Fixed investment is just a way to buy a fund. You can also buy bottoms, chase the rise and kill the fall.
Funds can make money from fixed investment. It needs to be based on two points: buying index funds in a bear market, and being lonely when the bull market arrives.
As long as my country’s economy continues to develop and the stock market follows the economy, the fixed investment of funds can make money with a high probability.

So some people say that buying funds is buying national luck.

But the fixed investment of funds is not a sure way to win. If you want to make money, you must pay attention to the right time and place!
Many people enter the market in the late stage of the bull market, jealous of others for making money, and the bull market turns into a bear market, and they are finally locked up deeply.
Many people lost more and more money in the bear markets of 2008 and 2016… Under tremendous mental pressure, there are very few people who can insist on the fixed investment of the fund. Most people really can’t see hope anymore, and they can’t help but shed their tears. The floating loss becomes a real loss, and there is no chance to make a profit. Greed in the high positions of the bull market and panic in the low positions of the bear market are fate that most people cannot escape. It took me half a month to write this long essay on fund practice strategy, almost all the questions you can think about the fund! I have sorted out all the high-level content of fund financial management that I have answered in Zhihu to help you build a systematic understanding of index funds. The full text is more than 10,000 words, it is easy to understand and there is no marketing advertisement, trust me:

Absolutely better than the expensive financial management courses you buy! The full text catalog is as follows: Why do you recommend that you do index fund investment? Before you make money, first understand the smile curve of these concepts: The secret to making money with a fund fixed investment teaches you how to understand fund information, teaches you how to buy a fund fixed investment, teaches you how to sell a fund fixed investment, what are the disadvantages of fixed investment? Is it 100% profitable? If you are a novice, I strongly recommend that you read it carefully from the beginning to the end. If you already have a certain understanding of the fund, you can choose the paragraphs you are interested in. In short, you can find the answer to any question about the fund.

  1. Why is it recommended that you do index fund investment? Everyone is eager to live a better life. How to manage money and make more money is a long-lasting topic. A sense of financial management is a good thing, but many people dream of getting rich overnight, and the outcome of blind financial management is very likely to be lost. In 2018, the P2P industry ushered in a wave of thunderstorms, thousands of platforms closed down, ran away… Investors’ money evaporated overnight and suffered heavy losses. In fact, all types of financial products have an approximate range of income:
    To make a rational investment, we must first manage our own desires. When you see unusually high returns, you should be vigilant: there is no free lunch in the world, and there must be high risks behind high returns. So, why is index fund fixed investment a good idea? Let’s not worry about what is “index fund fixed investment”, here we will tell you its advantages directly. If you think this is a financial management method that suits you, don’t miss the following practical tutorials. Advantage 1: 10% annual income is not a dream

A 10% annual return is not a dream. There is a saying, “The road is tortuous, but the future is bright.” It is very appropriate to describe the fixed investment of index funds. It invests in the stock market. As long as my country’s economy continues to develop and the stock market follows the economy, this financial management method has a high probability of making money. So some people say that buying an index is buying a country’s luck. In addition, the stock market has a volatile cycle, and my country has a bull market every 7 years. The last two bull markets occurred in 2007 and 2015, and there are signs of bull market this year:

As long as you insist on a long-term fixed investment, buy in batches at ordinary times, and sell in a bull market, it is not difficult to achieve an annual return of 10%.

For most people, investing in the stock market must avoid short-term chasing ups and downs. It is more practical to use time for space.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Diversified risks, high security “The stock market is risky, investment needs to be cautious”, “Don’t put eggs in the same basket”… I believe you have heard these words, but how do you do it? In fact, index fund fixed investment is a natural investment method to diversify risks. Because it will help you buy hundreds of stocks at the same time, avoiding the whole position of thundering junk stocks; and it is a long-term investment, which helps you buy it every month, and it also avoids you from buying at a high position and being deeply stuck. On the other hand, the stocks are all traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, and the funds are also under custody in banks. There will be no P2P running off, and there is no doubt about the safety.

7 months ago

Operation is simple, compulsory savings In today’s society, many young people are accustomed to spending ahead of time, constantly overdrawing their credit cards, Huabei, Baitiao…After the outbreak, they found themselves “financially naked”… The ancestor said, With grain in hand, don’t panic in my heart. If you really can’t help spending money, the fixed investment fund can help you make mandatory savings. The specific operation is very simple. You only need to set the time in advance, such as deducting money on the second day of each monthly salary, and then the fund can help you withhold a certain amount of money.

7 months ago

Convenient and flexible, quick adjustment Compared with other financial management methods such as annuity insurance, another major advantage of fund fixed investment is flexibility: the minimum investment is 10 yuan per month, which is very suitable for young people who have just started working and have no money. If you need to get married to buy a house halfway through, or have other better investment methods, you can sell it at any time based on your profit and loss. But if you buy annuity insurance, you may have lost money for the first 5 years…

7 months ago

Ordinary office workers have an ad called, “Accumulate bit by bit, achieve dreams.” The fixed investment of the fund is 10 yuan per month to manage wealth and can help us save a sum of money. As long as we insist on long-term investment, buying a house, buying a car, and getting married in the future can help. Busy People’s Fund fixed investment operation is simple, no need to spend time watching the market every day. By saving this time, you can spend more energy on self-growth and better be with your family. The first law of financial management is, don’t expect to get rich by financial management, and strive to improve yourself is the kingly way.

7 months ago

Index: Quickly understand the overall rise and fall of the stock market. There are thousands of stocks in the stock market. Everyone buys different stocks. How do we know whether most people are making money today or are losing money? At this time, we will use the “index”, which is calculated from the prices of N stocks in the market. If the index rises, it can be understood that most of the stocks have risen, and vice versa. To give another example of an index: we can add up the mathematics scores of a class of children to find the average, which is the “mathematics performance index”. If the index rises, it means that the children’s math performance has improved.

7 months ago

Someone can accurately predict the bottom and top of the stock market. In order to avoid gambling the stock market, fixed investment is a way to reduce risk. The fixed investment is not difficult to understand, which means “regular, fixed, and batch” buying. For example, spend 1,000 yuan on the 10th of each month to buy the CSI 300 Index Fund. Since the fund trend is constantly fluctuating, the price on the 10th of each month is different. In the end, the fund we have on hand must be an even price. It’s like some parents who don’t ask their children to take the first place, and of course they don’t want to take the countdown. Just be in the middle of the class. Fixed investment is nothing new. In fact, each of us has participated in fixed investment. The most typical example is the social security pension insurance fund. Before paying monthly wages, the company will help us pay social insurance. After we retire, we can receive monthly pensions.

7 months ago

After understanding the basic concepts, we are about to enter the deep water zone.

Most people lose money because they don’t even know what they’re buying, so I hope you can keep watching and practice your inner power first. Otherwise, all you can do is just fist and embroider your legs, without any lethality.

The secret of making money from fixed investment funds has to start with the “smile curve”. Just say the conclusion:

If you want to make money in a fixed investment, you must first overcome the fear of human nature, buy more and more, and constantly spread low prices.

The road to firmness is tortuous, and the future is bright. When the bull market arrives, we can quickly turn losses into profits and even reap more than 10% of the annual income.

7 months ago

One-time purchase If a one-time purchase is made at the beginning of the year, the price is 1 yuan, and in May, the price is still 1 yuan. Xiao Li just took a roller coaster ride, no profit or loss. If Xiao Li can hold his breath, wait from January to April, and with extreme luck, he buys at the lowest point of 0.5 yuan. In May, the price rises to 1 yuan, the income is 100%, and he can earn 40,000. If Xiao Li saw that the people around him were earning more and more, he couldn’t help it in February. He made a full position at a price of 1.5 yuan, and then fell as soon as he bought it. In April, he was desperate to cut his position, and he would lose 67.5. %, 40,000 becomes 13,000… It can be seen that the risk of a one-time purchase is very high, it may make a profit, or it may lose money.

7 months ago

Regular investment of the fund If Xiao Li does not seek to buy the bottom and escape the top, he adopts a diversified investment method and buys a fund of 10,000 yuan every month. The first month: The fund price is 1 yuan, and you can buy 10,000 funds by investing 10,000 yuan. Month 2: The fund price is 1.5 yuan, and 10,000 yuan can buy 6,600 funds. By analogy, Xiao Li bought a total of 46,600 funds in four months. In May, the fund price rebounded to 1 yuan, and Xiao Li could get: 46,600 copies x 1 yuan per copy = 46,600 yuan compared to 40,000 yuan in principal. Xiao Li made 6,600 yuan in 5 months. That is 16.66%. Compared with the explosive profit or blood loss of a one-time investment, the fixed investment of the fund pursues to diversify the risk and obtain an even return, which is an investment method that is very suitable for ordinary people.

7 months ago

It’s good to teach you how to understand the fund information. When you come to this part, you should have learned almost the inner strength and mental method. At this time, you can start the actual combat exercise. The first step in buying a fixed investment in a fund, you must first understand the investment information of the fund, or that sentence, you must know what you are buying, or else just go directly to Macau for a walk. The following takes Alipay’s CSI 300 Index Fund as an example. It is only for demonstration and does not represent recommendation.

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