The third year of high school is too confused. This website is full of screens: persuading machinery, stay away from civil engineering, biochemical and environmental materials pits, many financial students can only be tellers, and the computer is in a crisis of 35 years old. How do high school students volunteer? Is there a way to survive?
I can study well. I am in the middle of the provincial key middle school rankings. I should be able to go to 985 and 211 universities. I am so confused now!

I watched too much online and knew too much, it really wasn’t a good thing, I wanted to cry!

Based on what I have seen and thought in college in the past few years, I think the most important point in choosing a major is to build on the basis of what I am interested in. Many people around me chose computer majors at the strong request of my parents. At first they thought about computer majors, computer majors, dealing with computers all day long, and freeing time to play games after studying, which is convenient and comfortable. Why not do it with two birds with one stone? At the same time, many majors that choose other majors still envy them. After all, basically every university’s computer majors have a ceiling. Moreover, almost all people have an inherent impression that in this society, they will not worry about finding a job if they major in computer science. But is it so simple? After entering the university, it was okay at the beginning, and the gradient of difficulty was not very large. When I started to learn a programming language, I was able to use the knowledge points of monads such as looping to compile a nine-nine-nine multiplication table, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and I felt that the computer major was nothing more than that. But after they started to get in touch with pointers and structures, let them compile a larger comprehensive program by themselves, and they started to retreat. Seeing that the date of the report and defense approached day by day, they still didn’t know how to do it in some places. Reluctantly, I can only press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in sequence with tears. Then ask the students to understand each step, and then repeat it to the teacher according to the script. Become an excellent CV engineer. And looking at the data structure, the principles of computer composition, the operating system… these are more expensive than a professional book, each page is densely packed with letters and words interlaced, it looks unclear, and it is equally difficult to read. Understand, learning is the same as chewing wax, it is difficult to persist. Before I knew it, I began to build a high wall in my heart. I was frustrated, and I was no longer so active and even began to resist, feeling it was torture and punishment. And when all the passion was extinguished, the days began to mix. And at the same time, they also found that games and learning cannot have both. For computer, a subject that really has no end to learning, if you spend a lot of time playing games, you will go farther on the wasteful road. Someone here will definitely stand up and say that as long as you study seriously, there is nothing you can’t understand. But if you don’t like it, you will instinctively resist, and you really can’t afford to learn. Even if you force yourself to learn, your efficiency is extremely low, because you always have other things in your mind. You really need to be cautious when choosing a major. From the perspective of the general trend, I certainly recommend that you exclude biochemical and environmental materials first, and first consider engineering disciplines such as computer and civil engineering. After all, you still have to face life when entering society. But I want to remind you that you must have a certain interest to choose. Don’t listen to what has a future, and choose what you have a good job prospect. Otherwise, learning is really suffering. Interest is really the first driving force for university study. After the college entrance examination is completed, don’t just relax yourself and release the pressure accumulated in your heart for twelve years. You still need to spend a lot of time to get a general understanding of the major you want to choose. . If you don’t like it and can’t afford to be interested in studying hard, then the four years of university will be a waste. Not to mention the good job prospects, whether you can find a job is a problem. Graduation is unemployment. The so-called good job prospects on the Internet are only for those who study hard. It’s as if everyone said that computer majors have good employment prospects, but most computer majors can only be a code farmer with a low salary after graduating, and live a life of 996 conscientiously. Don’t wait and lose your youth. Empty and mournful. It’s one thing to find a job well or not. Whether the salary is high or not is one thing. What you can learn is another matter.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I believe you don’t have a favorite direction for the time being. To put it conscientiously, first look at family conditions. Having a background in finance has a great advantage. Unless Qingbei resumes diplomatic relations, I feel that financial consolidation is very strong. Secondly, for civil engineering machinery, biochemical and environmental materials, many people I know have transferred because the courses are arduous, learning a lot, low wages, and overall low cost performance. Of course, except for the rich (for example, Internet giants have gone to study life science a lot). Computers are 35 years old (precisely 40 years ago). The crisis is very real. But the salary is really high. After analyzing a bunch, you will find that each has its advantages and disadvantages, and even the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Just like a moba game, all heroes contend, each of the strong heroes has its own play styles and advantages. But I will talk about it as an undergraduate of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is really not cost-effective, so I suggest avoiding it. Computer-related majors are highly satisfied, and it is recommended to give priority to them. (I can only suggest it, because everyone’s background, abilities, and points of interest are really too different.) I don’t recommend any remarks that learn this subject first and then transfer later, because the knowledge system of a subject is really deep and deep. If you unfortunately find that you don’t like your current profession, don’t worry too much. The door to change careers is still open, and the road is still very wide.

6 months ago

Human and human physique cannot be generalized. For example, for the North·Women Killer·Blind Floating Population·Li, the young girl is innocent and easy to follow him; the older sister is experienced and open-minded, and it is easy to follow him. In short, all the traits are the reason for Li Beifang’s success. He wins repeatedly and wins numb. For men with low self-esteem, young girls are conservative and vigilant, so they can’t get it; older sisters have too much experience and full of scheming, so they can’t get it. In short, all traits are reasons for inferiority and hatred. The same is true for choosing a major. Some people in such a hard-working major can keenly capture the local spreads to obtain business opportunities. While earning hemp, they can bring positive social utility to the region at least ten times; even if the computer is so successful, even if you lie down. The maintenance system of public institutions can be eaten up. There are also people who become middle-aged and unemployed. They are completely sick after all. So it’s hard to say about your stuff. If you want to ask me, I said that unless you are a special kind of me who hates programming and likes this kind of rough life of the old man, it is indeed a good choice to choose a computer, because this professional level can be mixed. Eat a bowl of rice. But this still does not rule out that there are extremely large numbers of people who can always play a good hand of cards, and the king of Lao Tzu can’t stop him from leading to failure. The physique of people cannot be generalized.

6 months ago

I provide examples. Most of the people with good family backgrounds are concentrated in the executive positions of the branches. Once asked a real senior second-generation, “If you don’t have a hard background, you can only send you to the branch for sales.” That is to say, two Generations also have to end up with academic qualifications, internships, and work experience. However, most second-generation students, especially those studying abroad, still focus on pan-business. As a result, countless people have completed their careers at least as a result of their own sinking. Class mobility. It can only be said that the background of the second generation provides them with a fault tolerance rate (to put it bluntly, that means giving away a part of the advantage). If ordinary people read it forever, don’t say that the gray people can compete with the second generation, and don’t say the second generation. You can worry-free, even the best of the second generation will give me ashes

6 months ago

Study math, the worst is to come out to do cram school, a lot of money, parents are all licking dogs, freelance, wake up and sleep freely, beating and scolding at will, how good? Slightly motivated, attacking finance, computers, biology, wealth status is at your fingertips, and you are too lazy to show off when you lie down. If I really want to save these invisible humans, I can study astrophysics, and I will grab a handful of asteroids and throw them for fun. For self-entertainment, you can design an algorithm, gambling or investment are hundreds of millions of dollars, and use Bill’s blood to wash the streets of flowers at every turn to kill this group of confused people. Math is difficult? So what qualifications do you have to not jump into the pit, be a teller, and not enjoy the middle-aged crisis?

6 months ago

If you want me to say, you are just thinking too much. It’s not time to fill in your volunteers, so let’s fix your grades first. The last sprint time is up, so let’s count as much as you can improve! Regardless of whether you are applying for a volunteer before or after the exam, you should first measure how many points you can get in the exam, and then it is not too late to consider this issue at the last moment. At that time, directly based on your scores and rankings, you will be able to correspond to one, the best college you can reach at your level. Then at this time, your choice will be very simple. Do you want to protect the school or the major? To protect a school, it’s simple, just choose the best school. Keep your major, depending on your situation, you don’t know which major you like. At this time, you can list all the well-known and a bit popular majors and see which ones you can study, which ones are not so. Feel disgusted, and then choose one that is okay. At this time, look at the corresponding scores of each school and this major, you will almost know which school you can apply for. The rest is the same question of which one to choose from 985, and which one to choose from 211. These problems are all very easy to solve, but it is still too early to think about it, and it will not be too late to say it at that time. You can be arranged in the evening clearly, but remember to find the right person and don’t be fooled by someone who doesn’t understand.

6 months ago

Science, computer science, medicine, police school, humanities and law, teacher training, police school. You must know that most majors in universities are mostly business law that is out of touch with the society. They do experiments every day in ppt science and engineering, and learn most majors in mathematics and science. It’s just for your mind. There is nothing to use after graduation. As for the traditional engineering courses that are useful after graduation, the employment environment is too poor. The applied academics of the school are completely out of touch with socialization. After all, what a university can learn in the Internet age depends on you, not your major. But it is recommended that you medical, teacher, law, or police school because these have thresholds, not how difficult they are, but the chance to choose them is only once. You can transcode when you read Biochemical and Environmental Materials, you can transcode when you read Civil Engineering, you can also transcode, and even you read Law. , Medicine, and teachers can all be transcoded. But if your undergraduate course is not medicine, teachers, or law, it will be more and more difficult if you want to work in these industries in the future. You can’t transfer to medicine when you study computer? You can study computer science concurrently, but the system now requires law books, and even major institutes are slowly starting to ask for law books. Law and medicine are the most important. Teachers are okay. Now non-teacher 985 students can be reported to teachers, but the trend is to gradually require young people from ministries and provinces to teach undergraduates. You have to know that the previous growth rate of 8-12% will no longer be the new normal in the future. -5-4-3 and retirement is now delayed. Everyone has to work until the age of 65. This means that these positions with the threshold of x will become more and more sought-after and more difficult. In the past, the provincial government could recruit a Qingbei government. Now it will be a hot search for Qingbei to go to the street office. In the future, going to the street office in Shuangqingbei will only be waiting for me. So take a guaranteed professional and give the future a guarantee than to follow the trend. All kinds of popular majors, and there are many insurances. Around 03, the hottest foreign language colleges and majors Around 2008, the most popular are civil engineering colleges and majors 10 years ago, and the most popular are finance colleges and majors 13 years ago, and the hottest is the universe. It’s a chance…Most students will never keep up with the changes of the times. Only yyds… But for positions like teachers and doctors, going to second- and third-tier cities is more cost-effective. The price/performance ratio is too low. Forget about finance, if you have this resource, you won’t know how to ask people…

6 months ago

It is wrong to see a thief eating meat, but not to see a thief being beaten. But conversely, only seeing the thieves being beaten and not seeing the thieves eating meat is not comprehensive. Behind the 100 people complaining about it, there are also a thousand silent and knowing smiles, and hundreds of people who are secretly happy. Of course, there are many high-income people in the industry who have no interest and time to complain online. . Therefore, whether the industry is good or not, it is really inappropriate to look at it online.

6 months ago

Those who study civil engineering come out to pick up engineering, and quickly buy a house and a car, without taking classes; those who study finance rely on credit to buy houses, and some even practice auctions, making it easy to earn one million a year; middle-aged students who study computer come out to start their own business, a lot of money If you need a programmer, you can get a very high annual income for the next project; or you can get a lot of dividends in Huawei and other places, and you can save enough money to retire early… Next, learn the economy and understand the general trend, speculate in futures and make options for small gains, ahead of schedule Achieve financial freedom. …These are all looking at the problem in the opposite direction of you. You may think that I am blindly optimistic, but unfortunately, there are really many such people around me. I studied finance. Unfortunately, I only worked as a three-month teller. Later, I have been a boss. The salary is not very low… No matter what major you study, if your ability is not worthy of your ideals, everything will be useless; the same; , If you are really a capable person, I don’t think any profession can stop your path to success. People are always the most important resource in the world. For example, I chose chemistry when I was in high school. Later, I couldn’t go on to study. I switched to biology and biotechnology at university. Later, I couldn’t go on, so I switched to accounting, and then I got a master’s degree in accounting and took the CPA. After spending a few years in a certain position, there was a problem with my marriage, and my psychology was extremely deprived. I transferred to another school of emotion and psychology. This step after step of turning is all in exchange for life. When I was in college, I switched from biology to accounting. From 6 in the morning at 12 o’clock in the evening, I kept reviewing in the middle of bedtime, and competed with my classmates who were also CUHK. Finally, I took the third place. It took me six years to take the CPA exam, most of which were preparing for the exam while working. Others are taking a nap at noon, and I hold a cup of coffee and do financial management problems at the office computer. I passed the second-level counselor exam at one time. It took three months. I forgot how to review it, but I clearly remember that two weeks before the exam, due to excessive mental stress, I was about to faint with a headache. Did not die. ……Now I am starting a business while working, working to earn a living, and exploring my ideals on the other. Do you think you will be fine if you choose a major? NO. There are four major factors that determine your life performance: opportunity, thinking, insight, and mentality. No one major can give you these four things, but you can study tirelessly.

6 months ago

I agree with the sentence that choice is greater than effort, but I am not used to people who use this sentence to make themselves give up their efforts. If you really don’t want to be optimistic about this major, you should try to transfer to another profession. If you don’t want to transfer, please try to go and beat everyone in the face, regardless of what others think. Labor and management are the most uncomfortable with this kind of people. They listen to what others say. They know that apart from computers and finance, there is no one who refuses to persuade them. Computers go to deliver food when they are thirty-five years old. What else can you do? Don’t do it. Now, don’t take the college entrance examination and go directly to the third shift of the electronics factory. Always look at persuasion, why not understand what this major is, think about what you like, and consider whether you have anything you want to believe in. Anyone at the top of the industry pyramid will not have a bad life. They have a double first-rate level but care about the heart of Erben, I am **. I’m writing this answer because I know that I’m trying to persuade them to withdraw from pharmacy. I want to prove to them that pharmacy can be worth up to seven digits*5. For this, I now have more than one volume of laboratory report homework every day. Multi-volume. I don’t have my own beliefs, I don’t have anything I’m willing to believe, and I’ve been beaten by some of the failure psychology on Zhihu. In this way, you can count as an adult as fast as 18? I hope you can have a higher pursuit, to believe in some things, like some things, prove some things, and prove to others that they are wrong. Those who can climb to the top of the pyramid are mostly people with this belief.

6 months ago

Your idea is wrong! There are no heroes in the real world who have high profile in the early, middle and late stages. What’s more, this is a bloody reality? But you don’t need to be discouraged or confused. Learning is useful. If you can pass the 985 exam, your lower limit is higher than most people. And many of the online comments are venting? Who is unhappy? Of course, I have to vent my unsatisfactory complaints. It’s like I often complain about the pressure. I should have a good time~ Regarding your choice of volunteers, I have two suggestions: 1. Computer direction 2. Medical direction Computer direction is indeed There is a mid-life crisis, but the early stage is brave enough, even if it is a mid-life crisis, it is just a crisis. Doesn’t it mean that you die all at once? understand? Moreover, as a 985 high-achieving student, you should be confident enough. This crisis is more for ordinary small code farmers like us. As a high-achieving student, you don’t need to do development and do scientific research. Even if you do development, you are also very good. I hope to achieve the high-level sequence of the industry, regardless of the prosperity of all walks of life, the high-level sequence is popular! But even if the computer industry may not have a midlife crisis for you, you may still not have many social resources when you reach middle age. 2. Medical direction Medical direction, there is no mid-life crisis, as long as you are willing to bear the forbearance of ten years of sharpening a sword, coupled with the mid-term efforts, you are the god of the later stage! In addition to salary, you also have a social status, and there are more social resources you can use! You can get acquainted with local famous school teachers, government officials, and talents from all walks of life, and you don’t need to get acquainted deliberately, you only need to have good medical skills and normal emotional intelligence! If your home conditions are average, you can choose the former, if your home conditions are better, you can choose the latter. Both need a common condition that is hard work! Why should I suggest that you choose these two paths is because my brother is also going to take the college entrance examination. He will also be a 211 and 985 high-achieving student. If he does not have his own pursuit, I will encourage him to study medicine, because I can take care of me in the early stage. My brother’s expense is just that I hope my brother will become a good doctor in the future, which can bring some social resources to the family. As long as you work hard enough, these two paths are both good paths for you! If you have other interests, you can choose after considering your personal gains and losses. And I also want to tell you that people are a variable. For example, is the competition for diet fierce enough? But some people can do it! So be brave! At the same time, I repeat, 985 is the lower limit of your future life. As long as you reach 985, your lower limit may be higher than that of many users who know it. Work hard, young people, 985, 211 and the like should be the sharp sword power of our China’s revitalization, please be more confident!

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