Goubuli, the former leading brand in the buns industry, began to shrink its offline stores after experiencing the “bad reviews” of the Wangfujing store last year. Recently, a reporter visited the original Goubuli Wangfujing store, which was disqualified from franchising last year, and Goubuli’s Beijing head office (Qianmen store), and found that the disqualified Wangfujing store changed its sign and continued to sell buns. , And the front door of the store is closed. This is also the last store in Beijing officially recognized by Goubuli. According to the information on the official website of Goubuli Group, currently Goubuli has no stores in Beijing.

In addition to the Beijing market, the reporter further investigated and found that Goubuli also began to shrink its catering stores in Tianjin, its “base camp”. At the same time, Goubuli put more energy on the line, and pre-packaged buns and various pre-packaged foods have become Goubuli’s current development focus.

Catering chain consultant Wang Dongming said that the shrinkage of Goubuli’s catering business is mainly due to the disconnection from the market. Its products and stores have deviated from the existing core consumer young people’s taste, decoration and price range. For a time-honored brand, it is necessary to keep advancing with the times. As a brand, blindly sticking to it can only be eliminated.

Liu Changxing’s century-old brand is in Nanjing. Although it’s not very well-known when it comes out of the local area, some people say that it is not delicious, but there is basically no destructive nature of fooling customers: people just make snacks, and the price is not Customers, even if the customer’s reputation is lower, they can survive. Isn’t it good for the dog to ignore it and make buns? Let’s talk about a few small shops in Nanjing. At first glance, the momentum of the customers’ queuing is the kind of going for a hundred years. In the past, there was a chestnut-fried chestnut near Caodu Lane. Once there was a turbulent team in autumn and winter, there was no navy among them, and other small shops were not chained, and they would not be listed. However, if the host has the heart and ability to pass on this craft , It may not be impossible to build a store for hundreds of years.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, he has been very tolerant of time-honored brands. It is neither the most delicious taste nor the rarity that must be eaten. To eat is the memory and feelings in the heart. Here is a time-honored brand in my hometown: Siyi Cake and Tuan Shop. In the past, every time I returned to China, I had to go there to check in. It seems that the only way to go is to link the present self with the childhood self. But every time I go there is only disappointment. 1. The taste is mediocre. Whether small wontons or firedumplings, or all kinds of cakes that should have been the most famous, the taste is mediocre, not to mention amazing, even the 60-point pass line is suspended. And I am already a person who is very tolerant of eating. For the sake of my childhood, I think while eating while I am eating too much. Is it because I have to worry about money and gaining weight. Outsiders may not know what fire dumplings are, the love of the locals in Nantong. Occupying the title of a time-honored brand, making such foolish fire dumplings, even if they are fried, they have no basic pursuit for a good taste. When it was a rare time for a countryman to enter Nantong City and eat Jingui fire dumplings, so he deserved to come and eat cold, warm fried fire dumplings? Such foolish fire dumplings, net pictures invaded and deleted. I really hope that their store will dare to disclose the recipe for the pudding dim sum. It also allows me to solve the question for more than ten years: the ingredients are depressed, and the taste is so bad that it can’t even compare with the supermarket products? 2. Hygiene is worrying. Not to mention the restrooms in the store, only the effect of the staff wiping the table, the degree of splashing of the soup… Silent thought: not clean, no disease after eating, no sight and no confusion. Every time I went, I took my mother together, and every time my mother sympathized with her daughter who could not eat well abroad, she reluctantly went to Siyi. You know, once, there was a holy place in the hearts of our mothers and daughters, not losing to Mary and Jenny’s star fathers! It’s not Hei Siyi. Last year, a public account in my hometown wrote about the history of the place. I also sighed about Siyi 3. Service attitude… This damn thing has to unconditionally coax them to be happy. These years, I can make up so many lacks. The service personnel of the basic level in the service industry can’t see the operation personnel who are working hard to maintain the brand, and they are not satisfied. Anyway, I already believe in the evaluation of Siyi by many people in Nantong: It is the biggest advantage that the nouveau riche in the countryside has contracted, and it is estimated that there is only one location advantage left. It is located on South Street, the most prosperous commercial street in the center of Nantong. Without this, there would be no huge flow of people, and the base of being dismissed without a huge meal. An old name in Xiaoxiao Nantong can be made like this. Goubuli is well-known throughout the country. I am afraid that I don’t know how high the sky is.

6 months ago

At any rate, restaurants that make big dishes can still rely on a few specialty dishes. After all, snacks are snacks. It’s very difficult to make a big snack, it is countless details, extreme exquisiteness, decent service, and elegant environment. It is not wise for Goubuli to make such a snack bigger, because it can’t hold it. Ding Tai Fung is already relatively extreme, but it seems that it has reached the ceiling. Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop actually looked like a dog didn’t care about it, but it refused. It obviously didn’t look down on others, so it had to make a big door. Steamed stuffed buns have two properties, one is to relieve hunger quickly, and the other is to pack a small amount of precious ingredients. The former must be cheap, and the latter can be at a high premium. I have eaten Goubuli steamed buns several times in Tianjin. I had eaten it more than 20 years ago at the earliest. You have to say it is delicious! It’s certainly not unpalatable, but it’s just a bun. Ding Taifeng steamed buns have expensive materials such as crab noodles and matsutake. The steamed bun is a container, which is somewhat out of the steamed bun itself. Goubuli As for the decoration, service, hygiene, all kinds of details, let alone the current price, one-third of the price is not worth it. So if you want an old tree to sprout, there are a lot of things to do, but you can’t do it, so let him go, there is nothing worthy of nostalgia.

6 months ago

In fact, similar questions have been answered…According to the trend of cultural and creative elements entering the food industry in recent years, even if Goubuli hires a reliable operation team with a little marketing awareness, it will not be what it is today. I know that many people say that Goubuli’s things are expensive and unpalatable, but if they can “satisfy with money anyway”, they will work harder on brand marketing and take the history of Goubuli.” “Precipitation”, you can play with flowers. For example, Cha Yan Yuesei is like that: Do you say that the dog ignores this cultural and creative condition? Of course not, but they don’t do it. As long as the brand is interesting, even if the taste is not so ideal and the price is relatively high, everyone is still willing to buy it. Of course, if you can give some new-style foods and make them taste better, the effect will be better. Even to the point where it has become a joke, as long as the “Goubuli” brand can evoke people’s memories, it is still possible to change a team to take over and make a comeback. It depends on who is interested and willing to start. Then it’s about the food that disappeared from childhood…

6 months ago

The kind of protection required to maintain a brand requires a family’s religious devotion. Brands do not exist for people, but people exist for brands. It is not “the meaning of the existence of a brand is to make people make money”, but “the existence of people is to make the brand flourish”. If the guardians of the brand do not have such beliefs, they are not. Why do brand consumers believe that the brand can last forever? If you think that a brand is just a tool for you to make money, and a design that exists to serve your survival, what reason do I not think you will be adulterated with fraud? Especially when you are not doing well, what do you claim that you have not mixed up with water and made fakes, cut corners and cut corners? There is only one reason why people can forgive the defects of branded products, that is, your family has exhausted its wealth-there are no people who are still alive and healthy, and there is no financial resources that can be saved. At this time, the quality of your branded products There are defects, people still can’t accept them, but they can be forgiven. There are still people in your family who are in good health, and it is unforgivable for your products to have flaws. Your family still has money to eat and drink. It is unforgivable that your product has defects. Brand is not a life-sustaining tool, but your life itself, a super life higher than your own life. Be poor, never give up, never give up. If one day my family is going to perish and there are no offspring in my family to match, I will definitely hand it over to another heir who is worthy of it. If you can look at the things you make in this way, anything you protect will become a brand and become a part of human history. When these things are there, you live in its history. If these things are gone, you have never lived. To let this thing die in order to keep yourself alive, you are not seeking survival, you are seeking death. Only if you really understand this, and believe and stick to it, can you be qualified to start a sect and become an ancestor. The brand issue is not a business issue at all, but a belief issue. Without the practice of faith, there will be no cultivation of the ability of faith. Without the ability to believe, all coercion and temptation, good times and adversity will induce a defect that is dressed up as “creative” and “innovative”. Defection has been a long time, and you will not even believe that you can persevere in anything. You don’t believe in your own credibility. If you have no credibility in front of you, you feel bad when you fall in love. What qualifications do you have to go? Talking about “brands”? Many people mistakenly think that the money is strong now, and things that are loud and loud are considered brands. They mistakenly think that quick and fierce piles of money and storytelling are the secrets of building and maintaining brands. So, where are “LeTV” and “Hammer” now? Being rich and powerful is just a multiplier of credibility, but -1 multiplied by 10,000 times is no bigger than zero. When will you realize that the brand is a problem of belief rather than management (or even more nonsense “marketing problem”), and when will there be an answer to the “dog ignore” question-from the moment it was taken by the “marketing school” , It is already dead.

6 months ago

In fact, since Goubuli steamed buns opened restaurants and sold high prices, they moved on to the current situation on their own. Because Baozipu, which was originally the closest to life, began to break away from the people. This is not a manifestation of the contradiction between the people’s growing need for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. No matter what you do, you must keep your mission in mind and never forget your original intention. Keep the needs of the people at heart, instead of lying on the so-called centuries-old brand of merit and disregarding the needs of the people. Only by relying on the people can we develop and progress better.

6 months ago

I want to ask: A small meat bun with a thick skin and little stuffing, which tastes “greasy and crooked”, sells for more than 60 catties! If you add a shrimp to this kind of bun and sell it for more than 80 jin, would you buy this kind of bun? I want to say, maybe because of curiosity I will buy it and try it! But won’t eat it a second time! And this kind of buns are the “Goubuli” buns I have eaten! There is a “Goubuli” steamed bun shop in our city! I don’t know if it is authorized but it has been for many years! The first time I ate it, the old wife and mother-in-law went to eat, and packed some for me and my wife! In Lao Zhangren’s words: “The current Goubuli steamed buns are no longer the same taste as before, you can make do with it!” After eating, it is the first feeling! As a “foodie”, I am really disappointed with “Goubuli”! The sign is very big and loud! It’s not tasty, and it’s expensive! It’s really hard to survive now! I personally think that as a time-honored snack brand, it is understandable that it is expensive, but if it is expensive and not tasty, how many people will insist on buying it? After all, what most people eat is taste, but what they eat is cost-effective! How many people are willing to “gnaw the brand” all the time? The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

6 months ago

When a company has once been brilliant, has a good family background, and especially has brand power (“The Father of Coca-Cola” Woodruff once proudly said: “Even if Coca-Cola factories all over the world are reduced to ashes overnight, I can rely on it. The brand of Coca-Cola obtained loans from banks and made a comeback!”) Non-high-tech consumer goods companies have seen a significant decline. Generally speaking, the first reaction is: what is happening in the industry in which the company is located or the category it produces problem? Let’s talk about the big industry that Dog ignores-catering. Of course, the epidemic has an impact, and basically it has gradually recovered. In other words, businesses that had good business before the epidemic have survived this period and their customers will come back. Moreover, Goubuli is a time-honored brand, not an online celebrity shop. It does not exist because the epidemic suddenly interrupted its momentum and was then forgotten. From the actual situation, before the epidemic, the business of Goubuli was not so good. Is there a problem with the category of steamed buns? We can’t find the changes in the number of buns and bun shops nationwide, and many restaurants that are not bun shops also sell buns. But from the perspective of the buns themselves, there were buns with various fillings in the Southern Song Dynasty. This category has deep taste memory and category recognition for the common people, just like dumplings and noodles, the common people will not suddenly stop eating. Or eat less steamed buns. So is it that the business type of bun shop that specializes or mainly sells buns is not developing well? Although there are no giant companies such as Haidilao and Xibei, and they have not been favored by investors as frequently as Fulao noodles, but the business of Baozipu still has a good momentum of development, is welcomed by consumers, and continues to exist. Brands with a long time, such as Barbie steamed buns, Xiaoyang Shengjian, Ganqishi, which are well known to the public, high-end Ding Taifeng, and time-honored brands such as Qingfeng steamed buns and Nanxiang steamed buns; in terms of unit price, RMB 56, Twenty to thirty, sixty to seventy, to hundreds of yuan, each section seems to be able to find some representative merchants, and even recently there have been Internet celebrity bun shops like Su Xiaoliu, and consumers are eager to queue. It should be said that the common people did not stop eating steamed buns or patronizing steamed bun shops. So, is there a problem with the time-honored brand? The identity of the time-honored brand has not become a wealth for Goubuli, but has become a burden for Goubuli? This kind of thing seems to be more obvious in terms of clothing. On the one hand, consumers have requirements for clothing comfort and convenience, and on the other hand, the changes in fashion trends have caused time-honored brands to fail to keep up with consumers’ aesthetic preferences; however, this problem does not exist in the catering industry. I like to wear sneakers but also like to eat lamb. It should be said that in addition to keeping warm and covering the body, clothing also contains the user’s taste and personality expression and the social currency attribute attached to the brand. But for catering, taste memory is cultivated from an early age and continues to solidify in subsequent life, especially staple food/dinner, taste memory is very strong, snacks and pastries do have various product challenges that face freshness, such as mung bean cake in the young The popularity among people may be lost to tiramisu, but the taste memory of staple food/dinner is difficult to erase. It should be said that the time-honored dinner brands are more fortunate than other time-honored brands. Since there are so many advantages, how can Goubuli “play a good hand to a pulp”? Perhaps the problem lies in the product itself. Unrealistic names and high prices are the taboos of all catering merchants. Consumers can pay for their feelings once or twice, but every time they feel pitted, the consumer experience is an overdraft of the brand power. And with Dianping, even tourists’ money is not so easy to cheat. It should also be noted here that the category of buns may not necessarily be high-end. Just like before Zhong Xuegao, people did not think that the ice cream in the freezer of convenience stores could penetrate the price range of 15 yuan. Before the hi tea, people could not think of a cup. Chinese tea drinks can be sold for 30 yuan and you have to wait in line for an hour or two. The product is defined by people, and consumers can also be educated. It depends on whether the product is good or not. The brand operation ability of the merchant is strong or not, of course, it may not be the team. My own ability is not good. There may be management problems, mechanism problems, and even system (shareholding structure) problems.

6 months ago

Until the door closes, I don’t know the time-honored name for finding the cause. What is left? In addition to earning initial fees, who do you do? The market is now the main configuration orientation, and the audience does not recognize you, and relies on the old to sell the old. When I was in Beijing before, I saw it inexplicably and upgraded. It turns out that Goubuli is a time-honored brand, just like Daoxiang Village. Later, I went to eat one day after the upgrade, and I felt that the decoration was going to be extravagant. At that time, I thought it was something, especially when I saw Goubuli translated as go believe, I was stunned by laughter. Not to mention the consumers before losing themselves, and everyone generally commented that it was expensive and unpalatable. It is not a pity to go bankrupt, but it is a pity that an old brand was destroyed by a group of prodigals who were eager for quick success and quick profit. Once out of touch with the market and deviating from consumer interest, no matter how good the golden sign is, it will not last long… Today, Goubuli has no stores in Beijing, and Tianjin offline stores are shrinking simultaneously. The “bad review” video is just a small fuse, and the problem that has always existed behind it is the key. Internet celebrities or established stores that are surrounded by fame should pay more attention to improvement…

6 months ago

The time-honored names of the imperial capital, such as the Qingfeng Wontonhou of Yaoji Huguo Temple in Daoxiang Village of Changxing Ju said that they have encountered challenges.
Time-honored catering brands are the same as competing in other service industries. They are either economical, clean, and sanitary, or they strive for excellence and have a reasonable premium. To achieve one of the two, relying on the brand to accumulate life will not be bad.
But if you use the former to sell the latter for the price of the latter, it is not because you encounter challenges but actively seek death.

6 months ago

How to look at it: In a word, it doesn’t taste good. It’s unreasonable if it doesn’t taste good. Dilemma: There are too many delicious foods, but the dog ignores them; how to deal with it: eat well. Doesn’t anyone like my simple answer? Although there are answers that can be answered, I think the core competitiveness of food is “delicious” if it is said to be broken! And Goubuli steamed buns are really his father’s not delicious. Not tasty and expensive! Doesn’t this kind of shop continue to make people doubt life? !

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