Recently, the media has been hyping Drummond to be bought out. The Nets and the Lakers are interested, but the Lakers are more hopeful of getting Drummond. If Drummond joins the Lakers, can they win the championship?

Let me start with the conclusion: After Drummond joins, if the Lakers remain healthy as a whole, of course they have a chance to win the championship. Don’t forget that they have retained their championship team from last season. As for what they can bring after arriving at the Lakers. The two main Lakers are currently unable to play due to injuries, Drummond can be described as a firefighter. In James, AD can play a role when he is away. The record will not have been declining. Offensive end: You can still turn the tide on the inside, after all, Drummond’s age is a good time for the inside. However, it is more limited by shooting, free throws and other factors, so the help did not come in the snow, and the situation was determined by one person. Defensive end: To be honest, his defensive area is not very large, and his personal defensive habits have always been reluctant to defend. Sometimes when encountering a skillful center, it will even be deflated. Compared with AD’s technology in all aspects, he is not detailed enough, or even not enough. Let’s talk about Zhuangshen alone here. He is not just a blue-collar with “double-doubles per game, empty picks and rebounds”, he is a big man different from Jordan. He has a back, a hook, a projectile, and a footwork under the basket, although it looks rough. But better than nothing. Later, it even developed the activity of “receiving the ball from the left waist and back, withdrawing from the step, facing the basket, crossing the step to win the bottom line and breaking through the throw”. He can defend beyond the free throw line; he can control the rebound; he can run and play 81 games healthy. He can turn his back, he can turn around, has a small throw, the touch and pace look more natural, much softer than Dwight Howard; he is also willing to cover, willing to play pick-and-rolls. This allows the team to have more offensive options. This season Drummond averaged 17.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.6 steals, 1.2 blocks, and 3.2 turnovers per game. The defensive end was excellent, but the offensive end had a serious mismatch between possession and ability. The true shooting rate was 50%, which was 10 percentage points lower than the center position. Okay, the advantages are over, let’s look at the disadvantages. Free throws are not good, and medium and long distance shooting is basically absent. In addition, don’t be fooled by Zhuang Shen’s data, even if he gets two pairs of large data like an ancient behemoth. But those who have watched his game should know that his defensive footsteps are slow to defend. There is no active offensive capability on the offensive end. The scoring efficiency is not high. This kind of crappy offense should have been seen when the Lakers return to health, he can better return to his center position. In this regard, it can be said that it can better liberate the thick eyebrows and reduce the pressure of his rebounding and melee inside. Better return to his familiar power forward position. Then Drummond can also play more suitable for his own characteristics, and the help to the Lakers will be on paper. Overall, Drummond is helpful to the Lakers, especially for the current roster full of wounded soldiers. Now there is a shortage of an All-Star firefighter. It’s you, Drummond!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

One important thing about Drummond for the Lakers is that he can release his thick eyebrows at a certain time and let him go to four (although Harrell and Xiaojia can also…) It is very likely that everyone sees Drummond. Dehe Pope, LeBron, Anthony Davis, Schroeder started the game and sat in the penalty area. But this is a pseudo-starter Zhuang Shen doesn’t like to eat pie, obsessed with inefficient low-post singles, lacks shooting ability, and often makes a principled mistake on defense: he only has the board in his eyes (of course, he may be caught like Harrell). Vogel trains well!) Excluding his shortcomings, his strengths are still obvious. It is extremely important to provide solid cover when attacking, especially for Schroder and James. Zhuangshen’s down-to-earth body can easily allow the two ball holders to gain their position. Drummond has a beautiful arc-top prosthetic hand, and the card is dealt… Uh, isn’t it a bit like Dreaming Green? Drummond’s assists are also eye-catching. If he can stop the prosthetic hand and turn around to erase the inside and start low-efficiency singles…Finally, fill the penalty area. In the absence of thick eyebrows, the small insider can’t provide long-term protection of the penalty area. (Although Harrell fouled first in the league) God Zhuang is here, at least in the paint, no one can get in anymore! The shortcomings are fatal, and the advantages are obvious. For the Lakers, Zhuang Shen is not a jigsaw puzzle for the championship, he is missing. He is like a small dish, first appetizer and not appetizing, but the uncomfortable ones are thick eyebrows and James.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion, there is a high probability that it cannot. First of all, Drummond joined the Lakers, and Alder, Griffin joined the Nets, there is a clear difference in nature. Adelaide is 35 years old and Griffin is 32 years old (suffering serious injuries). They are both late in their careers. They are looking for rings, not money or playing time. But Drummond was only 27 years old, and he was not there yet. There are many late bloomers in the 27th and 8th. He still has a lot of room for imagination about his career, and he even feels that he has the next big contract. So what he needs is: excellent media exposure (Los Angeles), a lot of playing time (the biggest star outside of Zhan Mei), strong and compatible teammates, even if he is a strong contender for the championship. And what he has paid is nothing more than half a season’s low-paid labor force and a chance to win the championship. The lower limit template of his move is also now well-received Howard-don’t forget that Howard could not play before last season. Then talk about the Lakers’ chances of winning. To be honest, unless a star-level shooter/point guard joins, I think the Lakers’ winning window has been closed. The 36-year-old LeBron, the true level of this season has not reached the strength of the fans’ impression. The AD injury, high-intensity games, and ultra-short offseason can’t hold the iron man. And Drummond’s range, shooting percentage, and technology can’t really afford a second team’s primary scoring point. But to tell the truth, the Lakers are not short of this type of player. It’s just that he is the player with the biggest card in the buyout period, so the spotlight is on him.

6 months ago

The biggest highlight of this year is here. The strongest inside combination has the strongest outside shooting and offense against the layups. It really feels like an arms race. If Zhuang Shen goes to the Lakers, it is really a typical Lakers for this year’s total. The championship is also fighting, the price is the price of cabbage, especially this year, it seems obvious that both teams are choosing the weakest place on the opposite side to fight. For example, this year’s Lakers, due to thick eyebrow injuries and James’ injuries, the inside needs a core to protect the frame and rebound. Now it is true that the Lakers also lack this. Harrell’s offense and Schroder’s pick-and-roll on the outside, and then a group of Three-point shooters, Matthews and Kuzma, plus Pope, this is a typical operation is to look at the space between the inside and outside, so due to the lack of height, plus the height of Zhuangshen, the rebound, the price is really Great value and cheap too. Because if there are thick eyebrows and James is in a stable state, then the Lakers will be basically strong inside to the opposite of the Nets’s Jordan + Griffin + Ade’s previous All-Star team advantage, because this is the direct omission, the substitute And Harrell. On the defensive end, the Lakers must be inside the no-fly zone. Those injuries and age factors on the opposite side are all declining. Then you can only look at the outside shooting of the Big Three and the stability of the shooters outside. Sex (Harris, Green, and Shamet from the bench, etc.) The playoffs want defense. The Lakers first put their inside defense in place, especially now that Zhuangshen can also follow through and have a certain amount of shooting. I don’t dare to shrink a lot, so the outside line that directly oppresses the Nets is robbed internally. It depends on whether the three-point team of the Lakers can shoot. As long as the three-pointers are accurate, the Lakers can wrestle with the Nets, especially the personnel. The configuration, offense and defense of the Lakers are mainly the linkage between the inside and outside, and the opposite is the offense, organization and cooperation of the giant planet and the old guys in the inside at the critical moment of the Big Three, plus the three-pointers and outside of the Nets. The three-dimensional offensive of singles and inside singles. Can the Lakers fully change defenses to keep up? Obviously, the Nets’ defenses are not useful. You can only put Jordan on top to fight against Zhuangshen, or Ad and Ge Liffin, because even if you are a small lineup, Zhuang Shen is not a vegetarian, at least two rebounds are enough for you to drink a pot. The Nets’ victory over the small team depends on whether it will work in front of the Lakers’ big men. This kind of thing, really depends on the matchup between the strongest defense and the strongest offense, but if Durant’s playoffs are true It’s hard to say that the god of death is back. Anyway, there are winners and losers. What Zhuangshen strengthened is the Lakers’ inside defense, athletic ability, rebounding, giving Harrell, James, and thick eyebrows space and opportunities, and they can also play against Schroder. For some pick-and-rolls, Adelaide strengthened the offense and singles of the opposite Nets, moving offense, supporting the inside line, and adding a little more shots, so both of them are focused on the opponent’s weaknesses, and see who is the winner in the end. Mainly it’s too cheap. The price is really not too expensive. It’s a championship puzzle. Anyway, I think if normal conditions are good and healthy, then the Nets will play the Lakers in the finals. That is to say, it will look good if you play.

6 months ago

Unable to win, the inside restriction is not as good as Howard and McGee’s last season. Drummond’s shortcomings are too great, or he is not so young that the league will not snatch big men. It’s getting harder and harder in this world or just in the blue collar. Keep improving, or you really have a grip on offense. Drummond is sorry that the Chinese gave him the Zhuangshen’s large size early. His pie and the ball are indescribably awkward. The hardware is absolutely absolute. Okay, the software is really not polished, it’s a pity

6 months ago

The cornerstone of the Lakers’ defending title is the health of James and his thick eyebrows. Followed by the three-point sights of Pope and Kuzma, and again the defensive efficiency of Schroeder and Harrell. If the two-core injury is missing, the shooters will miss the three points, and the black wind will miss as much as they have scored… Hope to rely on “Zhuang Shen” to win the championship can only be “idiotic dream”. In fact, the “center” is only a “strategic reserve” in the Lakers. Throughout last year’s championship journey, in the regular season, McGee and Howard just shared the coolies of the heavy eyebrow defensive task, and in the playoffs, unless they face the Nuggets, there is little room for the two to play. Especially in the face of small lineups, such as the superstitious Rockets of Magic Ball and the Heat that smashed Adebayor, the Lakers will move their eyebrows to the 5th position. Therefore, in the finals, McGee and Howard’s playing time should be ranked behind Rondo, Pope, Kuzma, Morris and Caruso. The effect is very tasteless. This is where Pelinka dared to send McGee to the Cavaliers and let Howard go to the 76ers. But even if it is coolie, someone has to do it, right? This season, Marc Gasol’s athletic ability has fallen sharply, making people wonder whether Lian Po is old enough to eat? As for Harrell, his offensive efficiency is amazing, but on the defensive end, his height is short and his consciousness is also in urgent need of improvement. But having said that, as long as his ability to protect the frame can be upgraded to a higher level, the Clippers will not fall into the sand last season. When Gasol was weak, Harrell was embarrassed by the “big” task, and even his thick eyebrows would be “overused” in the regular season. The ability to overdraw thick eyebrows in advance is a major taboo for the Lakers to defend. This is why the Lakers are so thirsty for the “God of Zhuang”. But no matter how “thirsty”, the price is there after all, does the veteran still want to sign Gobert for his basic salary? Senior blue-collar is positioning him. So why does he tend to choose the Lakers. The first is “not bad money”. After being bought out, his salary will be slightly reduced, but the big head can still be kept. So no matter where you go, you will get an extra pay, which is “icing on the cake.” Then it depends on the future. After all, he was only 27, so he couldn’t lie down the Cavaliers’ buyout and retired. At present, the two places to go to the Nets can get more money, but they have to compete with Jordan and are expected to fall behind. Going to the Lakers makes less money, but it’s almost certain to start. Although it is a “fake starter”, at the moment of victory, he has to give up No. 5 to the thick eyebrow. But at least in the regular season, he can get considerable playing time. After all, in a game, the “time to win” is only ten minutes and eight minutes. To put it bluntly, coming to Los Angeles, as a starting center, he has a high probability of being ranked third, but for the Nets, he is at most fourth, but in fact, he is more likely to be sixth. After all, Harris and Jr. Jordan are not good. At least bigger than Pope and Harrell. But if “Zhuang Shen” would rather go to the Nets to lay hands for Jordan than to be a co-pilot for the thick eyebrows, then it can only be said… his prospects for defending the Lakers are really disappointing. From this perspective, he is more like a barometer for predicting the championship than Griffin. Finally, to answer your question, can the Lakers win the championship if they get the Chuang Shen? Under the premise that Zhan Meikang, Pope and Kuzma can shoot about 40% of the three-pointers, Schroeder and Harrell score more than the leak, do you think thick eyebrows + Zhuangshen + Harrell + Can Gasol beat Jokic + McGee or Ibaka + Zubac? As for the Eastern Conference, the Bucks, the Heat and the Nets, it all depends on how well Death recovers. That is something God only knows.

6 months ago

To tell the truth, Drummond has limited help to the Lakers, especially in the playoffs, where opponents can make Drummond pay for a pick-and-roll, just like all teams do to Howard, otherwise, in addition to digging. King, the Lakers hardly dared to go to McGee and Howard, it is because these two people will miss the pick and roll, they move slowly, and it is easy for the opponent’s scoring arrow to directly shoot the open three-pointer! And Drummond’s low post skills are not good. Harrell is the key to the Lakers’ victory in the playoffs. Although Harrell is not good for pick-and-roll prevention, it is really much better than Drummond and Xiaojia. At least he moves fast. On the offensive end, Harrell is very efficient and will cost the opponents in the playoffs! Finally, the current Lakers, even if they have a full lineup, I don’t think they can beat the full lineup of the Nets. The lineup of that Nets is too outrageous, especially when Adelaide joins, there is really no need to play, and the offense is completely undefended. , The counterattack can’t be attacked at all, there is no chance of winning!

6 months ago

1. Richer offensive and defensive methods. Joining Drummond should help, because he will put more pressure on defense than the current starter Gasol. Although Gasol is still a strong perimeter defender and passer, he became a barely scorer at the age of 36. Gasol’s 11% usage rate ranks 20th in the league among players who watch at least 500 minutes. In contrast, Drummond can create offense in several ways. Fouling at the basket is one of them. Drummond has grabbed 15% of offensive rebounds this season, almost four times that of Gasol, and ranked seventh among players who scored more than 500 minutes. Throughout the season, offensive rebounds averaged. Since LeBron was injured, the Lakers have fallen to No. 26, scoring only 9.5 points (28 points) per game. Drummond alone scored an average of 4.3 points, ranking fourth in the NBA. 2. High-quality pick-and-rolls In addition, Drummond may be more effective as a screener for Lakers guard Dennis Schroeder and Taron Horton Tucker in the pick-and-roll. According to the tracking of the second spectrum, the Lakers shot only 20 screens per 100 possessions this season, compared with Cavaliers’ Drummond and reserve center Montreuz Harrell’s per 100 goals. 33 screens. Considering the weakness of the guard he is selecting in Cleveland, Drummond’s pick-and-roll is very effective. With Drummond as the screener, the Cavaliers scored 0.93 points per chance, which is the best of their screeners. They set up at least 50 screeners, ahead of Jarrett Allen. (0.90) and last season’s starting center Javier McGee (0.85) of the Lakers. Of course, the Lakers don’t want Drummond to play an important role in the offense as they did in Cleveland this season. Drummond’s 31% usage rate is almost as big as LeBron’s (32%) usage rate this season, and it is predictably inefficient. Drummond’s 500 true field goal percentage is his worst since the 2015-16 season, when the free throw percentage was 35.5% hindering him. (Drummond has increased to 59% in the past four seasons, enough to make opponents pay for fouls.) Ideally, Drummond will play a short-term role, similar to his relationship with Blake in 2018-19. Griffin played for the Detroit Pistons the same way, using 23% of the team’s chances of the game, the true shooting percentage is close to the league average. That will be an upgrade of the Lakers’ offensive end. 3. Because of the absence of the double stars, Drummond is like a savior to the Lakers in the Western Conference. Whether he can maintain the top six positions on the leaderboard and avoid adding extra miles in the first game of this year, the more important factor is whether he can save the Laker after Davis is absent, and how he returned to James After the battle, run-in with the fully organized double star. James and the twin towers are exciting to think about. 4. The tactical status is different from that in the Nets. After joining the Lakers, Zhuang Shen has a huge playing time. So far this season, Davis has played only 91 games (12%) in 755 minutes of midfield-far fewer than the 2019-20 season. Davis played 38% of the time at center and then played most of the time (60%) in the middle of the Lakers Championship. Considering that it may be difficult for Morris to return to last year’s playoffs’ 42% three-pointer percentage (he has made 34% three-pointers so far this season), it seems that the Lakers will try to repeat themselves with a bigger team. . We will see how much Drummond can contribute in these frontcourts.

6 months ago

This season, after the Brooklyn Nets traded for the league’s three-time scoring leader James Harden, another super team was born. The Nets formed James Harden, Kevin Durant and Carey- Irving’s big three combination, they played a historical level of offensive efficiency. After the formation of the Big Three of the Nets, it triggered a series of chain reactions. The most impressive is that the former NBA No. 1 pick Blake Griffin reached a buyout agreement with the Detroit Pistons, and then joined the Nets at a basic salary, just to win. The first championship trophy of his career. After Griffin joined the Nets, the Nets became the first player in NBA history to have 4 career averages of more than 20 points per game. However, the Nets lineup still has certain flaws. In order to trade James Harden, the team sent out a number of young and high-quality players, including Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVille, and sent the ball. The team can send out all future first-round picks, which also deeply affected the depth of their lineup. According to previous reports, the Nets are interested in getting Cavaliers center Andre Drummond, who has reached an agreement with the Cavaliers a month ago that he will no longer play for the Cavaliers until he is traded by the team. The team is willing to take over his $28.75 million contract that expires this year, then the Cavaliers will complete the buyout with Drummond and make him a completely free agent. It’s no secret that the Lakers want Drummond. First of all, Marc Gasol’s performance did not meet their expectations. At the same time, Drummond is currently the player on the market who can improve the Nets’ strength. The team is unwilling to see Drummond join the Nets. If Drummond joins the Nets, then the league will really have a big end. Like Drummond, Aldridge’s contract of nearly $30 million this season is also the biggest obstacle to getting him through trades in other championships. However, Aldridge has been on the shelves for nearly a week. The current deal is about him. Still not reached, it seems that he has only time to complete the buyout with the Spurs. Drummond’s bonus to the Lakers is actually not high. The Lakers have signed Damian Jones, and they will use Anthony Davis as the center of the team more at key moments and in the playoffs. The Lakers The biggest effect of signing Drummond is to prevent the Nets from signing Drummond. In addition to Blake Griffin buying out the base salary to shoot, the Nets’ successive free market signings of Von Lay, Pellet and Iman Shumpert all did not work well. This is where they are embarrassed. Riffen’s base salary is coming, and Aldridge will enter the free market again. It’s hard to imagine that Aldridge will reject the Nets’ invitation. The Nets’ $5.7 million injury exception and their championship hopes make all free agents want to join. .

6 months ago

After the Lakers announced that Drummond joined, this year’s arms race has basically come to an end. Since then, the various introductions are also targeted minor repairs. The best player on the market may be Cousins, and there is no need to have too high expectations for his current combat effectiveness. After Zhuang Shen joined, it was indirectly announced that the Clippers might be gone this season. After the introduction of Rondo in the trading market, the Clippers have undergone a qualitative change, but their lineup still lacks a center who can play a tough battle. This makes them look very weak when facing teams with high center forwards such as the Nuggets, Jazz and Trail Blazers in the West. The reason why the Lakers were invincible in the playoffs last season is because they can attack and retreat. Now that Zhuang Shen has joined, his internal strength has been further strengthened, and he can pass the ball, which gives the Lakers a very big advantage in the playoffs. I have to say that the Lakers currently have any weakness, that is, their perimeter defense and shooting have declined slightly compared to last season. The core of last season’s outside line is still in a state where North can not be found so far. I don’t know if this year can break out in the playoffs like last year. Finally, five words floated in the sky, the Lakers championship

6 months ago

The addition of Zhuang Shen will definitely increase the chances of winning, but the Nets also signed Ade. Both of them have been favorites for several years. I am not surprised that the two teams will win the championship, but I am more optimistic. The Nets, after all, at the beginning of the season, the Nets were nothing more than weak forward insurance, and other positions were strong and invincible. However, the signing of Ade and Griffin, and Brown’s reasonable use, gave the Nets a lot of room for maneuverability. Big, whether it’s a small lineup or a large lineup, the Nets have countermeasures. The only unstable factor for the Nets is the injury factor. Durant has been resting for a month and a half, and the Big Three are playing together. There are few games played. The Lakers team is more stable. No one on the team has suffered a major injury, and is the champion of last season. The playoff experience is better than that of the Nets. The Lakers Nets seem to be two extremes. The Lakers’ defensive efficiency is the first in the league, and the league’s offensive first happens to be the Nets. If the two teams meet in the finals, it is like a conflict of contradictions, which is very interesting, but The Lakers’ three-point shooting percentage is relatively low, only ranked 22nd in the league. Now that three-pointers are admired, this three-point efficiency is indeed not allowed to open the score with their opponents, and the first Jazz and Clippers are the Lakers in the season. The strong opponents encountered in the playoffs, so I think the first thing the Lakers consider is how to rush out of the West. Although the current lineup is very strong, there is no possibility of not overturning. The West is still very fierce, and the East is both Green and Heat. Carried out signings, but still a grade behind the Nets, the Nets rushing out of the East is not a problem.

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