According to the official Weibo news of the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Pidu District Bureau, some netizens recently reported that a man was photographed in Chengdu, Sichuan, climbing a telegraph pole at night to do sit-ups. After discovering the situation, the local area carried out an emergency power outage in time to avoid danger, and two 10kV lines were forced to power out, which involved tens of thousands of households. On February 23, Chengdu Pidu police issued a notice:

At about 19 o’clock on February 21, the Pidu police received a report from the public that: a man climbed onto the top of a high-voltage utility pole at the intersection of North and South Avenues in Pidu District. His emotions aroused crowds and caused traffic jams. After receiving the report, the police immediately arrived at the scene and notified the power department to cut off the power supply. After 4 hours of persuasion and education, they were successfully persuaded. After investigation, the man Wu (22 years old, from Dazhou City, Sichuan Province) deliberately climbed up the high-voltage poles to vent his dissatisfaction because of a dispute with others. Because his behavior seriously disrupted public order and endangered public safety, Wu has been detained by our bureau according to law, and the case is being further processed.

The police reminded that when facing disputes, they should be calm and rational, and must not take excessive or extreme behavior. The police will resolutely investigate and deal with acts that disrupt social order, endanger public safety, and harm public interests.

At present, the young man is under criminal detention. If nothing happens, according to Article 293 of the Criminal Law, the young man is already suspected of the crime of provoking troubles, and what he is waiting for will be sanctions by law. Sit-ups, let alone electrocution, in case the foot is not hooked, it will directly hang people on the plane after turning 360 degrees. The character of this young man is absolutely extreme. The boy’s behavior caused tens of thousands of households to lose power, which severely disrupted the public order, and was of great social harm. At the same time, the local power supply department took emergency measures to save the boy to avoid danger, which directly caused certain losses. In summary, with regard to behaviors that challenge the bottom line of the public through selective suicide, rights protection, and venting of dissatisfaction through social public interests, it should be clarified through legislation, that is, self-harm behavior does not require social assistance, and its behavior should be borne by itself, including but not Limited to criminal and civil. There is no need to use damage to other interests to preserve the interests of the self-harming perpetrator, and the self-harming perpetrator needs to bear all social compensation responsibilities and all losses caused.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Look carefully at the picture, the man is sitting on the crossarm with his butt, his feet swaying along the crossarm, and his body is suspended! In order to facilitate your understanding, I found a high-definition picture for you to analyze. The voltage levels are different, but the truth is the same! Look at the above picture carefully, the electricity goes along the red line, if it is 10kV, as long as the distance from the red line is more than 0.3 meters, there will be no electric shock; the three green circles in the picture, two of which are insulator strings, pass through the insulator String, make sure that the corner of the tower in the other green circle is not live!

7 months ago

Regarding legal liability, after reading the answers of other respondents, I don’t feel that I have come to the point! Article 118 Whoever damages electricity, gas or other inflammable and explosive equipment, endangers public safety, and has not caused serious consequences, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. Article 119 is about penalties that cause serious consequences! More than ten years belong to the four circumstances of “serious consequences” for destroying electrical equipment as stipulated in Article 119, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law, including: causing 1 death, 3 or more serious injuries, or more than 10 minor injuries; causing more than 10,000 users of electricity The supply is interrupted for more than 6 hours, causing serious impact on production and life; causing direct economic losses of more than 1 million yuan; causing other serious consequences that endanger public safety.

7 months ago

This man was down within four hours, and it can be determined that the power outage of 10,000 users did not exceed 6 hours! (The power transmission operation time may take half an hour) It can be qualitatively not caused serious consequences! Another point to consider is that the power lines were forced to stop operating, but there was essentially no equipment damage. The sentence may be considered as appropriate! Update: Civil liability mainly depends on whether there is any loss caused by power outage among the more than 10,000 users, and whether the user makes a claim. If there is a loss and a claim is made, the man is fully responsible! (There are more than 10,000 users on the two 10kV lines, and they should all be residential users. It is estimated that there are no ventilators at home and there will be no major losses)

7 months ago

Looking at the title, I know that this man climbed a high-voltage pole to vent his emotions. If I didn’t know, I thought he wanted to die? I just don’t know, does this man know that he might become coke? When a dispute occurs, or when you are hit by setbacks, and you are in an extremely bad mood, there are many ways to resolve your negative emotions. You can talk to your friends, you can use other things to distract you, no matter how bad you are, you can find a place where no one is yelling, even beating the ground wall is better than climbing a telephone pole! This kind of behavior is not only irresponsible for one’s own life, but also disappoints relatives who really care about him, it also endangers all users and businesses affected by the power outage, and even endangers the normal operation of important places.

7 months ago

Attention, the man has been under criminal detention! Criminal detention means a crime, and the official notification is “seriously disrupting public order.” There is a high probability that he will be held criminally responsible for provoking troubles. According to Article 293 of the Criminal Law: Anyone who commits one of the following acts of provoking troubles and disrupting social order shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or surveillance: (The other three situations are omitted) ④ Raise disturbances in public places and cause public places The order is severely chaotic. The man’s behavior caused chaos in public order, and he could not get down for a long time after being advised by the police. This caused greater social harm. There should be no major accidents afterwards.

7 months ago

In fact, this case is not the first time. A few years ago, Wang from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, because he broke up with his girlfriend, climbed up the pole for 10 hours. He did not get off the pole until 3 am. What happened during the 10 hours he stayed on the pole? Because of Wang’s illegal behavior, the power supply company urgently stopped the power supply gates in many surrounding villages, causing many villagers to have no electricity available, which caused great inconvenience to production and life. What is even more frightening is that one villager was caused by a power outage. Its surviving ventilator went on strike and eventually died.

7 months ago

If an electric power operation accident causes damage to the user or a third party, the electric power enterprise shall be liable for compensation according to law. If an electric power operation accident is caused by one of the following reasons, the electric power enterprise shall not be liable for compensation: if the user or a third party causes damage to the electric power enterprise or other users due to the fault of the user or a third party, the user or third party shall be liable for compensation according to law. A risky act requires not only jail, but also a huge amount of compensation. Such an act that outweighs the loss is difficult for ordinary people to understand. Some netizens said, “Whoever chooses to make fun of his life? Who is okay to climb the high-voltage pole?” What I want to say is that climbing the pole proves that this man is indeed “something”, and if you have something to do, you can climb the pole. Handle it? There was also a case of climbing a telephone pole to collect debts in a certain place in Guangdong some time ago. The migrant worker deserves sympathy, but there are many ways to collect debts. Even if he takes his own life and asks the money back, can the law forgive you? ? If everything will be “extra-legal”, who still believes in the law? No one believes in the law, there will be no peace in this world!

7 months ago

On the evening of February 21, a video of a man illegally climbing on a pole and causing power outages in tens of thousands of households scared many citizens. (Previously reported: A man in Chengdu climbed onto a pole to do “sit-ups”, causing power outages to tens of thousands of users). On the 23rd, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice regarding the incident. It turned out that the man had a dispute with others and deliberately climbed onto a high-voltage pole to vent his dissatisfaction. He has been criminally detained by the police according to law. (Previously reported: A man who vented his dissatisfaction doing sit-ups on a pole was detained) What laws did this man violate? Or what penalties will they face? On the 23rd, the cover news reporter interviewed two lawyers on this matter. They have the following views.

7 months ago

Hua Yu, a lawyer from Sichuan Mingju Law Firm, believes that in order to vent his dissatisfaction, the man deliberately climbed onto the high-voltage telephone poles of the main urban traffic road, causing crowds to watch, causing traffic jams, resulting in the power company being forced to blackout for several hours and tens of thousands of residents. The result of serious harm such as direct impact on electricity is an illegal and criminal act that causes disturbances in public places and causes serious disorder in public places. He introduced that this behavior violated the relevant provisions of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” and could be administratively detained for disrupting public order; it violated the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law and could be held criminally responsible for the crime of provoking disturbances. .

7 months ago

According to the latest reports, the man has been criminally detained by the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Pidu District Bureau. It may be due to the specific degree of damage to the social order (referring to the degree of disorder that caused the crowd to watch the order, the degree of traffic jams, the power outage and the blackout Influence degree, etc.), face the consequences of criminal law punishment of being sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or surveillance for the crime of provoking quarrels. Sichuan found that Qiu Haoran, a lawyer at the law firm, had similar opinions on the matter. He believes that the man’s behavior has seriously disturbed the lives of residents, caused crowds to watch, or would constitute a crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. According to the criminal law, he may be sentenced to three to ten years in prison. In addition, if his actions have caused certain damage to the state’s electrical equipment, he may also be convicted of damaging electrical equipment, and may also be sentenced to three to ten years in prison.

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