What I want to ask is whether it means that Shanghai is full of multimillionaires. With tens of millions of working capital, just buy a house and withdraw it from the bank. (Many comments say that I have a small structure and have never seen the world. Alas. My family is engaged in rent collection business. The annual rent is 3 million to 4 million. The working capital is 30 million. The fixed assets are 70 million. I bought a house in Shanghai. So Please focus on answering questions. Don’t laugh at people for now. I’m not from Shanghai. I’m from Wenzhou. I’m just curious to ask.)

Out-of-towners brought a down payment of 1 million to pick up a 60-square-meter husband’s house in the suburbs of less than 3 million (this is just in need of a non-local position). The homeowner of the husband in the suburbs, holding the above 3 million, the suburban 100-square-meter house, 85 square-meter small three-bedroom house, or 70-square-meter two-bedroom house in the suburbs (this is an ordinary aboriginal rank). The above-mentioned homeowner holds 5 million, and receives a 95-square-meter small three-bedroom or large two-bedroom in the urban area of ​​7-8 million (this is the middle aboriginal rank/general out-of-town middle class). The above-mentioned homeowner holds a 120-square-meter three-bedroom apartment in the urban area with an offer of 7-8 million and an offer of 10-12 million (this is the local and Jiangsu middle-class / general foreign senior middle-class rank). Middle class is a very controversial statement. Since 80% of the wealth of Chinese residents is in real estate, I temporarily set a family with a property value of 10-15 million as the Shanghai middle class, that is, a relatively good three-bedroom in the urban area, and an old house of 400-500. They often have better living quality and can also collect passive income from rent and financial management. Those with more wealth than this, even more than 2-3 times, may only be considered senior middle-class people, not rich, but I won’t discuss this group. In general, the non-local demand with a budget of about 3 million yuan is the source of the replacement chain of the Shanghai housing market. Large amounts of external funds poured in directly and purchased houses in full. They have, and often become the vane, but they cannot be called the main body. Many people like to portray “the rich in the first line”. In fact, more buyers are the replacement chain. Part of it. As long as there are still many children from families in other cities coming in in Shanghai with a down payment of 1 million, there will never be a shortage of buyers for tens of millions of houses-does it seem to be much simpler? It’s not much more than 1 million. Many urban families sell a house and save some money. If it’s a couple, it’s easier; it’s just that it’s not easy to get married in Shanghai.


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6 months ago

Yes, there are so many young people who have worked hard in Shanghai for a few years and saved some money. Then their parents sold the house in their hometown and supported a little bit. Then they bought a house in a very remote place in Shanghai. The owner who sold a house in a very remote place took the money to buy a house in a slightly less remote place, and then the owner of this slightly less remote place took the money to buy a house in the city center. This is roughly the situation.

6 months ago

For ordinary local people who have a house in Shanghai with a house of 10 million, it means selling a house to raise a down payment of several million, and then lending several million to become a house slave. For outsiders, a house of 10 million in Shanghai means selling 1-N houses, emptying out N wallets, and then lending several million to become house slaves. The change of houses by locals in Shanghai is equivalent to a slight rise in class. Out-of-towners buy houses in Shanghai to get on the crowded train in first-tier cities, so that future generations can enjoy the science, education, culture, and health dividends. Housing prices are a pyramid, with Beijing and Shanghai at the top of the tower, and countless second-tier, third-tier, and fourth-tier cities below it. Every city is a checkpoint. Buyers and sellers use money as a bargaining chip to play a customs clearance upgrade game of drumming and passing flowers. At the beginning of the game below, I am a young man from a rural area. Girls married in our place require the man to have a house in the county seat. I paid a down payment of 300,000 yuan and borrowed 500,000 yuan. I bought a house in the county town with a unit price of 8,000 yuan and a monthly payment of 3,000 yuan. Rural young man and rural girlfriend. I am the one who sold the house in the county. After graduating from my second school, I stayed in the city, preparing to marry a female classmate in the city. I sold the house in my home county, raised a down payment of 800,000 yuan, and borrowed another 700,000 yuan. I bought a house in the city with a unit price of 15,000 yuan and a monthly payment of 4,500 yuan. A young man in a county town and a girlfriend in a prefecture-level city. I am the one who sold the house in the city. After graduating from university on 211/985, I stayed in the provincial capital as a programmer. I work overtime every day to write code, and my face is blackened by the radiation of the screen. Fortunately, I have a lot of hair. In order to be able to marry Bai Fumei in the provincial capital, I sold the house in my home city and raised a down payment of 1.5 million. I also borrowed 1.5 million. I bought a house in the provincial capital with a unit price of 30,000 yuan and a monthly payment of 10,000 yuan. Young men in prefecture-level cities and girlfriends in provincial cities. I am the one who sold the houses in the provincial cities. I haven’t been to college, but my dad used money to make me the leading actor in several dramas. I also worked hard to film and run announcements, and finally became a big star. Actors self-cultivation Jingdong ¥15.20 to buy​I successfully settled in Shanghai Lingang New Area through the talent introduction program. In order to be with the goddess, my father sold 12 houses in a unit in the provincial capital. With 40 million funds, I finally bought a large flat with river view in Pudong, where I can see the Oriental Pearl, with a monthly payment of 0. I stood on the balcony and watched the goddess face the Huangpu River when her mouth and face slightly cocked, finally letting go of the hanging heart. Provincial male star and Shanghai goddess. I am the one who sold the house in Shanghai. I live in New York now, and I have 40 million yuan in my hand, which is 6 million in US dollars. I spent 1 million US dollars on a large house, and the remaining 5 million US dollars bought the fund, with a monthly income of 20,000 US dollars. I am financially free, and the fund income is enough for me to eat dozens of bags of one-dollar fried chicken every day. I dyed my long red hair, made two girlfriends at the same time, and asked them to eat fried chicken for one dollar every day. The one on the left is called Lily, she is slender, with long black hair, and is gentle and lovely; the one on the right is called Lucy, she is plump, with long blonde hair, and passionate. I am very blessed!

6 months ago

It’s not tens of millions at every turn. Below 3 million, half of the house that allows you to empty your six wallets “jumps” takes up half of the country. As of October 2020, the total permanent population of Shanghai is 24,237,800. Among them, the permanent resident population is 9,762,100. In fact, there is more than this number. Therefore, “receiving orders” never worry about it. [Newcomer] When I come to Shanghai, I want to give my children a future, and I want to stay in this city. Then, the “house” is just needed. A four-digit house? No, how is it possible! The maximum is 3 million. If you live in the suburbs, you can go to Hongqiao to work in Qingpu. If you live in Fengxian, you will go to work in Zizhu. If you live in Baoshan, you will go to work in Shibei. If you live in Xiasha, you will go to work in Sanlin. Broken small”. I think so, gritted my teeth, and got 3 million dollars to the house. [With a house], I got a [newcomer] payment of 3 million for the house, and posted a savings of 1 to 2 million, thinking about changing the house for 5 million to “improve” it. [Indigenous], I got a house payment of 5 million from [with a house], and also posted my savings to exchange for a better house of 8 million. [Hao Aboriginal] I sold two 5 million houses (oh, there are three more…the more the better), and finally he touched the door of the four-digit house. Colleagues can “get fat”, and I happened to hear it… (real experience haha) and the real [local tyrants] who paid four-figure directly, there are actually not many, compared with the “old broken” in Central “Small”, various 3 million in the vast space outside the outer ring: Sijing Jiuting Qibao Aibo New Bridge Songze Qingpu New City Dianshan Lake Zhujiajiao Xujing North City Mingzhu Road Luonan Jusheng Road Liuxing Malu Nanxiang Hesha Hangcheng New Field Gaoqiao Zhangyang North Road Shiwantang Town Songnan Songbao Gucun Jiangyang North Road Yuepupujiang Sanlin Nanzhoupu Laominhang West Crossing Fengpu Wujing Jinshan Petrochemical… (I can think of it in one breath) Compared with them, How much is a “four-digit urban area” room? However, there are still differences: [indigenous] and [with houses] are the first entrants, using their savings to improve and to maintain value. [Newcomers] are latecomers, using their own future, to overdraw. The idea of ​​”be able to stay in this city” was really realized after buying a house. And it is the realization of “deep bundling” type. From then on, I went out early and returned late, cautiously, and never dared to talk to the leader again. Overtime? There is no regrets, because I am carrying a house, and because the children’s supplementary lessons are getting more and more expensive. Oh, yes, the children’s tutoring class is also popular for the “year card”… After get off work, the coordinates are at Qingpu Huijin Road Subway Station. This little brother has been conscientiously handing out flyers for half a year, raining, snowing and windy, and never giving up: Dianshan Lake On the side, off-plan housing, only 17 thousand.

6 months ago

It’s really a lot. . Most local parents work in Shanghai, so buying a three-bedroom apartment with a tens of millions of dollars is not very stressful. But, all the family property is also in this. . . I’m born in 1985. Many Shanghainese living in ten million houses around me. Most of my family’s economic conditions are average, and many of them change houses like this: 1. The first house in my family is old and broken, and the house is divided into houses, and the age of the house is average. Around 1970. Good parents at work will buy the first two-bedroom house around 2000, and they will have two houses at home. If it is a parent with a poor work unit, they will sell the old one and buy the first two-bedroom family home. At this time, the house price in Shanghai was only 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan per square meter. . The houses in the city center have not broken ten thousand. And at this time, buying a house in Shanghai will also give you a blue seal account (Shanghai account). . . Then ushered in the first wave of house price increases. . . 2. If it is a family that gave birth to a boy, it will generally save a marriage room for the son in the next few years. In this way, the family of boys whose parents work well has three sets, and the families of boys with poor work have two sets. . Families that give birth to daughters may replace them with larger houses to live together, or save hundreds of thousands of dowries for their daughters. At the time of marriage, many men’s families will sell a set of old and broken children before marriage, and then the woman’s home will also post some cash, and everyone will replace a better two-bedroom, or change the location to a three-bedroom in one step. At that time, the house price was 20,000 to 30,000 square meters. Married around 2010, and then ushered in the second wave of housing prices. . . . 3. In the future, both parents are getting older, and the two-bedroom staircase that I originally bought does not seem to be suitable for living. At the same time, the mortgage pressure on the house I live in is not great at all. At this time, there are two options. Some are replacing an elevator room for their parents, and some are replacing a larger flat floor or duplex, living with one parent, which is also convenient for bringing children. Then in 2015, housing prices rose sharply again. . . Then in 2020, housing prices will rise again sharply. . . The price of an ordinary three-bedroom apartment is also over 10 million yuan. . . If it is a Shanghai family where ordinary parents have legitimate jobs, it is normal for them to improve their lives and for their children to marry and have children at a normal age. Basically, the family lives in a junior room in the urban area. Calculating the market value is also ten million. . In the past few waves of rising in Shanghai, as long as the two waves are just stepped on, the living conditions at home are basically pretty good. But do these people have money? Not really, they are just ordinary people. . Most of them can only be replaced, and can’t afford new ones. .

6 months ago

Real estate in China is so expensive. Your question actually shows that you have no idea about China’s national conditions. Real estate in China is not completely acquired at current prices. In the beginning, the housing reform was purchased for tens of thousands of dollars. I bought a few sets if I had more money. Later, the real estate was booming, with hundreds of thousands of houses, raising money, hundreds of thousands, to buy. It has risen to 1 million, sell it. At that time, the down payment was low, so buy a house for several million. The house of several million has risen to ten million, and the other is sold, and the loan is paid off (this loan is several million at the original price, and the current price is tens of millions). Simply put, local residents, the original old houses, entered the market earlier. Master the policy. Counting it down in this way, in fact, the real money earned by my own work, from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, has now become 10 million. That’s it. //The original non-Shanghai old houses, more than 10,000, are now 1 million. Only 20 years. The salary did not rise from a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan to a monthly salary of 100,000 yuan. However, those who can buy a house at a current price are those who cannot afford it. I’d better live in the dormitory arranged by the organization.

6 months ago

It’s actually not that difficult. One situation is that the tens of millions of houses you see were not worth 10 million when they bought them. Considering that there has been a lot of growth in the past few years, a house worth 10 million will be 4 million in 2015. If they bought it early, it wouldn’t be too difficult. There is also a situation where they bought an early house. Although it did not reach RMB 10 million later, the price increased significantly. They could sell the house and buy the house for RMB 10 million. The two to three million houses were sold for six to seven million, and a down payment of 10 million was paid and a loan of 3 million was made. It can be affordable for ordinary families. Even if the young couple who stayed in Shanghai got married, both parties sold two sets of their original homes. Make up a down payment of five or six million. It also depends on your operation. The real thing you see is that you want to get married after graduating from college. The first set of 3 million yuan, and more than 7 million loans. There are not no such people, but fewer. It’s just that Shanghai has a large population base of more than 20 million people. There are still many people who can make up this money in various ways.

6 months ago

Let me talk about the objective facts: the average price of a new house in Shanghai is around 50,000, and the average price of a new house is around 4 million. As for the ten million houses you mentioned, of course there are some in Shanghai. There are also many houses with ten million yuan in Hangzhou. For example, on the banks of the Qiantang River and around the West Lake, it is said that the unit price of Wulin No.1 is 100,000 yuan. Personally, I feel that the subject is more about showing off wealth, not about Shanghai housing prices. Why the house price in Shanghai is 50,000 yuan? The reason is simple. Most of the supply of new houses in Shanghai is in areas such as Fengxian, Baoshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Lingang, and the core urban areas such as Huangpu, Xuhui, Hongkou, Jing’an and other areas. However, the amount is not so large. After the comparison, the average price is not high. If you stare at the neighborhoods where Shanghai stars live: Gubei No.1, Tangcheng Yipin, and Yunjin Dongfang, you really need a lot of money. No need, just like you have to live in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Forbidden City does not allow people to live casually. It is difficult to get on the train in Shanghai, but protection is just needed. Shanghai is still very friendly to the rigid demand of the first set of first loans, with a down payment of 35%. In other words, to buy a 40,000 90-square-meter commercial house, the total price is 3.6 million, and the down payment is more than 1.26 million. For many people with good family conditions, this down payment can bite the bullet and get into the car. It’s not that there are tens of millions on the Internet, this is definitely a rumor! The attached picture shows the ten best-selling new properties in Shanghai last week. In terms of unit price, there is only one with a unit price of more than 100,000. There are nine of them with a unit price of less than 50,000. There are six of them with a unit price of less than 40,000. It can be seen that the prices of most new houses are not so exaggerated. Calm!

6 months ago

There are just so many. But the real situation may be different from the concept of affordability you understand. You understand that you can afford it. It may mean that you have 10 million + cash in your bank card, and then you can buy it in full. However, the reality is that many houses with an improvement demand of 10+ million are funded through replacement to raise the down payment, and then add loans. In the past two years, I have basically bought houses of 10 million+ and 20 million+. I have not heard of anyone who bought it in full.

6 months ago

For example, last year I bought a house worth about tens of millions. The family sold two houses in Shanghai, and they added up to about 3 million. After graduation, I saved about 1 million. My parents posted about 3 million. Asked relatives. I borrowed about 1 million. Asked the bank. I borrowed about 2 million. For a house purchased for about 10,000 yuan, in the owner group, the main unit type is about 10 million, and the online price is less than 15 million. The owners are mainly from Shanghai + Jiangsu and Zhejiang + non-Jiangsu and Zhejiang provincial capital cities. The basic model is also, selling the house at home + saving money + cheating on old parents’ support + bank loan. It’s essentially a solitaire game, and it needs someone to take the game to replace it. According to the data seen in the public real estate account, 60% of second-hand houses in Shanghai are below 3 million, 30% are 3-6 million, and only 4% are really above 9 million. If you sell less than 3 million, make up a down payment for 3-6 million, sell 3-6 million, and make up for a down payment of 600 or more. Such Solitaire is the norm, and it’s rarely done in one step.

6 months ago

Thousands at every turn? The subject’s cognition of money really knows, high-end platforms with an annual income of one million per capita have such a big tone! Since it can be called “everything”, it can’t be less than 50%, right? In fact, even after so many rounds of increase, the proportion of real estate transactions over 8 million in Shanghai only reached 6% last year, which is ten times smaller than the so-called digression at every turn. Of course, there are actually more accurate data because there are statistics on luxury housing transactions every year, but we haven’t seen last year’s. The latest data is only for 2019. Although the data is old, it is estimated that the proportion is not a problem. In 2019, there were 240,000 second-hand housing transactions in Shanghai and about 80,000 new houses. The total number is 300,000. According to the subject, there should be 150,000 tens of millions of luxury houses, but in fact there are only 5,700. The estimated one-tenth is not at all, and the total proportion is less than 2%. It’s a bit too far away from the awkwardness, right? So back to the question: “Shanghai’s houses are often tens of millions, so are there really so many people who can afford tens of millions of houses?” The conclusion is: Shanghai’s houses are definitely in the minority, so you can buy them. There are really not so many people in the Mansion House. The subject is just that you set a target and shoot yourself. How much you earn has nothing to do with the house price in Shanghai, only when you meet another Zhihu version of Versailles~ but also It may be that the subject is not talking about the Shanghai I am in. It is estimated that Shanghai in parallel time and space has read the high praise answer. Most people have agreed with the subject. There are two reasons mentioned most: 1. Replacement: 3 million just-needed houses-5 million improved houses-1000 Marriott House. The biggest loophole in this chain is Shanghai’s first set of first mortgages. The down payment can only be 3.5%, and the second set of non-popular down payment is 70%. , You sell 5 million houses not enough for the down payment of 10 million houses; 2. Local aboriginals: There are many properties, sell one or two sets, and then borrow a few million. The logic loophole is that, except for a few demolished households who can sell multiple sets to pay the full price, most local aboriginals cannot pay 300 even if they have 70% down The monthly payment of ten thousand mortgages; there are some that can be paid. First, the absolute amount is not high, and the transaction cost is so high that no one will scan the data. Second, it will seriously affect the quality of life. The locals have always been savvy, which is thankless. , Why bother

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