In the screenshots of netizens, a paragraph from Aihui’s official website reads: “and have proactively booked performances in Korea, Taiwan and China in order to be more relatable to people tuning in from oversease…”

If you want me to say it is nothing…because no one cares about it except for Xiu Fan. Ai Hui’s luck is really good. I ran into the cotton incident. Recently, there have been so many things in the world. They laughed to death. No one paid any attention to them… This matter is actually very simple. They will definitely change if they don’t want to give up the Chinese market. Several luxury brands that made a lot of noise a few years ago put China’s tw in parallel. Don’t you still buy it now? Dolce & Gabbana all bluntly planted // ethnicity//differentiated//looked at it, don’t the domestic stores still open? Tencent is now letting Ai Hui’s four sons to retire is a big loss. If the four sons quit the goose, apart from being praised on the hot search, they will not get anything, but will lose a lot of money. Stupid, it will negotiate with Ai back. Calm down, everyone. Goose is a businessman, and so is Ai Hui. What are they thinking about? It’s about maximizing benefits. To put it bluntly, no one really cares about how the map is marked, and what they say will be beneficial to them. They will do what they can do to make the most money. Actually, there is no need to worry. As for other lower-level companies wanting to engage in Aihui, it is one thing to reduce popularity, and it is another matter to withdraw from the competition, okay, the lower-level company snatches Aihui away, can they make up for the economic loss of the goose? Can their players provide commercial value like Ai Hui’s four sons? Do they have resources of the same value as Aihui that can be exchanged with geese? Ai Hui is indeed like that in China, but the goose really has hands-on eyes and cuts off the goose’s financial path. Maybe you don’t want to be in the industry… I know you might want to say that no matter how powerful the goose is, it cannot be so lawless, no I’m sorry, the goose is lawless now… The title of Nanshan Pizza Hut is blatantly spread on all major social software. To put it bluntly, it is a direct insult to the local law, but they just have nothing to do.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I saw it on the Internet. Everyone had their own opinions. Some said that Aihui’s ass was crooked, and some said that Aihui’s publicity affairs in various regions were outsourced to others (I think even if it is outsourced, Aihui There is also the responsibility of lax review), the current situation is not particularly clear, so I take a wait-and-see attitude towards Aihui, and see if it can make a statement to explain the problem. In fact, the players really feel a bit innocent. A few days ago, I watched two interviews with Zando and Riki in the show “BIG Pound is Coming to X Creation Camp 2021 Special Report”. When Zando was asked about his “favorite Chinese artist”, he answered Zhou Xingchi and Zhou Zhennan, and Riki was I answered Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou when asked about “favorite Chinese singers”. This shows that in their cognition, Hong Kong and Taiwan belong to China, and there is no problem with their political positions. Therefore, I can enjoy them with great confidence. What I never expected was that the two of them worked hard in the creation camp. Both of them lost a few large circles. This was also injured, and the other was also injured. The company is suspected of crooked buttocks. Isn’t this cheating them?

6 months ago

This world is really disgusting enough. It is not clear whether ordinary people like us are chess pieces or daggers played by some capital. We are pushed away by people and irritated because of political needs? Because of capital needs? We became the kidnapped wooden people. Everything must be tied to patriotism, employees must be tied to the company, and ignoring real people because of patriotism. I don’t think this is a kind of patriotism. Any thought, including patriotism, should be sensible! How I hope that this news is not an opponent, and we are not instrumentalists under the abduction of patriotism and capital. I hope that the theme of the group is an excellent stage, an exciting singing voice, and an astonishing dance. However, as soon as we look back, we will find that there is nothing, everything is money, and the so-called popularity is a joke under the exploitation of capital. In today’s society, the political wind is really too strong. The most hateful thing is that some people trample on our patriotic enthusiasm to satisfy the ridiculous capital. I hope my world is a bright and cheerful world. I really don’t want to say more about the impact on the students, but I think the impact on the individual is even greater. That is, patriotism controlled by capital really is. In addition, patriotism requires reason.

6 months ago

As a fan, I feel very complicated… Ai back to this situation, either the company will apologize seriously, or the player will terminate the contract, or else there is really no way to get rid of it. Rather than distressing my energy and money, what is more distressed is Zandoli Pill Mika Qingpian (if you can’t empathize, please don’t stigmatize me). The four are very powerful players. They tried so hard to make their debut, but they were dragged down by their own company. What a thing… I hope Gou Ai will respond quickly! I don’t know if Tencent will be in a hurry. The four children have brought a lot of audience and enthusiasm to the goose. Some fans and royal fans don’t come here to watch. If the four children retire from the competition, I will either give up on Chuang directly, or I will vote for Teacher Li, and it will be impossible for your family to cut it out~

6 months ago

Don’t worry, wait for the company’s statement. It can’t be said that Aihui is bad, because Aihui outsources different regional propaganda to public relations companies in different countries, so the public relations company outsourcing to the United States does not know the one-China principle, and published an employee interview that does not know the one-China principle, which detonated the country. public opinion. Since most multinational companies acquiesce that Taiwan and China are tied for each country and region, it is not a surprise to be exploded…Who made you keep paying attention to China? Ai Hui’s four sons are the highlight moments and resources of Ai Hui’s collision with great luck. It will definitely respond to it and will not self-destruct the Great Wall. The one-China principle is the bottom line. If Ai Hui fights for Taiwan independence, no one will be saved (the probability is extremely low). Either the four children will be withdrawn from the competition or the four children will withdraw from the club collectively. I feel that the latter is more likely. If it is to adhere to the one-China principle to break with the owner, then all nationality disputes and political disputes can be easily resolved. Goose can also gain the reputation of promoting foreign players to recognize the one-China principle after getting four sons. However, it is more likely that Ai Hui immediately admits his mistake, rectifies and agrees with one China in the global press release, and withdraws relevant remarks and internal reviews. The political sensitivity of Japanese companies is extremely high. In the past, Panasonic helped reform and opening up, and then ASICS opposed to slander China. Given that Aihui’s main business is now relying on Aihui’s four sons to earn global popularity in Tencent Video, it should not be stupid not to apologize. Of course, in this case, the problem is also obvious: If Ai Hui apologizes and rectifies it, should we forgive it? Not only entertainment companies, most multinational companies are unconsciously juxtaposed Taiwan and China, if you ask them directly if they support Taiwan independence, they will be frightened and quickly admit their mistakes. But this also reflects a problem that will often be encountered in the future: If they accept the Chinese market’s request for rectification and apologize, how should we respond. Because if a company apologizes, it will die immediately in China. If it doesn’t apologize, it will die. Then it has a high probability…

6 months ago

Tell a joke, the next-door show Qingyou mentors famous rh company yg artists (yg involves td, map issues, and names are tied), hot searches in the country, receiving various endorsements, and also related to xj cotton. However, there are a bunch of diehard fans and passersby fans on each platform, no one resists, nothing at all. For Aihui a large company, it is necessary to create a few Aihui small transparent students to pay for it. Some people have been emphasizing that the bottom line is involved. So they are just selective and have a bottom line?

6 months ago

Afraid of being scolded, let me first say that Ai Hui will come out and be beaten (? Don’t wait for Ai Hui’s statement today. Japan is off work early. It’s almost enough to contact the head office to withdraw the interview. If you really want to make a statement, you must not report an internal investigation. , And then return to the subsidiary to negotiate with the goose and then write a review. I have to read it again at noon tomorrow. I know that many people are waiting for a formal statement. However, people who like will still like it, and people who hate it will still be I will keep talking about you with this. Don’t think that with the official seal statement, others will become obedient or whatever. This tells others that you have eaten two bowls of noodles, and after you cut the proof that there is only one bowl, others will still say another. A bowl is digested or you hide it, or you sneak in to make people suspect that it deserves it. It’s not necessary. The head grows on your own body, and the decision is yours. Don’t use these to convince others or why, no significance.

6 months ago

There is something in the comment area that allows me to stabilize my mind. If I can believe that the female is willing to be single for two years and change to this broken company, there is no problem. Don’t want to laugh anymore. There is no need to scold fans for not being patriotic. I can unequivocally say that the anger of passers-by is less than one ten thousandth of that of fans. Fans can only hate the company more than them. After all, ordinary people just stand from the perspective of passers-by, and fans, such as myself, are smashed by tm’s real money. The dog company was silent for nearly four hours. It made it clear that it was pretending to be dead. The hot search hung on the 20th place. If it continues to ferment, even my second aunt’s dog knows that Ai Hui is not a thing anymore, and want to press down? Dream less. Don’t think that the Chinese make money so well. Everyone knows the truth. I won’t give you any money from a dog company even if I directly send gifts to my son live broadcast. Scum thing. Even if it is too late to make a statement, my eldest son has done something wrong, because your bad company has no resources and you suffer this sin in China because of you. Here I suggest you ascend to heaven on the spot.

6 months ago

I hope that some indignant Lu people will know that after this incident, normal fans are thousands of times more angry than yours. It’s really not a problem for you to insult fans here as traitors. I praised a lot of ops, half-entered Riki, this time I created the two picks the most, and I will catch my admired brother easily. As a fan of Zanduo, I know better than you that after this incident, Zanduo is destined to have no chance with Hong for his future development whether he retires or terminates the contract. After retiring to Japan, the world champion continued to be a back dancer in places out of the spotlight. The screams and applause from the audience had nothing to do with him, and his efforts were still failing him. If the contract is terminated, a foreign idol that has not yet been officially opened for business and is difficult to estimate the future development, how many companies will be willing to bear the high default fee for him? The company that takes over does not look at how good his dance is, only how much money he can make. Even if a company is really willing to take over him, can the fans who ran away because of this incident come back? Originally sitting firmly in the high circle, in the end may only be able to make a debut in the middle and low circle. Who will pay him for the lost resources? I hate this unclear company even more than the angry passers-by, wishing it would go bankrupt now. Because it ruined the future of the people I really like, and it doesn’t respect China. By the way, those fans who are rumoring about the character and nationality of their younger brother with dark thoughts following this incident, I advise you to save yourself. Our normal fans don’t give back to Ai, nor to your brother, Aihui’s garbage company is not worthy, and your brother is not worthy.

6 months ago

Some people say that the country is righteous, in fact? What you are thinking about is your personal interests, and everyone who is filled with righteous indignation asks yourself, what are you thinking about yourself? Your country is still your idol. This kind of person is really disgusting. He has done nothing except to add negative information to the society, but he is so confident and so convincing. I believe that people like you are the first to betray during the war, because you are for your love. Bean, even your country can be sold, and even your country can be used as a tool to attack others. Use your motherland to stir up troubles, use your motherland to do evil, I am also attacking these people now, but I am not doing anything. People, I just simply feel distressed and nauseous. It doesn’t matter if Ai Hui’s four people retreat or not. The next schedule is just a competition of capital. All contestants and fans will be involved in a capital carnival. This program itself is not just about capital selling anxiety through selling ideals. Or even selling idols, living people, to get paid for capital with a big fanfare? If you are really patriotic and love this socialist country that is opposed to capitalism, by the way, I would like to ask those “good comrades” who use their own country to attack others. When you are chasing stars, you still remember your homeland. Is it a socialist country? By the way, maybe you haven’t even received nine years of compulsory education, you have never studied globalization, let alone cultural exchanges. Your literacy level is probably that you can write Chinese characters with strokes like “handsome”, and you have a high probability of writing. It’s ugly, but for all sorts of ulterior reasons, you are here to abuse the righteousness of the country by typing. If you really talk about the righteousness of the family and the country, do you think anyone can get away with it? You who are full of selfishness and hatred in your heart, I have a hundred ways to argue that you are not worthy of being Chinese. You are rubbish, rubbish, and dross. It is you who are holding back the Chinese. I am sure that these conclusions are quite reliable. The whole derivation process will be full of rigorous logic, can you accept it? In the era of peace, we should be wary of the external anti-China forces who should be wary of wolf ambitions, but also those who use patriotism as a tool or even nasty means to distort facts and entrap others. What is their purpose? Probably for my idol. What a great emotion, even the country has to sacrifice for idols. Finally, if the four of them are really forced to retire, it is recommended that all Ai Hui fans switch to Lelouch. 1. He is a rare non-interested person. Because of this, it will not be his fans who deliberately fan the flames. 2. Retiring from the game is not a bad thing, but if Aihui fans really care about the difficulty, putting the most unlikely person up may be able to frustrate the spirit of capitalists and other stakeholders. As for Lilu Xiu , He will not become a puppet of capitalists, we have to believe in the profound spiritual independence of the Russians (Toshi and Tuoshi confirm this). From the overall situation, I said that these are actually useless. I have no ability to manipulate the situation. But for individuals, the natural identity of identification, the natural anger of anger, your unhappiness, your anger into anger, are my greatest comfort. , Is also my good return to the motherland mother who was used by you wantonly.

6 months ago

1. To tell the truth recently, in a sensitive period of zz, the basic real hammer will die. Even if the student terminates the contract with the company, he will at most restore his personal reputation. It is basically impossible to stay in China and develop. 2. The news was released by a disgusting marketing account that was banned by CCTV. As for the credibility of reservations, it seems that there is no real hammer in the end. 3. Aihui is a large record company with a bunch of artists, and a bunch of well-known people who can make money. In this section, those four more influential children who are not jv and jv have not yet come out to make money? Do you tell me someone will believe me if there is nothing behind it? 4. According to the screenshot given by the marketing account, someone broke the news to him. I believe that the marketing account must not have so much idle time and it’s okay to get over the wall one by one to find other people. And you don’t want to return to those well-known artists, the four children, presumably they are also looking for them with great pains. Anything that must be done must have relevant interests. Otherwise, to be honest, the navy will have to pay to give you water. You go over the wall every day to find other people’s clues, which is even more serious than the background check of Tencent. You don’t spend money unless you have a brainstorming fan, or who will do it for you. 5. Make a two-way assumption. If Ai returns to the four players, then that is, cancel the contract with the company, then retire, and then hit a 4 and get a big reshuffle, but those who are not well-known are still not well-known, and the top positions It is also more stable, and the middle circle has to make a bloody path (maybe Teacher Li can be sent to the road by Sunsi and the Aihui Remnant Party). If there is no real hammer, to be honest, the impact will be huge. Many passers-by have unilateral memory. They don’t look at your final results, but when you get the most uproar, look at the so-called results of marketing accounts. Here is an episode of the e-sports circle (Leyan bzzb incident, many people guessed that, Leyan was also scolded out of the circle. But in the end, I don’t know how many people know about it. The ending is reversed. Leyan has no problem. Malicious editing. But how many people will pay attention to the ending? All the conclusions are based on the most popular conclusions.) So far, even if there is no real hammer, Ai Huisi’s passerby will be more than half, no Say contend c. The high-ranking circle has to rely on the loyalty of existing fans. Because of a very cruel problem, even if they didn’t really hammer the four sons of Ai, they or even tx would not dare to touch things about zz. At most, they would send a rumor-defying announcement. Which marketing account would take the lead would definitely not escape. It’s impossible to hold accountable with fanfare. 6. What I’m talking about is neither for whitewashing others nor for blackening others. I just speak out my two judgments. If it is a real hammer, Ai will return to biss. If it is a rumor, the marketing account that takes the lead will use things like zz as a point of purchase, and it is unreasonable not to sentence it. And like I said, you must have a starting point for what you do, and there must be a place to profit. Others have no interest in you. You are exhausted to find other people for illicit material. How cheap and boring are you? So in fact, it is not difficult to guess who provided the black material. It can only choose one of the two. As for the veracity of the black material, look at the follow-up, if it is true, let him benefit, and you can’t really let outsiders eat and scold your mother. But if it is not true, I hope that fans can make a big fire, and then work together to provide a high position for all members and c out. 7. Finally, Ai Hui’s five sons are really pitiful. All five people have outstanding business abilities, but they are all confused. The intersection is basically in a state of dissolution, and they all said they would change careers without creating. Attacking others with something like zz is really the most vicious means of attack in the world. Because no matter what, turning over is impossible in China. And what about Chuang? While losing the popular foreign players, I also got a bit of zz more or less. It is basically impossible to have any big development in the follow-up. Maybe this show will have to be gg. Even if the group is finally formed, it is estimated that it will be the peak of the show at the beginning of the show. (Of course, Mr. Li is a different matter. After all, the emperor’s bodyguard is Zheng Miaohong, and there are no casualties in the house, I can’t think of anything to hack him.) So wait for tomorrow’s announcement, if Ai returns within two days If you haven’t spoken yet, you should be suspected of guilt. I just found it. If Ai Hui is guilty, then none of the following will be able to escape. In the future, everyone will stop listening to songs with letters at home. They are not patriotic. Just listen to the national wind song and watch the national wind dance. Don’t all the above three Universal, Sony, and Warner have to die? Whether their songs, artists, movies, TV series, etc. have to be settled, don’t just go back to jv Ai, jv four children. . Basically, it’s either employee interviews or zhmg, but this has to be done. All multinational companies that have branches in tw can’t run away. It is estimated that they are all as mentioned above. That being the case, should all companies with multinational branches in Taiwan have to step on it? And to be honest, Ai Hui’s artists have a red background first, and the copyright of the theme song of Jiang Daye is still owned by others. Not only does it cooperate with Tencent, but also with state-owned enterprises such as China Mobile. Ai Hui’s butt is not crooked, is it true that these big guys are blind and can’t tell? To be honest, why does Weibo have to delete comments? Everyone knows everything about Weibo, and a headline can black out your eighteenth generation. Once the title is expanded, it can be licked back for you. If Ai Hui really has such a big zz error, tx’s current operation is just dying, risking the world’s ill-fated comments to companies involved in tw issues. He doesn’t want to have a good time at Nanshan Pizza Hut? Thousands of words a word, wait for Ai to speak back tomorrow.

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