I can only play games for an hour or two at night when I go home. I have to wonder whether I am playing Guigu Bahuang, or a 3A masterpiece, or even 3A games and I should shut it down after watching two plots. And for more than an hour on the way to and from get off work, I can only brush up on my knowledge.

The transformation of terminal games into mobile games is not as simple as everyone thinks. 1. A mountain of “game version numbers” for all game development studios. The General Administration of Press and Publication requires companies operating online games to go to the Press and Publication Administration for an Internet publication record for each product, usually called the game version number; enterprise application The requirements for the game version number are as follows: the application unit has obtained the “Computer Software Copyright”. The application unit’s product online operation time has not exceeded 30 days. The record game product must comply with the “Interim Regulations on Internet Culture Management” and “Interim Measures on the Management of Online Games”. The materials required for enterprises to apply for the game version number are: copyright certificate R&D company business license operating company business license (if the R&D operation is the same company) operating company ICP certificate operation authorization (self-developed, self-operated, no need to provide) The above requirements of the game file packaging business technical plan have already stumped 80% of the game development teams of small workshops. Finally, with a strict review mechanism, it is estimated that it will take a long time to go online. Compared with Steam’s release process, it is simply a paradise for small game development teams. You only need to follow the official Steam process to apply. 2. The difference between mobile games and mobile games 1. The keyboard and mouse game interaction mode is difficult to be carried by mobile phones. The first major task of transplanting mobile phones is the transformation of interaction, especially for “Taiwu Picture Scrolls” and “Ghost Valley Eight”. “Wild” is a game with a huge amount of text, displaying text descriptions, descriptions of objects, descriptions of character backgrounds, and dazzling character attributes and martial arts. How to show satisfactory game effects on the screen of the mobile phone is a huge test. However, the combat mode of these two games is unexpectedly in line with the operation mode of the mobile phone. 2. The mobile phone model is adapted on the PC side. The game studio only needs to consider the display effect of the game. There is no need for high computer configuration. Of course, if you want to support MAC to play, you need to adapt it separately. (But very few support MAC.) On the mobile phone, the first two ends are iOS, Android, and then the screen size is different due to different models. Fortunately for iOS, the technical parameters are relatively uniform, and the screen issues should be focused on. However, on the Android side, the adaptation of various mainstream brands is a huge workload. 3. Channel fees. Steam’s share standard is 30%. Compared to mobile phones, iOS’s charging standard is about 32%, while Android’s channels are dazzling. There are more and less channels, and you need to launch channels unique to each channel. package. Of course, the Android end does not need to go to the platform, or you can directly guide the website to download, but it requires more publicity costs. If it is a phenomenon-level game, this point can be ignored.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Mobile games have very high requirements for the performance optimization of game products. Low requirements for computers, not necessarily low requirements for mobile phones. The correlation between the performance optimization indicators is very dynamic and complex, and this level of game basically does not need to consider such issues on the PC platform. In addition to optimization issues and compatibility issues, the hardware span of the mobile phone platform is particularly large. From the mobile phones a few years ago to the latest flagship phones, the adaptation of various architectures requires a large number of QA personnel to support.

6 months ago

After the research and development of Tomorrow’s Ark was completed, the official public test was held for nearly a year without a version number, and it almost passed away.
After the winter of the version number, Crusader’s Wars has been in operation for more than a year. Due to the lack of the version number and the lack of fresh blood input, the national service hiccups.
Large leek boxes are put on the assembly line, and if the small plant has no name, even a sesame cake is not easy to sell.
Scared to death, who would dare to pe.

6 months ago

Because the experience of playing games on PC and host platforms is far better than rubbing glass on mobile phones. To put it simply, the gaming experience of a mobile game will never be able to beat a PC and a host in this life, unless you connect a keyboard, mouse handle and a 32-inch monitor to the phone. And playing games on the computer and console is pure happiness. What is pure happiness? I came home from get off work and turned on the computer to play Ghost Valley Bahuang for 2 hours. Watching the villain I pinched through month after month, it was very happy. I went to the company in the morning, moved the copied files to the company’s computer for modification, and used gold fingers to make myself the first person in the wild. It was very happy. During the lunch break, I picked up my phone and looked at the topics everyone was discussing in the post bar. It was very happy. I can sit on my chair peacefully, playing games and listening to songs. The whole display is my little world, which is pure and happy. But like you said, if it’s a mobile game, I’m sitting on a bumpy bus or standing in a crowded subway. Noise and vibration affect my gaming experience all the time, so that I have to wear headphones and put the phone on my face to play it for a while. You say, is this happy? Playing games with a heavy and complicated console and PC in 2021 will be the same as the 307 that is blasted by track lovers in the RISC. Very primitive and rough. But very happy. It’s just that in the torrent of modern society, this primitive, crude and pure happiness is not something that everyone can enjoy.

6 months ago

I don’t know much about technology. If there is something wrong, please ask professionals to correct me. I think there should be similarities between playing games and learning to drive. The same is driving straight, why is the driving school’s venue so big and empty, can’t it be done with just a two-way single-lane? This is what it says, and the truth is not. The space is more open, and the space for maneuvering is larger. Judging from the results, whether Guigu or Taiwu can be used for mobile games. However, from the beginning, the development team cannot guarantee a perfect fit for the mobile phone, and it will definitely do extra work in optimization and other aspects for mobile phone development. This is an extra workload for non-professional or even immature teams. So I personally understand that the development team needs an open field for trial and error at the beginning. Only when it runs smoothly in the open field can it consider optimization and transfer to other platforms. For example, the game of Lazy Man Xiu Xian Chuan is a text on-hook game that can be played directly on the page, so it is also a mobile game after the first end game. I think the answer lies in this. After all, these developers are still pursuing something and want to come up with something different, but they have no plan on what they can do, so now they have to draw on a larger sand table and let’s talk about it.

6 months ago

I am also curious, why on earth? My roommate bought the game of Ghost Valley (genuine) and I played it, and I started to think: This game is of the same quality? Just this animation? Just do this? Just this plot? And the charm value of TM’s first time playing lottery is ugly, because this NPC is unwilling to talk to me? It ended up playing for an hour after another. . . . . It’s really fun, so I’m going to buy one myself. But when I played it, it was very strange. If this game can be played on the phone, wouldn’t it be against the sky? Lying on the bed and eating snacks, I can play this game staring at the screen for a day, switching to WeChat and QQ for a day, and the mobile phone in this game is also easy, and now this technology and mobile phone performance are completely sufficient. The only thing that comes to mind is that mobile games have no room for survival. Basically, there are only a few games on mobile phones, such as the king eating chicken and so on. Have you ever seen this type of game become popular on mobile phones? And once it takes off, Tencent will plagiarize it every minute and then use its channel volume to kill you. For example, I have already seen imitations in QQ space advertisements, called “One Year Free”, from gameplay to a group of art with a high degree of similarity. If you want me to say, first go to the IOS tablet, then I can play a batch of really cool. Finally, let’s scold Tencent Spicy Chicken. Who agrees and who opposes? !

6 months ago

There are many casual games that are suitable for a little bit on a mobile phone, but there are many computer game consoles. There are cumbersome system games that are suitable for operation on the computer, but there are also games that rub glass on the mobile phone platform. The game team has its own development direction, and now you are talking about the direction of the game team is the computer platform and nothing more. Just as some apps are only available on Apple but not on Android, the platform on which the game is available is not based on which platform you think is the most suitable, but the platform with the most revenue. It may be due to the consumption habits of players. I don’t know why the 68 yuan games on computers and game consoles are bought by fewer people on mobile phones. The krypton game on the mobile phone is 648 yuan, and the number of people on the computer game console platform is less. Since the game team intends to charge according to the buyout system, of course it will be placed on the most suitable computer platform. When it is almost sold, it may be transplanted but the phone is on.

6 months ago

Because mobile game releases require channels, it’s a simple reason. To do mobile games in China, you either have the wealth of Tencent and have your own user channels, or you have to give the major mobile APP stores a discount, and the most ruthless one may reach 90%. Therefore, at present, the best channel for making games like this kind of small studio without any mass reputation is the Steam paid buyout platform. There is also a mobile phone platform game, you must prepare two versions of Android and Apple, for small studios, are things that increase the cost.

6 months ago

Taiwu picture scrolls have high requirements for computers, and there are questions in the questions. Taiwu Picture Scroll is a P club game. It is not obvious at first. The more you get to the back, the phone can’t stand it because of the memory and computing power. (Because too dirty will precipitate the relationship between characters over time and become more and more complicated) Similar to the CDDA cataclysm, etc., it is actually very performance-consuming. I bought “Ghost Valley and the Eight Wilds” but didn’t play it, but for PC games, as long as they want to upload the content, they usually change more and more, and the mobile phone can’t carry it.

6 months ago

Both “Taiwu Picture Scroll” and “Ghost Valley Bahuang” are the first works of a small team. They may not be so rational and comprehensive when they set up the project. The first thing they can consider is whether they can produce high-quality “Game content” will not be a question of the operational direction of “which platform is the main target”. The PC platform has a low threshold and has always been the most popular platform for independent creators. How intuitive it is to use the engine on the PC to make works that are played on the PC. There are also restrictions on the version number in the Mainland. Mobile games without a version number can only be profitable through advertising. On the one hand, ad traffic requires a lot of money to buy users, and on the other hand, advertising in the game will greatly reduce the game experience. It is undoubtedly difficult for a small team who can’t predict whether the quality of their work is good. Steam on PC is a foreign platform, at least for now, it can be used as a shortcut to bypass the audit. Take “Taiwu Picture Scroll” as an example. The first edition of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” shows the immaturity of the team, the degree of completion is abnormally low, and the mechanism is various anti-human. In some inexplicable places, it is subtle but lacks some very important things. Features. It can be said that it relies more on some of the highlights that are too eye-catching to survive and expand the team against various defects. The first version of “Taiwu Picture Scrolls” first appeared on the PC Steam platform, which has a very low threshold and does not require heavy promotion and purchase, but it is the most reasonable result. As for why the game did not come out after the game went viral, “Taiwu Picture Scroll” has a mobile version plan, but after a few months of the update, the team moved to the work of remaking the work, and the mobile game version was naturally temporarily shelved. I remember that the team has no plans for a mobile version of “Ghost Valley”, but this game hasn’t been out for a long time, and there are still many things that need to be filled in. It is normal that the mobile version has not been on the agenda for the time being.

6 months ago

Fortunately, I have experienced both of these two tapes in the S agency. They are too time-killing. My liver is harder to play than that. Regarding the question of why the mobile phone was not released in the first place, I humbly thought that there were three points. The first one is policy-oriented. Based on the classic themes of these two games, mini-teams, and web game production, if you choose to be the mobile phone starter, you can properly run the domestic track instead of the global track. There is no doubt about this, right? For domestic mobile games to go online, it is necessary to get the version number first. If you can’t get the version number, you can test it on a small scale, but you cannot open the recharge entry. And how long does it take to take a version number? Sorry, take the number plate of love, you go in line first. In the past two years, I am not quite sure. In the past few years, it was not an isolated phenomenon that it took a year or so to get a version number. The small team made the finished product and waited there, so it was sure to not be able to wait. At the same time, in the version number review process, the requirements for game content are very strict. In this ghost valley and eight wastes, there are a lot of references and adaptations of ancient Chinese legends, such as what foolish old man moved the mountain, and the wise old man blocked it because there were monsters in the mountain protecting the enchantment set by the village. Good guy, I guess… it’s not going to make a big change. The emperor still remembers the time when the King of Glory by Daming Lake Jing Ke became Ake? A meaning. Therefore, it is the best policy to go to the global market first, return funds in a timely manner to support the team, and then export to domestic sales after good luck. The second one is planned. Both of these games are heavier than Krypton, with a one-time buyout fee. From planning and writing cases, there is no pit for free in-game purchases. If it is said to be launched in China first, the payment model is still a buyout. If the word of mouth is not good, the product will die. If it is to cater to the issuer, then change the charging model to free…It is not impossible, but this is back to the above problem: the production cycle is extended, and the team members waiting to be fed are hungry. Although the number of domestic game users is almost 600 to 700 million, most of them are accompanied by free games throughout their growth history. A small number of users who are accustomed to the buyout system, and then specific to the game type, will show a round of game worldview trends. , How many people are willing to pay? I dare not say, and the team dare not pat the chest. Come on, let’s buy out the game big fertile soil S company and put it on the shelves. Both top and bottom strategies are risky, and if the strategy is stable, it is a win. The three one is the production direction. Nowadays, domestic mobile games are fun or not fun, and the materials must be piled up. Look at the recent mobile game masterpieces that are also archaic, Shadow Blade 3, Heaven and Earth Tribulation, which one does not start with a complete set of animation dubbing and fine painting? There are too many mobile games, and a new one will be released in a few days. Therefore, players change their hearts quickly, and manufacturers must make products like plastic surgery anchors, which fascinates you at first glance. These two games can’t do it, especially the complicated system in the picture scroll. The first impression is not fascination, but persuasion. Therefore, if you don’t have a good appearance and can’t afford a too exquisite opening remark, then choose the S club where immersive experience players gather together! If it is said that the patience for mobile game players to get to know a product for the first time is one hour, and the patience for PC stand-alone players is at least 3 hours or longer, for these two games, the latter has to be chosen. Of course, having said so much, I actually really hope that these two products will be ported to the mobile terminal. Maybe the team is already doing it? After all, the word of mouth is there, why don’t the ready-made money be right? The money is ready, welcome to slaughter.

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