It’s simply losing her daughter-in-law and losing troops. I succeeded in selling it miserably, and his parents stopped pestering me. I believe everyone is also more curious about why his parents are so attached to me, because my parents are government officials, and the position is not bad at the local level. They are not high-ranking officials, but they are in business and they just want to develop in my home. , I just need the contacts of my parents. So they didn’t dare to offend. Later, the gift money didn’t dare to go back (it was only 80,000 yuan, almost exactly offset the part of my family’s wedding fund), and the three golds were refunded. His ex-girlfriend was also said to have talked about marriage at one time, but his parents had a high-sightedness and looked down upon ordinary girls. They also got on the boat of my mother and met me, so they made various arrangements. When I was still studying at the time, she inquired about my preferences, asked her son to’prescribe the right medicine’ and almost lied to me, but unfortunately the ship capsized. I’m a person of cool nature, and I don’t love him to the point where he must live and die (that’s why I can accept his space to save pictures of his ex), and I know a little about his past as a playboy. It’s not uncommon for me to have many predecessors. It’s a little colder, I don’t have any friends, and I am envious of him playing well, having many friends, and it’s all things in the past, and I don’t bother to care about it. I got out of this matter very quickly, but my parents lost face, and later he really married the bridesmaid A. I heard that the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law was very stiff. First, the bridesmaid A failed to please the mother-in-law, and then she was shameless. Nothing, all kinds of troubles, her mother-in-law is a face-saving, not an opponent at all, and finally separated and stayed alone.

8 months ago

I heard about it during the New Year, a junior high school classmate, this is the most deadly thing I have ever heard of. I was taught by my relatives to give in-laws to my in-laws before entering the door. So the ex-husband was forced to rent a big G as a wedding car. When getting in the car, her natal cousin made a demonstration and knelt on the ground to support her in the wedding car. When getting off the car, asked her in-laws to kneel and support her to get out of the car. The ex-husband’s cousin cleared the siege and knelt down to help her get out of the car. On the first day of the wedding, the Civil Affairs Bureau filed on the second day, and each returned to each house and waited 30 days.

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