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I met some leaders in the county town with my elders, as well as shareholders of listed companies, large developers, and large investors from all over the world. I have to feel that the leadership of the capital is deep, and their different performances are only necessary for the environment. These people are sometimes elegant and dumb, and sometimes they look like ghosts and hideous faces. It’s just that most people have never seen the latter too often. These elegant and silly curses are really fucking nasty. The short hand of being a bitch is also…you wouldn’t imagine it, what is usually written in the book is a basic play house in reality. Most people have no chance to see the knives of real masters. When you are with your cronies, you will completely abandon your usual features, and some will appear to be more promiscuous than promiscuity, full of wolf nature, like a neuropathy. Others are as unrestrained as the Yunyou Xianren. There are no ethics and rules in doing things, it’s all nonsense. The secretary and principal joined the big investors to build a private school. After the funds were put in, they started kicking people within half a year. Are you not convinced? The big boss of tens of billions was coaxed outside, and he got it in in 19 years and has not yet come out. Last year’s major event, the county party committee secretary and the magistrate controlled all the hotels and hospitals in the county, so let’s not say what they are doing. Gifts are not always available for any project project. Many project projects are done by businessmen who lose money. Many people have no way to compensate, just to make the leaders happy. This is how my uncle started. Even after getting up, some of the benefits are still out of reach. Regardless of the business, the guys can do everything, and the debts are all cars and a group of people, and Q is matched with one or two. There is no way, some people from the rivers and lakes really take it for self-defense. If you want to do something in the local area, if you don’t know the director or above, it’s very difficult to do it. Even if you open a fucking Internet cafe, you can kill you if you don’t know anyone. Many people who do business jump off the building because they have promised well. When you really do it, you should check and check again. Nothing else is just for you. There was a family in business, and all aspects were negotiated. When it was officially opened, the effect was good. The leader was jealous and wanted to do it by himself. In the end, he was checked and killed within two days. The partner did not do it. The people left their relatives and the funds could not be transferred. Then, I was in debt instantly, saying nice things, giving gifts, nothing at all. The man had a bad temper, but he was angry, said cruel words, and then it got worse. In the end, the man killed his own family and committed suicide. Relatives made essays everywhere, but in the end it was nothing. Who they want to die is actually very easy, the bureaucracy, it is too damn good to keep people alive, you sue? It is useless to tell the province, only bow your head and beg, begging to drag the family a way to survive. It’s a wink effort to think about whoever is grass, someone will send it over. You have played it and you have a good relationship to continue to play, you have played it all, if you are tired of it, then you will play something else. Of course everything is not obvious. The second commander of the traffic bureau said to me with a smile: “You can’t learn the real thing with me, but I can teach you to be kidnapped…” I don’t remember the following words. The thing is that I want to work and exercise in the hotel opened by my uncle. His family happens to have guests. My uncle disagrees with me working there (I learned later that large hotels are messy) and introduced them to the guests. The guests listened to me. Let me say this directly after my thoughts. My uncle hurriedly interrupted, what did you tell the child… I split naturally. In public places or when leaders and leaders are together: Generally, the big leaders are all in the middle. One of them is like a philanthropist and the other is like a philanthropist. Then the four of them smiled piously. There is also the kind, the one in the middle has a strong aura, the two next to him, one is respectful, and the other has sharp eyes and bows. Although the people around are extraordinary, they naturally follow behind. People really have an aura. I deeply remember that four years ago, when I was admitted to college, my family took me to a newly planned urban scenic spot in the city. I was tired and sat there holding my phone. Suddenly there was a strange feeling. Someone came on the road diagonally ahead, and the induction was very strong. At that time, there were people singing and shouting in the field on the left. The voice was loud, but no footsteps were heard. I looked up and was watching a group of people approaching, about ten steps. When the pedestrian passed by, the person who was close to me glanced at me. It felt… I don’t know how to describe it, it’s probably frightened. I have lived for 18 years, and it’s the first time I have it. feel. Later, I felt that it would be so refreshing for TM people to live to that level. Since then, I haven’t talked with the director or the standing committee of the county committee in the small county. It’s normal to chant. After that experience, I no longer want to simply aim for a good job. The world is much bigger to look at. People are really different from their mothers. Finally, I told a little secret that the county leaders would go to the city every year to “visit”, and there were boxes behind the large space in the commercial vehicles. There is a feeling that a mouse gives a cat a New Year greeting.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Let me talk about the city government first. I personally feel that it is necessary to distinguish it. Because emotional intelligence has become more and more popular in recent years, in a sense, I think the city government has the same place as emotional intelligence, but it also emphasizes its derogatory elements. Therefore, we can score two kinds of leaders in the city government. One is the city government with high EQ. What do you think he will perform? It must make you comfortable at work and discuss problems happily. Or cooperate. So he didn’t show much concretely. But there is another kind of low EQ leader with the city government, which may be more in line with what you described. What kind of performance he will have, nowadays is not popular anymore, but he will put you on small shoes and concealed bars.

8 months ago

First of all, the leaders of Youchengfu generally have the following performances: 1. Interpersonal relationship management is in place; 2. Not necessarily very capable, but you never know who his backstage is and how strong he is; 3. You can always meet good things. To get the most benefit, when encountering bad things, you can always stand tall and even make a comeback. 4. Not everyone will recognize him, but many people still admire him, admire him, envy him, and stay away from him. , Fear of him…; 5. Be in the world, pay equal attention to human feelings and feelings, deal with different people “handsomely”, handle things with confidence; 6. Many things are not very critical moments, you never know what he has How deep and how many hole cards can be played; 7. They are generally not bad, but they are good at protecting themselves and seeking their best interests and safety; 8. With such a person, you will learn a lot; but Also pay attention to protect yourself; 9. It is difficult for others to grasp any “handle” of their own. The relationship between men and women, economic interests, personnel relations, and friends are all handled with a sense of measure; 10. Of course, everyone has shortcomings; theirs The disadvantage is that many things make you feel “appears reasonable to deal with” but some are out of ethical “track”; of course, there are more, I hope you can add something. Secondly, for the leader and the boss, in addition to doing a good job or doing a good job, he also handles other events of the leader with compassion, justice, restraint, foresight, and ideas…again, for employees. Every employee is treated the same on the surface, but there is still focus on training, protecting, and caring; keeping people with money, nurturing people with love, tempting people with power, deceiving people with benefits… Their vision is generally very accurate , Very poisonous, very sharp; have a plan and be prepared for people! In short, when you meet such a leader, you should want to learn something from him humbly. At least your vision is really different, and your ability to behave in the world will be different. You will be greatly improved when you look at problems and people… It won’t make you bad, but it will make you less disadvantaged! Don’t forget, the people in Chengfu are all people with “capital”!

8 months ago

Chengfu, in fact, it’s hard to say clearly. Take the example of my leader. First, can drink. It’s not an exaggeration that the wine field is like a battlefield. If you don’t have a good drink in the workplace, don’t go in as soon as possible. Can wine really make others remember you instantly, even admiringly, believing in the light? The feeling of falling from the sky. That’s how it is, to be able to use the wine bar, but also good at using the wine bar. Right and left. Second, can speak. He can talk to anyone who meets for the first time, and he won’t be cold. Talking or making jokes with leaders and colleagues is natural at any time. Even people who do not like or even hate themselves will not show any strangeness on the surface. He can do it and make people he hates feel that I like to communicate with him. Knife hidden in the smile. Third, look at people well. A person with a deep city government must be good at observing words and colors, especially the person under his hand, according to what personality and ability, and steadily arrange work. Good at observing leadership habits, preferences, etc. Serve what you like. Fourth, be able to take responsibility. Able to take responsibility for the mistakes made by the people under your hand. Of course it must be a minor problem. Conquer people’s hearts. Fifth, it will shake the pot. When something happens, you can pick yourself up. Push up and down.

8 months ago

1. The leaders of Xiaocheng Mansion These people have some habits, you can pay attention to observe: 1. They always ask questions and let others answer them, but hide their own affairs. She/he will ask you about your family situation, your family, your contacts, your current key business, and even get to know your views on certain people in the company by clicking sideways. but! ! He/she doesn’t speak of himself. If someone asks inadvertently, he/she will downplay it, change the subject, and make the problem invisible. If you encounter this kind of person, you must be careful, and be careful that the misfortune comes out of your mouth. What you say inadvertently may someday become “testimony in court” or be spread everywhere, which is difficult to control. 2. Talking like going around in circles. Things that don’t involve one’s own interests, even if it’s critical, basically never make a clear statement. There are many modifiers and conditions in the speech, and the attitude is ambiguous. It seems that he did not say it, and the tune of singing is very high, which sounds very reasonable, but There is basically no reference value for solving things. 3. Sell good people everywhere, and hardly cash in on “own people”. For the people in the team, there is often a benefit. Many people are given a lot of promises, but when the time comes, they can’t fulfill it for various reasons. Only those who are obedient, can control, or whose interests are integrated with themselves. To the outside world, they are wooing people everywhere. Second, the leaders of the middle-level city government make people take the blame, or frame others. The first type of leadership with a city government is basically in a state of “anti-personnel”. And the leaders of the middle city government have the ability to “harm others”. These people, who have some sensitive things, will not go out on their own, but will find a “backup”. Once there is a problem, sacrifice the subordinates. In order to conceal others, he/she will even fabricate rumors, distort black and white, reverse right and wrong, and use aggressive methods to let his subordinates or other people obediently submit to them. They will go through fire and water on the wrong path, and if they fail, they will play the role of replacing the dead ghost. A good leader, if something goes wrong, he will take the initiative on his own initiative. These people will push all the problems to others, and sacrifice others without being merciless. but! ! They will deal with it very well. If the IQ and EQ are not enough, they can really “count the money for others when they are sold.” There are also such things. Therefore, we must keep our eyes open to see who is not worthy of trust and cooperation. Life is not a day, nor can it be seen by people in a day or two. But the fox’s tail will always be exposed, but if you can’t do what Zeng Guofan said, “listen to what he says and watch what he does.” The pace of life of modern people is fast, and many people can only “listen to what they say”. Just listen to the bragging and be “fudged”. Bragging is not taxed. Some people can really get it by moving two mouths. Executive positions, after all, there are too many stupid people in this era. Therefore, you must give yourself more time and “watch what you do.” Zhuge Liang also has the “Seven Methods of Knowing People”, which are also very useful. 1. Ask what is right and wrong, and watch their aspirations; 2. If they are poor, argue with words and watch their strains; 3. Ask them for tricks and watch their knowledge; 4. Tell them about misfortunes and watch their courage; 5. Use wine for drunken people, to observe their nature; 6. Prompt to benefit, to observe their integrity; 7. to observe their faith in anticipation of things. If we can observe in this way, it will be more comprehensive. 3. High-level city government leadership The highest city government is Wucheng government. As “Lao Tzu” said: Tao can be Tao, very Tao; name can be famous, very famous. A real city: it has a height, can see the pattern of life; has a width, can see the temperature of the public; has a breadth, can broadly absorb all kinds of opinions and talents. Unremittingly externalizing the city, and turning the content of the city into intangible, just like great wisdom. He can understand everything at a glance, such as Tai Chi, which turns all skills into the invisible. When opponents are tough, they will hurt themselves. When opponents are evil, they will destroy themselves. Just as Cao Xueqin said: all things in the world are knowledge, and human feelings are the writing. Be insightful to everything. I know everything, so the workplace is to me, like being in no one. These require constant cultivation and constant improvement of character.

8 months ago

From a historical point of view, it can be concluded that most of the founding emperors, usurpers, successful reformers, rebels, absolute power gainers or masters, and avengers, most of them are very city government, or that their city government is extremely Deep, rare in the world, and verified by actual combat or multiple struggles, most of them have the following characteristics: 1. Know how to check and balance, and mediate with ease in various relationships; 2. Personality and charm, able to make the key figures in control of the situation. Resolute; 3. Understand the current situation and the situation, and follow the trend; 4. Be able to bend and stretch, and be humbled into the soil when you need to be humble; 5. Know how to share benefits before you succeed, and you can get the support of a large number of supporters; 6. After you succeed, you will generally be able to Various threats carry out various restrictions; 7. Hold real power by yourself.

8 months ago

1. I can see through the other party at a glance, but pretends not to understand, and always smiles at you and stays silent, so I can’t think about him. People who are really deep in the city just don’t let you see through or think through. If you can see through or think through it easily, they are not people who have a city, but people who are heartless and heartless. But the people in the deep city can see you through at a glance, but they will never say it. 2. The people in the deep city will control their own mouths and will never judge others privately. In the workplace, those who couldn’t control their own mouths ended up losing their mouths and suffered a big loss. In the workplace, you must keep your mouth in check and never talk nonsense or privately evaluate others, even if they do something wrong, they have nothing to do with you. If you talk nonsense or privately evaluate others, you will only mess up the cause and effect, and you will be retaliated or abused by others. When you see the reason for being dismissed, you always want to say a few words or fight injustice. In fact, you were wrong. , It is your immaturity. In the workplace, do your job well, keep your mouth in check, and never evaluate others in private. Many people in the workplace have suffered a loss and were eventually isolated or fired. They have not reflected on them, but are complaining. 3. People who are deep in the city have a sense of measure and will never offend others. No matter how good the relationship is, we must keep a distance and be measured. And many people in the workplace, when they have a “good relationship” with you, they forget the distance, and even more forget the sense of measure. The things you do make you unacceptable. The last two people get farther and farther, and slowly become strangers. people. This may be the best explanation for strangers. People in the deep city will pay attention to measure and keep a distance when doing anything, and will never offend others. Don’t sin against others, not because you have no deterrence, but because you have done it without being angry. Before, my buddy had a leader who had never lost his temper, but the people in their department felt terrified. The reason is that he does things well and keeps a certain distance from you. When you want to contact him, you always feel that there is a certain distance between you and him; when you want to stay away from him, you always feel that he is someone you trust. 4. The people in the city government have given up their emotions. Speaking of emotions, in fact, emotions are a state of dissatisfaction with oneself. What it shows is tantrums towards others, but in fact, it is only that oneself is angry with oneself. If you are a person who really “knows” you, when you send emotions, your emotions can be used by him, and the one who hurts the most in the end must be yourself. The real professionals in the workplace have already given up their emotions and smile at you all day long. Let’s think about it: In the workplace, suppose one person is often emotional; while another person smiles all day long, who are you most afraid of?

8 months ago

Some people are deep in the city, just to protect themselves. This kind of people used to be very stupid and naive, but they forced themselves to be like this in order to survive; this kind of people are very guarded and it is difficult to get into their hearts, but The essence is not bad, as long as it does not violate its principled issues, hello, me, hello, hello, everyone. Some people are so deep in your eyes that you are the one who trusts you the most, can dig your heart and lungs, regardless of each other, for some of his ulterior motives, and give you a stab at critical moments to hurt your vitality. If you can’t tell, please respect, be friendly and keep your distance, and create a barrier to keep him out to protect yourself. 1. Don’t talk about gossip, it’s easy to get involved in the whirlpool. Some things are clear to yourself, just remember them in your heart. 2. Don’t talk nonsense if you can’t speak, your mouth can do things, but also bad things. 3. Don’t think too much when there is a turmoil, causing yourself mental stress and sulking. Look at a person, not what he says, but what he does. 4. If there is a misunderstanding, be sure to explain clearly and sincerely, some people may not be able to help you, but it is no problem to harm you. 5. At certain moments, you can disguise yourself as a naive, harmless appearance of humans and animals, and naturally no one will take care of you. 6. Don’t go to the palace. You’re tired from going to work every day. How can you do those things with idle time? If it’s something insignificant, why don’t you give him three points? Need to know that great wisdom is foolish. If you are forced to be helpless, please be patient, find the right time, and set the world in a battle. When you encounter problems, you must be calm and don’t act recklessly. That will only laugh and be generous. The counterattack you come up with in a short period of time is definitely not as good as someone who has been thinking about it for a few months.

8 months ago

The leaders of the city government are still water flowing deep and there are no waves. The first is either to show liking to everyone, or to never say who you like or dislike. Observing carefully, his goal can basically be achieved, even if this kind of leadership is relatively deep in the city. Tell you a story about the leaders of the city. There was once a leader, the top leader of the district and county. Then there was a person who was a deputy director of a district and county, and his rank was lower than the top leader. He blatantly contradicted the top leader at the conference. At that time, the top leader only used a peaceful way to solve the embarrassment in front of him. After that, he has been delegating power to the deputy director. At that time, the deputy director was in charge of construction, whether it was the municipality or the road. I forgot which part it was. Then in those few years about 3 to 4 years, the deputy director went smoothly, feeling that the leader appreciated him, and he didn’t know why. During this period, it is said that he received a lot of bribes, but he was still handed over to his official duties. In the fifth year, the chief directly found someone to report with his real name, and sent the former deputy director to the bureau. Not surprisingly, he will spend the next half of his life in it… It’s an hearsay story, my sister. Speaking of which, just listen to it.

8 months ago

Where you are not doing well, the leader will not say anything about you. It does not matter, including criticism, accusations, etc., giving you the illusion that the leader has a good temper, but when he criticizes people at a meeting one day, Will tell all the things you have done before
Sometimes the leader who has something to talk about is better to communicate. Even though the whole office knows you scolded, he just talks about the matter and won’t write a note for you.

8 months ago

I just graduated last year and I am working in an oil-related company. I just want to say! It’s so lucky to meet a leader like my supervisor! ! ! Since I majored in mechanics, it is normal for me to participate in activities after college. I did not expect to graduate and work. The eight people in our department, except me, are all men. When I first came, everyone was very friendly, only the supervisor always had a straight face, and I followed my life rule from childhood to “fear leadership, don’t be a dog licking” mentality blessed by me walking, eating, drinking, washing my hands…whatever. I walked around the supervisor. The three months of internship and the supervisor said only a few words. Basically, he ordered me to reply after the three-month internship period passed. When I started to work, I slowly communicated with the supervisor. The other flower on the same floor (there are only two women on the same floor) has more exchanges, and I know a lot of things. First of all, it’s not that the supervisor doesn’t like to laugh, it’s that he is setting himself up for being majestic, hahaha, because the leader is Except for me and another assistant engineer, the youngest person is just 30 years old this year, and some seniors are often dissatisfied. Coupled with the technology, it is a bit boring. So he always doesn’t laugh, it’s better to be more dignified. But in fact, when he was in the office, he would also take the initiative to talk to everyone. When walking together, he would smile and ask me where I usually go to play, which cinema is not easy to park next to…what, kind of a group. Second! The leader is a particularly smart person! special! Extra clever! Alas, I don’t know how to say it. In many ways, they are very smart people. For example, when someone talks to him, he can quickly understand other people’s problems and respond quickly, and then give the plan and explain the reasons. It’s totally different from a stupid player like me. It takes a long time for someone to say a word to be completely sure of the other’s intentions. Then, he is a very polite person, (it’s a bit off topic when I talk about it), he will patiently answer any questions at work, and he won’t yell at you when he does something wrong, he usually presents facts and reason to make you understand the mistakes deeply. . If things are done well, they will sincerely encourage you. And I wear six meters and six meters, the supervisor’s visual inspection is about 185. He is one of the few (male) people who can bend over to listen to me when I talk (my boyfriend is excluded. The little dwarf doesn’t need to bend over, hahahaha). I’m in charge of the four-year promotion path (everyone heard), it’s pretty ordinary. The supervisor graduated from 22 universities in this company. He has excellent professional level, strong business ability, and meticulous thinking. In addition, the supervisor’s leadership at the time appreciated the supervisor very, very much, and he resisted public opinion to make this young man go higher step by step. There is a 26-year-old supervisor. He is neither humble nor arrogant towards the leader, nor flattering nor pleased. Be patient with the people below, be willing to communicate, and manage well. The reference value I said should not be great. After all, in technology, business ability is always the first place, and verbal skills and so on are secondary. But think about it seriously, a capable, emotionally intelligent, extremely intelligent, sincere, and diligent young man already possesses the basic characteristics of being a leader, and it’s a matter of time that Bole is often discovered again. .

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