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The high-permeable pressure relief valve technology of Mi 11 Ultra has nothing to do with the “valve”. Its realization principle is a semi-permeable membrane. The material of this semi-permeable membrane is ePTFE. When the water pressure increases, external air can squeeze in through the small holes on the membrane surface, while liquid water molecules cannot penetrate this layer of ePTFE due to surface tension. Holey. When the water pressure suddenly decreases, the internal gas will be discharged in time, so that the pressure inside and outside the phone is as the same as possible. However, this technology is more of a publicity stunt, and the water resistance of the Mi 11 Ultra has no advantage in the IP68 dust-proof and waterproof model. IP68 dustproof and waterproof requirements are the minimum standard, which can be kept for 30 minutes without water in 1m of water. The standard of Xiaomi Mi 11 is that it can keep water in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes, which is not as good as the 2018 iPhone Xs. In 2018, the iPhone upgraded IP67 dust and water resistance to IP68 for the first time. That year, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs did not enter water for 30 minutes in a depth of 2m, which is higher than the standard of Xiaomi 11 Ultra. For the 2019 iPhone 11 series, it has been upgraded to keep water out of water for 30 minutes in a water depth of 4m. The iPhone 12 series in 2020 has even been upgraded to a water depth of 6m for 30 minutes without water. In terms of data, Xiaomi 11 Ultra has no advantage. However, in view of the fact that mobile phone manufacturers currently support IP68 dust and water resistance, accidental water ingress will not be guaranteed. In addition, Xiaomi 11 Ultar is the first mobile phone to support dust and water resistance, this time it is worthy of recognition.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is a semi-permeable membrane of PTFE, which is breathable and impermeable to water, and cannot be waterproof to vapor, so it is not recommended to use it in the bathroom. The most troublesome thing is that the water vapor condenses into water droplets and cannot come out, which can easily lead to a short circuit. I don’t know how the Mi 11 ULTRA will solve it. The basic principle is that an ordinary PTFE membrane is oriented and stretched to form small pores with a fixed range of pore size on the membrane. Because the pore size is small and the liquid water itself has surface tension, it is as simple as that water molecules cannot pass. This technology will be slightly better than the ordinary IP68, mainly because the internal and external pressure is balanced, so the possibility of seal failure will be lower. This technology is not a new technology. It is used in many devices, including the battery pack of new energy vehicles. This valve is also used to ensure the pressure balance between the inside and outside of the battery pack. Generally, this valve will also integrate a pressure relief function. When the internal battery is overheated and burned, The internal pressure increases sharply, and the pressure is automatically relieved. However, it is estimated that this function will not be integrated on the mobile phone, after all, the structure is more complicated.

8 months ago

Just look at the text description, it is that the water resistance is further improved, and the survival rate of rescued phones after falling into the water is higher. But, if you really put your phone in the water to play, you may have a 20 to 30 minutes highlight moment, which can be used in the water, but it will be broken if you show it again. It is equivalent to sticking a waterproof symbol with a duration of 30 minutes, and the meaning of the display is higher than the actual meaning. The difference between a high-permeability relief valve and none is that the former can be waterproof and breathable inside and outside, the latter is sealed, and the former can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

8 months ago

I think no matter how the manufacturers promote, everything must be measured to know the results, and only practice can get the truth. In addition, if you really buy a mobile phone that supports IP68, don’t put it in the water just to try the waterproof function. Because you don’t know what impurities will be in the water. There may be corrosive materials in the water. It is not recommended for outdoor water resources and swimming pools. Also, use caution when taking a bath! It is true that there is a high probability that water will not get in, but it is very possible that a small amount of water vapor will enter the phone. All in all, the meaning of IP68 is more to prevent your phone from accidentally getting water. It can provide a layer of protection, but this protection is not absolute.

8 months ago

iPhone 12 is more powerful, 6 meters 30 minutes; Xiaomi 11 Ultra only 1.5 meters 30 minutes. Of course, there is better than nothing. Actually, this does not need to be very powerful, as long as the daily splash-proof is enough. For example: there is water on the table and the mobile phone is accidentally placed on it; the mobile phone accidentally falls into the sink and is picked up in 3 seconds; it is enough to dry it without anything. No one is okay to put the phone in the water for fun. If you put it in the washing machine for more than an hour, and nothing happens when you take it out, it’s amazing.

8 months ago

The helium exhaust valve is used for professional diving watches (that is, the work of pressurizing after launching), because the diving depth is very large, and a high-pressure oxygen-helium mixture is added under water. When pressurized, helium will enter the watch. Decompression during floating may damage the watch, so a helium exhaust valve is installed. Of course, this is a scene that most people can’t even touch. The main purpose of Xiaomi, or mobile phones, is to balance the air pressure (two-way) under daily conditions. It is not for balancing the air pressure at the ultimate pressure (the pressure relief of the watch seems to be the pressure relief and helium discharge at 2.5MPa in the watch, and it is one-way). The pressure relief valve used by Xiaomi may use ePTFE such as Gore’s PE12, which can achieve 10000ml/min/cm², using about 3cm square.
However, as far as I know, this thing has been used by Samsung, Apple, etc. (first hair), before iPhone7, galaxy note7 speakers, Mike Kong used a lot, the effect of this thing is as follows. A certain degree of waterproofing can be achieved, but this thing will enter water when the pressure is high enough or the humidity is high enough. Because this thing is used to balance the air pressure. Interest-related, I am a Xiaomi user.

8 months ago

How about this technology depends on the actual level of measurement. When some people see the word “Xiaomi”, they start to be yin and yang, and cynicism is unnecessary. To meet the current ip68 certification standard is “1.5m 30 minutes”, Apple’s official website standard 4m can show his technology is even better. As for Huawei’s ip68, I dare not say bad things about this company. Satisfying ip68 does not mean that a certain mobile phone will not enter water at a depth of 1.5m under any circumstances, nor does it mean that a certain mobile phone will definitely enter water when it is greater than 1.5m.

8 months ago

Let me talk about common sense: the water in our lives contains not only water, but also various impurities and inorganic salt electrolytes. These things have a strong ability to penetrate, and the general waterproof standards are also difficult to detect. After penetration, the circuit board is very harmful, and they are basically scrapped. According to the results of the waterproof test, it should be in pure water, which is helpful to us, but the effect is also limited. In real life, even if the phone is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, it is still recommended that you don’t be too presumptuous and wear a cover when you wear it. The waterproof function of Xiaomi mobile phone allows you to take your mobile phone to play in the water, it has both waterproof case protection and IP68 protection, which is equivalent to a two-pronged approach, rather than letting you go streaking. But you’re fine, take a vibrato on the washbasin at home and show it off and then take it out and blow it dry. After all, it’s not a free purchase if you don’t send it to Moments. In the past few years, Samsung phones should be waterproof. They have been waterproof since the S7 era. They are all IP68 (6 is the highest dustproof and 8 is the highest waterproof). The latter has always been Samsung’s differentiated selling point. Apple has a certain waterproof function, but Apple does not promote this, because it has been fined many times in various places, so Apple’s waterproofing is only an emergency, and it is not guaranteed by Apple. Only IP68 started from iPhone11. The previous iPhone series are all IP67 level, which is also very powerful. Huawei’s flagship series also have IP68 water resistance. Some Huawei patents last year showed that Huawei’s water resistance standard is stronger than IP68. Huawei used to use IP68 dustproof and waterproof on the high-end models of the Mate20 series, which are also IP68. However, most of the Mate digital series are mainly IP53, so it is recommended not to confuse it. Xiaomi’s IP68 is the best in the industry this time, but note that Xiaomi has stated in advance that this is just to reduce the risk of water seepage. Don’t think it is really waterproof. This common sense is still necessary. And the manufacturers are all high-speed IP68, they will not promote the use of water, if the after-sales promotion is troublesome, the large manufacturers’ shipments are too large, and many things can not be guaranteed.

8 months ago

I want to say, is it the Xiaomi marketing department? If I don’t want to put IP68 as a key promotion, after all, it’s a shame to use IP68 on the top flagships now, and I also emphasize the first high permeability pressure relief valve…but The good thing is that you said last year that I don’t have 2K and no IP68. I made up for it. You said that I am heavy and I will also change it while guaranteeing battery life and configuration. I don’t know when it will be announced that Xiaomi will use USB3.1 for the first time?

8 months ago

This number indicator. It is a bit. It seems that Apple, Huawei, vivo, and oppo all have this level of waterproofing. (I took a look, VIVO does not have a waterproof sailor. Thank you for your advice! Vivo X60 Pro+ basic confirmation: curved screen + Snapdragon 875 + IP68 waterproof, the price is touching! This article is.) Actually, don’t blow any waterproof indicators. , As long as you can achieve the water ingress warranty is the best, otherwise, what is the difference. Is there a different standard for ip68? Why people are 6 meters away. (Thanks to Benben for understanding, there is no clear indicator of the ip68 standard. The indicator on Baidu: The IP68 test standard of some brands is: put the connector product into 10 meters of water and work for 2 weeks; put it into 100 meters of water to destroy Tested for 12 hours, the product can still maintain good performance. And the Wiki is simple, better than IPx7, even IPx8) In my impression, Sony made waterproof mobile phones first, and it was done by various rubber plugs. Next are various technologies, some with breathable and water-impermeable steel mesh, and some with ionized membrane plating on the whole body (in addition to waterproofing, it can also reduce resistance. Think about the use of this technology.). I don’t know what specific technology is available for this high transparency.

8 months ago

It’s okay for Mi to do marketing itself, and it’s okay for everyone here to refute it with facts and evidence. The problem is that Mi’s marketing skills have not yet arrived, and there is no guarantee that people will not be able to pick out the thorns under the premise of bluffing ordinary users. I hope Mi will work harder on this matter next time. To quote the big guys, Mi’s propaganda points have errors and excesses. The error point is that IP68 is not the highest level. It can be better if there is a mobile phone. The excess point is the waterproof depth achieved by the “high permeability pressure relief valve technology”. Apple is at the same level as Samsung and Huawei. From a marketing point of view, it is a common method for mobile phone vendors to make a bunch of professional terms to show their technical content. Even Apple has used words like “Liquid” screen. It is understandable that no matter how good the technology is, don’t do it. Propaganda is also given for nothing. But if you choose to over-market, it is easy to give people the impression of “just talking, not doing things”, which is annoying. Everyone is making IP68, and many products have better effects than yours, and they didn’t say anything. If you use it to promote it, it will be too noisy. Mi’s statement is wrong. Of course, we must point out that no matter what the purpose is, we are responsible for the facts and for consumers. Hammer, what is the difference with the behavior of certain rice rings.

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