At a regular press conference held on the 26th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying responded to a series of statements made by US President Biden at the first press conference after he took office. Hua Chunying said that we have noticed that President Biden has expressed no intention of seeking confrontation. China’s attitude towards the development of Sino-US relations is clear and consistent, and China’s US policy has also maintained a high degree of stability and continuity. As China pointed out in the Anchorage China-U.S. High-level Strategic Dialogue, China is willing to conscientiously implement the important consensus on the New Year’s Eve call between the two heads of state with the U.S., and hopes that the U.S. and China will meet each other halfway, in accordance with non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and cooperation. The principle of mutual benefit handles Sino-US relations, so that Sino-US relations will develop on a healthy and stable track.

China and the United States have different historical and cultural backgrounds, different values, different development paths, and different criteria for evaluating “success”, which determines that China and the United States will never be like each other. Therefore, China cannot talk about surpassing the United States. The United States is a land of choice, with fertile land and abundant products. The new immigrants kill the aborigines, throw a handful of seeds on the land in spring, and get a good harvest in autumn. In China, agriculture has been developed for thousands of years. Traditional farming areas have degraded ecologically and overpopulated. Malthus has come to collect taxes. In modern China, not only did floods, droughts and military battles occur frequently, but also foreigners came to harvest, and the people lived in hardship. In the United States, France’s great writer Francis once described the history of the United States’ “refining blood into gold” in the satirical novel “Penguin Island”. The United States enslaved its own people and expanded its territory through war, and then enslaved the people of the American continent and the world. It is not so-called “democratic freedom” that followed the US military boots, but economic exploitation, political control, and cultural brainwashing. Through national liberation, China has shattered the three mountains that weighed on the people. Through the constant pursuit of fairness and justice, China has mobilized the people’s enthusiasm for tenacious struggle to change their own destiny, and has repeatedly allowed the fruits of development to benefit all the people. We have no colonies abroad. We have not committed any sins to the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America in history. We have actively fulfilled our international obligations and provided foreign aid selflessly. In just a few decades, we have completed the development of other countries for hundreds of years. At the same time, we have to resolve the various contradictions that have emerged in development. We rely only on hard-working people. The United States uses the new era of “dose reduction technique” to feed the people at the bottom, which is called “social welfare” to prevent the bottom people from rebelling. During the new crown epidemic, the United States nakedly condoned the epidemic and wiped out the bottom people. In the United States, it is easy to become a “welfare lazy man”, but it is difficult to strive to become and keep the status of middle class and petty bourgeoisie. The monopoly capital power in the United States, especially the financial capital power, makes the middle class and the small bourgeois exhausted through consumerism and credit consumption, thereby blocking the spontaneous reforms within the bourgeoisie; transferring the exploitation to the third world countries, eliminating the most revolutionary The proletariat. China’s per capita GDP is only one-sixth of that of the United States. However, with the attitude of people first and life first, it eliminated the new crown epidemic by means of relatively small economic losses and extremely costly measures at the time. Normal life. At the same time, China is constantly pursuing social fairness and justice from the highest program, medium and long-term planning, and practical actions, striving to improve the living standards of groups in need, pursuing comprehensive prosperity and eliminating exploitation and polarization. This is the self that the Chinese have constantly surpassed in recent decades. In the interests of the Chinese people, monopoly capital is a giant with mud feet. The future of the United States, even if it shrinks to its own one-acre three-quarters of land, will still be a rich man with no worries about food and clothing. The United States does not care that the world gets worse because of its own evil deeds. On major issues related to the future and destiny of human civilization, such as global climate change, the United States, as the world’s largest power, has given up its responsibility to lead mankind towards progress. Because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic that has spread to the world and rages in third world countries, the United States refuses to undertake the obligation of rescue. The new crown pneumonia vaccine that the US government has has far exceeded the needs of its own people, and it still restricts the supply of vaccines and anti-epidemic materials to many developed countries’ allies in the “Second World”. The future of China will still face arduous struggles. We must upgrade the industrial structure, develop productivity, increase labor productivity, resolve the impact of aging on society, and ensure China’s status as a global production center in the context of aging and the internationalization of the renminbi. We must continue to improve the legal system, pursue social fairness and justice as always, realize the patriarchal ideal of “the world is unified”, and plan a better life for all people. Our development is under great pressure, and we must continue to use development means to resolve social conflicts and achieve a better life for the people. Even so, China actively fulfills its international obligations. China is the world’s largest exporter of anti-epidemic materials in the fight against the new crown epidemic. Currently, the number of new crown pneumonia vaccines we export is equivalent to the number of people inoculated in this country. In the context of strong economic expansion, we have formulated the very imminent “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” tasks. In the current world, the road ahead is extremely tortuous. The continuous progress of human civilization depends on the geometric growth of the total amount of energy used brought about by the technological revolution and the industrial revolution. Human civilization has become accustomed to the great geographic discoveries and the rapid economic growth since the three industrial revolutions. However, the next industrial revolution brought about by theoretical innovation is still missing, and countries around the world are falling into a shortage of aggregate demand. Modernization has changed the reproduction strategy of human beings from the R strategy of pursuing quantity to the K strategy of small but refined. As a result, countries that have stepped into modernization have fallen into aging. At the same time, the debt crisis has surfaced. The window period for mankind to achieve major technological revolution and innovation is time not much. The stagnation of technological innovation and economic growth is causing globalization to regress. Unilateralism in some countries and regions continues to rise, and some countries and regions transfer internal contradictions to the outside world. Uniting all mankind, expanding the scale of the industrial population, and expanding the international division of labor and industrial chains are necessary means to solve the lack of total demand and usher in the next technological revolution. The goal of the Chinese is to persuade and unite all mankind in a narrow window period of less than a few decades for all mankind with their outstanding achievements in development, build a community with a shared future for mankind, and build a tower through the sky for mankind to walk out of the earth. We want to break the curse that has lingered in human civilization for thousands of years.


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6 months ago

This sentence has more than thirty-two meanings. First, China’s economic goal is not the United States, because China’s purchasing power parity surpassed that of the United States in 2014. Second, China’s political goal is not the United States. The United States is a capitalist country. We are a socialist country. The natural Chinese political system is higher than that of the United States. Third, the bottom line of China’s largest human rights democracy is precisely the launch of the United States. The United States has not controlled the epidemic, but China has controlled it. The United States infected 100 million people and killed 500,000. China not only controlled it, but also helped the American people control the epidemic, for example, exporting tens of billions of masks and other medical resources. Fourth, the United States has plundered the world’s wealth by releasing water of US$2 trillion. China, as the world’s factory, provides the world with a large number of high-quality and low-cost products. China is more conducive to stabilizing the world economy and people’s livelihood than the United States. Fifth, the United States is not a democratic country, and it has never been. Otherwise, how to explain “black life is expensive”? The U.S. discriminates against ethnic minorities, and political order is changed, and the policy lacks consistency. Electoral politics cannot reflect true public opinion, and society is extremely divided. The internal friction is serious and long-term planning is very lacking. Sixth, the United States is not a free country, and it has never been. The United States massacred the Indians and forced black slaves to grow cotton. The “McCarthy” suppression of the leftists, the opposition to the labor movement, and the assassination of international and domestic leftist leaders by the Central Intelligence Agency and other terrorist activities. The United States is a terrorist country through and through. Is this America worthy of our admiration and surpassing? Seventh, the United States is a locust that lives by sucking blood all over the world. And China is a phoenix that provides hematopoietic function. The kind of phoenix that specializes in eating locusts. Not a species, how can it be compared? What’s more, the phoenix is ​​the eternal life of Nirvana, and the locust is just a maggot attached to the bone. Eighth, there is no political democracy in the United States. American democracy has always been superficial democracy. In fact, it has been a puppet built by various chaebols. The people in the top 20 wealth of the United States can influence the White House. In China, I am afraid that all the wealthy people together cannot control the Politburo. Ninth, China has a history and a country that pursues long-term interests, while the United States is a short-term country of robbers and civilization. Tenth, the United States does not have its own high-speed rail network, and China is dozens of times the sum of other countries in the world. Eleventh, steel production in Hebei Province, China is dozens of times that of the United States. Twelfth, China has the largest power generation in the world. Thirteenth, China’s major industrial products such as cement, electrolytic aluminum, and rare earths rank first in the world. Fourteenth, the number of Chinese engineers ranks first in the world. Fifteenth, China’s middle class ranks first in the world. Sixteenth, China’s foreign exchange ranks first in the world. Seventeenth, China has the most complete industrial system in the United Nations. Eighteenth, the number of patents in China is number one in the world. Nineteenth, China has the largest population of educated universities in the world. Moreover, Chinese university tuition is much cheaper than the United States, tens of tenths. Twentieth, the number of China as the number one trading partner is the largest in the world. Twenty-first, the number of Fortune 500 companies in China ranks first in the world. The twenty-second, the mileage of China’s highways, the world’s first. Twenty-third, the number and quality of Chinese state-owned enterprises rank first in the world. Twenty-fourth, the number of Chinese speakers, the number one in the world. Twenty-fifth, Chinese dishes are far better than American dishes. The eight major categories of Chinese cuisine, each of which is small, ranks first in the world. China can eat, drink and have fun. Twenty-sixth, every city in China has its own characteristics, which are 10,000 times stronger than the United States. I won’t talk about Beijing or Shanghai. Americans know more about it. In case the American media translates this article into English and publishes it, I will also popularize it for them. Chengdu can be leisure, Hangzhou can go outing, Harbin can go skiing, Shijiazhuang can participate in the revolutionary education baptism, Guangzhou can cook soup, Shenzhen can be creative, Xi’an can appreciate the style of the ancient city, Tianjin can appreciate the integration of China and foreign countries, Qingdao can see the sea and sky, and Changsha can watch entertainment. Appreciate beauty. Twenty-seventh, the number of people out of poverty in China is the 28th in the world, and the level of drug control in China is the first in the world. Drugs are rampant in the United States. Twenty-ninth, China’s ethnic minority policy is very friendly, and the United States discriminates against all non-white races. Thirtieth, China has no large-scale wars, and the United States wants to start wars with foreign countries almost every year. Thirty-first, the United States oppresses the weak, and China makes money with peace. Thirty-second, there is a flood of guns in the United States, and China is very safe.

6 months ago

China is a socialist country and a developing country. China belongs to the third world. The Chinese Government and the Chinese people have always followed Chairman Mao’s teachings and firmly supported all the oppressed people and nations in striving for and maintaining national independence, developing the national economy, and fighting colonialism, imperialism, and hegemonism. This is what we should do. Internationalist obligations. China is not now and will not be a superpower in the future. What is a superpower? Superpowers are imperialist countries that invade, interfere, control, subvert, and plunder other countries everywhere and seek world hegemony. If a major socialist country is restored to capitalism, it will inevitably become a superpower. In the past few years, the great proletarian cultural revolution in China and the movement to criticize Lin Piao and Confucius are currently underway throughout the country to prevent the restoration of capitalism, to ensure that China’s socialist landscape will never change color, and that China will always stand by the oppressed people. On the side of the oppressed nations. If China one day changes its color, becomes a superpower, and also rules the world, bullying, invading, and exploiting people everywhere, then the people of the world should give China a social-imperialist hat. We should expose it, oppose it, and work with the Chinese people to defeat it. Our goal has always been clear, to develop ourselves and liberate the world. All our counterattacks against the United States are resistance to imperialist hegemony and exploitation, a struggle of the oppressed against the oppressor, and a righteous act that cannot be questioned. It is sad to regard the close integration of China and the third world as a means to replace the hegemony of the United States. The purpose of China’s unity with the third world and other countries has always been the unity of the people of the world, and it has always been to bring all reactionaries. The decadent neo-colonialism was wiped out from this world. Internacional, it must be realized. That’s it.

6 months ago

In addition to making troubles, the United States has been trying to draw China into the trap of the United States. This is precisely what China has been avoiding. The United States is a country established by various plunders. In this regard, it is even far behind old Europe. Therefore, the United States is not enthusiastic about the maintenance of order and the development of productive forces. If the United States wants to do this someday, it must be It is what he wants to achieve. In international politics, the United States relative to the world island is equivalent to Britain relative to Europe. Britain’s attitude towards Europe has always been very clear, that is, to make every effort to prevent Europe from uniting. If Europe uses a peaceful way , Then the United Kingdom will be a stumbling block. If Europe uses violent methods, the United Kingdom will take the lead to fight with him… But the problem is that if there are too many ways to play offshore, you will inevitably play yourself in. The problem in Europe is that it is deep and small and since ancient times. Since the contradiction between Europe and Russia. However, due to the long-term strategic mistakes and global plunder of the United States, Russia is determined to stand on China. In addition, most countries are actually riding the fence. This brings up a most direct problem: Except for the landing battle, the United States cannot defeat China on the ground battlefield, because even if Europe can borrow it, it is impossible to penetrate the Middle East or Russia from Europe all the way. More than a dozen or even dozens of countries. Even if it can, the tens of thousands of kilometers of supply lines will drag everything down. Therefore, the only way for the United States is to have forward bases in Southeast Asia or Northeast Asia. However, once a large-scale regional war breaks out, all bases within 2,000 kilometers will be within a few days. Being directly destroyed, taking into account local risks, whether Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea will allow the second wave of US military entry after the first wave of US military bases are destroyed. This has brought an infinite loop to the United States. The more plundering the world, the more countries oppose it, and the more opposition it becomes, the harder it is to gain support in a large-scale war. Unless it has a global attitude, it must consider what to do as long as the war starts normally. The issue of sending ground forces ashore, even if Haiji builds all 15 aircraft carriers, an attack wave will only have less than four hundred fighters. For a big country, four hundred Haiji really cannot beat four hundred land. Ji, besides, even if a strategic bomber takes off from a few kilometers away, there is no guarantee of how much ammunition it will carry, just like a drop in the bucket. Therefore, for the United States, there are actually only two options left. 1. Desperately, immediately launch nuclear weapons. 2. Do your best to discredit China, so that you have the opportunity to go to Europe or China by fishing in troubled waters, and even hope to turn China into the next America in the future. So the question is, for the vast majority of “vested interests” individuals, which path will they choose? After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, most of the vested interests were just full…

6 months ago

U.S. President Biden stated at the first press conference after taking office that “China will not allow China to surpass the United States during his tenure.” In fact, this statement makes people a little confusing. In terms of GDP alone, many media have estimated that at least 12 years away, possibly until 2038. If per capita GDP is concerned, some media have estimated that it will be outside for at least 25 years, while the US media speculates that it will be outside for at least 50 years. No matter from that perspective, during Biden’s tenure, it will not happen that China surpasses the United States. That being the case, why does Biden have to specifically raise this question? I personally think that this is because it has attracted public opinion and demonstrated its importance internally. It has iron-fisted diplomacy in exchange for domestic support. There is no practical significance at all. I think of an old saying, “A good medicine is not a good cure for a disease.” Bluff to please the people. On the other hand, China emphasizes the quality of development instead of blindly pursuing GDP, but pays more attention to the national economy and people’s livelihood, such as environmental protection, national health, etc. The response of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be described as open-minded and upright. We don’t think about who to surpass at all. What we have to do is to surpass ourselves and become a better China! The two are contrasted, and the judgment is made up and down: the United States is keeping an eye on its opponents and “not allowed” to be surpassed. And we are facing ourselves, constantly surpassing ourselves! This shows that the United States is destined to “interfere and deter China’s development” by all means, and China is indeed rising peacefully!

6 months ago

On March 19, the high-level meeting with the United States resulted in a fierce confrontation that can be recorded in the annals of history. On March 22, the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to China issued a joint statement. The Russian Foreign Minister called for “going to the US dollar” several times and then the Russian Foreign Minister visited China. The end of the day, on March 23, started this trip to the six Middle East countries without stopping. Visits successively: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and other six countries in the Middle East. All of this is a foreplay to stifle the “dollar hegemony” in the last step. The Chinese like to call it “a draw from the bottom” once it is gone. U.S. dollar hegemony”, that arrogant cat will eventually be defeated by the strong claws of the oriental lion. China’s goal is never to surpass the United States but the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation that has been planted in our hearts since childhood! China is not a small country that burst out suddenly, but a superpower that is about to wake up. Hope the politicians will recognize your ugly faces. The rise of China is unstoppable. When bd becomes the president of the United States, it means that the United States has no chance. bd only yesterday claimed that we are not allowed to surpass the United States during his term of office. In fact, this also revealed that the United States now has a serious internal crisis risk, which makes it very likely that the United States is likely to overturn. What we need to beware of most now is the United States launching a financial war against us. After all, this is our weakest link. After all, we have the most financial Trojan horses in the financial sector. We can’t belittle ourselves, but we can’t be too blindly confident. In the areas where the enemy is most powerful, we still have to attach great importance to it, and we still need to put risk awareness first.

6 months ago

Western swordsmen are looking for an unnamed match. Wuming smiled and said: “Your sword is sharper, you are the number one swordsman in the world.” The swordsman heard that Wuming has already cultivated the Taoist heart and reached the realm. There is no martial artist who does not respect him in this trip to explore the truth. Without saying anything, he slowly took out the sword, pointed at the Wuming Mianmen Wuming sideways, a strand of black hair was cut and iron-cut to the swordsman with a cold snort, and said: “If you don’t make a sword, three Within the move, I will take your life!” Wuming shook his head and sighed. Haoran’s true energy shook the lotus to pieces and just raised her head, and saw the Western swordsman attacking the three-way viciously, without the slightest demeanor of masters. A faint anger rose up and aimed at the tip of the sword. Condensed, fiercely shook the swordsman three feet away! The swordsman wanted to act again, but he saw the nameless hair fluttering, his eyes piercing, standing between the heavens and the earth, and moving again at this time, it would be a humiliation to take his sword and laugh. The third move is one, not death. That is hurt. Since the nameless brother doesn’t want to confuse the incident, then I will stop here and say goodbye! Wuming said indifferently: “The victory or defeat is already divided, you naturally can’t make the third trick…”

6 months ago

The world pattern has quietly changed. Decades ago, does the United States need to implement Asia-Pacific, Indo-Pacific, united Japan, India, and Australia to form a “Little Asian NATO” to hold us back together? Because Americans are not confident anymore, they have stagnated in the face of China’s growing strength, and even regressed in some areas. At the same time, he was afraid that his influence would be declining and he would be spurned by his allies. Otherwise, why would he visit other countries frequently? I searched through the books, but I couldn’t find it It is evidence that China blatantly challenged other countries, discredited the facts of other countries, and attempted to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. On the contrary, it’s the United States, which is ill-fated. Know thyself, ever-victorious. This sentence is not without reason. The Americans don’t understand our history at all, and what they say is just thinking about it. I still remember that Pompeo repeatedly discredited the Chinese Communist Party in his speeches before, trying to provoke the relationship between the masses and the party. When I saw this video, the people who laughed on their backs turned their backs. Isn’t that just because they don’t understand our history? He doesn’t even know how close the relationship between our people and the party is. The song “There would be no new China without the Communist Party” was not sung in vain. Wrong, our party understands them as the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States. According to Teacher Shen Yi, the United States now wants to maintain the original system of world hegemony, but is unwilling to adjust this system because of changes in the power of countries in the world, and in the face of the resulting contradictions, it uses some cheap Means to solve. Americans be sober, the era of unilateralism is gone forever. Thinking rationally and treating the relationship with China correctly is the best way out, instead of continuing to discredit, distort facts, and impose sanctions on us in all aspects. Again. Our China does not challenge any country, it does not mean that we are afraid of challenges. Today’s China is not Iraq, nor Syria, nor is it the late Qing under the iron feet of the Eight-Power Allied Forces. China is open and honest, and the facts and truth will expose all malicious lies and rumors against China!

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6 months ago

In many previous answers, I have emphasized that China’s long-term goal is no longer the United States. The Americans do not understand, and many Chinese have not fully understood what is meant by “long live the great unity of the people of the world”, what is meant by “highly developed productivity” and what is meant by “inevitable final victory.” We do not forget our original intention, but our original intention is the sea of ​​stars. Rather than a certain hill, a certain island on the way forward. What Sister Hua said today is a proof. We do not aim to surpass the United States; we aim to build a better China. In other words, it is completely smooth for you to be surpassed by me. But I will not do anything deliberately to surpass you, because I want to fight steadily and lay a solid foundation for the future to be able to go further and more steadily. Just like we set a goal of 6% this year instead of higher, our development will only be based on our own long-term interests, and will not be easily changed by some short-sighted or transcending goals. However, Sister Hua might not have thought that such a clear sentence would be interpreted by some “public accounts” as evidence that we must surrender, the United States is very powerful, and we are all “patriotic thieves.” How to put it, it is still the old rule, and give a poem: Daohuaxiang said that there is good harvest, and there is a sound of frogs.

6 months ago

First, the crisis in the future will be more serious. The new crown epidemic looks like a little future crisis, and only a little bit. With such an EASY model alone, the United States has been hit in a mess. Such a beacon is undoubtedly not a role model for China, and it is destined not to become China. The goal. Second, the future development challenges will be more difficult. Manned landing on the moon is already very difficult, but it is only a small step for mankind to leave the womb earth. The civilization that cannot be separated from the mother is destined to perish with the death of the mother. Humans must carry out star-level immigration to get rid of the livable planet. With such restrictions, it is possible to go farther and more stable, and to embrace a happy future. Looking at America’s second time landing on the moon, how could China target the United States? Third, paying attention to the state system at the bottom of the society is the choice that mankind should have. It is also a population issue. China will not abandon or give up, and resolutely help the poor, pull the bottom of the society into the vicinity of a well-off life. However, the United States has not considered the long-term interests of the bottom people at all. Put in a batch. How can a system that has more help than others, less help than others, and political ambiguity is China’s goal? ! Fourth, there is no best, only better. China is not perfect, and even now it is not a beacon and model of the world. However, China can learn, iteratively modify, and gradually approach perfection. China has this kind of motivation and wisdom, as well as this kind of ability. In many fields, it has achieved the world’s first place. First, China’s vision is higher and far-reaching, so it naturally focuses on its own shortcomings and shortcomings, and develops and grows step by step. This philosophy has no shadow of America. Fifth, to be honest, if China, which is good at fighting annihilation wars, is not polite to the United States, the United States is better to keep a low profile. The Chinese are not full of words, but they must be stable in doing things. A race that lives by honesty seeks complete victory in a zero-sum game. Before you are sure, you will compromise low-key, but if you are sure, your speech will be more intriguing. Since Alaska raised the flag of attacking the United States, any US attack on China has already been in China’s plan. What the United States can do, how it can do it, and how it can counterattack is just a matter of adjusting the implementation of the plan. Simply put, it will be better if the United States cooperates. If the United States does not cooperate, it will decline even faster. A country that has been regarded as a defeated by China, although there are still many merits, it will never be China’s development goal.

6 months ago

To become a better self, China has to surpass the status of Han and Tang Dynasties in the world at that time. Therefore, China’s goal is indeed not to surpass the United States, but to reach the level of EU+US strength. This possibility is very big, at least there is no big problem economically. The EU has a population of 510 million, minus the UK’s 66 million, and there is 450 million. The United States has a population of 330 million, which is calculated as 400 million in the next 30 years. In the next 30 years, the EU+US population will be 850 million. In the next 30 years, China will have a population of about 1.2 billion. Therefore, economically, there is no big problem for China to reach the level of the EU + the United States.

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