After launching itinerary recording on March 11 and starting to install the “Anxinla” smart driving recorder, on March 30, Huolala once again announced the launch of travel location protection, an upgrade of overdue order warning and safety center functions.

At the same time, Zhou Shengfu, founder and CEO of Huolala, issued an internal letter “Reflections on the Changsha Crash” to all employees of the company. The letter emphasized that Huolala will do its best to do safety work and will invest in the next two years. More than 600 million yuan was used for safety improvement.

Let’s talk about my personal feelings about this incident as an ordinary Internet surfer. The platform is wrong, but it’s not a big mistake. The fault is that there is not some service mentality training for the drivers (not to mention the attitude of the girls, the drivers can do it, this still belongs to the service industry). Look at this internal letter again, there are those that are approved but not. Recognized: Able to take responsibility as a platform and make changes. I thought about closing the moving business (I think it was a mockery of Didi’s shutdown of the ride-hailing business at the time), but I chose to spend money to improve for social responsibility. As a user who doesn’t like to move, I’ve used freight pallets three times. The first time I moved by myself. The distance was only 2km, but there were too many things. So I chose freight pallets. The driver charged a handling fee of close to 100, personally. It feels unreasonable (who called me poor?), there are not many things, and I am working very hard to move. The second time I pulled a small thing and couldn’t fit it in a taxi, so I called Huo Lala and there was nothing to say. The third time I pulled a mattress and called the smallest van, but couldn’t put it in. It was still raining and the mattress could not be placed on the ground. The master worked very hard to help us put the mattress in. I also helped to carry, confiscated the money, very enthusiastic. So I think Huolala helped me solve the problem and provided a fairly high-quality service. Drivers vary from person to person, and there is no need to attack a group for one person.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

An enthusiastic citizen Mr. Cai suggested: In the future, freight cars will only pull goods and not provide car-following services! It is mandatory for passengers who follow the car to sign an exemption agreement. It is best for passengers to drive by themselves. What is exposed behind this incident is the issue of consumer trust. When an avalanche occurs, no snowflake feels responsible! No platform or individual can guarantee that every driver is kind, and for the same reason, no one can guarantee that any passenger is normal. And this time, it just happened to be lesbian!

8 months ago

The article is well written, the camera installation is very good, and Didi has done a good job of security, it is recommended that Huolala can go to learn.
After all, there is the option of following the car, without a camera, it is difficult to tell clearly if something goes wrong.
It’s great that the safety of passengers is taken seriously, but it always feels like something has been pulled.
What is it, that driver, I don’t know if Cargo Lara is still going to pull.

8 months ago

As far as the cargo truck or the driver is concerned, the accident cannot be resolved from a technical point of view. After all, people who jump out of the car if they don’t agree with each other may not meet one in a million people. And even if you really encounter it, it won’t be solved by the platform or the driver’s hard work. Whether it is recording or video, the biggest effect is to better understand what happened and avoid all kinds of unprovoked guesses by the people who eat melons, but it cannot prevent passengers from jumping off the car. Unless the seat belt is remotely controlled by the platform, the driver and the passenger must issue an unlock request together to release the seat belt. Otherwise, a driver who drives a car with full attention can’t stop passengers with free hands and feet from taking extreme actions. At present, a more realistic solution to the extreme actions taken by passengers is probably to prohibit people from being carried. Although it may affect the interests of some people, at least this extremely rare and small probability event can be avoided. Although I personally feel that Huo Lala did not have much responsibility in this incident, but quickly compensated the girl’s family members, but turned a blind eye to the drivers who suffered unjustified disasters. For a company that talks about responsibility, I personally feel very uncomfortable. Comfortable. Rather than having time to post a long article about corporate responsibilities, feelings and the like, it is not true to help those drivers who live at the bottom, for the sake of listing, and for the realization of wealth and freedom for the top. For example, the driver who has already done things that most ordinary people can’t do in the face of flying misfortune, this driver who is still working hard on weekends and nights to earn tens of dollars an hour. Care, is he okay? How is his family? Compared with Cargo Lara, who is shouting how much money will be spent in the future, Cargo Lara, who can give the driver and his family enough help now, will make me more respectable.

8 months ago

I think Holala’s public relations for this incident has no major problems. After all, the whole thing is not very much related to the Holala platform itself. Anyone who understands a little product manager should know that the product is ultimately just a tool. Improve efficiency, but there is no way to avoid risks 100%. In fact, apart from installing a recorder and adding an alarm function to the software, the platform can do limited efforts. After all, not every passenger will jump off the car at a disagreement. In other words, if this After the passengers came up, they tried various ways to jump into the car and cause trouble. How should the platform circumvent it? Although I don’t have a good impression of various platforms most of the time, I still want to say something for Lala this time

8 months ago

Throughout the article, there is no mention of the driver who was detained and still in the detention center. I also said that I have been reflecting on it for a long time. What did you reflect on? Should provide better service? Didi has perfected various recording, recording, and alarm functions after so many cases. You can’t even copy it. Have to wait for the dead man’s case to “rethink”? Where is the driver still in the detention center? He happened during working hours. There is no evidence that he broke the law. But out of public opinion, after being released once, he was still taken into custody. Have you done anything to him as a company? Have you hired a lawyer for him? Did you help him apply for bail? Did you appease his family?

8 months ago

First, Huolala is also a kind of online car-hailing. Does Huolala know the problems and solutions that occurred in the online car-hailing industry in the past few years? When a problem arises due to the business model, the enterprise and management department that adopts this model should act immediately instead of by chance. Otherwise, sooner or later it will be his turn. Second, whether it is the cargo transportation or the traffic control department has always avoided this illegal act of pulling cargo trucks and passengers. This avoidance will definitely cause more problems in the future.

8 months ago

Favorable listing valuation.
The foreseeable operation space for the business of this job is not large, and the key to the inability to expand the business in the future.
Take this opportunity to see if we can lay down the layout of the Internet of Things.
As for safety, it is difficult to improve safety.
It can only be said that it provides the guarantee of traceability after the fact.
The fair and just judgment result of the judiciary is the fundamental to improve the degree of trust.
Otherwise, audio and video can easily become decorations.

8 months ago

First of all, admit that this letter is a more comprehensive and clever letter of reflection. Why is it comprehensive? One is to reflect on the platform and one’s own negligence without evasiveness. At the beginning of the article, he lowered his posture to express an apology and acknowledged the weakness of platform security awareness and the loopholes in the process; the second is to convey the company’s adherence to the value concept, namely “When the price might be death, we still chose integrity.” And also gave an example of the fact that most of the company’s drivers and employees are diligent and friendly, and their drivers and employees are justified. Third, we did not evade talking about the social issues behind this issue. The responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise are mapped out, indicating that it will assume the social responsibilities of the enterprise; the fourth is to explain how to solve this problem, and the improvement plan for the next two years. On the whole, it is a comprehensive and regular letter of apology, but why is it smart? There is a sentence in the article that states the crux of the problem-“Changsha car crash has become a national public opinion incident, one of the reasons is that it happened on a national platform, so the problem behind the incident was exposed and magnified, which attracted the attention of the society. “This means that this thing may happen everywhere, but it is because it happens on apps that are known all over the country that will cause a climax of public opinion. There is something in the words, but it does have some truth. This incident was not just a platform problem, it was actually caused by many factors, but when it ran into the Huolala platform, it ignited a little, and the whole country was in an uproar. To use an inappropriate analogy, a certain killer went to a well-known kitchenware store to buy a knife and killed someone. Afterwards, it was discovered that the knife was sold in this store, and everyone rushed away for a while. He scolded this shop, “It is your shop that sells this knife to kill people. It is all due to your shop. You provided the murderer with a murder weapon.” But think about it carefully, you can scold the store for not rigorously censoring the people who came to buy the knife, but you can’t blame it for the death of this store. Even if he doesn’t go to this store, there are still so many small stores in the world. When selling knives, the murderer will always buy knives. This murder will inevitably happen. It’s just that this shop is very famous, and everyone knows it will rush to scold it, and it may be sold in many unknown shops. There have been many killing knives, but they have not been detected. Just like what this reflection letter expresses: Although we can’t blame it, we can’t just scold us because our platform is big. This is a social problem, and we don’t escape. We just make good changes. Don’t scold us. Scolded, please raise your hands high. Li is such a reason. At the same time, it shows the attitude and the one, two, three or four points that should be said. It is a relatively successful public relations letter. Does it have to come to learn?

8 months ago

1. Do a good job of recording and video recording inside the carriages and cargo warehouses. 2. It is forbidden for customers to ride trucks. 3. The platform marks the gender of the driver and the customer. To protect the personal safety of female passengers, the system automatically prohibits male drivers from picking up orders from female passengers. It’s best that female drivers don’t pick up male passengers’ orders. 4. Both the customer and the driver have the right to reject each other. That is: if the registration information and the actual gender are incorrect, both the customer and the driver can choose to cancel the order.

8 months ago

We should learn from our high school. When a student jumped off the building, the balcony was welded with anti-theft nets to solve the problem of jumping off the building. Huolala welded the car windows to solve the problem of car jumping. The above is mocking the school and does not solve the fundamental problem. Seriously think about some methods, not only for goods and Lara. To prevent the driver and passengers from harassing each other, you can learn from some taxis and buses, and the driver’s seat and co-pilot are also separated! Each vehicle is equipped with a precise satellite positioning system. Inside and outside panoramic HD cameras without dead ends, plus HD recording, real-time upload, one-key alarm. The above is some hardware, fundamentally reduce this kind of thing should

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