First of all, Mika’s singing style is completely different from the mainstream singing style in China, so the techniques used are quite different. The choice of voice point and resonance are different, and the final effect is different. It is completely in accordance with the common domestic techniques. The judges will find it strange. Of course, he also made it clear that he has made some changes after coming to China to learn singing skills. Secondly, people who have seen feature films or previous materials know that Mika’s favorite music style is R&B, which is not very popular in China. Popular, but if you go to find some R&Bs and blues in Europe and America, or Galimatias that Mika likes, you will know the skills that Mika has been learning and the ethereal, psychedelic, and sexy effects that Mika has been learning. When Ka was a child, he sang in the choir and learned the violin. Ukulele made his debut at the age of 16 and has been singing for almost 6 years now. He has received a lot of music training and listened to the redbone he had sung before, or tell me and some others. Live will find that his vocal range is indeed very wide and very stable. It is not that he can’t sing high notes, but that he can sing very high (but not the magnificent kind of teacher Han Hong and Liu Huan). At the same time, his tone is very special, ( The autotune of walking is not exaggerated) and the transmutation singing is even better. Anyone who has learnt to sing in R&B knows how many transmutations have 18 bends, and how much sound control is needed to sing to have a texture. Finally, let’s say a word , Mika’s singing style and feeling are still a little niche in China, but people who understand a little will find it very powerful, and some people who don’t understand will find it very special, like professionals like Zhou Shen, Amber, and creative Music directors have praised them. Generally speaking, the feedback is very good, but people who do not like this type of music may not like it, but there is no need to say that the technique is not good. Ancient poems and sonnets are both poems, so there is no need. The wording is right or wrong, high and low.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, Mika still has a lot of instincts in singing, usually weak mixing and falsetto. I have to say that his weak mixing is really strong, his breath control is particularly good, and the conversion of true to false sound is extremely smooth. And the throat is very relaxed, the voice is soft but not scattered, and it is also grainy. In addition to light function, his rhythm and musicality are also top-notch. After all, children in Europe and the United States are in the second grade, and they have listened to songs with strong rhythm since they were young. (Chinese kids kill Matt a little bit. When they were young, they liked to listen to bitter love songs.) And the language sense is first-rate. But the weaknesses are also obvious. First of all, the collapse of the strong mixing ability directly leads to less than half of the style of control. English pronunciation is actually more chest, so basically most European and American singers do not pay special attention to the voice will be very generous, because the speaking habits lead to instinctive low-position vocalization, but as a European and American singer, Mika actually rarely The display of low chest voice really surprised me. Although in general, except Wei Wei, Liu Huan and Sun Nan, who are very talented, basically no one can achieve the top level of heavy function and light function. After all, even Han Lei and Han Hong can’t do it, but Mika really shows a little bit of strong None of them, it is really rare…After all, a person with such a weak voice should not be too weak in general for a strong mix. I don’t want to compare with Han Meijuan’s strong mix, but generally speaking, there is also a Jiang Dunhao… But he really didn’t show his low chest voice at all, and his belting ability was completely 0. It’s actually quite a pity. . . Just relying on a weak voice is basically equivalent to trapping oneself in a minor range and not being able to move. The second is that his headline development is too rough. I saw an answer saying that his comfortable voice zone is in the middle and low, but he is a male high base (a singer who gave up strong mixing and specializes in light functions, logically speaking, he developed his head voice. Refer to Zhou Shen, Huo Zun, Zhang Jingying, “Treble” Basically it is the most basic novice-level task of this kind of singer. The bass is the advanced challenge. So the treble shouldn’t be difficult for him, not to mention that he is originally a male high, but Mika’s treble is still not good, partly It’s because his head voice is actually too much by instinct. It’s really nice, but I hope it can be further developed…At present, his singing style is very much like the ultimate evolutionary form of Mao’s hard work, but he will be able to achieve it in the future if he works hard. It is possible to reach the level of Li Jian even further to the level of Zhang Jie, but it is estimated that it will take several years. (I can really do well with his face)

6 months ago

In terms of singing skills, it is definitely not, but singing is not about singing skills, but timbre and talent. For example, I always think that Stefanie Sun sings very badly (fans don’t hit me), but I have to admit her voice It’s very rare, and there is a very special way of biting words and transliteration of her own. Others can hardly learn it. As long as it is not a person like me who naturally resists her voice, she will feel that she sings very differently. This is why she became a queen. The same is true for Zhou Shen. Zhou Shen’s timbre is also extremely special. It is estimated that there are not many male voices. Although they resemble female voices, the problem is that female voices cannot sing his kind of fairy and strong sense of power due to physical limitations. . Mika is also a player of this type. His natural timbre is rare. I see some people say that English singers have a lot of people at his level, indeed, but Mika has a difference in that his original voice is electrified. This is rare, this is his capital. Singing skills are average, but the first one is to become a feature of singers that others will remember. Pure singing skills may not be famous. At present, the players sent by Ai Hui are all online, but because of the extreme influx of the Japanese entertainment industry, Zandorimaru can only choreograph, and Mika is about to change careers. Such talents are mixed like this. It is simply… .. They can only be saved by TC~~~

6 months ago

To be honest, I am not a professional, and there is no professional evaluation.
But when he sang “Love That Never Lost Connection” and “Don’t Remember Me”, I felt very uncomfortable after listening to him. I was especially able to get the feelings that this song wanted to express.
Other singers can sing very well, but I can sing with empathy for him.

6 months ago

The hero of Mariah Carey was an undoubted car accident scene, but it was this car accident scene that made Jay Z decide to sign her. The sound is really rare. His strength is definitely not the ceiling, but he is still young and can continue to learn and improve. Finally, Mika is getting more and more popular now. There are more people who like him, and there are more people who don’t like him. Of course, this is okay, but when some people criticize him, he can get some real hammer out. Don’t say he can’t do it and it’s over. . This is Zhihu, not Weibo.

6 months ago

In fact, the reason why Mika was able to get out of the circle in Chuangli, except for his face and tough guy temperament that is completely different from other people, is because of his tone. The timbre is really good, really special (at least in terms of creation), a special voice for a singer, and a special timbre is a very valuable natural advantage. Just say that his first stage singing skills must be better than Xiaoyu and Zhang Xingte, I don’t think so… But his timbre is special, coupled with foreigner’s spitting, it is a different feeling that people will be intoxicated after listening. He himself is very clear about his voice characteristics, and he likes R&B and there is a trace that his timbre is really suitable. There are many singers who can sing many types of songs, but only the songs that best suit their timbre can be performed best. I archived many of his previous videos. At that time, I could hear that his timbre was very special in int at many scenes, but it was still relatively young at that time, and now it can be said to be very stable. So his vocal strength is beyond doubt. His comfort zone is in the middle and low range, which is why his so sick and never-lost love, including you are the reason in Oshima Diary, are quite out of the circle. Tone is his own talent, and his efforts in the camp are worthy of his talent. The stage of his second father is not suitable for him. “Don’t Remember Me” is hebe. The sound brightness required for the chorus of the girl’s song is what Xiaoyu and Zhang Xingte are good at, but I think the main song part of Kazi must be handled. The most eye-catching. I predict here that Sangong’s “Input Method” is bound to be at least a small explosion, and that is his song. He sings this is the most diao, and no one can match it. No one in the R&B camp sang him, and he was completely ok with normal group songs. The most important thing is that Kazi sings in Chinese, which is the degree of the listener’s screaming, and he is so handsome, alas, where is this type of handsome guy in internal entertainment?

6 months ago

Mika’s vocal is really strong, so I heard that every time I heard Mika sing, I wanted to support Mika’s “So Sick” and “Never Lost Love”. Hurry up, listen to it, and give me the pit creation camp after listening | Mika’s never-lost love, I have a little chestnut video 131 After playing my roommate, after listening to never-lost love, I couldn’t help but hum to this day. One of Mika’s flaws in singing Chinese songs is the inaccurate pronunciation of Chinese. However, Mika’s singing skills are strong enough and the pitch is accurate. On the current stage of Mika’s singing, Mika’s inaccurate Chinese pronunciation can be completely ignored. Evaluating that a vocal is professional or unprofessional, it is actually very simple, listening to him sing is good or not. The pitch, treble, and poor ventilation of his singing will affect his performance of this song. Mika can do all of the above, so Mika’s vocal is really strong. I hope to put Mika’s name tag on the head of my roommate’s bed, which can help my roommate sing the love that will never lose contact, and never go out of tune! ! Some people may have good timbre, but singing out of tune is still not good.

6 months ago

Mika’s voice is very attractive, and vocal has shown that it is absolutely possible in the men’s team. Idol group singing skills do not need to be too top-notch. Like Chuang 1 Li Ziting Chuang 3 Xilinna Yigao, their group songs can’t give full play to their advantages, and the sound of qualified singing skills is better, and Chuang 2 Zhao Lei’s voice is in the group song. Very good, so there is a joke saying that there is no Zhao Lei voice in the group song, which is a fake singing. The idol group personally thinks that passerby (Yang Chaoyue)> Yan value> dance> vocal (after all, the stage can be used to sing falsely)>rap> A waste of nothing. Mika’s image and displayed temperament will attract passers-by. If there are passers-by and the bonus of vocal, Mika will make her debut! The strength of vocal needs to be proved by the stage, and it can be confirmed that it is good at present!

6 months ago

It’s totally irrelevant to the profession. I have never seen anyone who likes his technique, and his range is very limited, so he can only sing in a specific style. Most passers-by like his tone, but some fans are annoying to watch stinky feet everywhere. Er Gong and everyone in the group can see Mika fans swiping Mika on the barrage. I think it’s yjjc, but it’s not a “big vocal” at all. Okay, ktv is pretty good at the same level. The men’s team only needs to live under the tone repair. Anyway, it’s enough, although he is Chinese. The word bite hasn’t been rectified up to now, and the tone repair is powerless in this respect. After reading a few live repo, I didn’t say that he was convinced by his singing skills, but said the kiwi with a glowing head (?). Professional vocal is not as good as listening to those two good voice champions. I hope this is not a question raised by nc fans. Recently, I have read a few questions from the creation camp, and my fans have been asking and answering the questions and answers. If you click in, you will be rushed, numb, and fans will retreat. !

6 months ago

There are many talented artists who can sing, but few are liked and remembered
Strength is not necessarily measured by how much skill and how loud the voice is.
The real strength should be-can it impress the listener & generate empathy
It’s easy for the sound to pass through the ears

6 months ago

Personally feel very strong, so don’t think of me. It’s just a massacre when I compare it. This song is a collection of 4 popular vocals. You can compare it directly. His ability to understand and control his own voice is terrible… …My opinion is to keep him

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