It has been more than two years since the release of mix3. Just when the product line of mix was about to disappear from everyone’s memory, mix suddenly brought their latest flagship folding screen, mix fold. The meaning of the word mix, Lei Jun once gave a clear definition-Mi X. X, the classic sci-fi letter, Mi X, means the future and exploration. In 2016, I was still an ordinary rice noodle, with a simple love, participated in the launch of the first generation of mix. The actual situation at the time was that basically no one knew that there would be a mix. What everyone was looking forward to was another product that was estimated to have been forgotten, Xiaomi note 2. At the time when I participated in the Xiaomi note2 conference, Xiaomi was not in a very good state. The entire 2016 was a year of disaster for Xiaomi. And as a fan, I have accumulated a deep disappointment with Xiaomi at the last Xiaomi 5s and 5sp conference, because those two products are really bad. I sincerely hope that Xiaomi can find a little bit of ground on note2. Unexpectedly, such a conference was ignited by a sudden product like mix. I deeply remember that after sending note2, I got up and went to the experience room off the field. As a result, as soon as I walked to the door, the good show started. I stood by the door and watched the whole scene, and then excitedly experienced it. After playing around for a long time, I finally took a picture and passed it to Zhihu, which became my first thousand-like answer. How do you evaluate the Mi full-screen concept phone MIX released on October 25, 2016? ​ now recalls the first generation of mix, the feeling of shock has been left over for a long time. Even from the perspective of hardware design, the mix generation is still very good-looking in this era. Judging from the entire history of mix, the mix generation has laid a good exploration tone for mix. However, mix2 and mix3 are contaminated with a lot of worldly atmosphere for Xiaomi’s immature high-end dream. Especially mix3, the crooked road is really a bit far away. Xiaomi was also aware of this problem and temporarily suspended the mix product line after mix3. Only at the end of September 19, a mix alpha that has only left a shadow in the Xiaomi store so far was released. Mix alpha has clearly returned to the path of exploration to some extent. Whether it is a new surround screen design or the application of the first-generation silicon-based battery, it represents an attempt by Xiaomi for the shape of future mobile phones. Although mix alpha simply released a few glass version prototypes at the beginning of the 20th, the following was gone, but the failed attempt was also an attempt. As an exploration, mix alpha has done its job. After the verification of two generations of products, the in-folding folding screen has become a relatively clear product direction. In fact, Xiaomi started exploring this direction very early, but due to various coincidences, it is only now that the product meets with us. Mix fold is indeed another exploration of Xiaomi’s new mobile phone form and application technology. Let me talk about two imaging technologies besides the folding screen. The first is the liquid lens that satiated people’s appetite. In simple terms, this liquid lens is to allow a telephoto lens to focus at a relatively close distance, so that a lens can do both telephoto and macro, leaving the space of a lens directly. I tried it with a real machine at the scene. As a telephoto, the focusing distance is really closer than ever. Then there is the ISP of Peng Pai C1. In the previous answer, I said that it is not realistic for Peng Pai to keep hitting the mobile phone SoC. Starting from a certain functional chip of the mobile phone is the correct starting direction. Coupled with the fact that Xiaomi’s imaging research and development achievements have continued to blossom in recent years, it is a logical direction for exploration to develop its own ISP. Although these two technologies do not have the simple and crude shock of 11Ultra the night before, they are both very interesting directions for exploration. At present, the stockpiling of mobile phone camera hardware has slowly reached its limit, and it is quite forward-looking to be able to try in some new directions. Let’s go back to the folding screen. To be honest, this folding screen did not bring me too much surprise. After all, there are already two mature folding screens on the market, and Xiaomi has not made new things about folding screens. Even the front screen ratio, refresh rate and other aspects have not reached my expectations. However, all the flatness suddenly became shocking when faced with the price of 9999. Folding screens are not a cheap thing. This is already a consensus. The current price of folding screen products is generally above 15,000 yuan, and you can basically buy two high-end ordinary mobile phones. And Xiaomi once again subverted the price, hit the folding screen to less than 10,000 yuan, I have to say that it will change a lot of things. This can be reflected from sales. At present, even if this is a mobile phone with a starting price of 9,999 yuan, the first batch of appointments has been sold out very quickly. What’s more fierce is that Jingdong’s sales volume is not low, with more than 20,000 units. For folding screens, this is not a small output. Why is the output? Because the current production capacity of folding screens is not particularly sufficient, the already high price has been increased by layers under the limited supply, and the official sales are basically seconds. Therefore, whether it is the output of folding screens or the sales of 9999 yuan mobile phones, this sales figure is a bit exaggerated. Coupled with the sales of other platforms, this wave of mix fold may greatly accelerate the popularity of folding screens in China. . In general, mix fold is more pragmatic compared to the previous generation of mix alpha, mass production and sales are not low; compared to mix2 and 3, it has the original exploration spirit of mix. It can be found that after a long period of adjustment, Xiaomi has found some direction in the product line of mix. Before the release of mix2, I also imagined that mix as a representative of exploration, the future product layout should be branched, and explore the infinite possibilities of mobile phones in various forms. Although this idea was not realized at the beginning, it does have some meaning now. Therefore, as a rice noodle, I am sincerely optimistic and hope that mix will have a better development in the future, so that I can see some new things in this mobile phone market that is constantly approaching its limits. As for the actual purchase, it can only be said that the purchase is over.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

After all, the phone is not mine, even my hand is not mine, and I borrowed it and took a few pictures. If you want to see the photo conference with the bright screen on the small screen, there is it, I also posted it below. It’s not the first time I’ve written an answer in Zhihu. I’m so stunned that I didn’t understand whose feelings and interests this article touched on. The language I used in the whole article was relatively restrained, and even emotional rendering was useless. There is no qualitative description in the full text. It basically retells the press conference and gives a simple explanation. Is it just because the whole sentence at the beginning of my article stood up? Where is the so-called “blow”? If you don’t like Xiaomi’s, you can buy other brands of folding screens. If you want a balanced daily use of a mobile phone, then please don’t buy all folding screens. Compared with the other two models in the industry, the Mi mix fold is stronger in the new processor, charging, battery and speaker, but weaker in the main screen refresh rate, external screen ratio and weight size. The most important thing is the price advantage, from 9999 to 17,999, which is 80% of the price difference. Buying a Xiaomi 11U for 8,000 yuan will make you rich by 2,000. Maybe rich people think this is not money. Like me, buying a 65W GaN has been entangled for a long time. Sure enough, the joys and sorrows of people are not the same.

6 months ago

High EQ: Hi, long time no see, mix. Low EQ: I still know that you come back, you dead ghost. Let’s look at it in two parts, namely mix and fold. What is mix? The concept machine represents the highest technological level of Xiaomi, and is more of a product that shows muscles. A lot of sacrifices can be made for an extreme technology. However, the mix series has not been updated since the mix3 equipped with the Snapdragon 845, and the products after the mix2 are not too cool. I am a bit sorry for the reputation of this black technology flagship. In fact, even the first generation of the mix sacrificed a lot of things to achieve it. Yes, the camera is not good enough, the screen is not good, the battery capacity is a bit small, and the front camera is still down. Mix α may be a good product, but it is not a good product. Nothing else, it can’t be bought, and there are few units in the country. Mass production is too difficult. After this, the mix series are practical first, black technology behind, so you are unlikely to get the amazing effect of the mix, but it is definitely more like a mobile phone than it. Why do you want to fold? In the beginning, mobile phones are all candy bar, but candy bar phones will face a problem, that is, the problem of screen-to-body ratio. Everyone wants a larger display area, but it has a smaller body. The two points are contradictory in themselves. The full screen developed on this basis can achieve more efficient use of the fuselage, thereby achieving a larger viewing area, but this limit is very clear, and it is impossible to achieve no matter how advanced the technology is. 100%, so the folding screen came into being. In the case of being slightly thicker than ordinary mobile phones, it has achieved twice the display area. When you close it, it becomes an ordinary mobile phone, and when you open it, it becomes a tablet. The traditional mobile phone form is more friendly to information flow. When you have productivity needs, opening the folding screen is a more sensible choice. It is the closest foldable screen to me so far. To put it bluntly, I can still afford it. Twenty thousand yuan, to be honest, I really can’t afford it. The weight of the previous folding screen is not a problem, nor is it not good enough, mainly because of squeamishness. The folding life is not good, the battery capacity is not good, the price is too expensive, and I am not willing to use it, but it seems to be an offer. Mix fold successfully pulled the folding screen off the altar. On the other hand, it also shows that the folding screen technology is still relatively mature, and Xiaomi will not challenge it when it is not sure about it.

6 months ago

I always feel that the shortcomings of Xiaomi’s products are like “the product is very good, the price is reasonable, but it is not close to Huawei Samsung” fold is also reasonable, Xiaomi can not send folds, and wait for the internal repetition to find the mix. Fold feels like something between Samsung fold1 and fold2. If it was released last year, its appearance would be OK; but now matex2 has been released, Xiaomi really has no advantage except price.

6 months ago

Contents 1. Some sorting out about MIX FOLD 2. About the MIX product line itself 1. Some sorting out about MIX FOLD To be honest, Mr. Lei’s explanation of this MIX today is actually a bit messy. I don’t know if it is because of a bad cold, the body is too uncomfortable, or the explanation process is designed like this. All in all, the whole explanation did not sound smoothly, and the incidental effect was that the impression of the product itself was not clear. what? Folding screen as long as 9999? what? Or is 12+256 as long as 9999? I felt unsmooth, lagging, and uncomfortable at first, and I suddenly became clear and refreshed. I quickly changed the platform to review the previous live broadcast of graphics and text, and reorganized Xiaomi’s entire idea of ​​MIX FOLD. This time I won’t do a graph flow comparison. The basic parameters are available in the following graph. I mainly want to chat with you, some of Xiaomi’s thoughts reflected in this MIX FOLD, and some of my views on MIX and folding screens. The first thing I want to say is, who is the target customer for this FOLD? At the press conference, Mr. Lei talked about how cool it is to play Yuanshen on the big screen, and how exciting it is to watch movies on the big screen-but neither video nor games appeared on this official poster. The content under the category of the advantages of the big screen is really office. In other words, this time MIX FOLD really wants to hit the commercial market. So we see that MIX has spent a lot of time talking about how this large screen optimizes the office. Larger field of vision; exclusive meeting recording + simultaneous interpretation; three-finger swipe to switch the handheld PC mode; parallel window work does not affect each other; freely drag and drop across the APP and remove the limit of 9 pictures. These functions are actually constantly telling consumers: You see, our folding screen is really a handheld notebook with extremely high office efficiency. As for the others, I think it is really just icing on the cake. For example, the world’s first telephoto macro two-in-one liquid lens, such as Harman Kardon four speakers, and the HM2 100-megapixel main camera for the HM2 — these piles are just the habit of Xiaomi making mobile phones, and it is Xiaomi for this Some additions included with the office folding screen. So we are here to discuss why FOLD does not use GN2, why there is no periscope, why there is no wireless charging, why the internal screen of FOLD is not high-swipe—–I think it is really meaningless. The core of MIX FOLD lies in the office efficiency that the large screen improves. In fact, Xiaomi’s idea of ​​developing the business market has been reflected long before this FOLD. When MIUI 12.5 was released, the mind maps, global excerpts, and even MIUI+ were all paving the way for an efficient office. I already thought it was very strange at the time. Do you say that a normal person can draw a mind map with a mobile phone? Will the tangled graffiti strokes lighter or heavier on the big screen of the mobile phone? After a few months, such a foreshadowing finally ushered in its righteous master. So my opinion on MIX FOLD is very clear. If 11 Ultra is a feast for digital fans by Xiaomi, then this MIX FOLD does not target them at all. What Xiaomi hopes more is that those corporate employees who are in the office building with several devices and are constantly shifting, can have a more suitable choice. Rather than name it MIX Fold because of the appearance of the folding screen. It’s better to just click it and call it MIX Offcial. 2. Regarding the MIX product line itself, I should be an old user of MIX. In addition to the fact that the first-generation MIX is really unavailable, the latter MIX 2, MIX 2S British version, MIX2S Emerald version, MIX3 Forbidden City version, are all bought frugally. It can be said that looking at the MIX product line from shocking to mediocre, and then returning to the light, it is difficult to say anything? All in all, the product line before MIX gave me a feeling that they didn’t think clearly what they were going to do. Or in other words, the previous product managers of MIX did not seriously think about whom MIX serves? What is the difference between it and the digital version? What is a real MIX? It may be that these issues have not been clearly thought out, so the MIX product line has been delayed for nearly three years. In fact, I am quite happy about this. Rather than launching some aimless new MIXs perfunctorily, it is better to settle down and polish them honestly and figure out who I am, where I come from, and where I want to go. Then we ushered in the MIX FOLD three years later, wow, I’m so happy. As I said in the last clip, Xiaomi thinks very clearly, this time FOLD is only designed for office efficiency. Its use scenario should be in the conference room, on the desk, and on the portable where you don’t need to carry a laptop when you’re out. So it doesn’t need GN2, it doesn’t need a 2K120 high-brush large screen. It just needs to do a good job of fluency, battery life, and office software to meet the basic shooting needs. Such a MIX makes me even more happy than stacking up stocks such as lens screens and then selling a 15999 MIX. Another point worth mentioning is that this time the naming is called MIX FOLD, not the traditional MIX+ number. This is actually telling us that FOLD is a new series of MIX, and the true MIX orthodox iteration, which can be more powerful, innovative and unique than Ultra, we can still look forward to. FOLD is MIX, but MIX is much more than FOLD. The final conclusion to this MIX is that I do not recommend ordinary users to buy it. But if you are often active in offices and meetings and have high requirements for portable productivity, then it should be a good choice.

6 months ago

I am not really excited to see this device, because it is not the same as the original intention of Mix, it is not a creative product. As far as Mix Fold itself is concerned, it is very good, continuing Xiaomi’s consistent price-performance ratio and achieving some professional capabilities. On the screen, it can be said that Yigao is bold, and the folding screen is the only one who dares to announce the screen brightness. It should be pointed out that the brightness of this large-size screen will not be particularly high. The brightness of 600nit has been consistent with that of ipadpro11, which is very strong. The biggest innovation of this product is the imaging system. The first liquid lens combined with the surging C1 image processing chip can achieve a breakthrough photo experience. But there is one thing to say, why not put the liquid lens and C1 on the special edition Ultra? The other parts are also very good, including the hinge, battery, charging and heat dissipation, etc. are all top grades in the folding screen. The starting price of 9999 means that it is unlikely to become a wealth management product, but a device that can be talked about by rice fans.

6 months ago

Ancestral word evaluation: So far, Xiaomi’s only truly muscular and non-conceptual flagship is also the closest folding screen product to every consumer. In fact, this time I really didn’t think of how to evaluate it in one sentence. The positioning of the MIX Fold machine is not clear in one sentence, and when I watched the press conference, my heart was always a mystery… anyway. , Let’s take a look at the configuration information and prices first. I was really entangled when watching the press conference. This time the MIX Fold is very strong, whether it is a self-developed independent ISP chip, a telephoto + macro liquid lens, four speakers, a disc cooling, or for business people. The software-level adaptation of the large-screen scene is a full selling point. Every time “showing muscles” is inseparable from Xiaomi’s upcoming 11 years of precipitation. But in the middle of the press conference, I suddenly saw the real shots of the external screen, so I started to fight in my heart? But the moment the price was released, it was relieved. MIX Fold is definitely not the strongest folding screen, but it is indeed the cheapest and easiest to buy folding screen product.
I even think that MIX Fold may become a milestone in the gradual popularization of folding screens.

6 months ago

In fact, when the mix fold came out, I didn’t feel particularly amazing, and even wanted to say: this is it? But think about it carefully, that is, Xiaomi can make such a machine, after all, the price of 9999 is there. Xiaomi is like a catfish. Every time it makes a product and enters a field, it will always make the price of the product in this field a cost-effective mechanism, and the price butcher is well-deserved. Huawei mate x 16999 yuan Huawei mate x2 17999 yuan Samsung fold2 14999 yuan Samsung w21 19999 yuan Xiaomi mix fold 9999 yuan! This is not a price butcher. What is this? what? Do you say that Rouyu FlexPai 2 is priced at 9988 yuan cheaper than Xiaomi? Then go to see the release time and configuration of Rouyu? In my opinion, mix fold is more like a product that shows muscles. After all, Huawei Samsung oppo has products that are similar to folding screens. The Mi mix alpha more than a year ago was still dead. If this year does not come up with a decent muscle product, Xiaomi’s technical strength will have to be questioned. In fact, the product doesn’t have many features. I think a few highlights worth mentioning are the liquid lens, the surging C1 and the computer mode of miui. As for the previously rumored under-screen camera, it is not reflected in the mix fold. In fact, Xiaomi is not to blame, because the folding screen is already an existing thing, no matter how good it is, it is also a folding screen. Just like the original mix, when the mix was just released, everyone was amazed. But when the second mix or full-screen phone comes out, will everyone be as amazed as when the mix was released? In a high probability, it won’t. So, I don’t think this is a mix series phone, but like a branch of mix, why not wait for the real mix series flagship phone?

6 months ago

For the convenience of the tablet mode, let’s call it the tablet mode when it is unfolded. This is also the focus of this time. In fact, we can see that the tablet mode is the use scenario that Mix Fold focuses on this time. The design of this folding screen is more inclined to “as a tablet.” Including, it chose a 4:3 screen ratio, chose the hinge to be horizontal when unfolded, and optimized the logic of the system when used as a tablet. At present, it seems that in “being an eight-inch portable tablet”, Mix Fold is already in the lead compared to the other two folding screens at the starting point. We are very pleased to see that with the long-term absence of the Xiaomi tablet, Xiaomi has basically completed the design of the operation logic in the tablet mode when the folding screen was released for the first time, and the split-screen operation logic in the normal tablet mode has been basically completed. At the same time, Xiaomi also introduced a handheld PC mode, and the operation interface and logic became a PC-like form. When I saw this model debut, my first reaction was-Surface, a Windows tablet, is a device that focuses on productivity. Although the original god was also mentioned in the press conference, the final summary did not mention game performance, but emphasized “efficient productivity tools”. It can also be seen that Xiaomi’s focus on folding screens and future new Xiaomi tablets The definition and direction of efforts: commercialization and productivity, and are not reconciled to exist only as a large toy. Commercialization and productivity are actually a common expected positioning of several foldable screen phones on the market; this direction of Mix Fold’s efforts is indeed more appropriate, and it is also possible for Xiaomi to open a breakthrough in business phones-currently, Xiaomi The digital flagship is steadily moving towards the high-end road, but its positioning is closer to the Huawei P series and Samsung S series, and it is a blank in business positioning. Mix Fold may be able to fill this gap to a certain extent. In addition, now that the tablet model is so perfect, can the new Xiaomi tablet be far behind? As a mobile phone-tablet two-in-one device, rather than a mobile phone in a full sense, the mobile phone mode folding screen cannot fully take into account the two forms. There must be trade-offs; I have to admit that there are some sacrifices in the mobile phone form of Mix Fold. ——In fact, the main thing is the screen ratio of the remote control. If you adapt, the screen is a little longer and narrower, but it’s not a big problem. There are also some features that can be regarded as part of the “mobile phone”. For example, this time the surging is coming again-the new image signal processor, surging C1. It can bring better focusing, white balance, and exposure performance for mobile phone photography, and can provide a great boost to the imaging capabilities of future Xiaomi devices; for example, the liquid lens that has been calling for many years and has been rumored for many years, guarantees In order to continuously focus from extremely far to extremely close, it even allows a normal telephoto lens to be used as a macro; for example, it is also a high-end four-speaker configuration on an ordinary tablet. The foundation of the Mix Fold imaging system has also reached the mainstream level of this year. It is also very good by mobile phone standards and brings more future possibilities. It is a very good choice to use such a special and high-end model as the first test machine. 9! 9! 9! 9! Since its birth, folding screens have always been expensive and fragile toys. After several years of iteration, folding screens are no longer so fragile, and no longer so toys, but they are still expensive and still have a price of nearly 20,000. What about Mix Fold? Available from 9999. The price of the folding screen has finally fallen to four digits, and it has dropped to the price range of the iPhone, and it has dropped to a price that more users can consider enough instead of only a few rich people. This is a milestone event for the folding screen. Of course, the price is almost half the price of the other two folding screens. Naturally, it is impossible to have no price. Mix Fold is indeed not so extreme and not so exquisite, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. But I think that Xiaomi’s choice is correct, and the price of 9999 is indeed more important. The price of 9999 can make more rice noodles and more consumers feel the fun of technological advancement; at the same time, when Xiaomi’s high-end road is still in progress, the road has to be taken step by step. It is not appropriate to be too aggressive in terms of price and positioning. It may be counterproductive to blindly pile up a perfect model. It is true that Mix Fold does have some shortcomings, but the nearly cut price of 9999 has guaranteed its status and competitiveness; at the same time, it can also greatly enhance the status and image of Xiaomi in the minds of consumers. The future Mix Fold is a new starting point for the Mix series and a new starting point for Xiaomi’s high-end road. It marks the return of the Mix series, is the first step of Xiaomi’s flagship business, and also brings the future of Xiaomi’s mobile phones and tablets. At the same time, it is also a new chapter for folding screens and an important milestone in the popularization and promotion of folding screens. In the future, it is foreseeable that, driven by Mix Fold, more people-friendly folding screen mobile phones will come to our side. In fact, compared to the awkward folding screen, which is a two-in-one device for mobile phones and small screen tablets, after removing the high-end halo, I am more looking forward to the return of the regular Mix flagship and the dual flagship of Xiaomi Completion. And I also look forward to Xiaomi being able to explore more forms and possibilities in more fields, naturally, and also on the track of folding screens. If you consider the price, then Mix Fold is naturally the best choice for early adopters of folding screens; even if the budget is unlimited, the strongest tablet model can be an important reason for you to choose it.

6 months ago

This is the first time I have been invited to participate in Xiaomi’s press conference. I was already very honored, but I actually bought one get one free? The blood is not good (dog head), MIX Fold is actually not a cold to Xiaomi when I was in junior high school. When did I start to fan Xiaomi? It was a senior year in high school. On October 25, 2016, Xiaomi MIX was released. I still remember that my parents didn’t let me bring my mobile phone. I still looked at the graphic conference with a mobile phone borrowed by my classmates. After reading Mi Note 2, I thought it was okay; then I saw MIX, and I thought at the time: Hey, why do these concept phones again, gimmick and boring, and then the price came out, I was stunned, shocked… This thing is actually mass-produced Up? Since then, I have become a rice noodle. Everyone knows what happened afterwards. MIX 2S is considered the last generation of MIX that can be seen. MIX 3 killed the MIX series… Two and a half years later, the MIX series is finally back!

6 months ago

“I hope that every mobile phone you buy is because you like it, not because it is cheap.” In my case, Xiaomi used to take on this mission—that is, although I had the financial resources to buy Huawei, Apple, Samsung, I eventually bought Xiaomi, and it was very comfortable to use. However, before the release of this mix fold, I already knew that if I wanted to experience a folding screen, Xiaomi’s products this time could not be better than Huawei. And the folding screen is currently useless to me, and it is very unfriendly to the trouser pocket, so I bought the Xiaomi 11ultra yesterday. To be honest, if I want to buy a folding screen, the mix fold cannot be seen in my eyes. It is full of compromises, such as the thickness and weight, such as uneven inward folds, and the image system is relatively stretched. Of course, this compromise is also reflected in the price, which is almost half cheaper than Huawei matex2. It proves that Xiaomi may not have thought about it at the beginning of the project or found that it could not make a top-level folding screen flagship. However, mix fold is still successful, and this success is reflected in sales. It seems that Xiaomi’s high-end has become a reality, and the JD platform alone has achieved 22,000 sales. It seems that everyone’s wallets are very honest. I really didn’t expect to witness the explosion of Xiaomi’s 10,000 yuan machine sales so quickly. It’s just that it’s not so cool, and it’s not so pursuing the ultimate, which makes me a little bit hypocritical. Hey, I don’t buy it, so why do I talk so much. Wish mix fold is a big hit!

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