The three tied for the first place, “Pink Toad” Dolores Jan Umbridge, second, “Selling Friends for Prosperity” Pettigrew Peter the third, and “Greatest Professor” Severus Snee The following content contains a lot of subjective emotional output. Please check Umbridge and Pettigrew carefully. Many respondents have mentioned it. The information listed is detailed and objective, so I won’t repeat it here. So how can these two guys be tied with Snape? It happened that after communicating with some fans in the past two days, I sorted out Professor Snape’s glorious deeds on a whim: hygienic-I never wash my hair or bath or underwear since I was a child, and my hair is oily like curtains, making my own character. Maintain a high degree of consistency with body odor, firm will, and treat all of them equally-insisting on racial discrimination since childhood, and smashing a branch on the head of a Muggle girl (Penny Evans) at the first meeting, even if she is the sister of her own goddess Exceptions, they must destroy their sisterhood and be diligent and studious. During school, they must study how to use black magic to divide people, or how to hang people upside down to expose their pants, and personally demonstrate them in public after the related spells have been widely disseminated, and have the courage to show them. The pants that I never clean are humorous and funny-classmates do indescribable things to girls, in his opinion it is an ordinary joke with lofty goals and ideals-immediately after graduation to join a terrorist organization with serious racism tendencies The group is proud of this and loyal and loyal-heard the prophecy related to the master and ran to inform and claim credit, killing Lily, and Harry became an orphan inexplicably. The character was noble and clean-knelt down and begged the Dark Lord and killed others. Husbands and children do not matter, but Lily must leave it to herself, and later betrayed her master for the goddess, kneeled again in front of Dumbledore and was highly praised by Deng School: “You make me sick” and acted openly-goddess When Lily died, she went to steal a family portrait of others and tore it in half. The father and son half were thrown away, and Lily’s half was kept close to her body, used to do some indescribable things. Never deceive or fear hardship-the dark lord killed her goddess Only innocent, the child of the goddess looks like a rival and strikes out and never hurts the innocence-the Neville family failed to give the goddess Lily as a substitute for the dead, so they had to torture him to death in class, amiable and amiable-they have no past. The grieving teenage child (Navi) left a deep psychological shadow, comparable to the full moon to Lupin, the spider to Ron, and the death of a family member to Molly Weasley. In the class, they threatened to use Neville’s pet to test the potion, openly humiliated Neville in the duel club and Lupin’s first class, and instigated a new colleague (Luping) to participate in the humiliation, and demonstrated the strength of what is meant by “one sentence to destroy” “A student”, but Lupin’s verbal dissolution treats the students equally-there is no violation of black magic in my college, “I can’t see the difference”, other children behave and immediately deduct points and be punished. Strong strength- -The dignified potion master and the top Death Eater almost got his leg bitten off by a dog, watched a ball game and was burned by a first-year girl, never fell in love with the brain, very sensible-the goddess did not hear a word when he pointed out his problem, and said no to the enemy I am so happy to live in harmony with my colleagues-without my badge, I will spread my colleagues’ secrets casually, so that Lupin, who has finally got a job, resigns and regains a poor life despite Severus Snee For various reasons, Pu had to be tied with Umbridge and Peter Pettigrew, but I firmly believe that with the unremitting efforts of his fans, he can top the list one day!


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6 months ago

Nausea is not hatred of hatred, it is the tiny fishbone stuck in the throat, can’t cough up and can’t swallow, wanting to ignore it, but it feels a little painful. Filch. A school administrator who is really malicious towards the little wizard from the heart, and a pitiful dumb gun who hopes to see the blood of the little wizard in his heart. I believe he loves Hogwarts. After all, an old and incompetent dumb gun cannot survive in the wizarding world, and he would not be too good in the Muggle world. At Hogwarts, you can gain power by disciplining students, and you can rely on the kindness of the principal to gain the same status as a professor on the face of it, but in fact it is a dumb gun without a magic wand. The school administrators at Hogwarts are truly cruel from the same line, and Arthur has an indelible scar on his waist that he was punished for returning late. The fourth grade of Arthur and Molly was probably when Dumbledore came to power as the principal, and Voldemort’s forces were rapidly expanding. In fact, Voldemort was the first to kill the dumb gun.

6 months ago

I personally think that Jr.-Bar-Ty-K-Law-Chi 1. Together with Bellatrix and others-kidnap-tack-Frank Longbottom, in an attempt to learn about Voldemort’s whereabouts and then make him come back.” This is a rare case in this court.” Mr. Crouch raised his voice, overshadowing his son’s voice, “We have heard the accusations against you, the four of you-kidnapped-kidnapped-an Auror- —Frank Longbottom, used the drill-heart-curse on him, trying to find out from his mouth the whereabouts of your master, the man who can’t even mention the name—”The accusation goes on,” Mr. Crouch yelled Said, “Frank Longbottom refuses to provide information, so you will use the Heartbreaking Charm on his wife. You conspired to make a comeback for people who can’t even mention their names… 2. “Zhenzhen Acting” and a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy who looked completely stunned, trembling all over, with straw-colored hair scattered on his face. The freckled skin is pale as paper. … “Father, I don’t!” screamed the boy tied to the chair, “I don’t, I swear, father, don’t send me back to the dementor…”Mother! “The boy shouted, and the thin witch next to Crouch sobbed, shaking her body back and forth, “Mother, stop him, mother, I didn’t do those things, it’s not me!” “…The house elf took care of me to recover. My father wanted to hide me and control me. He had to use a lot of spells to restrain me. After I recovered, I just wanted to find my master… He helped. ps: I have always criticized the adaptation of this plot of the movie version of Goblet of Fire: 3. Very happily-Killing-Father-“The Dark Lord and I have a lot in common,” Moody looked completely gloomy, and he smiled condescendingly at Harry, “For example, we all have a very disappointing father…extremely disappointing. Harry, we all inherited our father’s name in shame, and we all happily…very happily…killed our father to ensure the rise of the dark power! “4. One-thinking-sentimental-willing to the point of incredible. “The Dark Lord failed to kill you, Potter. He wants to kill you so much,” Moody said softly. “Think about it, how he would reward me if I did it for him. I gave you to him-you were what he needed most for his resurrection, and then I killed you for him. I will be honored more than any other Death Eater, and I will become his most beloved confidant… even closer than his son…” But Lao Fu’s real thoughts were: “Get out of the way! I want to kill him! he’s mine! “Voldemort screamed…. Barty Crouch Jr. whispered, “Turn it into a door key. My master’s plan succeeded. He regained his strength, and I will get rewards that no wizard can dream of. “His face showed a perverted smile again, and his head dropped…. He doesn’t need to listen to her to finish. He knows what the Dementor has done. The Dementor must have given it to Barty Crow Jr. The fatal kiss of Qi. It sucked little Crouch’s soul from his mouth. Little Crouch is now better than dead.

6 months ago

Low-quality subjective answer to the third bullet: Can you spare Snape, Sirius, Lupin (and James, but I admit that James has too few scenes, I don’t watch any fan art in any of the works, and I can’t find him? Point.) The question “Which characters do you dislike” can be answered by Snape, Sirius, Lupin and James. It is completely normal not to like them. But can we use correct arguments to support our views? Let me start with. Article 1(v) My least favorite character is Snape, because he is cruel, cold-blooded, narrow-minded and paranoid. He killed Harry’s parents, and shamelessly did everything possible to humiliate Harry without a trace of guilt. He promised to protect Harry, only to the extent that Harry would not die. James had been killed by him for many years. Not only did he not forget his hatred, he also vented his hatred to the innocent Harry. Both Neville’s parents were tortured crazy by the Death Eaters, but Snape made things difficult for Neville and frightened Neville’s Bogut into him. Snape himself was a Death Eater. Everyone, how does a Death Eater have the face to insult the orphans of the Order of the Phoenix? He also likes to be partial to Slytherin, he is biased… (slightly) He is distorted and paranoid. He is so unpopular because he has given up himself. He doesn’t like anything like his father… (slightly) He did grow up, from Death Eater to Order of the Phoenix, to a Hogwarts headmaster, dedicated to the wizarding world, but we can’t ignore his unforgivable mistakes, he let Voldemort slaughter innocent families, He supports killing and torturing Muggles… (omitted) I admit his courage and tenacity, but I still dislike him very much. Article 2 (Hypotension Treatment) I like James the most and hate Snape the most. Those who like Snape are all elementary school students. Do you like villains because they are handsome? You are really the second in the dark! Or just watched the movie… (slightly) The original Snape looks ugly, okay, he…(slightly, critical appearance) And Snape is a lowly mixed-race, the family is poor, unlike James, is Noble pure blood, there is a lot of money in the family, so he has a cheerful personality and aristocratic temperament… (slightly) And if you are Lily, would you like Snape? Snape discriminated against Lily and called her a mudblood! Snape just wanted to possess Lily. He didn’t love Lily at all. Lily never treated him as a friend. She treated him with a completely contemptuous attitude… Penny. He insulted Gryffindor, and James retaliated. Screaming shack incident, can he be in danger if he doesn’t go in? Snape pulled out his wand to cast a spell on James during the Pendant Pen event! … (omitted, taken out of context) Next, I’m going to talk about James, James and Snape are fighting each other! James picking up Snape pants is for the people! The crowds onlookers laughed, which shows that James’ actions are popular, and everyone is happy to see James fight the evil Snape. Snape still doesn’t wash his underwear. As the only son of the pure-blood family, James pays great attention to his appearance. If it is me, I will also like James! … (omitted) Dumbledore didn’t pay attention to Snape, because he knew that Snape was evil and should be punished. James never bullies other classmates, never enlarges his classmates’ heads, and only deals with Snape. This is because he despises Snape using dark magic… (omitted) After joining the Death Eaters, Snape also made people Disgusting, he deliberately informed Lily as his xingnu in order to make James die. Snape had a very low status among the Death Eaters, he was no match for James at all! James was not a sneak attack by the Black Lake. Voldemort was also very contemptuous of Snape. He didn’t kill Lily because Snape pleaded… (omitted) Snape, a double-sided traitor, sought Dumbledore for a woman! Betrayed Voldemort’s trust, how good Voldemort treated him (to kill him), Dumbledore was disgusted by Snape’s two-sided swords… Niluna, he never saved… (omitted) Snape did everything for himself, for a woman, he was really selfish… (omitted) Dumbledore regarded him as a pawn, and treated him No emotion, no mercy, Dumbledore has always been contemptuous of Snape… (omitted) Snape also discriminated against Muggles. He was bad to Hermione because he didn’t like Muggles. Snape deserved it when he died. A villain like him should have died long ago. If it were me, I would have killed him. James should have tortured him to death sooner. In short, the role of Snape confirms that a bad guy can get better if he does one good thing. People who like this kind of villain have problems with the three views!

6 months ago

Bella, I really can’t stand her nervousness. I think she has been detained for a long time, which has caused schizophrenia. She tortured people for fun, tortured the Longbottoms abruptly to mental disorders, and fantasized about having a baby with Voldemort She was so obsessed with pervertedness and vomiting. She is still a married woman. To another man like this, I have nothing to say. Besides all the Death Eaters, I feel nauseous. I didn’t feel anything before, but now I can’t help but imagine that these Death Eaters are just like the previous devils. They burned, killed, looted, and would not even spare the children. They killed the opposing wizards. They were all killed by the family. Will they do anything? We don’t know what party the group is, but with your toes, you can think of how terrible a person would be if there is no bottom line. It can’t be said to be a person. , I actually softened my heart to this Death Eater and spit on myself

6 months ago

Use power to suppress the bottom layer
To be smaller, it is the result of collusion between institutional corruption and power.
Going bigger is a stumbling block to human progress
She forced Harry to write on the back of his hand
Sexually assaulted a little boy with the cardinal bishop
Almost in nature
Although I also hate Rita Skeeter and Bella
But they are all individual evils (although they have a greater influence)
Umbridge symbolizes some of the deepest evils of the Ministry of Magic and even ****.

6 months ago

The subject unexpectedly nominated Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy was only 18 or 19 years old until the end of the seventh… Growing up in a Death Eater family with parents who doted on his son. In my opinion, “he is still a child” can really be used to justify it. The title is about the “most disgusting” role. I nominate two people: Dolores Umbridge: Excludes colleagues, formalism, incompetent, cowardly, self-deceiving and deceiving the minions of the Ministry of Magic… She loves and enjoys control and humiliation And torturing others. Anyway, I feel uncomfortable when I think of it, so that the fifth part is the one I don’t like. Rita Skeeter: Journalist of the Daily Prophet, forty-three years old, illegal Animagus, will turn into a beetle. Spreading rumors, running and breaking the legs… even thought that her Animagus should be a fly, but the insignificant little people were buzzing very annoyingly.

6 months ago

Bella and Umbridge, side by side Nausea Bella killed Sirius, violent Hermione, and the whole person is crazy, all these make me completely hate her! but she! She killed my favorite Dobby! My poor, brave, kind, free Dobby! Based on this, she is an extremely disgusting person! Pink Meat Pad Umbridge is my most disgusting teacher, not one of them! The self-righteous promulgation of disgusting regulations, making Harry write “I won’t lie anymore”, using Veritaserum on autumn, disrespecting Dumbledore, and trying to drive away the astrologer teacher, it was disgusting! It’s weird, keeping a house of cats can’t hide her disgusting taste, but fortunately, she was dragged away by the horseman in the end. I don’t know what happened, but I can continue to serve in the Ministry of Magic in the future! Huh! I really hope she can disappear directly in the forbidden forest and never return!


6 months ago

Filch and Umeric imagine that your school’s vice-principal arranges your exams every weekend. The weekly exams are mid-term exams, big and small test chapters, and physical education is not allowed to play basketball because of injuries, so you can go to sports. Before the class, there was a wave of sports theory classes, and all the food stalls in front of the school were driven away. The big thing is to go to the office to drink tea, the turf of the football field is pulled for you, and the classroom windows are all installed with iron fences for you. , Don’t fall in love, don’t use your mobile phone, don’t watch movies, cancel all evening sports games, and change it to weekly exam summary, monthly exam summary, mid-term exam summary, no garbage in the classroom trash can, no toilets, no books on the seats, Isn’t it irritating? And you also have an annoying grade director, who squats at the door every day to catch those who are late to fall in love, and then send you to the office for tea. You will be taken away by him if you just use paper to make a small toy, and print papers during the test every week. He ran the fastest when he came out of the paper. Every day, he would pull on the side of the playground to see who of you put the thump… Then in this environment, a few big men would be cultivated, and they would sneak over the wall every day to give everyone KFC or something. Then break the monitor to show everyone the movie in the classroom, hide the phone in the classroom flowerpot or on the blackboard

6 months ago

First, I don’t hate Snape. I have no feelings for him. I copied the following content. I don’t want to write it myself, hp has become more and more like a meal recently. Snape was a Death Eater reserve. When he went to take refuge in the Dark Lord, he had to do something, or else he would reuse a little kid without a nose? The Death Eater Reserve was not a breeding ground for aristocratic ladies. Snape did not bully, did no vicious behavior, and did not engage in what Death Eaters should do. Then he planted flowers, grass, and saplings every day? I don’t mind whitewashing, you wash it casually, you spiral wash, I have no objection. Ah, the professor is affectionate, the savior still loves her after his mother has been dead for so long. I went to ask Voldemort to save his mother. Although he doesn’t care about the life or death of the two, and he told the secret, ah, it doesn’t matter, the professor is too affectionate. Professor always! The professor loves the savior, his mother, even if her child looks like a rival, she has to endure the urge to kill him. In the first grade class, he asked him to publicly answer the knowledge of potions that he would only learn in the upper grades. His level will allow him to receive more advanced education in the future. Ah, the professor is really a good teacher for the people. He never targets a student for no reason. I blame Neville for being too useless. If his parents are fine, he would be targeted by the professor. In other words, if Neville’s parents died for Lily, the professor wouldn’t have targeted Neville. (You believe it or not, the old lady Longbottom comes over and punches you with a cane) The professor is not an old bat, even if it is, our dear always is a good Batman. The professor has always been very kind, unlike the bich of James Potter, although he is a Death Eater reserve, although he does not care about the bullying behavior of his friends, to instigate the relationship between Lily and Petunia, and use superb skills. Just give James Potter his head, almost Harry Potter didn’t have to be born. My goodness, the professor could have prevented the birth of the savior, but he didn’t. How great he was, it was not because James was quick to react and hide. Hey, the professor is still too kind. He was still the ignorant bullied and miserable poverty who could only grow flowers and water in Slytherin. Professor ohh ohh world must never son. ——When Vernon and James met, some people thought that James “showing that he was amused” was an undisguised laugh or even ridicule\show off. I can also reasonably infer that Vernon’s conservative and hard-hearted character was facing him. The reaction to things that I don’t understand at all must be much more intense than “showing a little doubt politely”. It is unreasonable to blame the two parties who come from two worlds and whose three views and common sense are completely different.

6 months ago

It doesn’t seem to be too much, but it is extremely harmful-James Potter. Campus bullying, especially the fact that campus bullying stomped someone’s best friend in order to chase the girl, actually insulted two people at once—he didn’t regard Snape as a person, nor did he regard Lily as a person. Friends and sister? I will help you break all diplomatic relations. Snape and Petunia are indeed not perfect victims. They each have their own problems, but they are indeed Lily’s, but they are all alienated from Lily under James’s disturbance. In fact, it doesn’t matter how bad the characters are. Everyone knows that they are bad. But this kind of “positive role” James has made a complete mistake, and some readers have found reasons for him, and some people even said that he was not wrong at all? The problem with Draco is that he and Harry are not in the same position at all. He is the young master of the manor and the son of a Death Eater. His behavior of bullying men and women is correct in his environment, and what he has accepted since childhood is This kind of education. Unless Gryffindor’s Potter family is also a family-renowned bullying + snobbery, there is no reason for James’ behavior, he is just so bad in nature. Rotten hypocrites in good human skin are the most disgusting.

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