He said that the financial affairs should be handed over to him in the future. I think girls are insecure and need to manage money and disputes. What should I do? And I think it’s more reliable to do business. Although it’s difficult to do business now, most people will take this step after they are 30 years old, save money to open a store or something, or bring goods online at home. Or if there are several part-time jobs together, the money is invested instead of buying a fund. It feels like buying a lottery with random probability. It is very likely that there is no accumulation of experience, no money, speculation.

This is to make an excuse for not working, buy a fund, where do I need to resign? It is the easiest to buy funds. According to the idea of ​​fixed investment, you can buy points every time you drop. Similar to the idea of ​​saving money, wait until the bull market climax. For example, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index reaches 5000 points and then sells at once, or you can gradually sell above 4500. Clearance is fine when it reaches 5000 points or more. Of course, you can also buy at a low price and sell at a time. There is no need to stare at it every day. The more you look at this thing, the easier it is to lose money. Resigning to speculate in funds will surely turn into stock speculation in the end. There is a high probability that you will lose money when speculating in stocks. Even if the market is good in the past few years, you can make a small amount of money by trading stocks, but after the bear market, you still have to lose money. Work has been interrupted for a few years, and your ability is disrupted. It can’t keep up with the pace of society. It is impossible to start a business, and there is no money. Able to deliver food. At that time, maybe the take-out company has a delivery robot, and even the take-out will not be delivered. Didi didn’t have to drive because it was on autopilot. What should I do then? Probably only to steal the battery to maintain life like this. The idea of ​​resigning to buy a fund is still too naive and should be considered carefully. Anyone who resigns and engages in speculation must be very cautious. For most people, they work to make money while investing in funds. When the bull market climax, they will sell them at once. When they have a certain amount of savings, they can use them to open a shop, start a business, or continue to work. The way out for most people. The subject is very pragmatic, but there is no difference between industry and speculation. It just depends on which one is suitable for you. Set thinking is not advisable.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Funds are not stocks and there are risks, but they are fixed investment and it is really hard to lose money in long-term holding. Because buying funds is more about buying a sector, such as China Securities Liquor, China Europe Consumer, and Guolian An Semiconductor, which are all a mix of sectors and contain a basket of stocks. Regular investment buys, used to average buy undertakings. Long-term holding, used to harvest, the long-term gains of the plate. There is basically no loss in accomplishing these two items. A company may be faced with various problems. It can’t be said that a sector will not work in the future. For example, for example, the epidemic has caused a stock market crash in US stocks and A shares, but has it affected the consumer industry? The trade war is here, everyone has to eat…the epidemic is here, everyone has to eat…the locusts are here, everyone has to eat…international relations are tense, everyone has to eat…the US general election will come later, regardless of Chuanbao Can you be re-elected? Everyone has to eat…No matter when, the consumer industry cannot collapse, because this is the basic need for people. If you achieve these two points and still lose money, it means that you have not chosen the right fund or fund manager. You can look at my two answers, which add up to almost 2w approval and 10w collection.

6 months ago

Such an unreliable boyfriend! Tell your boyfriend, you can buy a fund, but there is no need to resign from an investment fund, and don’t use all your money to invest in a fund. Fund investment is not a year or two to make money, if it affects life and affection because of fixed investment, it is not the essence of fixed investment fund. If you want to invest in a full-time investment fund, please consider the following questions: 1. No job means no source of income. How to maintain your life? 2 Fund investment is a long-term process. It can take as short as three to five years, or as long as ten or twenty years to see profits. How long can you persist? 3 Do you know when to buy it? When should I sell it? 4 Will your boyfriend choose a fund? Do you know how to combine it? Regardless of the fact that the fund is scheduled to invest and make money, it may fall from 3,300 to 2,900, so ideals must be combined with reality. Investment and financial management is not impulse, not opportunistic, nor luck, but a kind of perseverance, a kind of wisdom, a kind of perseverance that races against time and defeats oneself. It is a knowledge that everyone can master through learning and practice. Door art. In the process of making a fixed investment, the easiest mistake to make is to go too far, always fantasize about getting rich overnight. In fact, it is not. Only in the process of accumulating and investing slowly and down-to-earth, is the correct conception to continuously improve one’s financial management ability. . The key to the success of the fund’s fixed investment is to open source, not to sit back and forth. The same fund still has some people making money and some people losing money, because the time of buying is different, and the time of adding or selling is different, which will lead to different final results. It is now in a bull market, and everyone is making money. When it comes to a bear market, more money is needed to increase the position and flatten the cost. When there is no more money to add to the warehouse, what should I do if I can’t keep going? Finally, to popularize, the fixed investment of the fund is not to buy lottery tickets, and the money will not go. The fund is only an investment tool. Simply put, our investors give the money to professional fund companies and let them help us manage and invest. When investing, you only need to choose a fund company. If the fund company does not operate well or faces bankruptcy, the fund company will issue an announcement and the investor’s money will be returned to the personal account, so there is no need to worry about the money being returned.

6 months ago

It is estimated that your boyfriend is lazy, but it is not convenient to say clearly, so you must find a reason, such as buying funds full-time. It is also possible that he wants to monopolize the financial power, which must have a valid reason, for example, he buys funds full-time. It is not easy to lose a lot of money to buy a fund. It is not the same as stocks. After all, a fund manager will help you operate the stocks. Buying funds lost a lot of money, which can only be caused by frequent operations in a short period of time. Then it is very likely that your male ticket does not know much about the fund, and does not intend to learn more about it. For example, he may just look at the fund recommended by others and then sell, buy and sell at a loss, then continue to buy, continue to lose, and continue to sell. This forms a vicious circle, which may lead to a lot of loss. Normally buying a fund is to buy a little. If you lose money, you will continue to increase your position. You will buy a small drop or a big drop. As long as you choose not a scumbag fund, it is difficult to make a big loss. In addition, to correct a few points, 1. Buying a fund does not require a full-time job, because the trading time of the fund is only between 9-15 o’clock. Any transaction at this time will have the same result, so there is no price that is missed if it is too late. such as. 2. Funds are a subject of investment and they also need to be learned. They are a bit like casinos. The capable people make money by their ability, but they are completely different from the small probability of winning in lotteries. 3. When you make an investment, especially a fund, you will find that having a stable income, such as your own job, is the best choice, and it has a positive impact on your investment mentality. There is no pure investment of income, and the pressure is great, which will affect the investment mentality and ultimately affect the investment income.

6 months ago

Uncle Wang speaks more directly, which is offensive here. Your boyfriend is stupid, lazy, and greedy… First of all, investing in funds is not difficult at all. If you are willing to learn, there are a lot of ready-made and feasible fund strategies on the Internet. As long as you are not stupid, not lazy, and study patiently for three months. At this time (in the past year, although the market has experienced a correction, the overall market has gone up), play funds have suffered large losses, often chasing the rise and killing the fall. This kind of people have one thing in common: they see that they are making money, and they think that playing funds is picking up money. I am lazy to learn, unwilling to learn, unable to learn, and then blindly copy homework, blindly chase the rise, and finally buy it on the top of a high mountain…Secondly, playing with funds is limited in making money and cannot be used as a career. Of course, it’s normal to lose money on investment. Who has never been young, and who has never been hot-headed? Uncle Wang once also lost money, and at the worst, he lost millions in a year. But to be a human being, one has to eat a ditch and grow a wiser. Since you have lost money when you buy a fund, you must be patient and study hard, make money and accumulate the principal. What about your boyfriend? Good guys! Want to resign to become a career buy fund! ! ! And in the future, I plan to use the woman’s money to buy funds… This is not a dumb question, it is lazy, it is not production, and it is a fool who is not doing business. You search the Internet, there is a career buying fund in this world? ? ? A person who has studied the fund seriously will not say that he wants to buy a fund by profession, because the fund can only earn reasonable income, and it is impossible to get rich overnight. Uncle Wang has been researching investment and funds for many years. To tell you the truth: buy funds, use the most correct method, and if the environment is relatively smooth (national luck), in the long run, you can achieve an annualized rate of return of about 10%, and the level of operation. High, 15% also has a chance to reach. But no matter how high it is, it is very difficult. There is another condition here, which is long-term. Buying funds to make money needs to go through a complete cycle, that is, 5-10 years. Note that it is not a fixed income, the average annualized income after a cycle. Think about it, how much principal do you need to make money in a career with a fund? Without a principal (spare money) of more than 3 to 5 million yuan, it is difficult to rely on the fund to not work and to die by food! Again, I don’t have the ability to make money and manage money, but I have to manage money. What is it not to be greedy? The financial management of the family must be entrusted to the party who knows how to manage money. You boyfriend is basically a sure, dumb and lazy gambler. Why does he want to get financial rights in the future? It’s definitely not for the betterment of the whole family…Finally, give the fund a name: If you buy a fund rationally, it’s certainly not a speculation. Funds buy stocks, good funds buy long-term profitable stocks, and behind the stocks are outstanding companies, which can provide very possible market profits… In the long run, buying a good fund can be regarded as Grow with the best companies in a country and earn the dividends of the development of these outstanding companies. But the financial market bubble is also very big, the hype is rampant, and the human nature is greedy. Too many people buy funds and buy stocks for speculation and fantasies of getting rich overnight. And such people often go in with a suit pen, leaving only a pair of shorts. Things are good things, and how it turns out depends on the people involved. If you are a down-to-earth person who loves to learn, have the patience to research funds and invest in funds in the correct way. Buying funds with your idle money, in the long run, there is a high probability that you can achieve an investment return of about 10%-15%. At the end, I will send a fund guide. Friends who are interested in funds, can take a look: The best fund strategy in the whole network 1. Super guide to raise the foundation: teach you how to play the fund (with actual combat screenshots) 2. Buy the fund like this to make more money: learn to choose the time, reduce the risk 10%, 10% more income 3. Selling funds like this is more scientific: you can buy it as an apprentice, and sell it as a master 4. Fund Encyclopedia: All the fund knowledge points you want to know are all in this article. 1. Funds Books: Recommendations of the most dry fund books and materials on the whole network (must read) 2. A complete set of fund website tools 3. Top 30 Ace Funds: How did we screen out the 30 most powerful funds in China? 4. Top 30 best fund managers: How do we find the best fund managers? Uncle Wang: Senior investor, long-term entrepreneur. Independent, rational, and in-depth thinking. Love money and care more about kindness. Let’s chat about common sense, scold a few bastards, and drink two glasses of wine.

6 months ago

Has the recent rise been so dazzling! As an old man in the market for more than ten years, let me answer. If you are very rich, for example, you have millions of spare cash in your hand, and your boyfriend has more investment experience and has the ability to make money continuously, it is not a bad idea. However, if you are a working-class person, fantasize about getting rich through financial management, or even quit your job to buy a fund, feeling that investment is something that you can make money with just the fingertips, and there is a high probability that you will lose everything. And don’t speculate about funds, just like @威哥定投 said upstairs: “It’s not because funds are a better choice, it’s because your boyfriend is lazy, and speculation on funds is just an excuse for him.” To be honest. Then you can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep. If you want him to stop, I think you can try from the following points: 1. Find out whether buying a fund can achieve long-term goals. Planning No matter what you do, you must have a clear goal before, and make a goal based on this goal. Series of executable plans. Communicate with your boyfriend about a plan for the future and determine whether resigning and buying funds will help you achieve this goal. 2. Appropriately encourage him to invest in funds. Since he is so invested now, it is meaningless to simply oppose him. You might as well encourage him to learn more related knowledge. In the process of learning, you have seen some bigwigs. After his experience, he would definitely feel more ridiculous about his resignation to speculate in funds. 3. Throw away sunk costs and positive incentives. If the second item does not work, without learning and relying solely on Mongolia, I believe that the outcome of the matter is likely to be like this. The money earned by luck will all be lost by strength. Don’t complain at the time, give more comfort, this is the best opportunity to reverse his concept, throw away the sunk costs, two people work hard together, it will definitely get better and better. I am not afraid of making mistakes when I am young, but worrying about not waking up. Attached; recommend some good books about wealth management, buying funds, celebrity biographies, let your boyfriend take a good look: financial management 1, rich dad poor dad 2, index fund investment guide 3, mutual fund common sense 4, smart investor celebrity biographies: 1. Poor Charlie’s Book 2. Franklin’s Autobiography 3. Napoleon’s Biography 4. Mao Zedong’s Biography 5. Life is not limited-my life experience pattern, which is too good to be ridiculously good, is bigger, and when my horizons are a little wider, I won’t fall into something Little things can’t get rid of, the momentary degeneration is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you clearly know that you are in the abyss of degeneration, and watched slowly fall step by step, most afraid of being ineffective in your life and comforting yourself as ordinary and precious.

6 months ago

First of all, I must congratulate you: I have found a boyfriend who is financially conscious and has poor financial management ability. Suppose you think about the worst: If your boyfriend has the habit of borrowing online loans and gambling, wouldn’t the situation be even worse. Then he buys funds, at least it shows that he has financial awareness. I will talk about it later: How should you communicate to make him realize that his investment method or the direction of the fund he bought is wrong. After all, he is still losing money in the market above 3,300, which can really show one thing: his financial management ability is really poor. kind. Next, analyze the problem: (1) You said that you want to save money for business, open a store and bring goods, but he insists on buying funds. This is essentially: your communication problem about [how to plan money]. In short, it means that there is no good communication, and the problem of communication shouldn’t be a problem between two people. (2) The key to your question, or the direction you care about, is not that he likes to buy funds, but that he loses money by buying funds. I think if the fund he holds makes money, you should not raise this question on Zhihu. And what you see is: the more you lose, the more he buys. (Because this can reduce the cost of funds purchased before). You should be thankful that fortunately, he did not directly buy stocks, but funds with less volatility. So let’s say: loss. I think you two really need to discuss this issue. Sit down and analyze and communicate with you. Let him tell you why you are losing money and how much you have lost if you sell it all and redeem it now (if you don’t sell only Put it in the account, it’s just a number, it’s not a loss of money. Only when you sell the bank card that you withdraw, can you calculate the rate of return and loss.) Remember: you must analyze it to find out where the loss is. Second: You two should know in your heart: Does this part of his investment fund need to be used urgently, such as opening a shop now to pay rent, such as a family buying a house, if you are in a hurry, let him redeem it at a loss use. If you don’t use it now, at least until the end of 2020, if you don’t use it during this period of time, then let him not redeem it first, because the redemption loss is really a loss, and the fund is originally a long-term holding variety, and short-term operations may not make money. . (3) For those who suggested breaking up, have you ever thought about the idea that financial awareness is essentially an awareness of saving money. Think about it, do you have a boyfriend who can save money and has savings, or a boyfriend who does not know where to spend the money? If you two are rushing to get married, saving money is really important. To sum up: your boyfriend is good in nature (what’s wrong with wanting to make some money through investment funds), but the investment level is not good (the tuition fees should be paid, right?); then carefully communicate the reasons for the loss What is it, you let him say, listen carefully. Finally, don’t break up easily. After all, in this era, most young people are moonlight, and it’s harder to find a boyfriend who is financially conscious. The last trick is that you also learn financial management, and if the income is higher than him, he should be able to obediently hand over the financial power. But this is difficult. Speak well, communicate well, and find the reason for the loss is the most important thing. And because based on your boyfriend’s investment level, the market is still losing money, so he is not recommended to quit his job and buy funds specifically. Perhaps resign to buy more losses.

6 months ago

Do you know why novices will lose a lot of money within a year when they buy funds at the beginning? This is a common phenomenon. 80% of newbies will lose money when buying funds. Otherwise, where do fund companies, fund managers, and those who make money in this market go to ask for money to prove their earning? Many novices will find that they have been optimistic about a fund for a long time, and during the time they have been observing, they have risen very excitingly. And many people made money, and then they confirmed that there was no problem with the fund, and then they bought a lot of money. But he fell shortly after buying it, and he wondered why it went up when he didn’t buy it, and it went down when he bought it. These novices panicked as soon as the fund fell. Obviously it’s so difficult to make money by myself, so I want to buy a fund by myself, but I want to be stable and have a continuous income. But I found that I actually lost hundreds of dollars in a day. Or I lost thousands of dollars, my mood suddenly fell, and then my whole thing was messed up, I sold it right away, and after I sold it, I spent a fee. I didn’t make any money, and I lost a lot of money, but just after I sold it, the fund went up again. You really want to curse, why didn’t you catch up with yourself. When you didn’t buy it, it went up. When you bought it, it went down. When you sold it, it went up again, as if it was against you. All these things tell us that if you buy a fund, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to see him, you just have to invest in a stable and long-term fund. The fund has a fund manager to take care of it, so you don’t have to take care of it 24 hours a day. There is no need for you to stare at this fund, and you are not professional. You only need to set a goal, for example, set a rate of return of 10%, and then set this reminder. When this rate of return is reached, you will be given a reminder message, and you can sell it. In this way, you can put it there for a year or a year and a half. So when there is always such a benefit, you don’t have to stare at it all the time. You yourself will be very tired, and it will also affect your work. Many people just don’t realize this and make themselves mentally exhausted. .

6 months ago

If you want to be guaranteed for the rest of your life, give him up. Although I would rather destroy a temple than a marriage, I still want to say that it is not terrible to lose. The terrible thing is that you never learn your lesson and repeat the old ways and continue to lose. First of all, when he was very worried about the other half, he chose the stock market and funds and gave up on you. This alone can give him up. He can’t control himself anymore, and his self-discipline is extremely poor. Even if he quit the fund now, just relying on self-discipline, there will be other temptations to abandon you in the future. This may be a game or another woman. Then, you can observe his performance on the fund, whether you can learn the slightest lesson from the past, or read books to learn, not to mention that the stock market is useless, even if books really don’t make you money, some The book sums up a lot of experience, including successes and failures. Even if the successes cannot be copied, the failures will definitely save you from the pit. A pit is money. You are not good at learning lessons, you can’t do funds, and you can’t do other things. Furthermore, don’t expect him to do any business. The stock market makes a profit, two balances, and seven losses. It is a two-eight rule. Only 20% of people succeed. Obviously, he belongs to the unsuccessful 80%. Even though the industry may be different from the stock market, stock market funds and investments really test human nature. He obviously failed the comprehensive test of mentality, learning ability, and luck to make money in it. Finally, you see that he keeps investing, even giving up work, it feels like he is speculating, like du. If you choose him, you are also constantly investing in him and giving up a bright future. It is not du.

6 months ago

Girl, don’t be fooled by your boyfriend, he can play with his own money if he wants to play, don’t give him your money. For the time being, those who are not losing money are generally very picky. If you make money, you may not be able to spend as much (I am), not to mention that you may not be able to make money. I have heard of two types of funds. One is managed funds, that is, in the asset management industry. One is to buy funds (recommend others), that is, to do the wealth management industry. In addition, when it comes to trading and investment, I have also heard of proprietary trading, but the subject of the transaction is fund, I have never heard of it. If he really likes research funds, you can suggest him to do wealth management. So if you are willing to buy it, you may also hit your own performance. If you don’t buy enough, you can recommend others to buy it. It not only satisfies the desire to buy funds, but also helps others to make money (if the level is sufficient), and can also get a commission. ?

6 months ago

As a vagrant living at home, the expenses for the past two years have basically been provided by funds and stocks… First of all, thanks to the market. As for financial management, it is not something you can manage when you “like” investing in a fund to buy a stock. Playing stocks talks about delivery notes and account analysis, while investing funds talks about annualization of accounts. Let me say that the requirements are relatively low. Let’s take the CSI 300 as the baseline. If personal investment income can’t even surpass the CSI 300, then throw a hammer? The CSI 300 is the most common index in my country that has been said to be bad. I bought it on January 1 of that year, then deleted the software and forgot the account password, and waited for it to download, log in, and sell the fund again on December 31 of that year, without handling fees. (The error is small) See the income. In 2019, the CSI 300 rose by 36%-if it did not reach 36% last year, then stop investing. According to what I told you just now, buy the money into the CSI 300, delete the software, forget the password, and throw the phone to the dog. Prepare to see the earnings at the end of the year. And your question was raised on August 12, 2020… my country’s capital market started a wave of magnificent rise on July 1. I didn’t make general gains in medicine in the first half of this year, so the GEM I launched did not make any gains. Pull back, relying on this wave of brokerages, insurance, military industry, and agriculture to make a little money. Speaking of this, I am reminded of today’s news: A-share new investor data released. After the market on August 19, China Settlement data showed that in July, there were 2.4263 million new investors in A-shares, an increase of 56.64% from the previous month and a significant increase of 123.64% year-on-year. Among them, natural persons increased by 2,422,300, and non-natural persons increased by 3,900; as of the end of July, the total number of A-share investors reached 170,169,500. Judging from historical data, the number of new investors in A-shares exceeded 2 million in July, breaking through the peak of the number of new accounts opened by the previous recovery market in March, becoming the month with the highest number of accounts during the year. [1] Is your male ticket a leek? The sickle praises leeks as good, your boyfriend is a good person.

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