I have personally experienced that someone transferred the wrong money to me. I was in a meeting and Alipay suddenly reminded me that 4,000 yuan was received. Because I didn’t take a close look at the meeting either. After the meeting was finished at noon, the customer service called me and told me that someone had transferred the wrong money. At the time, I only remembered her saying, hello, I’m from Taobao, Barbara, maybe because I received too many fraudulent calls. Well, I went back. What kind of liar is so unprofessional. The liar either said that he was from Ali, or Alipay or Taobao customer service, or Taobao, so I dropped the sentence on the liar and hung up. During meal time, the girl who transferred the wrong money added my Alipay friend to explain the reason, the customer service called for the second time, first explain that you are not a liar, don’t hang up, and then said that someone transferred the wrong money, etc., I checked the account again There are indeed too many posts, so I asked the customer service what if I didn’t switch back. The customer service was very embarrassed, but probably there was no way. I confirmed with her that I was not a liar, and if I transferred the money back to others, would I be scammed? After hanging up the phone, I checked Baidu and determined that it was not a liar’s operation, so I transferred the money back. That girl’s transfer destination has the same name as me, and the Alipay number is the mailbox number, and the front of the mailbox number is exactly the same as mine, that is, I am 163.com. The account she should transfer to is 126, so it’s wrong. At this time I have the same name. I also added my friends and chatted again, and returned it to others after confirming that there was no problem. By mistake, I have become good friends with the same name now, and we have an appointment to play with him. Suddenly there are a few people who say that the suspected car is unfounded. In fact, you may think that someone else transfers the wrong money to you and you are not going to pay it back. You will say this kind of storytelling to save others. We are not specializing in the official account, it is not necessary. The income of Yu’e Bao reveals the nature of my poor person. It is not Zhihuer who earns more than one million in a year. The next 66 is the red envelope given by the girl, saying that it is for wedding candy because he is about to get married. These four thousand are pre-decoration. The balance of the newlyweds, the brothers of the same name do the decoration. I collect the money and pay it back. I don’t need to call the police. I read the comments and say that I call the police. There is a high probability that the police don’t care, especially our 18th line. The customer service is probably a newcomer, and she is more enthusiastic, so she called me, but she didn’t reveal my phone number. If you want these four thousand, it will be OK if you want to black out Alipay and add my Xia. However, I may not be able to make this kind of wealth, I have to transfer it back. The money transferred after ten o’clock, when the customer service called me at twelve o’clock, I began to think that it was a liar, so I went to dinner, and the customer service called after dinner. I thought it was not a liar, so I paid it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I found that none of the answers told you how to get the money back… They all talk about how difficult it is, and none of them can help you get the money back. First of all, admit your own mistakes honestly. Acknowledge your mistakes, and in order to recover the money, you have to pay the time and price, and be mentally prepared. Second, you must understand one thing, Alipay will never refund you. The Public Security Bureau will not control you either. Why? Let’s talk about Alipay first. Alipay does not have any ability to tell whether the money should be given to him or not, and I don’t know what is the relationship between the two of you. Therefore, it is best for him to make mistakes and rule by doing nothing. Finding out the truth is time-consuming! Let’s talk about the Public Security Bureau. Those who say 5000 case filed, let me ask, where did you hear the phrase 5,000 case filed! Looking at this sentence, I am annoyed. Now many people think that scamming 4999 yuan is not illegal! Filing a case is a step in a criminal case. However, cases that do not meet the criteria for filing a case are public security cases. Defrauding 1 yuan and stealing 1 yuan can theoretically be detained or fined by law and order. Every day, “no case is filed for less than 5,000”, really… (Here, I don’t know how many colleagues have seen it. But I It must be said that as long as it is a fraud, one dollar should also be accepted. If the person cannot be caught for technical reasons, it is one thing, and it is another thing to simply say that the case cannot be opened and to drive the person away. If the police in any place tell you, it’s not. 5000 Let you go home without filing a case, and feel free to file a complaint. As a policeman, no matter how busy you are, you can’t shirk what you should do.) Looking at you again, which law did the other party commit? Revisit, this problem is your fault! There is no scam here. The behavior of the other party can only constitute a problem in the civil law, which is called unjust enrichment, is it illegal? If you are talking about the Criminal Law and Public Security Administration Penalty Law, it is not illegal. So what do you do? Prosecute. The only way. Trouble arises, how to sue? There is no information about the other party, the court will not investigate it, and the police station will not investigate it…Firstly, no matter how far you are from him, even if you are in Sanya, Mohe, go to the court of his residence to sue, which is most beneficial to this case. . As for which city he is in, the cell phone number is inquired about where he belongs. As for which district/county he is in, the problem is very serious. For the average person, it is a dead knot. Let’s call him question a for the time being on this question, and we will discuss it together later. Second, his information. You have to thank our country’s mobile phone number real-name system. You have his phone, right? Don’t be afraid of shutting down, right? I transferred the wrong account, but I have a name, right? When I went to the court to sue, I didn’t have an address, so I could sue in theory, but the time would be longer. According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Procedure Law, the following conditions must be met for the suit: 1. You have a clear interest with the other party. 2. There is a clear defendant. 3. There is a clear cause of action (returning unjust enrichment) 4. The court has jurisdiction. Although you don’t have his address, but you have a mobile phone number and name, you can be regarded as a clear defendant, and the court can check it. This is also one of the solutions to problem a. Find the county court to help you file a case (a civil case), and then If it is not under his jurisdiction, he can be transferred to a court with jurisdiction. As long as you can sue, this problem will be solved. Is it troublesome? First, there is a high probability that the two of you are not in the same city, and going there requires a cost. Second, it takes a lot of time. Third, some courts say that they will not open the case without clear address, and your eyes will be black. Where is the difficulty? In the third, also in question a. For the third sum question a, the only effective advice I can give you is to find a law firm. The local law firm must have a solution. As long as your case can be filed, as you said, then you can win the case 100%. He still bears the tens of yuan for the prosecution. However, your travel expenses and possible attorney fees (generally at least 3000) are borne by you. It depends on what you think. If you are really angry and have the attitude of “I would rather spend another five thousand, and I won’t let you take the five thousand and turn off the machine for nothing”, this problem can be solved. The difficulty of defending rights is sometimes really helpless. It is not only difficult for you to defend rights, but also for everyone. After all, the first thing in judiciary is to ensure justice. Sometimes, if you pursue efficiency too fast and too aggressively, many loopholes will appear. If you were buying a mobile phone, the owner of the mobile phone shop said that today I have a problem with the bank and I can only accept cash. Then you tell the person next to me, I will transfer 5000 for you, can you give me 5000 cash? This person agreed. Then, you have a record of 5000 transfers with strangers. Immediately afterwards, through a few magical and good ways to know your friends, you complained on the Internet and got the money back…that was really scary… Alipay closed. Only through court litigation. No way, you are an adult, you have done one thing wrong, and you pay for yourself.

6 months ago

I have received more than 6,000 yuan transfers for unexplained reasons. With my keen professional sense and self-cultivation of party members, I decisively called the police, and told the policeman that it was a new type of fraud. They borrowed my personal information. A small loan, and then pretended to make the wrong money and call me to pay it back. In the end, I became a good person but had to repay the loan sadly…The brother who received the police was stunned by my super vigilance. , Asked me if I wanted to take this money to them to seize, I said no, I have to wait for a liar to come to me! How can I release my skills if the liar doesn’t come to me! ! Next, I vigorously promoted this matter within the department and showed everyone my superb anti-fraud skills. My colleagues were also taken aback by me, saying that they were really open to seeing, and then waited excitedly with me. The liar came. The chance of encountering this kind of liar with a bit of intelligence and hitting the door is comparable to finding a source of water in the Sahara Desert. I can’t wait to wait for the liar to take the next step against me. I just looked forward to it for half a month, and the more than 6,000 yuan remained motionless on my account, and the enemy remained motionless in the dark. I thought it was the calm before the storm…Finally, a call to sell the house dispelled all our expectations. She said, “Sister, did you receive the money we gave you back for introducing a colleague to buy a house? I have deducted a few hundred yuan in taxes, and there should be more than 6,000. “Hehe, it’s really not as good as the sky. I am like the fresh hair belly in the hot pot. The appearance of the new type of science fraud is really funny…

6 months ago

Stakeholders: Stakeholders have seen some netizens asking why it can’t be done. If I transfer the wrong account and tell Alipay, Alipay will be able to transfer the money back to me from the other party’s account. Let me explain a little bit. It seems reasonable to say that this is correct. If you transfer the wrong account, you have to refund the money. But the actual situation is like this. For transfers, unlike e-commerce shopping, there is no way for the platform to verify whether it is actually a “wrong transfer.” For example, A transferred 5000 yuan to B, and then A said, I transferred the wrong account. But B said that we were trading offline and the account was transferred correctly. So the question is coming, may I ask, is this account transferred wrong? Therefore, the platform cannot compulsorily adjust the account just because a user claims to transfer the wrong account, whether it is a third-party payment platform or a bank. But this does not mean that the platform cannot do anything. For us, we will first assist users in contacting each other. The Alipay account name has a mobile phone number or an email number. If you transfer the wrong account through the email number, please contact our customer service 95188. We will assist in contacting the other party and explain the situation. (Note: We are in direct contact, not revealing the other party’s personal information to another user.) If the other party is reasonable, it will take the initiative to transfer back. In our daily work, this situation is quite common. If the other party denies it, from the perspective of the platform, we have no way to force the other party’s account to be processed. At this time, we will advise users to consider legal procedures, and we will fully cooperate with you and the judicial authorities. Many of Gao Zan’s answers mentioned related processes, which can be used as a reference. In fact, in order to prevent you from transferring the wrong account, we also have some measures, such as verifying the name of the other party before transferring. After all, when it comes to money, I hope everyone will be a little slower in the operation and check more.

6 months ago

I think I have a say on this question. After a year of customer service for XX Bao, I often encounter situations where customers call and transfer the wrong money. First of all, if you find that you have transferred the wrong money, call the customer service. The customer service will verify whether you are the owner of the account, then verify which account the money goes to, and then tell you that the other party’s account has received the money. Do you want to freeze the other party’s account? Sorry, there is no way to restrict the account of the other party (freezing is not allowed in the call recording). Do you want the customer service to transfer the money back to your account? I’m very sorry, but there is no permission to operate the user’s account here. Do you want to know the personal information of the other party’s account to provide to the police? Sorry, Xiao Er has no right to inform the other party’s account personal information. Do you want to know the contact information of the other party’s account? We are very sorry, but Xiaoer cannot provide this information. At this time, customers are generally more annoyed, so what should I do with my money? Xiaoer here recommends that you report the case to the local police station as soon as possible. The local police station will contact the **Network Supervision Division or issue a letter of assistance for investigation. However, the amount is not particularly large, more than 100,000 yuan, and generally will not be processed, because the police station generally does not know. What to do, they will not easily issue a letter of assistance for investigation, because they need the account information of the other party, but XX Bao will not provide account information. Even if the police station has issued a letter of assistance for investigation, XX Bao will not transfer money privately. Go to the account of the original owner, because ordinary Xiaoer does not have this permission. Then you said, this money can’t be solved? Judging from so many cases that I have come into contact with, there is no way to solve it. I can tell you another case. There was an incident a few years ago. A person transferred two thousand yuan through a certain treasure (some years ago, the specific amount was forgotten), and later found out that the transfer was wrong, and then he called customer service, customer service It was pushed to the police. The police did not have any information, and then pushed it to the customer service, and the customer service pushed it to the police. That person’s family was particularly difficult, and there were patients at home. The amount of thousands of dollars was not big, but it was really important to that family. In the end, he didn’t. The method is to find a local TV station news reporter. The news reporter contacted XX Bao. The result is still: There is a prompt on the page when transferring funds. Once the payment is directly entered into the account of the other party, there is no way to operate the account of the other party. Of course, the journalist quit and reported it, but the public relations of XX Bao is really not idle, and it is forced to suppress it. Therefore, the outside world knows very little. The final solution is: XX Bao has researched and learned about the other party’s family situation. Special, life is more difficult, out of humanitarianism, gave thousands of dollars in the name of so-and-so treasure, but the wrong money was not recovered. The suggestion for you here is to contact the local police station to try if you can issue a letter of assistance for investigation, or the police station will contact Alipay on your behalf. After all, there have been resignations for a year or two, and the current process is not very clear. You can try. hope this helps.

6 months ago

I saw that many friends in the comments said that I couldn’t make a lot of trouble for 50 yuan. In fact, I couldn’t swallow it. I checked some cases on the Internet and found that apart from the amount of money that was large enough to call the police or the other party took the initiative, no one could give one. The way to recover the wrong account after transferring the wrong account, I just want to say that I’m free to look for it anyway. As for some people’s suspicion that even if the other party knew that I found her on Weibo, she could not pay back the money. What I thought at the time was that I already knew about her friends’ Weibo daily through her Weibo. Shouldn’t anyone be willing to be known by friends for petty gains? Seeing that someone in the comments condemned me and said this is human flesh, emm…I think such a bit of information is not human flesh, (probably it’s just to pick it down), and then after the other party paid the money, I deleted the information I found. After all, it was true that the mistake at the beginning was that I transferred the money without seeing the person clearly. Finally, I hope you all have a good year, and you need to be cautious when transferring money~

6 months ago

Let me talk about my recent incident. I don’t have much money. I transferred the utility bill to the wrong person. The other party deleted me after receiving the money. I didn’t reply to many messages. The first is to contact Alipay customer service and ask them to try to contact the other party for you, but they are actually sending the message, and will not provide you with the other party’s name or mobile phone number anyway. At the beginning, I wanted to use his information, which contains part of the mobile phone number 159××××××29, as well as the region to which I belong, and filter out his mobile phone number, (try searching Alipay avatars one by one). This way Although a little stupid, if you persevere and persevere, you can find out in half a month, unless the other party turns off the phone number to find someone, but most people will not turn it off. Later, things turned around when Alipay called him and he never answered it. Maybe it was because of a guilty conscience that he didn’t dare to answer the phone. Alipay sent me a message and told him his Wangwang number. Only Wangwang’s name cannot search people on Taobao, but Xianyu can. Then I used Wangwang to search for Xianyu, found his Xianyu, and found that he was bound to Weibo, so I found his Weibo again. The Weibo bound by the other party is a small account, but in the relative friends who forwarded the lottery@ on the small account, I found his Weibo daily account, which has a photo, a real name (matches with Alipay), and a graduate school , After mastering this information, you can actually pick up more things, but I think this is enough for now. The last thing is to contact the other party’s Weibo and tell him that I know who you are and which school you graduated from. Now you will not be held accountable for paying the money. The Alipay was paid back immediately. In the final analysis, I can recover this money because I am free.

6 months ago

I don’t know why this issue has suddenly become particularly high-profile in the past few days. There are hundreds of comments in two days, and there are many controversial branches. There is no way to reply one by one, but I can only add some explanation. Please forgive me. (The original answer is under the supplementary explanation and has been marked with a dividing line) 1. “Someone transfers the wrong money to me” is just the premise of answering this question. In reality, no one transfers the wrong money to me. Therefore, guessing that my motive is “I don’t want to pay back” can be omitted, which is meaningless. 2. My original intention for writing this answer was to write a point of view, explaining the potential risks, and a way of dealing with it. But there is no plan to write a “standard answer” or “refund strategy” to deal with similar questions. Some people find it troublesome and don’t care about the risks that may occur with a small probability, so they just go back the same way. ——You think it’s OK. Someone can accept a compromise and ask the police to prove it. ——You (and the police) think it’s OK. Some people are afraid of taking risks and are willing to go through the litigation process. ——The trouble is a bit more troublesome, but personally think it is safe enough. Or is there any other brainstorming plan, as long as both parties agree that it is OK, that’s okay. Thinking in another way, if the person who made the mistake is me, and the other party insists on taking the lawsuit, I can fully understand and support it. 3. The so-called risk does not mean whether the above-mentioned handling methods themselves will bring about legal problems. But if there is a real problem with the money, whether you can produce strong enough direct evidence in the first time to prove that you really have nothing to do with the money. Rather than waiting for criminal investigation…even criminal proceedings… you need all kinds of proof… to explain why the money will be posted and spent on your account. After all, when something really happened, it wasn’t often the case that you just touched your mouth and said, “The other party made a mistake and returned.” This matter will be over immediately. Moreover, during this investigation, you may not be able to feel a more friendly atmosphere, which may make you have an unpleasant experience. To be more blunt, the risk here does not mean that if there is a problem with the money, you will commit a crime if you say how to return it. It means that the follow-up may involve criminal investigation and proof, which is much more troublesome than the court’s summary trial procedure. Moreover, the purpose of going through the judicial process is not to prove that the other party is a good person or a bad person, and whether the source of the money is legal or illegal, but to prove that “I have nothing to do with the money.” As for whether it is found out whether the money was stolen or deceived in the future, it has nothing to do with me. You know, reasonable and legal ≠ no risk. Stock trading is legal, but you have to bear the risk of losing money when stocks fall. Pedestrians are killed in violation of regulations, the driver is not responsible, but he may also be sentenced to compensation, which is also a risk. I transferred money to a stranger’s account. This behavior is completely legal, but it is difficult to retrieve and is also a risk. In the same way, I returned the money the same way. This operation is reasonable and legal, but it does not mean that it is risk-free and will not fall into some greater troubles. Even if the final “result is justice”, it does not mean that there is no “course twists and turns”. For the innocent party, this risk is sensational to bear it for you, but it is reasonable not to bear it for you. There is no inevitable obligation. 4. As for this operation, the transferor will be very troublesome… In fact, it is not so casual for most people to transfer accounts of thousands or tens of thousands. Not to mention that large expenditures now require various verifications, and it takes at most tens of seconds to check the information multiple times. If something goes wrong, there is nothing wrong with paying a certain amount of time and labor cost to correct the error. After all, it is troublesome to add an extra amount of money to the recipient’s account. Compared with the transferer, the recipient is the biggest victim. PS: I don’t really like the phrase “everyone makes mistakes”. This sentence is too common. There is this sentence in the car crash comment, and there is also this sentence in the transfer of the wrong account. You can still see this sentence in work negligence… This sentence itself is not wrong, but it should not be an exemption/mitigation of responsibility Reason. 5. This judicial process does not have much trouble if the recipient is willing to assist. Step1: The plaintiff submits information to the court in the jurisdiction where the defendant is located (sue for improper profit); Step2: Waiting for the notice of acceptance; Step3: The court is held, the facts are clearly identified, the two parties have no dispute, and the judgment can be pronounced in court. If it’s fast, it will be done in a blink of an eye; Step4: Pay back the money and get it done. Generally, it may take 2-3 months to follow the simple procedure, mainly because of the waiting time. I think it might be faster if the small district court is not so busy. The main cost is the plaintiff’s transportation expenses, and the others are small expenses. If the payee does not deliberately want to make trouble with you, both parties have the purpose of repaying the money, and there is no need to hire a lawyer. Judicial resources are occupied, but what is the significance of the existence of a civil court? Isn’t it just to mediate such civil disputes? Can’t you find a case when you are young? The same is true for the police when they go out of the police, they occupy social resources. And isn’t it more business-friendly to ask the court to resolve this kind of matter? Why can’t it? In some countries, such small-scale lawsuits are about to become an assembly line, and there will be more and more domestic lawsuits in the future, because civil courts are a place where everyone is reasonable, and it is really not a big deal to fight a lawsuit! The following is the original answer If someone you don’t know transfers money to me by mistake and contacts me, I will tell the other party that I won’t move a penny of the money. But please go to the court to sue. I will help you to check the contact information of the court and assist you in the prosecution process. It doesn’t matter. But I must get the court’s verdict before I can refund the money to you. Even if I call the police, I follow this principle. Because I don’t know the source of this money. What if the source of this money involves some criminal cases? Smuggling, fraud, kidnapping, drug dealing? Why should I trust a stranger casually? I will send the money back in one sentence. If there is any problem with the money one day, then I will also become the person involved in the case? Therefore, when I have more money in my account, the only thing that can guarantee me the safe return of the money is the court judgment. Of course, if I find that there is an inexplicable amount of money in my account, I am sure that I will not move a penny of this money. I will report the case immediately.

6 months ago

Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that someone else transferred money to me by mistake. For Alipay, you can quickly find Alipay’s customer service, the customer service will contact the other party within a few minutes, and usually can get it back, but it also depends on the other party’s character. If the other person is not bad, he will usually transfer the money back. After all, it is five thousand yuan. To be honest, his inner struggle must be very intense. When I first transferred, I actually didn’t know, and the other party didn’t know my mobile phone number, so it could be said that I couldn’t find me, so I could only ask Alipay customer service to contact me. At first, I thought the customer service was a liar and was directly caught I hung up, and then took a look at Alipay. After hesitating for five minutes, I turned it back. In fact, I was a little bit afraid that it was a scam similar to online lending. I used my information for illegal loans, and then it came to me to collect the accounts later. And I was a little greedy. More than two thousand is not too much, but not too little. But in the end, I was afraid that it was the money that others were using urgently, so I switched it back. It is false to say that I am not greedy, and it is true that I need to have a little bottom line and principles. of

6 months ago

Sued Alipay, the content is that the platform did not verify the transfer counterparty’s information, there is a defect, and Alipay is required to compensate for the loss. Alipay will submit the information of both parties to the transfer as evidence in court to prove that it is not at fault. Then you take the other party’s information and sue the payee for the return of unjust enrichment. About last year, Xianyu sold a mobile phone on Xianyu, and agreed with the buyer to check the appearance before signing for it. If there is a problem with the appearance, return it directly. The representative of the sign accepts that there is no problem with the appearance. Then the buyer told me that the phone was damaged after signing for it. I was very angry. I communicated with Xianyu’s customer service and said that the agreement is effective, and I don’t have to worry. Then three days later, Xianyu customer service decided to return the goods for a refund and sent back a broken mobile phone. At that time, I contacted Xianyu, and Xianyu said that I was just a platform. If you have a dispute, go to the lawsuit by yourself. Okay, then I’ll file a lawsuit. You can give me the buyer’s information. I’m sorry, no comment. There is no way to sue Ali. Ali’s lawyer uploaded all the buyer’s information during the trial and cross-examination, so I can easily get all the buyer’s information. So those who said they couldn’t get it back, you didn’t use your brain.

6 months ago

You need to call Alipay customer service to report your situation as soon as you transfer to the wrong person. At the same time, you complain about the funds on the Alipay complaint page. Let Alipay limit the payment function of the other party, and then contact the other party or report the case! To report a crime, you need to know the identity information of the other party! This is very important. It is best to complain to the other party and then negotiate with the other party!

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