On March 30th, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi Auto is the last major entrepreneurial project in his life, and he is willing to bet on all his life’s reputation and personally lead the team to fight for Xiaomi Auto.

At the end of the conference, I felt Mr. Lei’s voice choked up and left the scene in a hurry, feeling like crying. Many people have said that you may hate Xiaomi, but few people hate Lei Jun. As a “pseudo rice noodle” who has known Xiaomi and Lei Jun since Xiaomi 2s, it is really a “cost-effective fan”. I have never been loyal to Xiaomi phones, but I have become a fan of Mr. Lei from the press conferences. It was a young man with a simple smile forever, but he was friendly but never lacking passion. But such a well-loved man in science and engineering put Jinshan on the market, and became an angel investor behind countless companies. Now he has finally led Xiaomi’s mobile phone to the third place in the world. Such a diligent, conscientious, unforgettable, talented, and honorable “boy” is still no match for time. Today is a new sailing in his life, and also the last time. This male god in the hearts of many straight men is 52 years old. In his life, he has never really failed and fallen, but the more frustrated he has become. He is a true warrior and a true hero. I will always support Mr. Lei, because you have lived out the most beautiful life of a man in my heart, always young and always full of tears.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

After all, people in their 50s are going to unfamiliar fields, and a startup company will become the CEO. Do it all over again from scratch. It’s very tiring. The most important thing is to let go of your ranks and honors. It’s difficult. The CEOs of the Fortune 500 are among the top in the Fortune List. Talent. These technical talents will not follow you just because you are rich, but because they are completely unfamiliar with the field. Although the entrepreneurial environment is much stronger than that of Xiaomi mobile phones, the difficulty is to put down your body and start a business again. You have seen a few Fortune 500 CEOs who have become CEOs of new businesses. They are all appointed by the president. It can only be said that Lei Jun is determined and is also a pioneer for the entire Xiaomi Group.

6 months ago

Both houses and cars are very large projects. They are glamorous on the outside and troublesome inside. Once you enter, it is like getting stuck in a continuously running wheel and it is difficult to stop. The funds that need to be used are very large, and the investment must be continuous, but it is very slow to achieve results. If a person has hundreds of thousands of deposits, he may buy tens of thousands of cars; if he has hundreds of thousands of deposits, he may buy hundreds of thousands of cars; only with a few million turnovers can he buy hundreds of thousands of cars. In other words, no matter what level of your capital is, buying a car requires a huge expenditure for you, and you need to make a “difficult decision.” The difference between a car and a house is that a house loan has basically become the consensus of the market, especially among young people. The car loan is not accepted by consumers, and most people do not buy a car or take a loan to buy a car. Buying a house is a business bank that shares part of the risk, but buying a car is a transaction between car companies and consumers. In other words, the people who shouted “Lei Jun builds a car and I buy it” today are really waiting for the car to be built. They don’t necessarily buy it. They must combine their financial strength. After the new generation of young people grow up, buying a house is still the first place. In the current development situation of the country, young people’s money is basically in the mortgage, and almost all people who can afford to buy a car have bought a car. Lei Jun and his team are well aware of the inventory backlog in the automotive industry. What we are doing is new technology and new market. The technology has matured. If we don’t take the opportunity to promote it, the market will be occupied. Lei Jun has been building a car for nearly ten years. During this period, he has been helping various car companies with funds, experience, technology and even channels. He is also watching the progress and investment of similar technology companies. He has also been enthusiastic about the market. Not optimistic. A good investor is looking at the right time to invest. Everyone wants to invest in an Alibaba and a Xiaomi at the beginning, but so far, there is no hope. Now the entire automobile market is very difficult to destock. It can only replace the old with the overwhelming strength. Of course, this will not be something that Lei Jun or Xiaomi can do. So we see that Jack Ma, Robin Li, Ali, and Baidu have also entered the smart car market. The problem is that the car market is not hot, and it will not be hot. Lei Jun and Xiaomi have joined together, and they have the task of popularizing and popularizing smart cars. When the market accepts smart cars, other smart cars of the same brand are also easy to sell, and it is easy to give the masses a feeling that the car has been updated. In the matter of charging and trapping, when the future is unknown, no one will be full of confidence, and it is inevitable to hesitate. The theory is difficult to understand. Let me give you a simple example: Excellence was called China Amazon, but it didn’t work in the end. At that time, the e-commerce market was immature. Excellence was the first to rush out and was destined to become a paving stone. Many of the losers in the front have made several large e-commerce and Internet companies in the back. The timing is wrong, is it purely paving the way for others? The current situation of the entire auto market is not good. From capital funds to actual operation, timing of entry, and choice of partners, there are numerous obstacles.

6 months ago

Why don’t you go after your dreams if you have 108 billion? If you want to dream, dream of a big one, building the most complex car in the civilian field. From the perspective of interests, automobiles are the best new growth point. The mobile Internet has been developing for more than ten years, and the performance and design of mobile phones are converging. Cars have just begun to touch the Internet, quality and battery supply have just stabilized, and technologies such as autonomous driving are still developing, and there is still huge room for imagination. Especially after the advent of autonomous driving, Xiaomi’s own software and hardware ecology can bring it a lot of competitive advantages. Just imagine how different the car space will be from your living room after autonomous driving? In the civilian field, there is no product with the highest average unit price, the most complex structure, and the largest supply chain than automobiles. Only in this way will there be a relatively high threshold and be worthy of the dream of Rebs who has been in the Republican float. After all, the sense of accomplishment brought about by delayed gratification is always positively related to the difficulty of the thing you do. Life is too short, why not dream again. 1080 billion, sprinkle water~

6 months ago

This is not only the last major entrepreneurial project in Lei Jun’s life. It is also an entrepreneurial project that will have a significant impact on the entire automotive industry. The circle of friends was boiling last night. The last time so many people from different fields rushed to send news about an event in the circle of friends, it was still a national event. Because I was busy, I didn’t go to see Lei Jun’s speech. But it is expected that Xiaomi wants to build a car. In 2017, when I discussed cooperation with Xiaomi with a certain car company. Xiaomi executives said that Mr. Lei is determined not to build a car, and we have reservations. At that time Lei Jun didn’t figure it out. Four years later, he finally figured it out. Of course, this understanding also has major environmental factors. The life or death of the first wave of new forces attacking the automotive industry with the theme of electric in 2017 is still unclear. Intelligent driving and the Internet of Vehicles are just concepts. But this year is different. All levels of autonomous driving have been deconstructed. Intelligence and the Internet of Vehicles are almost essential technologies, as well as functions that new cars must carry. Conditions are much better than in 2017. Xiaomi, and the new wave of power in 2020, are actually the second wave of new car-making power that is different from LeEco since 2015 and in the future. The entry point of the previous wave was electric, and this wave was smart. Under the impact of electric power and then intelligence, the traditional high barriers of the automotive industry have been impacted seven or eighty-eight. This wave of new entrants is actually easier than the previous wave. Let’s guess that Xiaomi’s strategy is different from Baidu’s direct self-driving. The core of Xiaomi’s first step should be to focus on cockpit intelligence while assisting intelligent driving. Then open up the ecology of car-end intelligence, smart home and wearables, mobile phones and other smart devices. This piece of traditional car companies is also doing it, but the pain points are obvious. Because of computing power, software and system design capabilities are insufficient. At present, the smart cockpit products produced by traditional car companies are uncomfortable to use. The screen freezes, the system freezes, and the map freezes. Various functions do not respond in time. A large number of functions are not used at all. The access application ecology is not suitable for car end use. Habits, pay attention to the driver’s experience, rarely pay attention to the rider’s experience, etc. The current car factory is actually piling up functions in the smart cockpit. Consumers’ perception is very weak. They only know that they need smart cars, but they basically have no feelings about the current installed functions and don’t know what they want. Therefore, car companies It is also difficult to improve the traditional car company of intelligence. But Xiaomi has strong points. Cut from this angle and build the cockpit intelligence to a level of intelligence that is truly comfortable and easy to use. First make the multi-dimensional interface between the car and the human interaction (different from the simple visual interface of the screen, the cockpit interaction is multi-dimensional) to the extreme, and then build the centrally controlled electronic and electrical architecture in the background. You can still take a look at the interface with one hand for ten years and the main control platform with the other. Of course, at the ecological level, all kinds of interconnections are Xiaomi’s housekeeping skills, so I won’t go into details here. However, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the rapid evolution of the intelligentization of cars, the development of smart homes in the past two years has also been rapid. To make ecological connections, at this time, the opportunity for Xiaomi to enter the game is very good. But it is not without obstacles. Simply put, two and one product design. The core user group of Xiaomi’s product design aesthetics is a minimalist, hard-feeling scientific and technological male hobby type. Small electronic products science and technology men can buy and buy at will according to their own aesthetics, but large-scale household products science and technology men often cannot be the masters, and they are all in charge of the family’s daughter-in-law. Two days ago, China Merchants Bank or overseas bank conducted a survey, saying that China is the only country in the world where women have more deposits than men. The financial power of the family is in the hands of the daughter-in-law. So when it comes to family decision-making products, Xiaomi’s past product design ideas may be wrong. I strongly suspect that Xiaomi’s failure to make air conditioners three times has nothing to do with this. The car is precisely a family decision-making product. Even if you don’t have a family, you still want to drive a girl. The design style that is quiet, restrained, clean, beautiful and square, but also revealing a bit of coldness, is difficult to play this role. But Xiaomi found a good partner. Great Wall Euler is a pioneer in opening up the female market in China. Forcibly opened a market segment where women could directly express their opinions. Even for off-road tank products, Great Wall has made various pro-female designs to further expand the market. In the collision with the Great Wall, Mr. Lei should be able to make a balance in this regard. The second is the engineering realization of the final automotive product. Unlike small electronic products, the automotive market is currently far from having such a mature foundry supply chain. The entire process from procurement to production to quality control is long, complex and demanding, and almost every new car company must make detours. This still has to rely on the Great Wall. Needless to say, the manufacturing supply chain should be a joint construction of a new factory and the qualification of Great Wall to produce. Then Great Wall has strong strength in intelligent driving fields other than cockpit and ecology, intelligent chassis and various actuators, which can fill the shortcomings of Xiaomi in the short term. But in the medium and long term, Xiaomi still has to do it on its own. And there is another point in the medium and long term. The addition of Xiaomi and others will gradually modify the automotive supply chain according to the logic of the mobile phone, making it more efficient and controllable. And, like mobile phones, it is developing in the direction of making OEMs around several big leaders. This has a great impact on the industry, and it should not only be the power of the Xiaomi family. The subsequent addition of Apple and others will form a synergy. This is my guess as the third possible future impact on the automotive industry-supply chain reengineering. By that time, many weak traditional car companies should soon be unable to carry them. Of course they still look silly now. So these are two hurdles that Xiaomi needs to step over to build a car, but it’s actually not easy. The partner, Great Wall, is a ruthless character. The strength is very strong, the ambition for the Chinese auto market is also great, and it will not easily cultivate a competitor. Xiaomi should make relevant preparations from the beginning of cooperation. In short, the automotive industry has once opened the door to a new era. The new era is full of hope, but there will inevitably be obstacles in the process. But don’t we live to solve problems and create new and better things.

6 months ago

Isn’t it difficult to understand? I have always believed that Lei Jun is a top investor and a top entrepreneur (Ren Zhengfei and Yu Chengdong are top entrepreneurs). It took 10 years for Xiaomi to fight for life and death. It pioneered the business model of selling mobile phones online, and created MIUI, a ROM that guides other mobile phone manufacturers on how to combine software and hardware. I have been crippled by mobile phone manufacturers such as LeTV, Gionee, Coolpad, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu, etc., but they have not been able to catch up with Samsung and Apple, and they have been far behind by Huawei, and they have been slightly overtaken by OV. Earned a market value of more than 540 billion yuan, but if you look at the K-line chart carefully, half of this market value is due to Huawei’s sanctions at the end of 2019 and the gradual implementation of various items. Before that, the stock price has been hovering around 8-10 yuan. If Huawei can carry out consumer business as usual today, it is not surprising that Xiaomi’s market value will be cut in half. Weilai, following Tesla’s bragging rights, only sold 43,700 vehicles in one year, which is less than half of Tesla’s, with a market value of 360 billion. Evergrande Motors, following Weilai’s bragging, let alone selling cars, even a show car officially sold, with a market value of 450 billion. From the perspective of the development of an enterprise, Xiaomi is undoubtedly a very successful case. It has been a Fortune 500 company in 10 years, and it is a completely open and free competition industry such as smartphones. There is no administrative permission threshold to rely on. . But from the perspective of investment appreciation, this market value does not match the status of Lei Jun’s top investor.

6 months ago

There is no way that Boss Lei’s personal charm is too strong, so he uses his own plain story to impress you. Others say that he is glamorous. He only talks about his own setbacks in life and the way to survive, and he uses empathy to make you feel him. The powerful inner strength, which is completely opposite to Luo Yonghao’s characterization, but both have a strong personal charm. In reality, not to mention 50-year-old people, even 20-year-old young people are now labeled as Buddhism. They are subjectively weak and lazy, and lack the courage to fight for their dreams. It’s true that most people don’t worry about food and clothes, what toss about. We ordinary people are ordinary people, what is in the bones of lazy people. To be honest, this is also true. But Boss Lei is crazy about a teenager, and he still wants to start a business at this age. He still leads the team to engage in the most risky automobile industry. In the eyes of many people, he is typically full of food. Many people feel that it is not good to invest tens of billions of dollars everywhere? If it is ordinary people who deposit in the bank, they will not be able to spend all kinds of investment products. I have to admire the courage and self-discipline of Lei’s boss. Building a car should have been planned for a long time. But when the official announcement is required, how much pressure will be faced, the new environment, the new opponent, and the new pressure. Maybe it won’t take long for Huawei to cross-cut, and then Xiaomi and Huawei will have to fight again in the car. Maybe you think that people like him should have nothing to fear, after all, he is such a top boss, and the quality in this snack is necessary. In fact, when you take your hard-earned 10 billion to play in the most risky industry, everyone knows that if this gadget is unsuccessful, it will become benevolent. Maybe Xiaomi’s business will also be affected. Boss Lei is not a manager. In terms of money, it is Boss Lei’s own money, and his personal reputation is not good. Maybe Cheng Lao Lai, like Lao Luo, has to face huge debts. At the press conference, he did say that he was afraid, and I think it should be. At least there is a high probability that the money will be lost, but he still decided to make a new energy electric car. Boss Lei is different. He needs to be famous for what he does. So he talked about his Jinshan entrepreneurship, the failure of Joyo. After Xiaomi’s 2016 sales in Waterloo, it took 5 years to make a comeback in the army, and finally talked about the last. One ultimate task is to build a car. (Huawei has helped a lot, otherwise it’s not so fast.) As for why cars are built, I think Xiaomi’s smart hardware ecology lacks the important puzzle of electric vehicles. With it, the Xiaomi AIOT ecological landscape will be full of imagination. Smart cars may Just like a decade ago, smart phones will greatly change our way of life. Boss Lei’s life is the kind of life that can be written with a lot of lyrics. In the end, the big boss is the new energy automobile industry.

6 months ago

I believe that Mr. Lei’s car is real, just as I believe that Evergrande’s car is fake. To be honest, I have no feelings for Xiaomi before. I bought a 2s and threw it aside after a few months. The price-performance ratio is really outstanding, but there is no special feature. It feels like Mr. Lei himself. At first glance, this person is unremarkable. He is not as domineering as Jack Ma, nor does Liu Chuanzhi have his elder brother Fan, but he is such an ordinary person. He became president at the age of 29 and became an angel investor at the age of 38. He founded Xiaomi at the age of 41, and now he has started building cars again. Admire, as an ordinary person, I really admire him, but what I admire is not his achievements, but his courage, being able to jump out of the comfort zone by himself, dare to start from scratch in a completely unfamiliar field, and make an impact. He is a ruthless person. . Why I believe that Mr. Lei’s building a car really originated from this. You should remember an interview with CCTV last year. Rebs’s stalker came from there. Compared with Jack Ma, who regrets founding Alibaba, Mr. Lei’s explanation It’s more real, and what he did confirms that Lei always really wants to do something great, and Jack Ma personally thinks that he regrets starting Alibaba just to pretend to be x. To see a person depends on what he does, not what he says. I hope everyone can support Xiaomi. I see what kind of PPT car, OEM car, etc. are used in live broadcast. After all, there are not many capitalists who have dreams and dare to fight for in society nowadays. .

6 months ago

Lei Jun Respect! Hearing this sentence, Lei Jun said that in 2016, the mobile phone swearing ceremony was held to supplement the supply chain and leave work after 12 o’clock every day. He is probably afraid that Xiaomi’s mismanagement will repeat the same mistakes that Joyo was sold. Lei Jun and Xiaomi are actually a bit miserable. Consumers who don’t use Huawei and Apple’s mobile phones will think it’s their own reason, bad luck or wrong operation; if they don’t use Xiaomi, they can be judged as rubbish. Huawei was sanctioned by the United States, causing patriotism; Xiaomi was recognized by the United States as having a military background and terminated its investment in Xiaomi, but most of the time it became an after-dinner talk. Xiaomi and Lei Jun’s efforts are sincere. They don’t need to spend money to find a camera manufacturer’s joint name (that’s not just a filter thing); it’s not too much to invest in advertising endorsements with the remaining major manufacturers, so try to be down-to-earth. Do your best, strive to persist in innovation and seek breakthroughs. It’s a pity that Xiaomi’s innovations are mostly at the software level and some utility models, and the technical barriers are not high. But alot, isp chips, and the innovation of our lifestyle, we can’t turn a blind eye to it. I like people who work hard. Compared with Lei Jun, we are not tired enough and not working hard enough. I admit that Huawei is very good, and I hope that the domestic products are good. The above comparison does not mean to belittle Huawei, but the treatment of Huawei in China must be the envy of Xiaomi’s real name. It takes at least three years for a car from project approval to delivery. It is assumed that three generations are needed for a mature model. The generation is changed every three years, and there is really not much time left for Lei Jun who is over fifty years old. In fact, I understand that there is a more important external reason for Lei Jun’s car building, which is the US sanctions. American investors can no longer invest in Xiaomi. Companies that already hold shares in Xiaomi must be sold before November 11, 2021. Qualcomm should have shares in Xiaomi. The lessons learned by Huawei are half, and the sanctions are bound to have an impact on Xiaomi’s stock price and operations. Boss Lei was bullied, and there is nowhere to say. I didn’t want to build a car that much, so I’m thinking about building a car! You all come to vote for me! Someone just happened to be withdrawing from the U.S. side! To ensure the relative stability of stock prices and liquidity? (I’m not professional)

6 months ago

Lei Jun, a very typical man in science and engineering, is also an entrepreneur that I admire very much. He became famous when he was young, and the first batch of surfers in the Internet industry were also tech-savvy talents. He is not like many entrepreneurs and businessmen who boast, he seems not satisfied with his past and present. He said that Xiaomi Auto is the last major entrepreneurial project in his life, and he is willing to bet on all the reputation of his life, personally lead the team, and fight for Xiaomi Auto. I believe in the weight and power of this sentence. I believe he can succeed, and I also look forward to and bless Xiaomi Auto to succeed.

6 months ago

There are two key core technologies for trams, one is battery, and the other is autonomous driving. Batteries are basic science investments, and autonomous driving is the most advanced technology investment. Xiaomi has 100 billion in cash, which is already strong enough and much stronger than Musk’s previous entrepreneurial foundation. Mr. Lei is also rich enough, smart enough, and diligent enough. I hope Mr. Lei will show more feelings and ideals in this venture, and do it to the end. Not only Rebs, but also Resker. Mr. Lei, you are my idol, come on and fuck him! ! !

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