The orthopedic surgeon is a little younger than me, talks tuberculosis, feels not very stable, and is not a local
The fire chief is much older than me, with average academic qualifications, but he is from a local home and has a garage
I don’t know which one to choose as a boyfriend

This question reminds me inexplicably of a movie I have watched before-Gao Yuanyuan’s “Single Men and Women”. The screenshots of the following movies are all from Douban Movies. This is a love movie about ten years ago. The specific plot is not clear. It is probably: a small financial girl who is rich and handsome in the two — a young diamond king with a successful career. (Gu Hei Zai) and a family of well-off talented architects (Wu Erdan) are wobbly. Facing the heart-to-heart love offensive of the two parties, they are moved, tearful, entangled and regretful…Brother frog, dead…in the film The two handsome men and women licked their dogs so much that they licked it so that it was called a heaven and earth cracked gold and stone… Architectural genius made people decadent for Yixiao, a bullfrog accompanied for many years, designed a building for love for two years just for “Marry” me”. The prodigal financial talent turned his head back, kicked his long-legged foreign sister, created a surprise with thousands of wish notes, and finally climbed the building with his bare hands. (Do you dare to believe this film was taken by Yinhe Impression…) Being snatched by two diamond kings and elders is the dream of countless sisters! In this question: I suggest introducing a competition mechanism to inform both parties of the existence of rivals, and implement a heartbeat scoring mechanism. Whoever has time to accompany you gets one point… whoever chases after you gets one more point…Who can be most moved by something extraordinary You have to add two points… put down the keyboard in your hand! This is what Gao Yuanyuan taught me in the film! (Surrender and run away) After all, the two rich, handsome and handsome in the film are infinitely overweight to engage in an arms race, a Maserati and a cross-level suite in Central, 9 courses of French cuisine and 82 years of Lafay, watched more than a thousand videos and full houses. Zi’s ​​love post, finally lost to the five-carat pigeon egg and the Universal 188 “MARRY ME” big neon… this competition! This risk hedge! Isn’t this a banquet for girls? As for who to choose as a lifelong partner in the end… Isn’t this just picking a boyfriend into a relationship? It’s too early to pick a husband! Girl, listen to me, whether it’s real life or love movies, don’t watch those “Pu Xin men”. If you want to choose, choose the rich, rich and handsome! If you want a squadron leader, you can choose the chief of the fire department. If you want a new orthopedic surgeon, choose the president of the orthopedic hospital and the standing committee member of the Chinese Medical Association! trust me! That’s right! Neither of these men are worthy of you at the moment!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Elect the fire chief. When a girl encounters a relationship problem, she should first mention the house and car. Generally, the family should not be rich, and she is uncertain about choosing a spouse. If you look forward to the future, you should not be strong enough, have too little experience, and don’t know what you want. Maturity] This kind of evaluation shows a wonderful self-confidence. Such an ordinary, ordinary but so confident girl must have an online appearance (element awareness), otherwise she would not be able to choose between these two. Then the strength of the subject is that it is beautiful, and the weakness is that the ability is not good, the knowledge is not good, and the family conditions are not good. There is a high probability that the orthopedic surgeon in the later stage cannot be controlled. For example, Dr. Liu from the Department of Orthopedics of Zhejiang No. 2 Department and Dr. Liu from Zhengda East Hospital are all ready to take off. After these orthopedic surgeons enter middle age, they will have beautiful colleagues, intellectual instrument dealers, and young students, and it will be hard to handle at that time. The firefighters have no such worries at all. After all, the colleagues are men, the leaders are men, and the newcomers are also men…

6 months ago

Are you doing business or choosing a lifelong partner? Now that you have a car and a house does not mean that you will have it in the future. If you don’t have it now, it doesn’t mean you will not have it in the future. Secondly, there must be a certain material basis. I feel that you now value material more. I recommend you to choose the chief of the fire department. Why? 1 Although firefighters have to be on duty, they are not as busy as doctors. Secondly, the firefighters respect you. If no one scolds you and kills you, the doctor may die suddenly. Thirdly, you don’t like that doctor.

6 months ago

Quite a realistic question. I wanted to make complaints, but is the current concept of love so practical? After thinking about it, it seems that it has always been. Since ancient times, regardless of family circumstances and conditions, choosing a partner purely for the so-called love has always been non-mainstream. . . But you still have to think: Why do you want to get married if you can support yourself? . . When we meet face to face, we talk about friendship, but in fact, it’s all about business in my eyes. . . How much real value does this kind of affection and intimacy have in this day and age? Although the world is not beautiful, I still want to see it beautiful. . I wanted to give some practical analysis, but it just so happens that I still have an understanding of these two professions. But this view of marriage and love made me suddenly feel dull.

6 months ago

It is recommended that the subject of the topic first understand what you value most, and then choose the one with more wealth. If you can’t make up your mind to show that the current fire chief’s money is not up to the standard, then you should find someone with more money, otherwise you can choose these two options at the moment. Everyone regrets that if love is the most important thing, then don’t compare money with love. However, it is painful to mix these two. Choose whichever you love. You won’t… You won’t love it all. Step on…

6 months ago

Is this still optional? Is it still used to ask questions? It is recommended to fall in love with the chief of the fire squadron before the age of 40. Because I guess, just because of your character in doing business, the house in the house may be in trouble (excessive arson). It must be correct to find the chief of the fire squadron. Fight the fire, he is a lever. After the age of 50 or 60, you can fall in love with a new orthopedic doctor. If you are good at doing business like this, you will definitely be busy with ‘’business negotiations’’ every day. The bones are definitely not good. It’s okay to find an orthopedic doctor, and I will do orthopedic rehabilitation for you every day, so that you will feel fuller every day. Isn’t this the best of both worlds, killing two birds with one stone? Aha

6 months ago

interesting. To make friends and fall in love, you don’t need to feel or think about what you like. It doesn’t matter how tall, short, fat and thin the other person is, but only depends on the person’s occupation, position, and whether they have a house or a car.
Your question has clearly stated your subconscious mind, so there is no need for everyone to answer it.

6 months ago

The postgraduate reading taught me an obedient skill: more than one “but” is used to express the transition, but in any case, the content after the transition is the most important information. Judging from the content of the question “and is not a local person” and “but it is a local home, and the garage has it”, choose B for this question. The firefighters also advise some women who have a white coat complex to consider clearly whether you like this white piece. Do you still like this person? If you like a white lab coat, you can buy one on Taobao and send it home. Feel free to find a boyfriend to play cosplay at home. If you only like this profession and can’t accept their long development time, don’t wade in this muddy water, don’t harm them

6 months ago

Unexpectedly, there are not many people who can write so many likes. I will give you a link and a marketing account. Because the comments in the original article are always deleted, I specially opened an answer. If you are interested, you can read it. Look. What do the wealthy people around you teach you? Neither of these are worthy of you! You should choose the second generation of Tian Jiangfu! How much money does the doctor and the fire chief have? How can our little fairy choose between these two? No way! Get rich second generation! Have to treat you well! I have to give you money! You have to buy a house and a car before you get married! It has to be your name! Otherwise, how do you know that he loves you, right? Believe in yourself, you deserve the best! Do business as long as you do business, don’t behave as if you are in a relationship.

6 months ago

The subject description has been very inclined. The turning words are harmonious but very spiritual. The description of the orthopedic doctor is that he is young and unstable and is not a local. The description of the fire squadron leader is that the age of the fire squadron is average, but the locals have Is it not obvious that the car has a house? The subject is obviously more concerned about economic conditions and whether it is a local. Asking this question is just because I think the profession of an orthopedic surgeon is better and still young. This is something that both fish and bear’s paw want. It’s not easy to hear, because it is not greedy. I suggest that you don’t choose both subjects, but don’t harm people. I don’t know where the advantages of the subject are? Confidence is the pinnacle? One-way questioning feels like you are free to choose, but the sense of superiority is not a dream. Actually, neither of you is attracted to you! Inferring from the main consideration factors, it should be a small citizen’s family, and family education has always paid more attention to reality. The criteria for choosing a spouse is based on economic stability, and I don’t seem to attach importance to feelings. Group points”, find a person who is the same as the subject of the subject.

6 months ago

Usually you answer one xxx, one xxx. Which question should you choose to be your girlfriend answered happily. Once you get to this question, you break the defense? Boldly titled, how dare you ask which one to choose as your boyfriend? How dare to put men in the selected angle? ! Inverted! Brothers hurry up! As for some answers, the subject mentioned that the chief of the fire squadron had a house and a car, and he must have a poor family background. Hahaha, according to your logic: you must find an ugly, poor and lazy wife in the future, otherwise how to reflect your handsome and gold (ಡωಡ)hiahiahi otherwise, when it comes to female subjects being beautiful, I think you are not worthy of beauty What? Mentioned that the female subject has a good family background, presumably your family background is not good, and that the female subject does a good job, presumably your work is not good. We men have always chosen women for their part, and you, a little girl, dare to pick men here!

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