“The Truce”, “The Truce” Incident and the “One Star Movement”

A student of a foreign language school read the work “Truce” by the translator Han Ye (Haize), and commented on the sentence “Serious traces of machine translation” and scored two stars.

The translator Han Ye argued that she may not be at a good level, but she was not translated by machine, saying that machine translation was a personal attack

The net name is anito anago, who claims to be a friend of the translator Han Ye. Human flesh went to the school that criticized the student and sent an email to his tutor

The school talked to a student who gave a bad review. On March 27, the student issued an “apology statement” stating that “I have been criticized and educated. Now I delete the short review and apologize to Ms. Han Ye and the Writer Publishing House.”

Since then, due to the fermentation of the incident, many Douban readers believed that it was caused by the pressure of the publisher and translators, so they launched a one-star campaign. Douban locked the score after discovering the abnormality. That night, Anito Anago published an article entitled “Public Statement on the “Truce” Incident, claiming that everything he did was spontaneous, saying that the move was to “establish the academic image of your department” and “save “A student who has missed” has nothing to do with the translator Han Ye and the editor in charge.

The whole thing is incredible. First of all, because readers retaliate along the network line for negative reviews, the behavior and thinking of using college teachers to pressure the negative reviewers (college students) is very shocking and can be done by anyone. Secondly, the reason for reporting is beyond my expectation. The whistleblower said that “saying that a book is not well turned has surpassed the rights of the reader and involved the slander of the translator’s personality.” This sentence cannot be understood either from a literary point of view or from a book. From the perspective of attributes, readers/consumers undoubtedly have the right to make their own comments on the content of the book (naturally including the translated content). I have always felt that anyone has the right to comment on books that I have actually read. Not to mention that the reader is a student of a relevant major, and the evaluation will not be unreasonable. Even if the translation is a masterpiece, the reader is not impressed or the level is so low that it is completely incomprehensible, and because of this, it is the freedom of the reader to give a bad review. “To say that a book is not well turned over surpasses the reader’s right”, so does “to say that a book is not well written” also surpasses the reader’s right? In other words, in the eyes of the whistleblower, do readers have no right to make any negative comments on works and translations, and their duty is to read and praise? Whether at home or abroad, literary masters and translators, I don’t know if anyone has ever uttered such a rhetoric to readers and put on such an arrogant stand. Once again, the translators, friends of the translators, and translators of a small language in the circle who are said to be well-known in the whole matter acted like a “learning clan”. They hugged others and played “communication”. The banner is suppressed in reality, and there is no tolerance. Such a person, even if the translation level is indeed outstanding, is difficult to admire.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A certain post of the geese group was transported and deleted. I deliberately went to read this truce. I felt that the language was more mouth-watering than a high-math book, and it was to the extent that I would have a heart attack after I bought it. From the reader’s perspective, translation is really not good. The Spanish-speaking circle is small, and the whistleblower has repeatedly refused to mediate the contradiction, and he is cautious and high-spirited. Students may wear small shoes in the future. The translator and the whistleblower absolutely knew each other. Judging from the whistleblower’s letter, they are probably acquaintances, otherwise they would not help her out. Oppose the behavior of reporting the group, but even more opposing the manual operation of writing a report letter to pretend to be innocent. If the translation is not good, then it is not good. What is going on without letting people say? Does everyone have to hold this kind of work to respect the translator? Some people who learn Spanish say that this is the homework that will be beaten back in the translation class, and the translation is not as good as the translator. . The sentences of the translator should be refreshed. . I posted a picture of the truce translation, I can’t read it because I’m not good at it. . Let’s enjoy the wonderful articles together. Just look for a sentence “In order to ensure the efficiency of the office, I have to force myself not to think about the fact that leisure is relatively close.” This sentence is in the first line of the second paragraph. At my level, I really can’t figure out why the office has office efficiency… I don’t know what leisure is relatively close to this thing. I only know one thing, if I dare to write this kind of shit when I was writing in high school. For unreasonable sentences, my teacher has to shoot me to death. This thing is only suitable for the problem of correcting the wrong question when the language is wrong. Forget it, I don’t understand literature

6 months ago

Thanks for the invitation late at night. First, let’s use Douban’s comments to restore some of the plots. Those who know can skip this part. Reader-“The traces of machine translation are serious and have ruined Benedett’s work. It is still an old saying, don’t do porcelain work without diamonds. I hope that the publishing house will at least find translators from Spanish courses to translate these famous artists.” Translator-“Good neighbor Benedeti is a writer I like very much. Every sentence in this book has been carefully translated, and has been proofread and revised many times. I have limited abilities and know I can’t restore the original style, but I hope more people can read it. I tried my best when translating this book that I like. Please correct me if you have any shortcomings, but it’s really unfair to see the words “severe traces of machine translation”.” Reader——”Ms. Translator Hello! I bought Benedeti’s trilogy the first time, but the translation quality star disappointed me. You think it is unfair. Have you considered the reading habits of the target language readers? “For example, Suarez , It was a disaster in terms of getting the job done. “Why don’t you go to hell?” Does the Chinese grammar work for the words I picked at will? Are the traces of machine translation serious? Madam Translator. You translated with your heart. I have no doubt about that, but Whether you really have the level to interpret Benetti’s work and how much professionalism you have, maybe I am not qualified to comment, but you must know in your heart that you don’t need to “feel unfair.” At this time, the translator’s friend came forward—— “This friend, I am the editor who worked with the translator of the book. I asked her to translate an article for “World Literature”. At that time, the proofread was checked word by word and the original text was checked line by line. I was able to appreciate the translator’s professional ethics and good intentions. We have also discussed some details about the process of her translation of “Truce”. Although every translation may not satisfy everyone’s imagination of the original work, her translation is self-translating word by word. It is by no means a machine translation in terms of professional ethics.” If you are saying “traces, please take me too.” The original text is recruited, and discussion and learning will be beneficial to the growth of our translators and editors.” Reader comments-Teacher Wang Tianai, I have heard of the name for a long time. I have no intention of causing controversy, let alone malicious evaluation. Your own level is also very high, no need for me. I am naturally not discussing with you as a practitioner of Western languages, nor do I have this level. I am just expressing my disappointment as a consumer. I think the balance between the source language and the target language is completely overturned by the translator, whether Really consider the habits of the target language readers, or at least, whether the translation is not hard to read, so that native Chinese speakers feel comfortable and readable. This is what translators and editors should do. Students, I can choose to give up reading when I am disappointed with the translation and transfer to the original text, but for non-Spanish language learners, does Benedeti’s translation and introduction of Latin American literature defeat the Chinese readers? It brings them again. What kind of experience? A reader, after reading a book. Some disapproval of the translator, he wrote down what he felt at that moment, “The traces of machine translation are serious.” Then the translator saw it and made a comment. But It can be seen that they are making friendly comments. In fact, I think these are relatively reasonable discussions. The result is outrageous. Later, a friend of the translator found the reader’s school and reported the matter to the reader’s The school, and then the dean of the reader school found the readers and had a conversation with each other, which finally caused the readers to apologize publicly. In fact, what I wonder is, why should I ask for an apology? The translator has the right to understand the translator, and the reader has the reader. The right to understand. Moreover, this is not a malicious attack, it is just the opinion of the reader. If this cannot be said, then in your opinion, what else can be said? And what the student said, I think it is true Not so much. But this friend of the interpreter, the act of reporting is really “excessive”. It seems to eliminate disputes, but it is actually pushed to the top of the wave. Because disputes cannot be eliminated, there will be more after silence. Voices, and these voices will eventually lead to difficulties. From relatively friendly exchanges, to reports from translators’ friends, to “compelling” apologies, and the follow-up one-star campaign. In fact, this is a small circle of things. , But can develop to this in the end. I am confused. But what I am confused about is not communication, not the second star, nor the last star. It is the trade-off between the pros and cons between certain favors and favors, which can finally lead to the “voice of the heart”. “Helpless” behavior. This is victory or sorrow.

6 months ago

This wave, this wave is a model of “use a nuclear bomb without saying hello.” To communicate, then let’s communicate well. You made it clear and made me convinced. I would naturally apologize and delete the comments, and even rectify your name spontaneously, saying that I was wrong, I shouldn’t say that, I already understand what you mean. , We have reached an agreement, let me help you clear up some misunderstandings. As a result, we didn’t finish the three sentences, so you should send me an email to implement dimensionality reduction. After the blow was over, I became cold and confessed, your reputation was right, and then someone felt something was wrong and came out to denounce you. Someone on your side came forward and said: This matter has nothing to do with you, your friend did it spontaneously. Not only that, but also whitewashed himself as a victim. Taken together, I said no, you can’t accept it yourself to kill me, and you have to say that this is all forced, and you are the victim. It’s just like the annoying kid that I was a kid. Everyone is playing together, point out what is wrong with you, and you can change it. It’s not that you can’t continue to play together. In the end, you were okay. After being pointed out that something was wrong, you cried immediately. After crying, you went to give a small report: “Teacher, he bullied me…” After the teacher cleaned up the classmates who “troubled”, you were happy, right? Oh! As for the example cited above, there is actually one more thing to pay attention to, but it’s too late today to go to bed first, and to wake up tomorrow morning before writing.

6 months ago

The student’s behavior conforms to the normal person’s behavioral pattern and processing method. It’s correct. The only modification is to be a little more friendly in future comments. After all, some people are not good at accepting other people’s comments, even if one word contradicts his heart, she Unacceptable, there will be great mood swings. The way the translator and his friends dealt with it was inadequate and magnanimous. If it is said that the translator’s personal behavior is carried out, it is still understandable for the time being, after all, certain words defamed him in his opinion. But as the whistleblower, you are just a friend of the translator. Have you violated any personal interests? Why do you want to report people? Why didn’t the person report it himself, but used you to report it? Each online shopping platform has set certain review scores. This one is a subjective or objective evaluation of the overall sensory of services or items, and it is also a kind of urging merchants or service personnel to provide better services and improvements. Of course This also involves a certain impact on sales performance. The basis of evaluation lies in facts. If based on facts, based on the service you use or understand or receive, you can get a certain range of true meaning of your own feelings from your senses. As long as it does not exceed the facts, does not fabricate facts, and is based on facts, then there is no problem whether it is a one-star bad review or a five-star good review. As a merchant or service provider who accepts evaluations, one should adopt a cautious and tolerant attitude towards accepting and improving various evaluations of services or products. Rather than taking revenge after a certain comment appears malicious or bad. Judging from the report letter, this hat is a bit big for slandering the translator’s personality. The word “machine translation” is a subjective thought that readers get after reading by themselves. It also belongs to the intuitive expression of oneself based on the facts that have been read. This does not involve any personality slander. Because the premise of the defamation is to be stated maliciously when it violates the facts, does the student’s behavior count? From a reading perspective, this is a normal expression of suspicion for every normal person who has the ability to read. The translator and his friends may think that the term “machine translation” infringes on their personal reputation and has an unacceptable impact. In fact, this still needs to be analyzed from the perspective of translation, whether this translation will give people this kind of Intuitive feeling. The real-name system of various websites is based on the relevant regulations of the country or industry. It does not mean that anyone can use this public information freely. I personally feel that it is obtained by using the real-name system registered on the network platform instead of the information obtained by itself. Information related behaviors are infringements of personal privacy, that is, “human flesh.” Finally, the term “stumbled student” has been suspected of denigrating the personality of college students. Since the other party does this, college students can also retain the right to defend their rights.

6 months ago

In this question, where is the boundary between bad reviews and slander is not the most important issue. The most important problem is that the author directly responded to the school and dragged the school to communicate with the students. The college student said that his translation is like a machine translation. Is it slanderous? The author can go to the court to sue, which really caused serious consequences. The court will sentence the college student to apologize, which may involve criminal offences more seriously. But the author did not go to the court to sue him. It is understandable, because the court will most likely not accept it. At this time, the author felt that he had been vilified on the one hand, and on the other hand, he felt that the law could not solve his problem, so he chose to report to the school, use the school to communicate with the students, and ask him to apologize. The problem lies here. I don’t know if the author has the purpose of using his identity to pressure the school, but I personally think that this behavior is inappropriate. The school is irresistible to the students. If you pull on the school, the status of the two parties will be completely unequal. The student commented as an equal, but was demanded by unequal forces to apologize. He could only apologize. On the one hand, the apology of college students may not be sincere; on the other hand, countless college students do not like this sense of injustice, so they launched a one-star initiative on Douban to give the author’s work one star. In my opinion, the author really feels slandered, and the serious ones can be sued to the court, and the less serious ones can be clarified. Similar to the act of writing to a school, it is possible to deal with comments that are really embarrassing and helpless, but the college student may not meet this standard.

6 months ago

I always hate Douban’s people who give low or high scores without looking at their works, especially because of political disagreements and quarrels on the Internet, and then a bunch of people run to give low scores. This kind of thing is not uncommon in Douban. . However, in this matter, in the eyes of the client: I bought a book, after reading it, and criticizing the translator, I was sued by the villain, which may even affect my academic and professional career, which is a bit bad. . The reason why the group failed this time was because they had done too much and was a bit “out of the circle”. Anyone who has been using Douban knows that Douban’s book, audio, video and broadcast users, and Douban’s group users, are two groups of people who have nothing in common. This time I was posted to Douban’s various groups. The incident was not complicated. It was very clear who was good and who was bad, which naturally caused injustice among passers-by. If, as usual, just criticize dissidents + personal attacks + slander, “repost attack + comment attack”, but don’t write emails, then it should be fine. The three become tigers. Douban is a niche social networking site, with translators, authors, and editors as head users, the phenomenon of grouping will continue to exist. It’s nothing more than that most passers-by couldn’t stand it this time and were bitten back.

6 months ago

It turns out that if you hit a two-star bad review, you will become a miserable student! anito anago published an article entitled “Public Statement on the “Truce” Incident, claiming that everything he did was spontaneous, saying that the move was to “establish the academic image of your department” and “save a misstep.” “Student” has nothing to do with the translator Han Ye and the editor in charge. “Establishing the academic image of your department” and “saving a student who has missed” are so magnificent. Now that this Anito Anago has arrived at school, ask the students to apologize. Then there are netizens who come to this “anito anago” to see what kind of academic image this fairy is, and who is the last name. The boundary between negative reviews and slander is entirely based on the subjective feelings of the readers. I felt that the translation was not good, so I gave a bad review. I think it’s good, but it’s bad to say it, and it’s slander, that’s slander. You can’t press my head, you have to let me say that your translation is broken, okay? Then, this person is not happy anymore. I can find schools and put pressure on students. But you netizens cannot find me. Dare readers don’t even have the right to say that a book is not well translated. To say that you did not translate well is to slander your personality? To say that your translation is not good is to make you insane? Then dare to love it, everyone should give this book a five-star review, in order to keep the spirit of this master intact. I have no right to comment, you can translate it to us, I only have gratitude in my heart [doge]

6 months ago

As a co-worker who has been reported funny in the name of “trying to provoke Sino-US confrontation”, I still have some experience. Generally, anonymous emails + strange content are not controlled by the university. If the harassment continues, they will report to the police. Human flesh + harassment is the current focus of the attack. Enough warning and detention + abuser information will be stared by the online police po system. The previous harassment was arranged. Another example is the last time the __ group attacked Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and asked the students of that school to apologize. Zhongnan Zheng directly posted a rabble of copywriting on the official Weibo, which happened to be a way to attract students. This time, the handling of a certain university in Beijing is indeed weird and unreasonable. I personally guess that the identity of the reporter is unusual.

6 months ago

The words of this friend of Han Ye are full of high-sounding words. Asking her to apologize is to save the students who have missed their feet. For the sake of your department, the foreign language department, and the academic image of your school, can you exaggerate it? The height is high enough, the whole report is to put pressure on the school, and put pressure on the Gao classmate, just because a reader gave a bad review that is in line with the facts? It’s hard to imagine that a bad review can be suppressed in reality. I guess this Han Ye’s friend also has “strength” in the translation industry, or else a single email can attract the school’s attention and ask students to issue an apology? I hope that the relevant departments will thoroughly investigate this matter and see if there is bureaucracy behind a report email! It was magical realism. She was just a student, and she said her opinion on a book. She was the first to evaluate it by machine, but if the latecomers think it is not correct, they will not follow suit. Why do you evaluate it? Can’t accept it humbly? Is it necessary for Han Ye to post a personal attack because of this incident? Commenting is not a rigorous thing in the first place. It’s not a “literal hell” to inspire so much! The pattern is smaller!

6 months ago

Personally, I am very opposed to this so-called “one-star movement.” Blindly scoring low scores and reporting are bad practices of the same nature. So I went to the Internet and found this book to read it. I found that the translation was really nonsense, so I gave it a star and put the translator on the blacklist for lightning protection. As a translator, she is very unqualified. Machine translation: “We must successfully awaken the shame of others to ourselves” Liu Ying: “We should awaken people’s shame” Han Ye: “Strive to wake up the shame of ourselves in the hearts of others” As a literati and senior, she is very Shameless. Using his privileges of Sesame Mung Bean University to seek truth from facts, even ordinary Douban readers who have the same ability to appreciate Spanish majors, Gao Han, a student at the school, used reporting methods to force the other party to apologize publicly. It’s the first time I heard that translators will not give bad reviews. Thank you for her pioneering work and let some people in China face up to the importance of translation. I believe they will be more cautious in choosing the release version in the future. It is suggested that Ms. Han Ye change her name to: Han. Why not think that locking the Douban score can achieve the effect of covering your mouth is naive. After all, as long as your book hangs on Douban for one day, everyone will not be able to forget the incident. When exercising the right of one star, it is easy to associate memory with a certain 3 incident. I don’t need to elaborate on this consequence, right? Unless a sincere apology comes out in time to divide the line with the whistleblower. Otherwise, from the point of view of vested interests, the silent man is both the driving force behind the scenes and the accomplice. The latest developments really make the kings of green tea applaud.

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