It can be said that in my previous junior high and high school life, in addition to study and daily life, I paid the most attention to shoes. What the shoes mean to me is my memory. I discussed with my classmates on the court which pair of sneakers feel comfortable, non-slip and wear-resistant; I was racking my brains in the physical store to find a pair that suits me when I didn’t touch my mobile phone. But they are not the same shoes as other students. The most important thing for me is the memory and the people, not the signs and brands. It is me, and it is loved by many people. Of course, in the face of national interests, we must resist all acts that do not respect inequality. As those on the Internet have said, I will not bring them a penny of profit until they clearly recognize their mistakes. National interests are above all else. You must not bow your head this time. Then you have to put the shoes you want to pick recently on the domestic products, Li Ning, Anta, and so on. Even yesterday, I had already collected a few pairs of shoes that were within my consumption capacity, and smiled with my classmates and said that they could change to domestic ones in a while. Only one day, the traffickers still did not let this opportunity to make a fortune. In the transaction records, dozens of pairs of dozens of pairs of the same id are collected, Li Ning, has also become a wealth management product? I support domestic products, but I can’t accept a pair of shoes. Some people have been mopping up the price overnight for the reason of supporting domestic products. Yes, when my ability is not enough to support me to continue this love, I can choose not to buy or talk, but as long as I ask questions on the Internet, someone will start to send some yin and yang strange words and give people a top ” “Kneeling Race” hat and bit this conclusion to death. Weibo is really noisy and tired. Would you buy such shoes? On this vent, does the increased money show that you love sneaker culture more than others and support domestic production, or do you think that Li Ning’s shoes can become financial products for this reason at this moment? How many people will wear it? Is it supporting domestic production, or is it chilling some people’s hearts by supporting domestic production? I respect the rules of trading, but it shouldn’t be like this.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Li Ning really can’t. You say that he is a sports brand and he is qualified, but it is still not up to the height of Nike. In terms of design, quality, cost-effectiveness and culture, the domestic Anta slaps it. You said he is a trendy brand, but from the perspective of the market positioning of Li Ning’s trend branch, the pattern is too small. Submit an answer, it is the overwhelming draft of Li Ning’s fashion brand line that really stepped into the public eye in 2018 New York Fashion Week. Li Ning, who participated in New York Fashion Week this time, took “Enlightenment” as the theme and insisted on the “introspection, self-realization, and creation” of Chinese people. It expresses the understanding of traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion from the perspective of sports, and perfectly interprets the three major trends of retro, modern practical streetism and future sports trends in the world’s top show venues. That is indeed China’s traditional culture, and the whole process cannot be separated from the Chinese word. Li Ning’s future development plan must be patriotic as the core, and through a large number of vocabulary superimposed to highlight the label of domestic products to satisfy everyone’s sense of pride in domestic products. But if you say how good-looking and trendy you are, then there is really no way. It can only be said to be a pass. So why is the structure small? Just because the product content has just reached the pass line, the price has reached the head position, a short sleeve 899, directly against the head trendy brand (nike is not a joint name, it is not so expensive), I can’t wait to increase the price. Cooperate to enhance the brand value, but at any rate you must be self-aware of your products. Li Ning seems to be the most popular domestic brand, and Li Ning is also the most uncoordinated. Do you really support the domestic product Anta not fragrant?

6 months ago

It feels like a conspiracy theory. I searched for the Li Ning products I bought before, and it seems that Jingdong Taobao is still at the previous price. This made me suddenly realize whether “Li Ning is increasing prices for goods” is it because foreign capital has caused the country’s tide to increase prices. Everyone knows that the core product in Dewu is the trendy shoes. For young people who are playing with the trendy shoes, the so-called trendy shoes are naturally NikeAdidas and others. So is it possible for certain platforms to explode Li Ning’s price increase, As a result, some consumers have “the original national tide is so unsatisfactory”, and simply find an excuse to return to Nike and other brands to achieve the platform’s benefit?

6 months ago

Those who posted screenshots… are outrageous
Do you know what a secondary market is? Do you know the difference between selling price and market price? Could such a price increase be the official behavior of Li Ning? Commodities have entered the secondary market. Can Li Ning still let him increase prices? Is it possible that Li Ning can still recycle his own products on the market? If you don’t understand anything, Li Ning is to blame for the price increase, which makes the brand back the pot and the shoe vendor is so happy.

6 months ago

In this incident, because Li Ning was wearing the Xinjiang cotton label, the turning point of the incident should be the official announcement of the new spokesperson. I don’t know if it is because the traffic wants to realize quickly or for other reasons. Li Ning’s official announcement is a spokesperson The double-edged sword has caused some controversy on the Internet and hates the boycott of spokespersons. Li Ning fans have raised the boycott of Li Ning to be unpatriotic. It’s not a good idea to put the brand and patriotism together. The name means greater responsibility. Now there is the problem of price increases on second-hand platforms. Some people who have suffered from the deformed market of sneakers will inevitably have some disgust with the brand. Events are changing rapidly, and how public opinion will develop in the future. Unexpectedly, but the product is always the hardest strength of the brand. I hope Li Ning will never mistake the flow and the priority of the product.

6 months ago

Small! The pattern is smaller! Although using boycott as a reason during the limelight period can make you rich, but also during the limelight period, the price increase due to boycott is not enough! Conversely, after the boycott, you will be after the limelight. I didn’t intend to insult you. Why is it that you are after the limelight? It is not personal interest to resist, you treat us as small leeks. Let’s not pay the bill! A big company has the style of a big enterprise, and it cuts our little leeks. Like us, small leeks that sell things according to the lowest price list, I originally planned to support it during the boycott. Now think about it, don’t have the money for you to cut it.

6 months ago

Hehe, I won’t buy Nike Adi, and I won’t buy Li Ning. After all, it announced Xiao Zhan today. I was sick looking at my dozens of pairs of hooks and a dozen pairs of Li Ning. Anta, I’m here, there are a few color schemes in the kt series that are pretty good~ Anyway, if you don’t wear Li Ning, no one will think you are not patriotic. There are more domestic brands! But wearing Li Ning may be mistaken as a fan of Xiao Zhan (not much hurt, very insulting).

6 months ago

Three phenomena are limited to limited-edition sneakers: they boycotted Nike and Adidas. As a result, the sales of these two brands dropped sharply. Supporting domestic products, Li Ning’s new sneakers were sold out. Want to buy? Obediently, the secondary market takes over; the domestic brands have recently collectively increased the sales volume and publicity of new products, and the prices of these products have taken off directly. Personally, I feel that the current price fluctuations in the goods are speculation. There is no other reason. There are falling and rising. Domestic brands want to stand out and need marketing. But I hope to learn about foreign brands in addition to marketing strategies, and whether they can expand their products locally. In terms of quantity, Yeezy has any other US-limited and sub-limited ones. Take care of the huge 1.3 billion market. PS. Many people start to spray without seeing the problem clearly. The price of Li Ning who asked about the goods has increased. In other words, why the traffickers are starting to charge Li Ning on the goods, and those who feel that the question asked can apply for correction. problem.

6 months ago

You can fry shoes as you like, and it doesn’t matter if you fry them to the sky. It’s just a MLM game of drumming and spreading flowers. It has no effect on ordinary people wearing shoes. This thing is not worth discussing as an economic issue, and it will not lead to the question of “shoes are for wearing, not for speculation.” The shoe industry is a fully competitive market. Nike and Adi will die if they die, and other brands will die if they die. They have a large number of peers waiting for them at any time.

6 months ago

This is the transfer of contradictions and confusion. It is not an official act. Doesn’t the increase prove confidence in domestic production? You can’t blame it for a pair of shoes. If Nike Adi can play it, Li Ning can’t play it? Can’t it be a limited edition or something? If Nike Adi exits, there will always be brands in this market. The same is fry, and it is better to fry domestic products than foreign ones. Accusing the government of restricting shipments and causing high prices in the secondary market. If unlimited supply is required, will there be luxury goods in the world? Not to mention luxury goods, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes only cost much. In addition, you don’t need to buy it if you think it is expensive. No one forces you to buy it either. Since the boycott is mentioned, I just want to say that those who drive away from abroad will also do evil in the country. The subtext is that Nike should not be boycotted. Is this evil the same as the other evil? What is the big right and wrong? Only domestic brands have competition. Can’t boycott Nike because a domestic brand has increased its price? There are too many brands that have not risen.

6 months ago

Li Ning?
Anyway, as far as the running shoes I have worn, Li Ning’s shoes may be a little cheaper, but the average price per kilometer is much higher than that of hooks and rods. What do you mean, you know.
I am poor, I can’t afford Li Ning.
Don’t let me use hooks and rods, I can only use Dove.

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