The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on the 22nd that Yunnan Qiubei County Minority Middle School has introduced a third-party company to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the campus access control system since 2015. The fee is 15 yuan per month and 10 months per year. During the five years, the school collected a total of 1.65 million yuan for student access card service fees, all of which have been paid to the equipment maintenance company. Rectification after being reported: The access control equipment is handed over to the school for management and protection, and no fees will be charged. (Burn News)

Why does it always feel like anti-aircraft guns hit mosquitoes? The issue reported by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was an act of “violation”, so it was reported. The bottom left corner shows that it is still a “typical case”. The specific violations are as follows: Then there is the rectification after the report: Finally, “the access control equipment is handed over to the school for management and protection, and no fees are charged.” It feels perfect, but something is always wrong? After thinking for a long time, I have the following questions: First, it is clear that it is a violation. Then, what about the violation investigation, the responsible person and its handling? Second, the fees charged in violation of the regulations will be over with just “no more fees”? Third, in five full years, no problems were found? The relevant discipline inspection commission and the higher-level organization discovered it? Is there any responsibility? It is clearly a “typical” case, how can it be handled so easily? Is the cost of errors and violations so low? This is also “typical”? I always feel that I deliberately condone violations and not strictly enforce “rules”! I really don’t know it, and I’m even more angry at first sight! This also goes against the original intention of this news release!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Although the access control was outsourced before, the access control is not worth much money. Is this a relative? In any case, at least there should be a total number of access control. How to calculate it, nearly 165w an access control… it can be called a little bitcoin of the access control class! However, the school is also safe enough to outsource directly without asking, it is too much trouble. However, in the world of human love, a little speculation, it is estimated that the entrance guard does not leave during the holidays, and it is estimated that there is a high probability that it will not work. In fact, most of the time it may cost ten or fifteen. Because they are students, parents tend to do more than less. That’s it, but just think about it, if it’s a vegetable market, it’s probably a big deal. It seems that education is still good. But after all, this is not once a year, but once a month. Must not go to secondary school for three years Although it is not a big expense, but at least you can buy a lot of learning materials and extracurricular reading materials.·····

7 months ago

I checked the approximate price of the gates. The price purchased online is about 10,000 (may not be particularly accurate). From the video, it seems that the gates he used seem to be only 5 or 6, the total price may be It can’t reach 60,000. We have no way of knowing the maintenance cost of the product, but the service fee of 1.65 million yuan for student access card is charged for 5 years, which is 330,000 yuan per year. Except for the product purchase cost in the first year, the rest is maintenance and management fees.

7 months ago

The school said that all the expenses have been handed over to the equipment maintenance company. Well, if it is true, then it has to be said that the school is really generous, but it is also true that the money is paid by the students and they do not need to pay for it. This may be the benefit of the large number of people, so that each person is only 15 a month, 150 a year, and there is not that much share. But do you say he is useful? Is it reasonable? It’s hard to say that the role of safety protection is indeed to prevent risks. In addition, the access card is “voluntarily”. Students who have not applied for the access card can enter and leave the campus after manual confirmation. At present, all students have applied for the access card. However, the annual cost is indeed a little too much. After the investigation, the Qiubei County Education and Sports Bureau organized a tripartite consultation between the school and the company. The access control equipment was handed over to the school to manage and protect it. This fee will no longer be charged in the future.

7 months ago

Good guy, startled me, almost thought it was a shocked headline boss.

Take a closer look: it turned out to be outsourcing, but it was scattered…

Among them, I have only one doubt: Should this be accepted?

If it should, then the follow-up will be very fascinating and not emboldened.

If it shouldn’t, is there no more information about what you received before?

This fee was collected, it turned out to be so varied, which is outrageous.

7 months ago

The inspection team interviewed the relevant person in charge of the school regarding the school’s failure to establish a clean government prevention and control mechanism and the undisclosed accounts. Regarding the issue of access card service fees, although there is evidence that the school has not detained or embezzled

7 months ago

Good guy, if you do outsourcing, don’t you just open invoices casually? The invoice says xxx yuan for the purchase of equipment, and the contract says xxx yuan for equipment maintenance every year. Can the account be reconciled? In addition, there are expensive school uniform fees, spring outing and autumn outing activity fees, drinking water fees, sanitation service fees, roll paper mimeograph fees, photo processing fees, outing practice investigation fees, summer/winter camp fees… all report it. ! Nothing else, there are so many things

7 months ago

I laughed. The first time I heard that there is a charge for entering and leaving the school. With a standard fee of 15 yuan per month and 10 months per year, it is called a maintenance fee, but the fee is not a small amount. A total of 1.65 million is charged in 5 years. It is estimated that the construction cost will not be that much, right? ! The school responded that there will be no more fees in the future, so what will happen to the 1.65 million? At first glance, the third-party company, I covered it. I would like to give the whistleblower a thumbs-up. If something unreasonable occurs, don’t say it, I don’t say it, no one will say it, maybe the situation will continue to develop.

7 months ago

The Education Law clearly stipulates that students must not be arbitrarily charged. Some people start schools, not for teaching and educating people, but to sharpen their swords to underage students. Although this phenomenon is not many, every case that occurs will have an extremely bad impact on the local area. If the school illegally charges students, it is indeed educated by the education department. Article 78 of the “Education Law” where schools and other educational institutions charge fees from the educated in violation of relevant state regulations, the educational administrative department or other relevant administrative departments shall order the refund of the fees; the directly responsible persons in charge and other directly responsible The responsible personnel shall be punished according to law.

7 months ago

I don’t have any opinion on this, and I even want to laugh. Compared with traditional feudal society, modern society has experienced an exponential increase in complexity in scale, structure, dimension, and frequency of interaction. In order to be able to deal with more complex modern social problems, modern political tools have emerged. Just as we can only use more complex mathematical tools such as calculus and partial differentiation to efficiently implement PID algorithms, when we face complex modern social problems, we must use modern tools to solve them. Instead of continuing to hold on to elementary school mathematics, use the Olympic thinking to die. Although we can solve a small part of advanced mathematics problems, we simply cannot deploy these solutions on the scale of real applications. This is like using Weibo to replace courts to bring justice to victims, which is neither reliable nor efficient. On the scale of the entire society, it is nothing more than self-deception.

7 months ago

Improve education charging policy: improve school service fees and agency fees and other policies. In addition to completing normal childcare, education and teaching tasks, the school provides relevant convenient services needed for study and life for school students, as well as organizing and carrying out research trips, after-school services, social practice and other activities, corresponding to students or their parents In part, service fees can be charged based on voluntary and non-profit principles. If related services are provided by institutions or individuals outside the school, the school may collect and pay related fees. The specific policies on school service fees and agency fees shall be formulated by each province. Items that have been explicitly prohibited by the state or that are clearly guaranteed by the government shall not be included in service charges and agency charges. Schools shall not set up service charges and agency charges without authorization, shall not obtain price differences in agency charges, and shall not force or imply purchases by students and parents The designated teaching supplementary software or materials shall not be charged in the form of early start of school or other forms of disguised violation of the regulations. Therefore, the school has violated the principle of voluntariness, and whether it is profitable to collect 1.65 million can also be investigated.

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