I always see people asking whether AMD is not stable with Intel, and whether AMD has many bugs.

As a loyal intel user for more than 20 years, he has basically used it in every generation. There are still 20 Intel platforms in the current personal computers in service. I started using AMD Ryzen R9 5950X and Thread Tearer 3990X this year. Apart from the performance improvement, I really didn’t feel any difference, nor encountered any instability.

In 2021, the Ryzen platform has also developed to the fourth-generation 5000 series, but why so many people on the Internet have not even tried it but still think that AMD is not stable with Intel. Is it stable and unstable not relying on facts but only feelings? All people and things in this world are constantly evolving and changing, shouldn’t their opinions also be?

Below I post the configuration and running points of the two AMD platforms I built this year. Everyone is welcome to discuss actively.

There are about 70+ machines installed on the amd platform in my remote guidance, and there are probably 50+ amd books. Statistics about the rollover points are as follows: 1. Randomly change the installation plan I made 2. Xiaobai vigorously worked out a miracle and led to amd Pga broken pins, including poor contact during the process of pulling out the radiator/transportation 3. The motherboard studs are incorrectly installed/missing 4. The radiator fan is installed reversely/silicone grease is not nine-point method (for zen2/3) 5. The power supply line is connected incorrectly, especially when using a high-power graphics card/power supply. The pcie power supply line uses a single-line double-head. 6. The memory is not installed in the a2/b2 position. 7. There is a bug in the first bios/core display driver, and it is not updated in the later period 8. /Memory overclocking, including incorrect setting of pbo9. Use 3600 memory without checking the compatibility list before making the installation plan, especially djr, which eats voltage. 10. When installing the system, use the old version of win10, and the uefi boot 97 is not set correctly. Missing installation of bridge driver 11. Mainboard lamp control causes frequency lock/water cooling drive causes unity crash/MSI small plane or game add causes honey juice frequency lock and a series of supernatural software compatibility issues 12. When upgrading the a card driver, directly overwrite the installation, It is not recommended to open xmp and virtualization in ddu13.bios, which disturbs other bios options. 14. The notebook side does not use the manufacturer’s accessory software correctly. 15. The notebook side factory oem core display driver is different from the core display driver provided by the amd official website. In summary, it can be seen that, in fact, all kinds of magical installation/third-party software compatibility issues are causing the overturn. The latter is even more terrible to solve. I have encountered nzxt cam causing the unity editor to crash. At first, the owner thought that 69xt compatibility was not good, so he changed 3090 in one breath, but the final reason was that there was no water cooling conflict. Who is it, the assembly machine itself has relatively big compatibility problems. Motherboards/memory/solid state/graphics cards, and even various heat dissipation/usb devices will have strange compatibility problems, but now some people think about these problems. The blame is all on the agricultural enterprise. Knowing that the old wolf mentioned one point, I agree with it. In terms of bios compatibility/driver compatibility, there is still a gap between amd and intel. The size of the companies on both sides is large, and the manpower to optimize compatibility is naturally poor. I also added Xiangmo’s answer from downstairs. Our setup process is basically for installation, which is the icing on the cake. Most of the settings are optimized based on my own experience. In fact, the update of win10 can also cover most of the amd. Driver, but whether it is amd or intel, if you want the most comprehensive driver, you still have to go to the two official websites/motherboard/notebook official websites to find them slowly. It is difficult to stop Xiaobai from dying, but it is still difficult to add at the end of the article. The real problem with amd is related to the verification. Every time the first low-voltage/standard-voltage notebook U has more or less driver/bios bugs, it will be repaired as soon as possible. It takes a few months to fix it, which is very troublesome. On the contrary, it is the cpu that does not have a core display and will not cause the first bios to be completely unusable (except for the zen generation, the problem is really big when the zen is first released)


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6 months ago

I think I have a certain say in this question. At that time, due to our professional reasons, we needed a CPU with more cores. With a budget of 6K5, it was early 2018 when the 20 series and 2000 series Ryzen were just released. I chose the R5-2600X+2060 plan, and after I finished the installation, my classmates also said that they would install it with me, and then the entire class, more than 20 computers were almost all installed by me, and the configuration was all 2600X+2060. I have been in fashion for at least half a month, and now I am about to graduate in almost 3 years. There are problems with 0 machines. Although some machines have a little problem, I have solved most of them. The following is a large number of fashion machines. When buying 2600X+2060. Then why do people install AMD with continuous problems and I will not overturn the car? I think a large part of the reason is that the axle drive system has not been handled properly. Different intel, intel CPU can almost be said to be installed, the system is installed, the driver master one-click driver installation is complete, but AMD is different, there are many places that need to be set, only when all the settings are correct, it will not appear too much. The big problem, first, the system will give priority to Windows Professional. The version should follow the CPU release time, don’t fall behind, because windows is also optimizing Ryzen. For example, if it’s the 5th generation Ryzen, don’t install 1709 and go directly to 20H2. Going up, the old Ryzen also recommends a new version of the system, because the optimization of Ryzen by the window is getting better and better. If there is a system disk in the original, then try to migrate things to other disks and then reinstall them. Do not change the original version. Install the system disk directly on the Ryzen and use the original system directly! Do not use the original system directly! After installing the system, the most important step is one that most people will ignore: install the AMD bridge driver! Many people use 360 ​​Driver Master or Driver Wizard to install the driver with one-click installation, but the AMD bridge driver is not marked at all. This is also the culprit that caused the USB problem. Then download the AMD Chipset Drives, and then follow the steps to complete the driver installation, directly all the way Nothing needs to be changed in the next step. After restarting the computer, return to the home page of the control panel, select Hardware and Sound-Power Plan-Power Options-Select Hide Additional Plan, switch the plan to amd high performance, after selecting the amd high performance plan, select Change plan settings on the right side of the current plan . Restart and enter the bios, and then make sure that the bios is the latest version of the bios, because many AMD motherboard manufacturers first release the bios of the test version of the motherboard, and my X570-E is also the test version of the bios. There are many problems, so I need to refresh the bios to the latest version. Bios version, after brushing bios. After entering the bios, first switch the bios language to Chinese, then press F7 to enter the advanced mode, click on the oc profile in the lower left corner, select the advanced/advanced mode in the OC mode on the right, and then find the cpu feature -svm mode in the menu, and the change will be prohibited To allow, press F10 to save and exit. (This is to turn on virtualization, and in many cases it is also a bug caused by not turning on virtualization). After restarting, enter the system, right-click on the task bar to open the task manager, click on the details, switch to the performance tab, select cpu, and check the right Whether virtualization in the lower corner is enabled, then select the startup tab, find windows security notification, and right-click to disable it. After such a set of operations, I dare not say all of the AMD CPUs. Most of the problems can be solved. This is the biggest difference between intel and AMD. Many functions of AMD are not turned on. If you directly install the driver with one click + the system does not reinstall, It is almost 100% that there will be problems, but as long as you use it correctly and modify everything that should be installed and modified, you can reduce the probability of the problem a lot. I installed the full set of computer setup procedures before, so why is it called Renzhinong, because the driver installation in the later period is imperfect, which basically requires manual operation, which leads to many unknown Xiaobai not knowing this operation and causing problems. , And many installation tutorials will not teach you how to set it up, just simply install the hardware + type the driver and it’s done, but it’s actually not the case. By the way, on some software that uses the mlk library, such as matlab, AMD uses the less efficient SSE instruction set by default, and uses the AVX instruction set on Intel, even if the AMD CPU supports AVX2 or SSE3-SSE4, MKL also only uses SSE1. But AMD has these instruction sets, which is not a problem of AMD’s CPU itself. If you bypass Matlab’s “weaken AMD CPU” function, users need to modify the system environment variables and set MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE=5. Before and after the change.
、Matlab, a mathematical computing environment, has a special optimization for Intel processors. After detecting that it is an Intel processor, it will use Intel MKL (path kernel library) and call the AVX2 instruction set to obtain ideal performance. For non-Intel processors, for example, when AMD is detected, Matlab will only use the old SSE instruction set, and the result is that the performance is very different. After research by Reddit netizen Nedflanders1976, it was discovered that AMD Ryzen and Thread Ripper processors can also enable the AVX2 instruction set on Matlab, resulting in a skyrocketing performance. According to the tutorial given by this netizen, the method is very simple. A bat batch file with only the following four lines of code can be created under the Windows system. AMD processor users can start Matlab through it and start the AVX2 instruction set. @echo offset MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE=5call “%MKLROOT%\bin\mklvars.bat” MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE=5matlab.exe The above is a temporary method, if you want to take effect permanently, just find MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE in the advanced system properties and change the value of this environment variable to 5. But note that any programs that use MKL will be affected. According to actual measurement, after such a modification of AMD Ryzen processor, the performance of Matlab can be improved by as little as 17% and as much as 258%. There are also these problems in 2077. Before 2077, SMT was not turned on for AMD, which led to the full load of the 6 physical cores of the CPU. There are also solutions for this on the Internet. Everyone, search by yourself. So if there is a problem, take the initiative to search on Baidu, and some problems can still be solved. Finally, I wish you the machine will never turn over. The photo of the computer that has been replaced with 3900X+2080 for more than 2 years is presented. This machine has gone through many large-scale rendering tasks. I have tried to turn on the machine for 3 days without shutting down, single task Rendering for more than 15 hours without any problems, the current experience is quite good, and I have done a lot of heavy work.

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6 months ago

If the subject started using 5900HX this year, I am afraid that this question will not be raised. Is it less stable than Intel? Is there a lot of bugs? Honestly, I don’t know, because no company can produce a convincing stability research report… and “stability” is difficult to scientifically define. When I use the blue screen, it may be unstable. My notebook game can’t beat Intel regardless of the frame rate, or it may be a BUG. The former can be unstable, it can be a memory problem, it can be a sudden wind in Windows, or it can be a silly computer. The latter is really AMD’s problem, but you have to take these two phenomena out suddenly and let people define which is AMD’s problem. Who can tell? But there is one thing that can give you a rough judgment: AMD and Intel’s own internal people, attitudes and actions after problems with their products. AMD: Our products are leading friends in terms of theoretical performance and game performance. Our products have achieved remarkable results on the desktop platform. Your test results are not up to expectations, it should be the wrong settings, or there is a problem with the graphics card (it is not our problem anyway). Please provide your test data and information about the test platform. The items you tested are not scientific enough. You should test more online games. Our online games perform well. Intel: How do you test your games in general? This is how we tested…Are you free next? I would like to invite you to come to our company to talk about testing issues. We asked someone to bring a few computers to your side, and we would like to communicate. There is indeed this problem…in terms of theoretical scores, we really can’t beat friends…By the way, if the subject has the opportunity to contact the research and development of various manufacturers, you can ask, who of these two provides more technical support and whose attitude Better; you can find out how many laboratories Intel has in China and how many AMD has. Therefore, I don’t know if there are many BUGs and poor stability. But the matter is human. From a human point of view, I really think that Intel’s processors are more stable than AMD.

6 months ago

Look at the data steadily, but no manufacturer has disclosed this data. Hardware repair rates and software bug reports can be used as reference data from a certain angle, but I really haven’t seen how many of this data is public. Sometimes I see it on the Internet. Either the sample size is too small, or it is not classified according to specific reasons, and the reference value is not great. However, from personal experience, first of all, the failure rate caused by the hardware itself is not very high, and in general, if you encounter a pure hardware failure, you can always find the problem and seek the manufacturer’s warranty to solve it-problems such as overclocking are other Say. Most people say that it is unstable, and it is more about software problems, such as freezes, errors, crashes, and even blue screen crashes. If the software you are using is the latest version, it has been almost four years since the release of the original Ryzen in 2017Q2, and it has been 20 months since the shipment of Zen2 in 2019Q3 increased significantly. There are real problems with various software, which should be solved. It’s basically solved. But many people will have some software that must be used cannot be updated to the latest version due to various reasons, or simply because the software developer no longer updates or even the software developer has closed down, still using it five or six years ago or even more than ten years ago. version of. For example: the new version of the software cancels a certain function that must be used (like VMWare Workstation 16 cancels the shared virtual machine, Win10 20H1 cancels Windows To Go, both of which I use) and there is no better alternative; For paid software, you will have to pay extra to upgrade to the latest version; the new version only supports win10 but you must use win7 for some reasons; for example, the new version of the software no longer supports the current supporting hardware, and you must repurchase new hardware to upgrade the new version…and so on. These old versions of software run on the latest AMD platform, because the software cannot correctly identify the new hardware, or the new hardware is not compatible with a specific function, the probability of problems is still very high. After all, compared with the earlier bulldozers, the Zen series architecture is almost a completely new and revolutionary design. It is different from Intel’s more than ten years of adding functions to the Core architecture and slightly optimizing the architecture. If there are users in this situation, let alone 2021, even in 2031, they will still complain about AMD’s poor stability-unless Intel also overthrows a revolutionary new architecture.

6 months ago

Personally think: stability is a very metaphysical thing. However, in my opinion, stability is for people with sufficient budgets. For more than 90% of people, cheapness is more important than stability. It is obviously not cost-effective to spend a few thousand yuan more because it needs that poor stability of a few tenths of a percent. There are still many people who believe it until 2021, but there are also many people who do not believe it. Recommended laptops for so many years, only encountered once. A girl who is engaged in finance-related work, the software used by her company is developed independently by someone, and it needs to involve data filtering and so on. The budget for buying a laptop is about 5,000, and it requires a numeric keypad to work normally.

6 months ago

In fact, I think that those who insist on Intel’s more stable view should directly buy branded machines and stay away from DIY. Because DIY is only a compatible machine in the final analysis, there is a possibility of problems. More than 20 years ago, when I was still in elementary school, I encountered many cases in the “Computer News” and “Computer Enthusiasts” in which I installed a car overturned in pursuit of cost-effectiveness. The situation will be similar after 20 years. If stability is so important, it’s worth the extra money. The statistics on the after-sales rate of zen3 reproduced by 3dcenter in Germany, the data is not abnormal, such as 5900x rma is much lower than 9700k, 10900k, 10850k and so on. The abnormally high zen2, I think it is caused by the initial boost frequency not up to standard.

6 months ago

The issue of stability is metaphysics specific to the individual. Some people claim that there is nothing to do with it, and some people just use it to cause problems, or blame the problem on amd. Recently, many netizens on AMD’s processor have reported 18 19 errors and USB disconnection issues. However, there is no conclusion. You can say that the sales volume of amd has increased and the base number is large, so there are more people who report the problem. You can also say that amd is still the same and still “unstable”. This can never be an exact answer. The conclusion. There are no major problems with 6000 series graphics cards, and it seems that the chaos of 5000 series graphics cards has been changed. But is it because it has been used as an “air card” for too long and there are too few samples? No one knows. The stability of Intel processors will also be a metaphysics after the old Skylake retires. Recently RKL has been constantly updating bios and constantly repairing problems; and the next generation of large and small cores can be guaranteed to be thoroughly optimized before release to ensure that there are no problems? No one can guarantee.

6 months ago

Things like stability and instability should be viewed from a general perspective. The “stable and unstable” experienced by individual cases is actually not reliable. Buying things individually is like a lottery. If you are lucky, you will be stable, and if you are not lucky, you will be unstable. In terms of “probability of stability”, not only in 2021, but in the next few years, the stability of the Intel platform will still be higher than that of AMD. Improving stability is very costly. Although this is not so valued at the consumer level, stability is better than the sky in the enterprise environment. First, ensure the stability in the production environment, and then talk about the performance. The stability depends not only on the number of mines planted in the previous design, but also on a large number of tests and adaptations in the later stage. From this perspective, AMD is significantly inferior to Intel. Intel has a longer run-in time with other manufacturers, more experience, more resources (banknote capabilities), and more Intel users. From these perspectives, Intel’s products are easier to find and solve bugs faster. Back then, Intel’s X86 Xeon relied on its mature ecology and low-cost but big-bowl performance to kill all quarters in the server market, but Intel’s Xeon had the slowest progress in the market for key businesses (such as banking transactions). Although performance may suddenly improve due to some factors, reliability, stability, and compatibility require a lot of time and investment to improve, not overnight. As far as AMD is concerned, it hasn’t been many years since Zen was released, and all aspects of experience and running-in are still lacking. This matter has to take time.

6 months ago

It depends on people. In October of the previous year, my classmate’s 4590 didn’t move COD16. I recommended him to replace the 3600 with Biostar’s X470. When he said that the temperature was a bit high, his motherboard and I were Similarly, Biostar X470’s default voltage is 1.54V when the turbo frequency is the highest, so I taught him to set two numbers in the BIOS overclocking interface, 4200 Mhz and 1.37v, no FPU, no r20, no fp64, no P95, The temperature has dropped by almost 20 degrees. So far, I haven’t heard him say anything about it. It seems that it is really stable, but if I tell him, it can actually be set to 4600Mhz, 1.43V, or 14- 16-16-38 3866mhz, you guessed it is stable and unstable. It is also possible that Intel is indeed more stable than AMD, but most people know that because Intel has set CPU and memory overclocking as high-end privileges, and used this to raise prices and cut leeks, a considerable number of users want to be unstable. It is difficult, because there is no room to toss. A product whose factory settings cannot be changed at all. If it is still unstable, then Hard Special 2 is not far from the sales building.

6 months ago

There are no major problems with AMD, but there are still a lot of minor problems; for example, I heard all kinds of AMDYES back then. For real money, I installed a R5-3600 + Gigabyte B450 AORUS I Pro WIFI + on the old Intel machine ( Gigabyte’s low-end motherboard B150M-D3H) used two or three years of memory, and Team Group is not a particularly miscellaneous brand. After installing it into the system, a random blue screen was installed. Windows memory detection Extend checked for more than a day without problems, and then replaced it. The memory is good. This memory has been continuously booted on another machine of mine for a whole year and it hasn’t happened. Later, the USB 10Gbps port of this motherboard will be stuck in many queue writing systems, and it will be restored after the end. The same test environment for my other i7-9700K + Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro WIFI will not appear on my other i7-9700K + Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro WIFI, and even faster. It is said that AMD 500 motherboards have problems with USB disconnection; there are also some library judgments. It’s not Intel’s CPU that doesn’t open AVX. It’s much slower and it’s a toss. There are several versions of the AMD chipset driver downloaded from the official website, which can be installed with unlimited loading; and it is suspected to be used for 7nm 3600 and 14nm 9600K. With the same radiator and heat dissipation grease, the temperature of the 3600 is higher when it is fully loaded, but I have no conditions to do a more rigorous test. Which brother has done the test to correct me; of course, there are also various AMDs which are quite annoying For example, when there are dual monitors, some games will flicker the screen and then flicker and then flicker after changing the settings. You can only wait for which 15 seconds have passed to restore to the original one. For example, it was too long the year before. For a period of time, the AMD graphics card driver will get stuck, black screen or even crash when watching Youtube VP9. One of my two graphics cards has a professional card with a game driver and a professional driver. I have encountered this problem; the current driver no longer has such a problem, but at that time I tossed every day for several months and it was quite painful; later this year I received an HP and 66 AMD third-generation, R5-4500U, with a Samsung 8GB 3200MHz memory, and then the magical thing came again, I changed to Shanghai Lux DDR4 3200MHz 16GB x2, I can’t get 3200MHz, it can only work at 2666, I replaced it with Samsung DDR4 3200MHz 16GB x2, it can get 3200, and then the same situation as the first one happened. I entered the system with a random blue screen, and these two sets of memory are in my system. Another HP Intel i3-1115G4 machine can be up to 3200MHz and work normally for a long time; I saw that (I didn’t mean to attack the respondent, only Different opinions) Stability is a very metaphysical thing. However, in my opinion, stability is for people with sufficient budgets. For more than 90% of people, cheapness is more important than stability. It is obviously not cost-effective to spend a few thousand yuan more because it needs that poor stability of a few tenths of a percent. There are still many people who believe it until 2021, but there are also many people who do not believe it. Recommended laptops for so many years, only encountered once. Xing chant, metaphysics sees that there are a few questions I can think about here. I have invested in real money and tossed for so long. Is the purpose to completely deny AMD? Or to discredit AMD? Have you ever used AMDYES all day long on the Internet? I hope it will be helpful for everyone to invest money and energy to install the machine.

6 months ago

In terms of stability alone, it is true that Intel’s processors are more stable than AMD’s. AMD is also very stable, but Intel is indeed very stable in comparison. Of course, this kind of stability will not be completely crushed in the field of personal consumption in 2021, you can still choose amd, after all, there is no need to change the motherboard again and again. But in the field of commercial servers, intel is still the world. For example, the problem of memory compatibility, we often replace the memory when testing, Intel has never found memory incompatibility, but amd will have.

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