According to the Xiaoxiang Morning News, on March 29, a video about “a male employee of Baotou Steel Group suspected of committing suicide by jumping into molten steel in a blast furnace due to heavy pressure” was circulated on the Internet. This 15-second surveillance video recorded a worker at the blast furnace. , The process of jumping off after a long time of wandering, the picture is distressing. The Baotou Emergency Management Bureau confirmed the above accident to the newspaper: there was indeed this incident. After the public security department surveyed the scene, it reported it to the colleagues in charge of safe production, watched the monitoring, and expressed sympathy for the deceased.

At 4 o’clock in the morning on March 30, @包钢集团 issued a statement on the death of Wang Long on March 24, stating that at present, after preliminary investigation by the public security organs, criminal cases have been ruled out as suicide. The municipal emergency management department also believes that it is not an enterprise production safety accident. According to colleagues, Wang Long has an introverted personality and is unmarried. He bought futures and stocks through securities companies for a long time. He lost more than 60,000 yuan in trading on March 24 alone. He suspected that his suicide and losses were large, too much indebted, and unable to repay. related. Baotou Steel expressed deep sorrow for the deceased, and actively did a good job in comforting family members and psychological counseling for employees. In the next step, we will actively cooperate with the public security organs to conduct investigations and properly handle the aftermath. The follow-up situation will be announced to the public in time.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have always said that China’s current system has a flaw, and there is no personal bankruptcy system. If you owe money that you can’t pay, then you will be over for the rest of your life. It seems that even wanting to change server and start over is forbidden. Today, for example, this brother and Tencent’s prospective father who owes 3 million yuan. In fact, this is unreasonable at all. Even if you commit a crime, you can go to jail for a few years. I owe money, but worse than criminals. This may actually induce vicious crimes. In fact, capitalists are not afraid of this trick. They always have a way to avoid it. In the end, it is the common people who are unlucky. Even this often becomes a tool for capitalists to collect debts from the common people. Ugh……

6 months ago

“Every day I go to work at 9 o’clock in the morning by car, earning tens of thousands every month, saving money and playing stocks. They want to make a fortune. They don’t even know who the real big winner is. There is only one hour left. The market is open, let’s see how many people are helping me make money.”——This TV series of “Genesis” in 1999 was almost like “you are the leeks” on the screen, but it is still wave after wave of retail investors. Rush. What for? Don’t you just want to have a wave of direct financial freedom like the Gamestop gang? Everyone’s destiny is his own choice, and everyone’s choice is also sacred. As long as it does not violate public order and morals, no one has the right to criticize wanton. But at the same time, any behavior must have a price. This old investor cannot fail to understand this truth. Since he has chosen this path, he has to bear the risk and the price behind it. No one takes a gun to force you into the game, but once you get in, please abide by the rules. The rules are often cruel. Regrettably, the price this time is a living life. However, I’m here to put the ugly word on the front—— 1. This is definitely not a case. I don’t have one or two leverages when trading stocks with wages. 2. Friends who are trading in stocks, don’t praise this system when you take advantage of it. How good, it’s your turn to suffer

6 months ago

I have a colleague who is also relatively silent and introverted. He played P2P and exploded. He lost more than two hundred thousand. Of course he was alive and well, and later got married and led an uneasy social life. There is actually a gambling component in stocks, much like a whirlpool. If you lose money, you will want to win the money back, so you will continue to buy the bottom, and then lose again, lose and increase positions, and then lose money again. I have also traded in stocks, and eventually I lost money. I don’t understand and don’t study it. Later, I switched to other ways of making extra money and never traded in stocks again. First, I couldn’t afford to lose, and second, I felt unnecessary. I have already judged that I am not the kind of life that can make money from stocks, even if I have money, I will not invest in it. Saying that this employee is introverted and unmarried so far, at first glance it seems ironic to be a single dog, but when I think about it carefully, it’s not that simple. Being unmarried is just an appearance. This should be the result of the worker’s lack of friends and loneliness, while stock trading and suicide are another result. If you have tried to live alone in an unfamiliar place and be alone, you will definitely need to communicate with others after a long time of loneliness, and there will also be a need to engage in spiritual sustenance. In this case, the quality of human judgment will be seriously degraded, because there is no other person to intervene, relying entirely on one’s own will, and the heart will go to extremes. Therefore, if in an environment of long-term loneliness without friends and lack of communication, it is entirely possible to invest all of your money in the stock market or other venture capital, and conduct gambling-like behaviors, because these things can bring some excitement to yourself. , Otherwise I always feel that I have no sense of existence. In this regard, if you are not the kind of migrant workers who are unable to bear the loneliness and cannot make friends, it is not recommended to stay in a completely unfamiliar environment for too long. Long-term depression will cause them to collapse, as if they are in jail. If you are in prison, if you don’t have a good-talking inmate like Guevara, if you are bored alone for a long time, you will easily have a nervous breakdown. It is better to return to an environment where you have your own social circle, otherwise you will feel that you can’t see hope, you can’t see changes and make extreme behaviors.

6 months ago

The stock market is a big casino. It is not an ATM. You must be prepared to lose money when you enter it, or even be prepared to lose money, but in any case, you must be a bit more open, and remember that “There is nothing serious about death”, “It’s better to die than to live.” “Although this is more annoying, it is good for you and your family, no matter how bad the situation is, as long as the person is still alive, there is hope of a comeback. Once a person dies, there is nothing left.

6 months ago

Recalling the beginning and the end of the incident for all friends: On March 29, a video about “a male employee of Baotou Steel Group suspected of committing suicide by jumping into molten steel in a blast furnace due to heavy pressure” was circulated on the Internet. This 15-second surveillance video recorded a worker By the blast furnace, the process of jumping off after a long wandering, the picture is distressing. On the afternoon of March 29, a staff member of the Baotou Emergency Management Bureau confirmed the incident. He expressed sympathy for what happened to the deceased. As for the time, place, identity of the deceased and the cause of death, he said that he was “not sure”. The public security department has been involved in the investigation. . The reporter called Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baosteel Group”) to try to verify the matter. A staff member of the office said that she was “unclear”. She provided the telephone number of the group propaganda office. The reporter called but no one Answer. A staff member of the Kun District Public Security Bureau of Baotou City Public Security Bureau also expressed “unclear” about this. The last moment when the surveillance record jumped: It was gone. The reporter checked this online video and noticed that the video was a remake of the computer surveillance screen. After the 26-second content was accelerated, the duration was only 15 seconds. The time in the upper left corner of the monitoring screen is suspected to be “Wednesday, March 24, 2021”, which lasted from 22:54:18 to 22:54:44 that night, because the screen is unclear and incomplete, and the monitoring time cannot be confirmed. Accurate, the specific time of the incident cannot be determined, and in the lower right corner there is the words “Slag Spraying Monitoring for Converter No. 7”. In the surveillance video, a person walked alone to the slag injection port of the No. 7 converter in operation, and the wall of the furnace port was orange-red. He stood at the mouth of the furnace, looked inside with the probe, then took off the hat on his head, walked a few steps towards the mouth of the furnace, looked inside with the probe, and then jumped and disappeared into the surveillance. Seeing the aforementioned screen, the person who remade the video said, “It’s gone in one shot.” On the afternoon of March 29, the reporter called Baotou Iron and Steel Group about the information transmitted on the Internet. A staff member of the office expressed “unclear” about this. She provided the group’s publicity office phone number. The reporter called many times but no one answered. According to the official website of Baotou Steel Group, the company was established in 1954 and is one of the 156 key projects constructed by the country during the “First Five-Year Plan” period. After more than 60 years of development, it has become the world’s largest rare earth industrial base and my country’s important iron and steel industrial base. It has two listed companies, “Baogang Steel” and “North Rare Earth”, with total assets of more than 180 billion yuan and registered employees. 48,000 people. Emergency Management Bureau: “I watched the monitoring and expressed sympathy for the deceased’s encounter”, “How much courage should this be?” “Is it stressful or for other reasons?” “How bitter and stressful is this?” “Steel furnace temperature As many as thousands of degrees”…After seeing the video, many netizens felt “distressed” about the experience of the people in the video, and everyone was also concerned about the reasons behind the accident. On the afternoon of the 29th, the reporter called the Baotou Emergency Management Bureau. A staff member confirmed the above accident. “There is indeed this incident. After the public security department surveyed the scene, it reported it to the colleague in charge of safe production. We also looked at the monitoring and expressed the experience of the deceased. Sympathy.” During the phone call, the staff member first confirmed that the incident was caused by Baotou Steel Group, and then said, “In which unit and furnace, including the time of occurrence, the identity of the deceased, and the cause of death, I really don’t know. It is recommended to verify with the public security department.” “Suicide or other reasons? The nature of the accident can only be determined and determined by the public security department through a comprehensive analysis of technical means.” The aforementioned staff said that the specific situation needs to be investigated by the public security department, and the conclusion will be reached. , The bureau then determines whether to intervene in the process. The reporter called the Kunqu District Public Security Branch of Baotou Public Security Bureau. A staff member said on the phone, “Baogang Group is under the jurisdiction of our branch. I was not on duty that day. I don’t know the details.” The reporter consulted the department in charge of publicity. The phone tried to further verify the matter, and the staff member said it was inconvenient to disclose.

6 months ago

Because in the eyes of this worker who jumped into molten steel in the blast furnace, the stock market is his second life. Let’s take a look at this passage: According to workers, Wang Long has an introverted personality and is unmarried. He bought futures and stocks through securities companies for a long time. He lost more than 60,000 yuan in trading on March 24. That is to say, Wang Long basically lives Except for contact with his parents and factory workers, he rarely interacts with people and puts his spirit in stocks. Is it a bit difficult to understand? Let me give you an example. Compare Wang Long to a social youth, buying stocks in exchange for playing a certain game. The social youth is introverted, unmarried, and has long been immersed in the world of this game. And people sometimes feel lonely inadvertently. This phenomenon will be magnified in introverts. At this time, the game I played for a long time became my only spiritual sustenance. At this time, if this game suddenly goes bankrupt, or its status in the game declines catastrophically, what would I think at this time? I will suddenly feel that my only spiritual sustenance is also dissipated in the air. The original character was introverted and not sociable. He had no friends and no relatives except his parents. All of a sudden, he felt isolated and abandoned by the world, thus doing extreme things. As for Wang Long, the sudden bankruptcy of the game was a decline in the stock price, resulting in a loss of more than 60,000 yuan in one day. After entrusting his spirit in this world to shattered, he also feels that there is no point in staying in this world. But it may not be the last straw to crush the camel. It is possible that this loss of more than 60,000 may be borrowed from the loan company, and he has already lost a lot of money before that. I hope that the new loan money can make back the original loss. In fact, an introvert is like building a cage and then shutting yourself in. Is it introverted? I don’t know, because I can’t generalize, everyone has their own way of living. But what I want to say is that when you encounter a problem that cannot be solved by your own ability, you should release yourself from the cage. Maybe this matter can really be solved by just communicating with others. If the deceased Wang Dong told his parents and the people around him about his loss, and everyone worked out a way to help themselves, would it save a life?

6 months ago

There is nothing to say about suicide, but this company announcement is worth discussing, “Introverted personality, unmarried so far”, as for the 34-year-old as to use this wording? Is it to tell everyone that “it is his own responsibility and has nothing to do with the company”? Anyway, I don’t see any human touch! Baotou Iron and Steel notified the employees to commit suicide by jumping into the molten steel system of the blast furnace Heathcliff’s video·1997 broadcast. Speaking of which, as a Baotou Steel employee, how could he not know the power of the molten steel in the blast furnace? The way he wandered around and tentatively felt heartbroken. The last leap was a desperate attempt. The fearless life and death, he dare not live! He bought futures and stocks through securities companies for a long time, and suffered a loss of more than 60,000 yuan in trading on March 24 alone. He suspected that his suicide was related to large losses, excessive debt, and inability to repay. These were the straw that overwhelmed his life. Remembering a previous case, a man suddenly got off the car and jumped off a bridge to his death. He had just sent his wife to work before. He was usually optimistic and cheerful. He just had a quarrel with the leader and couldn’t think of it. Sometimes the collapse of an adult is just a moment, maybe if someone pulls it off, for example, a Baotou steel worker is comforted by his coworkers when hesitates in a trial, such as a man who jumps on a bridge and talks to his wife, tragedy Maybe it can be avoided!

6 months ago

I have feelings, this brother committed suicide on March 24, which is last Wednesday, and this point in time is also the most collapsed time. Because the market was good last year, I took out all my savings into the stock market in the next half of the year. After the new year, it fell by nearly 40%. I never told my wife that March 24 seemed to be a critical point, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. After communicating with my wife, the people who usually care about a few dollars, didn’t have any complaints or accusations for my loss of 800,000 yuan after communicating with my wife. They gave me comfort in the first place. Let me stabilize my emotions and continue to devote myself to life and work. Fortunately, the stock market started to pick up on the 25th, and I was lucky to have such a good wife.

6 months ago

Suicide was meaningless, but he felt that his choice was too cruel, and it was a big blow to his family. I don’t know how much courage he muster up to make this step. He bought futures and stocks through securities companies for a long time, and suffered a loss of more than 60,000 yuan in trading on March 24 alone. He suspected that his suicide was related to large losses, excessive debts, and inability to repay. Indeed, this may be the last to overwhelm him. A straw. As a company, one cannot blindly dismiss responsibilities. At this time, I would like to give condolences to the family of the deceased and give an appropriate condolence money to show that the factory is as sorrowful as the family. He is 34 years old and has an introvert personality. Has the factory provided him with any psychological counseling? Are there spiritual needs for employees? In many factories, I hire you as a gift to you and to give you a bowl of rice. You should be grateful. This concept is particularly serious in labor-intensive enterprises, especially for upstart employers. Employees may be scolded or punished arbitrarily, and employees lack respect and dignity in such an enterprise purely for a salary. Employees look up to their employers, and employers look down to employees. The relationship between employers and employees is a simple relationship of charity and charity. They do not know how to retain employees who grow up with the company. Such companies are extremely mobile and employees are The company has no emotions at all, even for many years of veteran employees. The best employer is the dual satisfaction of the material and spiritual aspects of the employees. An employer who only talks about the material but not the spiritual aspect is also a nouveau riche. An employer who only talks about the spiritual aspect but not the material giving is a hooligan. Finally, the fund stock market is risky, please do what you can.

6 months ago

Fett once said, “Stay away from leveraged financing, no one will go bankrupt because they don’t borrow money.” Needless to say, the magnifying nature of leverage. With the market falling, leveraged investors are not facing harvest, but uprooting. Another disadvantage of leverage is that it allows investors to lose before dawn. Some people say that mobility is like a taxi on a rainy day, which is often not found when you need it most. On “Black Thursday” in 1929, Livermore once again saw the timing and shorted the stock market before the plunge, earning nearly $100 million. But he did not stop there. In 1930, Livermore believed that the market had been undervalued and the upward trend was gradually taking shape, and he began to increase leverage to do more. Unexpectedly, the U.S. stock market dropped another 40% from 1932 to 1934. Livermore quickly went bankrupt in this wave of market conditions. If there is no demand for cash flow provoked by the debt side, even if the market is no longer liquid, investors can still choose to wait for the dawn. The leverage is more likely to make investors lose the opportunity to wait. In the end, the dead are gone, and the living are like this.

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