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If you want me to recommend the most suitable online game for friends/couples, this “Two People” is probably the first in my heart. Many players have played the developer’s previous game “Escape from Birth”. The movie narrative technique is given to others. Leaving a deep impression is like watching a movie with a friend. It feels like a strong sense of substitution. Then this game is like you and your partner sitting together and watching a warm and cute cartoon. Accompany each other and grow up with each other. The size of the game is 50G, and the advantage it brings is that the picture quality is very good. In the full-height configuration, you can’t even see any jagged edges. The material of the game is also very detailed. The characters and objects are very cute. I believe that most players can arouse the desire to buy as soon as they see the game screen (especially girls, this is definitely the style that girlfriends like). The production team not only brings super high visual expressiveness and stimulates players’ exploration Desire also brings the most primitive and happiest gameplay. I think the level may not be very difficult in design. There will be no particularly harsh mechanisms and cooperation, but the design is just right to allow players to cooperate and communicate. Finding satisfaction at the same time. I think it’s quite rare. It’s like two people go into a movie and adventure together. The fun of the game. I think I can play a tie with Mario Odyssey. There are 25 small games in which there are tug of war and molesting. You have to feel that the passion between the couple has been lost at the beginning, it is better to try it and let you feel the joy of going back to childhood and playing with the opposite sex (there is even a machine in the game, if one party accidentally enters, it will be locked in. The other party can use various methods to torture or even not release it. It is recommended that everyone accept it when you see it. Don’t cause family conflicts.) There are also a variety of interesting small devices that can take group photos and pinch each other. There is nothing in the world like a beloved one. It’s more happier for people to take risks together. I hope everyone can (chat) (hands) and (fast) harmony (joy) Oh yes, this game also has a near invincible operation that one party buys the game and the other party doesn’t need it. Boys don’t have to ask their girlfriends to play games anymore. Just say that I bought the game and you play with me. Wouldn’t it be fun~


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Do you still remember Joseph Fars, the producer of TGA, who made an international friendly gesture to the camera and announced “It’s not fun, I will refund you 1,000 dollars”? His new work “A Trip for Two” was released a few days ago and received rave reviews. Why is this “tempered old man” so confident, and what little-known story is behind him? We made a video, welcome to watch.

8 months ago

Online cooperative games have always been a difficult bone, and many developers have proposed unique solutions for this. Some games do not directly have a single player mode, and the whole process is online and cooperates to the end. Some games have produced short independent content separately for the cooperative mode. Others are mostly multiplayer content, and players are expected to form multiplayer teams to play the game. However, Josef Fares of Hazelight Studio and his team obviously have a different perspective on online cooperation. Their latest work “Two Persons” is built to continue to develop this new type of cooperative adventure game, and in the process, maybe Children can also make a pair of former lovers reconcile. “Two Persons” is an action-adventure platform game limited to cooperative mode, but we don’t need to be too entangled with specific tags. Just like Hazelight’s last game “Escape from the Sky”, most of the design of “Two Persons” is designed to serve the story. I played the first level of the demo with Josef Fares. The plot development is very typical. The two protagonists, Cody and May, are a divorced couple. The two were turned into dolls by a book of love, and then they woke up in a workshop. Come. Josef operated May and I operated Cody. We went all the way through the factory building, jumping over many boxes, chasing a fuse that escaped, and using all the common 3D platform game mechanics: double jump, wall jump, drop smash, etc. The platform mechanism of “Two Players” feels good, and the level goals are simple and straightforward, but the real highlight of this game is the coordination and cooperation between the two players. The most prominent example is that in the second half of the first level, May picked up a hammer and Cody grabbed a nail. With a hammer, May can swing through the gap, but only if there are nails hanging on the wall. At the same time, Cody can throw the nail out like a Leviathan’s axe and then recall it. This not only helps May jump through the gap, but also nails the object to the wall. This interesting interactive mechanism may have the potential to further develop into an independent cooperative puzzle platform game, but it is only the tip of the iceberg in this game, and there are more content waiting for you to discover. Another interesting category change is that Cody and May are involved in a war between squirrels and wasps. At this time, they are equipped with two matching guns: Cody’s gun shoots a sticky combustible resin, and then May Fire a match to light it. Just like the hammer and nail part, the two characters must figure out what their tools do, communicate more with their partners, and find out how to use these tools to cooperate through customs. This is a very interesting process. For example, it is obvious that igniting the emitted resin can blow up obstacles, but if you don’t ignite it, the resin can also be used to press down certain objects and open a way for May to jump over the gap. May can also use this to ignite the resin on certain objects and open the way by reducing weight. The end of the demo was an exciting chase. Cody drove the plane out of the Hornets’ nest, and May sat in the gunner’s position. This is another link that relies on close cooperation. The gunner must not only repel the enemy aircraft, but also explode obstacles along the way to open up an escape route for the pilot. If that weren’t enough, the level ended with a 2D fighting game style battle with Commander Squirrel on the top of the machine. However, I could only sit in the driving seat and watch Josef beat the poor squirrel with jealousy. However, this game is not only about close cooperation. Although this part is very fun, many of the joyful moments, intentionally or unintentionally, in the real cooperative game originate from the betrayal of your teammates and make you fly into the quagmire of death. For example, you think The very stable nail was suddenly recalled, or was trapped in a cage and could only wait for the rescue of another player. Needless to say, these moments are also indispensable in “Two People”. If you are pitted by your teammates and want to fight with each other, this game also provides some confrontation mini-games, which can let you and your partner have a duel. The mini game I played was a variant of Hammouse. I was a local mouse and got points by sticking out his head. My partner would get points every time they hit me. This little game is very interesting. I succeeded in making Josef sweat profusely. Although he won in the end, the difference was only one point. All in all, as I expected, “A Pair of Two” perfectly continues the style of “Escape from the Sky”. By designing a two-player game that can only be co-operated by two players without compromise, Hazelight successfully used the cooperation mechanism in a way that has not been explored by other games. Fortunately, this game has the function of having fun with friends. Players who own the game can invite friends to play together, regardless of whether the other party bought the game or not. So, it’s best for everyone to figure out who you want to be your Cody or May now, because “Two People” will land on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms on March 26. This article is compiled from IGN US related content, the original author Mitchell Saltzman

8 months ago

At present, I have played 80% of the levels with my friends. The thief playing in front of the laptop with the keyboard and the keyboard alone, all kinds of ideas really made us exclaim like fools one after another. If another dark horse does not suddenly emerge after this year, then this highly creative, playable, and interesting game should be the strongest collaboration this year.

8 months ago

It’s so fun. I’m so fun. I’m crying. It’s been a long time since I played such a fun two-player game. Recently, my boyfriend had no money to buy it. But recently I did not have any money to buy a boyfriend so it was great! 198 a serving for two people can play together!!! Then wait until this is over, I will buy and escape! It’s really fun and the boyfriend’s screen will be recorded and I will cut it out when I’m done. Aftertaste our nt operation hahahaha my boyfriend and I both like to play games, but it’s great! Invincible! Fun!!! The game recommended by my boyfriend is bought and when I play with me, I will be careful and always ask me if it’s fun for fear of me I don’t think it’s fun, but it’s too cute. After all, I’m from csgo. How can I not like to play games!!! Wow, wait for my boyfriend to continue rushing after school!! (Orange platform plus friend invites to play directly, buy one, you can buy two The keyboard can be used!) You don’t need the trouble of uu and remote sharing on the orange platform!

8 months ago

The game is a good game. Start at the first time, download the game in 30 minutes, and my wife is ready to start playing. Expect! Want to download the platform? no problem. Beautiful! Want to register? No problem, enter the mailbox (humming a little song…) What? There are 15 14-point dice with the verification code. If there is an error in the middle, it will not be prompted immediately. You have to wait for the 15 to be completely finished before telling the error. ill! Thirty minutes passed and the game didn’t even go in. Eyes are gone! RNM, refund! ! !

8 months ago

The game lasts for 3 hours. I can feel its excellence after watching the promotional video and the crazy praise from netizens, but the platform is really too outrageous. From the outrageous Dice 14 of the previous registration account, I went to the online search tutorial to register two. My account, because I am away from my girlfriend, I can only use the orange platform to achieve remote online link through friend invitation. Today, from 7 pm to 11 pm, the orange platform has been showing offline status. During the period, 3 accelerators were changed. New I have been a member of uu for one month. The test can only be maintained online by accelerating the orange platform with uu accelerator. It is not possible to directly accelerate the game. After I went online, I added friends on the orange platform, and then I entered the game after I stayed online for 2 hours. Clicking online is very uncomfortable. After logging in repeatedly, this interface is displayed. Even if the orange platform is online, it still can’t connect to the server. Go to the Internet and search the guide for a night, just can’t play it. I stayed in the main interface for 3 hours alive! Just give me a complete autism, I really want a happy game too! But this server is ridiculously important to save my two companions!

8 months ago

This game combines many game types. From my lack of game experience, I can see that there are 3d platform jumps, 2d platform jumps, puzzle solving and action puzzle solving, third-person shooting, dark 45-degree overhead angle, fighting games, flight simulation, and cinematic narratives. These elements have produced a good chemical reaction with the two-person cooperation mode. It can be said that every penny of game production is spent on gameplay. This year’s tga family game or annual game must have a place. However, I personally think that it is not suitable for game novices. My girlfriend was beaten up in the squirrel level.

8 months ago

After watching the live broadcast for a while, the game elements are extremely rich. It may be that I play few games (in fact, not too few), and I have never seen a game with so many elements. In some places, patience is a test, but it is not very difficult. On the barrage, some people say that this is a game suitable for couples to play.

8 months ago

Seeing that everyone was planting grass with good reviews, I went to buy in on ps as soon as I went home. It really did not disappoint. I have finished my first boss, with hammers in one hand and nails in one hand. I will taste it slowly in the next few days. Simply put the first experience: the story model is good, the little girl reconstructs the relationship between her parents from the perspective of two dolls in order to save the family on the verge of breaking, and has an adventure in the fantasy world; the game type is puzzle solving +Operation, the operation is Mario level, the current core is mainly double jump + sprint, girls with uncoordinated hands and feet need to practice more, but the difficult places may have to help each other; there is a slight difference in the difficulty of the double, but not Large, when the core is in the pass boss, both sides cannot die at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you only hang one. It will be resurrected in a few seconds. This is very suitable for a team with a relatively slippery operation. You can pass it after a few tries. Good setting. The painting style is family joy, smooth soundtrack and dynamic. Overall praise +1, definitely worth starting! It is especially suitable for couples. Ever since my family’s Zhuojing played “Escape from the Sky”, I have been thinking about two-player games. I successively bought PS’s “Borderland 3” and switch’s “Luigi Mansion”. The former is too operation-oriented. The latter did not have a double handle, and the half-handled hands were rubbed and tired, and finally found pleasure in the double counterparts.

8 months ago

Recommended for cracked walls, it is recommended that people with friends or objects do not hesitate to start with about 180, but do not feel that you have been playing with the object for about four or five hours. Marvel at the quality of the game and break through the barriers. Every corner can let you. There is an immersive experience… It can be said that you are playing and boasting that the various good games of the game developers are really quite sincere. It can be said that every element of the level has not been repeated. Anyway, it is worthy of becoming a major in 2021. Excellent work ps: The only downside may be that (I think) the cutscenes can be played at 2x speed. You still need to be patient when going through the plot.

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