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While you are still sighing “Chinese game manufacturers earn so much, why don’t they invest money in a single machine”, the reality has changed drastically. Now in China, as long as there is a certain selling and quality stand-alone products, they will quickly Attract eager investors. Not to mention the star product of “Black Myth: Wukong”. There was news yesterday evening that Tencent has completed its investment in “Game Science”, a developer of “Black Myth and Wukong”, with a 5% equity stake. According to China Business News, after the completion of the investment, Game Science will continue to operate independently, and its autonomy will not be affected. During the investment, Tencent also promised the “three noes” principle of not interfering in business decisions, not preempting project leadership, and not seeking issuance and operation. This “three nos” principle is particularly eye-catching in the news. Even though Tencent has a good reputation in the investment circle and has always been known for not interfering in corporate operations, this time the “three nos” still refreshed people’s investment in games. Cognition. In particular, Tencent has invested in countless well-known game companies. Although it basically maintains the independent operation of developers and does not interfere with projects and personnel, the agency rights will not be easily let go. Not to mention the distant Roit and Supercell, in recent years Tencent has invested in Blue Hole and won the exclusive agency of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; invested in Ubisoft and also obtained the agency rights of Rainbow Six; invested in Epic, The national service “Fortress Night” is naturally operated by Tencent. Including Tencent’s acquisition of most of the shares of “Famine” developer Klei in January this year, the two companies have also cooperated for many years. The national service “Famine” and “Hypoxia” were both represented by Tencent. The three non-principles include both parties’ caution to external public opinion and their knowledge of their own brand image: For such a product that currently symbolizes a milestone in China’s stand-alone game, Tencent will definitely follow the rules. “The main purpose is still to help old colleagues to make the project smoothly, and will not deliberately pursue any commercial returns.” According to a report by Yicai, the cooperation between the two parties mainly has technical considerations, because “Black Myth: Wukong” is developed by Unreal Engine, and Epic, which is invested by Tencent, may provide more technical support to Black Myth. When “Black Myth” was first released, game science “rejected all capital and distribution of on-site visits except for technical cooperation.” Over the past six months, countless investors must have tried to join, and now the dust has finally settled. From a larger strategic perspective, the addition of Tencent has also minimized the investment possibilities of Alibaba, NetEase and Bytedance. The sphere of influence of the Internet around “Black Myth” has almost been divided. This is especially commemorative for Tencent-just a few days ago, Tencent missed Mu Tong, a former employee founded by a former employee, who was acquired by ByteDance for a huge sum of money and became a powerful enemy of Tencent in the Southeast Asian market. Today, Tencent has finally not missed the game science founded by its former employees. The investment in “Black Myth” is just a footnote to the upsurge of domestic manufacturers to invest in stand-alone game manufacturers. Earlier last year, Tencent’s chief strategy officer James Mitchell stated at an internal meeting that Tencent’s return on investment in the gaming sector has been too high in recent years, but this is not a good phenomenon. According to “Late”, James said, “The game industry should not have such a high rate of return on investment. This can only show that we have not invested enough failure cases. Why are there not many failure cases? That is because we have not seen enough and invested too much. Be conservative.” Yes, your 2B lady also has Tencent’s investment results. Tencent has begun to invest heavily in game manufacturers at home and abroad, including stand-alone games that are gradually heating up in China. After more than a year of screening, in the words of industry insiders, the game development project team with a little potential in China basically “invested all that can be invested.” From the end of last year to March of this year alone, Tencent’s investment in single-player game makers include the network element Shengtang (“Gu Jian Qi Tan” series), the development of the “Mr. Pumpkin” series of fat pudding, and the development of “The Land of Evil Fruits” Yuguan Technology, Shanghai Lingxi, which developed the stand-alone ACT “Lost Soul”, developed the Darkstar Information Technology of “Road to Redemption”, and so on. In addition to these well-known game developers, some of the products that have not yet been released but are still selling well and have a certain potential have also been invested by Tencent early. For example, the domestic Unreal 4 Galaxy Castlevania action game “Shadow Torch City” that we reported last year is one of the projects supported by Sony China Star. At present, Tencent holds 39% of the developer’s shares. “Shadow Torch City” is on the battlefield that players can’t see, and domestic manufacturers are fighting fiercely for potential stand-alone games. Last year’s “Party Animals” (animal party) became popular on Steam with a demo, which attracted countless manufacturers to talk about agency. In fact, long before this game entered the public eye, Tencent and B Station and other major manufacturers began to compete for the right of agency many times. And this year, whether it is “Dyson Ball” or “Ghost Valley Bahuang”, it has further allowed big manufacturers to see the market and cultural potential of stand-alone games, reflect on missing such products, and further look for other high-quality development teams to invest. To put it simply, today’s domestic stand-alone game industry is no longer an era of “no money for stand-alone” or “buried good works”, but from capital to players, all are eagerly waiting for products that are worth their money. As for whether this capital boom will give birth to a bubble or a truly high-quality work, it remains to be seen, but the times have changed after all. In any case, stand-alone games have gained the awe of capital in China.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

After leaving Tencent for many years, I got their money again without worrying about KPIs, and realized the game dream of a single machine/host computer. How do I feel that this story… is a bit inspirational? The jingle session is over, and here is the official answer: Thank you for your concern. It may be a little different from what the outside world thinks. We have never had a holiday with our old club, and we have always maintained normal contact. After the black myth was released, the acquaintances of the goose factory immediately organized a group to visit. Although it was expected, it was also ready. Me: Everyone has known each other for more than ten years. Let me put it straight, what do you want to do this time? Goose: Don’t be nervous, just want to see how to do this for you. If you think we can help in any way, you can talk about it. Me: It’s a bit embarrassing now, why did you go? Goose: You never said that you are doing this. Me: So you want to invest this time? Goose: Yes. Me: You should be very clear that even if this game is made, it will definitely not make much money, and may even lose money. Goose: Yes, it’s not the first day we met, and you won’t make money. I just want to do something with long-term value together. Me: Good guy! Long-term value? It’s not the first day we met. Goose: Injustice~ We have always hoped to do something that is more beneficial to the industry ecology. Me: So what did you do? Goose: Look, we are now not only mobile games and online games, but also have long been involved in stand-alone and consoles. Their domestic market has always been small in the past, but we still hope that through real money investment, we can help developers and Players do this. In addition, we have also done a lot of assistance for small and medium-sized teams, such as… Me: Stop! Don’t leave me advertising. As what you call “small and medium teams”, we have a lot to worry about. Goose: What are you worried about? Let’s spread out one by one. Me: After the investment, will you intervene in product decision-making and the company’s daily operations? Goose: Absolutely not. It can be assumed that we do not exist at all. Many companies can prove this. Me: What about after it is made? Will you take it away? For example, relying on the investor, you want to get the distribution and operation rights of “Black Myth: Wukong” or other products of Youke? Goose: How could it be that the money we are investing now is not enough to lead it, and it’s still you. Me: Knowing that it’s useless to think about it? Goose: Yes. Me: In addition to money, what else can you do for me? I am not short of money. Goose: It’s easy to say, we have many internal projects that use Unreal Development. In this area, Epic China can say that it has spared no effort in technical support. In the future, we can communicate more, and if you have any needs, please feel free to mention it. Me: Can I help if I don’t accept investment? Goose: Of course, everyone is good friends. Me: Don’t pretend to be so innocent and kind, let me ask again, what do you want? Goose: I just want to help you make “Black Myth: Wukong” smoothly, and fully respect your own ideas. Really, this industry needs such products. Me: That’s it? Don’t you have any selfishness? Goose: Can you bring our logo next time you release it? I can not. Goose: Oh, good… Then we can discuss it again… Me: How can we ensure that what you just said will not go back? Goose: Don’t worry, it’s in black and white! Of course there are some jokes and simplifications above, but this is probably the case for the overall process. (In addition, in order to prove the authenticity of the dialogue, the official account of Lao Tencent came out to verify it after seeing it) Feelings are very expensive and poor. It is difficult to learn the scriptures and requires companions. The road we chose is not easy, so we have always made serious contacts and conditions for those who agree with our values ​​and are willing to help us realize our dreams, whether it is people, technology or funds, on the premise of insisting on independence and self-reliance. I also hope to get everyone’s understanding. The days to come are still very long, we can only continue to focus on research and development, and let the works speak in the future.

8 months ago

I still answered the attitude with me last time, to make things and do them well. Everything else is imaginary. After a lot of baptisms in 2020, players have gradually learned not to take out loans with high expectations before the works are released, and they will not take out loans because of the troubles of the production team. Then two groups of people fought to go to the PVP forum with people, spitting over something that hadn’t come out yet. I hope that the game is ready, and I hope that the finished product can reach the height of the forecast. It is a good thing to have stable funding if it can contribute to the development of the game. And don’t set up a person for the manufacturer. I was a little scared when “Black Wukong” was released. I believe many friends feel it. The mysterious aura of various “domestic stand-alone lights” is here. Game makers with a buyout system provide good products. Users spend money to play. That’s it. As a player, I still hope that “Black Myth” will not be too much influenced by the outside world under the premise of ensuring the original quality. It is true that it is made according to the original plan. After all, no player would like the manufacturer’s propaganda strategy of drawing big cakes, engaging in moths, demonstrating fraud, and finally actually selling and optimizing the thief’s difference.

8 months ago

If the final effect of the black myth Wukong is not good, the bug Qiduo optimizes the huge mess, and operates the anti-human plot to feed shit. You don’t need to travel to the game. Isn’t Tencent here? How do you think Tencent has invested in the “Game Science” development team of “Black Myth: Wukong”? ! Let me say something more. Although I don’t like to play mobile games and online games, I have a great liking for Tencent. It may be because I don’t play Tencent games so much that I get pitted less. On the other hand, it’s because Tencent has been greedy for single-player money for a long time. TGP started with the introduction of Famine, and later wegame, next studio, and even gluttonously sold offline games on accelerators. I am very happy to see domestic capital making money for single machines, especially large single machines, even if they don’t do it themselves, as long as they are willing to invest money and think about it, it’s a good thing. One successful investment means there will be a second bigger investment. Let the capital taste the sweetness of the stand-alone buyout system and become interested in the stand-alone buyout system. In the future, there will be more and more high-standard large-scale buyout games. If this cake has something to do with it, it can be made bigger, so next time Ma will probably not talk about nonsense of “don’t do anything hot and do anything”, but “expand the form of cultural output, open the way for a new cultural market, and establish Special rules and channels support digital cultural small and medium-sized enterprises and guide the concept of healthy consumption.” Worried about the suggestion of turning “Black Myth” into a krypton gold game. How much money can it crush the beliefs and dreams of youke people? Wish “Black Myth Wukong” a big sale and rave reviews in the future! I also wish Tencent, this old friend, to make a stand-alone money (to earn it while standing)

8 months ago

Tencent is not alone…a personification of the behavior of a large organization can easily lead to the illusion of “the organization is schizophrenic.” For such a large company, there are too many departments at the bottom. Whether you really plan to invest or try to suppress it, it is not surprising that investment and suppression coexist-not to mention that what Tencent does may not be done by the same group of people, even if the same group of people make decisions, they can go. The way of carrots and sticks. If you really want to protect the black mythology, which seems to be a promising seed, you shouldn’t hold it so high when the finished product hasn’t come out. It’s enough to show your support. There are not enough materials available for analysis. You have raised the audience’s expectations of the black mythology, including yourself, too high. When you start to play, as long as there is a little gap here and a little gap there (maybe just not doing it) It’s “perfect”), and don’t turn your muzzle at that time. First observe, wait a moment, and give the main creative team some time, can’t it? If you really want to protect the black mythology, which seems to be a promising seed, you shouldn’t rush into bad news when there is suspected negative news. Now that there is not enough information, and the actual impact has not surfaced, you have begun to fall into the trap (maybe not even “fall in the well”). First observe, wait a moment, and give the main creative team some time, can’t it?

8 months ago

Since the announcement of this “black” Wukong, almost everyone in the game industry, especially the buyout system and the independent game circle, has not met in meetings to talk about this topic. My expectations for this thing before were simple and rude: ruthless valuation, ruthless casting, and smashed a “black myth” in the game circle. Today, I finally waited for this big news of course. I don’t think there is any business logic to talk about this matter, and the product is powerful and deserves a high valuation. Those who are serious about playing games should have good returns. The game industry has been extremely prosperous in recent years. It is certainly a good thing to have this money allocated to the single-player 3A, and the healthy development of multiple categories. For so many years, there is almost no team that can gather the three things of “initial heart”, “technology” and “money”, but today’s game science has done it. As an insider in the game circle, I just want to tell you, please make the game well and throw it in front of the world. Congratulations to Game Science and the entire Chinese game industry. We will not be idle, and we will try to catch up.

8 months ago

It’s a good thing. Given the popularity of the black myth in the entire industry, it should have obtained a very high valuation, so 5% should be no small sum of money, which will help the subsequent development of the game; and as an investment, the 5% equity ratio is also Without control, even if there is no promise of the so-called three nos, it should not affect the independent development of the team of Youke. So the final plot is that Tencent missed the former employee’s Mu Tong but did not miss the former employee’s Youke? ~Laughing this thing itself is actually the ongoing behavior of Tencent’s investment in stand-alone game teams in the past two years. After the WeGame platform and Switch National Bank, Tencent’s investment in stand-alone console platform games has also begun to increase. From the developers of “Portia Time” Pasiya, to the network elements of the “Gu Jian Qi Tan” series, to the team of “Mr. Pumpkin Adventure” last week, and to the Yuke exposed today, the pace of investment has indeed been accelerating, and of course I may have missed it. Some small teams broke out, such as the two games at the beginning of this year. Tencent’s investment is not only domestic, but also internationally. Tencent has invested more in this field. Not to mention the previous investments in Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and P. It has been more than a year since 2020, and now there are platinum jobs. A series of game development teams such as Marvelous, the developer of Room and Ranch Story, Klie, the developer of Don’t Starve, and Dontnod Entertainment, a developer of Strange Life, are mostly 5%-20% holdings except for the acquisition of Funcom. , Will not affect the control of the team, but after the coverage is wide enough, you can have a more detailed understanding of the global game industry and product dynamics, which can be said to be a very forward-looking layout. In fact, Netease also started to pay attention to this market. In addition to investing in a new development team composed of Bungie, Quantic Dream and some senior veterans, the Sakura Studio established in Japan is often teased, and at the same time, it has gradually begun to attach importance to stand-alone machines in China. In addition to self-research, more and more games of the category have begun to release some overseas products. This shows that NetEase, like Tencent, has begun to pursue longer-term success after the success of the previous few years, and has invariably jumped out of the Red Sea market of mobile online games, where domestic game companies are clustered, and has become increasingly international perspective. For the domestic game teams in the past few years, it is also a good thing to have the attention of such big companies. After all, those who need investment are indeed teams that need funds. The demonstration effect of big companies can also enable more companies and companies. Of investment institutions pay attention to this market. Although some teams’ previous games may have a reputation, they did not make much money or the money made is difficult to guarantee the development of subsequent games. In addition, if you want to make higher-quality games, the game development cycle and costs are increasing. , There is indeed an urgent need for funds. Of course, no matter what the investors have promised, they must try their best to ensure the fairness of the agreement~ I hope that with more attention and investment, the domestic stand-alone game market can be more prosperous.

8 months ago

As a popular IP game, “Black Myth: Wukong” has been dominating the rankings on major online social platforms for a while. In fact, the video of the machine demonstration once detonated people’s expectations and discussions on this game, as a Westward Journey series. A loyal fan of the subject matter, the little yellow man has also spent a lot of time paying attention to the production of “Black Myth: Wukong”. Through the introduction of the creators in Zhihu, the little yellow man has also learned that it is not easy to make a boutique game. The hard work of is indeed incomparable to the average game development team, and he has a feeling of “a sword in ten years”. After all, in this era of mobile games, it is really not easy to devote yourself to creating a mobile game— —This can actually be seen through the trend of the market, just like the end game we played in 14 years, and there is no real difference between the end game that only went online in 20 or 21 years, perhaps because it was able to concentrate in the past. The team that has tried every means to make a good game has completely turned to the mobile game market, or perhaps they are no longer united and pursue their own pursuits. It is precisely because Xiao Huang Ren himself likes to play online games that he can realize the difficulty of making “Black Myth: Wukong”. Regarding the development process of “Black Myth: Wukong”, it is also similar to the difficult process of the four monks and apprentices in Journey to the West when they went to the west to learn from the scriptures. In the field of game production, I want to find a long-term work together to carry out the difficult development process. It’s not easy to be a partner of, Xiaohuangren, when the staff of the development team of “Black Myth: Wukong” answered in person, they saw that they had changed many colleagues. It is indeed just like the commandment we often hear. The report-“Working with others, sharing wealth and wealth, sharing difficulties and difficulties”, after numerous failures and bottlenecks, the development team of “Black Myth: Wukong” has indeed changed several waves of people. In the process from product development to launch, the hardships that need to be experienced are difficult for outsiders to speak about-if you say too much, it seems hypocritical, and if you say less, you may think that this is the case, but in fact, we need to use this product. Comparing other products of the same type, only by comparing with peers can you see his shining points and other products of the same type that are not available in “Black Myth: Wukong”. And when a product is really developed, the funding problem cannot be overcome. Therefore, as a loyal fan of the theme of the Westward Journey series, Xiaohuangren was really worried at the beginning for this Tencent’s “Black Myth: Wukong” investment. I’m afraid that “Black Myth: Wukong” will be intervened in the creation, but I was a little relieved when I saw Tencent’s announcement just now, because Tencent made a promise in the announcement-“After the investment is completed, Game Science will continue to operate independently. , The autonomy will not be affected”. Because of the association of the previous League of Legends invested by Tencent, the game has indeed become bigger and stronger, and Xiao Huang’s talents really feel relieved. Because only Tencent lets the development team of “Black Myth: Wukong” do it without any derailed interference with the development team, so that the development team can continue to create the best content in their hearts. After all, if investors just force The development team realizes as soon as possible, then this game will also have a high probability of becoming biased and no longer has the expected value-this is also what many loyal fans of the Westward Journey series do not want to see. After all, they are developing “Black Myth: Wukong” 》In this game, the development team is the main core, and the investor is only Bole, and only a good Bole can better cultivate a thousand miles of horses. According to Xiao Huangren, this time Tencent’s investment in “Black Myth: Wukong” development team “Game Science” is based on the style of Buddhism, and the most important thing is that Tencent’s capital investment will make “Black Myth: Wukong” “The success of “has more guarantees, especially with the blessing of Unreal Engine 5, “Black Myth: Wukong” will definitely have better expectations. Then the little yellow guy wants to focus on the impact of Tencent’s investment in “Black Myth: Wukong” development team “Game Science” on the independence of the game science of “Black Myth: Wukong”. For this point, Tencent is also investing this time. The announcement promised that it would not interfere with the business decision-making and publishing operations of the “Black Myth: Wukong” development team. At the same time, it is most worth mentioning: Tencent’s shareholding structure in the “Game Science” of the “Black Myth: Wukong” development team The ratio is only 5%, so you don’t have to worry that Tencent’s investment will deviate the development journey of “Black Myth: Wukong”. Finally, the little yellow guy wants to pay tribute to “Game Science”, the development team of “Black Myth: Wukong” again. In this era when terminal games are underappreciated, the game industry needs a team like “Game Science” to let everyone see again. As for the advantages and prospects of terminal travel, the little yellow guy is looking forward to the development team of “Black Myth: Wukong”, “Game Science”, with the work of “Black Myth: Wukong”, leading China’s Westward Journey series theme IP to go abroad and into the world. This is really something to look forward to and very exciting.

8 months ago

Youke is definitely the most valuable of the independent teams willing to take money in China. Things are really awesome, and the aesthetics are really good. 2. This thing can indeed be done by yocar, as well as by Youke. 3. A team/factory with technical strength will not do this kind of thing. 4. The heat is real, and what you get on the table now is excellent. Basically, game science can be regarded as the jewel in the crown of domestic game investment. People say that everyone knows that it’s good, everyone knows that it’s expensive, and if you can, you will definitely vote. -Is it weird for game science to take money? Not surprisingly. The previous work actually took the money from the hero mutual entertainment, and then gave the release to the headline. Cash should be no problem, but it is not expensive anyway. And making such products is very expensive. Take teacher Luo Zixiong’s Recreate Game as an example, the valuation they took in the last round was about 400 million U.S. dollars. The black myth is obviously not comparable to skits like Party Animals. The cost will only be higher. With the beginning of a large-scale smashing and digging of people, Youke’s challenge is not small. Then you have to take the money-this will happen at least at the beginning of a month. Now that it is public, it is a matter of course. -The valuation is said to be at the level of US$1 to 1.5 billion. Value is not value, value. The pressure is not big, but big. Yocar’s grievance with Tencent, am I too young to say it? -Whether it is a good thing or not, it’s hard to say, but it can be done with peace of mind for the team. For Tencent investment, if it sounds bad, it means it doesn’t care about things. If it sounds good, it means daring to delegate power. Rarely do things go wrong. So it is conceivable that the team will resist digging more comfortably. The team will be much more comfortable. On the other hand, if you have to find a suitable stand-alone publisher in China, Tencent is really a good choice. Brands/products such as Eureka and Wegame are still in development. -In short, I hope to succeed.

8 months ago

Good thing. I said at the beginning that Tencent would spend some money to get back some points. Game Science will get more money to smash the game. If you buy the Wegame version, it will be cheaper. If you buy other versions, you won’t lose money. Three wins… Tencent is a big company. The problem with big companies is “schizophrenia.” Different departments have different divisions of labor. Some are responsible for pitting players’ money, and naturally some are responsible for losing money to earn the future. Tencent has invested in Ubisoft, Activision and P agency…

8 months ago

I thought this was old news. Congratulations to Game Science for getting more money. This is a great thing for players who have been looking forward to it. The quality of the black myth Wukong is guaranteed. This wave of Tencent’s valuation is very high, and subsequent capital will come in to estimate how much it will be weighed. This also shows that Tencent really values the black myth Wukong. After all, now we have to vote for 3A rookies, no developer can compete with game science. Congratulations to Tencent for taking a step forward in the 3A field. Maybe Tencent and game science have been deeply tied together in the dark, cutting the constant love affair. No matter how powerful Monkey King is, he can’t get out of the Five Finger Mountain of Tathagata Buddha. Tencent’s influence is too great.

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