I recently reviewed Feng’s personal customization, and suddenly became interested in some of these daydreaming topics. If you can use the Phantom for a day, in fact, those who answered that they would not agree with the idea of ​​renting it, and a Phantom suddenly fell from the sky, how can you let him rent it to others quickly and without interruption in one day? What? Only one day really cannot maximize his benefits through leasing. So how should this day be used? In my opinion, this day is a day to create opportunities. First of all, you have to be prepared for 24 hours. If you don’t rent, you can use it yourself. Who should see it and how it should be used is a question of consideration. You should never drive to the countryside to see the scenery of the fields. Who doesn’t want to take this opportunity to make some money. Since the early morning, I drove to various high-end bars and KTVs or some popular places at night, squatting, and waiting, it is definitely not the lady who is looking for money. You need to find those who are rich. You only need opportunities. You don’t need to go in and take up some “tacky”. Just at the door, you can create the illusion of rich people in various ways and attract other really rich people to make friends. In a few minutes, If you can speak well, you will always gain something. In the early morning, at this time, you have to seize the opportunity to make some connections until the day, which is the only purpose. Do you say this is useful? In fact, it is not necessarily true, but this is an opportunity and great uncertainty. As an ordinary person, there are truly unlimited possibilities. And it’s just early morning after all. In the daytime, I will invite some photography enthusiasts, some car enthusiasts, and even some reporters to make a fuss about this phantom. Part of the purpose is to seek profit, find some editing photography, and give a detailed explanation of each part. , Make some high-quality videos in batches, and learn some basic car knowledge. Yes, it is necessary to consider entering the “car industry” with the help of the car. Can it work? I’m not sure, but if you try it, it’s possible. The job of the day is to pack oneself, the time of the day is enough, a person with such a thorough insight into the best cars in the world, what kind of background, everyone will be very interested. What we need is to use people’s curiosity to increase our horizons. You must be very busy at this time, and you are not getting something for nothing. You have to cheer up and figure it out, just like there is only three days of light, this packaging must be successful to have a chance to become famous in one fell swoop. In the middle of the night, we went to the door of some noble places, doing things we did in the early morning, or had made some wealthy people as friends. In fact, everything is difficult at the beginning. With this beginning, with such packaging, everything will be fine. Even if it fails, it is nothing more than a pipe dream in “private customization.” When it was close to zero, on the street, “all the big guys come and see, I will do magic, and I can make a car disappear out of thin air.” Everyone count down with me… Maybe a magician will become famous overnight.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Use a Rolls-Royce Phantom for free for 24 hours, right? Wait, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s actually a Rolls-Royce Phantom!!! When I woke up, I never expected that I would also have a Rolls-Royce Phantom, but just give me a 24-hour experience card, which is too cumbersome. , Compared to the $1 billion that snails chase and kill for a lifetime, heh, what a thing. But I still reluctantly accepted it, anyway I know these are fake. Zhihu successfully made me daydream once again, haha. Closer to home, if I can use a Rolls-Royce Phantom for free for 24 hours, I will definitely have to play around first. I guess I won’t be able to drive a car of this level for a lifetime. Considering that this car will not be mine after 24 hours, so I can make a little money on this car. Simply take a photo, 100 yuan, take a photo in the car, 500 one. Rent to someone else, 5000 for 1 hour, it is best to destroy the car, so that I can get compensation. [Today, I plan to dismantle a Rolls-Royce Phantom] Those who like it, remember to double-click 666 and click on the little red heart. . Don’t say how much money you can make, there is still some force. Not to mention, I saw the snail. Withdraw~

6 months ago

I specifically checked the price of the wedding car in the wedding record. The Rolls-Royce Phantom in Xiamen is 17,000 yuan for 4 hours, 24 hours, deducting the road time, and the wedding car is short distance, 2 hours to get a family, the connection is quick, even if Take 5 times to live (Don’t come when the opportunity is not to be missed, and you must not rest during the day!), then count it, ah! 85,000 yuan ocean! So happy! This luxury car is too profitable. As long as I am willing to endure hardship, I can make a small car in one day, hahaha. Of course this is a way to make money. Besides, there is no shortage of money to install it! I drove the car back to my hometown, and returned home with good looks. The style is simply blasting. If you drive the car across the road, those who know the goods and don’t know the goods will have to be stunned! For individual single nobles, I believe that owning this car for 24 hours is enough for you to get out of the car. This is a reality. However, all of the above is a dream of Huang Liang. Sooner or later, the dream will wake up. Once the scenery is like a cloud of smoke, it is enough to answer the questions and be happy. You don’t want to daydream. After all, life has to go on.

6 months ago

Let’s do it! Hurry up and advertise on the Internet, with nine minutes (check, one minute for handover), and one thousand yuan. This possession refers to: being able to drive, posing for photos, experience together with no more than five people, and get close contact. At the same time, it bears the cost of damage compensation for “ownership process” (sky price), and can only drive in designated areas (negotiable). In this way, 24 hours a day, six times an hour, a total of 96 times (the eight-hour bed time is not open). For every 1,000 yuan, 96,000 can have a day! Of course, it can be all-inclusive. Friends, pass by, don’t miss it! A limited edition of ten million yuan, the Rolls-Royce Phantom, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Most people can’t see the real thing at all, you can own it all day! Only once in a lifetime! Come on, friends, now you can have the world’s tallest cross grid, a limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantom! Yes, you heard that right, this is the 2020 Rolls-Royce Phantom! Not ninety thousand six, not ninety thousand five, only eighty thousand yuan! Eighty thousand yuan, one day to own the Rolls-Royce Phantom! Eighty thousand yuan, you can’t buy it at a loss, you can’t buy it! Come on, friends! This car is placed at the door of your shop, to ensure that you are full of money and make a fortune! If you pick up your girlfriend in this car, you don’t need to investigate, let alone get married, you can have a baby today! ……Ah, oh, who is this! What are you pushing me for! Ah, 24 hours have arrived? Let me go?

6 months ago

If you can use the Rolls-Royce Phantom for free, I still want to know how this car came from. I want to ask if someone lent it to me? If this is a friend who lent me his own car for fun, then my idea is to “simplely” take my family around and invite my local tyrant friend to have a meal at home, so I can thank him face to face. The favor of the car, and I don’t want to use it to make money, and I’m afraid of accidentally causing damage to the car. Because the friend who can borrow your car is the greatest wealth. If this car is a certain activity of the TV station, it is used to film ordinary people. A day in a luxury car, and I happened to be the lucky one who was drawn. So, I think I just parked my car in my backyard, huh, want to see a day when I was confused by capital? I want to be tempted by watching a car? No way, I’m going to be the luckiest person, but the most indifferent, a little car, I don’t care, so I must be on fire. The video title says “The luckiest person wins Rolls Royce, but he doesn’t Don’t ask, what kind of boldness is this?” Hehehe, where the dream begins, is the answer to the question

6 months ago

After watching a circle, everyone ran to earn money. The income ranged from a few thousand to tens of thousands. I wonder if you still have a big pattern. Instead, I: quarreling with the owner: I use it for 1 hour a day, and I intend to use it for 24 days. The owner of the car does not agree. He insists on using 24 hours a day. Doesn’t this bully me? This right must be fought for. Red or red depends on this: In order to prevent car owners from repenting, it can only be used for 24 hours a day. I first keep the evidence: first day, collect waste: recycle old home appliances, and do it in the urban area. On the road, put a loud man on the roof: recycle old TVs/old color TVs, old refrigerators, old air conditioners, old computers, old mobile phones, old battery cars…play back and forth in a loop, open the windows for everyone It doesn’t matter if money is not money, the key is to be red. The next day, be an Internet celebrity: find a 98-line Internet celebrity girl, talk about the script, and hit it off! Come on, you were indifferent to me back then, but now you can’t afford to climb high. Back then, I hugged you and refused to leave. Now you cry and beg me not to leave, highlighting a contrast, and the boxer has another wave of assists. It doesn’t matter if money is not, the key is to be popular. What I want is this effect. On the third day, I am not a person: I am not a casual person, I am not a person casually, I drove to the gate of the school, I did not even put the water bottle, and opened the door-to connect with the 98-line net celebrity girl Off work! The title has been thought of-there is a lover’s conflict and the shackles are finally married, just because the man has it! On the fourth day, the heat, the food and the drink: With the preparation of the previous few days, I made a small face in the major media in this city, and the masses spontaneously uploaded a video on a certain sound to help me promote it. Find the best internet celebrity in the city and join the event. Rolls-Royce finds snacks in 1 hour, drives the most expensive car, and eats the most down-to-earth (cheap) snacks. The owner is moved and free of orders. On the fifth day, live broadcast: inside and outside the car, going back and forth, rubbing in and out, refusing to give rewards, it’s not bad for money. One hour of live broadcast, people set up! During the live broadcast, the Lao (electronic Lao bought by a certain fish) was constantly displayed, and the ID was called: Lao who never forgets his original intention. On the sixth day, do public welfare: drive a big labor to do public welfare: clean up the streets for sanitation. To reflect the four words of not forgetting the original intention, to further consolidate the personality, and by the way, change a vest to compile a lonely childhood, a rebellious adolescence, a ignorant youth, a struggling adulthood, four stages of hard life, and get the society Good-hearted people support college, from part-time work, to part-time emperor, to the boss of a scrap-listed company who hires people to work, contribute to various media, official accounts, post something, send a certain sound, send a certain hand, in short, the entire platform online. The video uses a few photos to make a PPT. From the seventh day onwards, it must be done every day and thereafter, star spray: Some work certification can be done as long as you have a business card. The graphic store will make one now. It reflects the determination of the industrialist to work in the industry and expresses his disdain for the empty-headed entertainment business. When you meet a black or red star, you will start spraying. At the end of each answer, you will have a photo of yourself and Da Lao, in different poses and different locations. On the eighth day, I met various celebrities in China and had a scandal with a certain celebrity. Anyway, they had to be hot, and the rumors were announced after the heat, not afraid, and they had to drive to the pick-up location. The scandal was the most serious. Fortunately, there are surrogacy and abandonment, or the former star girlfriend secretly gave birth to a child. ……

6 months ago

In the morning, I drove to find my ex-girlfriend. Just let her see if I got fat, nothing else. In the morning, I drove to find my ex-girlfriend. Also let her see if the clothes I wear today don’t fit well, and nothing else. At noon, I drove to find my ex-girlfriend. After so many years, let her see if my bad old man is not bad and old, and nothing else. In the afternoon, I drove to the university to find the goddess who would send me a good person card. It has been for so many years. In the evening, I drove to the last company and visited the leaders and colleagues who had humiliated me. I sincerely visited at the door. I didn’t dare to have anything else. In the evening, go to the entrance of the nightclub and smoke a pack of cigarettes. I didn’t mean to drive out to play, and happened to drive this car. The next day, he pulled off all the people I met yesterday. From where to go, it’s nothing.

6 months ago

If it were me, I would do the following things for car reviews. Because I do car reviews myself, I should cherish this opportunity for me, not to mention that the time is only 24 hours. Run at high speed. Rolls-Royce is most famous for its ultimate luxury and luxury. The most effective way to test the quietness of a car is to run high speeds, and when the speed reaches 120km/h, feel the loudest sound of the whole car—— The sound from the watch on the central control. Get a good night’s sleep in the car. It stands to reason that this car should be used to ride more than to drive, because its seats are extremely comfortable. However, does it make my bed comfortable? Give it a try, haha ​​discuss the driving experience of this car with a good friend. After all, it is also a luxury car, and many of my friends have not experienced it before. Share with friends the driving experience of this car. However, I met a client when I was a luxury car rental company. She rented it for a day, and then changed every set of clothes in the closet at home, changed a set, took a selfie in the sports car, and pretended that she bought a car on the social platform…

6 months ago

Give it to Pharaoh, who is next door to the brother’s house. Pharaoh likes a good car, so he is willing to drive it whatever he wants. My request is simple: let him sit with his Wang Bao, drive as fast as he can, don’t stop, and drive forward until it gets dark.
In this case, the golden hair of Senior Brother’s house can be at ease to scratch the mat outside Lao Wang’s house, scratching for a day without being disturbed.

6 months ago

Borrow money and drive the car, dating your friends who have spare money and are greedy and a little stupid. Tell them that you have got the investment in a new project [choose whoever you want, I choose Buffett], and he first gave you a car. Then this project does not necessarily make more money, but it needs to take up more shares, which is a little bit more. If you lend me the money, I may not be able to double it for you. Even if you lose money, I will sell the car and pay you back. One day is enough for this. It’s almost off work, you drive a car, go to a securities company, open an account, and find that pretty girl. Drag her to ask questions, and then send her home. Invite her to play in the evening, there must be a chance in the club. The next day she will recommend you those stocks that can make a profit in the near future, and you will vote for it. When returning the car, I said it would be taken for maintenance. After a few more days, you will have money. The premise is that after doing it, let alone I taught it.

6 months ago

Then I’m so cool, I’m sure the first step is to let my husband take me for a drive, and then start the live broadcast, live broadcast the whole process, and accumulate fans. I feel that this luxury car will definitely make me famous! Breaking through one million in one night shouldn’t be a problem! You can show the details of the car to everyone, and you can also share the driving experience! Because 24 hours is too short, I have to think about it later, hahaha I’m so clever! In addition to driving, I will definitely take my wow to make this cool car and leave a few photos! Then after everyone has done one side, I will post the news on the Internet early and share it with the celebrities to fight single groups, so that they will all take pictures and test rides! Hey, I can also make a small profit! After all, this car only has 24-hour access rights, so I want to maximize the value! In addition to these, I will fill the car with gas and make it myself. After all, the steering wheel is in my own hands, which is the coolest! In the end, I will clean the car, fill it up, and return it to someone else, which is really cool!

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