It happened at noon yesterday. My son is four months old. He puts him in the stroller when eating. He doesn’t cry and makes trouble occasionally. My mother-in-law will hug him for a while and let us eat quietly after eating. I don’t usually hold it. In this case, I’ll hold it for five or six minutes. Yesterday at noon, she finished the meal first, and then hugged the baby. She just held her hand, and I finished eating. Put the bowl away in the kitchen. When she was about to hold the baby, she said, “I’ll hold the baby for you, and you washed the dishes.” I was a little upset. She held the baby for less than five minutes every day, and she opened her mouth to let me do the housework. I take it 24 hours a day and wake up countless times in the evening. I wash my diapers and change my child’s clothes and everything. I have never helped. I said “Go wash the dishes” to the child’s dad. My mother-in-law just finished my words. Very fierce voice “I call you to wash! You call him!”

My son started to make a fuss, he was probably scared, I hugged him back to the room,

I was thinking, why did my mother-in-law say this suddenly, because she thinks it’s too easy for me to take my children every day? I cook breakfast and lunch by myself. If she cooks it for me at noon at home, she usually eats leftover rice from last night, soaks cold rice in soup, cold rice is made into porridge with pickles, and if there is no cold rice, I just eat noodles (my son It’s exclusively breast-feeding), (in the evening when my father and my uncle came back, they would cook bone soup and fish soup. My father-in-law came home and it was even more amazing. The four of us generally had two dishes. My father-in-law came back and got five or six dishes. After doing so comprehensively, I often listen to my father-in-law’s comments that the ribs she bought are not meaty, they are all messy big bones, the pears that I bought are like bubbles, and the oranges that I bought are all sour. My father-in-law does electrical engineering, and our family spends on it. It’s all his. My husband does things for his father-in-law. There is no additional salary. I have to give some points. I haven’t paid for it for a few months now. He owes more than 10,000 flowers. So it is estimated that my mother-in-law thinks that my son and I are all spending her. I’m a little bit uncomfortable with the amount of money)

I think that if I feel that I am too idle and have no income, I will go to work. She will bring the child.

After downloading the mobile phone software, editing the resume, 63 messages in an hour, it is still easy to find, I have made an appointment for the interview this morning

During the whole process, his father didn’t feel the child, he might feel that I was a little unhappy, but he was immersed in his own world. He learned the sewing skills from the mobile phone screen after eating. He was changing the clothes for my son. Change a set of a little big but brand new cotton-padded trousers into a one-piece suit, which just removed the zipper and waistband

Until I heard that I answered an interview call, and after talking with personnel, I threw away my clothes and came over immediately and asked, are you going to find a job? You don’t want children anymore? Who will bring you to find a job? How can my mother take it alone? She wants to send her younger brother to study in the morning and picks it up in the evening, and also takes him to the tutoring class to study. Our child is so pitiful. He left his mother after only four months. (I have a young uncle who is in the first grade and asks someone to pick up homework every day)

I said your mom thinks I’m too idle, can’t I keep everyone busy?

I went to the supermarket to buy milk powder at night, and he was angry again

I said not to buy milk powder, what will the child drink tomorrow,

He said to drink water and eat, anyway, I don’t care about him, just don’t care how they feed

In the end, I didn’t buy it. I was still angry on the way. They said that I wanted what I wanted. They would do everything in their house. They didn’t like the original villa and lived with a large family. So we sold the new house and we lived in the two of us. They said we just bought a diaper table. Buy a diaper table, buy a crib when you buy a crib,

I’m angry when I hear this, crib, changing table? Shouldn’t it be bought? Will it be me?

Forget it, don’t bite the word, I understand what he means, many things within his ability are very accommodating to me, what I say is what I say

Anyway, he was very angry that I was going to work, saying that others tried their best to stay with the child. I have to go to work if I have this condition,

In the end it became my fault, mine is not, mine has no way

I want to ask if my mother-in-law called me to wash the dishes, if I think I’m too idle, but it’s very hard to take the baby. I haven’t slept for a whole night since I was born. Every day, the baby coaxes the baby to change the diapers. Wash clothes and accompany him to turn over, look at black and white cards, do passive exercises, take a bath, and touch


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6 months ago

Have you ever been to work? Whether you have ever had one, even if you are exhausted in front of you, go to the ground to dig out your feces. However, as long as he appears, you are idle. It’s like your lazy boss. I won’t talk about other things, my mother is like this. My mother is a very strange woman, just the kind of money I left outside. She made phone calls every other time, and asked me to take care of my body. Buy some Xiangxi bacon and mail it to me from time to time. (Here I say, Xiangxi bacon is really delicious!) Well, my girlfriend said, she missed me. I took the time to go back. The first two days were fine. As long as the third day is reached, it is bluffing, lazy, no work. Since I realized this problem. In order to maintain a good mother-child relationship, I rarely stay at home for more than 3 days. Except for the New Year. Because of the New Year. With just a few words, my mother won’t say no more to me. Ok, come back to this question again. This is not to say that washing the dishes is such a thing, but that your mother-in-law simply sees you upset. She doesn’t want you to be idle, you are lazy. She may subconsciously think of everything you should do. Just like my mother, as long as I sit on the sofa and play on the phone, I am lazy. Even now, after I am with my girlfriend. Sometimes, I have been busy for a day and feel dizzy. I just want to sit and play games for a while, if she is doing housework at this time. Then she will call me every three to five minutes. Because I play games, it’s idle in her eyes. With the experience of getting along with my mother, I can easily resolve the rants about my girlfriend. I will shit, ah right, don’t ask, just ask is shit. Anyway, when the toilet door is closed, no one loves it. So, dear fairies, do you now know why your boyfriend likes to shit?In fact, all of your questions are subject to It can be solved in one sentence. Your husband failed to leave his original family. With this background, you will be surprised to find that what your parents-in-law do is right. What you do is wrong. Even if you do not do it, it is tantamount to being lazy. You can’t refute, and you have no ability to refute. Therefore, to solve the problem, you must be willing to clean the dishes. Only by respecting you first can you cross the hurdle in your heart. I have reason to believe that the things you do daily are much more tiring than washing dishes. This is just a contradiction. Just like when I raise a cat, I always shovel cat feces, but if I work for a day and I lie on the sofa to play with cats, my girlfriend is bluffing and asking me to shovel. I will be very reluctant, but I will still go. Because I am a lazy person, too lazy to quarrel with others. I know how to weigh the pros and cons. If it is noisy, the matter will not be resolved within a few hours. . . . In fact, I have always appealed to those girls to find my husband and stare at the family situation as a reference. You have to see if he has left his original family and has his own business. Or whether it has the right to speak in the family. Otherwise, if you marry, you might as well find an ordinary, independent brother. At the very least, your husband shouldn’t take for granted your contribution. It’s not enough to deal with a big family, especially the kind of monkey-like monkey-like parents. I was tired thinking about it. In addition, I would also advise that parents who can see this answer. Now that your children have their own families, you don’t have to do so much, regardless of male or female. If you really want to help, you just need to pay directly. As for making suggestions, it doesn’t make much sense. Money can solve 99% of the problems in life.

6 months ago

I live with my mother-in-law, and my mother-in-law shouts to wash the dishes, so I have no choice but to quietly wash the dishes; if you want to live comfortably and comfortably, you need to live separately from your mother-in-law, bring your own baby and let your husband do the dishes; it is recommended to install a dishwashing machine Machines and dishwashers have become popular in middle-class families. It’s a little fascinating that you don’t have a dishwasher installed in your villa; your husband is busy changing clothes for the children when he comes home from work. You say your husband is immersed in his own world and doesn’t care much. Other things; in fact, if you can also immerse yourself in your own world to do things, you can also do not care about other things; in fact, the workload of your husband changing clothes is much higher than washing dishes;

6 months ago

The mother-in-law is simply uncomfortable with her daughter-in-law being idle. Our family used to be like this. Before my baby was one year old, when I went to work, my in-laws helped bring them. I feel that as long as I take my children home, I will take care of them whenever I have time. And my husband is the kind who can lie down and never sit down. Super lazy. Once my baby fell asleep (naps) on a weekend, my mother-in-law asked me to wash my baby’s clothes. His son is watching the computer next to her. I felt very upset. Why did your son not let him wash for a long time? I just let the baby go and let me work. I let his son go to wash. She was immediately upset. I think I should wash the baby’s clothes. We had a big fight for this time. Such things abound in life. The mother-in-law just feels that her son is lazy, and the daughter-in-law feels uncomfortable when she wants to be lazy. There is a saying that my mother does not want to eat the bitter daughter she has eaten again, but the mother-in-law is worried that the bitter daughter-in-law she has eaten has not suffered. This is the source of the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. So stay away. No matter how hard I am in this life, I will never use my mother-in-law. Do not agree to detour.

6 months ago

My husband’s family structure is more complicated. His mother took him to remarry after the divorce, and the man who remarried also took a son. Therefore, the brother of my husband is not born to the mother-in-law. Those who think the mother-in-law will give the younger brother the property can wake up. Besides, my mother-in-law is the kind of person who values ​​money more than life. She will only hold money in her own hands, and will not give it to anyone. When the younger sister-in-law did business with her mother-in-law, there was no salary, and no matter how big the order was, there was no commission. Because the mother-in-law said that she is a family, making money and spending together, but in fact she does not give her the money. If she really wants to use it, her mother-in-law will give her 500 yuan while crying poor. In this case, my mother-in-law wanted me to follow her, but my husband refused to speak before I spoke. If you think my husband is mean and kind, you can look at my mother-in-law’s sorrowful operation at our wedding. It was only one day, you can imagine how many sorrows she usually does. Parents are the first people that children come into contact with in the world. They can raise their son to Lahei. My mother-in-law is the first one I have ever seen. She shouldn’t be considered raising my husband, after all, my husband grew up with a family meal. When I was young, I went to foster care everywhere. After junior high school, I relied on drawing school uniforms, engraving rubber stamps, and playing power leveling for my classmates. There are really too many things, but because we are getting married, my husband has been holding her back all the time, just to make my parents save face. Now that the marriage is over, her husband happily blacked her out. Of course, if someone thinks that no matter what the parents do, no matter what she does, she is your mother after all, then I have nothing to say, and can only think that the joys and sorrows between people are not connected. I know this question. The first time I went to my husband’s house, I was still a boyfriend at that time. Once the family had finished eating, I felt a little embarrassed that they didn’t help me. I was too young at that time, so I wanted to wash the dishes. As a result, my husband put me on the sofa and said what are you going to do? You can just sit and eat and drink as a guest, and don’t have to work. It was his brother-in-law who was washing the dishes, and his mother sat next to us and gave us a look. Since then, I have never done any housework in his house, no one will call me to do it, and I will not take the initiative to do it myself. Later… after a lot of things, he blacked his mother. Don’t talk about housework, I don’t even have a mother-in-law. So the subject, you see, your position in the husband’s family is closely related to your husband’s attitude. Later, your husband refused to let you work, which shows that he thinks that women want to wash, cook, and take children at home. Since he thinks housework is your own job, there is nothing wrong with your mother-in-law asking you to do housework. If your husband is not on your side, you can either train your husband or just listen to your mother-in-law to do housework at home.

6 months ago

Generally speaking, women who are prone to problems in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tend to think of mother-in-law as three kinds of people. Enemy: For example, a friend of mine told me that the first time I met my mother-in-law, her face was frosty, and my heart felt cold. After that, I will fight with what she has, so when she gave birth to a child , Do everything possible to prevent the mother-in-law from coming to see the grandson, and finally, the husband and wife fight a battle. Later, her mother fell ill and she was busy at work, so she had to ask her mother-in-law to come over to help with the children. She found out that the mother-in-law was very good at getting along with each other. It was entirely because she saw that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was not good. fear. Mother: If you hear a woman tell you her reason for marriage, you know that her marriage will definitely go wrong. For example, she said: My boyfriend and I went to visit his uncles and aunts, and found that their family is very happy. I like the atmosphere of home, so I married him. She was not actually married to this man, but to this man’s mother. She entered this relationship because she wanted to find her mother. But the only problem is that she is not biological. Once she feels favoring one another, the relationship will go wrong. She will hate her mother-in-law and hate her husband. Outsider: If someone tells you that my mother-in-law is a stranger to me, it is completely negligible. Then she actually buried a thunder for her marriage. A friend of mine is like this. After the tenth year of marriage, her mother-in-law passed away, and her husband decided to divorce her. She didn’t understand why. The husband said, my mother originally wanted to take care of the elderly with us, but you have to drive her back to her hometown. If she is by my side, her illness can still be saved! She was stunned: It was our common decision to let your mother go home. The husband said: I object, but you don’t listen to me at all. After so many years of marriage, you have always acted arbitrarily! Only then did she understand that she thought her husband’s tolerance was actually the man’s cowardice, she thought she was acting like a baby, and the man actually thought she was aggressive. For so many years, she has been living in fantasy. Two points remain: 1. Whom does your husband think of you? 2. Who do you think of your husband? We can combine it. We often have three expectations for our partners in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 1. Hope that the other party will fix the mother-in-law: For example, many Ma Baonan hope that his wife can help him deal with the narcissistic mother-in-law who has no boundaries, or feel that he owes his mother a lot and hope that his wife can help him compensate her. Many women hope that Ma Baonan will resist this evil intruder and feel that her husband should be her protector. But people who think this way will definitely make the vicious circle of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship intensify. 2. I hope that the other party is my ally and oppose the mother-in-law together: From the perspective of the wife, the small family is more important than everyone, so the husband should stand with himself. From Ma Baonan’s point of view, whether a woman can serve a good mother is a sign of whether a woman is virtuous, so if a woman opposes the rule of her mother-in-law, she is ignorant. Come by the rules. Couples who think this way often end up miserably. 3. Think that you are powerless. Many people will ask me in the background: My husband asked me to follow his mother in everything. Now I am completely marginalized. I can’t understand their family’s native dialect, and I feel so lonely! I asked her: When are you powerful. She said that I was very powerful in the work unit, and it was easy to feel powerless at the beginning of an intimate relationship. Why is that? Because we set our own person as a strong woman in the unit, and in the relationship, it is easy to take the role set of the original family into an intimate relationship. Such people are often suppressed by their parents in their native families, so they are often disadvantaged in the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. So, what should we do? It’s very simple, if you modify the character settings, your life will naturally be easy. How to modify it? We need to modify: 1. The mother-in-law setting 2. The husband setting 3. The wife setting First modify the mother-in-law setting. Now experience it, you can get rid of all the tension, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, fatigue and irritability in your body. These negative emotions are all gone with the wind and swept away with the sunlight, just like water flowing out of your body fluently and quickly, and what is injected into your body is a completely relaxed gas, liquid or solid. Let you completely relax, completely free, and completely unwind your whole body and mind. Now you come to a door, open the door, it is a spiral staircase leading to the basement, and you walk down step by step, one after another, one after another. Now you are in the depths of the basement. There are three mirrors in front of you. Each mirror has a curtain, and each curtain has a name written on it. Mother-in-law, husband, wife. Now please uncover the curtain of the mirror of the mother-in-law. What kind of image do you see? Is it a tigress? Still a kid? Or a witch? If it is these negative images, then what you see is definitely the external image of the mother-in-law. Now please refresh the interface of this mirror so that you can see the true face of the mother-in-law. What do you see? Perhaps behind the tigress’s mask is a fragile woman who fears that she will lose her life goal. Hidden behind the kid’s mask is an inferiority man who fears that no one will disrespect him. Under the witch’s robe, there was an old woman who was very afraid of death and felt that her life was going bad. Wait, how do you feel when you see this image? What do you want to say to her, what do you hear her say to you? In any case, you can finally tell her: I know your needs, I know you are afraid, I know you are at a loss, and I understand all your worries. Let me help you and fulfill your wish, and at the same time, we can avoid hurting everyone, okay? See how she will respond? No matter what she responds, no matter what your mood is, you have begun to communicate with your mother-in-law’s inner child, and what you see at this time is her true face, and you don’t have to be confused by her surface, and you understand The feeling of mastering a person’s soul. Now please lift the curtain of the other mirror. This is the mirror of your partner. What you see is your husband. You see what the image of your husband is in the mirror. Is it a pig with closed eyes and no matter what? Or a bull with red eyes squirting at you? Or the timid man looking at you bitterly? No matter what the negative image is, please click the refresh button. The refresh button can help you see the inner child behind the husband’s mask. You may see a little boy crying full of guilt. You may see a very scared little boy who is holding onto his mother’s trouser legs tightly and not daring to let go. You may see a little boy who is at a loss and confused. No matter what kind of husband’s inner child you see, you will feel different from when you see his mask. You will understand why he would do such an excessive thing and why he could not cherish your feelings. What you need to say at this time is: I know the reason why you do all the excessive things is because you are afraid, because you are guilty, because you are at a loss, or all the pain that you have been unable to resolve since childhood. You want me to help you bear a mother that you can’t bear, but I can’t do it. What I can do is teach you how to face such pressure. In addition, I can only think for myself. If you want, I can help you solve the problem, but your problem still needs to be solved by yourself. Now, what is the experience? Maybe you can’t get good feedback from him right away, maybe you need to continue to be patient with such a husband’s inner child for a while, but in any case, if you have the opportunity to get along with an inner child like you, you don’t need to be affected by him. Confused by the mask. Now, finally came to your mirror. Uncover the mirror and see you wearing a mask. What is it like? Is it a female warrior defending the territory with justice? Is it a shivering little woman hiding in a corner? Is it a sleepwalker living in his own world with his eyes closed? No matter what image it is, it is your mask, a temporary method you use to deal with the world. Its existence can help you not continue to get hurt, but it cannot stop the vicious circle of this kind of injury. So, please click the refresh button. What kind of inner child do you see. Is it a little girl who is afraid of being hurt? Or a wandering little beggar who longs for love? Or a good girl who is always full of guilt? No matter what kind of inner you are, no matter what kind of experience you are? You all need to hug you like this. Because of you, you have always been forgotten by you, been given up by you, and hurt by you all the time. What she needs most is you. She needs you to take care of her, so that no one can hurt her, and you need to comfort her, so that she can truly rest in peace, and need you to accompany her, so that she can face the world with confidence. Please tell her: My dear, I am late, but in this life and this life, I will always be by your side, I will learn to love you well, I will cherish you, I will love you, I will help you, and you too Will help me to understand the real theme in my life. I love you, and then we face all the challenges of the outside world together! Okay, what is your experience now? In this exercise, what we actually practice is your “mind eyes”. When you open your “mind eyes”, your life will not be an endless game of hitting the wall. When you open your eyes, it is time to regain your independent personality. Just like Guo Jingjing, who is married to a wealthy family, she always has strong self-respect.

6 months ago

There is a saying in life called whoever eats food and turn to whom. Neither you nor your husband can leave your in-law’s family, so you still have to move with them? Without the right to speak, we can only ask for perfection. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were originally friends, if they were still attached to the mother-in-law’s family, it would be better and more difficult! If your husband doesn’t work with your father-in-law, you don’t want your mother-in-law to take the children and pay, just be tough. Asking for others, but still confident? What is washing the dishes? What did you do? And there is no one who let you take the child and let you do the dishes. You are tired of taking the child bit by bit. Isn’t the mother-in-law holding the child? She picks up hard work and asks you to do light work, but you still don’t want to do it. There is too much drama in my heart!

6 months ago

My mother-in-law will not, because my husband has already told his mother about this problem. My mother-in-law knows to dare to embarrass me, and her son will not let her bully me. She let me work = my son smashed her. She played this obedience test with me after she was full? Female compatriots have time to pinch with your mother-in-law, so it is better to think about how to train and cure your husband. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Your husband thinks that you should listen to the fuck, and you have the freedom to choose not to play. It’s a pity that some people can’t cure their husbands and don’t dare to choose their sons, so they can only regard the contradictions between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as all contradictions. Everyone remembers: As long as the husband is still alive, conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are called conflicts between husband and wife. Forced to talk about more mother-in-law’s strange things, in fact, it’s just that the husband doesn’t want to control, can’t control his mother. What’s more, some husbands allow their wives and mothers to bite their dogs, and they just feel that the contradiction is almost equal to the fight between the cat and dog in the family. I don’t want to touch this thing, and I don’t think it is necessary to touch it. I’m not afraid of the result of a wife picking up her son at all. What’s the use of crying and cursing with netizens online? I still don’t want to think about how to maximize the benefits that can be handled. Don’t look at women so narrowly, don’t think that the woman in front of you is all the contradictions in the world. I do know a group of women who will not be subject to a obedience test by their mother-in-law, including myself who have such a polite mother-in-law relationship. But against Liwei, we have been setting the stage before marriage. Our life plan is clear. Pregnancy preparation is also an emergency plan for family relations, parenting plans, and emergencies. Some people always feel that they are not prepared for anything, so they should have the same treatment and life as those who are lucky or capable. We don’t know why the heart is so big. Official account: Dudududu’s mouth is very poisonous. Share a true story every week, a love and relationship dry goods that can be directly practiced, and a sharp complaint in one sentence.

6 months ago

Normally, I don’t say anything to my mother-in-law, but I secretly tell my husband that I’m too tired to wash the dishes. Go and wash the dishes. Then my husband rushed over and acted actively wanting to wash the dishes, and then if it wasn’t for my mother-in-law, or my husband did it. Sometimes I have to ask next to me, if I come to wash, my husband will pull me away and assign me a less important job. I feel that this kind of family living together, the role of the husband’s bond is very important, you must be gentle communication, you can not let the other party guess where you are upset, where you have been wronged, and do not describe the problem as if you are angry and vent. The atmosphere is not conducive to mutual understanding. Let the other person empathize with your hard work and dedication. Describe your difficulties in detail to him, and let him experience your life for a day when necessary. Generally, when I don’t agree with my mother-in-law, I don’t talk to her positively, but discuss my ideas with my husband. I also don’t ask my husband to stand on my side. I hope he will make a fair judgment as much as possible And the decision, my mother-in-law and I try to compromise with each other on the premise of fairness, and empathize with each other to understand each other’s difficulties.

6 months ago

In fact, this is a collision of two ways of life, which has a certain universal significance. Our generation knows that making money is for life, but in the eyes of the previous generation, life is about making money. That’s why we discovered that, for example, a problem that a dishwasher can solve, we seem to be changing our lives with technology, and the older generations seem to have the hands and feet why they spend such a waste of money. When we talk about family members, it is a single individual. When the older generations talk about it, there is a shadow of Taylor’s scientific management theory, that is, they are talking about the labor force one by one. It is difficult to say which of these two models is better. After all, in the current society, economic income determines not only the internalized family status, but also the status of the entire family in the external society. In order to live a lying life, the family must be the most efficient. Effective configuration. The situation of the subject is the conflict between the two modes. When the father-in-law is the only pillar of the family’s economy, the other people in the family are the cost centers, or the owners of spending money but not making money. This mother-in-law can barely say that she is taking risks and starting a business with her father-in-law. The son still goes to the father-in-law’s business to help. The positioning of the daughter-in-law is more embarrassing. If the daughter-in-law says that this is for your family to inherit the lineage, in fact, she is returning to the point that the child belongs to your family and does not belong to me. I am a fertility tool. Having positioned myself in this way, the mother-in-law asked to take on housework, and it would be difficult to fight back from the independent perspective of modern women. Therefore, the best model is to transform yourself from a cost center to a profit center. Seeing the subject in the description one does not release academic qualifications, two does not release previous income, and third is to edit the resume on the mobile phone. I boldly speculate that the subject said that I am going out to find a job, and the salary may seem to be trivial in the family, after all. Is a family living in a villa. This will not reverse the dilemma you are facing. So a better way to change your family’s status is to…put your resume to your father-in-law… as long as you are embedded in the family’s main or only income system, even if you just go to the father-in-law’s power engineering project. Miscellaneous, keep an account, and you will find that washing dishes is soon gone. Your income level will not affect your family status, because your salary is taken from the father-in-law, even if it is low for you, it is you who are helping the father-in-law. To put it bluntly, surplus value still circulates in the family. Moreover, you will find that the longer you are embedded in the main income system of the family, the more indispensable you become. After all, you are a family member, and many core things will not avoid you. In the case where your husband is also doing things for your father-in-law Next, your little home will show a state of actively taking over the business. I know you may not want to go to your father-in-law, because you think that your husband did not pay for his father-in-law. In all fairness, if you say something, you will give you a new house for your small family. Isn’t it better than salary… How long have you been out of the market environment… Anyway, your father-in-law is absolutely strong economically, and you force your husband to force yourself. Take advantage of the trend. At that time, the only cost center of the whole family has become your mother-in-law, so what are you afraid of… Your father-in-law will always retreat to the second line… This is the way to long-term peace and stability.

6 months ago

I saw an answerer in front who said that the best way is to respond positively to her mother-in-law, and said to her mother-in-law heartily: Mom, please rest quickly and I will wash the dishes. When washing the dishes, she accompanied her mother-in-law and chatted. After washing the dishes, she took the initiative to rub her shoulders, telling a joke or something. I agree too much. The answer is very reasonable. The mother-in-law is the relative of the elder and the lover, so she is also the relative of the subject. It is suggested that the subject of the subject treat the mother-in-law as her own mother. Would your mother refuse to ask you to wash the dishes? Therefore, in this way, the main reason for the problem is that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not correctly understood. The mother-in-law is right, the husband is right, the wrong thing is that you have a problem with your thinking. Now let me talk about what the subject should do to better benefit family relationships. First of all, if conditions permit, try to enrich the material life of in-laws and meet their needs for food, clothing, shelter, transportation and play. In modern families, it is prone to attach importance to children and despise the elderly, but the elderly are “old children” and they should be petted and coaxed. I often buy some gifts for my mother-in-law, and urge my husband to give red envelopes to his mother during the holidays. In our daily life, we also have to do more things, such as shopping for vegetables, cooking, washing clothes, and going to the bank and hospital with our mother-in-law. After all, she is getting older, and her movements are not as convenient for young people. If you can help, you can only help you in life and spiritually, but you can’t ignore it. I think the main thing is to make the elderly feel at ease, relieved and happy. Go home early after get off work. Outside activities are unnecessary. Let your mother-in-law worry and worry less about you. It can support the elderly’s hobbies, and if you have time, you can accompany her to participate in some activities, so that the mother-in-law feels that old age is something and enjoys. By doing the above, the subject will be able to reap the love and affection, as well as the good reputation of a bunch of neighbors, and find the value in life. Husband will also think that you are considerate, filial and gentle, and mother-in-law thinks that you will be a good daughter-in-law, and she will also change your view of you. Maybe you will be awarded the title of twenty-four filial piety because of your good personality in the future. Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages. In addition to reaping the above countless benefits, there will also be a few side effects. For example, because of the rheumatism caused by washing dishes, cooking, washing and mopping the floor all the year round, it hurts to death every rainy day. There are also a pair of rough callused hands and a sallow face that has not been maintained all the year round. Of course, my husband’s family. It is also unlikely to treat you as a human being. If you are lucky, because you have been depressed and tired all the year round, you may die young. But as a great dedicated daughter-in-law, I believe these things are minor problems. Finally, the mother-in-law is really pitiful. She has worked so hard to pull the child to such an age. When there is a conflict with the daughter-in-law, the son does not respond like a dead person. After finally marrying a daughter-in-law, he can’t be a cow and a horse for their family, too. I’m sorry, the subject, please reflect on yourself (manually)

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