On the 30th local time, the Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said in an interview with the “Arguments and Facts” newspaper: “We don’t allow the United States to profess to talk to Russia from the perspective of strength. This is impossible. The United States is repeating it now and again. “We talk to everyone from the perspective of strength.” Whether it is Russian President Putin or other officials, the United States or other countries are not allowed to talk to us like this.”

Peskov also said that despite the great differences between Russia and the United States, dialogue is very important for Russia and the United States. Not long ago, despite U.S. President Biden’s non-diplomatic ceremonial remarks against Putin, Putin still proposed a dialogue between Russia and the United States, but the U.S. side has not yet responded. (Headquarters reporter Wang Bin and Zhang Yuyao)

Mao Xiong did a good job copying this homework. So it’s still the same sentence. It doesn’t matter what the rabbit eagle sauce talked about in Anchorage. What’s important is the attitude expressed by the rabbit at this meeting. This attitude is for eagle sauce and others. The country looks at it. First, don’t send the eagle sauce and put it in front of me. Second, tell other countries that my rabbit will give eagle sauce a big push today. Do your countries know what rabbit I am this time? The people’s eyes are still sharp, so this time Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to the Middle East can only smile in Iran with narrowed eyes. Because everyone is not stupid. I have been bullied by your eagle sauce in Iran. I was thinking about how to live my life. But the rabbit came over and built roads for me and invested in me. I even hammered eagle sauce a few days ago. Pause, if I’m not with the rabbit, who am I with? Teddy Bear has always been at odds with Yingjiang. You scold me every day and I spit on you. It’s not surprising that you say two swear words. The main thing that is interesting this time is that Teddy Bear knew that the rabbit had eaten the eagle sauce two days ago, and today he took these words out of the eagle sauce’s face. Isn’t this pure and disgusting? Ying Jiang might have eaten flies again in his heart. Although many countries dare not say, but they must be screaming in their hearts. As for the United States, we don’t have to say, Putin gave it to the Sleeping King that day, I think it’s pretty good:


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Director Yang: “Most countries in the world do not recognize that the value of the United States is international value, what the United States says is international public opinion, and does not recognize that the rules set by a few countries are international rules. The United States is not qualified to speak to China from a condescending position, the Chinese people Don’t eat this one.” Putin: “Davarishi Peskov, have you heard me? Next time you have a chance, you will say the same. It’s too burning! I like it!” Peskov: “We don’t allow the United States to claim to be proficient. It’s impossible to talk to Russia from a different perspective. Neither Russian President Putin nor other officials allow the United States or other countries to talk to us like this.”
Putin: In addition, Iran will enter the room soon. By the way, I will write one for Iran: “The U.S. statement is full of lies and arrogance. The conspiracies, fantasies, and fabrications of the White House are reflected in the lines. For several years, the United States has used intelligence agencies and the military to There have been countless coups and regime changes in the world, terror organizations have been raised in captivity with a lot of dollars, and under the banner of peace, the seeds of hatred and turmoil have been wrapped in “democracy and freedom” wrappers and sowed. They took them away. Wealth leaves the bitter fruits of war to the local people forever. In view of the dark history of the United States, it is absolutely not qualified to judge other countries politically, legally, or morally. The Iranian people do not accept any accusations from the United States, nor do they believe in the United States. Iran will never succumb to the United States. The United States does not want to conquer Iran. The people have united and the bullets against the aggressors have been pushed into the barrel of the guard. We will defend true freedom. Americans, no matter how expensive it is. The suit cannot cover your ugly heart, and the neat appearance cannot hide your nasty thoughts. Put away your artful mouthpiece. You are not worthy of dialogue with Iran.”

6 months ago

It feels like the United States is claiming to send us a lawyer’s letter, because we said that the American chicken you are too beautiful, and then Russia also said that you are too beautiful! The call in Alaska was like a flash of lightning in the dark night, and a burst of thunder, awakened the drooling people sleeping at home. Get up! ! The gods are fighting! ! ! Everyone, look up to the sky, good fellow! A strong oriental man speaks martial ethics very much, and he worships his teacher Mingxi. Then turned around and high-five a strong man from the north, and said: It’s time for you. The strong northern man launched another attack on Teacher Bai. It is estimated that if I continue to play like this, I will be hospitalized with anger and will forcefully prevent China from surpassing the United States during my tenure. As long as I hang out fast enough, China will not be able to catch up with the United States. Who dares to mess with me! Hahahaha! China took the lead and said: You are not qualified. Russia followed: You are not qualified. Who will be next? It doesn’t matter who will be next, as long as this thing triggers a chain reaction like dominoes, a group of countries say: America, you are not qualified to talk to us like this. So what can you do in the U.S., hit it all again? Now that major powers have begun to shout, you are not qualified to the United States! At this time, if the United States can’t come up with sanctions, it will be a very happy thing for the whole world. You see, they angrily denounce the United States for nothing. Let’s sing together! What kind of cow? What kind of cow? Your lighthouse can’t give me freedom~

6 months ago

Yingjiang: “I’m speaking to you from the perspective of strength.” Rabbit: “You are not qualified.” Teddy Bear: “I don’t allow it.” At this time, a message popped up on Rabbit’s cell phone, saying, “My Iranian friend asked Let me tell you that he agrees with us.” Yingjiang took a sigh of anger, and turned around to try to pull the younger brother into a group fight. I saw the European Union whispering aside. Yingjiang called: “You also think they are too much to clean up, don’t you? Come and teach them with me!” Germany: “My and your interests are not always the same.” (Note: Merkel has repeatedly expressed her stance. The United States is not unified in its stance on China.) Eagle sauce is tolerant of discomfort: “Then what are you talking about there?” Germany: “We don’t think you can take a condescending attitude towards the EU.” Eagle sauce: “Remind, your country should The garrison protection fee has been paid.” Germany curled his lips and said, “You regard yourself as the leader of the EU?” France heard the name of the leader of the EU, and became excited: “Who, who is calling me?” American eyes. “Then what…” France hesitated, groping for Germany’s hand, and holding it tightly, “Yingjiang, you have to pay attention to your attitude.” Yingjiang was so angry that he wanted to withdraw from NATO group at the moment, and suddenly thought of himself. No longer a special surname, now the surname is bye. Then you have to adopt the method of worship. He smiled and said, “What’s wrong with my family? Let’s break China together and share the blessings.” What he thought was: “Go back and print money and kill one or two of your EU’s unlucky economies.” When the United States left angrily . France shook the sweat of his palms, “It’s risky, I almost wanted to wave the white flag.” Germany: “Let me tell you, after the rabbit attacked several times, the United States has figured out the number of roads, and it now has this strength. . Also, can you lose your broken flag and carry it all day long without being ashamed.” France: “Who is it that caused me to suffer from this problem!” The United States hasn’t walked a few steps away and Japan hurried over. “Dad, what’s unhappy about you, tell me, I’ll help you share your worries.” The United States is in a bad mood, and said with anger, “Go on. I haven’t settled the account with you about RCEP.” Japan is still facing. Looking at the back of the United States, he was faithful: “Ah, Sri Lanka, this is the breath of the king’s strength!” South Korea frowned while watching, “You are too dog, the king of dogs.” Japan To put it lightly: “Why, didn’t you have been a dog in China for so long. If you have the ability, you have also applied for the “running dog”.” Ying Jiang returned home and saw that there was an epidemic in the house again, and it was also a horrible life. , It is another shooting case, and it is also a demonstration against the epidemic policy. Is this strength? Ying Jiang felt that he was just like his own president, and his body was not good enough. He thought for a while, who should make the rabbit sick. The third brother’s brain circuit is peculiar, but he has a kind of military virtue, or let him go to the border to make a fuss. Dial the number of the third brother. Yingjiang: “You should have heard the news, China and Russia are really too arrogant.” Third brother: “Yes, in terms of the strength of which round to get them!” Yingjiang applauded, the little third’s ass is still quite upright. of. Just listen to the third brother yelling from the opposite side: “I am the number one in the world!” Yingjiang hung up the phone.

6 months ago

Very good, Zheng Zhuanggong shot away the dignity of the emperor Zhou with an arrow, and the princes of the great powers will no longer see the king of Zhou in their eyes. Similarly, China suddenly tore off the mask of the United States, and the awe of the United States by allies and enemies of the United States. Nothing exists. The human heart is a very strange thing. I said at the beginning of last year that this epidemic is a global exam, and the United States will definitely take the exam. As expected, which aspect of the epidemic has hit the Onsa gang the most? It is not economy, not military, not technology, but theocracy. Yes, it is the theocracy created by Hollywood with military technology after World War II. Wherever the Angsa gang goes, they are boiled with oil. They can’t face the Angsa gang. Think, you can’t question, and you’re done on your knees. This is what everyone knows about that year. Once you think about questioning, it’s fifty cents. The rich are also constantly cooperating, saying patriotism, and going to the Angsa Bandit Gang to give birth to a child. Well, you see, if the Ansa gang is not good, why do rich people all over the world love it? The epidemic ruthlessly smashed the theocratic power that the United States had so hard to establish, and at the same time helped China establish its institutional self-confidence. China and the United States have been very cautious in the past few years in the game, and they did not dare to tear their skin until the last moment. To everyone’s expectation, the weakness of the United States was exposed at a glance, and China no longer had any scruples. Of course, Russia would not miss such a good opportunity.

6 months ago

“If you can’t get it back on the battlefield, don’t even want to get it back from the negotiating table.” Friends, this sentence is not an expression of inferiority complex, please do not use it selectively when you are introspective. Don’t insult the value of this sentence, it is a famous sentence that has sufficient explanatory power to reality. You dare not use it on foreigners, it is you who have the problem, not it. How does the relative strength of the United States need to be converted into a bargaining chip on the negotiating table? Endure the test of blood and fire and win. Endure turbulence and loss, and win. At least win the trade war, right? When the biggest trade war in human history is over, will the deficit increase? This tm is to encourage us to humiliate you at the negotiating table. It also indirectly encourages Russia. Either win the opponent on the battlefield, or economically make the opponent have to bow their heads. If you can’t do it, the negotiating table must be equal. There is no way. People in the whole country did not bow their heads to you, but the negotiators bowed their heads to you? How will he go back on business? Negotiations based on power status are unequal negotiations. Not only do they need to pay a very high price to “exchange”, let alone speak out clearly. It can even be said that even if you really beat your opponent and humiliate the opponent at the negotiating table. Nor can it be said that “starting from the strength and status”, this is called realizing the population. When Brinken and Hillary talked about this publicly on March 2, the Chinese representative remembered this news and included it in the preparations for the negotiation. It’s because the US side’s behavior is too rude, and it is worthy of this “old account”. Judging from the bad attitude of the US at the time, people would not find it strange even if it was said at the negotiating table. Moreover, the small actions were not played well at the time, and Yang Guowei’s words tore through the information cocoon room and media blockade. Basically all the American media didn’t cut Yang’s sentence that day, but the whole world still knew it. So this is a dumb loss that deserves it. Who would notice that the United States actually admitted some of its human rights mistakes at that time? At that time, one was to implicitly push it to Trump, and the other was to retreat and use Tai Chi to attack our human rights and create a big news that the United States also apologized. Who cares? The premeditated “negotiations start from strength” and the impolite behavior in the negotiation were exposed in public when they were called back to the reporter. This set of combo punches down. The U.S. retreat is directly seen as weakness. When your eyes are full of this person bullying other classmates, can he accept the wrong image? Russia obviously prefers this sentence. They like to be tough, but in the face of the national power gap, they can’t say why they should be tough. At least there is no good reason to break through the information blockade and spread it out. Now there is not only a good reason. It can also eliminate some side effects of toughness: that is, the negative influence of the powerful. The United States likes the image of the weak to play with public opinion. All the strategic competitors of the United States are tied together less than their military expenditure. But in public opinion, they wanted to shape the appearance of being beaten in order to win sympathy. Although not too many people buy it, when Fat Tiger bullies Nobita, even if one person comes out to play 50 boards, it will be profitable. While being tough, it can also tell the world who is bullying other countries. These denials of “starting from power status” can be regarded as classic cases in diplomatic history. And for this classic, I would like to thank Blincoln and other American dignitaries for their usual arrogance. Most people really don’t have this blue face.

6 months ago

Biden: “We talk to everyone from the perspective of power.” Putin: “The United States is not allowed to claim to talk to Russia from the perspective of power.” Biden: “Russia is not allowed to surpass the United States during my tenure.” Putin: “We don’t To challenge anyone, we just want to be a better Russia. “Biden: “Beauty…Beauty…US…”Putin: “The United States is not qualified to talk to Russia in a condescending manner!” This should have been done a long time ago. As an old double-standard country, the United States closes one eye internally, and usually stands on the commanding heights of morality externally. Look at it, the more the United States slanders our facts, the more people around the world will see the ugly face of the United States, thus attracting more allies to us and accelerating China’s development. Minister Wang Yi made great progress in his visit to the Middle East a few days ago and signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with Iran. At this time, some foreign Iranian anti-government figures came forward to criticize Iran’s decision and advocated that Iran should also develop relations with the West to balance its relations with China. After reading this passage, what is your reaction? Anyway, I laughed for a long time. I really want to meet them face-to-face. Have you lifted the sanctions imposed by the Western United States on Iran? Then I watched the voices of Iranian netizens on social media, which made me even more unconscious: “The whole world is scrambling to develop relations with China, so why can’t Iran?” “It is clear that the West sanctions us, so why are we not far away? Develop relations with the West” “Didn’t you always advocate for Iran to establish contact with the world? Isn’t China a part of the world?” In fact, the world relationship is already obvious now. The United States tries its best to form cliques and provoke relations between some countries that have good relations with our country to delay our development. But they missed the most crucial point: the world is still that world, but China is no longer the China it used to be. Gone are the days when Western powers could open our country with a few cannons. I hope that more and more countries will dare to come out and look directly at the United States.

6 months ago

The U.S. foreign policy can only continue to be strong for the reason… In short, which American politician dared to make concessions is a serious blow to his political image personally. This leaves much less room for maneuver in US foreign policy. As for other countries, since your United States intends to be strong to the end, then I will lick you a ghost… So the world still needs bobo. Without his dry spin, the world is extremely rigid.

6 months ago

Rabbit raises his hand: Report to the teacher. I copy my homework at the same table. I feel very familiar with this sentence. Isn’t this the same formula the previous two days? China: “The vast majority of countries in the world do not recognize that the value of the United States is international value, what the United States says is international public opinion, and the rules set by a few countries are international rules. The United States is not qualified to speak condescendingly with China, and the Chinese do not. Take this set. When dealing with China, you must do it on the basis of mutual respect.” Good fellow, the flavor of this condiment is not the original flavor, but 90% of the flavor is there. Now the diplomatic negotiations are a bit interesting. I don’t talk about diplomatic slurs anymore. I just slapped my face with guns and sticks. Unlike the previous analysis, I guessed whether the talks were broken or settled. Now it’s so kind. If you don’t agree with me, don’t pretend to be here. Who is afraid of who. Looking forward to more versions of the diplomatic system of the United States, the most “beautiful” diplomatic rhetoric in 2021. > The most important thing to pay attention to is to pay attention to words, to speak, to be polite, to be polite, and to be polite. This is to show our great power. U.S. imperialism is a paper brain axe! Punish him!

6 months ago

China-Russia friendship is not a product of interests, but a product of history. Historically, Russia was actually unwilling to expand in the direction of East Asia. The rulers of this country knew that the West was the main enemy. So like Alexander Nevsky, Dmitmi Ivanovich, Ivan IV, Peter I, Elizabeth II, Alexander I, Nicholas II, etc., the main enemy they face is always West, not East. Like Yuan TF’s third-rate historians, they only know one word: Mongolian yoke. But I don’t know another historical term called: Mongolian peace. In fact, in the fight against the Lithuanians and the Baltic Germans, the Mongols were allies of Russia. Because, as a pagan Orthodox Church in the eyes of the Catholic Church, it has never been accepted by Western Europe under the control of the Holy See, and it has been today. If you think of the massacre of the Crusaders in Constantinople in 1183, it is not difficult to imagine that if NATO breaks through Moscow today, then Moscow will experience a Latin massacre. Therefore, Stalin tried his best to form an alliance with China. This is in line with Russia’s strategic inertia and its greatest strategic interests. Don’t underestimate the contradiction between Russia and the West. Especially to look at the Russian website today, it is the wish of almost all Russians to take back Alaska. At the end of my last answer, I said that only by becoming the vanguard of this big game can Russia reflect our strategic height. Anti-Western is a general trend in Russia, and this trend will expand as a new generation of Russians under the exaggeration of neo-Slavism grows up. In the next 20 years, everyone will see a more confident Russian nation. Similarly, our major interests are not in the west, and the east coast is our strategic focus. The strategic locations and strategic centers of Beijing and Moscow span half of the world, and there is almost no possibility of a direct conflict of interest! Harmony and friendship with Russia is in our greatest strategic interest! Therefore, please “historical experts” no longer need to give me science popularization, such as Jiangdong Eighteen Tuns, Wulianghai, and Outer Mongolia. The Oleg Normanrov family who did those things has been killed by the Soviets, and the Soviets have been torn apart by the West. Don’t continue the hatred indefinitely now! Russia will be our natural ally for the next few decades or even hundreds of years. Don’t be separated by the West! Must pay attention to this year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, the venue must be selected in Central Asia. And the topic will be very hot. Especially the Russian, I have observed that he can’t hold back his hands now.

6 months ago

Since the nameless repulsed the Western swordsman, Ichiro and other masters came to visit. Western swordsmen have trouble sleeping and eating, and kicking the disciple can hardly flatten the frustration in his chest. On the cliff of Huashan Qianren, Wuming smiled and said: “Brother Ichiro, don’t worry too much. If he dares to violate your mountain gate again, he will definitely come to help.” Ichiro’s hanging heart was put down, Shili withdrew. As a result, Wuming’s reputation for superb strength and kindness spread all over the world, making the Western swordsman staggered and almost falling off the steps, becoming a momentary joke. On the other side, a team of men, horses and soldiers, strong, fierce and evil, dressed in bearskins, are the evil Luosians of the wilderness! Holding a full-moon scimitar, they hurried to the destination and pointed at the mountain gate of the Western swordsman: Peanut Pier!

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