[Office of the United States Trade Representative: Suspend all trade between the United States and Myanmar, effective immediately]

Reuters has just reported that the Office of the United States Trade Representative said in a statement that all trade between the United States and Myanmar will be suspended with immediate effect.

According to Reuters, U.S. Trade Representative Catherine Tay announced on the 29th that the U.S. decided to suspend all trade with Myanmar in accordance with the 2013 “Trade and Investment Framework Agreement” (TIFA), which will take effect immediately. Catherine Tai said that this suspension decision will continue to be effective until the democratically elected government of Myanmar returns.

And two days ago, the commander-in-chief of the Myanmar National Defense Forces Min Aung Lai said on the 27th that after the state of emergency is over, general elections will be held and state power will be transferred. Min Aung Rai said at the 76th Myanmar Army Day Parade held in the capital Naypyidaw that the army is an integral part of the country and the soldiers are also part of the people. He hopes to work together to achieve a stable and prosperous life, and the army will be the country’s Provide guarantee for economic and social development.

Myanmar held federal parliamentary elections in November last year, and the National League for Democracy (NLD) won more than half of the federal parliamentary seats. The Burmese military and the NLD had differences over the outcome of the general election. The military believed that there was fraud in the general election and requested the Election Committee to investigate and postpone the convening of the new Federal Parliament. On February 1 this year, Myanmar President Win Myint, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and some senior officials of the Democratic League were detained by the military. The Myanmar military subsequently declared a one-year state of emergency, and national power was transferred to the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Forces Min Aung Lai. On the same day, the military issued a statement stating that after the national emergency is over, Myanmar will re-elect general elections and state power will also be transferred to the newly elected party. On February 2, the National Management Committee of Myanmar was established, with Min Aung Lai as the chairman of the committee. (World Wide Web)

Office of the United States Trade Representative: Suspend all trade between the United States and Myanmar, effective immediately

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By zhiwo

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8 months ago

In the short term, it has no impact on Myanmar except for its political significance. In the long run, of course it will have an impact. Myanmar has not exported much, and its foreign trade is mainly neighboring countries, and there is not much trade with the United States. At the same time, Myanmar exports some raw materials, which the United States does not need; and Myanmar does not need to purchase American products. ——So the trade ban imposed by the United States on Myanmar has almost no impact on Myanmar in the short term. The following is the data of Myanmar’s exports in recent years: It can be clearly seen that China and Thailand have always been the main target countries for Myanmar’s exports, and Japan, Singapore and India are the three main target countries at the next level. Myanmar’s annual exports are about 15-20 billion U.S. dollars, about 30% of exports to China, 50% of exports to China and Thailand, and only 1-2% of exports to the United States. So in the short term, as long as China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India and other countries do not impose a trade embargo on Myanmar, it will have little impact on Myanmar. Myanmar mainly exports rice, various types of peas, sesame, corn, fruits and vegetables, dried tea, aquatic products, rubber, gems and animal products to China. Correspondingly, the products imported from China are mainly mechanical materials, plastic materials, chemical and mechanical processing materials, consumer goods and electronic tools. The U.S. does not need these agricultural products, gems, jade, wood, etc. exported by Myanmar. Myanmar’s trade method is mainly border trade, and the main trade partners are also neighboring countries and regions, and the trade with the EU and the United States accounts for a small proportion. In the long run, the United States will inevitably not be satisfied with its own sanctions. It will inevitably put pressure on Japan, Singapore, India, and Thailand to join the sanctions army. At the same time, the United States will unite multiple countries to put pressure on China and ask China to join the sanctions army. China can withstand the pressure of the United States, but whether it can withstand the pressure of public opinion from ordinary Burmese people is hard to say. Japan and other countries may not be able to withstand the pressure of the United States. If neighboring countries put pressure on Myanmar, then the situation of the Myanmar military government will be very troublesome and quite troublesome.

8 months ago

Lishen: I used to work in my uncle’s factory in Myanmar. After returning to China, I still engaged in trade with Myanmar and bought properties in Yangon. I hope to explain the essence of this matter from an objective and professional perspective, and avoid the boring saliva of zymz and Wolf Shepherd. Sanctions themselves: The big bad news is that the United States is playing sanctions without tariffs. Fake, play it for real now. My preference: Aung San’s performance since he took office is actually impressive. It is not the street leader who was originally expected. With the help of professionals, he is pragmatic and professional. It is supported by Aung San’s open policy and the corruption of the military. Aung San supports the NLD, but expressed pessimism about the future of the NLD. Judging the situation in Myanmar: People are inclined to Aung San, but in the foreseeable future, the military government’s rule is stable and cannot be challenged. The so-called sanctions and internal protests cannot hurt the military at all. The foundation of Fang’s rule is that large-scale uprisings will not occur, and workers have already resumed work. Minjiwu may take the opportunity to expand its territory but it will not join forces with the Democratic League. It is useless. The cause of the war does not depend on the number of people: the general election is only the final ignition, the previous ones. Contradictions have been accumulating. At the beginning of the 19th, the Democratic League launched a constitutional amendment plan to cancel the military’s veto when it knew that the number of votes was insufficient. The military adopted a standing and silent protest. 2. In March 20, the military launched a veto power to veto the NLD’s proposal to deprive itself of its veto power. 3. In retaliation, the Aung San government broke the traditional practice of granting immunity to military leaders, meaning that Min Anglai, who is about to retire at the age of 65 this year, may be sent to a prison after losing his military power. 4. The NLD lawmakers’ proposal to nationalize companies such as Myanmar Investment, which is controlled by the military, was met with violent backlash and fear from the military and their families. So far, the relationship between the NLD and the military was completely broken. The military’s final hope is placed on the 20th general election. In 19-20, Myanmar’s economic development was not good. The military judged that the general election could be reaped, so all in launched a large-scale election offensive, but the final election result meant that the military lost all. Everything 6. The military carried out fraud accusations for three months, but Aung San ignored them, neither pacifying the military nor preparing for war. Instead, he made every effort to prepare for the change-of-term ceremony. The situation is irretrievable for the game. Others have lost too much. I won’t accompany you to play the general election. Is there any fraud: I personally think, no, Aung San’s vote is true. Aung San’s mistake: A misjudgment was made with the support of over 80% of the public’s opinion and decided to challenge the military government ahead of time. The existence of Myanmar has its inevitability, and it cannot be replaced by elections, unless Aung San and the others are willing to go into the jungle and train their own army from scratch and then cut the Tibetans. But the team of sea turtle intellectuals decided that they were unwilling to do such an indecent thing. All in all, is the constitutional reform really a stinking jungle of chess? Dirty and smelly, we are the cards of a decent military government: Burma is a separatist country ruled by warlords. After all, a powerful army is needed to fight the warlords. In other words, to rule Burma, the military can have no NLD, but the NLD cannot. In the military, the rascals of Kachin Rakhine Singya would not regard Aung San as a saint. Without the military, Aung San’s nerd nerd team sees these barbarians and breaks the chaotic world. Heroes are everywhere, and if you can’t beat you, they will be poisoned It’s not unreasonable to go to Yangon to sit in the Golden Luang Temple when you can fight. The NLD needs the military’s force, and the military needs the NLD’s public opinion. It must cooperate to rule Myanmar. This principle is understood, so both sides There was a honeymoon period of nearly 10 years. Under the leadership of the moderate U Thein Sein, he said that the military had no intention of doing politics and returning to the people, while Aung San gave the army leader the gold medal from death and even took the initiative to fade the halo to support the army in the Luo Xingya incident. So far, the two sides have reached a historic reconciliation in the national interest. It seems that the unification of Myanmar is not far away. The contradiction between different thoughts has intensified: the military has no intention of doing politics is not all lies, but there is a prerequisite: to protect the military. The vested interest, that is, the arms control company headed by Myanmar Investment is not allowed to be nationalized. Myanmar Investment is the largest company in Myanmar. It has control over the mining industry, mountains and rivers, ports and airports, and natural resources in Myanmar. It can be said that Myanmar Investment is talented. It is the main body of the country of Myanmar, and the Myanmar investment is fully controlled by the military. The military’s reasons are also very good. In the past, when the country had no money, the soldiers paid for the establishment of the Myanmar investment to support the development of the country. Now the soldiers shed blood and tears. It doesn’t make sense to unload the mill and kill the donkey (but why the country has no money but the army has money is very subtle) Burma’s strong financial resources bear most of the army’s expenditures, military payments, military employment, and even soldiers have priority subscription to Burma’s stocks. The right to exchange wages for stocks can enjoy a happy old age with dividends after retirement. Therefore, Burma’s nationalization has become an absolute insurrection of the military, and the lower ranks of the Burmese military are completely tied to the military. Whose meal is for whom it is a soldier. There is no better reason than Aung San’s reasoning. After taking office, she discovered that The country in hand is an empty shell, all resources are in Myanmar’s hands, and it was even ridiculed as the [Foreign Affairs Minister] determined to nationalize Myanmar and the military could not accept this behavior. It was also very clear in the negotiations [If The Burmese State will not be able to pay military payments, and the army will be forced to disband] [The soldiers’ past deposits are all converted into Burmese investment stocks, and nationalization will result in nothing for millions of military families] But the Democratic League is determined not to be puppets, so the negotiations broke down. The military pinned its final hope in the 20th general election. With the defeat of the 20th general election, the military lost its veto power. Mutiny was inevitable to preserve vested interests. Aung San ignored various red flags in joy. Conclusion: Therefore, the Myanmar mutiny In fact, it is an inevitable result. It has been foreshadowed before. It has nothing to do with mzzy and Burmeseism. It is a conflict of basic human interests. Unlike other respondents, I don’t think the military will collapse or revert, the so-called external force. The sanctions are not worth mentioning. The military is bound by common interests. On the contrary, the mixed NLD is the one that is at risk of splitting. Our response: All suggestions for the NLD are faint, because the military will not collapse, and will always use some sort of The form exists and even penetrates into all corners of Burmese society. This time, the NLD will not be able to deal with the military government in the future, and the military government will not be able to face the Burmese people. Therefore, maintaining neutrality is the only choice. In fact, Japan, India, and Singapore, which have investments in Myanmar, also chose neutrality. Burmese society must be managed by the military and the NLD. This is impossible. The U.S. can stand in line with the Democratic League because it has zero investment with Myanmar. It only needs to please mainstream public opinion and does not need to care about objective reality. We can’t learn this.

8 months ago

The Burmese blood loss is exactly the Burmese blood loss (junta and the Democratic League). After all, at the national level, they are all the same, but there are disputes due to the distribution of interests. Aung San himself is a Burmese activist. . Anyway, the military leaders of the local ethnic minorities laughed to death. Now the Democratic League and the protesters are trying their best to win over them. It’s a bit like the Han Dynasty recruiting Dong Zhuo to enter the capital, but they are not stupid. It is impossible to really fight the military government to the end, respect the king. The benefits of bargaining are real… Moreover, if Wabang does not take action, even a few military leaders can’t beat the military government… In addition, those Chinese-funded Japanese companies investing in Myanmar have suffered blood losses and have been attacked indiscriminately. It is estimated that the industry will return to China. , Or go to Southeast Asia. In addition, the Burmese military government has been in power for decades, and apart from the direct troops sent by the United States, there are no useful cards… But we all know that the United States cannot send troops. The first is historical factors (such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War). Secondly, the U.S. is very weak now. Unless it kills with a single blow, it is also a war quagmire. After all, Myanmar is not just a government army, and those local military leaders are also the Burmese army.

8 months ago

There is no economic impact. In 2020, we will go up for three months. Myanmar’s exports to the United States will be 121.6 million U.S. dollars, while imports will be 108.5 million U.S. dollars, which adds up to a total of 900 million U.S. dollars for the whole year. For comparison, the total trade volume between a province of Yunnan and Myanmar in 2018 reached 6.59 billion, more than seven times that of the United States. Myanmar ships rice, various beans, forestry products, fish, shrimp, clothing, CMP clothing and other finished industrial products to the United States, while importing personal belongings, capital goods and industrial raw materials. Similar to the product composition of Sino-Myanmar trade, China can easily replace the United States by this amount. Moreover, according to the United States, as long as a democratically elected government is created in accordance with the plan of the military government, the sanctions will be lifted. Politically speaking, the weakness of the United States has further manifested. I was a little worried when Myanmar had just coup d’etat. I am afraid that the United States will use this as an excuse to carry out air strikes and other long-range military strikes against Myanmar, creating chaos and refugees in the border areas of China (see the Kosovo War against the European Union). As a result, it took a long time for the United States to impose painless trade sanctions. There is no chance to send it to the door. It can be seen that the US military intervention capability has fallen sharply. The United States is temporarily unable to carry out armed intervention in South Asia, which saves many countries the biggest worry. As for other people who say that Myanmar is anti-Chinese, Aung San Suu Kyi and her core team are extremely realists and Burmese. It is clear who they can cooperate with to make Myanmar develop. They and the military government will not. To get votes by intensifying ethnic conflicts, if American soldiers are not stationed, they will not be able to toss them up.

8 months ago

Generally speaking, it is better for us to maintain a neutral position in Myanmar. China’s grand strategy is the rise of a great power, and this requires decades of peaceful and stable development space. In the case of territorial loss, no direct conflict with neighboring countries can ensure that it does not invest too much in the defense of its surroundings. The stability of nearby countries is conducive to our concentrated economic development, so Myanmar’s greatest interest to us lies in the fact that Myanmar will not have large-scale unrest or become a front-line base for the US military. Unrest in Myanmar will affect the stability of Yunnan, and the problem of refugee crime will worsen. Once we completely rely on the United States, we will have to intervene to ensure that the United States cannot directly attack China on land. The prerequisite for unrest in Myanmar is to have a peaceful, stable, and widely supported government, but the support of public opinion from the military government in Myanmar is not high. If we are determined to support the military government, it is very likely that after the military government loses popular support, China must intervene on a larger scale to ensure that the military government is stable. This has become that China must continuously invest resources to ensure the military. The existence of the government consumes our national strength in disguised form to confront Burma’s public opinion, which is very unattractive. And if the democrats really dominate in the future, our excessive support for the military government will only make the democrats hate China and become closer and more pro-American. This will undoubtedly be detrimental to our external environment. What China wants is peace and stability in Burma. As long as it is not anti-China, there is no big difference. It is better for us to stand on the sidelines, not favoritism, nor fall into trouble. It is better to treat the military government with courtesy and not interfere with the democrats. What the United States hopes is the chaos around China and the downfall of the current government in Thailand and Myanmar. They are all happy to see that what China wants is long-term stability. It will definitely help the current government, but try not to interfere too much and place bets on both sides. In fact, as long as the United States does not end, the two juntas of Myanmar and Thailand will die and report to each other and sympathize with each other. Coupled with the trade with China, the opposition party will not be able to turn around easily. Now it seems that there is a lot of noise, without external interference, it is difficult to succeed.

8 months ago

In fact, it’s not a good thing for us. Regardless of whether this statement will have a substantial impact on the situation in Myanmar, at least in Myanmar’s domestic public opinion, because it is not convenient for us to speak up, the United States has been placed on the moral high ground. From a more practical point of view, if the military government of this crisis can survive to the end, it is okay to stabilize the situation. Otherwise, our business environment and diplomatic image in Myanmar may be difficult to restore. Even though the relationship between the Aung San Suu Kyi government and our side has been getting closer, after the political crisis is resolved, the Aung San Suu Kyi government will be forced to suspend further contacts with our side under pressure from the domestic people. And this crisis is also a good time for Western forces to infiltrate Myanmar and stir up anti-Chinese sentiments among the Burmese nation. This is the unavoidable disadvantage of our non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Kyaukphyu Port, the estuary of the Indian Ocean, may be difficult to get through in a short time. The policy of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs is not a problem in itself, but the limitations of its policy have been manifested through this coup in Myanmar. However, there is no panacea that can cure all diseases. If you can’t save it, you will try to save it. After all, RCEP has already been signed. No matter who is on the stage, the new Myanmar government may not dare to break away from ASEAN and tear up the agreement on its own. Even if the brain of the new government is really broken by the West, its economy is not large enough, it has no influence in ASEAN, and it does not affect the overall situation at all. Without Kyaukphyu Port, we still have Gwadar Port. Foreign Minister Wang’s trip to the Middle East has been fruitful. After the signing of the Iran agreement, the Taliban gave Biden an ultimatum. I don’t believe that the blunt knife of Afghanistan can’t cut the flesh of the old Biden. It dares to withdraw its troops and show it to me. Aren’t we afraid that we will connect Central Asia together? The United States has more headaches than ours, and it’s not our turn to be proud. The best laugh is at the end.

8 months ago

The United States completely abandoned its interests in Burma (which seems to have little interest), and turned to China and Russia to give China and Russia a blow to public opinion. It is our country’s principle not to intervene in the internal affairs of foreign countries, so it should not follow the sanctions against the Myanmar military, and the Myanmar military has no choice but to move closer to China and Russia. The US approach is more for internal propaganda and is a very short-sighted approach, which I personally think is very uneconomical. After all, even if China and Russia didn’t say anything before, the Western people had already acquiesced that China and Russia supported the military government because of their prejudice against China and Russia. Such internal announcements are meaningless and cede to China and Russia the military government that had previously shown to the West. It’s really a sense of sight. Of course, when the United States made such a statement, China did not agree, and the Chinese in Myanmar were a bit miserable. It is foreseeable that the demonstrators will see this as evidence of the conspiracy theory they believe.

8 months ago

Judging from the answer to this question, this time is just another demonstration of low-cost rule. Even without financial sanctions, some humanoid creatures can spontaneously applaud the international order in Tatar America, and then force the parties with genuine interests to take actions that truly affect the situation. We should be thankful that we are not in power like Kaishen, or else we will have to comply with “public opinion” again. With such a group of people who have no love, how can we do a good job in Myanmar politics (big boo). Many people under this problem seem to dream back to 2001, as if they are not in harmony with others at this time, that is, they are wearing anti-human hats. I wondered. This hat has been worn since the Western Regions. After standing with Yang Guoren, can the hat be taken off? Another question about the “public opinion” of the “people” in Myanmar, the evil deeds committed by Westerners in this eastern border of British India, I am afraid that the Chinese will not be able to hold a factory for 20,000 years. However, there are still “people” in Myanmar. Remember? The so-called anti-China “public opinion” probably does not come from the so-called atrocities, but from the past to the present. The status of Chinese in Southeast Asia is more similar to that of European Jews, and it is naturally unwelcome. This kind of desire for the New Year pig, which does not need to be incited at all, may not be solved by kneeling and licking the so-called “public opinion.” In this case, actually not standing in line and only protecting one’s own interests is the most correct choice. With a position, we have to deal with the aftermath according to the position we hold. Anyway, we are the one who will deal with the aftermath instead of Tamei. The position should be constructed according to our will. As for what some people say about shooting and killing people, Suharto has his own way of death, and there is no need to turn him into Saddam. Of course, if the Americans are willing to make a big punch to make Min Ang become Saddam II, we will raise three hands in favor.

8 months ago

Southeast Asia and my country’s industries are in a competitive relationship to a certain extent. Although labor-intensive industries are relatively backward in technology and highly sensitive to labor costs, it takes time for China’s industrial upgrading. To a certain extent, we certainly do not at this stage. It is hoped that these industries will be transferred to Southeast Asian countries too quickly. This will cause a series of problems, such as structural unemployment and social security problems. Therefore, at this point in time, we have an obvious competitive relationship with Southeast Asia. Leaving aside the importance of geopolitics, the economic and trade context between China and Myanmar is also very clear: Myanmar very much wants to absorb our labor-intensive industries, such as garment manufacturing and processing, electronic machinery assembly, etc., because Myanmar needs to accumulate raw capital , Seek resource development. Indeed, many factories in my country have moved to Myanmar. Firstly, labor costs are indeed cheaper than domestic ones, and secondly, to circumvent some trade restrictions (such as Trump’s tariffs). Based on strategic considerations, China has built a pipeline connecting the Indian Ocean with the Myanmar-Burma oil and gas pipeline in the southwest to reduce its dependence on the Strait of Malacca. In addition, Myanmar is an important source of rare earth ore in China. The raw rare earth ore produced in Myanmar will be transported to my country for refining and processing, and then we will export finished/semi-finished products of rare earth processing to developed markets in Europe, America and Japan. And now, the United States has announced that it will suspend all trade with Myanmar. Of course, goods produced in Myanmar cannot be directly circulated to the U.S. market. What is more worrying is that Europe, Japan, and Australia may also follow up similar measures. Myanmar investment will inevitably have a negative impact.

8 months ago

Min Lang made a clever plan to mess up the world, lost his wife and broke down. Both have engaged in a relationship with China’s Belt and Road cooperation, but have not benefited from the Americans, double surprise (sha) and joy (bi). The competition between people and countries is simply a struggle for the right to survival and development. What is most important in modern society? Technology! Technology is the primary productive force. Only with technology can we talk about the fourth industrial revolution, with the industrial revolution, we can talk about the future industrial system, and with the future industrial system, can we talk about the number one position in the future global trade. Only by occupying a place in the future global trade can we talk about the right to development. China is leading the world in terms of infrastructure, big data, automated production, the construction of a global trading system, and the formulation of world game rules in the next century. The 21st century is undoubtedly the century of the Chinese. At this time, when the Burmese turned to the United States and offended China, what was the difference between joining the Kuomintang in 1949? Since you are so ignorant, don’t blame China for not helping you on the road of future development. Should I burn my factory? Okay, then slow down the infrastructure and assistance projects that you are cooperating with for ten or eight years. When China’s own automated factories are implemented on a large scale, then even if you want to rely on subcontracting labor-intensive industries in Myanmar No one wants to sell low-end labor, because the total labor production capacity of your country may not be as good as the production capacity of an automated assembly line in an industrial park in China. When the time comes, I will take care of you to die? The Americans’ announcement of the suspension of all trade with Myanmar is actually a “wise” behavior. The U.S. is now relying on that tiger skin to bluff people. At this time, it should be swollen to the outside world to fill up its fat man. If it doesn’t see the hooks between China and Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, it should show its magnanimity and soften its body. See everyone is good talk, first stabilize the situation. Then internally, we hurriedly followed the Roosevelt New Deal, built infrastructure, strengthened scientific research and innovation, and restored the world’s confidence in the United States to survive this wave. However, the United States is only printing money… while printing money, it is forcing its allies to express their views. Of course, I heard that the last few days have finally begun to talk softly, saying that “the United States will not force its allies to stand in teams…” Yunyun, it was a little late, and finally learned how to talk. Of course, this is also because Japan, South Korea, India and other countries have not shown face. The United States visited its allies and failed to reach any key agreement. Why don’t people play with you anymore? Are there any practical benefits of being with you in the United States? No. I’m sorry if there is no China gave real money, and I had to… drink a pot of flower wine. And this suspension of trade with Myanmar, I think it is the United States’ “intermittently normal and persistently wise” performance. You are not telling the world that if you are a pawn for the United States, you will not receive economic assistance and political status, but also Do you have to be stabbed on both sides? Don’t ask, ask is the American god assist, the best sixth man.

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