On March 28, local time, the White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that President Biden decided to divide the 3 trillion economic recovery plan into two bills, which will be released on Wednesday (March 31, local time). Japan) delivered a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, detailing the first bill focusing on US infrastructure reform. It is reported that the first bill will focus on solving infrastructure reform issues such as the reconstruction of roads and bridges in the United States and the expansion of network broadband in rural areas. The second bill to be announced in April will involve issues such as childcare measures and medical care subsidies.

Three trillion is not much, and it can even be said that it is definitely not enough, and the United States has long had no such infrastructure capabilities. Most of the existing construction companies in the United States are in fact architectural design. There are not many companies that actually engage in construction projects. Coupled with the scarcity of construction site personnel, this has resulted in the United States not having complete supporting capabilities. And these three trillion dollars, you sound a lot, but I just told you about two projects, you know how much money you can’t help but spend. New York has built some subways before, most of which cost more than US$1 billion per kilometer, while in China, the most costly Beijing subway is only 1.2 billion yuan, most of which are in the hundreds of millions of yuan, the difference is about 10 times. Moreover, Chuanbao has already done this way of infrastructural revitalization. In 2018, Chuanbao plans to implement the 1.5 trillion yuan infrastructure renovation plan, and then reviewed and evaluated it. It was found that the investment of the money was impossible to be effective at all. The cost was high and the profit was low. There is no need to engage in approval. By the way, the funding approval process in the United States is different from ours. We do what we say. After the U.S. funding is approved, find the engineering team to build, and then exceed the budget, and then approve it. The process is at least 10 years, no exaggeration, really 10 years! Let’s talk about Chuanbao’s funding for repairing the wall. It took two years to build the wall before the wall was broken. The highest price was hundreds of millions of dollars for 10 kilometers. Is this wall made of gold bricks? With the current infrastructure costs and capabilities of the United States, it is basically unrealistic to expect this to rejuvenate the economy. In the current situation in the United States, let my grandma push a wheelchair to build a wall at the entrance of the village, and the efficiency is faster than them.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

To build a high-speed rail in China may cost 100 million yuan per kilometer: Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed rail, mileage: 249km, total investment: 23.75 billion, cost per kilometer: 95 million; Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, mileage: 1068.8km, total investment: 116.6 billion, Cost per kilometer: 109 million; Zhengxi high-speed railway, mileage: 458km, total investment: 50.1 billion, cost per kilometer: 109 million; Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed railway, mileage: 144.7km, total investment: 16.63 billion, cost per kilometer: 115 million ; Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail, mileage: 115.2km, total investment: 13.324 billion, cost per kilometer: 116 million; Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail, mileage: 300.3km, total investment: 39.45 billion, cost per kilometer: 131 million; Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, mileage : 1318km, total investment: 220.9 billion, cost per kilometer: 168 million to build high-speed rail in the United States, take a California high-speed rail news in 2020 as an example: the California High-speed Rail Board announced on Wednesday (February 12) that due to inflation, San Francisco will arrive The completion of the Los Angeles high-speed rail project requires an additional budget of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, and the total cost will be as high as 80.3 billion U.S. dollars. The California Bullet Car Project had an early estimated cost of $43 billion, and it has soared since then. The estimated cost of the project increased to US$64 billion in 2016, to US$77 billion in 2018, and another US$2 billion last year. The designed mileage of California high-speed rail is 119 miles, which is about 192 kilometers. Let’s count it as 200 kilometers, and the cost per kilometer is 400 million US dollars. If all the US$3 trillion is used to build high-speed rail in the United States, 7,500 kilometers of high-speed rail can be built. As of the end of 2020, China has operated a total of 39,000 kilometers of high-speed rail. Do you want to learn Roosevelt for nothing? What were Americans like Roosevelt back then, and what are Americans like now? In the past, Roosevelt was able to find young people who were willing to plant trees and move bricks. Is waiting for nothing today to engage in “forced labor” on American young people? If I want to spend this money on infrastructure in the United States, I can only say that, in the end, it is about to be distributed. The capitalists eat meat, and the scumbags drink some soup.

6 months ago

If Biden really wants to build a large infrastructure and build a new America, he can ask Ma Qianzu, Cao Dazuo, and me three third-rate civil dogs to be the project manager, chief engineer and technical person in charge. We are professional, and we must know more about engineering than Biden and better than Harris. At the same time, please invite Jun Zijian, Mao Maotou farmer, and one dollar fried chicken teacher to do the supervision. They will be “grateful” and can reduce the contradictions and disputes in the project. We two groups of people work together for ten years, and we will surely make America “great” again. By the way, we hire civil engineers who know all the buckets, and hire hundreds of thousands of hardworking, honest and experienced migrant workers in China. We don’t need any infrastructure madmen like China Construction and China Railway. Those of us who can copy the drawings and read the drawings will settle the accounts. Half a bucket of water is enough. It is certainly possible to replace the broken roads in the United States with new roads, the broken railroads into new railways, and the broken wooden telephone poles of the U.S. Emperors to be replaced with concrete, so as to build a new America. But does Biden really want to build a new America? I don’t think he has the ability to build a new America. He has the courage to make money by using “Building a New America”. This so-called “3 trillion infrastructure” sounds very scary. You also have to have a serious construction company. Civil engineers, skilled and efficient construction workers… You don’t have anything. Are you going to build castles in the sky? Imperialism sucks blood around the world, and nipples are happy to nurture gu refining gu, but it also destroys the hardworking and courageous and organized labor masses, and it also destroys the bourgeoisie who is determined to make progress for the country and the people. Now American capitalists are all imperial vampires , A hypocrite who makes a fortune in the country, this group of people builds a shit new America. In other words-to build a new America, the United States will no longer work, people will not work, and people will have to change their species. Without changing people, they couldn’t even build a wall. So these three trillions are not money, not investment, but water. The fat house of the American financial bubble is happy water. The great flood is coming. There is no God and Noah’s Ark. Stupid children of the United States, run away.

6 months ago

The United States has begun Biden’s New Deal. Nuclear power printing has begun again. Print money, pay for the world. It’s really bug-like existence​Unsurprisingly, 80 to 90% of the 300 million US dollars has entered the financial markets such as the stock market or bond market, and then the oligarchs have rushed! The people shouted: Ma Ga! ​I heard from the teacher that the money printed in the United States from March last year to the present is more than the sum of the past two decades.​​​​​ One sentence: “We had the opportunity to do something.”

6 months ago

Biden’s infrastructure plan focuses on the upgrading and modernization of infrastructure, as well as the development of clean energy. The main content includes the reconstruction of roads, bridges, ports, power grids, broadband and water conservancy systems and other infrastructure; the development of clean energy technology, and the layout of clean energy infrastructure. Last year, I said that you can’t get rid of the addiction once you put water. This is another 3 trillion yuan of water. If the water can be released smoothly, then you can stand to collect money, so why bother to do infrastructure construction? If the water can’t be released smoothly, everything is of no use. The current old Biden is already in his eighties, and there are not many days in the future. The current measures will be crazy. They need superficial political achievements. They should be lost vigorously and have a high probability of passing. Running wildly on the road of continuous water release. But in the end, a large part of the money may still go around the financial market a few times, and then the rich will make a lot of money, and the poor can only get a little bit from the fingers. Then look at clean energy. What would this traditional energy giant think? If it is mainly hydropower, wind power, solar power, etc., traditional energy giants are estimated to jump. Roads, bridges, ports, networks, these things you have built will be used by someone. The main force of their end should be one company to create wealth and demand. The documentary “American Factory” concludes that it is American manufacturing. I can’t go back anymore, and in reality, MAGA, who understands Wang, and Obama’s industry return have not been successful. On the whole, building so many infrastructures is useless. Either let go of the country and attract tens of millions of young people from Mexico and South America. The red-necked white man hopes to make money easily by drinking tea. Today’s globalization costs are very high and it is difficult to be competitive. There is also an option. The United States has a market closed and only sells European and American products. A large number of Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and India are not allowed to import goods, and even Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese goods cannot be sold, so that American goods will be competitive. Otherwise, this competitiveness will be greatly reduced, and it is not that the Americans have not smashed all kinds of Japanese products.

6 months ago

U.S. President Biden has seen the strong vitality of Rhineland capitalism in the economic downturn in the world economic environment, and hopes to follow the German route, but I want to pour some cold water-want to check whether it is genetically suitable. The Anglo-Saxon capitalist model of the United States is to provide a single domestic market with standardized products in large quantities. The development of the international market is often accompanied by the systematic transformation of other countries by the U.S. government, military, and commercial capital. Therefore, the expansion of U.S. business must be accompanied by a strong The cultural expansion of the country has completely transformed the consumption habits of local people and allowed them to “Americanize”, believing that everything in the United States is perfect, including American products. The United States unifies the world of standards and does not need to be adjusted according to local conditions. Therefore, on the production line in the United States, work is divided into many steps in a very detailed manner, so that a worker only needs to master a few simple steps to carry out production, so that it only takes a few hours to train an employee. Therefore, for an American company, there is no difference between Zhang San and Li Si who is unemployed in the society. It is a useless burden to retain them during the economic downturn. Usually during an economic crisis, British and American companies will relentlessly lay off employees. The German production model is to produce different products for different target markets on the same production line in Germany, so that they can not only meet the domestic market, but also export to Eastern Europe. , Russia, Latin America, the Middle East and China. On a German production line, the product stays on a workstation for longer than that on a US production line. To produce the same type of product, the United States may be divided into 100 workstations, while Germany may only have 20 workstations. In addition to the difference in output, the big problem is that there are differences in the details of different products, and the time in different processes. The more detailed the workstation design, the smaller the flexibility that can be adjusted. In order to output on one production line Different products, so the German production line must be shorter than similar American production lines. If the product stays at a workstation for only a few minutes, then the worker only needs to master the work within a few minutes, but if it stays for half an hour, the worker needs to remember more procedures. While the American production line only produces one product, the German production line needs to produce different products at different times, so workers need to remember the work content of different products, and at the same time know how to convert the accessories on the equipment, so that German workers must have Good mechanical knowledge. All these differences determine that German workers must have higher skills than American workers. Of course, these skills will not be innate. He needs training, and training costs. So unless it can be predicted that the economic crisis will last for several years like in 1929, it would be uneconomic for German companies to lay off their employees rashly. The differences in production systems have also led to differences in employment relationships. German and Japanese companies have more stable employment relationships. Usually, during economic crises, German and Japanese companies often adopt methods of shortening working hours and paid training to maintain the employment relationship. This model of German and Japanese companies is not entirely due to cultural differences, but to a large extent because they are training their employees and paying a lot of costs. The experienced and technical employees themselves are huge assets. If they can retain the employment relationship during the economic downturn, they will not need to pay new training costs for newly recruited employees when the economy enters prosperity again. One problem in the United States is that the vocational education system cannot produce enough skilled workers to be responsible for operating automated equipment. For example, the German vocational education system allows students to directly learn and use the most cutting-edge production technology and equipment. Then companies have to train skilled workers themselves. But doing so not only increases costs, but there are also many risks, such as the risk of personnel turnover. You spend a few years training a group of workers, and then they are poached by other companies. You can’t cry too late, so there are people now. It is actually unreasonable to criticize enterprises for reusing and neglecting training. From a rational point of view, an enterprise should try its best to dig out skilled workers that others have already trained, rather than train them themselves. China is the State of Wei and the United States is the State of Shu?

6 months ago

Wait, 3 trillion aside, I just want to ask-where does the large amount of infrastructure manpower come from? Where does the steel and cement for road and bridge reconstruction come from? Is it imported from China? Will Musk’s Starlink be alive if the network broadband in rural areas expands? Will Huawei’s 5G patent be handed over? …Forget it, I can’t say anything about it, I’ll show my stuff when I say it. Then let’s talk about the 3 trillion yuan. Take the California high-speed rail, a typical infrastructure construction project. The construction mileage has been shortened from 826.8 kilometers to 191 kilometers, and the budget has been increased from 33 billion U.S. dollars to 77 billion U.S. dollars. In other words, the final budget is (826.8/191) x (770/330) = 10.1 times the initial budget! Wow, it’s really a multiple of Amazing, let’s erase the fraction, even if it is 10 times. emmm…3 trillion won’t be able to stop, print money according to 3×10=30 trillion. God knows how turbulent the flood will be when the time comes. Isn’t the White Lantern already aware that there are not many days gone, and is not afraid of the flood?

6 months ago

The Democrats use the media they control to describe Republican President Trump as the Hoover of the new era. Then the Democratic President Biden is not the rebirth of Roosevelt. What should Roosevelt do? Do infrastructure! During the Great Depression, the “New Infrastructure” in Roosevelt’s New Deal ​Roosevelt’s New Deal] creatively added a “visible hand” to the capitalist countries to regulate the economy. From then on, “capitalism can also have plans.” The critical era of red flags “saved capitalism.” It is good for Roosevelt’s New Deal to engage in work-for-relief, but where does the problem money come from? Can the United States still learn something? 1. Since the announcement of the suspension of gold exports on March 10, 1933, major measures have been taken one after another: On April 5, it was announced that private storage of gold and gold securities was banned, and the exchange of dollar bills for gold was stopped; on April 19, gold was banned. Export, abandon the gold standard; on June 5, public and private debts were abolished and repaid with gold. (The U.S. dollar has long since abandoned the gold standard, but it is still the mainstream currency for international settlement. The United States still has gold reserves of various countries in its vaults. Now it needs to use U.S. dollar credit to exchange money. Will the United States dare to do it?) 2 , January 10, 1934, announced the issuance of 3 billion U.S. dollar banknotes secured by national securities and depreciated the U.S. dollar by 40.94%. The depreciation of the U.S. dollar strengthened the competitiveness of American products. (Now that the depreciation of the U.S. dollar has nothing to run away, but the depreciation is not good enough. If you dare to depreciate so much, who dares to use the U.S. dollar in the future? In addition, the U.S. is no longer a major manufacturing export country, but this rule can still be used for reliance. Debt.) 3. In order to solve the problem of the federal funding source of the social insurance system, Roosevelt implemented a progressive tax based on income and assets for the first time. 31% is levied on net income of 50,000 US dollars and inheritance of 40,000 US dollars, and 75% is levied on inheritances of more than 5 million US dollars; the corporate tax used to be 13.75%. According to the 1935 tax law, the tax rate for company income below 50,000 US dollars was reduced to 12.5%, 15% for those above 50,000 USD. (The rich Americans are eager to make a fortune and want to bleed. Are they willing? Old Biden is just a puppet. How can the power compare to Roosevelt? I am afraid that he will not only not bleed, but also drink until he is full.) Old Biden wants I think it is very difficult to be Roosevelt, but one thing may be possible: Roosevelt died naturally while in office.

6 months ago

Although they are all large-scale fiscal expenditures focusing on infrastructure construction, China’s original four trillion yuan was to alleviate excess production capacity after the decline in exports. The United States itself has the problem of insufficient production capacity and inefficiency in most projects. For example, production capacity is chicken and capital is rice. If there are too many chickens and less rice, then borrow the future rice for use. Feed the chickens first, let more chickens survive, lay eggs or turn into roast chickens, and then buy rice after selling, so that the chickens don’t starve to death. Still on it. However, the chickens have less rice and more rice, and they continue to borrow rice, which may eventually break the chicken and not lay eggs. In the end, the chicken was gone, and the borrowed rice was not yet available. Not to say that in the case of overcapacity, increasing investment to find the right direction can drive a series of markets starting from infrastructure, such as steel, automobile, building materials, etc., and transfer investment to the service industry and agriculture through infrastructure and the consumption of employees in the industry. On supply. And then achieve wealth creation and more extensive distribution (but the original distribution was only extensive but unreasonable in proportion). In the case of insufficient production capacity, a substantial increase in capital investment has resulted in only one end, Chinese football. Everyone recalls that after the professionalization of Chinese football, the income of players has skyrocketed with huge funds, but the youth training system has not allocated enough funds, and the number of player training has not increased. As a result, players who have already played in professional teams can continue to get high salaries without improving their level. Going to overseas leagues to improve their level will reduce their income, and a little talent can increase their wages. In the end, the national players did not want to make progress, football investment increased year by year, and the performance level decreased year by year. U.S. infrastructure is equivalent to Chinese football, U.S. existing infrastructure companies are professional players, and U.S. infrastructure talent education upstream equipment manufacturing is the youth training. What the United States is doing now is to pay high salaries to professional players without creating a solid youth training system. Just like Chinese football in the past, I don’t need to say what it will end up.

6 months ago

First of all, we must understand the purpose of the stimulus and where the funds go. Medical subsidies are the most amazing here. The destination of these medical subsidies is nothing more than hospitals and medical groups. The people just managed to spend less. However, the entire country of the United States has been kidnapped by medical groups. The annual medical insurance expenditure accounts for one-fifth of the national budget, which is higher than the national defense. In 2020, it will reach 4.6 trillion. If it is converted to each person, it can be divided into more than 100,000 US dollars. But in reality It is a large part of the United States that cannot even enjoy basic medical insurance. The money was eventually divided by the medical group United Insurance Group. The method was very inferior. It was nothing more than the insurance group’s great discounts, and the hospital would bill ordinary patients without medical insurance, and an outpatient treatment of a few hundred yuan in China. , In the United States casually received thousands of dollars. U.S. hospitals are basically private, and the country has lost control of the medical system. The medical group has a large number of lobbyists in the Senate and the Senate. This medical subsidy is another time for the medical group and the insurance collective to revel. The money entering the medical system seems to be under the cloak of technology, but in the end it is sucking the blood of the people and filling the pockets of the bosses of the medical group. The government consciously carried out and led large-scale infrastructure construction. The beginning was the Stalin period. It was the largest-scale infrastructure construction carried out by the government in human history, and it brought down the Soviet Union in one fell swoop, one of the most advanced industrial countries at that time. Then there was Roosevelt. Roosevelt saw the benefits of large-scale infrastructure, the most important of which was to use national power to increase employment through the construction of public projects, and to increase employment through work-for-work. At that time, American WASP whites were dominated by white people, and Roosevelt’s New Deal allowed a large number of WASP whites to obtain employment opportunities. However, the United States today is different from the United States in the past. First of all, all companies in the United States that can carry out municipal engineering construction have been occupied by various interest groups. In the 1980s, New York’s Central Park wanted to build an ice skating rink. As a result, under the abduction of various construction interest groups, the skating rink was still unfinished for six years, but it cost 13 million U.S. dollars. In the end, Trump personally paid for it and only used 2.5 million. The dollar is done. This is the reality of U.S. infrastructure. Various interest groups have kidnapped the government. At the same time, because of various labor protection laws, no one dares to hire WASP whites. Because of the complicated worker protection regulations, employers are miserable. All these job opportunities finally fall. In the hands of immigrants in the Democratic Party’s vote warehouse. At the same time, a large part of the target infrastructure is still bridges and roads. Since the Roosevelt New Deal, the number of road kilometers in the United States has been built first in the world. Now that roads and bridges need to be repaired, unless the high-speed rail is built, it is simply to increase the income of the people at the bottom and carry out food-for-work. But today’s America is different from the Roosevelt era. The Great Depression that began in the 1920s in the United States was all about living and finding a chance to eat. In the United States today, a large number of WASP whites lose their high-paying jobs and slide back to the bottom, letting them build roads and bridges. Isn’t this the work of the people at the bottom? Those WASP whites will not do these tasks until they starve to death. These tasks will first fall into those interest groups, and then the work will be subcontracted again, then the final result can be imagined. And when this wave of subsidies passed, then another large group of people lost their jobs. And Biden’s purpose in doing this is to cater to the capital group behind it, because those jobs that have moved overseas will never come back. If Biden has to spend the past four years, he does not need to cure the root cause.

6 months ago

Just say one. There is now a strange view on the Internet: Oh, the new crown mainly collects the elderly population? Why the United States… In fact, the United States has long known… or the United States… This topic can be seen, the new crown is mainly about the elderly… and national power. Moreover, it is possible that the national strength of the developed countries is the main gain, because the development is relatively old. Otherwise this year will not fight so hard. Even the Sleeping King came out, “The United States will not be exceeded during my tenure.” Taste it carefully, or take your time.

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