I certainly did not hesitate to send money questions. I am definitely not the only person who received this question first. Since I will be chased by toy cars all over the world, that is to say, the world will choose to agree, and there are many people who get this 100 million. In the previous question, I can’t use transportation for a lifetime. I got 50 million. It just happened that all the toy cars came to chase me. I don’t need to use transportation anymore, making money makes people happy. Let me first take out 1 million and invite 10,000 writers to post crazy articles on the Internet, telling people to cherish toys, keep their childlike innocence, and encourage more people to accept the conditions of being chased by toy cars without hesitation, and get 100 million. Then I also got 100 million. When more people get 100 million, I will spend another million to invite 10,000 writers, and post on the Internet the horror theory of being chased by toy cars, and let them be chased by toy cars. The murderer is full of fear. Then I spent another 10 million to advertise, announcing that I will build a place for the rich who are being chased by toy cars, and the safest fund storage room, to create a rich alliance that is chased by toy cars, against toy cars. Combat. The fee is 50 million per person. Suppose there are 1,000 rich people who are chased by toy cars in the world who are willing to come, and the income of this refuge is 50 billion, plus the other 50 billion they bring, I am a big project that just sells off the flats and sells 100 billion. . Take me in Wuhan as an example. Next, I will set up a real estate company, inject 10 billion yuan, and then choose a lake, build an artificial island in the middle of the lake, and just build a 100-story skyscraper on the island. As long as the money is in place, I believe that the building will be built quickly, with an apron on top, and helicopter trips. Then I will use another 10 billion to set up a company called 100 billion. My company does not engage in production and sales, nor does it provide services, let alone Internet IT. I will only tell you the secrets of wealth. I haven’t done anything these years. Make money by selling wealth concept. When the building is completed, I will pile a mountain with money on the first floor. The purpose is to tell the world that I have money and I will teach you to make money. When the time comes, a lot of wealthy people will come here, and I will charge a head tax, 10 million yuan, 100 million yuan for the card, and ten get five free. When the toy car arrived, I didn’t panic, and spent another 10 million to scramble the smart toy car is the concept of a child’s childhood. Let toy factories hurry to produce toy cars, let families all over the world hurry to buy them, and come to me after buying them. After all, losing a toy car is not a big deal for a family. When the time comes, toys from all over the world will flock to my skyscrapers, and there are certainly not a few people who want to snatch this life. The quantity is too large, and it can only be done by subcontracting out 100 companies. The annual production and sales target is not high. A company is only responsible for paying me 100 million. In this way, the more fierce the toy cars, the better, I easily deal with them, and make a net profit of 10 billion every year.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Come again! I still owed tens of billions before! This time we are soliciting answers for the car’s brain hole, so let’s do it again! It’s not bad for a hundred million! Before, the US dollar was clear, but this time I didn’t even know what the money was, not the Japanese yen, the Vietnamese dong, the default is the soft sister currency, otherwise it would be a hooligan. The title is, “Give you a billion, and all toy cars all over the world will chase you down.” Anything like this, involving hundreds of millions, is agreed without hesitation! This is to give money first, then be hunted down. Warm up first, make some preparations, make some plans! To get the money, the first thing to do is to hire a bodyguard. Let the bodyguard protect yourself first. Then ask the contractor to make a safe fortress, even if it is an iron cage, to protect yourself in all aspects. Third, offer a reward for destroying car toys and give money according to weight. The heavier the car toy, the more lethal the car toy, the more expensive the destruction reward. Fourth, buy out a car toy factory and change it to a snail. To chase down the snail before, add some material. Fifth, invest in education and publicize to eliminate car toys. In this way, it is estimated to be able to spend an exciting old age.

6 months ago

Come quickly! It’s just buy one get ten! After getting 100 million in hand, first buy half of the villa on the island and use water to block their way forward. Set up “toy factories” around the island and hire people to collect toy cars. They chase and kill me and pose no threat to other people. Grab it, take pictures, live broadcast, which one you want to get home free shipping, ten yuan 10 kilograms, sold by weight, a great profit! In time. Toy cars are infinite, and selling toy cars is simply not a loss. Expand the foundation, expand one island into multiple islands, get dozens of cruise ships and boats between the islands, and buy planes when you go out for transportation. When the scale is large enough, the development project: Establish the “Sea Island + Fishing Toy Car Villa Seven-Day Tour” and establish the world’s largest “Toy Car War Club” to establish a systematic marine tourism project ecology, establish a company, and form ip: toys Car Battlefield recruits anchors, conducts toy car battles, endorses products, and co-brands various online games, such as forming an AR combat survival game with Chichi. You can choose any car, Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce, etc., of course, all toy cars delivered to your door do not have any cost, the only cost is tame.

6 months ago

Different from the other answers, my suggestion is to refuse, refusing severely because you really don’t underestimate the power of toy cars! ! ! The title describes a toy car, but does not say what kind of toy car, and it is a toy car in the world. We don’t think about quantity, because as long as we think about quantity, we will know that this hunt will be endless, and we will stop until you are down. The toy car corps are not just plastic soldiers. Among them, there are generals. For example, I know: General Guang: Although General Guang is not big, he is equipped with the most powerful motor. The speed of full output can be as good as true. The car is comparable to General Shan: General Shan is about the same size as the real car. Although the speed is slower, his front is equipped with sharp thorns and the structure is extremely stable. It is difficult to be eliminated. Only the generals of these two toy car regiments, each If you want to chase you, your obstacles will be difficult to stop them. The invincible general light can crash into you at a very fast speed, and the mountain general can break your protection. In short, you have nowhere to escape. ? You say every light general and mountain general? I also said that you don’t have a hundred million!

6 months ago

Brother, what about one billion, do you not? (Usually I will find an angle from the topic and find a suitable excuse for choosing money. After all, who doesn’t love money.) At this time, Papa Ma jumped out and said, “I’m not interested in money~”” You, you, how can there be such a dismantling, okay, who told you to be the father horse, you cow.” And this time, the toy cars all over the world chase me down, they will give me 100 million, but this time One hundred million is really hard to get. No matter how much money is given to you, you have to spend your life, right? ! Imagine that scene. Although it is said that toy cars can have any lethality, tens of thousands of excavators (definitely more than one) are chasing you around the world, and they follow you when you go to the toilet. They don’t “kill you”, they focus on your mentality. Just ask if you have constipation. There are also missiles with their own, just ask if you are afraid. (This year, it is not easy to make money if you want to dream of making money on Zhihu) So this time, for the sake of money, I admit that I hesitated, but if I think about it carefully, it’s really undesirable.

6 months ago

Thank you for the invitation. I definitely won’t agree. This topic is equivalent to saying, give you a hundred million and let you die. Are you willing? People are gone, what’s the use of asking for money? Money is something outside the body! Even if I choose 100 million, every day I have to spend my energy and mind to guard against all kinds of toys. The topic is toy cars in the world. How many toy cars are there in the world? I don’t think we need to make specific statistics. Just look at China. That family has toy cars. With so many people, the number is simply huge. If they all chase me, there will only be a dead end. If I want to choose 100 million in a frantic way, I can only hide in an absolutely safe confined place to survive. It must be strong to prevent the toy car from pouring in. So it’s strange to say that the days of hiding in Tibet are good. Choosing money means giving up freedom and a normal life, so I absolutely don’t want to! Money is fascinating, and life is precious!

6 months ago

This kind of sub-question, oh no, this kind of money-delivery question must be accepted tearfully. But I have to add more money. I get 1 billion for the snail to kill me, and 500 million for the toy car. It’s not too much. Then so many snails and toy cars will definitely get traffic jams. So I just bought an airplane with 1.1 billion yuan… and then I can buy those toy cars. After all, I can be regarded as a giant in the toy car industry. Toy cars from all over the world come to me, I I changed hands and bought them. It must add up to more than 1.1 billion, so I can be on the Forbes rankings.

6 months ago

“Agree!” “Dip, Alipay received 100 million yuan! “That’s great! Another 100 million yuan! Come out with a smile. Why don’t you tell me why you don’t hide at home? I think too! Look at the toy cars behind that if they don’t agree, it’s outrageous, all He changed his body, and said the words “Autobots are transformed!” All the Autobots came here to gather, and I found the Decepticons! He also picked up the water gun next to him… Isn’t this so special, you can’t go out to hide? The bumblebee next door has to come here too, oh no, it should be a “little” wasp… soon, with a snap, people went outside and closed the door, and then a “little” wasp jumped from the roof next door , Holding two clubs in my hand, at the very moment of my life, I drew myself, and saw the “little” wasp falling to the ground and nothing happened… Toys are toys, and they can’t be a climate. This gives me confidence! I just breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly my face was irritated by the water, turning my head and looking intently, Optimus Prime in the mud horse’s house pointed at me with a water gun, and a window in the house was still open… I swept my legs. , Optimus Prime fell to the ground on the spot, nothing happened… This kick is really cool! I was happy, and a bunch of cars drove neatly on the side of the road and hit me, and my soul was scared! Take a closer look, it turned out to be a pile of toy cars, but fortunately, the toy cars, one by one, are very scary! But then I lose my composure. The number is increasing. There are thousands of Optimus Prime alone, driving on the road, parkour upstairs… One of the most popular toy cars is unknown, even more outrageous What’s more, there are hundreds of vehicles with metallic sheen, especially those on the roof, with knives in their hands, and especially touching the blades with both hands, as if it could be fatal… I immediately rushed into the car and started. The engine ran rampant and crushed an unknown number of toy cars along the way. This is so cool! Drive all the way to the wilderness, haha, as long as you keep driving, these toy cars want to chase me? Want to fart! “How to spend this billion yuan! To buy a villa, you must…” A loud “bang~” sound, accompanied by the fire…The “Autobots” chasing after all crashed and restored to their most primitive state— toy car. “The Autobot has completed the task!” In a room: “Where is my toy car? One kilogram of C4 explosives tied to the car is gone!” “It was here just now, why is it gone!” “Forget it, then again. Make one.” “/End.” Wait, I agree that there are two more double quotes! Time to return to the toy car before “agree”? What is a toy car? You never know what is the definition of the so-called “toy car”. When you encounter a toy car of a terrorist like the above, you must not get cold… So, work hard! Happiness comes from the struggle of both hands! /End. I am , an unknown master who knows the answer, I may be very ordinary, and I don’t have the same charm as the big V. I can let you like this answer and pay attention to it. . But if you will. Then let us grow together and break all the setbacks on the growth path together. Become a strong bow-bearer together, and I will be your partner on the path of growth. Even if it is as heavy as a hammer, wind it like an arrow. Facing the difficulties, let the off-string hammer hit the target with precision like a feather arrow. Even though there are dangers ahead, I am going forward.

6 months ago

Give money again! Why didn’t I give me the money before? How many times have I promised? How about the money? !
I will still agree this time. Because this time it is not only giving you money, but also helping you solve the snail killer problem.
You first take the one hundred million, and then give the snail killer one hundred million in a non-contact manner and execute the clause at the same time. The snail killer took one hundred million, and then toy cars all over the world would hunt it down. Assuming that one billion of the terms of the toy car is US dollars, plus the one billion US dollars of the snail clause, you get 1.1 billion US dollars, but the terms of the toy car are not clear, you can transfer the target of the toy car. Let the snail killer get 100 million of the toy car clause, and then you can rest assured to enjoy the 1 billion of the snail clause. The toy car will hunt down snails, there is only one snail killer! You can’t kill it, but you have a group of toy car bodyguards to help you stop the snail killer. Why not accept such a cost-effective condition, accept it, those friends who have accepted the snail clause!

6 months ago

I remember there was a plan for how to deal with zombies…said to install a treadmill outside the house. I think I can learn from it… In this way, countless toy cars (both energy-efficient and non-energy) will become part of my “energy empire.” They must move the wheels to chase and kill me, but they won’t chase and kill other people. I only need to hire some people to transform them… Then an infinitely rotating toy car is born! Endless energy is much easier to use than 100 million! (Well, it’s not endless. At least I can turn around in one day. How much electricity can the toy cars in the world generate?) (By the way, this toy car…should not be equipped with weapons?)

6 months ago

If the premise is that one hundred million of real money can be obtained, then it must be promised. If there are 100 million, I will let all toy car owners lock the toy cars in their homes, and they are not allowed to let them out. How can they chase me if they don’t come out? Just give them a little benefit. Besides, the toy car will not harm people’s lives, even if it is beaten, it doesn’t matter much. Just as exercise, fight for money. Otherwise, let the family buy all the toy cars and eliminate them in a unified way. As long as they perish, then I will be safe. Therefore, this society is a flexible society with brains and seeds. Don’t be afraid of having no idea, you are afraid that you can’t think of it, as long as you want it, you can do it with the support of money. Then use the remaining money to enjoy it beautifully. Of course, you can’t forget your relatives. First give your parents 5 million. Seeing their happy expressions, I think I will be very proud. Quit my job, open a library myself, be a boss, and be an administrator. This is my dream. Reading in a place full of the smell of books, and there are so many books, it can also solve the crisis of unemployment for some people. At least a few employees must be recruited. I used to be picked by others. This time it’s my turn to pick others. How comfortable and comfortable it is…Speaking of the subject: When can I get this billion yuan? I can’t wait to realize my dream. Give money quickly, give money quickly.

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