[The barber was accused of pulling out the canine teeth with iron tongs, claiming that the dog bit people and cut off its canine teeth]
March 28, Guangzhou, Guangdong. A man in a barbershop tried to pull out Shiba Inu’s teeth with iron tongs. He claimed to have cut off his fangs because of a dog bite, not a tooth extraction. After the incident, the store closed and was splashed with paint. The police arrived at the scene and took away the man involved. (The Paper)
On March 28, a netizen posted a message saying that after the owner of a barber shop in Guangzhou pulled out the puppy’s teeth, he discarded the puppy on the side of the road. The puppy was out of breath when it was found. At present, the volunteers have taken the puppy to the hospital for treatment. The Weibo is accompanied by pictures showing that the puppy was lying on the side of the road with blood all over his mouth and his canine teeth were pulled out. On March 29, a staff member of the Command Center of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province told The Paper that they had noticed the aforementioned incident and the Haizhu branch has been involved in the investigation and is processing it.

Let me ask first, is the Shiba Inu a man’s own family? If it’s your own dog, it’s cruel to pull the tooth, but it’s not illegal, and the man said that he pulled the tooth after the dog bit someone. This is also reasonable, and it is not unprovoked dog abuse. This custom is found in many places. If a dog bites a person, the dog will be killed, or it will bite after it sees blood. The reason behind this custom is that human life is more important than dog life. I don’t think it’s a problem. It can’t be exempted because it is a precious Shiba Inu, right? Therefore, if the dog belongs to the man’s own home, it is reasonable and legal for him to do so, and the police should not take him away. If the dog is not the man’s own home, then he is suspected of deliberately destroying other people’s property, but the value of a dog is not enough to be punished, and may be punished by the police at most. The police are right to take him away. Let’s talk about the store being splashed with paint. Regardless of whether the man’s actions are legal or not, no one else has the right to splash paint on other’s stores. It is recommended that police officers check the person who splashed the paint. After catching them, they should pay compensation and apologize. An apology, but also a fair deal from the man. Someone in the comment area said that the man picked up the Shiba Inu and gave it to his friend. The friend sent it back after spotting the dog biting, but the authenticity has yet to be confirmed. If the dog is really picked up by a man after being lost, then the man’s behavior is suspected of destroying other people’s property. However, if the dog was picked up by the man after being abandoned by the original owner, then his behavior of taking the dog as his own and giving it to a friend would be fine, and the subsequent tooth extraction and abandonment behaviors would not be illegal. Advise everyone to express their wishes legally. If you feel that the man’s actions are inappropriate, you can condemn him, but you can’t scold or expose other people’s personal information; you can call on everyone not to go to his shop for a haircut, but you can’t destroy the door of the other’s shop. Poster.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This matter should be treated separately. It must be wrong to splash paint first. It’s like someone gave me a slap, do I have to pay it back? If I pay it back, both he and I will be punished, and if I don’t, the only one who slapped me will be punished. I understand the psychology of the painters. They are all fighting for this puppies. Then we have to take legal and compliant means to solve the problem. We are now a society under the rule of law. If we do this, we will be against the group of non-compliance with the law. What is the difference between the wicked? Back to the protagonist’s tooth extraction man. If the dog belongs to this man, and it is true that he bit someone before the tooth extraction, then the man is justified in doing so, but the method is a bit cruel and morally unreasonable. He pulled the tooth and threw the dog on the road. Ignore it. If the dog does not belong to this man, but he bit someone before the tooth extraction, and throws the dog on the side of the road afterwards and finally the dog is out of breath, then the owner of the puppy should go through the compensation procedure directly, but it should be The penalty will not be too heavy. After all, it was his dog who bit a person at first. The man was worried that the dog would hurt other pedestrians. If the dog did not bite, it is just a lie made up by the man. Then there is nothing to say, let’s rush to him as much as possible and let him feel the power of public opinion.

6 months ago

There are three legal relationships in this incident (with Shiba Inu being a pet dog as the premise): 1. The man involved in the case claimed that the dog bites a person, and the animal involved damages the person. Article 1245 of the “Civil Code”: If the animal raised causes damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear tort liability, but it can be proved that the damage was caused by the infringed intentional or gross negligence. Do not assume or reduce responsibility. Shiba Inu bites and bites people. The man in the barber shop can find his owner to pay compensation. Dog biting is not an excuse for pulling out teeth or cutting off fangs. 2. The Shiba Inu died on the roadside after the man involved in the case had his teeth extracted, and the animals involved in deliberately destroying the property of others do not enjoy the right of personality. In the current effective law, pets are the property of the owner. The man in the barbershop cut off his fangs without authorization and caused him to die. He shall bear the tort liability for Shiba Inu’s death and the compensation for reasonable economic losses, including but not limited to cremation fees, funeral fees, purchase fees, etc. 3. Splash paint on the barber shop. Involving the crime of intentional destruction of property According to Article 275 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of intentional destruction of property refers to the act of deliberately destroying or damaging public and private property, in a large amount or with other serious circumstances. Those who deliberately destroy public and private property in a large amount or have other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or fine; those who have a huge amount or have other particularly serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than seven years. Article 49 of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments stipulates: Whoever steals, defrauds, robs, snatches, extorts, or intentionally damages public or private property shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, and may be fined not more than 500 yuan; the circumstances are more serious. If they are detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, they may also be fined not more than 1,000 yuan. The video only shows that paint was splashed on the facade of the barber shop, but if the situation is more serious, the seats and washing utensils in the barber shop are splashed with paint. The person who splashed the paint will not only have to pay financial compensation, but may also Face criminal risks. But if the Shiba Inu is a stray dog, you should either prepare money for splashing paint, or be prepared to wash the paint with strength. .

6 months ago

Three situations 1. The dog belongs to the barber shop: there is no illegal problem with pulling out the dog’s teeth. If the dog is thrown on the side of the road and is suspected of littering, he should be fined 50 yuan. 2. The dog belongs to someone else: pull it out This behavior of the dog’s teeth is deliberately destroying other people’s property. The specifics can be negotiated. The owner of the dog can solve the problem through legal means. If the dog is thrown on the side of the road and is suspected of littering, he should be fined 50 yuan. 3. The dog is a stray dog: There is no illegal problem in the behavior of pulling out the dog’s teeth. Throwing the dog on the side of the road is suspected of littering, and a fine of 50 yuan should be imposed. If it is in case 1 and case 3, the reporter is suspected of wasting police force.

6 months ago

Is the Guangzhou police very idle (this sentence is deleted, there may be misunderstandings about the news description, who was taken by the police, how to investigate, and re-comment after waiting for the report.) Is the dog in his own home? Whether it is tooth extraction or slaughter It’s not against the law to eat meat. However, whether posting such videos on the Internet causes discomfort to others, or netizens violently abuse others on the Internet, it is not appropriate. It may be illegal to splash paint against ethics. In addition, the media that uses headlines and leading texts to gain eyeballs is very bad. Yes, they are talking about surging news. You are not the BBC. You should learn more well. Don’t learn from these “troubles.” The following is to sort out the incident: 1. Dogs are indeed. In the video, the man owns it, but it was given to a friend to raise. In the process, the dog bit someone. The man’s surname is Zhou. 2.3 On the evening of the 27th, someone found a puppy with a mouth injury on Binjiang East Road. Then kind passers-by immediately sent the puppy to a nearby pet hospital, but the puppy died of severe injuries, including a broken skull. On March 29, pet volunteers compared the dog in the video and found that the dog that was picked up was not the same. The puppy picked up on Binjiang East Road may have been hit by a car and died. This puppy was on the body There is no white hair, but the puppy in the video has white hair on its legs. 3. At present, the puppy in the video is missing, and many volunteers spontaneously search for the puppy. 4. There are also screenshots of chat conversations of suspected men on the Internet. The man said that a Shiba Inu came to his barber shop a few days ago, and he gave the dog to a woman, but the puppy bit her boyfriend , So he wanted to help his friend “avenge” the dog’s four fangs and threw it away. He also said: “As long as you bite a dog, I don’t kill it as kind.” 5. Many netizens suspected of being caught The dog with a broken skull was the puppy in the video. Therefore, the review software gave a bad review to the shop involved, and even called to report it, and someone went to the shop to splash paint. 6. There is internet information that the man surnamed Zhou was also taken away by the police, but the authenticity is doubtful and he has to wait for more information to confirm. 7. The man surnamed Zhou abandoned the dog after cutting his teeth. 8. A woman came to the door and said that the dog in the video was very similar to the dog she lost some time ago. It has not yet been confirmed. The man surnamed Zhou paid for showing the dog to buy. The requirements of the records or channels are hesitating. It may be that the stray dogs picked up are brought back to be raised instead of purchased.

6 months ago

The biggest controversy on this question is that the so-called human rights have not been protected, so the so-called dog rights are mentioned. Since human rights are a necessary option, there is no so-called dog rights. My personal objection to animal cruelty is because I cannot bear the bloody stimulation. Some people enjoy the thrill of blood, while others are driven by profit. In order to prevent me from being stimulated by the bloody images, I support against animal cruelty. It is also based on personal reasons, so I will not eat meat and I will watch and kill myself. In the final analysis, I am selfishly defending my personal human rights. Cats and dogs are a subsidiary of human rights. The proliferation of non-sterilized cats and dogs will greatly damage the ecological environment. Therefore, I support the sterilization of cats and dogs + the killing of stray cats and dogs. In addition, I am more supportive of legislation to regulate the behavior of pet owners. I am vaccinating because the dog owner raises a dog freely, causing my finger to be bitten by the dog. I hate this kind of dog owner more than a dog. Summary: Why do extreme dog lovers call themselves irresponsible and selfish? They push dogs to the position of inferior public opinion. They are both stupid and bad. They satirize the extreme dog lovers who want to protect their human rights but are more emotionally opposing. It’s not too big to watch the excitement, and then, fortunately, domestic vaccines are cheap. Now it seems that no one wants to solve this problem. The media relies on this (antagonism) to eat. Extreme dog lovers are stupid and bad. People who eat melons will follow the trend. Guo Jia is afraid that we will be too idle to support it, or more. A little bit of nipples, either more blood boils, or a group of old men and old ladies in the shade of the village entrance, spit stars fly around, in short, if you don’t use farts, why should you go, wait for the egg to become a middle-aged woman Middle-aged uncle, let’s solve it again.

6 months ago

In fact, there are many more urgent matters than the establishment of an animal protection law. For example, people who were asked to work overtime when they were discharged from the hospital after taking time off for surgery. They are not 996 or 007, but Shenzhen, a young city, has started a pilot special working hour system. For example, at the age of 70 or 80, she is unable to pay for medical expenses because of a serious illness. Of course, she cannot afford to pay for the attorney’s fees for the elderly who sued her children. The legal aid has to queue because the poor people are really pitiful. For example, people who have suffered domestic violence for a long time and have been beaten to the hospital many times but cannot be divorced are basically not sentenced to divorce in the first instance. Even if the man rapes the woman before the judgment is finalized, it is difficult to handle it, and even when arguing whether there is marital rape. word. For example, they suffer from pneumoconiosis in the harsh working environment for a long time, and every breath is tortured, but there is no guarantee. After the company changes its shell, can they only rely on donations or wait for the end of their lives? For example, after paying the rent for a year, the platform exploded, and a large number of young people were driven out late at night. The person who jumped off the rooftop should have just graduated. For example, the fish-killing brother who was supposed to be in the classroom was turned into a signboard by his parents because of his immediate popularity. What about the nine-year compulsory education? He was only over a decade old when he finally drank the pesticide, and his life had not yet begun. For example… That little Shiba Inu is very pitiful, and it is right to call for animal protection legislation, but did you know that the cost of a meal for some pet dogs is enough for a child eating a loving lunch in the mountainous area for a day? When I was a child, I went to school with rice and pickles for a week, and 50 cents of vegetable soup for every meal. According to objective analysis, there is an answer to this matter. Shiba Inu is also a thing, and the owner can exercise the right of possession, use, profit, and disposal. If the ownership of the Shiba Inu belongs to others, compensation will be made in accordance with the law. If the paint is splashed, the damage shall be compensated and the original condition shall be restored. Those who post on Weibo, please also bring the chickens, ducks and geese from the market. I am not without sympathy, but I have seen too many misfortunes.

6 months ago

We assume that the dog really bit someone. If a snake bites me, I will beat its seven inches violently, torturing the snake alive, is it wrong? If a mosquito bites me, if I catch it, I will cut off its wings and legs one by one, and then see how painful it looks. Is it wrong? (I really did this when I was a kid, but I am now a good, law-abiding citizen) If a fly buzzes next to me, I catch the fly and shut it in the pen holder. After a few days, the fly is dead. Abuse? (I did this at the same table in junior high school, but he is now a good citizen who abides by the law.) Pests eat our cotton, we poison it so that it can’t digest it, and finally starving to death with its stomach is considered abuse? (That’s what genetically modified cotton does.) Cockroaches ran around, and we let them boil in the water and burn them to death. Is that considered abuse? So is it the “Animal Protection Law” or the “Pet Protection Law” that you want to establish? Maybe you think Shiba Inu is cute and loving, but for some people, it is just a biting dog. There is no right or wrong for such subjective things. The punishment for disseminating violent videos, the punishment for pour paint, the law makes it clear, I will not compare it.

6 months ago

This wave is definitely the fault of the tooth-extracting man. How can human society progress? It depends on endless training and adaptability. There are many wild dogs in the past. Almost all young people have been bitten. Why has no one invited the dog team? Or pulled the dog’s tooth? Because the little gangsters in the village slaughtered and ate meat while mixing knives! But no matter what the little gangsters are in the game one by one, the dog meat is not fragrant, but at least the children have gotten exercise! It also proves that some economic theories every year countless children like us exercise and learn in the interlocking teeth, and the ability to resist dog bites has greatly improved. The children in the United States have baptized their generations of intensive training in bullets, and they are not afraid of bullets. How can we lag behind them? I know that if we fall behind, we will be beaten. Where is the great revival of Chinese civilization? On the other hand, why did the world’s largest rabies vaccine base develop? Haven’t generations of patients physically verified the reliability of these drugs? And who are those drugs sold to? If the world’s largest rabies vaccine market is not digested, these companies will go bankrupt and many people will lose their jobs! When the puppy is lost, the economy grows. With a small mouth, the stock price soars. A complete set of economic closed-loop is just like that, it was broken by a vise! This is obviously a competition between vise manufacturers and vaccine companies, and it is the vise’s stabbing of vaccine companies! But I believe that with the efforts of those of us who love dogs, vaccine companies will make another sales miracle, and the quality of my country’s anti-canine teeth will be further improved. Strive to surpass the BTS in Europe and the United States as soon as possible and become a new youth without fear of biting! Come on!

6 months ago

The police do not distinguish between right and wrong. If it is a dog raised by a man in a barber shop, it is his legal property, and how to deal with it is his business. You watched your TV not pleasing to your eyes and smashed it. Is it also illegal? If it is a stray dog in the community, then the man is the standard to eliminate the harm for the people, and he still takes the risk of manual work, rather than poisoning to bring environmental harm, this must be issued a pennant. If it is a dog raised by someone else, the situation is even more wrong. If the “owner” is optimistic that his dog will not run around, and walk the dog tightly on the rope, how can he be caught by a man to extract his teeth? Men are certainly responsible, but the dog owner has not fulfilled his responsibilities to raise a dog in a civilized manner. The dog must be at risk of harming others. Should the dog owner be taken away and dealt with in accordance with the law? The most important thing is to splash paint on the entrance of other people’s barbershops to interfere with normal business operations. This is a typical quarrel. Why don’t the police handle it? It is also interesting that an organization serving the people was kidnapped by a dog.

6 months ago

It should not break the law, but the follow-up people should have broken the law and expressed their position. I dislike animal cruelty and the brain-disabled behavior of those stigmatizing animal protectionists. For pets, if you don’t like it, don’t raise it. Why do you have to raise it? If you don’t raise it well, you have to abuse it. It’s just because the pet is weak and can’t resist. What’s the difference between the perverts who retaliate against the society and rush the kindergarten children? It’s not all bullying. The difference is the comparative level of psychopaths and psychopaths. One is illegal and the other is not. There is also the question of whether or not you are willing to be friends with the person who scalded the pregnant rat before on the homepage. For animals you don’t like. For example, mice, such as cockroaches, such as flies and mosquitoes. Normal people pat them to death and throw them away, or use tools to catch them and throw them away. Why do they have to resort to such cruel methods? Appreciate the animal’s screams, appreciate its dying struggle? Some people take Zhang Tang as an example? It’s not a problem if you don’t like animals and you don’t like them. It’s normal. Most people usually take a detour or turn a blind eye when encountering animals they don’t like. It’s good. Must go to torture, to torture? What’s wrong with this…Finally, I want to talk about the so-called animal protectionists with pitfalls. Everything has a bottom line. If you find that someone has abused animals, you can call the police. If the police department doesn’t deal with it, you can buy it or bring it back for your own keeping if you have conditions. If you don’t have conditions, such as news, you can do not go here if your social circle appeals to you. There are so many barbershops. After all, there are so many barbershops, why bother with a barber who may be psychopathic? In case of a conflict because of dissatisfaction with the haircut, just give it a pair of scissors, right… If you have the ability, it’s all right. It’s understandable to check if there are any violations in this store and report it easily…Why do you have to take extreme measures? In the end, I just want to say that I hope to have a basic respect for life. The heinous criminals can only end with a single shot, let alone the animals. Also, please obey the law and don’t go to extremes

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