I lost a semester in my freshman year. The senior three and four seniors in the team are busy with the postgraduate entrance examination. There are some basic skills in the freshman and sophomore (passing and catching without confrontation, passing the big foot), but the overall strength is very stretched. Sophomore in one semester, what should I do to change

I can tell you a true story of my own. My sophomore year happened to catch up with the division of the college, so the originally strong team was divided into two. The old captain is my high school alumnus. After the division, he and I no longer belong to the same academy, but I decided to help him and help his academy to play football because he also helped me. Because of this, he was called a traitor by the people in his college. I have never regretted it. Love is the most important thing for me. If you don’t care about love, it’s better not to play. During that semester, I really felt the unprecedented frustration. I have never lost so many games. I even lost 1-8. It was difficult to get 11 people in each game. I remember very clearly that we only won one game in the college league that semester, tied one, and finally relegated, just like a nightmare. Fortunately, the second year is the entrance of the freshman (my junior year), and we are lucky enough to recruit a group of outstanding young people who love football. Train at 6:30 every morning, practice basic skills for half an hour, and then fight in groups for half an hour. On weekends, we had time to invite other teams to play 11v11. After a semester, we rushed back to the first division of the college league. I am very proud to help the old academy train a group of outstanding players, who later became the core of the team’s various positions. Hello. Do you think it’s over? of course not. In the next semester of the junior year, the captain of our own college approached me and said that he would put an end to the past and form a champion. To be honest, my heart was moved. At that time, I had not experienced the taste of being a champion. I made it to the final two times before, but missed the championship on both occasions. I was too eager for the championship. In this way, we embarked on a wonderful journey and created a miracle that we all felt incredible. Difficult to qualify in the group stage, 1/4 knockout, narrowly win. In the semi-finals, I encountered an international team composed of crooked nuts. In the end, they were defended strictly by the 541 formation. They stole one of them in the counterattack. For the first time in history, there is an undergraduate college team (in addition to the undergraduate team, there are also The graduate team) eliminated the international team. In the final, we met another undergraduate college team, 1-2 in 87 minutes. In 89 minutes, our defensive midfielder had a header in the world. Then win the penalty shootout. In this way, the second in the millennium, I finally won the championship. Later, due to postgraduate entrance examinations and other reasons, I withdrew from the team, but I still play football and still love football. Fortunately, there is football. It spent the best youth time with me and brought me happiness. I have set foot on the top of the mountain, and I have also fallen to the bottom of the valley, both of which have benefited me a lot. There is no other way to play football but practice and play more. Losing is not terrible, the important thing is to have a heart to win. Only in this way will we think of various ways to improve. Work hard for the championship, come on.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

1. Recruiting new players is a common problem for freshmen and sophomores. Except for some good players, the rest of the level is average and normal. Find a few more people and follow the mass line. There are always good talents. If you recruit them to practice, you will lose anyway. Some talents are also good. Then publicize. 2. It is best to do a good job of publicity and contact the teachers who are in charge of physical education in the college or the teachers who love football. Call girls to cheer during the game, and the spiritual attributes are full, which has a miraculous effect. 3. Make sure that the core finds you with the most scoring goals and the most stable defense. Set the frontcourt and backcourt commanders. The overall strength will test your personal ability. Let others in the team follow the command. Don’t be rash, pay attention to a fixed offensive point. Players in the role of scavengers, to ensure offense and defense. 4. Change your tactics to see if you are 11-a-side or 7-a-side. Change your tactics to heavy defense. As far as I see it, 11 players kicked 532, 7 players kicked 321, defenders piled up people, steals big feet to clear the siege, find the offensive point, can steal One is one. Defending well is the most important. 5. The most important thing to adjust the mentality is that a team can be up and down, and can definitely win. It doesn’t matter what the front loses. The heavy defensive tactics can tie a few games to increase confidence, and it will definitely win in the back. All in all, there must be someone to do these things. Actions are the most important. The last relegated in major leagues will always win a few games every season. Last season, Watford, the last player of the season, beat the champion Liverpool 3-0. There is no team. The team will always lose, believe in yourself, believe in teammates, come on! Good luck!

6 months ago

Thank you for the invitation, but there is no data, how can I analyze it? We don’t know the situation of your team, nor do we know the status quo of college football? How many teams are your opponents? How many players are you playing? Then what is your so-called losing method? Is the gap small but unable to win, or is it being crushed by people at 1:8 per game? Is there a coach? Is there training? Still nothing? I don’t know anything, I can only give you professional bad ideas. First of all, the matter of winning or losing, a few teams in a fixed game have gone through a round, and basically know it in mind. Who is the opponent that cannot be defeated, who is the opponent who can work hard to draw, and who is likely to be defeated. Should be able to master it. Isn’t your goal to beat the weakest one? Observe him, watch them play, understand their tactics and habits. Set a reasonable goal, then arrange people and training accordingly, try to equalize him, or defeat him. If the opponent is invincible, then…theoretically, it does not exist. Football is not a personal show. The core of football is organization. Everything depends on organization, just remember this. There are three players who can play in the front, center and back, and the game will not be too difficult to play. Find the three best players in the team, divide the area around them, delimit offensive and defensive responsibilities, and establish position awareness first. Then find three auxiliary three cores a little lower to form a habitual small area coordination. In this way, you have six people who can cooperate with each other and have the awareness of cooperation or complement. The eight-a-side system is almost the same. In the case of an eleven-a-side system, find three better ones, replace or eliminate those who are not obedient, have a basic skill of 0, and are forced by special circumstances. Don’t force it if you want to win. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, football in my country has become increasingly depressed in recent years. A group of middle-A players have retired intensively. The older ones are 25 and 26, and the younger ones are about the same as the juniors and seniors. Find one or two of these players to be part-time coaches and give some hard money to make up for the basic skills. Old coaches are fine too, but old coaches love to take care of children. Adults are not easy to deal with, and they can’t make themselves fools. Some basic skills, the coach can understand a lot with just a few words. The technical level is improved in every detail. In fact, another core role of the coach is to shout during the game. Because the adults are big, many people on the field are blurred. What people are playing is your gap. So there is a coach who shouts on the side to remind you to pay attention to the position, the effect is much better. It really doesn’t work, the coach changes clothes, you know. To train. Children playing games are strictly divided according to their age groups, one or a half years old, and there is a big gap. In theory, college students are not divided into age groups, but in fact they are still divided. The gap in physical fitness is still huge. In the same way, good passing skills can also make up for the lack of physical fitness and speed. In layman’s terms, less dribbling and more passing, and key figures running frequently. Without training, no one can win. Without training and no foundation, no one can win. I suggest that you take training seriously. The so-called seriousness is: find a schoolgirl who has a social aura, is not ugly, and is of a moderate age to be the training director. This woman needs to have a good-looking face, be soft and hard, not follow selfish interests, be well-connected, and be able to communicate effectively. In addition, wear sportswear to look good, and sports experience is preferred. I tried my best to get it done, and let her be the director of training. Give her a whistle, and from this point on, the puppies of the freshman and sophomore are milking, and the adult dogs of the senior and the fourth are in town. Unfold your effective training supervision, and also encourage team members to train in time, and at the same time have a publicity effect on recruiting new team members. But remember, she cannot be the girlfriend of any team member or opponent, and the team must clearly stipulate that she cannot sleep the training director. Here, now you have the calculated goal, the core of the team is fixed, and the foreign coach may also have it. The basic structure of a team has taken shape. Although there are still many things left, the first step has come out. Effective organization is the basis for victory. Having said that, what role and position are you in the team?

6 months ago

Since the level of the team is average, you have to change the way to win the game, instead of thinking about passing and running and creating opportunities to shoot. That has nothing to do with you. What you need is to play football not like the football you remember. First of all, the 451 lineup is more suitable for you. There are 5 midfielders and 5 shit sticks. Just kick with the opposite midfielder. Keep a quick one. The rest of you get the ball and kick your feet. Be careful not to drive toward the goalkeeper. , Bigfoot kicked out, let the forward chase, the people behind to catch up. If you get it, you will hit the door, if you can’t get it, you will retreat to the defense, or you will foul the opponent directly. Just do this well, your team will not be weak! What else can student football have? I participated in the Sunshine Team of the Shandong University Student Football Game, and I played a long pass. Everyone played like this, and basically didn’t cooperate much. Secondly, the goalkeepers in college are more skilled, and the success rate of volleys is not as good as that of shooting a high point from a long distance. Find a harder foot and let him take a free kick. As long as he hits the goal frame, he will have a chance to score. Third, you must let your teammates learn to foul on the ground. On the one hand, they can have the opportunity to shoot, and on the other hand, they can disrupt the opposing rhythm. Fourth, you must let your teammates learn to commit fouls. When you see the opposing core player, you will foul him hard. Not to mention that it is too dirty. It is dirty if you don’t tack the ball. Be careful, don’t kick the opponent and make you come and go! ! Must break the rhythm! ! Let the game stumble! ! Fifth, practice more set kicks and corner kicks. I see other answers that ask for basic skills. It’s okay to practice to clear the big foot, and practice to pass and shoot. Is it useful? ? Sixth, your ultimate goal is to get a tie and take a penalty. You can steal one by one, and don’t always want to win.

6 months ago

When we were in college, the college held a football game. An 8-man football team in our class couldn’t get together, but the basketball team was runner-up for 4 years. I liked playing football very much, so I found the monitor and the basketball captain and got together. A team. Our tactic is 3211. The basketball captain is tall and thin, fast, and kicks the forward. I play the shadow forward and the midfielder, and everyone else is lying in the midfield. Interrupt the ball in the backcourt and go straight ahead. If I can get under my feet by chance, I will give the striker a fast speed or a through and run. In this way, we lost 0:7 in the first year, 1:7 in the second year, 2:0 in the first round in the third year, won the 1:1 penalty shootout in the second round, and lost 0 in the third round: 4. So far, the football activities during the university period are over. There is no way to lose all the time, but you can’t just play. Enjoy the joy of playing football with your teammates

6 months ago

1. Recruit new propaganda, recruit fresh blood 2. If you are the captain, improve the cohesion of the team, usually have more meals and play, and there is nothing to organize teammates to kick the futsal competition in the team on weekends, the team competition is equivalent to training 3 , Cheer up during the game, every time you finish the game, sum up and then break up, and then say a few more words before the start of the game 4. Set a small goal, such as “striving for the first win” 5. If you have a coach, you can do it every week Training sessions are organized (but there is a high probability, because there will be no questions). This is not an answer at the technical and tactical level. The level of the students is uneven and the technical level is too professional. It can only be solved from the spiritual level. Teams have thighs, kick around the thighs, clarify the team’s play style, and then arrange the positions of teammates reasonably. If the skills are good, try to arrange them in the midfield and at least control the ball. Of course, I don’t know the specific situation, but just provide an idea.

6 months ago

Everyone has different goals in playing football. It is recommended to openly discuss with all the players about the issue of the court team. Playing football is also social and competitive. It is necessary to understand the ideas of the team. If everyone wants to play social football, it is recommended that the subject of the subject is right. Attitude, entertainment is the mainstay on the court. If everyone wants to play competition, then the subject can start to design training details and discuss tactics to explain a little bit why competition requires the consent of all people and entertainment only requires the consent of most people. If there is 1 -2 The obvious shortcomings of the position will be attacked by the opponent. Even if you rely on more running and frequent fills, it is difficult to make up for most college teams. Most college teams are social balls. After all, academics can’t be done overnight, especially I’m a student who has just started football at the university. I’m afraid I’ll have to continue training for a year (1-2 times a week) before I can break my wrist with other high-level colleges.

6 months ago

In the college of humanities, the ratio of eight women to two men was the second place for three years. After graduation, they took the first place. (The main reason for crying is that the atmosphere is good. Everyone can play together. After graduation, the wedding is basically attended by the whole team. I am very fortunate to be able to join such a team. It is a lifetime memory. —Split-Share a few Experience first to improve the atmosphere in the team, so that you can go all out during the game and participate in the usual training. When you treat your teammates as brothers, you will be responsible for them on the court. Don’t cheat them, don’t blame them for mistakes. They. Good skills are placed in the backcourt, and good physical strength is placed in the frontcourt. (According to the description of the subject, the pass basically relies on big feet, and it should be rare to pass directly from the big restricted area to the opponent’s door. Only when the backcourt is stable and controlling the ball can you pass to the opponent’s goal, and the strong frontcourt can catch the ball.) Don’t be afraid of losing, but if you want to win, play for fun, don’t blame your teammates. Many people just after graduating from college There are very few opportunities for the audience, cherish it, and hope that you can also gain friendship.

6 months ago

All-round improvement, but it is difficult. First look at the heart, whether it is really a love or just a hobby, and only after determining which one can make a plan! Then there are plans, plans that you love. Physical stamina, basic skills, passing and receiving, strength, coordination, and rivalry, each week, according to the actual situation, make a plan. There is watching the ball! Watch two games a week, the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, World Preliminaries and so on. Don’t look at the scoring highlights, you can’t see anything, and improve the quotient.

6 months ago

If the strength is not enough, then play defense, give up the midfielder to control the ball, give up the backcourt chamfer, first do the defense, focus on training the guards, arrange strict defensive tasks, do not make low-level mistakes, get the ball in the backcourt and directly clear the siege or find a forward. The forward arranges one or two fast and capable players to fight back. In fact, it is the relegation play in the league. At least the lower limit can be guaranteed. Offensive football requires player ability and tactical cooperation. If not, counter defense is the most suitable. A choice.

6 months ago

If you are the only one who refuses to admit defeat and want to change the status quo, it is useless. Football is a holistic sport, with rough technique and physical ability to make up, and the playing is simpler. Position the bus in battle, don’t stretch your feet blindly when defending, your teammates will help you in place. Don’t greedy the ball, how long you shoot. Usually practice more set-pieces, the goalkeeper finds a way to find someone, the goalkeeper of the weak team is very important. I can’t explain it clearly in a few words, and I have the opportunity to make appointments for more games, and express some of the things I usually practice in the game.

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