When Mi Bao was almost 2 years old, we went to Cuba together to build castles and dig shells on the beach, leaving many memories in the photos. Until when he was about 4 years old, I asked him if he still remembered going to Cuba? He said he could still remember, and said he wanted to go to Cuba to dig sand. Ask him the other day, do you remember that we went to Cuba? He said he didn’t remember. Then, I have to look at the photos on the phone with us and ask where it is? What are we doing? I really don’t remember at all. Is it useful for a 1-year-old child to travel? it works! At the age of 0-3, the speed of synapse formation is faster than at any other time. At the age of 2 and 3, the synapses of the brain reach twice as many as they are in the year. This shows that stimulation of the baby’s brain before the age of 3 will have a very positive effect. These stimuli include tactile, visual, auditory, and motion stimuli to promote synaptic connections between brain nerve cells and promote the development of the central nervous system. After 6 years of age, the growth of the children’s brain gradually stabilizes. The child’s experience as a child will have an impact on his subsequent growth. Just like a long time after we returned from Cuba, Mi Bao still remembers playing in the water and digging for shells on the beach; when looking at the photos, his face will also know that What kind of shells were dug there. Then why didn’t the child remember it later? Some studies have done research on the phenomenon of “baby amnesia” [1], and asked 222 college students what happened when they were 1-5 years old, such as whether they remember the birth of a younger brother/sister, hospitalization, death of family members, and moving. Experimental results show that the earliest meaningful memories are usually specific events. For example, a 2-year-old child can remember the birth of a sister/brother or was hospitalized, while a 3-year-old child can remember a move or the death of a family member. According to the descriptions in the previous two parts, children before 2 years old obviously have memories, so why can’t we remember? One explanation is that children before the age of 2 cannot use oral language, so it is possible that the memory of infancy is stored in non-verbal form. Although we can use language, we cannot extract the non-verbal information stored in previous memory.[2] . Although the memories of children before the age of 3 are remembered in the form of events, their memory is not accurate and easy to forget, so their memories are usually fragmented and incomplete, so we can often hear children’s memories In the plots of my childhood, details and even random combinations of characters and events were usually lost. Since you can’t remember, should you ignore the memories of children before the age of 3? Although the memory of children before the age of 3 will appear blank, their memory development is very rapid, and the reason they are easy to forget is because we adults cannot repeat every plot for the children, so they will forget “these are not repeated.” The event; but if we can repeat certain events for the child many times, then the child can remember. This is why we often give children a certain song, or the same story, or repeat some words, so that even if they grow up, they can still remember some scenes. So, if you can take your children out for more walks, take them to experience more, even if it is a small park a few miles away; even if you can’t remember all the scenes, at least the moment they play, they are happy !


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Puff (laughing out here) I used to say that children are raised by books, but now I have to say that there are too many parenting bloggers from the media. Novice mothers have seen a lot of parenting methods. This one feels good, that one feels good, but this me I don’t think it’s right, but with so many fans, maybe it’s still authoritative, so let’s listen to it. Hahaha. In fact, in the process of parenting, the mother’s happiness is extremely important. The same goes for traveling. Traveling with a baby is likely to be embarrassed, messy work and rest, changes in eating and drinking, and I don’t know what happened… He doesn’t care where he is, he is uncomfortable, he must use crying to express his discomfort… Wow, wow, wow! I can’t remember anything, I don’t know anything, and the parents are tired and hurt. However, the most precious thing in the process of growing up is the memory, the beauty of companionship. I think of the stone like a baby. I didn’t grab it in time when changing diapers in the hot spring. I ran hard into the crowd with bare buttocks. I was the mother who was wearing a swimsuit and chased the boy who had bare buttocks. The mother who was almost torn off his swimming trunks… …I was very embarrassed at the time, and the memories were really joyful. Mentioned with the 6-and-a-half-year-old Shishi, he resolutely refused to admit that he was smiling before looking at the photo. Then he put his arms around my neck and said: Mom, I was so naughty when I was a kid. He was still a small baby. On the quiet Zhulin Mountain in the south of the Yangtze River, he was pushed into a ditch full of grass by the running mother of Sa Huan… He laughed so weakly that he pulled the child up, watching the child all over his body even there was grass in his mouth… There is really no good way except sitting on the floor and laughing. Looking at the foolish mother who laughed madly, the child forgot to wrestle and could only laugh with it. In Disney, Dad hugged him looking for his mother’s leg under the speed wheel… On the high-speed rail, 5 minutes before stopping, he pulled a wave of shit… On the seaside, having fun with bare buttocks, after all, life is only at this stage. Have the fearless courage to run naked. Wait, wait, etc. It’s all a 1-year-old’s trip. What did he remember? No, he didn’t remember anything. Traveling is never about remembering anything. Traveling is just an adjustment of life. It is a different way of life for a family. Traveling is never a waste. Walking out and going back is a memory in the future, a colorful and romantic memory, and a good thing to accompany the child in the process of growing up. Although there would be a lot of embarrassment, a lot of hard work and a lot of embarrassment. Life is just a little bit of seasoning. Traveling with children, in fact, the biggest gain is not the children but the parents!

6 months ago

Absolutely waste. Children can’t remember anything, and they have to take care of them all. The 1-year-old child has low immunity, weak intestines and stomach, not used to travel meals and easy to have diarrhea, and it is miserable to bring hot milk powder with him. Traveling or taking a stroller, if you basically want to hug when traveling in natural scenery, children can fall asleep at any time and exercise their arms very well. The children are not hungry at all, so they cry a lot at every turn, crying to your annoyance. The child is pink and tender with a small ball of meat. It is far more trouble than fun when traveling with you. The average parent will torture himself: Why should I take my baby out for travel? Even in kindergarten, a few people teamed up with a few children to charter a car to Xing’an Mountains, Aershan and other places. The natural scenery is very good, the beef and mutton are very delicious, and the forest grassland makes the adults amazed. However, children are happiest when they are traveling in the car, playing games with a few people, or watching cartoons in their accommodation. A few adults who are easy to get along with are the best to travel together. The problem is that when the adults travel, no one takes the children at home. Helplessly bring it.

6 months ago

One-year-old children are generally reluctant to stay at home and like to run and play outdoors. They already have a desire to meet small partners. They often meet with a few good parents with their children and take their children in the open open space outdoors. Accompanying children to play games, running and playing is good, allowing children to interact with children frequently, can exercise children’s communication skills, can help children integrate into the crowd faster after going to kindergarten, and will not be rejected; my child is in a walker When running and playing here, he usually spends his time outdoors in a place with a wide view. After he was one year old, he would walk and play in the children’s circle almost every day. Later, when he was in kindergarten, because he was very good at playing, he would also get along with the children in harmony. The children are very Like to play with him; when he was in elementary school, because he was good at communicating and dealing with problems, he had high prestige among his classmates, and he often helped the classmate who was bullied; taking one-year-old children out for travel, just staying with their parents, it has no practical significance Big;

6 months ago

Is this question politically correct? Can you prove anything if you don’t take your children on a trip? Parents just care about birth? Not so much. Responsibility is not responsible. It is not a trip. You can tell if you take it or not. Some people take it for a tour, don’t they just forget it in the car? I don’t think it’s a waste, but it’s really unnecessary to take a one-year-old child out on a trip. Some people say that the child is also a member of the family and has the right to travel with it. Xs, the dog is still a member of the family, why don’t you bring it to work? Tourism is more about relaxation, to experience beauty and joy, and how difficult it is for one-year-old children to bring it to everyone. I understand, there is no need to take it everywhere, but to bring the trivialities of life to the poetic travel, and to break the distance of the last fantasy. In fact, it is understandable to ask other members of the family to take a look occasionally. Young parents should also have their own time, just don’t give it to their parents, just be a shopkeeper, and behave with a basic sense of responsibility.

6 months ago

It’s not a waste. Adults and children are playing, are they? You also had a happy parent-child time. I used to think that it was a pity that my child had no permanent memory at the age of three or four. The intimate moments between him and his mother, his carefree living state, how his little learning skills became strong…At that time, I also wrote a “growth diary” for the children specially, and put some important, happy Recorded the days. In the future, when he is curious about his childhood, he can look back at these words. I didn’t insist on writing later, but I suddenly felt that a little Buddhism was quite good. The brain has its own set of memory system. Since there is no permanent memory in the first few years of human beings, then I don’t need to deliberately help my children remember. It would be better to accompany him seriously and let him enjoy the present day. Although children in this period do not have permanent memories, they will remember things. You bought her a piece of candy yesterday, and she can remember the sweetness of candy for a long time; you bought her a beautiful dress, and she said that her mother bought it for her when she met people; you took her on a trip, and she still couldn’t say enough, even You are required to do it again immediately. Such memories are precious and worth experiencing and keeping. If two or three years old are too big to compare with a one-year-old child. Then let’s talk about the situation of one-year-old children. Generally, children just learn to walk when they are one year old, and their teeth are not yet straight. They need adult assistance to dress and eat, and some even wear diapers. It does take more energy and patience to take them out. Let’s not talk about whether they will be happy when traveling, but just say the other way around. If you don’t take them out, what will happen if you go out on your own? The child may not see his parents for two or three days. Who can see his fear and helplessness? If he was still breastfeeding, he was even forced to wean directly. If family members are not well taken care of, and the child has a fever and becomes ill, can you still travel well? Therefore, traveling with children is not a good idea, but a more assured choice for parents, and it can even be said to be the best solution at the moment. My child has always been taken by me alone, and I will take her wherever I go. Including but not limited to, taking her to take a bath in 50 days; taking her to eat hot pot in 100 days; taking her to pick up her brother to and from school every day after four months; taking her by train for five months; taking her on excursions in seven months, etc. . If one year old has no memory, then 50 days is even more impossible, but my daughter likes to take a bath very much, she is not afraid of water at all, she stretches her body comfortably and let me wash, whether she is a 50-day-old baby or is now three years old Half a young child. Take her to public places. She can find the children’s dining chair familiarly. She also knows to go to the disinfection cabinet to find a cup and pour water. He knows that he has to pay after ordering the order, and he knows to say thank you to the waiter. She picks up her elder brother to school every day. She knows that school is a place where every week is on vacation. She knows that her elder brother can learn to write when he goes to school. She has no resistance to going to kindergarten. Take her on trains, buses, buses, private cars, and electric cars. She can tell the difference between these types of cars. She knows that you can’t speak loudly in other people’s cars. She will also pay attention to maintaining hygiene. When taking a bus, she Will sit down and take care of it the first time. Taking her on short trips, watching the flowers, watching the sea, climbing the mountains, she looked happily, not letting go of a small wild flower, she was sitting on the cradle with a happy light in her eyes, she saw the sea, Learning to paddling with me enthusiastically, she was halfway up the mountain and said she was tired. She asked me: “Who built such a long staircase for the mountain? Why can’t you walk?” But she still followed us and insisted on climbing. She laughed when she saw the person under the mountain suddenly becoming smaller. She quietly said to me: “Mom, they have become people in cartoons. This is amazing.” When I told her, the people below looked at us too. When I was in the cartoon, she kept asking me in disbelief if it was true. My little child, just grow up like this. What does it matter if she has no permanent memory? The accumulation of current memories is enough for her to learn happily and grow up carefree. What else do I ask for?

6 months ago

Don’t think of “revenues” as revenue. What can adults get through travel? What can adults get through life? Just staring at the income, how barren is your life? Moreover, this kind of poor-hearted person will desperately want to grasp something, for example, get off the car to take pictures and get in the car to sleep. His life will be full of noise due to ambition. If you can’t let go of your interests, your heart can’t calm down. The heart that can’t calm down, although full of tourism and various things, is like a two-yuan shop with a “last 3 days” banner everywhere, with a wide range of goods, but it is of no quality. Many people’s lives are like this. They hurried to the scenic spot, wishing to pick a bunch of flowers and take them away. They took a lot of photos, but they didn’t know what they could teach them besides “literacy”. (Many people really don’t know what to teach children besides teaching literacy. For example, they can’t wait to teach them 300 Tang poems in kindergarten.) 2. Take children to travel-if you are traveling-you can let them hear Different noises, accents, these are some perceptual materials. Can make him breathe different smells. Children are not as dull as adults. They have not divided life into “interests” or “blanks.” They always feel everything before utilitarian. The bumps in the carriage, the changes in light and shade, the noisy or pleasant bird song… these are all his books. If he is not allergic to pollen, when he does not know the difference between rapeseed and roses, he can feel the wild or artificially cultivated flowers and feel their different colors and different fragrances. He can’t name him, but he will be full of curiosity. He believes that what his parents gave him is the best. He will not only like butterflies, but also beetles. 3. Teach him to be happy. Strictly speaking, children are born to be happy. You just need to make it happen. This requires company. When you get along with him, don’t rush to train him into something. Cultivate him to be happy. Just like reading will lead to precipitation, happiness will also lead to precipitation. Otherwise, when you lose your happiness, you will use your mind to try to find it back. For example, a person who has lost happiness will ask: What is the meaning of living? What is the value of ordinary people? What keeps you safe from suicide? What is the foundation of survival? Happy people do not have these problems. There are so many stars in space, and they are all meaningless. Why don’t you live with them? 4. If you like life, you will find that everything in life is worthwhile. ps: Traveling with a child is very tiring, and we must also consider his diet, health, and other practical issues. Although I said that there is no psychological problem, but for practical problems, we still have to be prepared.

6 months ago

The expression of raising a baby, yes. First of all, it is a one-year-old child whose immune system has not been fully established, and many adults can take medicine that children can’t take (for example, norfloxacin, which is most commonly used by adults to treat diarrhea, can’t be taken by children). Basically all travel The scenic spots are crowded with people, and the food is not as clean and delicate as at home. There are many adults who are not satisfied with the water and soil. Traveling is a big adventure for one-year-old children. [One-day trip to the suburbs is not counted, it is not called tourism] I am not familiar with the place and my child is sick. It is definitely a very bad experience. My friend’s child was diagnosed with pneumonia by the county hospital and asked to be hospitalized. It turned out to be just a pharyngitis when he returned to his city. Just take some medicine. Secondly, the one-year-old child has no sense of traveling at all, that is, he doesn’t want to travel at all, and is being held hostage by his parents. Go, travel is meaningless to him, only meaningful to parents. In the end, he really can’t remember it, and will forget it completely. Moreover, it is very tiring to take the milk baby out, and he has to bring a lot of luggage. His milk bottle bib and various medical ear thermometers are not thankful. Let go of the one-year-old. If you go there at the age of four, five or six, the baby can still drag a small luggage. It’s super cute. Isn’t that fragrant?

6 months ago

I don’t think I can remember the question yesterday, it must be because I was too young yesterday! But I don’t understand! I’m too young to remember! Why keep reading? Wouldn’t it be okay to watch it when I can remember? I feel that this is like saying that when you get older, you can understand everything when you travel. In the end, it is still important to find a good location to take pictures! Learning this is a process that is repeated after the beginning! Even though I can’t learn anything from traveling, I still enjoy it and gain happiness and a certain amount of knowledge from it! It’s just that you think it’s not worthwhile for a one and a half year old child to spend such an expensive money to see the world! When he has better memory and thinking ability, he can remember more at one time! But I feel that traveling is like reading, reading the four classics and foreign classics to the children at once, and the children really can’t remember them! But we can read picture books to our children at the age of one! Travel may also be the same, from easy to difficult, from near to far. Take your children out for more walks and read more books. I can’t always lose! As for the value, how is the best value? This varies from person to person, so hard to say 3

6 months ago

Who told you that taking a 1-year-old child out on a trip is wasteful. Take a 1-year-old child to travel, especially abroad, the baby in your arms is your free VIP pass. There is a special green passage for mothers and babies in and out of the airport, so there is no need to queue. There are skip-the-line priority entrances and exits to and from well-known attractions, and some particularly crowded attractions can also be entered directly without an appointment, such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. There is a dedicated passage for mothers and babies on cruise ships, and there is no need to follow regular passengers. The time for boarding and disembarking will be greatly shortened, such as msc. Some shopping malls and attractions provide free baby meals and rest areas. What’s more, the hotel will also launch special family room discounts for customers with children. Take the baby out to strike up a conversation (crossed out) to ask foreign friends for directions, and you will also receive extremely patient explanations. This is called waste? Are you telling me this is waste? ? ? Oh, is it wasteful for children? Maybe it is. My boss ran with us in more than a dozen countries back then. He was still two and a half years old, and now he can’t remember the fart. Speaking of this, I also think of an interesting event that I encountered at the Palace of Versailles (that is, the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, that place is indeed very Versailles). After we visited the baby, his father went to the bathroom, and I stayed where I was to watch the baby. I just met a group of Chinese aunts (crossed out) and elder sisters resting on the sidelines. They crowded around, complimenting my boss for his handsome appearance. He looked like a mixed race. The eyebrows and eyes were sharp and angular, and the second child looked like our Chinese. I was just listening to them complimenting my baby, the boy’s father is back, the aunts (crossed out) have a look, huh? Dad is Chinese? Birds and beasts scattered quickly. I:……

6 months ago

When my daughter was more than two years old, my family of three went to Rome to play. At that time, my real heart activities were as follows: (1) I was going to Rome for a meeting, (2) taking my daughter-in-law to Rome by the way, and (3) we had to take care of our daughter. So you must also bring it. So the real situation at the time was not that we took our daughter to play, but that we needed to take care of our daughter while we went out to play. For my daughter, Rome is nothing fun at all. It is interesting to toss coins into the Trevi Fountain before standing in the puddle at the door of the house. When visiting the Colosseum and Parliament Hill, I often sleep on my shoulders. But one interesting thing is that when we went to play, we took a lot of photos and recorded a lot of videos. After we went home, every time a family of three watched these photos and videos, (including my daughter), we would fall into beauty. Of memories. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman said that people’s experiences and memories can sometimes be biased. It seems that this is true!

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