As a loyal iPhone user, first list some frequently used functions:

  1. Press the power button once to stop incoming calls and vibrate. Press twice to hang up, and the other party will hear the reminder that the user is busy dialing later.
  2. Long press the flashlight in the control center to control the brightness of the flash, and support up to five levels of adjustment instead of only turning it on and off.
  3. Shake the phone while typing to undo the previous operation. If you delete the text by mistake, shake and choose to redo, which is equivalent to executing the Ctrl + Z shortcut of the computer once, which is not too convenient.
  4. Tap the top of the screen to quickly return to the top. This feature has now been adapted in most apps, and many Androids also support it.

And the back button in the upper left corner of the Apple page can record the page level, long press can quickly return to the level you need, see the following video for details.

  1. Supports quick input of text! As long as the phrase is set, inserting it when typing saves time and effort.
  2. After the “Capital Letter Lock Key” function is turned on, you can continue to uppercase by pressing the up arrow on the keyboard twice during typing, and it won’t be restored to lowercase by pressing it once.
  3. Double-tap the home button or slide down the home button to open the one-handed operation mode, and click to a location that you could not reach. This is now available on many Android devices. 8. When the iPhone is shooting video, follow the lens If you zoom in, the microphone will pick up. The final experience presented to the user is that as the distant picture in the video gets closer, the sound of the video will become higher and clearer. Those who have never experienced it can try it. 9. The memo can also be made into a check-in list. This time, it is used to check the luggage. Anyway, it is very convenient to check after the work is done. Of course, this small function is basically standard Android.
  4. Re-press the calculator in the control center to copy the last calculation result, so that it won’t go wrong when you send it to others.
  5. Access restriction This function is very easy to use but nobody cares. You can turn on/off the function of the following APP. After opening, you must enter the password to enter the APP
  6. If the text message comes and someone happens to see your text message consciously or unconsciously, what should I do? Let me teach you the following: Settings-SMS interface-turn off display preview. In this way, when the short message comes, only the number or the name of the caller is available.
    13, Timing to stop playback

When using the timing function, select “Stop playing” in “Enable when timing ends”. When viewing videos or listening to music, the device will automatically stop playing when the timing ends, which is very considerate.

  1. In iOS 13, Apple has added the “Mute Unknown Calls” function. After this function is turned on, it will set some unknown calls to mute, thereby reducing the harassment to users and indirectly achieving the function of blocking harassing calls.
  2. Use gestures to quickly delete text messages: just use two fingers to touch any message at the same time, swipe up or down to select multiple messages in succession, and you can delete them together.
  3. iOS will change the screen font color according to the wallpaper color so that the display content can be clearly distinguished at any time. If the background is white, the font will become black
  4. Hone displays the signal strength. Sometimes when making a call, you may encounter situations where the signal is not good enough, or the signal is suddenly disconnected during the call. It is better to display the signal decibels at a glance. The setting is also very simple. Open the dial keyboard and enter: 3001#12345# Then press the dial key, and the Field Test program is opened. After opening, the signal strength in the upper left corner is changed to a negative display mode (the unit is dBm milliseconds). Watt decibel)

By loveyou

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7 months ago

In iOS14, you can set the tap back to the appropriate function according to your needs, and you can quickly implement the operation, which is a bit similar to Huawei’s double-tap screenshot. You can try it if you upgrade to iOS 14. For example, set the tap twice as a screenshot. Three taps to set the main screen, not only screenshots, but also other quick functions.

7 months ago

The first is that Apple’s small components are more uniform, and can be integrated with the entire iOS very well, and they are not complicated at all. Small components have a strong standardization. Apple actively set the specifications of small components. Three sizes, large, medium and small, adopt a uniform rounded rectangular design, which is very integrated

7 months ago

That is, different widgets can be placed in the same location, and then only the displayed content can be changed according to the time of the day, so that users can see what they want to see subtly, and change according to the time, location, schedule and other information, and It’s smart to learn everyone’s habits…21. In fact, iPhone has a long screenshot function, and it can also generate PDF files, open the web page with Safari browser, click the screenshot and select the whole page to capture it. , IOS14 also supports taking screenshots by tapping the back of the phone twice or three times with your finger (Settings-Accessibility-Touch-Tap the back settings)

7 months ago

Apple has its own screen reading function, and the interactive experience is very good~ After setting-reading aloud is turned on, you only need to slide two fingers from the top of the screen with text to read the current screen text aloud, which is simply an auxiliary artifact for listening to novels and reading books~Apple In the editing interface, press and hold the space bar with your finger a, and the input cursor will become larger and you can move freely. At this time, the keyboard becomes blank, and then tap the keyboard with a finger b, and move your finger a to select shortcut text. The response speed is very fast and precise.

7 months ago

1. When playing the tablet, the phone calls directly to the tablet. 2. I don’t know what it means to clean the background, or how big the phone memory is. 3. Close all permissions of the application and use it as usual. 4. The mobile phone has no pre-installed apps and no ads. All applications that come with the system (except system-level essentials) can be deleted. 5 and 6s are still smooth. PS: Regarding this article, too many people criticized in the message area. Here is an explanation. What I said smoothly is definitely for mild mobile phone users. If the 6s is as smooth as the iPhone 11, Apple should go bankrupt. I don’t want to refute those doubtful comments! 6. Authorize the photo library accurate to each photo.

7 months ago

Every time I go home, my dad asks me to help check if the phone is poisoned, and then I turn on the phone to see that there are some Android APP startup advertisements, guiding users to download the so-called antivirus and cleaning. Thanks to Apple’s relatively strict app store review mechanism and software sandbox mechanism, Apple’s experience is relatively clean, which is very friendly to most users.

7 months ago

The good experience of Apple’s family bucket is very friendly to office workers or students, such a consistent experience and data exchange. Although it is not a huge innovation, its beauty can always be found in the subtleties, such as the copy and paste of equipment. High migration costs Someone once said that the biggest barrier for general consumer products is not technology, but users and data. After using it for so many years, the migration cost is quite high. After all, the apps I use now are all native to Apple.

7 months ago

P.S. I am Dizcloud, the author of Controlax app. At present, the Mac efficiency app controlax has been released, which can open commonly used files, folders, APPs, websites and many preset system-level functions with one click. It also supports collaboration with iOS devices. Welcome to download from the mac app store. If you need to get the evaluation redemption code, you can privately message me.

7 months ago

It’s actually a habit. I also tried an Android phone, which was the S2 launched by Samsung in the year when I used it. It took a little time to transfer the address book when I first used it, and then took some time to find the app corresponding to the Apple system. In the first year, Samsung phones were not bad, and there were no major problems. But as time went by, the phone became slower and slower, so I downloaded the optimization master, but unfortunately it took two days to optimize again, and then it became every day. After thinking about it carefully, the Android system was born out of Java. Isn’t this a problem of Java system memory management? Forget it, this is a fault at the root, unless it is reformed. Two years later, the iPhone finally launched a large-screen mobile phone, and I placed the order without hesitation. After switching back to the iPhone, the familiar sense of fluency is back again. There is no need to worry about junk apps anymore, no need to optimize every day, no need to shut down when there are too many apps, and no need to restart the phone frequently. Of course, I heard that the Android system has improved a lot now, but I don’t want to try again. I’m used to iPhone, so I won’t change it

7 months ago

For me personally, the Apple ecology-iPhone is the entrance and important part of Apple’s family bucket is the reason why I can’t do without iPhone. As an Apple Family Bucket user, almost every device is more or less dependent on the iPhone. At the same time, the hardware under the entire ecosystem is also closely related to the iPhone: relay work with iPad and MacBook, connect Apple Watch to exercise, and connect to AirPods Listen to songs, watch movies and HomePod.

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