Consider only from the perspective of body structure

It’s simple. Mainly because of estrogen. One of the effects of estrogen: promote calcium salt deposition. Calcium salt deposition will promote the closure of the epiphysis. Epiphysis is the factor that allows minors to grow taller. When the epiphysis is closed, height development stops. The ovaries of adolescent women begin to secrete estrogen in large quantities, and women begin to establish a menstrual cycle. At this time, the closure of the epiphyses begins to accelerate. This is why the height of most girls is gradually surpassed by boys during adolescence. Second: Promote fat accumulation. Estrogen promotes the accumulation of fat in the buttocks and thighs. In theory, the average body fat rate of women is higher than that of men with the same diet and exercise amount. Third: In menopausal women, estrogen retreats, calcium salt deposition elements are weakened, and osteoporosis is more likely to occur. In addition, male androgens also have the function of promoting muscle development. Therefore, in terms of physique, men are generally taller and muscular than women under the same diet. It’s that simple. This is science and has nothing to do with discrimination against women.

Here is the easiest content: muscle mass

If in the street, a woman meets a man 10cm taller than herself. Both are of standard weight, so women will be 10% lighter than men
If the male muscle mass is 1, then the female muscle mass is 0.90.26/0.35=0.6686. It is also 170cm tall, which is considered short among men and tall among women. The standard weight of men is (170-80)70%=63kg. The standard weight of women is (170-70)60%=60kg. The normal value of female muscle rate is 25-27%, and the normal value of male is 30%-40%. The median is 26% for women and 35% for men 630.35=22.5kg 60*0.26=15.6kg

do you understand? The same height is 170, the same is the standard weight standard muscle rate, the muscle weight of women is 6.9kg lower than that of men.

The Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo, known for his self-discipline and strength, has a muscle rate of 50% and a weight of 80 kg. Without the 6.9 kg of muscle, it is a little bit higher than the upper limit of the average male muscle rate. And this is under the premise of compulsory equating the height of men and women. According to the “Report on Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status of Chinese Residents (2020)”, the average height of Chinese men and women aged 18-44 are 169.7 cm and 158 cm respectively. According to the above algorithm, the average muscle weight difference between men and women is 8.25 kg.


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7 months ago

The difference in physiology between men and women is objective, and it is mainly affected by two basic physiological components-chromosomes and hormones. First, the difference in the internal reproductive system is the biggest difference in the internal structure of men and women. Women have the uterus, which is responsible for gestating life, while men only have the vas deferens and seminal vesicles, which are only responsible for providing sperm. Having breasts and being responsible for breastfeeding at the same time brings different burdens and injuries to the body during the process of gestating and producing offspring. The second is the difference in brain structure. The brains of men and women are different in quality and quantity. The average brain weight of an adult male is 1,400 grams, while that of a female is 1,250 grams. During the development process, the growth of nerve cell dendrites and the formation of nerve myelin in the left hemisphere of the girl’s brain are ahead of the boys, while the development of the right hemisphere of the boy’s brain is more advanced. After adulthood, the two brain hemispheres of men and women differ in the development of lateral sexual function and specialization. Male sex hormones inhibit the development of the left brain, so the right hemisphere is more developed, while the left hemisphere of women is more developed.

7 months ago

In terms of bones and muscles, men are more developed than women. For example, male skulls are larger and heavier, with thicker bone walls, and larger cranial cavity volume; female skulls are smaller, thinner and lighter, and smaller cranial cavity volume. The male pelvis is thick and solid overall, and the pelvic cavity is high and narrow; the female pelvis is small overall, and the pelvic cavity is shallow and wide. The difference in muscles is even more obvious. Men have developed muscles and are strong and powerful; women have slender muscles and have more adipose tissue than men. Men are muscular and women are fat. In addition, men’s stomach volume and heart volume are larger than women’s, and under normal circumstances, their lung capacity is larger than that of women of the same age. Therefore, in some strength activities, such as running, jumping, throwing, carrying, etc., men’s abilities are obviously stronger than women’s

7 months ago

However, studies have shown that the overall level of intelligence of men and women is roughly equal, but the degree of dispersion of male power distribution is greater than that of women, that is, there are more smart men and stupid men than women, and women with medium intelligence are more than men. In fact, apart from the difference in physiological structure, regardless of cognition, personality, and social behavior, the average difference between the entire male group and the entire female group is far inferior to the individual difference between one male and another male. , Is also not comparable to the individual differences between one woman and another. Sometimes we amplify gender differences, but ignore that there are no differences between the sexes in many ways.

7 months ago

It is strength and size, women are generally weaker than men. Some people now promote that girls learn Sanda and easily subdue boys, and that high-risk jobs are not only available to men. For this kind of remarks, I think it is very hateful and harmful, especially for little girls who are not deeply involved in the world, it is easy to believe this. Think about it, if those high-risk working women can easily replace men, we men are not fools, we must fight to die? As for girls who can beat boys? Know why there is such propaganda? It’s because girls can’t beat boys that someone tells people this kind of stuff to be cool. Have you seen superpowers? But we ordinary people like to watch superpowers, knowing that we can’t beat ten, but we like to watch movies with one-to-one shots. In addition, we men can eat popsicles unscrupulously in the winter, and at most have a stomachache for two days? Where’s the girl? I am afraid it is more than just diarrhea.

7 months ago

Physically weak does not matter, we are now a civilized society. But if you deceive yourself and others, it is absolutely yourself. Just as NASA promotes that the earth is round every day, a lot of photos and videos have been posted. But there are still people who are stubborn and think that the earth is not round. I’m so eloquent now, there must be people who think I’m discriminating against women. I don’t want to say too much, you practice your Sanda, I hope you won’t suffer in this life.

7 months ago

Muscle strength is weak. For example: cooking. Stew two taro and meat in a pan, add water to the taro, season it, and bring to a boil. Then it needs to be poured into the rice cooker to continue simmering. But I can’t handle the pot…………? ? ? Labor and management can carry a bucket of water, but can’t carry a pot of food? ? ? Jieyin, call her husband. The call is successful. I picked it up with one hand, and it was a show and a spoon. …Spill it. g man, mopping the floor. Then he mopped the floor while I thought. The arms look almost the same thickness, why is the gap so big? I was in a daze, thinking that most of the chefs seemed to be men, and the TV shows were so violent. Cooking is physical work! That’s it.

7 months ago

If others don’t know, just say me and my husband. Talk about me first. I am a muscular girl. I love sports when I was a student. I played with the boys in my class in junior high school (no women’s football team). I joined the basketball school team in high school. At the same time, I have been the main force in sports games and cross-country competitions. Although he decided to switch to becoming a lady after college, he still played volleyball for a year in his junior year. After coming to the United States, he played on the mixed volleyball team for another five years until his knee was completely broken. When I was a student, girls who had a good relationship would always call each other a husband and wife. Since I was little, I have never been a “wife” once, and they are all other people’s “husbands”. The heavy work that the “wives” can’t do is all I do. Why do you move the bicycle upstairs, lift the table and move the bench, go to the clinic for the female classmates with back dysmenorrhea, fight and tear… In the eyes of some girls, I am a man with a big head and a thick neck and a sturdy waist. Putting on Fan Wei’s head is a proper man. In terms of data, I can now do 9 and a half standard push-ups, and I am heading for 10 push-ups. I will target 12 this year.

7 months ago

My husband is a thin man. He also likes to exercise, but generally does aerobics instead of gaining muscle. He likes to play basketball, but can’t easily catch the ball with one hand, which has been a pity since his high school days. His job requires him to record training videos, and he feels that the camera has a fattening effect on portraits, so he has always paid attention to keeping in shape. There are pictures as proof. Since there are no full-length photos, I had to pick two from the video.

7 months ago

I was stunned when I saw him carrying three cases of beer for the first time! Uh? ? ? How could this be the weak chicken that I can push over with a single push? The weak chicken’s arm strength is three times mine? ? who am I? Where am i? ? ?

Then, driven by curiosity, I studied our hands carefully.

7 months ago

Under normal circumstances, men have more testosterone, so they usually have lower body fat percentage and more muscle mass under the same weight, let alone usually have a weight advantage, and the same exercise can increase muscle faster than women. To make matters worse, if women take the route of extremely low body fat percentage, there is probably no mc. There are many normal-weight muscular men with a body fat rate of less than 10%, but if the body fat rate of women is less than 15%, the mc is likely to be abnormal. Then there is another point, not only the difference between body fat percentage and weight, because women usually have wider hip bones, men have wider shoulders and narrow hips, so even with the same muscle mass, men have more muscles in the upper body than women. , The upper body strength is much stronger. Therefore, generally in terms of physiological advantages, men in the same situation have lower body fat rate, higher muscle mass, and more muscles in the upper body, and it is more difficult to affect health even if exercise plus the low body fat rate route.

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